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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 4, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, college professors are camping out in protest to cuts being made to the school and they want the school to reject what they say are unnecessary layoffs of hundreds of faculty members. >> well, 4 sarah stinson has the latest >> staff and students are camped out outside of conlon hall at the city college of san francisco in protest. a potential staff cuts. we're looking at over 200 faculty about just over 20% of our faculty members. >> the union american federation of teachers. 21 21
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is hoping this camp out has the board of trustees vote no on faculty layoffs during a meeting this friday. the i worried that the the final nail in the coffin of city college, these cuts go through, union members say this will cause hundreds of fully enrolled classes to shut down. that would push tens of thousands of students out of seats in classes. so >> we've already seen, you know that enrollment declined after the administration began aggressive class cuts starting in 2019. and we don't want to see more students pushed out of an education we don't want to see students having to go somewhere where they have to accrue student debt students who camped out as well say they worry how these cuts would affect their education. someone like myself depends classes. >> are here for my educational journey to obtain my associates, a green to be able to transfer. and so it's very important that we saw some of their money and unification. but the fact that teen students and staff are also in progress of putting a measure
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on the november ballot to get more funding for the city college of san francisco. we just have an opportunity to go to the ballot in november. >> and actually figure out how we can fund the college so that we can address the educational demand in san francisco. but for now, it's all about making signs by day and trying to stay warm by night. camping out with the hope that the city college's board of trustees rethink staff cuts. the vote is set to happen during a meeting this friday at 4 o'clock. it is online too. can join in. get involved. if you'd like reached out to the board of trustees, several of them. >> and have not heard back yet. for now, i'm sara stinson reporting at the city college of san francisco. back to you. >> a federal judge overseeing lhe cases of 4 former minneapolis police officers involved in the killing of george floyd has accepted a plea deal for derek chauvin and the 3 officers. the 3 other officers rejected a plea deals last month. chauvin
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pleaded guilty, though, to violating floyd's rights in federal court last december. as part of the plea, chauvin will be sentenced to 20 to 25 years in prison at the state level. chauvin was convicted of killing george floyd twenty-twenty and sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison. that sentence would be served concurrently with today's federal plea deal. however, chauvin has asked the minnesota court of appeals to overturn that state conviction. donald trump junior met with the congressional committee investigating the january 6 insurrection at the u.s. capitol. that's according to 2 people familiar with the matter trump junior is one of nearly 1000 witnesses that committee has interviewed as it works to compile a record on the attack. he is the second of the former president, donald trump's children known to speak to the committee. his sister, ivanka trump, sat down with lawmakers for 8 hours and early april. none of the testimony before that committee has been made public at this time. whether
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time as we take a live look outside big, beautiful palm tree along san francisco's embarcadero. a lot of sunshine. but of course, that depends on with picture you table can be. but we've seen fall. we've seen a lot of sun. what's next? yeah, right, guys. i mean, we've seen a little bit of everything. temperature wise has been all over the board as well. anything from 50's 60's. >> all the way up to 80 degrees in summer warmer inland spots today. it felt like summer there things are going to start to cool down. now, though, as we get to into the evening hours and then through the rest of the week outside right now, look at this. yes, the fog that marine layer really start to thicken and head through much of the bay area. bringing us a nice cool down for today. san francisco international airport. nothing the gray skies there behind it. future cast for also showing us the possibility of maybe a pop-up isolated shower over the next couple of days because of this cool down and these storm systems that we're keeping an eye on, most of them going to be still clearing from the bay area sticking to the far north of us. but we could see a pop-up shower here or there
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along the coast or even in the north bay over the next couple of days. so keep that in mind for your thursday and for your friday saturday looks like it's mostly going to be dry for you. but then sunday, the 2nd half of your weekend, mother's day, we're tracking a storm system that's going to be coming could be bringing us the possibility some light shower activity and also snow in the sierras. so keep that in mind much different than what we felt today. in fact, temperatures getting back to normal for tomorrow. we're going to see 57 for the high in half moon bay tomorrow. 64 in san francisco, upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay shoreline. and then just topping out into the 70's inland, far different what we felt today. 74 in concord, we're expecting tomorrow and 73 degrees in antioch. i'll be back with my seven-day around the forecast coming up in just a bit. pan grant, thank you, rebecca. the company behind turbotax has agreed to pay 141 million dollars to customers. >> who were deceived by misleading promises of free
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tax filing services. the settlement was signed by attorneys general in all 50 states into it, agreed to suspend turbotax is free ad campaign since it is actually only free for people with quote, simple returns. it will also issue a $30 check to nearly 4 and a half million customers from the 2016 to 2018 tax years. those payments will be mailed to people automatically. >> still ahead tonight at 6 calls, grow to bring home americans held captive in russia. the message families have for president biden. >> and in sports, the warriors are looking to regroup after their tough loss in game 2 sports director jason dumas says reaction steve kerr talks about the team's mindset after losing gary payton, the second with a broken elbow. that's coming up.
