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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 5, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> people not dying. luckily in ice that large numbers early in the pandemic we are seeing a slight uptick in hospitalizations 15 to 20% depending on where you are, but very, very different from where when the pandemic. >> very different. but covid cases are starting to climb again in the bay area and around california as the country has now lost more than 1 million lives since the start of the pandemic because of covid. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 8. i'm grant lotus.
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i'm justine waldman. data from the world health organization shows a much higher death total. then what has been reported so far, the who released it updated estimate of dust today saying around 15 million people have died from covid-19 since the virus was first detected. this is more than double the official count of 6 million reported by johns hopkins university. that means one in 15 covid deaths have happened in the united states, though the who estimate is high deaths and cases are down significantly since the start of the pandemic. but a new surge is underway. and according to the cdc, all 9 bay area counties currently have a high rate of transmission. the u.s. is averaging about 53,000 new cases daily. that number is more than doubled in the past month in california, we're averaging more than 4800 new cases a day. the best news,
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though, hospitalizations and deaths remain near record lows on average 13 people a day are dying from covid in california. if you think you have covid, you can now get tested and treated at the same time free test to treat. they're calling them sites are popping up around the country. this is part of a new federal program launched by the biden administration. organizers say it's a one-stop shop to help communities fight covid and here in the bay area, a test to treat site just opened it. the college of san mateo today, anybody who tests positive for the coronavirus. ken at the same site be evaluated and then possibly offered the drug paxlovid. it has been proven to be effective in preventing severe cases of covid. the medication is suitable for people over 50 and folks who have health issues. san mateo county officials say as we're seeing more covid cases, people should know their options. >> the likelihood that you're going to be affected is
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higher. >> and if you're at risk for severe disease, talk to your doctor. and if you don't have a doctor come to a test to treat site whether it's a retail pharmacy or one of these community locations. >> that location that the college of san mateo offers walk-in and appointments for info on how to book an appointment online. you can head to our website kron 4 dot com and doctors at ucsf believe that paxlovid which is used for high-risk covid patients. >> may also help with people who have long covid. they say the drug is usually given on the onset of symptoms, but some patients saw improvement in long covid symptoms. weeks after getting the virus. interesting crowd for some and harry spoke with infectious disease specialists about further studies and how this treatment could be applied to other viruses. >> if we could easily get a read occasion, it's affordable around the world to everybody who could immediately take it. this virus would not be so threatening to any of u.s.. 7
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texas disease specialists believe antiviral is like paxlovid could change the game. >> professor of infectious diseases at uc berkeley, doctor john swartzberg says more people need to know about paxlovid for its benefits for additional covid symptoms and possibly long covid. if they take. >> paxlovid within the first 5 days of their illness. it reduces the risk of hospitalization or death close to 90%. it's fabulous. and, you know, there are lot of people who are availing themselves of this. doctor. mike gundy is an infectious disease specialist at ucsf where doctors gave patients with long covid symptoms. paxlovid long after infection. and they saw improvements from their lingering symptoms. >> gundy says giving them paxlovid makes sense because if you had a severe reaction to the virus initially, you may still have information or the virus may be lingering in your system. the ideas that you give an oral can you make
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any virus that still in your system? >> go away because you're killing the virus with a whole lot she says realizing this antiviral can be used for long-term symptoms. >> may change the way doctors approach treating long-term symptoms of other viruses is probably good something lens as well. so would be huge if we do have easy to use. >> medication targeted towards the virus that makes on covid go away. but right now, this is just preliminary data and a very small group. doctors say it still needs to be tested further what we need. he is a double blinded placebo controlled trial. translation. >> what that means is we need to take people with long covid and some of them will get a placebo. sugar pill and some of them will get paxlovid and we'll see. >> how they do. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> a big change today for covid vaccines. regulators are limiting who can receive the johnson and johnson covid-19
