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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 4, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and darya. good morning, everybody. east bay shoreline is kind of blowing a little bit with a little bit of wispy fog going on. let's get little bit more intense tomorrow as that on shore flow starts to build force. 58, antioch, most readings in the east bay in the 50's. in fact, 40's up to the north bay. 48 san francisco, 53 san jose temperature contrast to yesterday. we're couple degrees ahead today by half a dozen degrees in some cases. but it's still very, very early. we will see with this change a little bit more in the way of aggressive fog happening tomorrow. now look pretty much cover the entire a bowl of the bay, not so much inland, but maybe be a bit thicker in your morning commute tomorrow upstream. there you have it. it's the for a frontal system that's going to change things for us. is this high breaks down as early as tonight tomorrow. so let's try about 63 or so by 9 by high noon, 79 plowing through the 80's this afternoon and even some selective 90's possible, right? what's going on? traffic. you know what? traffic is moving along pretty nicely at this hour day. if
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you are. >> traveling from the east bay, the city right now about 7 minutes for you this morning. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towa ds the peninsula about 12 minutes as you're heading 80 across towards one on one out of richmond heading cross towards sandra fell 6 minutes for your drive. so the town from 9 things are moving along really nicely. there. and a 19 minute drive across the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls starry. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. it's 5, 0, one in protests are happening across the country following that leak supreme court document. that's as the u.s. supreme court plans to overturn roe v wade. yeah. and now lawmakers are jumping into the fight. we have our washing correspondent hannah brandt to explain. >> from democrats, we've seen a push to take a legislative action to protect abortion rights and republicans seem more focused on condemning the unprecedented leak. >> fired up. pro-choice protesters are fighting to
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keep abortion rights after a supreme court document indicated roe versus wade will soon be reversed. and democratic lawmakers are echoing the fear and frustration of those demonstrators. i am just i cannot tell you the outrage. i feel that this decision i'm not going to stop fighting to get to president biden a bill to protect the right to abortion. senate leader chuck schumer promised lawmakers will vote on the issue but democrats don't have the support they need to solidify national abortion access with lawmakers like senator lindsey graham against it. repealing roe v wade, in my opinion. >> is the right a constitutional many republican lawmakers seem less focused on celebrating the likely pro-life victory and more intent on spotlighting the leak in egregious transgression against the supreme court and its independent. senator ron johnson says that breach of court privacy is what they should be concentrating on. and senator roger marshall suggested there are liberal motives to the leak that shouldn't surprise us a bit. this is what democrats do win.
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they lose the ball game. some democrats say republicans are shifting focus because they're afraid this issue will energize liberal voters. >> pushed them to the polls for the midterm elections and let us fight. >> everything we have got. >> the supreme court has made it clear that the decision is not final. their official ruling is expected in a couple of months and they are investigating the leak in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> and here across the bay area, we're seeing protests as well after that draft was released. yeah. let's get to the what we're seeing here. people on both sides of the argument, by the way, standing up for what they believe and crawford's camila barco standing by in the newsroom with that part of our coverage coming >> good morning, daryn. james. yeah, many people across the bay area voiced their of paying in for both sides of the issue in san francisco and oakland, people protested the leaked draft of paying in reveals the court is moving to overturn roe v wade. here's a
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look at the turn out in san francisco and oakland pro chose pro-choice rallies were held outside the federal buildings in each silly city, families, community activists, elected officials all called to keep abortion safe and legal. the ceo of planned parenthood says roe v wade is overturned, more people will come to california seeking an abortion attorney general bob on to vow that california. we'll always stand to protect reproductive rights. people in the crowds are still in disbelief that they are protesting something that many fought for 50 years ago. well, we also checked in with pro life activists in the east bay. they prefer not to show their faces or names, but they say their cars has
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strengthened by this leaked opinion. the supporters volunteer for a movement called 40 days for life that aim to end abortions. now they're normally rallying outside planned parenthood in walnut creek. 6 days a week. if roe v wade is overturned, the group hopes california does not become a sanctuary for people having abortion. it's something governor gavin nbwsom has pledged to do. >> we are glad to hear that. we know there's still a lot of work to be done. very big news, but it's still under out. >> i anticipate for the final round there for the mothers repair for the babies were there for the fathers were there for our country. >> were there for the world to recognize the the sanctity of human life. >> now, pro choice groups say it's going to take more than just voicing their concerns to make sure this decision doesn't go through. they say it will have to take people to go to the polls and vote. so
