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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 5, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> violence at a middle school in san francisco sent a boy to the hospital left parents and faculty scrambling for answers to try to keep students safe from force. has the money on has more?
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>> a 13 year-old boy was hospitalized with serious injuries after being involved in a physical altercation with another student at everett. middle school in san francisco happened monday at around it's scary. you know something like that happen. we are really very concerned about the safety of our students so that every middle school parents say that some students have been more aggressive after returning to campus in the wake of the pandemic. and i've seen different type of behaviors ever says covid started. >> add to that, the co chair of the everett middle school ptsa says a lack of full-time teachers also plays a role in student behavior. so i just you know, i'm just taking my kid out of those classes and a time because i don't want him to be. >> in environment that is risky with not. >> that can help. >> well, thursday, the principal sent a letter to the everett school community
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addressing these issues. it reads in part, quote, as we know, there has been an alarming and urgent rise in mental health concerns and behavioral incidents since the start of the pandemic. not just everett but across our district and our country. in addition, we are facing challenges such as staffing shortages due to a high number of unpredictable staff absences for a variety of reasons, including becoming sick with covid-19. this exacerbates the challenges that urban public schools have faced for a long time challenges that are rooted in societal issues that we must address together in community. this is not a story that many in the media will report, but this more nuanced complicated story provides the context for the situation in which we find ourselves and by collaborating with one another. we can change this reality that, quote. >> the issue is that many schools need resources and many schools feel unsafe. >> former has a few as the teacher and former san francisco board of education
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commissioner allison collins says the district acting little resolution pass her tenure on the school board would help a comprehensive assessments. >> of support services in schools. what are the needs that students have as far as social workers, school nurses, security staff, which keep kids safe, they're professionals, all of those resources, those school board unanimously voted on >> has he let you run for news? santa rosa? police are looking for a gunman who shot a man in a taco bell drive-thru. the shooting happened shortly after midnight. the restaurant mendocino avenue near santa rosa junior college is where it happened. police say the suspect that adams was in front of the victim in the drive through line when he started arguing and threatened the victim with a gun. officers say adam started shooting at the victim and then drove away. police found his took some time later in a parking lot, but he was not there. the victim suffered serious injury but is expected
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to be okay. >> now our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside at gray sky overloooing the bay bridge in the city clouds to all right, lauren, so you're going look ahead to the long range. are we going to see some real rain it? well, if we're going to see maybe a few showers around the bay area, these are not going to be huge storms but >> unusually cold for this time cold enough that we may be talking about some snow on our local mountains. now, that would be something especially for this time of year. here comes the first one. you can one sitting on the middle of civic 2. they're both going fact the bay area in the next 24 hours or so. the first one coming on shore and bringing with it a chance. some light scattered showers, maybe more like drizzle and parts of the north bay even saying all the way down and parts the san mateo county coastline by tomorrow morning that another one comes in behind that with them and be a little more vigorous than even that. not a strong system. that will be the best chance to actualsy get some real rain drops. i think as the system comes through, mainly focusing north of the golden gate bridge, but a chance of a sprinkles, even south of that as we head toward tomorrow night and then
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unfortunately, this storm system comes barreling in would you know what's really call inside slider? there's going to be a cold system. there's not a lot of moisture with it, but that comes in a mother's day to bring a chance of some showers and some cool weather throughout the day on mother's day as well. that kind of linger around sticking around into monday as well. unsettled through about tuesday. then after that, another week system comes through maybe on thursday, but no major ridge right now looks like it is building in. and that's a promising sign. the sea. if you've got plans for your mother's day, well, you might want to be prepared for some cool weather and a slight chance of some showers will bring that umbrella. if you're taking mom out for maybe a nice midday lunch or brunch, if you're doing that, temperatures will be cool as well. 50's along the coastline, only 60's in the valleys with a slight chance of some showers. >> thank you, lawrence. president biden announcing that kerr angel pierre will succeed jen psaki as the white house press secretary. when psaki leaves her post on may. the 13th she'll pierre is currently the principal deputy
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press secretary at the white house. she will become the first black woman and the first lgbtq person to serve in that position. sackey who has held the role since the start of the biden administration is leaving for a job at m s nbc. heavy fighting continues at a steel plant in mariupol, ukraine. today. the russian military is trying to defeat the remaining ukrainian forces that are still at that massive facility. >> ukrainians are holed up in tunnels and bunkers deep underground. hundreds of civilians are also trapped at that plant. ukrainian say they did push back an assault on a giant mill which was also being bombed from above. but russia denied there was any ground assault. russia said it would open another evacuation corridor from that facility during certain hours today through saturday. meantime, ukraine's military claims today that it recaptured some areas in the south and repelled other attacks in the east. >> ahead in sports, the
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memphis grizzlies, dillon brooks suspended from game 3 of the playoff series against the warriors after he injured gary payton. the sports director jason dumas has seekers reaction on the suspension coming up and questions are mounting tonight how a passenger opened an emergency exit on a moving plane at the airport in chicago.
