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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 5, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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mateo bridge, very light. now that just suddenly cleared out not only to have sunshine, but this is the latest we've seen in almost all morning since i don't know, 5, 6 o'clock this morning. see, the richmond center fell bridge has been a really it was light earlier and now it's got a little bit of a wave of cars again hit the bridge here, but nothing too much to get and to with a delay or anything like that. things are moving pretty well. and the golden gate bridge has been terrific. >> and it's very good right now. and the 9 o'clock hour we have some breaking news that we're covering from overnight in vallejo. police investigating a deadly shooting that happened. officers are still looking for the gunman. kron 4. sarah stinson is live in the newsroom with what we know. hi, sarah. >> daria, that's right. we've got some details from bull, pale police who say a man was shot inside a car when officers arrived, they tried to save him but he died on scene. let's take a look at where this happens. there's a map now on your screen on
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through 3400 block of hazelwood street, a few streets down from any penny cook elementary school video shows crime scene tape blocking off hazelwood street. take a look. the shooting happened just before 11, 30 last night. a man sitting in a car was shot at least one time and died on scene. yellow evidence markers could be seen scattered across the street along the car where he was shot. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive and the circumstances of the shooting. police did not mention anything about the shooter, though. our photographer tells us the scene was quite emotional with several distraught family members there. the fit. the name of the victim, though, has not been released. this is the 10th homicide in vallejo this year. i asked police if they had any information of the shooter. they've identified the person if they have anyone in custody or if they're looking for a certain person in particular. but i've not heard back yet. we'll continue to follow this story right here from the kron. 4 news room. daria should have another report and about an
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hour from now. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. it's 9, 0, one. and santa rosa police are looking for the gunman who shot a man at the taco bell drive-thru. it happened at the de taco bell on mendocino avenue near santa rosa junior high. there are 2 men in the drive-thru line and police say brad adams was in front of the other man in the line when they started arguing he threatened him with a gun and then they say that adams opened fire shot the victim and drove away. police found his truck later in the parking lot but he was long gone. the victim suffered serious injuries but is going to be ok? one man was killed in a shooting in berkeley. we're just finding about this now. you know, it happened tuesday night. the police releasing the details of where it happened. they got a call in the 1100 block of channing way. that's where they found the person who had been shot. he died at the scene. we do not have his name at this time. dozens of people are
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without a home right now because of a fire that destroyed an apartment building in mountain view and it was deadly. let's go to kron. four's will tran has been following this all morning long will the >> but the area, the cause is still under investigation. but we do know what happened. you can see the unit above my left shoulder and just how charred it is. it is open right now just to let some of the smoky air out. but you can see the flames were from inside to outside that location. that's on the second floor of this apartment complex located on the 300 block of the square avenue in mountain view. most of the units uninhabitable dario the units below because of all the smoke and water damage on the first floor, 18 altogether. and if you add all 18, we're talking 50 people not home this morning and probably won't be home for quite some time as it's just too dangerous for them to be inside right now. let's face it. a lot of their belongings have been destroyed either by water or by smoke. now, this
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fire happened at around 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon. a lot of people are at work. a lot of people were home at the time. the fire department came here. they good thing is they isolated the scenes of this particular section of the apartment complex. it didn't spread throughout the whole complex. >> which would have damage so many other units and those units are finding people are coming and going this morning if you ever lived at an apartment complex, you know, from time to time this fire alarms go off and oftentimes people take it not seriously. and this particular time it was very serious. >> it is scary. and especially since we always get alarms that are false alarms. you know, the fire trucks come in and nothing happens in 5 minutes and everything goes back to normal. >> this time, you know, it was serious and we just left in a panic. >> he left in so much of a panic. and we all know this is obviously 2022. nobody goes
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anywhere without their phone, but he was in such a hurry to get out there because of all the flames that were happening, that he left his cell phone inside his unit. fortunately, several hours later about 6 or 7 hours, he was allowed to go back to his unit as far as the other locations story. i want to move the camera over here to the right of your screen. >> remember, i said that he was here at this particular section of the apartment complex. fortunately, it looks like the other sections are just fine. and all those cars are parked as if nothing happened. but we all know their fellow apartment residents. a lot of things happen, including one person dying from this fire. 5 others injured. >> fortunately, those 5 onher story, a non life threatening injuries. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot for the update. will it's 9, 0, 5, and president biden and some senate democrats are vowing to pass a federal bill to protect abortion rights. this is not clear, though, that there are, again to be able to get it done. let's take a look closer now with joe khaleel.
