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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 6, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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where you are damp, but no rain. so that's kind of a we'll take it yeah, you just have to make sure that if you're traveling out there, you drive slow now. we still have some fog along the golden gate bridge. a lot of people using those low beams and taking it easy this morning. we're anticipating a few sprinkles up in the north bay like we saw yesterday. and you could see a few sprinkles in the east bay as well. i know i saw some as i was traveling into the city, high winds. a cooling us off today. mid-fifties here across the mat. 58 in oakland, san francisco. 55 53 timber on in petaluma york. 55, we are tracking that forecast for you so you can plan mother's day on sunday. we'll have a look at that coming up during james. back to you. all right, randi, thank you. a quick check of bay area roads and as expected, the bay bridge backup that was there at about 6.30, is pretty much dissolved friday. light conditions. now, as you only have to wait, just a brief moment making your way through the toll gates. >> and off in the san francisco, the richmond should say the san mateo bridge will
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get to the richmond center fell in a moment. the san mateo bridge highway. 92 looking good. this was what connects hayward out towards foster city on the peninsula. the right hand side is the direction of traffic headed that way. if your commute direction, it's looking pretty good. you're driving out the limit. now to the richmond, sandra fell there is a little bit of a slowdown here, but nothing major to get in your way. once you're on the span, you're making good time into sandra fell. and then for a lot of the commuters along one o one either direction, really no accidents or incidents on the chp logs. so from santa rosa down to san francisco, it's a pretty decent drive. just give yourself a little extra time because traffic is slower than usual because of the fog. we've got a fog advisory here on the golden gate bridge and we have some good news. if you are a commuter who goes to or from the south bay. >> barr just got the green light to start its expansion into santa clara very exciting times. the vta board of directors approved the money to begin phase one of this project. and that's the story. the kron 4 sarah stinson has been following for us live this morning. hey, sarah.
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>> yeah. once this project is complete, it will be a major help for those who from san francisco down to the south bay into san jose. a lot of people work in silicon valley, but they live up here. so this would be a huge help in their commute, getting them to and from much easier because you really don't have a lot of options right now. take a look at the renderings of this project. what it will look like when it is complete. this is what was approved la yesterday unanimously by the vta. it's a six-mile for station extension that will bring bar downtown san jose. the first part of construction will include building tunnels in trackwork costing 235 million dollars. the first phase of this extension brought rain to milpitas and san jose's various a neighborhood in late 2019. and this expands on that building. a six-mile long stanchion from various a bar to downtown san jose. and eventually they want to build it to continue down
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to santa clara. >> setting up for major construction of the tunnel to downtown san jose will begin this month and last through december 2023. and the construction just goes and goes from their 3 other stages of construction are going to be considered in the future to get. that's that system going down to santa clara. the project is expected to be complete and get this in 2031, we underestimate how long these types of construction projects last, but we saw what happened on van us here in san francisco. this is going to take some time as well. but once it is complete, it will certainly help with people's commute getting on public transit and heading to or from the south bay. now i've reached out to bart and the vta were trying to gets more exciting details about this project. so stay tuned for my next report in about an hour for now. i'm sara stinson live in san francisco. >> back to you. ok? thank you very much. air time now, 7 '03, a developing story that
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we're also following a last ditch effort to save abortion rights happening at the capitol. yeah. and the supreme as we've seen is starting to step up security now amid growing protests with hannah brandt in dc with the latest on this. >> the senate is planning to vote next week on a bill that would guarantee abortion access. but right now it seems doomed to fail because democrats don't have the support they need to actually pass it. >> fear and anger over the expected reversal of roe versus wade is driving a push from democratic lawmakers. this is a life or death moment and we need to fight like it is. senator kirsten gillibrand is one of the many democrats supporting the effort to codify roe versus wade into law. the democrats would need 60 votes in the senate to make it happen and they don't have that. despite that senate leader chuck schumer says the vote still has a purpose how each senator votes, which side are you on? you can't duck it anymore. the heat surrounding the issue has prompted high fences to be put up around the supreme court. and senator john cornyn has introduced a bill to enhance security for
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the justices. the justices have been villain eyes and subjected to violent threats. people with even publish their home address so they could show up in protest. democrats accuse republicans of bringing up other issues as a distraction from what's really at stake, taking away the rights. >> of over 100 million women and saying the leak is more important. give me a break. but senator john thune says that's not true. i'm proud. to defend the right to life. and i know my colleagues are as well. i think most of us have refrain from commenting because we don't yet truly know the outcome. senator mazie hirono feels their stance sends a clear message. fundamentally republicans don't give a rip about women. senate leader schumer did say the vote is only the first this issue, but he didn't lay e- out a plan for what they'll do next. if the vote fails like expected in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> protests about the leaked opinion continue here in the
