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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 5, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on thursday. it's going to be a little cooler today to worry. didn't like it yesterday aria. james rain is standing by on this cinco de mayo. let's get that forecast. good morning right now. good morning. good morning. cool conditions for you outside today. you can see this flag outside here in san francisco. just a front of the bay bridge there getting a little bit that wind gusts we've been talking about today. we had a break from that yesterday. today we're seeing a lot of clouds on this single de mayo clouds across most of the bay area today. so you might want to keep that in mind if you have a picnic plan, we do have a slight chance of rain in the north bay and a beach advisory because of sneaker waves out by the beach. so stay away. go hiking today. be careful.
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mid-fifties across the board for our current temperatures right now. berkeley, 50 oakland, 53, nevada, you're 50 petaluma. 48. we'll have a look at your 7 day because mother's day is on the way daryn. james, back to you. all right, thank you very much. rain. a quick check of the commute. we have our usual back up here at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like you're stacked up all the way to the least a foot of the maze. >> but once you get onto the span, you're doing well heading into san francisco, the highway, 92 right across the san mateo bridge. also moving without issue. you can see traffic moving at the limit in both west and eastbound direction. so no problems for you. there. the richmond center fell bridge to the north. look at our toll. plaza camera shows you. we've got traffic backed up just a little bit as you're working your way through the toll plaza. but otherwise, once you're past it, you're fine. and then finally, the golden gate bridge has been a great ride all morning that still the case here is your southbound side. those headlights are moving well across the span into san francisco. >> breaking news that we're following from overnight. police in vallejo are investigating a deadly shooting. and right now
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officers are still looking for the shooter. kron 4. sarah stinson in the newsroom with the very latest on this. sarah. >> that's right. we just got new information. vallejo police say a man was shot inside a car when officers arrived. they tried to save him, but he died on scene. take a look at this maps. you can see exactly where it happened on the 3400 block of hazelwood street. a few streets down from any penny cook elementary school video video shows crime scene tape blocking off hazelwood street. the shooting happened just before 11, 30 last night. a man sitting in a car was shot at least one time and died on scene. this happened in front of a home and in this neighborhood, yellow evidence markers are seen scattered on the street along the car where he was shot. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive and circumstances of the shooting. police did not mention anything about the shooter. our photographer tells us the scene was quite emotional at several distraught family members. the name of the victim has not been released. this is the
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10th homicide in vallejo this year, i police if they have identified the shooter, but they've not. i'm not heard back yet. so that's kind of the missing piece we're waiting for. have they identified the shooter? is there anyone in custody? it seems like they're still looking for that person. all keep digging into this for now. send it back to you in studio. thank you, sir. >> it's 7, 0, 3 and santa rosa. police are looking for the man who shot another man and a taco bell drive through. it happened at the taco bell on mendocino avenue near santa rosa junior college police think that the shooter, they say was brad adams. they say he was in front of another man in the drive-thru line when he started arguing and then threatened to use a gun and then officers say that adam started shooting at the victim and drove off. police found adams truck a little later in the parking lot. but he wasn't there. the man who was shot suffered serious injuries, but he is expected to recover. one
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man was shot and killed in berkeley on tuesday night. but police are just now telling us about this shooting that happened in the 1100 block of channing way. when the police responded, they found a man with a gunshot wound and he died at the scene. we do not have the name of the victim. all right. also making headlines this morning. dozens of people without a home right now after a fire broke out and destroyed an apartment building in mountain view and was deadly, a downfield person and a dog kron four's will tran is live with the latest. will. >> and then darya james sent 5 people to the hospital at the very least to get checked out. fortunately there, okay. so they're not added to the number of fatalities. it could have been worse, though, because look at that. the fire right behind me. you can see the back window screen. there it is open. it's charred on the outside. clearly indicating that the fire reached from inside to outside the building, the 18
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uninhabitable units. they were downstairs because of all that water that the fire department throughout let me show you some pictures. the fire raced through that unit went down the hallway in the firefighters pounced on it at around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. so many people were at home, many others at work. they got an e-mail from the complex here located on the 300 block of avenue saying that there was a fire at the complex. so they raced home and then they saw the fire fighters surrounding the building. >> couple of minutes ago, i got a chance to talk to a resident of this apartment complex. here's what he had to say about getting the alert at work. >> you know, obviously worried for my neighbors and everybody safety and everything. so but to get an email, i would be frantic like my unit, my dog. i know it. yesh. it was very scary i think like we didn't fully understand the extent of everything. and, you know, you just hear fire and it's it's
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scary thing to here. happening in your home. >> so he was very confused. but what happened? he sad but happy at the same time, guys, because his unit is on the other side of the apartment he smells a little smoke in his area, but not too bad. as far as the unit's is going to take quite some time for them to rebuild it. so it looks like this people will not be home anytime soon. which is why there is a senior center that's helping out in the immediate future. and i'm sure i'm sure this place will help them find long-term housing. the person who died, that person's name not be released at this time. we don't even know the gender of this particular person. the area is preserved because fire investigators, they still need to come back to this location as they try to find out the cause of the fire. there are many dogs involved in all this, but fortunately, all their dogs have been reunited with their owners. >> back to you. thanks a lot. we'll. >> okay. 7, 0, 6, is the time.