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>> following the bombshell supreme court leak, democrats are now promising to make roe v wade the law of the land, countless women around america are feeling anger. hang with. realistically. democrats know there's no feasible way to actually get this done in congress with a 50 50 senate. the votes simply aren't there to pass an abortion bill or change. the senate rules deserve to know where senators stand. even if we lose the vote. senators are on record. we're going to try to explore any and every path we have available. it's why senator jacky rosen says part of the strategy must be the long game starting this november. we have to elect more pro-choice democrats in office so that we can first of all, stop my republican extreme republican colleagues posing a nationwide abortion ban. sources tell
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news nation the women's health protection act, a bill that protects abortion rights nationwide. we'll come up for a vote in the senate next week. they're not going to be able to use that as a slam dunk because of how deplorable the performances ban. republican mike braun says he believes the effort doomed to fail is mostly for republicans are convinced despite the white backlash now voters biggest animated concern will still be inflation. what persuades an independent board or what persuades somebody that is persuadable are things like, you know, their their personal pocket issues. >> that was joe khalil reporting. the bill itself was actually written by republicans. senators susan collins and lisa murkowski. they are the only 2 pro choice republicans. because of the battle. now over a woman's right to choose and being center stage. experts are wondering, will this change the trajectory of the midterm election? >> san jose state political science professor donna crane
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says the high court's opinion is likely going to motivate democrats to cast their ballots. she says it's something that we normally see when reproductive rights are at risk because it usually makes the pro-choice side more politically active. a big voter turnout is something that crane says democrats are going to need. recent polls conducted before the court's opinion was leaked. show democrats less likely to vote than republicans this november. crane says low voter turnout over the years has led the nation to this moment. >> knowing how slowly the supreme court changes personnel. that's a lot that that's a long game. and here we are. you know, president trump has appointed the last 3 justices to the bench and antiabortion with antiabortion led senate by mitch mcconnell. it was successful in putting 3 more justices on the bench now they have a 6 to 3 majority.
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so it's taken them 50 but they have got there. >> meantime, other big issues impacting the landscape of the midterms include high inflation rates a redistricting year and a president with an approval rating in the low 40's. despite the fact that california is in the middle of a historic drought. marin county is easing some of their water restrictions. and this comes just as we're headed into the summer. it doesn't seem to make sense from person camila. barco is live in the newsroom with more on why they're doing this. hi, camilla. good morning, yeah, we normally hear the opposite. but now water supply levels have greatly improved this year from are in. >> municipal water district. they say it's thanks to the rain that we got in october and december last year, its water supplies levels were really low and they implemented a local water shortage. emergency. but, daryn, that's no longer in effect. as of this week, marine waters, reservoirs are currently at 90% of total
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storage capacity. and because of that, the board voted this week to rescind several rules that have been in effect for the past year. now, their vote ends restrictions on customers washing their cars at home, irrigating golf courses and filling swimming pools. now, even though water supplies have been replenished, the board is making some water conservation rules permanent. for example, the board is allowing sprinkler use up to 2 days per week. drip irrigation is allowed up to 3 days a week and swimming pools must be covered. now, daryn, moran county is still in a severe drought, even though there is no water shortage, emergency customers can not let their guard down. the water district is asking customers to continue to use or water wisely. back to you. all right. thanks for the update. camilla will still be careful. >> 9 dead right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news and extremely best. a geisha is now revealing more information. >> about the death of mario gonzalez will tell you what it means for the officers
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involved and the federal reserve is raising interest rates. what president biden wants to do to try to drive down the costs of goods.