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vaccine due to the risk of a rare but dangerous blood clot. the fda says the shot should only be given to adults who cannot receive a different vaccine or for people who specifically request it. it was in december that the cdc recommended prioritizing moderna and pfizer shots because of the j and j safety issues. the cdc has now come under some sharp criticism for its handling of the pandemic. critics point to the initial delays in developing a test for covid-19 and say that the agency's guidance on things like masking booster doses and quarantining have been confusing for the public. well, now the director of the cdc hopes to change that for future health emergencies. doctor rochelle walensky is calling for a revamp of the organization and is hiring an external consultant to find areas to improve on. >> right now, there's a lot of learning and listening. so recognize all of those. those criticisms and now we need to learn and we need to step back
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and understand cdc, a 75 year. history has never had a pandemic of this size. we have a lot of things that you did well and that we should learn from and institutionalize and we have a lot of challenges that we faced. we need to learn from those challenges do better. >> this january, the pew research center poll said that out of 2 of 3 people, they thought that the cdc's recommendations were confusing. >> now to the latest on the abortion debate. senate democrats are gearing up for a vote next week to codify roe v wade. but the vote is expected to be largely symbolic and fail. democratic leaders are going into this vote knowing they don't have even enough support from all 50 of their members. democrat joe manchin has previously voted with republicans on this issue. but democratic leaders say they want to get every senator on the record. now and they say it's especially important because we now know the supreme court's intentions, even though it is all but guaranteed to fail. senate majority leader chuck schumer calls the vote one of the most
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important in a century. >> now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside. that is san francisco downtown san francisco under a nice little blanket of fog tonight. yeah. cool night in the city in the fog's been a player here for the past couple days. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with a school to say yeah, really need. i mean, sometimes that fog comes in and he's really almost art. see how it sets itself up out there again tonight. we're seeing some of that fog sweeping in overhead. more that on the way. look at this. nice shot in between the clouds. >> can see out inside the bay and occasionally you see all of a sudden alcatraz will start chauvin. there you go right on target. you can see showing up in the bay only to be obscured with clouds. again, beautiful sight out. there's that fog begins to move on shore, looking more like some summertime, but we're not done with some winter weather just yet. temperature for a high today of 59 in san francisco. cooling things down. 64 in oakland today. 74 degrees warm and san jose. 73 in livermore. 72 for a high in concord and 70 degrees in santa rosa. how
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about this? we've got a couple cold fronts out there. you've got one that is moving on shore right now, bringing some rain up in the pacific northwest. even far northern california. you get up towards eureka in crescent city. they're seeing some scattered showers, not a huge storm by any means, but we're going to catch the trailing edge of this overnight tonight. that's going start to sag southward. and as it does go to bring with at least a slight chance of showers as we head into early tomorrow morning. maybe more like drizzle along the coastline, winds yet that on shore breeze has been blowing, too. and that breeze going to care that cool air on shore. we'll talk more about that and your weekend forecast with the mother's day. coming up. talk more about that in a few minutes. thanks, lawrence. >> conquer teachers now facing multiple felony and misdemeanor counts related to inappropriate acts with minors. the man has been identified as 60 year-old deann walker last taught at pine hollow middle school. the mount diablo unified school district says it first learned of the complaints against walker from students in march. walker was then placed on leave during the investigation. concord police
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now say that walker is behind bars at the contra costa county jail. the school district says he is not allowed to return to the school and they're working now on ending his contract with the district. police are asking for the public's help to find this teenager from fresno. investigators believe she may be either in oakland or in the state of georgia. 14 year-old lacy driveway was reported as a runaway from her home in fresno early april. police say the teen has a history of mental illness and runs away often. but this time they believe she may have become a victim of human trafficking. lacey is described as 5 feet to 120 pounds with a piercing on the left side of her nose. anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call police oakland police ev new information in connection to a sunday morning homicide opd says. >> that vehicle seen here could be involved in the case. the stabbing happened about 3 in the morning on lakeshore avenue near the amphitheater
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there by the lake police. they found the victim took the person to the hospital where they later died. anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the oakland police department. >> coming up here tonight during kron 4 news in prime time. a body found buried in oakland. the details we're learning tonight about this situation. plus, the changes coming to a bay area water district. why some restrictions are being lifted. >> and the rules that are sticking around. but first, concerns over this upcoming fire season. what fire officials are expecting. >> after another year of drought.
