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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 5, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. now at 6, his mask restrictions appear to be falling off covid infections in the bay area are on the rise again, according to the cdc, all 9 bay area counties. >> have a high rate of covid transmission as mother's day weekend approaches. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. thank you for joining us. is 6 despite steady hospitalization rates.
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the number of covid cases is rising in the bay area. and with mother's day as can mention and cinco de mayo celebrations happening over the next few days, is it safe to gather at this time? so joining us now to talk more about all of this ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong. doctor, thank you for being with us where you stand on this. the country is dealing with not wearing masks at a time when the numbers are rising. what is your advice? >> well, time i so think we can do all the things that we want to do, which is reconnect with humanity. reconnect with the moms. we connect the important people in our lives. but we have to do so and as safe as responsible away as possible to what it means is your safest when you're up to date on see if it's when you need knew how to access back. facts looted the oral agents. so the ones most at risk if something were to happen and of course, you can do the same things that we know. well, if
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you are with a large group, all high-risk group, you meet outdoors instead of indoors. some people are bringing back the rapid testing as a way to make that gathering a little bit safer. and if you're in doubt, wear a mask. >> so, doctor, you know, a lot of people for particularly for cinco de mayo are going to go out and celebrate in bars and restaurants indoors outdoors, too, but also indoors. what's your advice for people who plan on doing that? >> well, i think again, if you're going to be if you will, in 65 and said, if you are immune compromised, if you are an expose, an unvaccinated. well, you live with any of those 3 groups. you may want to be a little bit more careful, which is you can still have cinco de mayo and your margarita. and, you know, you to pull to put a toe outdoors. if you're one of those groups. but again, everyone is at risk for getting breakthrough infection. you have to be prepared that if you're positive, even if you have a mild illness that you'll be
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taken out of the workforce. all school for at least 5 days, if not 10 days. >> as you know, though, case numbers are going up not just here, but across the country of the bay area has been really good at it. you know, the whole social distancing mask mandate, you know, following those things. but the numbers are going up. what is your concern? and also the number of people getting that second booster is still pretty low. you know what's happening here? >> i what time i think it's understandable that everyone is a little bit fatigued and want to be done with the pandemic. i don't think the virus is thinking that way, but we're still in a very different place from a year ago with all these options. all these 2 that people haven't this their disposal, but the teams won't do any good. and that's people have the willpower to use them. and i would just encourage folks to, you know, 2 eyes much as they would like to do, just knowing what the risks are. and you know, the more
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protections you layer on the lower the chance. and it's not like a 0. one sum game. there's a great nation of risk. >> and talking about that what is the worst-case scenario? because have can been condition lately to think that, well, even if i get covid i i might be a little sick for a while. and i just bounce back and i'll be back at work in a week or 2, but people are still dying right? >> yes, people still dying. death rate is kind of leveled off now. but we're talking about, you know. 3 to 400 people a day dying in the u.s. which is probably. 2 times or 3 times. i was flu season saw perspective has changed a little bit and we become numb by the zeros after statistics. but again, these are all humans. i still think even if people are not dying, luckily, it has large numbers as early in the pandemic. we are seeing a slight uptick in
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hospitalizations 15 to 20% depending on where you are, but very, very different from where when the pandemic to give you an example to be at for ucsf hospitals, a census of covid is about 25. we're by 15, maybe last week, but only one of them is on a ventilator. was the middle of january, we had 150 people. so i'm crossing my fingers that it won't get much worse than this. but we just seeing the speed to come right up to be a one. so that's why we still have a little bit of a force field. real quick because we're out of time. but at what point would you become alarmed in light of the fact that all these subvariants keep cropping up? >> i think i'm most alarmed when there's a like a few months like maybe the end of fall. i mean, they got a new variant, but time for people's immune system to wane a little bit. so i think we need to just keep us closet stocked with nasa test not to be
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alarmist, not to worry about not engaging in life, but again, to do it responsibly. >> doctor peter chin hong from ucsf. we appreciate your time and your expertise as always. and have a happy cinco de mayo. thank you. you too. thanks, pam and ken. all right. it is national travel and tourism week. but planning your next trip could be difficult to navigate because of covid. the president of the american hotel and lodging association made stops in san jose and san francisco today. 2 injured encourage people to travel to the bay area and for business trips to come back to pre pandemic status. kron four's rob nesbitt now joins us live with what travel trends are showing up for the bay area. rob, can a survey conducted by the american hotel lodging association. 2 thirds said they plan on traveling during the summer season. the numbers are almost back to what they were pre pandemic. but it's been more of a struggle, bringing business travel back. >> while more americans are making the choice to make their travel plans, the bay area doesn't seem to be the destination of choice according to president and