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>> 9.13, and we're checking out the weather. things are shaping up to be pretty nice.
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if yesterday was too hot, i think you'll enjoy today. rain and daria. it's going to be a nice day. most of everybody have been watching behind me traveling of riding their bikes. everyone has a jacket on. it is a jacket weather type of day for much of the bay area because we have this fog that arrived yesterday into later afternoon hours. that's going to stick around for most of the day today. we also have a slight chance of rain in the north bay today and tomorrow actively keeping a close eye on that. it's not a beach day for you. beach advisory in place because of sneaker waves and rip currents. don't turn your back while you're out there. keep those kiddo's and your pets close to you. if you are going to be in the area along the beach. high temperatures today cooler than yesterday. 74 antioch to concord livermore, south bay, 69 down there along the coast, mid to upper 50's no value at 59 north bay nevado and napa all in the 70's. all right. so today, single de mayo, maybe you're celebrating. bring a jacket with you. 70's today into tomorrow and then mother's day
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ialand. we cool down 65 for you. there bayshore 60's across the week and along the coast 50's and 60's for you. so a cool type a week. nothing like what we had yesterday. daria, back to you. all right. and we don't have too much traffic to talk about. so let's just take a look here. the bay bridge doesn't have much of a weight at all, which is terrific in the finest hour at 9 o'clock that. >> why we like to call finest hour because things are looking great. look, sunny and no traffic here at the san mateo bridge westbound 92 the right hand side. the commute direction was jammed up earlier with an accident. that was a couple hours ago. it's great now. it's a clear, easy commute for you. if you're one of the richmond, sandra fell bridge. that is a nice ride. that's as good as the golden gate to. let's take a peek at the golden gate bridge. the cars are moving at the limit there as well. >> time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black morning, rob. morning daryn. so what's going on? because the interest rates, how's that playing on wall mask?
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>> so yesterday the fed says we raise interest rates basis point. that's one half of one percent. more on that in a second credit cards cars, many other purchases. all the games yesterday evaporated because the fed said yesterday we're not going to do 75 next mean, probably 50, but it's not a worst-case scenario, wall street party. but then this morning, yeah, that's means we're going to get to it eventually. so we're seeing wage inflation. that's one of the inflation is worse and the first time unemployment claims kind of eluded that more. we only let go 200,000 people last week, which is a low number, typically around 350,000. so we're holding on to employees and they're asking for more money tomorrow. there's a good jobs report that's going to be big one. but right now, the story of 2022 inflation is looking bad for the next 6 months. we know this because stock market's been down. essentially it looks forward 6 months. so we might be seeds inflation, pressure subside, maybe and 6 months. but right now it looks like it's still going to be problematic. is
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this made this big announcement to that? they're not going to be hiring or the reducing staff. >> here's an example of some wage will be more engineers looking for jobs because like you said, facebook and zuckerberg >> they're met a virtual reality. world is kind of sobering up and saying instead of spending in creating inflation for jobs and wages, let's curtail for the rest of your cia right? >> thanks, ok, so well, everything's going up now. let's talk about transportation because airplanes that mean if they blamed it on fuel. but we saw the price of tickets go up and then the price of cars is still rising to what's going on there. >> let's stick with airlines for second com international travel. i haven't done it yet. i want to i've done domestic like mexico and hawaii. travel, but there's pent-up demand and the international airlines are seeing it there increasing the aggressively. domestic tickets are up. 25% year-over-year international tickets are up. 41% quanta
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said we're going to be opening up a super out from a quote from sydney to new york city in 2025, which tells you like they're trying to get as much many people flying as soon as possible because we're paying top and we want to go international, right? cancun is lovely, but we want more. so we haven't even created inflation there yet. and when we do maybe a year from now, 2 years australia is overrated. it's too expensive. and then the prices should start coming down. so some areas are opening with strong demand and some still have picked up. the man i go on google and then i say, you know what is like not stop from the bay area. >> nonstop direct cheapest flight. and that's why choose a vacation. wow. yeah. so what you are adventurous? so and so i end up in amsterdam. that's what's haha in a couple of weeks. okay. let's go back to the cars because that's another way to get around. and these car prices are out of sight. yeah, again, we have 16 some prices drop before we say the stock market's cleared.