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>> president biden is approving a disaster declaration for the wildfire outbreak in new mexico. the fires have burned hundreds of square miles in northern new mexico. more than 15,000 homes have been evacuated. about 170 homes have been destroyed. strong winds fueling the fires have finally weekend enabling firefighters to slow the progression. and there trying to really protect these towns in new mexico. well, california officials are now issuing a warning about this year's wildfire season with the state facing its 3rd year of drought. fire officials say we could be dealing. >> with one of the worst fire seasons yet. don't like to hear that kron four's terisa stasio reports on what officials are seeing. it, how they are preparing and trying to save lives and homes. november 2018 paradise,
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california. the camp fire killed. 85 people level close to 19,000 homes and structures. >> and charred nearly 154,000 acres. cal fire officials say that it is still the most destructive fire in california history. now approaching the peak of fire season. fire officials say that they have some very deep concerns about what is around the corner. aware of what's going on. we're a month into a pretty profound drought. >> so we are the normal precipitation that we may get. and that showing that we have the possibility of having above normal fire season when it goes activity just due to those weather and fuel conditions. robert foxworthy of cal fire says since the camp fire, the destruction has accelerated. >> for example, last year's dixie fire stretched into 5 counties and burned 1400
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structures. usually it's very difficult to when we'll get those fire starts. but i can tell you with the conditions we have now. >> they are setting up possibly start sooner versus later. foxworthy says that crews are assembling now getting ready to fight hiring is on the rise and more equipment such as >> special air units are in position. we do get the dispatches to any of these fires. we throw everything out and try to get it stopped as and as small as possible. this week marks wildfire preparedness week, he says officials are touring the state to drive home the message to prepare now. >> just in case this is why we get out there now and try to impart on the public that now is the time to take those steps. >> to make your home and your family a safer and more survivable in a wildfire. >> theresa kron, 4 news. >> the water shortage emergency is coming to an end in the marin municipal water
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district earlier this week, the board voted to roll back several rules that have been in effect for the past year. their vote ends restrictions on customers being able to wash their cars at home, irrigating golf courses and filling swimming pools. but the board is making some water conservation rules per minute. sprinklers can now be used up to 2 days a week. drip irrigation can happened 3 days a week and swimming pools must have covers on them in order to reduce evaporation. the bay area still in a severe drought. the latest drought monitor out today shows not a lot of change over. >> last week, but if you compare it to the map on the left, which was one year ago this week when the entire they area was experiencing extreme drought conditions. we are in a slightly better position right now. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the latest on the drought in california with new
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information here. doesn't look that good, though. these last 3 years have been difficult. but this is a mega drought. this been going on for about 20 years now. but >> the last 3 years, boy, it has been tough this year. we did have some improvement. looks like we're seeing in the sea of up below normal rainfall. but just by a maybe a smidgen compared to previous remember last year we had nearly 8 inches of rain for the entire season. so >> here we are sitting the last october. you can see exceptional drought conditions across most of the bay area. then we got the rain going and it turned out to be a fairly a decent year and haven't been perfect. and so we are improving. the conditions outside were still in severe drought. conditions across the entire bay area. the one exception to get the parts of the space county contra costa county. and you can see the areas in red here. that's the extreme conditions for drought. and of course, this time of year, just hard to generate some rain to really make things up. but there's a chance we could see a few showers and probably not just more than a few hundreds, some raindrops in the forecast and maybe more importantly, not a big heat wave settling. in fact, these temperatures
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probably going to run a good 10 to 15 degrees below the average and maybe even talk about some snow. our mountain tops as we get into next week as we head toward tomorrow morning. there's a slight chance of some sprinkles early on in the morning hours, especially north of the golden gate bridge. then another round by tomorrow evening as another weak cold front drops in the bay. i think some drizzle along the san mateo county coastline and maybe more importantly, there's your mother's day. we've got a cold systems coming in and that's the one that could actually bring some snow down to about 3,000 feet. so you get to places like mount diablo, maybe mount. i'm maybe use those areas. we start to talk about the possibility of a couple of snowflakes. pretty impressive for this time of year. that hangs around. bring some cool weather as we head toward the first part of the week. but even long range now, it looks like we're going to unstable a pattern now. and that means no big dome of high pressure settling in. that means probably for the next 7 to 10 days. these temperatures running cooler than the average. >> lawrence, thank you. there are a lot of college students who may not be going back to campus next semester and it's not because they're graduating early. we'll explain why that