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another big story that we're following this morning president biden. now in some state democrats vowing to pass a federal bill to protect abortion rights as protests are sweeping the nation. it's not clear is going to get done though. joe khalil has the latest. >> following the bombshell supreme court leak, democrats are now promising to make roe v wade the law of the land, countless women around america are feeling anger, realistically, democrats know there's no feasible way to actually get this done in congress with a 50 50 senate. the votes simply aren't there to pass an abortion bill or change. the senate rules deserve to know where senators stand. even if we lose the vote. senators are on record. we're going to try to explore any and every path we have available. it's why senator jacky rosen says part of the strategy must be the long game starting this november. we have to elect more pro-choice
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democrats in office so that we can first of all, stop my republican extreme republican colleagues posing a nationwide abortion ban. sources tell news nation the women's health protection act, a bill that protects abortion rights nationwide. we'll come up for a vote in the senate next week. they're not going to be able to use that as a slam dunk because of how deplorable the performance has been. republican mike braun says he believes the effort doomed to fail is mostly for republicans are convinced despite the white backlash now, voters biggest animated concern will still be inflation. what persuades an independent board or what persuades somebody that is persuadable are things like, you know, their their personal pocket issues. >> that was joe khalil reporting. the bill itself was actually writtensby republicans. senators susan collins and >> lisa murkowski. they are the only 2 pro choice republicans.
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>> the battle over a woman's right to choose obviously now taking center stage with experts thinking this could change the trajectory of the mid term election this year. san jose state political science professor donna crane says the high court's opinion is likely going to motivate democrats to cast a ballot this election. she says this is something we normally see when reproductive rights are at risk because it usually makes the pro-choice side more politically active. a big voter turnout is something crane says democrats are going to need because a recent poll conducted before the court's opinion was leaked show democrats said they were less likely to vote than republicans this november. crane says low voter turnout over the years has led the nation to this moment. >> knowing how slowly the supreme court changes personnel. that's a lot that that's a long game. and here we are. you know, president trump has appointed the last 3 justices to the bench and antiabortion with antiabortion
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led senate by mitch mcconnell. it was successful in putting 3 more justices on the bench now they have a 6 to 3 majority. so it's taken them 50 but they have got there. >> meanwhile, other large issues impacting the landscape in the mid terms includes high inflation rates. we're all dealing with that. this is a redistricting year that will motivate some. and we have a president with an approval rating in the low 40's that might discourage some from turning out. we'll see how it all shakes out. >> despite the fact that california is in the middle of a historic drought, marin county is making a surprising decision easing water restriction. move coming just ahead of what's expected to be a very hot summer. we've got kron fours camila barco in the newsroom with hopefully an explanation. camila. >> yeah, james started marin municipal water district has ended its local water shortage. emergency that was implemented last year because of how low water supplies were. but they say water supply levels have greatly improved this year. thanks to
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the rain that we got in october and december. right now, marine waters, reservoirs are at 90% of total storage capacity. and because of that, the board voted this week to rescind several rules that have been in effect for the past year. now, their vote ends restrictions on customers washing their cars at home. irrigating golf courses and filling swimming pools. now, even though water supplies have been replenished, the board is making some water conservation rules permanent. for example, the board is allowing sprinkler use up to 2 days per week. drip irrigation is allowed up to 3 days a week and swimming pools must have covers to reduce evaporation. the board's president says that they have moved to pass a local water shortage emergency, but california, as we all know, is still in a drought and customers can not let their guard down. so they're still asking customers to continue to use their water wisely. back to you guys. all right. thank you. camila. 7.11, is a time right now. and still ahead on the kron 4
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morning news. there's an internal and are sorry there's an extra limb esta geisha now that reveals more information. >> about the death of mario gonzalez. we'll take a look at what that means for the officers involved. and the federal reserve is about to raise interest rates again. what is the president going to do to try to drive down the cost of everything.