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. after a red eye flight landed in chicago when a passenger left the plane. >> through an emergency exit. that's what happened when united flight. 24 78 landed from san diego just after 4 o'clock this morning. alyssa donovan explains more on how the airline responded and has reaction from the passengers. >> i think everybody was just kind of like is that real? and i turned to the person next to me. i said, did he just fell out that window? >> mary ellen eggleston took this video on united flight. 24 78 this morning capturing the moment a passenger climbed over several people open an emergency exit door and jumped out of the moving aircraft. it was pretty surreal. i don't think anybody knew what to think of it because >> i mean, you're most everyone sleeps on those flights and just had brought the lights up. eva flight school chief instructor per shop feeling govan. >> says the man was able to open the door because of the specific timing. the flight taxiing and heading for the
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gate to in terms of the safety protocols, the door itself tenants and incredibly little design go talked out to sea. >> but nobody can force open dole, at least during the flight. air pressure keeps the doors closed. there also so that even cabin crew cannot open them. but once the plane has landed, there's a small window. where'd or switch over to manual operation right before a plane docks. so that flight crews can let passengers out the lingo, vince, as it was during this window of time, he believed the passenger was able to exit the aircraft during this. this to this time in when this happened and this to decide. >> they're going to open the bill. >> elon govan, who is also a faa safety representative says luckily, this was not especially dangerous for the other passengers who are still wearing their seat belts. >> but for the new age of themselves and trying to them to do something can be extremely lighting up wing and pointing off and those that
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don't. >> the man was uninjured but was quickly taken into custody. united airlines released a statement about the incident saying. >> this morning, united flight 24 78 was taxiing toward the gate to chicago o'hare. one passenger opened an aircraft door and exited the plane. our ground crews stopped the individual outside of the aircraft and the person is now with law enforcement. the plane that arrived at the gate and all passengers deplaned safely. the safety of our customers and crew is our highest priority. >> pretty remarkable. that was alyssa donovan reporting for us tonight. >> and coming up next, severe weather across the middle of the country, including reports of 8 tornadoes touching down in texas and oklahoma. we'll take a look at >> yeah, that is very scary. and it's staying active right now. we'll take you for a close look at some of those storms moving across texas, the deep south as we head into the next day, looks like another storm. one to more
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touched down across both states in seminole, oklahoma, roofs ripped apart and shingles slung through the sky after a twister made its way through the small community. and our outside oklahoma city, a school they're taking the brunt of the damage with the staff taking shelter inside and downtown debris from local businesses scattered across the street and tree limbs knocked over blocking traffic. just thank the lord. no one was hurt and oklahomans like always are coming together to pick up the damage and now we can rebuild the structure. >> and around 200 miles southwest of tornado picking up dirt across farmland in crowd, texas and eventually making its way to the roadways. putting drivers in unsafe conditions >> those pictures are amazing. that was markie. martin reporting for us to tonight. yeah, lawrence is here to talk more about the weather in the middle just the raw power
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watching those. i mean, it's just past noon, but so devastating for other parts of the country. and it looks like another active night out there. and actually, we haven't even reached the peak of tornado season just yet that income for another couple of here we are another storm system. you kind of get the idea that are low pressure developing right the wichita area and down to the south. you've got the front. so you got the cold air coming on the backside. all that moisture coming up the south and in se storms mean. and that's where you see that fierce weather. and that's what we're seeing now. just numerous reports. you see all areas with the dots. these are areas of some big time hail being reported in along this frontal boundary. and we had a couple more tornadoes touch down the past couple of hours just in parts of texas. now back to one causing some of the injuries there. that one coming down in rusk county mount enterprise that doing some damage there, bringing down some pine trees, doing some damage to an rv park. and so some scary weather continuing there tonight. that will likely be the case again by tomorrow afternoon. just pushing a little further to the east outside. right now,
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we are looking at some storm clouds moving into the pacific northwest and even northern california begin to see a couple raindrops moving in. we could see couple of scattered light showers from that system overnight. parts of the north that you can see the clouds all day long. more of that to come. in fact, temperatures tomorrow will see those clouds kind of on and off throughout the day, planning to be another breezy day 50's and 60's with some drizzle along the coastline about 60 degrees in burlingame. 69 degrees. warmer in redwood city. the south bay enjoying some 70's by tomorrow afternoon. so we'll see some night temperatures there. also part of the east bay to for the go north or low clouds run into. and i think even a better chance of more sprinkles. maybe some real rain drops by tomorrow evening. that's what's going to play on the forecast tomorrow night and then another chance of showers on mother's day. scattered showers could continue into monday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, you've seen the play dozens of times by now, but we're going to show it to you one more time, wolf. nasty, every time you see it because news broke today that dillon