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might be staying home just ahead. >> and coming up on monday, san francisco district attorney chesa will sit down with kron 4 to answer questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. the interview with our catherine heenan is live in prime time monday at my sister's managing a lot, including her type 2 diabetes. but she's found new ways to stay on top of it all. once-weekly trulicity is proven to help lower a1c and it can help you lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity.
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booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. and we think cruising shouldn't be confusing. so, on our award winning vacations drinks, wi-fi and tips are always included. every sailing. every room. every guest. effortless from the start. celebrity cruises. >> new at 8 new data shows hundreds of thousands of college students who receive federal financial aid nationwide may not return next
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semester as those applications are lagging behind typical levels. this is a sign that today's college aged students are choosing the job market over the classroom. reporter paul gerke breaks down this data for us. >> to enroll or not to enroll. that is the question. a growing number of students are forgoing federal student aid year-over-year fafsa filings are down 9% overall renewals, 12% build a bomb researches and writes about college access for the national college attainment network. he sees the decline as a sign of things to come. if we see declines in fafsa applications or renewals. >> that that, you know, is kind of the canary in the coal mine for. it's always about how many says expect to be on campus in the fall. the pandemic is partially to blame. but fafsa filings were declining before covid down 11% in the last full prepandemic year. that doesn't
8:24 pm
necessarily mean fewer students will attend college. but according to the national student clearinghouse research center enrollments did drop by about 3% this past year, accounting for 465,000. fewer students to bomb suspects. the current job market is enticing young people away from academic pathways. the exact opposite of what happened during our last recession. >> but wages are high, but they are now and with jobs are abundant. then the cost of forgoing the options be in the workforce is high for students right and that is especially true for students from low-income backgrounds. affordability is another critical factor. according to an cans research, only half of two-year community colleges are affordable for the average pell grant recipient. >> just a quarter, a four-year institutions, the cost of an education is going up. it's relative value is going down and something has to change
8:25 pm
the post-secondary educational experience can't exist in a vacuum anymore. >> we really need to connecting students to next best step after college. >> up next, another deadly accident in san jose say the 7 contractors killed at a home as he's just starting his workday. plus, a fight at a local middle school sent a boy to the hospital. what happened there and how parents and administrators are reacting this evening. try to bring tourists back to the bay area. a new effort to get more people to travel for pleasure. and for work
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>> now at a 31 man is dead after a tragic construction accident in san jose as a home crowd force justin campbell shares more from what went wrong. there. >> the homeowners told me, unfortunately, their general contractor was tragically killed while working on the job this morning. it happened a little before 8 this morning. san jose police say they responded to. >> this home on newport avenue in malone road near willow. glen high school, they say a work truck was backing up into the driveway to unload supplies for this patio construction. the driver first hit a red bmw. you can see from these tire marks hop the curb win over the grass and hit the contractor. pinning
8:29 pm
him between the rear of his truck in a car that was parked in the driveway. police say the man died at a local hospital. the driver remained on the scene and authorities say he did not appear impaired. san jose police working to improve roadway safety. this marks the 8. >> teeth. pedestrian fatality of the year. reporting here in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> now to the east bay where a police investigation continues after a body was found buried in oakland wednesday. the crime scene at maritime street near 7th sets right by the port. the person who sent us these photos says the body was wrapped in plastic and uncovered. well, a whole was being dug. police have not confirmed those details, but they are asking anyone with information to call the police department's tip line. a 13 year-old boy is now in the hospital with serious injuries after he was stabbed at school. the stabbing happened monday at everett middle school in san francisco during
8:30 pm