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>> 7.14, right check out the weather. and if you survive yesterday, that was just the only out day that we have right here, at least for the week relief already here. we've got rain and the weather center with ran a good morning. cool and cloudy day for you today. might want to bring a jacket on this. cinco de mayo. a live look at sfo and you can see the clouds and pretty much most of the bay area is experiencing this kind of cloud coverage we had that system move into the bay area yesterday bringing with us some of that marine layer and it's sticking around. we do have a chance of rain in the north bay. just a slight chance, though. so keep that in mind for today. and tomorrow. if you're thinking about going to the beach, i'd say today's not a good day to do that because we have a beach advisory in place until 8 o'clock tonight because of sneaker waves and rip currents out there. don't want to turn your back on those water conditions. well, high
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temperatures a lot cooler than where we were yesterday. look at 60's 70's across the mask on an antioch, 74 of the north bay, napa, nevada, yours, 70 down in the south bay 60's redwood city, 60 not path will be along the coast. mid 50's for you there in oakland. your about 64. well, you have to do something nice because mother's day is right around the corner on sunday. it's going to be a cool one for mom. so make sure you have a nice jacket for her. might be a nice gift. not going to tell you what to buy. could be nice. 70's at the start of the week inland and then you try to cool off into saturday and sunday. stay in the 60's until wednesday. return back to the 70's. they sure 60's for you for all of the week. and then along the coast, 50's one day in the 60's in the 50's as you plan for your mother's day. so again, a nice win today, just the type of week where you need a jacket. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's take a peek at the roads. hopefully traffic is cooperating. you do have a weight. here stacked up at the approach to the bay bridge.
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>> we need to get through the toll plaza for in the san francisco. so that's what's in store for you there. now, let's look at the san mateo bridge, which ha busier. traffic is pretty heavy, heavy here, westbound 92. that's the right hand side of the screen. so you're going to have to a slog through that richmond center fell bridge is much so that's not too bad at all. moving pretty much at the limits. just a little bit of a delay there to get from richmond and us and fell and then from ran into san francisco, you can see that there's clouds up on mount tam and then it's easy to pop out. by the time we get to the toll plaza. you see a little bit more sunshine. >> for your money this morning, we have flour companies expecting strong mother's day sales, despite soaring inflation and facebook now scaling back on its hiring. we've got jane king live at the nasdaq to explain on the day with the market to get a little hammered this good morning. yeah, they are huge yesterday down today by 600 points. >> interest rates and oil are rising. so its peak in the
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market again, a facebook does plan to reduce hiring as revenue growth slows inflation's in increases, intends to stop or slow hiring for most mid-level and senior level roles after holding off adding entry level engineers in recent recruiters have started pausing their efforts to fill certain roles as well. and food banks are serving more people again. it's inflation squeezes budgets forgotten harvest, which serves the metro detroit area. so demand increased. 25 to 45% since december. and in march alone, demand rose 30% compared with the previous month. well, the reserve raised its interest rate by a half percent and said it would begin shrinking the central banks, 9 trillion dollar asset portfolio. that was put into place to help support the economy during the pandemic. fed chairman jerome powell said additional half percent hikes will be on the table over the next few meetings, but not looking bigger, anything bigger than that. at least one time. have won 100 flowers says he expects people
7:19 am
to spend flowers for mother's day even though they are more expensive this year, lower prices have gone up as it costs more to hire people to work and then also the fuel to get the flowers to the store says on the rise, of course, as well. live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. james, back to you. all right, jane, thank you very much. an. >> you know, we're following interest rates. they are going up. we have leaders trying to make efforts to bring down a record high inflation. the fed, as jane mentioned, raising rates by half a percentage point. that was yesterday. hannah brandt explains what that's going to mean for the economy going forward. >> the goal with this move is a cool the economy and slow down spending. but the president says we have to do more and republicans are pushing back against his ideas. >> the federal reserve is attacking high inflation with its largest interest rate increase since 2000. the economy is strong and is well positioned to handle tighter monetary policy. the half a percent interest rate hike means borrowing for car loans, credit cards and mortgages will be more expensive. but