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ceo. >> of the american hotel and lodging association chip rogers and san jose. he says leisure travel will be down this year by 16%. and business travel will be down by more than 50% total economic activity generated that will be lost because those numbers are back to 2019 levels. >> there's about 750 million dollars, the san jose community. and that means a lot of jobs. rogers was joined by the san jose chamber of commerce president eric seaver to encourage people to chew san jose as a travel destination and for businesses to book flights for their employees. instead of sending zoom invites, don't just focus solely on productivity but also put a focus on connectivity and the importance of getting individuals back out. >> a face-to-face meetings getting individuals together. it's a request that mayor london breed made back in march when she announced the bloom sf festival. since then, there have been towards draws such as march madness. basketball games and for 20 in golden gate park. but business travel is having a harder come back. hotels in san francisco
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are on pace to see the sharpest decline in business travel revenue of all major u.s. cities with a drop of nearly 70%. it's why the american hotel and lodging association held a panel discussion in the city to highlight the importance of reigniting travel overseas >> it doesn't stop at travel campaigns. >> rogers says the tours and climate can't improve without support from elected officials. we should to stop testing last for into the rest of >> to give an idea for how much leisure and business travel affects the local economy. rogers says that for every $100 a visitor spends in a hotel. they spent another $220 in the community. they visit. >> live in the newsroom. i'm robtnesbitt kron. 4 news. thank there is now a new free way to get treated for covid what's called test to treat sites are popping up around
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the country. it's part of a federal program launched by the biden administration. organizers say it is a one-stop shop to help communities fight covid. >> here in the bay area today attests to treat site just opened at the college of san mateo. anyone who tests positive for covid at the site will be evaluated and possibly offer the drug paxlovid paxlovid has proven to be effective in preventing severe cases of covid. the medication is suitable for people over age 50 and those who have health issues. >> the likelihood that you're going to be affected is higher. and if you're at risk for severe disease, talk to your doctor and if you don't have a doctor come to a test to treat fight whether it's a retail pharmacy or one of these community locations. >> this location of the college of san mateo office, walk-ins and appointments with details on how to book an appointment online. you can go to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> police are asking for the public's help to try to find
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this teenager from fresno. investigators say they believe she may be either in oakland or in the state of georgia. 14 year-old lacy to ray was reported as a runaway from her home in fresno back on april. 2nd, police say the teen has a history of mental illness and runs away often. but this time they may they believe she may be a victim of human trafficking. lacey is described as 5 feet, 2 inches tall, 120 pounds, shes a piercing on the left side of her nose. anyone who has any information about lacey is asked to call their local police department and oakland police have new information in connection to a sunday morning. homicide opd says the vehicle that you see here may be involved in that case. the stabbing happened about 3 in the morning on lakeshore avenue. police. >> but on the victim and took that person to a hospital where they later died. anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the oakland police department. the lay hope police are getting cameras installed in
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40 patrol cars. it's all an effort to increase transparency in policing. the new cameras will show activity in front of the police car as well as what is happening in the back seat. the cameras will also record traffic stops, vehicle pursuits and transports of people under arrest. they can be re they can read license plates 8 times faster than the old systems. allay police officers have already been equipped with body-worn cameras to record interactions that arrest. police say the in-car cameras help protect the community and give people more confidence in the work that officers are doing. the cameras will be installed and used by june of this year. in the south bay. one person died. 50 people were left without a home because of a fire that tore through a 3 story apartment building in mountain view. this happened yesterday afternoon around 1 o'clock on escuela avenue. the fire broke out on the second floor. one person was taken to a hospital and later died. a dog also died. fire officials
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say 5 others were injured and treated at the scene. we talk some residents in the neighborhood and they all said it was a frightening experience. >> it was very scary i think like we didn't fully understand the extent of everything. and, you know, you just hear fire and it's it's scary thing to figure out. >> fire officials say the estimated damage could be around $700,000. the cause of the fire is under investigation. coming up, a new effort to try to tackle racial disparities in the nation's organ transplant system. >> how hbc use are getting involved. >> lawmakers on capitol hill preparing for the next steps in the battle over abortion rights. >> meteorologist lawrence karnow clouds roll back in the bay area. temperatures cool and now we're talking about the chance of a few rain drops to tell you where coming up next.