an alleged altercation with another student. some parents say some of the students have become more aggressive after returning to campus in the wake of the pandemic. the school's ptsa co chair as a lack of full-time teachers is also affecting student behavior. >> so i just you know, i'm just taking my kid out of those classes and a time because i don't want him to be in environment that is risky with not that can help. >> everett, middle school's principal sent a letter to parents saying that the staffing shortages have, quote, exacerbated the challenges that urban public schools have faced for a long time. challenges that are rooted in societal issues that we must address together in community. that's the end of the quote in mountain view. one person is dead and 50 others are displaced tonight after a fire tore through. >> a 3 story apartment building. it happened yesterday afternoon around 1 o'clock on a swell avenue in
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mountain view. the fire started on the second floor. one person was taken to the hospital and later died. a dog also died. fire officials say 5 people were injured and treated at the scene. we talked to some folks in the neighborhood who said it was a horrific afternoon. >> it was very scary >> i think like we didn't fully understand the extent of everything. and, you know, you just hear fire and it's it's scary thing to figure out. >> fire officials say the estimated damage could be around $700,000. the cause of the fire is being investigated and affordable housing project just opened up in san francisco today. there's 143 unit apartment building on 16th street in the mission district. >> house speaker nancy pelosi joined mayor london breed and other community leaders to celebrate this milestone. >> last year the house democrats passed to start the 24 billion dollars for housing which would be the largest
8:32 pm
case and 228,004 28,000 affordable housing. you think california. >> and i cannot wait until we continue to cut the ribbons purchase these properties and get these homes built. so the san francisco truly remains a place for all. mayor breed also said that this building allows families to stay rooted in their community while also providing critical. >> on-site services. 4 zone forecast time as we take a live look here at the golden gate bridge. beautiful sky on this thursday evening. the days are getting longer and there's an important day coming up on sunday. yes, that that's a holiday. and this is your friendly reminder that mother's day is coming up on sunday. however, you choose to celebrate when you're a mom or dad, mom in your step, mom or >> want to be mom caught me off on. well, you you better be ready. i know. but, you know, it's like week early
8:33 pm
this year. usually it's not all around the 30's, the 40's, but yeah, get ready. it is this weekend. so be prepared. if plan take mom out and enjoy it looks like we're going to see some cool weather. be prepared to have mom grab a jacket and there's a chance that we could see a couple of scattered light showers, especially north of the golden gate bridge. temperatures are going to be in the 50's coast side in the 60's in the planning of being a cool day for mom. so make sure you take care of her keeper. nice and warm honor out there this evening. you've got some partly cloudy skies, kind of broken out there right now. but more clouds on the way is we've got a chance of at least a few light showers. i think as we head toward early tomorrow morning, the storm system you can see right here, mostly energy moving to the north here. this is a late season not expecting much out of. in fact, if you get some rain drops are probably lucky from this one. but right now it's dry out there across the bay area. we've got some clouds moving on through the breezes have been blowing. we've some gusts over 20 miles an hour on the coastline and in the san francisco. but otherwise, yeah, we're tracking the system. watch
8:34 pm
what happens overnight tonight. some clouds already moving on shore. we've seen some of that fog to and then as we head through the night, that front gets a little bit closer. there you go. a chance of some scattered light showers as the first branch of the storm system comes through. so not much but really mainly north of the golden gate bridge and then that kind of fade away. but there's another one coming up behind that that was going to be a little more vigorous and this model is trying to bring in at least a chance of more widely scattered showers by tomorrow night. it may be more of a heavy drizzle event and this kind of system. there's just not a lot of energy with it. so may look a little more impressive than it is, but we're talking if we get anything out of few hundreds of an inch of rain and that's about it. tomorrow talking temperatures are going to stay cool coasts. i plan on 50's there cloud cover continuing on and off throughout the day you'll find some 60's inside the bay. that's warm. 70's the santa clara valley and places inland. but that on shore breeze will keep things cool as you approach the coast the next few days as we get ready for the weekend and your mother's day, we're to expect at least a slight chance of a few scattered light showers on mother's day. the temperatures
8:35 pm
going to be much cooler. in fact, as we get into late sunday and monday, there's a slight chance we could see snow levels all the way down to about 3,000 feet locally. all right. thank you, lawrence. still to come tonight, looking for a fun way to celebrate cinco de mayo tonight. well, there's a party happening right now. >> you can give back to the bay area art scene while enjoying the work of one of mexico's most celebrated artists. but first, the battle for a key city in ukraine is heating up. the head of russia's victory day efforts to expose lead war atrocities.