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good to go. >> average car price for news. $45,321. that's upr12 and a half percent year over year. if you're going to use carts, $30,000, that's up. 35% year-over-year. that's noxious. that's too much. it's too high. a new car, $650 a 4, 70.2 months, which is almost years. it's a long time. i'm 66 years. so it's it's where financing in order to get into cars, car payment on a used cars about $544. but yesterday the fed raises rates. so got to get a loan. you're looking at 4.7% new car 5.2%. you're looking used car rates going from 8% financing to 8 and a half percent with more to come. and that more to come means it will probably sap some demand. that's the hope at kind of kill off the inflation the fed's doing everybody. i know who has sold a used car has made money on like a lease.
9:20 am
>> you know where a certain amount you're locked in and then they turn around, make 5, $10,000. as kerry ran it. she it's good knowledge but then when you get to dry because then you have to go buy a car right? this is the this all right. thanks a lot, it's already have a a question for rob. you can reach him on e-mail, facebook or twitter. we'll be right back. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control?
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, just talked about this. interest rates are going up leaders trying to make an effort to bring down inflation. the federal reserve is raising rates by half a percentage point. hannah brandt explains what that means for the economy. >> the goal with this move is a cool the economy and slow down spending. but the president says we have to do more and republicans are pushing back against his ideas. the federal reserve is attacking high inflation with its largest interest rate increase since 2000. the economy is strong and is well positioned to handle tighter monetary policy. the half a percent interest rate hike means borrowing for car loans, credit cards and mortgages will be more expensive. but federal reserve chair jerome powell hopes it helps drive down demand in our economy. it's not going to be pleasant either. but in the end, everyone is better off. president biden is also urging congress to bring down costs in other ways with legislation to help pay for child care and prescription drugs. he wants to offset that spending by taxing the rich. how are
9:24 am
asking is that the wealthiest america's largest corporations begin to pay their fair share part of that for sure. >> but republicans like senator pat toomey are not on board. they should just totally dropped the reckless tax and spending spree that they're still threatening. >> even now, instead, senator rick scott says president biden should reverse policies that republicans call anti energy and cut regulations for businesses. we have a crisis and we have got to fix this as both parties squabble about their economic plans. powell hopes the federal reserve's actions will have an impact for americans and everyone will be better off if we can get this job done. the sooner the better. >> how does warn that outside factors like the war in ukraine and pandemic lockdowns in china could slow down economic progress and prevent healing in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> 9.24 and about 1000 people living on the streets of oakland could soon get shelter at the city's former army base council member carol fife is proposing to build a homeless shelter there at the north gate way parcel, which is 22
9:25 am
acres. i'm at the base at west and wake grand our west grand avenues and wake of the city council asked staff to study this and they have until next month to get that done. benefits approved. it would be the biggest homeless shelter in the area. also, california waste solutions and custom la scrap sales are planning to develop that land as well. san mateo county is getting more money for a 240 unit navigation center. representative jackie spear visited the center's construction site yesterday and presented a $500,000. federal grant to them. the project total is 57 million. and when it's done at the end of the year, it will provide 240 temporary living units and supportive services to people experiencing homelessness. it's 9.25. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. why a group of protesters is suing alameda county over certain police procedures.