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darya james, this compensation is far from over. we'll just have to see what the courts decide on this decision for now. back to you. >> ok, thank you very much. commitment 5, 0, 5, right now in california, lawmakers are vowing to protect abortion rights in our state while boosting access to resources. kron four's. ashley zavala has more on that. >> here at the state capitol, there are more than a dozen proposals that try to increase abortion access and resources, not just for women living here in california, but also those who might come from out of state. lawmakers announced they're adding to that list of efforts aiming to put a person's right to choose in the california constitution. >> we have more work to do. and if that work is legislative, we know how to do it. we're prepared if that work is political. we know how to do that and we will be prepared as well because this is about the lives of our sisters, our daughters, our granddaughters leader of california, state, senate pro
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tem toni atkins announcing she will propose a state constitutional amendment to protect legal abortion in california. that will make it crystal clear. >> that reproductive rights in california, including and specifically abortion are protected. the constitutional amendment will need to pass the legislature with a two-thirds vote by june 30th to get on the november ballot. it will be generational repair. the 4 new planned parenthood ceo jodi hicks made it clear tuesday health centers are open and services are being provided her clinics and others gearing up for a potential post roe v wade world. i could not be more devastated. >> for the people in other states that are going to be facing what they're going to be experiencing, according to planned parenthood, abortion access map, more than half of u.s. states have abortion restrictions. some that could become even stricter if the supreme court sticks with the draft decision leaked monday, anticipating a potential surge of out of state patients and with the goal to make it more accessible for those already in california, 13 bills
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circulating through the state legislature aimed to boost the amount of providers, financial assistance for patients and legal protections for health professionals who provide abortions. we don't want to leave women in in desperation and we do not want deaths. so we're going to do our best to create a welcoming and safe environment with the statewide office and u.s. midterm election. this fall, democratic state leaders like lieutenant governor eleni kounalakis acknowledged the supreme court's decision could energize the base. we're going to fight back. >> and there is no question that the upcoming election in 2022. is going to give us the opportunity to elect more people will stand with women and people everywhere who believe in a woman's right to control our bodies. >> we reoched out to leaders of the legislative republican caucus for comment, but we have not yet heard back at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> thank you very much. ashley now in the south bay, planned
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parenthood in santa clara county is getting a 3 million dollar boost in funding. they county says the money is going help prepare for an increase of out of state patients expected if roe v wade is overturned. kron four's will tran live in santa clara county with details. will. >> james, sorry, i'm in front of planned parenthood. couple of locations in santa clara county that will receive the money. it's not a done deal yet. the supervisors they voted unanimously to pass it, but he goes before the full board in other administrations in the mechanism. but if that happens, this place right behind me is planned parenthood should get the money as early as next month. they know the uptick in cases because they saw it happened last september when texas started tightening some of the restrictions for abortions and then a lot of people either flu are drove here to california from other states and in fact, in santa clara county, they said about 80 cases from out of state came here to get abortions. and that is before what
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potentially could happen with roe v wade. if it's over turned if that happens, that will increase the number to about 26 states. that will make it very difficult. if all all out ban on abortions. and that is why they are preparing for this. the money will go towards extra staff, extra research equipment at the planned parenthood locations in santa clara county, making it very safe for people to come to santa clara county in california to do so. i can tell you, james and area, a lot of people, however, are not happy with this. yes, they support women's rights, but they say we are using state money to help out of state people come here to get abortions and they like that. think that the money should stay here for local residents. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll >> don't forget, you can always stay connected and updated on this story by going to our website at kron 4 dot com. very latest on the supreme court decision as
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we're expecting the final ruling to be issued this summer. just scan that qr code that will take you to special section. again, we're recollected all of the information, part of the story there on that page to kron 4 dot com. we'll take a quick break. it is 5.10, still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news concerns over what could be next from the high court. why some fear that same marriage? >> could be the next ruling to get overturned. plus, allegations against the san jose police officer has him on administrative leave. we're going to tell you what he is accused of doing. and new developments in the ongoing investigation into that mass shooting in sacramento. the charges announced as police continue their search for another suspect. we've got this one day of mild summer going on for today. temperatures in some of those inland spots make pop at about 90, it changes in a big way after that >> tracking your traffic this morning hitting the roads on this wednesday. we've got an updated look at your drive. times will be right back after the break.