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an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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>> that's the latest in the war in ukraine. an associated press investigation found evidence that an attack on a theater where civilians were using it as a bomb shelter in mariupol killed far more people than initially thought the attack happened back in mid-march. the ap now estimates 600 people were killed based on accounts from survivors and rescuers who responded that would make it the single deadliest known attack on civilians since the war started. civilians had written the word children in russian in the parking lot outside the theater. but that did not stop the russian air strikes. russian forces are also said to be taking farm equipment and grain from ukrainian farmers. ukraine's defense ministry says an estimated 400,000 tons of grain has been stolen so far.
8:39 pm
russia is also hitting food storage locations with artillery seed planting sev been disrupted or in other cases given up on russia has gained stronger control over regions that are rich in agriculture in southern ukraine. this may jeopardize this year's harvest in one of the globe's most important grain producing countries. >> for your money tonight, the stock market took a beating today. it was wall street's worst day of the year. the dow went down 1000 points and it was coming after a big rally yesterday. the wake of the federal reserve's announcement that it is raising interest rates by half a point. today's losses wiped out. yesterday's big game. now ahead in sports, the memphis grizzlies, dillon brooks suspended from game 3 of the playoff series against the warriors after he injured. >> gary payton, the second sports director, jason dumas has steve hurst reaction on it
8:40 pm
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and tourism week. but planning your next trip. >> might be a little bit difficult because covid still out there. >> it is. but the president of the american hotel and lodging association made some stops in san jose and san francisco today encouraging people to get out there and travel come to the bay area and for business trips, they want those 2 come back to prepandemic levels. kron
8:43 pm
four's rob nesbitt shows us what travel trends are showing for the bay area. in a survey conducted by the american hotel and lodging association. 2 thirds of people say they plan on traveling during the summer months. the numbers are almost back to where they were pre pandemic, but it's been more of a struggle, bringing business travel back while more americans are making the choice to make their travel plans. the bay area doesn't seem to be the destination of choice according to president and ceo. >> of the american hotel and lodging association chip rogers and san jose. he says leisure travel will be down this year by 16%. and business travel will be down by more than 50% total economic activity generated that will be lost because those numbers are back to 2019 levels. >> there's about 750 million dollars, the san jose community. and that means a lot of jobs. rogers was joined by the san jose chamber of commerce president derek seaver to encourage people to chew san jose as a travel destination and for businesses to book flights for their
8:44 pm
employees. instead of sending zoom invites, don't just focus solely on productivity but also put a focus on connectivity and the importance of getting individuals back out. >> a face-to-face meetings getting individuals together. it's a request that mayor london breed made back in march when she announced the bloom sf festival. since then, there have been towards draws such as march madness. basketball games and for 20 in golden gate park. but business travel is having a harder come back. hotels in san francisco are on pace to see the sharpest decline in business travel revenue of all major u.s. cities with a drop of nearly 70%. it's why the american hotel and lodging association held a panel discussion in the city. >> to highlight the importance of reigniting travel overseas >> it doesn't stop a travel campaigns. roger says policy plays an important role and wants to see the federal government lift the testing mandate that requires travelers from other countries to provide a negative covid test when entering the u.s.