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♪ ♪ >> 9.28 right now checking out the weather. it's a whole different accident was yesterday. ran a good morning. >> yeah, a much cooler day for
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us today. thank you that something's planned. you don't have worry about that. sun. a cool singled a mile on tap and we also have fog across much of the bay area. as you can see from the map here. >> also, a slight chance of rain in the north bay. if you're planning and if you want to get out to the beach beach advisory in place because of sneaker waves and rip currents out there. all right. current temperatures outside across at mid to upper 50's like dublin. 59 61 and conquer novato 57 and along the coast. 53. but given that full forecast coming up because mother's days right around the corner, daria, back to you. yes, it is sunday. just reminding the kids. all right. taking a look here at the approach to the bay bridge. not a bad back up for you here. that will be pretty quick free at the san mateo bridge has been a breeze. let's just check it again. there's no traffic there earlier. you slept through all the accidents that we add. so now the community for their richmond center fell bridge. also an easy ride really dried
9:30 am
up there. there's nobody at the toll plaza there getting over from these fantasy france. i mean, it, we're in a san feancisco is also an easy ride and it looks like the sun is trying. it's trying. it's 9.29 right now. and there are new details about the external investigation into the death of mario gonzalez while he was in the custody of alameda police. this is body cam footage of the encounter that happened in april of last year. the results from the reviewer in now and city officials are responding to the findings. kron four's haaziq has the story. >> it's not a rate. it not sustained. those are the findings of a law firm hired by the city of alameda to conduct an independent investigation to see if any police policies were violated in the death of mario gonzalez. 26 year-old gonzalez died in april 2021. after being restrained by officers at a city park. this is police body cam video of the incident. he allegedly appeared to be under the
9:31 am
influence and police thought he may have been involved in a theft which he was not. the coroner's autopsy indicated the primary cause of death where methamphetamine, alcohol, morbid obesity combined with the stress of the altercation and independent autopsy reached a different finding that speaks to nation as the primary cause in the 48 page report, summary recommendations. it reads in connection with the use of force that occurred after the officers and gonzalez ruled the ground. there is evidence that officer of the kidney acted in conformity with department policy. but due to the limits of the body camera footage, certain information could not be completely confirmed. recommendation, not sustained exonerated. >> not sustain your initial reaction. >> this is more the same. this is the government protecting the government attorney adante pointer represents mario gonzalez's mother. this civil lawsuit against the city of
9:32 am
alameda and the police department. from his view. there's a conflict of interest in the independent investigation. the partners at law firm are all former city attorneys and they're all former governor, attorneys who are hired now by the government to do a, quote, unquote, independent review into the situation. >> and surprise, surprise. they came up with the same findings that essentially say the government did nothing wrong. the police officer in the right essentially put them back on the streets and pat on the back for killing a man who should be here today, a representative of the city of alameda told me the city and the law firm they hired to do the report. i'm not making any comments at this time as a result of pending litigation. >> how's let you run for new? >> it's 9.32. and demonstrators who protested the death of george floyd are suing the alameda county sheriff's office. they claim the deputies used unlawful tactics like tear gas and flash-bang grenades. it's a class action lawsuit that
9:33 am
demands the sheriff's office change crowd control measures. kron four's gayle ong has more. >> it was late may of 2021. demonstrators took to streets of downtown oakland sparked by the death of george floyd. almost 2 years later, a lawsuit filed against the alameda county sheriff's office. emily rose johns is one of the lawyers on this case the county sheriff's department. >> shot tear gas and projectiles indiscriminately into a crowd of largely peaceful protesters on broadway. right near 7th street. >> the plaintiffs, including the anti-police terror project and several protesters are seeking unspecified damages and reforms when it comes to law enforcement's crowd control measure then uses what we're seeking to. >> prove what we believe that we can prove. county county sheriff's department. it was that they retaliated against individuals for their protected first amendment activity by tear gas and then using projectiles to disperse largely peaceful crowd. they
9:34 am