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bay area. this was the latest protests that happened in the south bay just last night. demonstrators there marching down santana row to show their support for reproductive right. and happening today, congresswoman anna eshoo and zoe lofgren. they're going to be in the bay area talking about this draft opinion that was leaked about roe versus wade and there will be holding a news conference to do that. it's happening in mountain view set for 11. they're going to call on the senate to pass the women's health protection act, which would turn the right to an abortion into a law that supposed to happen 11, 15 will keep you posted. and we've got our kron on app so you don't want to get that for 20 for 7 news coverage. >> happening today, city college of san francisco's board of trustees is going to be voting on the fate of about 200 faculty members will be laid off. that's the question. this comes after 11 protesters were arrested for civil disobedience while participating in a camp out at the college trying to influence the board. this was video from a viewer sharing
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what played out on campus after san francisco. police showed up in the afternoon about 4.30, or so they did end up arresting several protesters, including the school staff and union members will be following the board's vote to let you know how it turns out. meanwhile, to the north bay now where 2 people were found dead inside of a home in santa rosa. it happened on aston avenue right near the sonoma county fairgrounds. this is a picture from the scene. police say both people had gunshot wounds and they did find a handgun inside that house. this is the 5th homicide of the year in santa rosa. the motive, the circumstances surrounding that shooting. that's all still being investigated. >> time now, 7, 7, 0, 7, in the east bay, a concord teacher faces multiple felony and misdemeanor charges accused of inappropriate acts with minors. sixty-year-old deann walker last hot at pine hollow middle school in the mount diablo unified school district says it first learned of these complaints from students against walker in march. they put him on or on leave. sorry during an
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investigation. walker right now is in the contra costa county jail. and the district says that he's not allowed to return to the classroom and they're working on permanently ending his contract with the school. police want your help to try to find this. teenager from fresno investigators believe she may be in oakland or she could be in the state of georgia. 14 year-old lacy j rey was reported as a runaway from her home in fresno on april. 2nd, police say the teenager has a history of mental illneis and she has run away many times, they say. but they believe that she may be the victim now of human trafficking. she's described as 5 foot 220 pounds and she has a piercing on the left side of her nose. >> happening today, east bay congressman eric swalwell is going to be in san francisco to meet with the fbi to talk about how to crack down on retail thefts. the rings that have been perpetrating these crimes across the bay area. swalwell is calling on u.s. attorney general merrick garland and the director of
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the fbi to work with state and local law enforcement to try to stop these types of crimes. according to a recent survey, lers, 3 fourths have seen an increase in thefts since 2020. after he meets with the fbi. swalwell is expected to hold a news conference in front of the federal building in san francisco. it's set to begin at 10, 30 this morning. we'll let you know what he says. turning to our covid-19 coverage. now the u.s. is averaging about 53,000 new cases of covid each and every day and that number has more than doubled in the past month in california are averaging almost 5,000 new cases per day with the cdc calling the 9 bay area counties still in a heightened state of alert because we have what they categorized as a high rate of transmission. but there is a silver lining. hospitalizations and deaths are still near record lows. on average, only 13 people are dying from covid across all of california. each day. >> if you think you have covid now you can get tested and treated in the same place.
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they are called free test to treat sites and they're popping up all around the country, including here in the bay area. it's part of the federal program launched by the biden administration. it is a one-stop shop to help communities fight covid in the bay area. there's a test to treat site that just opened up at the college of san mateo. so if you go there, you test positive. then they'll be of the evaluate you. and if possible, and they think it's for you, they'll give you the drug. paxlovid has been proven to be effective in preventing severe cases of covid. but you need to take it right away when the first few days of symptoms and it's suitable. they say for people who are over 50 and those who have health issues, san mateo county health officials say that they're seeing a rise in lpcovid cases and people should know their options. >> the likelihood that you're going to be affected is higher. and if you're at risk for severe disease, talk to your doctor and if you don't have a doctor come to a test to treat fight whether it's a
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retail pharmacy or one of these community locations, this location of the college of san mateo offers appointments or you can just walk in for more information on how you can book an appointment and their hours and everything. just go to kron. 4 dot com. >> and there's a big change in covid vaccines. regulators are now limiting who can get the johnson and johnson shot. and that is because of the risk of a rare but dangerous blood clot. the fda says that this j and j shot should only be given to adults. who can it get a different shot or for people who specifically request the j and j vaccine in december, the cdc recommended prioritizing moderna and pfizer shot because of the j and j safety issue. >> we'll take a break here at 7.11. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. a team in the hospital now after getting stabbed at school. why parents say the pandemic may have played a part in this. plus, concerns over the upcoming fire season. we'll tell you where fire officials are
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expecting after another very tough year of drought. conditions will be right back.