7:20 am
federal reserve chair jerome powell hopes it helps drive down demand in our economy. it's not going to be pleasant either. but in the end, everyone is better off. president biden is also urging congress to bring down costs in other ways with legislation to help pay for child care and prescription drugs. he wants to offset that spending by taxing the rich color asking is that the wealthiest america's largest corporations begin to pay their fair share part of their fair share. but republicans like senator pat toomey are not on board. they should just totally dropped the reckless tax and spending spree that they're still threatening. >> even now, instead, senator rick scott says president biden should reverse policies that republicans call anti energy and cut regulations for businesses. we have a crisis and we have got to fix this as both parties squabble about their economic plans. powell hopes the federal reserve's actions will have an impact for americans and everyone will be better off if we can get this job done. the sooner the better. >> how does warn that outside factors like the war in ukraine and pandemic lockdowns
7:21 am
in china could slow down economic progress and prevent healing in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> california is getting into crypto. governor newsom issued an executive order marking a path now for the state to eventually take advantage of digital currencies. the order directs state agencies to work with the federal government to craft regulations for crypto currencies. and it also calls for examining how broader block chain computer coding can be worked into government operations. according to newsom, since california is home to silicon valley, the state should be a leader in adapting new technologies. it's 7.20 wanted today is missing or murdered indigenous peoples awareness day and native american advocates are calling for action. they gathered on the steps of the capitol yesterday. tribal leaders, law enforcement, state officials discuss that disproportionate rate of violence against native americans and the lack of coverage. attorney general rob
7:22 am
bonta emphasize how this kind of attention for indigenous people has been a long time coming. and this is an issue that's flown under the radar where >> our tribal communities have not been seen or valued on this issue. where for >> many years, what girls, the daughters, mothers, sisters have gone missing and it's been under the radar and has not been addressed. on to says that officers are working on guidelines, training and technical assistance. plus, 5 million dollars is being invested. >> to help end violence against native americans. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news metaverse. yeah, it's stepping into the real world, the physical world. we're going to take you inside the newest store, opening up on the peninsula where you can try things on where you can try things on yourself. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh.
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>> met up the parent company of facebook is opening its first retail store in burlingame. yeah. kron four's justin campbell had a chance to check it out before anybody else. take a look. welcome to the first in-person megastore. the company wants you to experience their products firsthand. >> and what the future of the metaverse will look like inside the latest in tech products to like these rape and glasses where you can play music, take pictures and record video. first facebook store opening coming up tonight on kron 4. i meant to say metta, but you get the idea we step right here. we
7:26 am
knew like that one for you. you don't even have to pull out your phone, which makes it easier for you to show the world what you see i can take because of that beautiful sunset driving home that back to the city or maybe you're looking for something else. hey, rudi, facebook portal tv, which turns existing tv into a video conferencing device. so you get older tv that maybe isn't considers what he occasions internet connectivity. that's fine. your full tv will still work into like a smart tv or you can or maybe you're looking to play a game. the store has a room where you can try the latest in virtual reality. >> i tried the boxing game. the movie, my believe me. it's a just wiped down. medicine is seeing is believing and they hope customers will see what's here. now. >> and what's possible in the metaverse? i think mike tyson
7:27 am
floyd mayweather that need something like this in their house one ice work reporting in burlingame, justin campbell kron. 4 not only is it a workout, i understand that it can really like if you're not good with that of the story and makes us sick. you too. so be played around with one of those. and yeah, you can easily forget where you are in space in the living start bumping into stuff that. >> 7.27 is the time. we'll take a break. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. why a group of protesters is suing alameda county over certain police practices will explain.