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from all 50 of their members. but they want to make sure that every single senator is on the record here. >> look no further than the new fencing surrounding the u.s. supreme court to see the impact of the leaked draft opinion that would throw out the landmark roe v wade ruling. the justices have been villain eyes and subjected to violent threats and furious at the conservatives on the supreme court for being so cruel. republican john cornyn and democrat patty murray will vote ext week with their senate colleagues on legislation that would protect abortion rights. which side are you on? you can't duck it anymore. the push is all but guaranteed to fail. but senate democratic leader chuck schumer called the vote one of the most important in a century. and michigan senator debbie stabenow now stresses women's lives are at risk when there's a 12 year-old to spend wright who decides mitch mcconnell. right wingers in the united states supreme court republicans. but gop lawmakers continue to argue the leak puts not only the high court's independence at
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stake, but also the justices safety threats against the justices aren't going away and are becoming even more intense. lot of courts investigation into the leak continues. cornyn says the chief justice has asked congress to increase protection measures for the justices and their families that can't wait until something bad happens. in corning is introducing a bipartisan bill that would allow the court to receive the same protections and resources as the other 2 branches of government. >> live in washington, i'm jessi tenure. thank you, jesse. new tonight at 6 medical schools at the nation's historically black colleges and universities. the hbc use are now collaborating to increase the number of black registered organ donors. >> the effort comes as a newly released report found significant disparities in the nation's organ transplant system. the initiative plans to create new opportunities for black medical and nursing students to shadow organ procurement organizations and
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transplant centers. the initiative will also have health professional speaking to k through 12 students in black communities about their field and about career pathways. some of the hbc use involved include charles, our drew university of medicine and sciences in los angeles, howard university, college of medicine in washington and morehouse school of medicine in atlanta. >> now to our 4 zone forecast as we step outside and give you a view of a blustery san francisco with the transamerica pyramid and the old bank of america building in the background and now with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell us about those thick clouds of yeah. getting thick out there. remember, we had some 90's early on in the week this next week. there's a chance we get some snow across some of mountain. so what a drastic change we're about to undergo here. we saw again today a bit as the clouds have started to move in. already. no rain out there for us just yet. but we can certainly see a few showers moving in later on tonight and tomorrow, especially north of the golden gate bridge, looking out toward the alcatraz right now.