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>> russia unleashed attacks on railroad stations and other supply line points across ukraine. look at that. russia says it used sea and air launched missiles to destroy electric power facilities at 5 railway stations, artillery and aircraft also struck troop locations said fuel and ammunition depots. there's also heavy fighting at that steel mill and mariupol. it is the last spot of ukrainian resistance and that ruined city russia denies its forces
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have been storming the plant. families of americans held captive in russia rallied outside the white house today. they are calling on the biden administration to do more to bring their loved ones home. and this comes after trevor reed's release from russia last week. read. >> he's a former marine who served nearly 3 years in russian jail before he was returned to the u.s.. >> last week in a prisoner exchange with russia. reporter anna wiernicki is in washington and she has more on this. >> he's recovering at fort sam houston. joey reed says it's been one week since he welcomed his son trevor back home to texas after nearly 3 years in russian custody. we wanted to be here today. he's extremely upset about paul whelan being a fellow marine being left behind. reed joined paul whelan, sister elizabeth and the families of over 9 other american captives outside the white house on wednesday. >> i call on the administration to meet shaw.
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to use every tool at their disposal and reunite families in 2018 whelan was detained in russia on charges of espionage. >> elizabeth says her brother's health is getting worse by the day surviving life in a forced labor camp in the middle of nowhere in russia. hard to getting proper food and being put in solitary confinement. elizabeth hopes trevor's release will bring attention to all the other americans imprisoned overseas, including wnba star brittney griner, who the u.s. now classifies as being wrongfully detained by the russian government. the special presidential envoy for hostage affairs investor carson's. he will. >> go anywhere. he will talk to anyone if it means that we're able to come home with an american state department spokesperson ned price says whelan and griner's keys remain a top priority and the u.s. is actively negotiating their safe return. >> in washington, i'm anna wiernicki.
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>> now to developing news out of hollywood where a suspect is in custody after tackling comedian dave chappelle on state. yeah, it happened during a comedy festival at
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the hollywood bowl last night. mark mester reports. >> i think this is the guy new video and new information about the suspect accused of assaulting comedian dave chappelle, who was performing on stage at the hollywood bowl tuesday night. it was the reason i'm an lapd identified the alleged attacker as 23 year-old isaiah league >> video >> shows lee rushing the stage and tackling should help as the comedian was wrapping up his performance for the netflix is a joke presents investigators say the suspect also had a knife that looked like a gun this is video the suspect on a stretcher where his right arm, a severely injured. it came after a crowd on stage appeared to rough him up after taking down chappelle. >> that was mark mester reporting. the suspect was taken for medical treatment to a hospital in los angeles where he was then arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.
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he's being held on $30,000 bail. will smith things different but handle on. people rushing stages is. >> we try to get a handle on the forecast and what is to come the coming days point what a dreary commute across the golden gate bridge. it's amazing how the other side of the city is sunny right now. yeah, back. you can't even see the towers of the golden gate right now completely. stockton guys will you know there's a mixed bag, a little something for everybody. if you like the fog. >> yes, san francisco's perfect for you, especially right now the gray skies and then further inland. yes, nothing but sunshine. so we've definitely expect throughout the day as well. temperature wise because we've had some cool temperatures and we've had some hot ones behind me right now. we're looking at a nice shot of coit tower. but yes, that marine layer starting roll through the bay area, bringing us some much cooler conditions of what we saw this afternoon around the bay area. in here's a peek at your temperatures. a little
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something for everybody. 40's already dropping at the coast. 49 degrees in pacifica and half moon bay. 55 in downtown san francisco are looking at 65 in downtown oakland right now. upper 70's, though, still in dublin. and then look at on the 80's and i'm still tracking those summertime temperatures. 82 in pittsburgh, 85 in concord. 85 still in fairfield this afternoon. my seven-day around the bay forecast, mostly cloudy as we get into tomorrow and then temperatures getting back to normal for this time of year over the next couple of days. in fact, a possibility of a chance of showers, especially into friday in the north bay, mostly sunny on saturday. but look at that mother's day. we could see a storm system bringing through of some light rainfall throughout the bay area as temperatures dropping into the 50's and 60's. and then as we get into next week, it looks like a more chances of rain are possible and on the way, that's a look at weather. back to the news. >> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> the series shifts to the bay. the warriors are in need of some home cooking as spending 4 nights in memphis who taxing. they arrive back to the bay very battered this just in actually gp 2, along with his fractured elbow. he has ligament damage in that elbow. he will be out a minimum 3 weeks and the dubs have not ruled him out for the season. he could return if they make the nba finals. it's a hard pill to swallow because it came off of a cheap shot. but once you get past that situation, things are looking pretty good. the dubs split on the road. if they take care of >> we understand what we need to do and how we need to play and things need to focus they commit to doing that come saturday. you know, for home crowd's we've been a lot of
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different series of taking a lot of different. to us in and i say start on the road. we wish you could have got to know one. making this a justice come the right mentality saturday and just play better. >> all righty. game 3 saturday, 5.30, at chase center. and then a couple days later, game 4 is on monday at chase. game 5 wednesday. may 11th in memphis. which is when the next 3 and and wrap this thing up look move on to the conference finals. that would be nice. the a's they were hosting the rays looking to avoid the sweep. they've lost 5 straight being the on the floor is falling out from under them. bottom of the 3rd, no score. corey kluber. it was locked in today gets tony kemp looking. he threw 6 shutout innings and struck out 7 top of the 6. the raises brandon lowe skies one into left.