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>> time is 7.14, and with california facing its 3rd year of extreme drought, fire officials are worried they think this could be one of the worst seasons we've ever had. kron four's terisa stasio has
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more. november 2018 paradise, california. the camp fire killed. 85 people level close to 19,000 homes and structures. >> and charred nearly 154,000 acres. cal fire officials say that it is still the most destructive fire in california history. now approaching the peak of fire season. fire officials say that they have some very deep concerns about what is around the corner. >> aware of what's going on. we're a month into a pretty profound drought. so we are the normal precipitation that we may get. and that showing that we have the possibility of having above normal fire season want to activity just due to those weather and fuel conditions. robert foxworthy of cal fire says since the camp fire, the destruction has accelerated. >> for example, last year's
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dixie fire stretched into 5 counties and burned 1400 structures. usually it's very difficult to when we'll get those fire starts. but i can tell you with the conditions we have now. >> they are setting up possibly start sooner versus later. foxworthy says that crews are assembling now getting ready to fight hiring is on the rise and more equipment such as >> special air units are in position. we do get the dispatches to any of these fires. we throw everything out and try to get it stopped as and as small as possible. this week marks wildfire preparedness week, he says officials are touring the state to drive home the message to prepare now. >> just in case this is why we get out there now and try to impart on the public that now is the time to take those steps. >> to make your home and your family a safer and more survivable in a wildfire. theresa kron, 4 news.
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>> so be careful out there and use this time wisely. like if you have this weekend, you could read yourself, your property and all that for fire season. sure. yeah. the sooner the get that defensible space created reyna, though, talking about how at least thankfully this morning, all the vegetation is a little moisture. >> a lot moister today. we're looking at our sutro tower camera and you can see high above the clouds, the cloudy conditions. but we also have some low to ground clouds as well. that fog across the bay area. i'm looking at the map and it looks like we are improving not as dense as it was at the start of the morning along the coast and in the north baby still have some patchy pockets of fog into the late afternoon. visibility is going to drop down again along the coast and in the north bay. also, we're looking at a chance of slight rain in the north bay this morning. like we had yesterday. that cooling trend we've been seeing into the week that on shore wind given us that much needed cool down for the last few warm days. current highs right now, mid 70's in antioch and conquer little more in the south bay. 78 down in morgan
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hill. the vinyl 68 up in santa rosa. your in the mid 60's as well. alright friday, 74 for us. and then monday on mother's day or sunday, rather, we're looking at those conditions into the low 60. so a cool one inland for we could see some scattered showers come monday and then were packed dry tuesday into the week along the bayshore 60's at the start 50's to in doubt and along the coast mid to lower 50's starting. james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's take a peek at the commute before you head out the door. there's just nothing. no problem at all here. the approach, the bay bridge, is nice. >> yesterday was pretty slow all morning long, but it's 7.18. it's looking good. the san mateo bridge also moving at the limit and the fog from earlier this morning, which is settled down on the deck, has lifted. the clouds are trying to lift to. it looks like the richmond sandra fell has actually been clear all morning weather wise traffic wise now we're seeing a little bit more volume build there. and the golden gate bridge has
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been socked in and it is still very thick with fog at this hour. but not with traffic. >> turning our attention to the news for your money this morning. people are still using bad passwords and the stock market is going to be heading into the weekend after a fresh look at jobs. we've got jane king standing by at the nasdaq with more. good morning, jane. >> yes, i james. good morning. it is a jobs report day. so it's a pretty good report. actually. 428,000 jobs added last month. that was more than expected. we thought to be more like 380,000. the unemployment rate held steady at 3.6% known february 2020, the unemployment rate was 3 and a half percent. we're almost back those pre pandemic levels. manufacturing in particular added a lot of jobs last month. well, gas prices remain elevated due to increasing geopolitical tensions, especially with russia and high demand with travel. now, as of yesterday, west texas, intermediate will's right around $108 a barrel. that is one of the things driving gas prices
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higher. now triple a says the current average in the bay area for regular unleaded is 5.95 a gallon a week ago was 5.84. and nationally, the average price of grade, a large aches was a $1.66. a dozen that was up 12% in just a week. it's up 73% in the past year, according to act apartment. well, shoppers are paying about 5% more for whole chickens a year ago makes poultry actually a relative bargain compared to other meats. and the reason for the increase and a gun in bird prices is the bird flu and google ran a survey of 4,000 american adults in an effort to understand the steps we take to keep our digital life secure. and in short, we don't do very much. the survey found about 40% of us have dealt with the personal data breach. 20% of us admit we don't we use basic passwords that anybody could guess. now it's down to 5 people. one of them uses something like password for their log-in live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to james says i'm not good with all my passwords. have the word
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password in it. and then i throw in like. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, something like that. i guess i get it's hard right? >> all right. thank you. >> all by something on your account right now about great part of coming up with a couple morning news. there's an app for that again here in the bay area and app to help you stay safe. we're going to tell you how it works. plus another pedestrian was killed in san jose. this time it was on somebody's property and part of a construction crew.