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a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> check this out. talking about the drought. this gives you an idea how bad it is in california. it's visible from space. this is video from the international space station shows the extent normally snow capped mountains. you see those where the where the snow desert. yeah, exactly. and california snowpack obviously vital because the melting snow helps fill our reservoirs. 95%
5:15 am
of california is under severe and extreme or extreme drought right now. and that was 66% february. yeah. and we've been waiting and waiting for you. no rain to try to turn these things around. we've got a little bit a little. >> shot of it in and we had so cable and earl, looks like we're starting dave on a pretty hot note. is it true? yeah. good morning, james and darya. good morning, everybody. that melting you reference. we're going to do a little bit more of that going on for today. cooling off a little bit as we head into the weekend. here's the golden gate bridge for you. a little bit of glaze to start your day. this front here looks like it's far from home, but it's coming our way said highs going to break down and for the rest. the week more cloud cover temperatures fall and like toying with opportunities for a few showers, kind of coming and going through this. i don't think we're going to get unfortunately, much of this is going to be mostly cosmetic. nice to look at, but that's about it. east of the east bay hills, most readings in the 50's. 51 at this hour for hayward. 48 fremont. 49 up to oakland. 40's up to the
5:16 am
north bay and 53 for san jose future cast for today after take your the morning fog. we're sunny all day. then look cloudy to variable clouds. but in more aggressive fog for you in your morning commute for early risers as we get to thursday and friday, little chance of some sprinkles or light rain showers going on. we have several opportunities like this in the long range forecast models actually a weeklong. it keeps kind of toying with us because the pattern from the pacific is really changing. this is an anomaly for what we're looking at, what just the high in place here blocking everything. we'll open up the pacific. coming up for to here comes the winds on shores. you will notice covering a good piece of real estate popping a little bit in the east bay. also the solano county, but they're on shore. so that's a good direction. it's all off shore gets a little dicey. sometimes today, mild summer flavor, inland highs, 92 upper 80's at that rest of the week.
5:17 am
scattered clouds cooling isolated sprinkle, maybe a little shower going on here. then this weekend, variable clouds possible shower on sunday. both days will be treated variable clouds with all of this highs today, 70 for san francisco. 77 oakland and 85 san jose warm and sunny and again, those upper 80's expected far east bay. also mid-eighties up to the north bay, right? what's going on with area traffic is moving along pretty nicely. if you're leaving your house this morning, taking the bay bridge, for example, 8 minute drive to make it from the maze. >> to that 3 months, she exits check on the san mateo bridge heading across a 80 to one o one about 12 minutes for you as you're driving crockett down towards the maze 5, 80 80 15 at the limit here. also along 6.80, in walnut creek. and if you're traveling along 20 for less than about 12 minutes for you to make it 5.80, and the south bay low one. 0 one. 85 into middle park. 30 minutes. 2, 88 82 also pretty light at this hour and the league with a look at
5:18 am
the richmond, sandra fell bridge tolls to one-on-one about 7 minutes starring james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 5.17. is the time. some breaking news overnight. 3 men were injured in 2 separate shootings in san jose. the first happened around 11, 15 last night on the 3200 block of williamsburg drive. police say that's where they found 2 men shot. both are expected to be okay. and then the second shooting happened about 20 minutes later. that was on grammer. see place. one man was shot there. he's also expected to be okay. police don't have any details yet on the shooters in these cases. but we'll keep you updated. also in the south bay, san jose police officer now accused of showing up to work drunk last week while searching for baby brandon who was kidnapped and another officers accused of misconduct. kron four's. justin campbell has the story. >> i also apologized. to the family a 3 month old. brandon choir. >> san jose police chief anthony mata apologizing after one of his officers showed up