used excessive force force that is unconstitutional against people who were not posing any threat. the officer. and then we have also alleged certain state and a lot to those this federal claims including a violation of the ada act, which is california civil rights statute. the lawsuit was filed on april. 28, the county council could not be reached for comment. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> its 9.34 new this morning police are getting cameras installed in 40 police vehicles in an effort to increase transparency in policing. the new cameras are going to show activity in front of the police cruisers as well as what's happening in the back seat. they will also record traffic stops, vehicle pursuits and transports of people under arrest and they could rely since plates 8 times faster than the old systems. vallejo police officers have already been equipped with body cams. they've been wearing those to record interactions, an arrest. police say these in-car cameras are going
9:35 am
protect the community and give people more peace of mind. the cameras are going to be installed and used by next month. its 9.34 and meta. the parent company of facebook is opening its first retail store in burlingame kron four's justin campbell got a peek. welcome to the first in-person megastore. the company wants you to experience their products firsthand. >> and what the future of the metaverse will look like inside the latest in tech products to like these rape and glasses where you can play music, take pictures and record video. first facebook store opening coming up tonight on kron 4. i meant to say metta, but you get the idea we step right here. we knew like that for you. you don't even have to pull out your phone, which makes it easier for you to show the world what you see i can take because of that beautiful sunset driving home that back to the sea or maybe you're looking for something else. hey, rudi, facebook portal tv,
9:36 am
which turns existing tv into a video conferencing device. so you get older to that maybe isn't considers what he occasions internet connectivity. that's fine. your full team will still work for this into like a smart tv where you can or maybe you're looking to play a game. the store has a room where you can try the latest in virtual reality. i tried the boxing game. the movie, my believe me. it's a just wiped down. medicine is seeing is believing and they hope customers will see what's here. now and what's possible in the metaverse. i think mike tyson floyd mayweather that need something like this in their one ice work reporting in burlingame, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> it's 9.36. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news door to get ready for game 3 against the grizzlies staff is going to tell us what the team is focusing on now.
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>> 9. 39. and in these they if you would like a dog now is a great time to get a good deal because in oakland have too many. oakland animal services says they president number of large dogs that are available
9:40 am
for adoption and they urgently need homes in. this is a really a nationwide problem. oakland, oakland, animal services said they've noticed that the entire country is in the same boat. they're thinking there are a lot of abandoned pets because so many people lost their homes during the pandemic. and now all these dogs need a new home. so what they're doing ip they're extending the adoption hours at the shelter and offering you a deal. >> and so that means that our adoption fees for all animals are so what that means normally a dog would be $150 option b. so it's quite a state. >> and dogs are great. you know, if you want any more information, we've all the information on kron 4 dot com, but they're especially good because they get you out and gets taken. walk in the nice weather. we'll talk more about what the weather's going to be like today in just a few minutes. 9.43. and we're just
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talking about, you know, it's hot yesterday and gorgeous. and you know who loves hot, gorgeous weather. snakes, rattlesnakes. they're out and about. and like most reptiles, they are most active during the day becaupe they like that warm sun on their body. their hunt for food, bask in the sunlight. all that kind of stuff they they this is what the experts say. the
9:44 am
rattlesnakes look to avoid conflict with humans, but it it's important to note that there are around so that you don't provoke them and provoking them means i think like getting anywhere near them. look at that town hall. listen to this very thick. >> and in the mid section and ahead, looks like a like a spade or even a shower. if take a show in turn upside down the country and that is very thin in comparison to the jaw line. >> i remember seeing one in the park in the east bay and i was like, is that a rattler? and then i was quiet for a minute for the first time in my life. i'm quite an honor. >> she >> kariya all. yeah. that's the answer. yes, it's rattler. they're around. >> be careful and carry a big stick. that's what i say. all good tips. it is. nice weather out there. so when you're out walking in everything always least the dogs to that you don't want them running around running into a snake. exactly. hey, you've got to keep that in mind when you're out and about not to encounter any of the nature that south the air.