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brooks has been suspended for game 3 for his flagrant 2 foul on gary payton, the second steve kerr isn't worried about his team looking for any sort of reef pile retaliation. let's learn how to talk today all saturday night. play hard. >> now for every loose ball battle for every compete, every possession. you know, don't risk a guy's career if he's a ahead of the planned transition, that snow, that's our mantra. he's crushed. you know, he's 6, 6, years toiling away in the league. as i said the other night. in the spotlight, you know, playing in the playoffs playing a huge role playing well. that's all been taken away from. so we all feel terrible for for gary. he he deserves better. he sure does. well. >> we know is coming today. it became official. draymond green was fined. $25,000 for flipping the bird to the memphis crowd on tuesday
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night, he flipped off the crowd as he was going back to the locker room to get stitched up after he caught an elbow from xavier tillman. draymond went on to say that he makes 25 million dollars a year. so he thinks he will be ok, i do, too. meanwhile, we've gotten andre iguodala update today. he is out with that neck injury. still, he had made some progress, but he still isn't ready for game action. he'll be reevaluated again in one week. as for the guys who will play it. staffing company. they were back at practice today. the warriors got him a good one today. look to protect their home court on saturday night. we're going to have ourselves a day on saturday. we have the giants at 4.15, at oracle park. >> honoring buster posey is officially buster posey day. then just hour and some change later, the warriors will tip off just down the street >> good to great. chase is going to be probably the loudest it's ever been would be my guess. and you know,
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this is really become a great home floor for we love playing here. and we're excited for the challenge and for the opportunity on saturday. >> yeah, i'm excited for for as we've said all week. if you're driving carve out a lot of time because the market there is going to be a parking shore you know, i don't work for bottom out, bart spokesperson, but public transportation probably is the way to because it's just going to be crazy. i know i'm going to get down there early and just enjoy the day. this is this is where you come. work in the bay in combat sports days like this. yeah, it's fun to get there early. just kind of soak it all. and you everybody's talking about everybody's pumped up and having a good time. yeah, it's just it's cool. how to stadiums are so close and will be going on at the same time. so you'll get the trickle effect from >> both stadium is fun to hang
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on. and that exactly all right, jason, thanks. >> from the nfl to nasa after an injury ended his football career. leland melvin became an astronaut. his advice to students on how to pursue more than one thing. you love.
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>> an nfl player turned nasa astronaut is sharing advice to
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students about following their dream. he share that with just about everybody went to the dallas cowboys but tore a hamstring for the second time. and that ended his pro football career. so he went to nasa becoming the first nfl player to fly to space reporter monica castro has the story. >> well, the thought of being in space is so fascinating. and astronaut leland melvin share his experiences up in the space station with high school students today. of course, they did as some of the wacky questions that we all want to know about space like how does an astronaut sleep or eat? >> up in space, it's a view unlike any other melvin says the blue hues of the ocean are incredible. >> plus and then you go around the planet every 90 minutes you see a sunrise and a sunset, every 45 minutes. melvin said becoming an astronaut wasn't always the plan. he had a brief stint in the nfl before pivoting into a new arena. life is about reinvention. you know, i pull that hamstring at the detroit
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lions training camp pulled a hamstring of the dallas cowboys training camp. >> went back to graduate school. i finished my masters and went to work for nasa. so, you know, if you can, you can pivot during his 24 years with nasa. >> melvin flew to missions on the space shuttle atlantis. while he isn't sure if he'll ever go back to space. he's excited about the growing interest in space travel and exploration. when you bring, you know, not just the government to the table. >> but she rang spacex with elon musk and virgin galactic with richard branson and, you blue origin with jeff bezos mean they're obviously billionaires up. but there people that are working. they're bringing new ideas and innovation to the mix. and so you get a better, i think a better solution. >> i love that story, ok? the ghost, a lawyer's unveiled, a glimmer in bronze statue of former san francisco mayor ed lee today at chase center. the statue was outside the arena at the gatehouse and thrive city today also marks the former mayor's a 70th
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birthday. these wife, the current mayor, mayor breed house speaker pelosi and former warriors president rick welts all attended the ceremony. >> lee was so important to the role in san francisco's efforts to bring the lawyers to the city without his contributions. san francisco wouldn't really have seen the chase center in its completion. chase opened less than 2 years after his unexpected death from a heart attack just still see his infectious smile. always be is a great that's it for us at 6. have a good night. we'll see. tonight, 8, 9.10.
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