5:19 am
and allegedly tracked at the kidnapping scene of 3 month-old branding kway-yar last tuesday. >> i will not. inappropriate behavior. a criminal conduct. >> that officer has been placed on leave. but another one also in trouble accused of misconduct while he was on duty. as soon as that allegation was brought to light. >> he was removed from his activities that night and removed from duty and placed on administrative leave. lastly, a rookie police officer. 24 year-old dijon packer died in april just a few days ago. santa clara medical examiner's office confirming he died of fentanyl. we don't even know the circumstances. >> under which he ingested fentanyl, we don't know what it was in tension ul accidental. if he thought he was taking one thing and really took another, if he had no idea he was taking a drug at all. and and again, this is an investigation being conducted by the milpitas
5:20 am
police department. officer packer died at his home in milpitas in. we await the results of that investigation. mayor sam liccardo propose random drug testing across that department as an answer to the problems. but that won't happen until the next officers association contract negotiations. chief mata says soon there will be resources to officers for substance abuse prevention. >> after one died in another 2 have been placed on leave. when an officer is found guilty. criminal conduct. i will personally. will come out reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> 3 men suspected of being involved in the deadly mass shooting in sacramento. now face murder charges. 6 people were killed and 12 injured in the shooting. 2 suspects you see brothers, smiley and dandre martin. they're behind bars payton is the 3rd man charged. police are still looking for him. prosecutors
5:21 am
describe the crime as a gang-related gun battle. >> as the chief said in her comments and has been stated already in other public documents. this was a gun battle between 2 rival gangs. the evidence shows that the that the rival gangs. gang members arm themselves with weapons. the evidence shows and we'll show that these individuals armed themselves with guns. >> there are several questions about why the 3 men are only being charged with the deaths of 3 of the victims when 6 people were killed. the da explain the charges only reflect those who they believe were innocent bystanders. she also added that case is still ongoing and that more charges could be filed. >> we'll take a break here at 5.21, coming up on the kron. 4 morning news for teachers in the east bay are competing for teacher of the year. we're going to show you who they are coming up after the break.
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>> 5.24 and some of the best teachers in contra costa county got an unexpected visit to the classrooms and they have been named finalists for teacher of the year. the
5:25 am
timely announcement comes yesterday at which happen to be national teacher appreciation day. the finalists include paula wrath or or wood elementary in walnut creek. chef. dante ending 10 at diablo vista elementary in antioch, natasha paul at mount diablo high school in concord and serena colton with donald dream elementary school and marotta. each has been teaching for at least 19 years. natasha paul says that while last year was the most difficult year in her career, the challenges have not discouraged her. i think that. >> it's worth it because this is our future. and if you want to make a difference in how our world looks you need to the ground level, just why? >> 2 of the 4 teachers will be named contra costa county's teachers of the year at a celebratory event. later this fall. >> well, matt haney has now been officially sworn in as a member of the state assembly.
5:26 am
the newly elected assembly members going to represent the diverse district, encompassing the eastern side of san francisco. >> california has been leader nationally on a wide variety issues from climate change to how we protect a fundamental human right a marriage equality access to reproductive health in freedom. and these are things that that california is willing to stand up for and protect and even go first in the innovative. >> yeah. before his election to the assembly, he represented district 6 in san francisco on the board of supervisors. >> staff members at the city college of san francisco are camping out right now in protest of faculty, live with details coming up.