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>> 7.29 right now and we're checking out the weather and it is much cooler start to the day. it will be much cooler finish to the data as well. yeah, actually a great one be out. if you're going to have the dogs for a walk like you like to do. >> rain with that forecast. they ran a good morning. a nice one because you can't get too hot today. it's definitely a much cooler day than we were yesterday in the 90's inland. now you're in the 70's. >> a live look outside. you can see quite how are we do have a few wind gust as well as you can see this little tree behind me. boehm long back and forth. all right. we do have some fog across much of the bay area today and a slight chance of rain in the north bay. we're going to look at our current temperatures right now. 50's across the board. if you are thinking about going out to the beach, don't we have a beach advisory
7:31 am
in place because of some high wind gusts out there as well as potential sneaker waves. so be cautious and careful. we'll have a look at that 7 day. so you can plan for mom coming up. darya james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. let's check the bridges real quick. and you can see we're certainly in the depths of the morning commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza with a lot of traffic here backed up to the maze. but once you get through your fine, let's jump over to the san mateo bridge where, again, nothing out of the ordinary other than the fact that the volume is picking up here as well. you can clearly see which direction is the commute direction. it's that right hand side from hayward out to foster city. the richmond, sandra fell bridge actually looking pretty good as we've got just a few lanes backed up. the others appear relatively open. once you're on the span, though, it's smooth sailing as you make your way off towards the north bay. and then finally, the golden gate bridge always like to check that ride. it's usually our best flowing bridge. and that's still the case here with southbound 1. one drivers moving well in the san faancisco at 7.31. and we have new details about the ex
7:32 am
turtle investigation into the death of mario gonzalez while he was in the custody of alameda police. >> this is body cam footage that that of that encounter which happened in april. yeah. and the results of that investigation that review are in and city officials are responding to those findings with kron four's haaziq mod-yoon with the story. >> it's not a rate it not sustained. those are the findings of a law firm hired by the city of alameda to conduct an independent investigation to see if any police policies were violated in the death of mario gonzalez. 26 year-old gonzalez died in april 2021. after being restrained by officers at a city park. this is police body cam video of the incident. he allegedly appeared to be under the influence. police thought he may have been involved in a theft which he was not. the coroner's autopsy indicated the primary cause of death where methamphetamine, alcohol, morbid obesity combined with the stress of the altercation and
7:33 am
independent autopsy reached a different finding that speaks to nation as the primary cause in the 48 page report, summary recommendations. it reads in connection with the use of force that occurred after the officers and gonzalez ruled the ground. there is evidence that officer of the kidney acted in conformity with department policy. but due to the limits of the body camera footage, certain information could not be completely confirmed. recommendation, not sustained exonerated. >> not sustain your initial reaction. >> this is more the same. this is the government protecting the government attorney adante pointer represents mario gonzalez's mother. this civil lawsuit against the city of alameda and the police department. from his view. there's a conflict of interest in the independent investigation. the partners at law firm are all former city attorneys and they're all former governor in attorneys who are hired now by the
7:34 am
government to do a, quote, unquote, independent review into the situation. >> and surprise, surprise. they came up with the same findings that essentially say the government did nothing wrong. the police officer in the right essentially put them back on the streets and pat on the back for killing a man who should be here today, a representative of the city of alameda told me the city and the law firm they hired to do the report are not making any comments at this time as a result of pending litigation. >> how's let you run for new? >> demonstrators who protested the death of george floyd in may of 2020 are suing the alameda county sheriff's office. they say the deputies used unlawful tactic tactics like tear gas and flash-bang grenades. it's a class action lawsuit. and now demands that the office changes its crowd control measures. >> and projectiles to disperse largely peaceful crowd. they used excessive force force that is unconstitutional
7:35 am