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going back to chad pender. he makes the basket catch. frankie monteith showing his appreciation that saved the run and it remained scoreless until the top of the ace bases loaded for manuel margot. he lived one into right. 2 runs come into score. tampa bay takes the lead. oakland couldn't get anything going. re shut out the a 3 to zip oakland. they lost 6 straight wolf. they'll take on minnesota on friday. and check this out. former giant madison bumgarner. he is not happy with the call. i want to be happy either. this didn't really check his hand, was supposed to be checking his hand for 4. in some sense. was just i am bumgarner down, trying to intimidate him. he's just think they can do whatever they want and are above the current approach. so a good for matt bomb. he got a tossed out, but i'm sure it felt good to tell him a piece of his mind. the jersey that
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diego maradona war in the 1986 world cup against england has sold for a record price of 9.2, 8 million dollars at auction. that's all i'm even go. read that script. that's a lot of money. crazy. really? yeah. i mean, why your guess is as good as love and yeah, global. >> sport and people got stupid money. i don't hit the back to gp 2. so. you know, couple nba insiders just relayed that information. lake, damage and a fractured elbow and a minimum of 3 weeks. there is wishful thinking in re. ritter actually said this yesterday. don't rule out the season. he could come back. so, you know, the warriors get what is 5 more wins. no mean nba finals. so maybe we can see gp 2 again this year if he deserves has
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been it took him so long to latch on. and this is his moment in 29 yen 29 years old. and as a rookie. that's unbelievable. but wishful thinking. see how it all plays out. hope so. whatever's best for him. you want to completely heal before he's you. you want to get a big that contract year for. yeah. thanks all right. we'll be right back. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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>> the city of oakland has a bit of a doggy problem. officials with oakland animal services say that they have an unprecedented number of large dogs available for adoption, which urgently need homes. the director of open animal services told us it is not only oakland, but the entire nation is seeing an increase of abandoned dogs. the director said that is because so many people lost their homes during the pandemic. the shelter is trying to its best to help the dogs find new forever homes. and this week it is extending the adoption hours and offering more incentives. >> and so that means that our adoption fees for all animals are so what that means normally a dog would be $150 option b. so it's quite a state. you can go to oakland, animal services dot org to take a look at the dogs that the agency has up for adoption and contact the organization to get more information to get one of those.
6:57 pm
>> loving pets. >> but over there by the coliseum, they have the adoption center and it's fun. just co say hi even if you can't maybe take one home that day was, you know, a lot of people, volunteers, foster parents, i guess they they walk the dogs and just give them some love because >> i him in those cases. so like our assignment manager buddy hitch as on tearing all the time. so all right. that's it for us tonight at 6 you watching. we'll see you back here tonight for kron. 4 news in primetime. >> 8,
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to the world, now you know. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's my turn. despicable you please, please state your name? >> announcer: amber heard takes her stand at the johnny type trial. >> i am here because my ex-husband is suing me. >> announcer: and toppled on stage. comedian dave chappelle attacked. >> what we've learned about the attacker and the weapon he carried. >> announcer: chris rock was there. >> was that will smith? >> announcer: then... is happening. to be when the movers and shakers coming down with covid after the big party in d.c. >> announcer: and the urgent


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