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>> 5.29 and i'm already for the heat today. okay. i mean, i keep the windows open. so i got like a cool inside was quite cool and then a closed it up before i left for work and you go. that's the trick to do when you don't have ac dave up, folks are going to have to prepare for what he's going to feel like summer today. and this will be a little flavor to find out if the ac is not working too. yeah, it's time to call the guy. you have a lot of time to take care because this is a one-day shot. her and it's going to be back to kind of fall like weather is what it feels like. good morning,
5:30 am
james and ari and everybody. satellite picture. what's going on upstream? this is what's going to break everything already by tonight. and tomorrow. sabree. clouds really settle over the bay area. and with that, there's a chance throughout the next 5 days or so. we might pick up a sprinkle or light rain shower, but it's really come and go. it's really going to be the winds and the cooler temperatures are to starting tomorrow. right now our winds were calm over most of the district for right now. tomorrow morning. you might have more in the way of aggressive fog to look out for temperatures. now, 49 or excuse oakland, 51 for hayward. 58 for in iraq. and 53 for san jose. 50 45 up to santa rosa. we're going 63 by 09:00am bite 12 to about 78. but it's not done into the afternoon. plow into the 80's to about 19. a couple selective spots possible. this is what it looks like. maybe 89 or so for any off with mid 80's up to the north bay. we'll get more into this in the 4 zone forecast right now. has a look at bay area traffic right now and morning david. good morning, everyone out there. we do have an accident
5:31 am
northbound one on one just north of mckee road that's here in the south bay in san jose. so as you're traveling, 85 in to menlo park, it will take about 42 minutes to make that drive because of that accident there. one lane is blocked traveling into the city. no delays. 8 minutes traveling from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. >> let's go ahead and check on the san mateo a new one on one about 12 minutes for you. there and crockett down towards so long 5, 18, 80, a little under 15 minutes. tara, james, back to you. thanks a lot. 5.31. is the time right now. and san francisco community college professors are camping out to protest cuts being made to the school. yeah. they want the school to reject what they say are unnecessary layoffs of hundreds of faculty members. kron four's. sara stinson standing by live at the school. the very latest on this. >> sarah, good morning. >> that's right. of course, it's early. it's 5.30. so people are still sleeping, but they're camping out outside of conlon hall here at the city college of san francisco up
5:32 am
and oversee can see them. they even have a sign out here that says camp conlon, you can see the many tense there outside the administrative building here they are doing this in protest of the staff, layoffs that are occurring. the union says over 200 faculty members are being laid off. union members say this will cause hundreds of fully enrolled classes to shut down and caused the city college to continue to decline. union members that the people camping out here. they hope the city college's elected trustees rethink staff cuts saying the college has projected a budget surplus in the fiscal year of 2023. so there's no reason for these layoffs. of course, we have not heard from the city college yet, but i have reached out labor and community groups are working with the students at the city college to bring a revenue measure to san francisco voters this november. they want to address the long-term problems of the state under
5:33 am
funding at the city college. the union says the city college needs more support and not to be downsized. this camp out. it's supposed to be indefinite. they don't have an end date. they want to do this and tell maybe their message is seen and heard. they're hoping that this does send a visual message to the administration to those trusted trustees and will be waking up soon. issue may be so hopefully during james we can talk to them. i want to sleep a little bit. it is a chilly morning out here yet they are camping and really hoping that this sends a message. for now. i'm sara stinson reporting live at the city college. back to you. ok? thank you very much, tara. 5. 33 and in samuel alito's league to draft opinion aimed at striking down abortion rights. he makes reference to. >> another landmark supreme court ruling allowing same marriage that has many in the
5:34 am
lgbtq community a bit concerned that marriage equality may be the next domino to fall. we've got kron four's dan kerman taking a look at that story. >> they took away our first marriage whether prop 8 passed the prop proponents tried to take a where's our second marriage? the court said no, you can't do that. and yet here we are again for more than 35 year. stuadt gaffney and john lewis have been a couple. >> first, mary, during san francisco's 2004 winner of love. and then legally remarried. in 2008, they've seen the ups and downs of prop 8 and the supreme court's 2015 reeling legalizing same marriage. the latest shoe to drop a supreme court justice samuel alito, sleek draft opinion striking down abortion rights in it. he references that 2015 same marriage ruling which raises the question is marriage the next to fall? it's very chilling to see that marriage is like ours are front and center on the minds of the justices as they go