against people who were not posing any threat. the officers. and then we have also alleged certain state and a lot to those this federal claims including a violation of the ada act, which is california civil rights statute. >> the county council could not be reached for comment. >> new this morning, vallejo police are getting cameras installed in 40 police vehicles to increase transparency. the new cameras are going to show activity in front of the car as well as what's happening in the back seat of the cruisers. the cameras are also going court traffic stops, vehicle pursuit and transports of those under arrest. and these cameras can read license plates 8 times faster. then the old system, toledo police officers have already been equipped with body cams to record their interactions, an arrest. police say these in-car cameras are going to help protect the community and give people more confidence in the work that officers doing. the cameras are going to be installed and used by june of
7:36 am
this year. expert. >> to the north bay. now santa rosa police searching for the person they say robbed a wells fargo bank on cleveland avenue. so investigators say they've identified the person not identified, but there looking for this unidentified person who you can see here in this security camera photo, he handed the teller a note demanding money and then left with it just before 05:00pm. witnesses say they saw him running off northbound on cleveland avenue. officers look when they got to the scene but they couldn't find him. so they're putting out this picture hoping maybe you know who he is. he's described as a man in his 30's average, build his face was covered, but they say he is bright blue eyes. and as you can see, was at the time of the crime wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, black baseball cap and a multicolored face covering. a man armed with a large knife at a san jose elementary school is now in police custody after a standoff that lasted nearly 3 hours. police say it happened
7:37 am
at gardens elementary school on empire street at about 11 o'clock yesterday morning. there's video him standing up on that wall. the students and teachers inside the school had to shelter in place while police worked to talk him down, which they were able to successfully just took a while. >> we've seen how some of these can end badly with injuries to a suspect. officers. everyone's going home safe tonight. the suspect will get the help that in treatment that he needs. >> in fact, investigators say that person is getting a psychiatric evaluation. unclear at this point if he'll face any charges. we'll have to see. >> about 1000 people living on the streets of oakland could soon have shelter at the city's former army base council member carol. 5 is proposing opening a homeless shelter at the north gate way parcel on 22 acres of the base which is at wake and west grand avenues. the city council's asked staff to study the idea and they have until next month to do that. if approved, it would be the biggest homeless shelter in
7:38 am
the area. also, california waste solutions and custom la scrap sales are planning to develop that land. >> san mateo county, meanwhile, is getting more money for its 240 unit navigation center. representative jackie spear. as you can see in the video, visited the construction site yesterday and was able to present them with a $500,000 federal grant. the project in total will cost about 57 million dollars. but should be completed by the end of the year. and they say when it is done, it will provide 240 temporary living units and support services to people who are experiencing homelessness. we'll take a break at 7.38. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the warriors get ready for game 3 against the grizzlies will have a more from steph curry. >> about what that he's focusing on right now.
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back at 7.41, the city of oakland has a bit of a dog problem. oakland animal services says they have an unprecedented number of large dogs available for adoption right now that urgently need homes. >> fact, the director of oakland animal services says it's not just in oakland problem, but it's something they're seeing all across the country. an increase of abandoned dogs. director says it's largely thanks because so many people lost their homes during the pandemic. and as a result gave up their pets. the shelter is trying its best right now to find these dogs, their new forever home. this week, they're extending the adoption hours and they're also offering something that
7:42 am
might help. push you over the edge to get one. >> and so that means that our adoption fees for all animals are us so what that means normally a dog would be $150 option b. so it's quite a state. >> yes, if you thought it was too expensive to adopt one, now it's only 20 bucks if you want to take a look at these puppies or get any additional information about oakland, animal services, we have a link on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> we'll take a break at 7.42. we'll be right back.