8:45 pm
regardless of vaccination status, courage people to get back out and travel to encourage our elected officials to take steps that are necessary to help improve the travel conditions to give an idea for how much leisure and business travel affects the local economy. >> rogers says that for every $100, a person spends in a hotel, they spent another $220 in the community. they visit in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> well, it's cinco de mayo. and if you're still looking to celebrate and give back to the arts. well, there's a perfect way to do that right now in san francisco, count of all san francisco is holding a benefit inside the immersive frida kahlo art exhibit that exhibit. >> both so much color and moving images inspired by the work of the legendary mexican artist frida kahlo. the organizer told us there will also be musical performances and lots of tasty food to enjoy. >> tonight we're going to have taste of maybe go some of them find is delicious mexican food that's being catered by
8:46 pm
different you can also be able to have a that the key land because she left are the here is opportunity for you tonight to experience something beautiful and also support cause that's going to impact thousands and thousands of latino families here in the senate. just a bay area. >> carnival san francisco's a nonprofit in the mission district. it's celebrating the diversity of latin america. they've never had a permanent building to call their own to the funds generated from tonight's benefit will help carnival establish a space in the city. more details on kron 4 dot com. and take a look at this new statue outside of chase center. the golden state warriors unveiled this glimmering, bronze statue of former san francisco mayor ed lee. the statue is right outside the arena at the gatehouse and thrive city. the sculpture depicts is smilingly sitting down with a basketball in his hands. today is also the former mayor's 70th
8:47 pm
birthday. his wife as well as mayor london breed. house speaker nancy pelosi and former warriors president rick welts all attended the ceremony. >> lee played a very important role in san francisco's efforts to bring the barriers to the city without his contributions. we would never get the chance to really see chase center and all of its glory. chase center opened less than 2 years after mayor ed lee's death from a heart attack. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> well, you've seen the play dozens of times by now, but we're going to show it one more time because news broke today that dillon brooks has been suspended for one game for his fate grant to foul on gary payton, the second, of course, payton is out for the foreseeable future with a fractured elbow and ligament damage. but steve kerr, he isn't worried about his team looking for any sort of retaliation on saturday
8:48 pm
night. play hard. now for every >> loose ball battle for every compete, every possession. you know, don't risk a guy's career if he's a ahead of the planned transition. that's our mantra. he's crushed. you know, he's 6, 6, years toiling away in the league. as i said the other night. in the spotlight, you know, playing in the playoffs playing a huge role playing well. that's all been taken away from. so we all feel terrible for gary. he he deserves better. >> he sure does. well, we knew it was coming today became official. draymond green was fined. 25 k for flipping the bird to the memphis crowd. on tuesday night. he flipped off the crowd as he was going back to the locker room to get stitched up after he caught an elbow from xavier tillman. they were cheering when he was bleeding. i went on to say that he makes 25 million dollars a year. so he thinks he will be okay. tend to
8:49 pm
agree. meanwhile, we've gotten andre iguodala update today. he was out with that neck injury. he spent out with that neck injury and he's made progress, but he still isn't ready yet. he'll be reevaluated again in one week. as for the guys will play tomorrow. steph curry tomorrow saturday as staffing company. they were back on the practice court today. >> the warriors got a good one in and they look to protect their home court on saturday night. we're going to have ourselves a day on saturday. we have the giants at 4.15, at oracle park honoring buster posey. then just an hour and change later, the warriors will tipoff just down the street. >> good to chase is going to be probably the loudest it's ever been would be my guess. and you know, this is really become a great home floor for we love playing here. and we're excited for the challenge and for the opportunity on saturday. >> yes, saturday is going to
8:50 pm