5:35 am
taking away women's reproductive freedoms. it's not irrational to be concerned about whether or not there will continue to be federal protection for the right of same couples to marry. >> constitutional law professor jessica levinson says well, part of the opinion separates abortion from other issues. it also calls into question all cases that depend on the right to privacy. this is a court that is comfortable overturning its prior decisions we're talking about at least half a century of prior decisions here and to this is a court that potentially is just looking at what is specifically written in the constitution. >> and saying we're only going to protect a much narrower swath of rights. then we used to these things, cause us concern. and as a happily married couple growing old together. >> we >> really just want are happily ever after. gaffney in lewis believe marriage equality is about bringing people together and they're
5:36 am
ready to fight again to maintain that. >> stand up. speak up. do not be silent because that's what we have been doing for decades. and that's why we are where we are now. my mom has what? >> in san francisco, dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> the oakland a's and the city of oakland are proposing more baseball, more jobs, more housing, try to keep the team from leaving the bay conservation and development commission is allowing the project to move forward. oakland a's president dave campbell says that the new baseball stadium at howard terminal will include 34,000 seats, 18 acres of public land and a rooftop park. the a's in the city are also promising that the 1 billion dollars ballpark will be privately financed. >> to assure you that this project is the coin to be the most financially responsible
5:37 am
sports deal in american history will include more than 1000 affordable you some on the site itself. but most in the surrounding neighborhood. the final vote on this is scheduled for june 30th and the oakland city council. also the need to certify a development agreement. >> for the planned project to move forward. >> 5.37 is the time of this morning. we are remembering the life and legacy of former san jose mayor norm and who has passed away were told at the age of 90 and that was born in san jose and was much loved in the bay area nationally. >> he was best known for serving as the secretary of transportation under george w bush. yeah. during the 9.11 attacks, he was the first asian american mayor of san jose serving in office from 9 1971. to 1975. in fact, the san jose airport, as you may know, bears his name. the name change came back in current san jose mayor sam liccardo put a statement regarding the passing of norman eta. and he
5:38 am
said san jose lost a great champion and and deeply admired mentor. norman at is survived by his wife and 4 children and 11 it is 5.37. we'll take a quick break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news workers here in california won't see the state implemented four-day. >> workweek. we'll tell you why that bill failed and the warriors got roughed up in memphis in a big way as they took on the grizzlies. we're going to hear what coach kerr thought about the game and some of the shots his players took. >> and temperatures popping well inland to the upper 80's to near about 90 for a one-day summer
5:39 am
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for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. >> a california bill for a four-day workweek has been shelved. and in the state legislature, the bill failed to advance this season. state lawmakers did not set a policy hearing before the deadline. the bill that they were looking at would change the definition of the workweek from 40 hours to 32 hours. lawmakers say that that would improve the quality of life and even improve productivity. the california chamber of commerce added the bill to the cause. job killer list. the business the group told the wall street journal employers would have had to either find additional workers curtail operations or pay their staff overtime to compensate for the shorter workweek. so they didn't think it would where they propose letting workers
5:42 am
negotiate with their employers about the ability to work longer shifts and have fewer work days you could have, you know, 10 hour days. workers say they some of them already do so they they they are not in favor of it. the chamber of commerce doesn't want to make this a right law. >> it is 5.42. we'll be right >> it is 5.42. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> 5.44, right now and we're talking about the weather. get ready for the heat today. absolutely. we've got dave spahr the weather center with all those details. good morning. day. >> guys is going to be flavor of summer for just one day. you blink. you're going to miss the thing. here's what it looks like along the east bay shoreline. just start to get some light of day here. blue skies, alternately will prevail. temperature check. 58 stands out in antioch. the 51 for concord along the east bay shoreline, upper 40's near about 51. 45 for santa rosa. 48 for san francisco. pisces numbers move a little bit by next hour. satellite picture. we want to point out what's going to change. things are actually can open up. the pacific is right now. this highs blocking everything is going break down within about 24 hours or so. in comes the cloud cover tonight would have thicker fog tomorrow morning and which are going to start feeling even as early as tomorrow morning. the winds get strong on shore. wind notice the arrow directions. we like that from here. not so much coming in from the ground up offshore winds can be problematic. now, again, as we do this, look at how the