9:45 am
a nice day on tap for us yesterday. we had those really hot temperatures and today a much cooler day. i mean, we really have fog blanketing most of the bay area today and light showers potentially arriving in the north bay. we've been actively keeping a close eye on things up there. if you're also think about going to the beach today, it's not a good beach day, not just because of the weather, sneaker waves and rip currents out there. you want to be safe and mindful. we talked about keeping everybody close like your kids and those animals never turning your back on these really strong ways that's in place until 08:00pm tonight. highs across the map not as warm as we were yesterday. so at an antioch in concord, your in the mid 70's up in santa rosa. 68 napa novato 70 and in the south bay. 74 down there in san jose. now our 7 day forecast today, single-day miles. so you're probably thinking about planning it where jacket and then mother's day is on sunday. you want to make sure you bring a jacket for mom to especially in the inland areas. 65. and then along the
9:46 am
bayshore 60's throughout the week and the coast 50's and 60's. so a nice week not as warm as maybe mom doesn't want to get tanner snow outside. be me doesn't want to get burned. but i'll tell you, i've no jackets left rain because the kids take all my clothes yeah, they they adopt them, get very dicey them again. so let's take a look at if you're heading to work this morning and you need to go over the bay bridge. this is just been consistent but not terrible. it's the usual way here to get up up and over the bay bridge of the bay bridge. yeah. let's go to san mateo bridge. that's been really easy this hour. cleared out early and you can even see sunshine there, which is nice. >> the richmond center fell bridge is also been nice and quiet. the 9 o'clock hour proving to be the finest hour for your commute. really all over the bay area. and our last stop is the golden gate bridge, which is finally getting some sunshine. there are few stubborn pounds up and ran a clouds of the rain county and rain was talking about that happening throughout the day today in moran. and now let's talk
9:47 am
sports giants take on the dodgers and the warriors get ready for their game. 3 fight against the grizzlies com for sports director jason dumas has that. >> giants looking for the split of the two-game set with the dodgers down in tinseltown. let's go to dodger stadium. really don't ballpark. i was there. well, that last september bad ending for the giants. top of the second, no score. brandon crawford. it gets things going crushes that one to right field. on the first solo shot of the game. bottom of the 4thu now tied at one will smith with runners on the corners, shoots it into center. base, hit. go ahead, run as freddie freeman comes on around to score. and this was the kill shot. speaking of freddie freeman. down the right-field line. 2 more score. and the second run scores again keeps growing 2 run. triple that
9:48 am
capped off a four-run 7th giant fall 9 to one. welcome back to host the cardinals. 4, 4, game series on thursday. the a's hosting to raise looking to avoid the sweep. they've lost 5 straight bottom of the 3rd. no score. kluber e he was locked in gets tony kemp looking threw 6 shutout innings and struck out 7 top of the 6. the raises brandon lowe skies one into left back. still go. chad pender gets to the warning track. makes it a little harder than he had to, i think. but hey, i probably couldn't do that pretty much time. he shows his appreciation actually definitely couldn't do that. let me switch that before i get e-mail from someone at home, it remained scoreless manuel margot biden went into right. 2 runs come in to score. tampa bay takes the lead. oakland couldn't get anything going this year. so ray shut out the a's 3 to zip oakland. they've lost 6
9:49 am
straight games will take on the minnesota twins off friday. it was a tough one. the series shifts to the bay. the warriors are in need of some home cooking after spending the last 4 night in memphis. the dubs a ride back to the bay bloodied and battered because of plays like this. paying the second. he suffered nerve damage along with a fractured elbow on that play will be out a minimum of 3 weeks in the does have not ruled out a return. if they make the nba finals, it's hard pill to swallow because he came off of a cheap shot. but we've got to get past that and what you do, things start to look pretty good. the dub split on the road. it could take care of business at home. they can wrap this thing up sooner or later without even having to win a game in memphis, protecting home court. that has become the key to this series. >> we understand what we need to do and how we need to play things we need to focus may commit to doing that come saturday. home crowd's we've
9:50 am
been a lot of different series of taking a lot of different. to us in and i say start on the road. we wish you could have got to know one. making this a justice rome the right mentality on saturday and just play better. >> all right. the stage is set and let me set the stage for bay area. residents on saturday may 7. so you head on into the city. no cloud in the sky. you want to get to morning drink. maybe a mimosa. get ready because the giants they have a game early afternoon. you watch the giants have so fun. then you head down the chase center. if you go in, you go to thrive. city. that acid a saturday is going to be a lot of fun game for that monday may 9th at 7 and then game 5 back in memphis, 6.30, our time should be a good one.