be a fun day. a busy one. busy day. like i said earlier. i'm not a spokesman for bart, but you're not he did not pay me to say it. but you know, if you could take public transportation will probably be easier. just the embarcadero all late evening and early afternoon is crowded all the time. anyway, with 2 games within a mile of each other to really big games. it's going to be a parking lot. so, yeah. so when you go to i'm going to go to the to i'm going to go to the warriors game you know, i wish more than only an hour or so. difference of like the giants was like maybe a noon or one start. get to both going to all it. but so i'm going go to the warriors. and i the series plays out now with all this drama i think the words have been they've seen situation somewhat like this. maybe not to the point where one of their players season is over. but they never get too high or low. and that just comes with
8:51 pm
playing in so many big games. so i think they'll be the levelheaded team going forward. i think that eventually pull it out at originally before the series, the warriors in 6. so there's no reason for me to for a firm i think it's going to be another physical game. there's going to be a little tip for tat going back this time. it's hopefully dubnation, you know, they can get into it in because, you know, the warriors had to go through all that and memphis now there. now they're on the home base to be fun. yeah. all right. thanks. a son. we'll be right thanks. a son. we'll be right back. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds.
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day. it's us. a survey from google shows that 60% of americans admit that their passwords have stayed the same over the past few years. more than half very easily hackable passwords, like birthdays. for the names of your children. so it's no surprise that almost half of the country claims that their personal data has been compromised online. google says the best way to boost cyber defense is to change passwords regularly and keep up with the latest safety features like security keys. google is giving away thousands of dollars worth of training courses for free. the company is offering up $100,000 worth of online courses to any u.s. businesses free of charge. >> they'll offer workers the opportunity to learn data analytics design another tech skills. more than 70,000
8:55 pm
workers in the u.s. have taken part since the program was first launched a few years ago. google says each course typically takes about 6 months to finish and some customers have decided to cut streaming services. they're going outside bor since the pandemic disease and more folks are vaccinated. but the average person still expects to stream nearly 300 different movies or tv shows this year. that's according to a recent survey. regardless of what people will be watching. people think they will stream some 450 hours of content in the year ahead. it's the equivalent of more than 18 full days of veggie out in front of the boot, too. that's a long really long time. i honestly, i mean, you know this. i started like watching things in streaming style for the first time in the beginning of covid, i was very proud of something besides sports and news. so that the tiger won.
8:56 pm
>> tiger that was that's the last show that you sister and i kept it going there anyway, it's good to see people getting out. so, yeah, i think they're also making it. >> harder for people to share passwords. so that might try to cut down on people streaming time. we him out of that >> all right. well, that wraps up have to but the news that 9 is coming up next. then and ken are here with that grant. justine. same idea. it's a thing. it's happened. justine, thank you very much. all right. thank you, guys. coming up next on kron, 4 news at. >> 9 o'clock. >> an extra sense of security for everybody here in the bay area. we have a preview of an app that launches tomorrow that lets you hire your own bodyguard. and a new report suggests the united states may be playing a bigger role in the war in ukraine than what we know. bay area congressman john garamendi will join us live at 10:00am with details
8:57 pm
from 4 seed meteorologist lawrence karnow. looks ahead to your mother's day weekend forecast kron, 4 news. a prime-time continues after the break.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay
9:00 pm
area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. we also have security detail like commission about companies, for my security detail for. >> all. >> and you can get your own security detail with help from technology launching in the bay area tomorrow. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 9. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. a new crime fighting app is called bodyguard is like an uber for security services where users can hire on demand security. the apps creator says he started working on the app after seeing the countless attacks against. >> asians across the country. kron four's sackey has the details. >> a new safety app called bodyguard will hit the streets of san francisco on friday. this episode of this is what it spied meet with staff. i want to come here. santa con care. doris says he founded body guard in the face of rising anti-asian hate crimes during the pandemic in hopes of preventi


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