5:46 am
system change. we have a little chance of some showers. light sprinkles over the next really 7 days or so. but the key point is to take from this is cooler temperatures and we just open up the pacific are some more earn a shot by sunday, maybe of a shower working here. but again, none of these are great quantitatively. maybe some mountain snows, though by sunday. perhaps that would be nice to kind of out of the bank account little bit. this is all the way up to friday. we're still doing this a routine here. so cool temperatures and you're really going to feel that by early next week, too, 70 per san francisco today along the coast will keep it into the 60's, although some areas by popping about 70 73 for burlingame to the south. 75 foster city, 80 palo alto, 79 for mountain view in the south bay coming about 84 pitas san jose. 85 84 for santa clara, east bay shoreline to the south about 80 but tri valley. upper 80's scratching near about 90 per to the ron, the carquinez strait. 87 for concord, 87 for walnut creek. 71 for berkeley. the 72 but inland, you can see how it
5:47 am
pops. 87 fairfield, napa it 83. 85 for santa rosa. the stand over here because the big day we're pointing out as today 90, but then after that, it drops through the 70's, even the 60's and lower 60's at that for your sunday monday into tuesday. quite a bit of cloud cover with all this traffic coming our way. we have a chance of a shower. a couple, the selective days. we're looking at friday and maybe into sunday as well. that's our traffic here. but what about the roadways? reyna fill us in on your traffic day. will we do have an accident in the south bay? so this is along northbound one. 0, one. >> at mckee road here. and there is an accident. so you are seeing delays. if you are traveling from 85 into park about 51 minutes because of that accident. so keep that in mind. i don't see any delays along 2.80, or 82. so you could go ahead and take those 2 options. metering lights are on here at the bay bridge. so about a 10 minute drive. once you finally reach the maze 2 that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge. 12 minutes. a 80 to one on one. no delays. there.
5:48 am
crockett down towards the maze. it will take about 16 minutes to make that commute this morning and also out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell about 7 minutes started. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 5.47. and it was a rough game. it sure was warriors and they did not come out on top game to warriors grizzly. it was a bruiser literally. >> and the giants to also fall short in la. we got crppper sports director jason dumas giving us all the highlights. >> heading into game 2 of the western conference semifinal. steve kerr said it would be the most physical game of the season. that's just a brand of basketball that memphis place. well, steve was right somewhat. we'll explain in a second. let's head over to beale street. these 2 teams were in for an all out. war has been all series. and these are the soldiers on the frontline staff, jaw dream on now, i mentioned the physical play. it didn't even take 3 minutes into this game to get to it. gary payton, the second on the break. he goes up for a
5:49 am
dunk and he is taken out of the air by dylan. brooke, you see him come across his head with his right arm. dillon brooks will be ejected from the game with a flake or 2. gary pain would not return. it was later confirmed that he fractured his left elbow. now just a minute later, draymond green catches an elbow from wayne tillman. he goes down quick and dream. i had to go to the locker room. he got stitches above his eye for them to be exact. steve kerr was asked was this physical play or a little beyond that? >> i was a physical. i was 30. >> don't miss his words. all righty. let's go to the 2nd quarter. memphis up by 4 andrew wiggins. physical that what a dunk right over brandon clarke. steph loves it. that was for that elbow to dream on in the first final seconds of the half, though. grizzlies up
5:50 am
by 3 john morant was doing this all day. puts klay thompson in a spin cycle and finishes grizzlies lead by 5 at the half. let's go to the 4th quarter. that's where the money is. made warriors up one. clayton, think amanda. jake, who has been quietly having a really good serious, steph love to go to set up 3, 30 seconds left. now i said job was going crazy. that's over. clay and andrew wiggins. that floater extends the lead to 4 on the very next possession, kind of a broken play. clay goes up. what he gets called for a travel, rough night for klay thompson, costly turnover. a couple of free throws what i said. memphis wins one '06, one. 0, one day. even the series at one apiece. john morant was fantastic forty-seven point. game 3 back in san francisco on saturday. but after the game, steve kerr steph curry and a little bit to say about that hard found. dillon brooks committed on gary payton, the second.