7:43 am
out-of-state corporations wrote
7:44 am
an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
7:45 am
>> some 45 right now. and you know, you may be out enjoying the sun. so rattlesnakes, you know, so be ware and keep your distance. you will hear them so be quiet and listen. reptiles, rattlers, they're all active during the day. they like the sun's rays because it keeps their bodies warm. just like us clusters hot and for food or sometimes are just hanging out yet. you want to they they want to avoid you actually only season there of you who you are of them. they have no idea how scared you are, james, that? that's right. i say that they're but anyway, they say that you should listen before you leap. yes. very thick.
7:46 am
>> and in the mid section and ahead, looks like a like a spade or even a show off your take a shell in turn upside down the country and that is very thin in comparison to the jaw line. >> or you just listen for the rattle at all since lee, when that this is a rattlesnake. yeah, taking a walk. i listen. i look, i see him more than the dogs do it and i don't know why my dogs are blind when it that. so you got to watch out for too few. just let your dog run free. yeah. you're up for a hike. they go sniffing around everywhere and they come up on iraq where us rattlers, you know, resting in the shade. could be taken to not doing that anymore. keep him on a leash. all right. let's take a look at the weather and he's going to be nice. if you want to bask in the sun later right now, there's some clouds out there on the here yeah, a lot of fog outside right now. actually, we can see a couple of people wearing jackets because of the conditions out there. so you got the fall. >> the cool temperatures all outside for today and tomorrow we're looking at the radar outside and currently across the bay area. you seen a lot of clout. we also have a chance of light rain in the north bay. that's today and
7:47 am
tomorrow. >> so if you're thinking of going to the beach, i would say it's not even beach weather up there today, but we have a beach advisory. >> if you need an added reason to stay away and maybe go on a hike or wear jacket or ride a bike like they were doing at the golden gate bridge, those that the device or ease in place until 8 o'clock tonight because we have sneaker waves and rip currents out there can get pretty dangerous. don't turn your back. keep your kids and your pets close to you. if you are out there in that area now we have a warm day yesterday. so a lot of people are outdoors, staying cool. nonetheless, drinking water today is a good day to be outdoors without having to worry about the heat. you just have to worry about the wind and the fog. 70's out a nanny out conquer livermore. 74 in the south bay down here like san jose. 74 redwood city. 69 in mountain view and along the coast mid 50's ear napa 70 and nevado. so today is cinco de mayo. and if you're planning that, just don't forget to bring that jacket for you. also, let's get a look at mother's day. that's on
7:48 am
sunday. and it looks really nice there. hey, but if you're planning on maybe taking a flight to get out of town for mother's day, then i'm seeing no canceled flights at this hour. so that's the good news. the skies look good. darya james, how did the roads look? well, let's take a now at traffic tracker in the bay to know the huge. >> yeah, it's the huge everybody has to go to work at the same time. so this is a very popular get out leave yourself a little extra time to get through the toll plaza. >> over the san mateo bridge, things have been crowded, but at the limit. but now not now. look traffic is stopped. that's not a good thing. so there's probably a little something in your way at that point. so you're going want to leave extra time or avoid this area. if you can just wait, we'll keep checking back another 15 minutes and see if those loosened up. the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza has been moving. there's no problems there to stand in our way so that traffic is looking good. and the golden gate bridge. >> it is definitely heavy on
7:49 am
the bridge. this is heavy for the bridge. by the time we get to the total toll plaza. >> it's an easier ride. but you can bet one. 0, one southbound through are accounted for. we traffic cameras. i will update you on that same over say is yeah. back to there. it is again. looks like there's a 3 vehicle accident. >> this is on highway 2 westbound just east of foster city boulevard. the off-ramp there. so. yeah, that is why we're seeing this back up there. working to clear that accident again involving 3 vehicles on the redwood city side 7.49. right now. let's talk sports and it's all about the warriors were very excited. for the words to taken on game 3 with the grizzlies on saturday saturday. we've got kron 4 sports director jason dumas, us with the highlights and more. >> giants looking for the split of the two-game set with the dodgers down in tinseltown. let's go to dodger stadium. really don't ballpark. i was there. well, that last september bad ending for the giants. top of the second, no score. brandon crawford. it gets things going
7:50 am