9:51 am
>> yeah, if you like sports, you know? and and if you don't you like me, you're going to able to have your ticket. you can go wherever you want. the bay area because everybody's going to be on the couch watching the warriors. it's 9.50. will be right back. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. hide my skin? not me. and for kids ages 6 and up that means clearer skin,
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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>> just about done here for the morning on a thursday. but we've got you covered. 24 7 on kron-on. stephanie lin is in the newsroom with a preview. good morning. hey, good morning, daryn. and pay better in blue, right? that's right. we're your strong. yeah. there we go. well, california is in the middle of a historic drought, as you know, but one bay area county is easing some of its water use restrictions. we tell you where and why. and the battle over a woman's right to choose is now in the spotlight. as protests sweep the nation, president biden and some senate democrats are vowing to pass a new bill to protect abortion rights for that story and more local and national headlines. just grab your phone and scan this qr code on your screen. there. it will take you straight to your app stores. you can get you can download kron-on for free. back to you. thanks a lot, stephanie. and. >> hey, kids, don't forget, it's mother's day. this sunday is mother's day. so your time is up. that means you're going to go to the store and get something in grab a bouquet of
9:55 am
flowers. the problem is that's going to cost you a lot. gerard. bali has why. >> if you're thinking about getting your mom, a bouquet of flowers this sunday for mother's day, well, you're not alone. according to the society of american florists, fresh flowers will make up hes year. but you may have to pay a little bit more right now. there's a shortage of fresh flowers process in general have gone at 30% across the nation. the new york times says it all started when the world went into lockdown in 2020 because of the pandemic, new crops were planted as usual. and the national association of wholesale distributor says nearly a quarter of a million floral industry jobs were lost. combine that with supply chain issues and bad weather in growing areas and you get a flower industry that's still not fully recovered, have been in the business for almost 20 years and i've never seen shortages like we have in the past couple of years at things like web phone and vote. it is and bases, things that we've
9:56 am
never experienced before. but flora, start thinking me on mother's day in prom season, they're prepping for a wedding boom. this summer, we're breaking into 2023 right now. >> so this is been a crazy waiting season for s and at the busiest we've ever had. >> and this is one thing that mom doesn't want and this lady got it. texas face to face an 8 foot alligator on her porch and she fairly. she tried to run and see how it fails. the tail. just here in the knee and it ended up like her boyfriend actually save her. he was this is not what you expect on the front porch. not at all now know little lizard, but and the closer, by the way, we get to mother's day, the more we expect re. yeah, a card. well hours you can be start planning now. yeah, it's been a day. sell and are you have been doing this for 30 now? figures you cable. you've got a couple days. you know,
9:57 am
we could get you know what, you get mom a jacket because it's going to be cool. yeah, a mother's day, especially inland 60's. if your lawn the bayshore your in the 60's as well. and then on the coast 50 so maybe a nice, warm jacket. more snotty could yeah, you're right. i mean, if you haven't planned ahead, i guess amazon e-mail. all these things are the way to go i love and your heart will see later. >> star love? it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life.
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil," a boxing champ takes on his greatest opponent... himself. >> he cannot differentiate how to behave in the ring and how to behave out of the ring. he has had at least ten restraining orders. he went to prison for assault. >> announcer: drugs. >> where's my weed, woman? >> he is in denial of all of this. >> i'm here to get better, not to get criticized, to get put down. >> do you not like yourself? >> announcer: breakdowns. >> i didn't want to cry on this show, man. i want to hurt myself. >> why? why do you deserve to be hurt? >> announcer: and breakthroughs. >> i'm not here to judge you at all. i'm here to help you. ♪ ♪ >> let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down.


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