5:51 am
>> that is a line is pretty clear. you don't have guy on the head when he said midair club that meant break is over. that's that's where the line i don't know if it was intentional, but it was dirty you know, the playoff basketball is going. it's supposed to physical. you know, everybody is going to compete. everybody is going to fight for everything. but there's a in this me there's a code. but players where you never put the guys. season slash career in jeopardy has got out alone and serves defenses player going up for live and taking a huge wind up and >> everything the everything bad that could happen in a situation did not come out of game. you know, see what happens with is injury. obviously in tough way to start the game.
5:52 am
>> tough blow for gp 2. after all, he's been through to get to this point. alright, giants out of sow cow taking on the dodgers short two-game set. bottom of the second. no score on for chris taylor and he lines one into right for a base hit 2 runs. come on in to score. dodgers, take a 2. nothing lead. julio he had another stellar outing for la. he gets mauricio dubon swinging on the high heat. he threw 6 shutout innings and struck out 4 top of the 9th la up to giants threatening with 2 on. but lou williams grounds out to the shortstop and that's the ballgame. this was the first game. they play the dodgers the nlds last year, they lose 3 to one look to split the series on wednesday. the a's at the coliseum hosting the rays. this one went into extras. top of the 10th raise up byron isaac parade ace hits one into left. over to the 3rd baseman 2 runs
5:53 am
come into score rays pad that lead to 3 in the a's fall 10 to 7. the look to avoid the sweep on wednesday. >> that was sports director jason dumas reporting for us. yeah, the warriors are now going to come home for games. 3, 4, tipoff for game 3 is set for 5.30, at the chase center later in the week. so let's see if they can do i 53. we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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>> happening today, the city of oakland celebrates its 100 70th birthday. they're hosting a ceremony later this morning starting at 11:00am in front of city hall. mayor libby schaff is going to speak and then there's going to be a cake cutting and live music. happy 170 a birthday for oakland. and by the way, my good friend john diego, turn 101 101. >> getting close glenn. 970. well, are they? we'll be right back. >> it is 5.56. coming up in the next hour of the kron. 4 morning news protesters on both sides rally across the bay area in response to those leaked roe v wade opinion pages. we're going to show you how they're reacting to all that coming up in just a minute. and planned parenthood is getting millions of dollars of funding. why santa clara county says it will be much needed. >> if roe v wade is
5:57 am
overturned. meanwhile, comedian dave chappelle is attacked while on stage last night with details of that night with details of that coming up. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. (music throughout)
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to the world, now you know.
5:59 am
[ bee buzzing ] your happiest spring starts at lowe's. experience all the deals at springfest. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us and get ready for the heat. james.
6:00 am
yeah. that is the big headline story in the weather department. let's get right to it. we've got dave spahr stand by with all the details. good morning, dave. good morning, james and darya. good morning, everybody off to a nice start to a little bit of wispy fog going on. as you can see, just about to make southeast shoreline. getting couple the first rays of light to warm us up nicely for today. temperature checked a couple of 50's poking out here and there and ox at 58. but most readings in the 40's, in fact, universally set down south. got 53 san jose contrast to 24 hours ago or actually trailing a little bit up north, as you can see now, also half moon bay elsewhere across the bay couple degrees ahead of yesterday. now want to talk about the fog briefly for tomorrow because this high breaks down pretty quickly ushering in that marine layer in the kind of respond with that. that shun fog. it just fill up all of the cities around the immediate bay like that, but so much inland. but the livermore valley might spill in a little bit there, too stormtracker for this fronts. what's changing? everything will get some scattered clouds as early as tonight


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