crushes that one to right field. on the first solo shot of the game. bottom of the 4th now tied at one. will smith with runners on the corners, shoots it into center. base, hit. go ahead, run as freddie freeman comes on around the score. and this was the kill shot. speaking of freddie freeman. down the right-field line. 2 more score. and the second run scores again keeps growing 2 run. triple that capped off a four-run 7th giant fall 9 to one. welcome back to host the cardinals. 4, 4, game series on thursday. the a's hosting the rays looking to avoid the sweep. they've lost 5 straight bottom of the 3rd. no score. kluber e he was locked in gets tony kemp looking threw 6 shutout innings and struck out 7 top of the 6. the raises brandon
7:51 am
lowe skies one into left back. still go. chad pender gets to the warning track. makes it a little harder than he had to, i think. but hey, i probably couldn't do that pretty much time. he shows his appreciation actually definitely couldn't do that. let me switch that before i get e-mail from someone at home, it remained scoreless manuel margot biden went into right. 2 runs come in to score. tampa bay takes the lead. oakland couldn't get anything going this year. so ray shut out the a's 3 to zip oakland. they've lost 6 straight games will take on the minnesota twins off friday. it was a tough one. the series shifts to the bay. the warriors are in need of some home cooking after spending the last 4 night in memphis. the dubs. all right. back to the bay bloodied and battered because of the plays like this. paying the second. he suffered nerve damage along with a fractured elbow on that play will be out a minimum of
7:52 am
3 weeks in the does have not ruled out a return. if they make the nba finals, it's hard pill to swallow because he came off of a cheap shet. but we've got to get past that and what you do, things start to look pretty good. the dub split on the road. it could take care of business at home. they can wrap this thing up sooner or later without even having to win a game in memphis, protecting home court. that has become the key to this series. >> we understand what we need to do and how we need to play the things you need to focus commit to doing that come saturday. you know, for home crowd's we've been a lot of different series and taking a lot of different. to us in and i say start on the road. we wish you could have got to know one. making this a justice come the right mentality on saturday and just play better. >> all right. the stage is set and let me set the stage for
7:53 am
bay area. residents on saturday may 7. so you head on into the city. no cloud in the sky. you want to get to morning drink. maybe a mimosa. get ready because the giants they have a game early afternoon. you watch the giants have so fun. then you head down the chase center. if you go in, you go to thrive. city. that acid a saturday is going to be a lot of fun game for that monday may 9th at 7 and then game 5 back in memphis, 6.30, our time should be a good one. >> here's what i find. i find a lot of people don't have tickets. so on game days now, unless you're like right around the games, right? it's quite quiet around area. everybody's home on the couch watching tv we'll take a quick break at 7.53. be right back.
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7:56 am
>> 76 and take a look at this doorbell cam in florida later on. but is it and there's a dog and there's a bear. wow, that's right. a bear chased them back into the house. yeah. in in florida say this is one of those things where i'd be fumbling with my keys and you can't see straight. you're trying to unlock the and yeah, i mean, there's left the house and there was a bear charging at them and that's
7:57 am
pretty amazing. fine. obviously, they'll make a bet they'll back inside. well, they tell you not to run because they like that. do you think they're used to bears like in tahoe? we know the drill and about the bears. always our producer. she used to live in florida and she's like we know just like you. that's pretty scary. but luckily. >> that homeowner dog everybody's okay this morning about the bear. probably just wandered off back to the probably hungry james because he didn't get any food on that night. >> all right. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, juan barry county as easy as water restrictions, even though you know, we're in the middle of a drought. and so where do they do this and why make this decision now?
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news >> and thanks for joining us on this thursday morning 8. i'm daria and i'm james. it is the 5th of may cinco de mayo. if you want to celebrate and if you're going outside, boy, the weather is going to nice. yes, it is in a little more comfortable. it was too hot for you yesterday were all right. i love a good mix up when it comes to the week. >> much cooler conditions today. you can see the trees behind me blowing. this is right outside of coit tower. we're also seeing fog across much of the bay area. so plan that in mind if you're going to a picnic or something outdoors, you can see that low level ground fog across the bay area. so we definitely have a lot of clouds.


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