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you see some of the boats cruising on by out there as well. a nice evening out there on the bay. but yes, it is a bit windy in spots, especially near the coastline in the san francisco. here's your first in a series of storm systems that will impact parts of the west coast. the first one coming in most that energy staying well north of the bay area. see the showers toward eureka. most that some very widely scattered light showers. some of that near the reading area up into the shaft up in the oregon as well for the bay area. yeah, we're pretty dry out there right now. that's kind of what's going to stay for the next few hours. but the winds have been picking up. we've seen some winds up gusting over 20 miles an hour. 26 miles an hour in the san francisco. still a little blustery in spots this afternoon that on shore breeze bringing with it not only is some high clouds, but we're also seeing some fog developing out there toward the coastline. temperatures a little cool to 57 degrees in san francisco. 61 in oakland right now. 66 in san jose. 64 degrees in lemore. 66 in concord and 63 degrees in santa rosa. but here comes the first system overnight tonight. that will be a chance. a couple sprinkles than this one comes in by
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tomorrow evening. i think that maybe a little more robust and that could bring a chance of a few scattered showers, least some drizzle along the coastline pushing further south across parts of the bay. as we head toward tomorrow night. so we'll see how that all works out to see it all here on the computer models overnight tonight. just a chance of couple sprinkles and early tomorrow morning. i don't think anything that's really going to affect your commute. but by tomorrow night looks a little more promising a better chance of a few widely scattered showers popping up around the bay area and things could be similar on mothers day. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, well, the water shortage emergency is coming to an end in the marine municipal water district kind of surprising. earlier this week, the board voted to rescind to several rules that ban in effect for the past year. >> their vote ends restrictions on customers washing their cars at home. irrigating golf courses and filling swimming pools, even the water supplies have been replenished are in the board is making some water conservation rules permanent sprinklers can now be used up to 2 days a week only drip
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irrigation can happen 3 days a week and swimming pools must have covers over them to reduce evaporation. house speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco today. she joined mayor london breed and the community leaders to celebrate the grand opening of the affordable housing project. grande. >> it is a 143 unit apartment building on 16th street in the mission district. speaker pelosi credited president biden for the funding for it. >> last year the house democrats passed to start the 24 billion dollars for housing which would be the largest death case and 228,004 28,000 affordable housing. you think california. >> and i cannot wait until we continue to cut the ribbons purchase these properties and get these homes built. so the san francisco truly remains a place for all. >> mayor breed also said this building allows families to
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stay rooted in their community while providing critical on-site services. >> some terrifying moments for a child and grandmother in southern california ceiling falls on top of them in their apartment. the accusations ability owners are facing tonight. >> plus, he stepped in to help a chp officer who had been shot on a freeway. hear from the man who held down the suspect and coming up on monday, san francisco district attorney chesa boudin will sit down with kron 4. >> answer questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. that interview is live in prime time monday night at prime time monday night at 9.30. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns.
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(customer) that's something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers. ♪we are farmers.bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪ >> the good samaritan in san diego's being praise for his swift action after a chp officer was shot and there is also newly released video of what happened as he fought off the alleged attacker reporter jamie chambers has more. >> last wednesday, flashing lights in an abandon chp vehicle. and then just to see the office on the floor. i that something bad was happening as lily a slowdown. flora burger was already out of the car, diving into the struggle for a gun that it already shot. chp officer tony pacheco in the leg is kind of what it was like kind of like right here in the middle that although the on the legs. >> and the suspicious has full hands of the saint. on the same hand right here now, flora and another driver were
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forced to fight. 25 year-old you. how do all pushing for that, carol? and i close trento a whole him. another guy went to that. but police officer because he made and just to see the officer in pain. >> see him like his he was already fail for overdose. as do a student from ucsd was struggling attempting to break free driving came to help me. and then writing from that. he's facing the he says, i don't care, just do it for a works for the local 6, 1, 9 carpenters union and his colleagues have been praising his quick capable actions in the face of real danger that he didn't think twice to help. >> and that's how he is. i'm so proud of him because he he's that type of person. we're happy. >> because we could make the difference. >> that was jamie chambers reporting for us tonight. a 77 year-old woman and a 7 month old child are doing ok this
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evening. that's after the roof of their hollywood apartment collapse. it happened yesterday. the families of the people in just say a water leak went unrepaired for months and caused part of the ceiling to fall. attorneys for the building management say that they have evaluated the leak and deny any responsibility. they say it was caused by the tenants gross negligence. but the family of the other building residents say there have been problems at that building for months, including plumbing issues and cockroaches. they add their complaints have gone unanswered by the property managers. >> constantly calling for plumbing issues. they have sent a plumber out or anybody to inspect what happened. well, sure properties did provide the family with a hotel for the night. the family members say they do not plan to return unless more repairs are made. >> coming up next, the battle for a key port city in ukraine is heating up. the head of russia's victory day effort to expose vladimir putin's war atrocities and the new white
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>> violence at a middle school in san francisco sent a boy to the hospital left parents and faculty scrambling for answers to try to keep students safe from force. has the money on has more?


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