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hayward residents are now responsible for illegal fireworks which are set off on their property. the city's updated public nuisance ordinance went into effect yesterday. >> and these fines are $1200 for the first offense 3,000 for the second and up to $5,000. the 3rd time you can report illegal fireworks activity online to the city's access hayward website. >> on monday, san francisco district attorney chase up with dean is going to be sitting down here kron 4 to answer some questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. you want to miss at that interview again is going to be live in prime time monday night at 9.30, right here on kron. 4.
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>> coming up, oakland police officers break up a sideshow overnight. just ahead, what officers say they're doing to officers say they're doing to stop the illegal activity. under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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you want at the airport because we don't want to liaise. now, however, we are seeing fog elsewhere around the day. yes, we are. good morning the morning and it's just like darnya's bubble. a bubble of need that bubble of clear along the golden gate bridge because we do have really foggy conditions there. a lot of dense fog across pockets of the bay area today. that's going to stay into the early evening hours for us here. we're anticipating some light rain scatters in the north bay right now. it's not happening but keeping a close eye on things there. current temperatures outside right now when you hit the road mid to upper 50's oakland, 58 congress. 59 san jose. 59 for you. there up in a bottle. 57 and santa rosa. 55. we'll have a look at your 7 day coming up in just a few minutes. tara, james, back to you. ok, thank you very much. rain, a quick check of the drive for you this morning shows we've got steadily improving conditions here at the bay bridge. >> every time i come back to it, at least for the last hour, it keeps getting better and better. and now you've got hardly a weight as you're making your way from oakland into san francisco, the san
7:29 am
mateo bridge also moving well, volume still on the higher side as you'd expect here as we get deeper into the heart of the commute. but you're at least moving at the limit. no accidents blocking your way or slowing you down. so that's at least some good news. the richmond, sandra fell bridge also a little bit on the slow side at the toll plaza, but nothing out of the ordinary. once you're past the toll gate, you're making a quick work of it as you head into, sandra fell and other parts of marion county for those of you already there working your way. southbound on 1, 1, towards san francisco. as pointed out, it is still packed with dense fog. the traffic is like you're moving fine, but just a little slower than normal. because everybody's just keeping an extra watch out as they're working their way through that fog. >> new this morning, oakland police broke up a big sideshow last night. they did. the officers, in fact, told several dozen cars that were involved. >> kron four's camila barco has more on the story from the newsroom. camilla. >> good morning, guys. yeah, this has been an ongoing problem. we've been reporting on the sign shows oakland police has been tackling them overnight. officers had
7:30 am
several dozen cars towed after the drivers participated in an illegal sideshow. here pictures are some of the cars impounded after officers say they were participating in a sideshow. now, no specifics were given about the incident, but officers say this type of violent, disruptive and illegal behavior will not be tolerated. they say sideshows are reckless and unsafe and they normally lead to vandalism. property damage, physical assault, gun fires and injuries. about 3 weeks ago, officers arrested one person after they say that person punched an officer in the face during a side how. in march, one man died following a sideshow that involved 600 cars. police say that each weekend they are deterring and enforcing these illegal sideshows and even it even after they have ended, they continue with their criminal investigation. officers will follow up on the people who were at the scene. they say they will go to their homes and tow the cars that take
7:31 am
part in the illegal activity. now with the weekend approaching deiah james officers will once again be shutting down any illegal sideshows that they see. the department asked people to call them right away if anyone happens to see a side show back to you guys. >> okay. thank you very much, camilla time now 7.30, and happening now, oakland police are looking for a car that they think is connected to a deadly stabbing. take a look at the vehicle. they're looking for. the stabbing happened last sunday morning on lakeshore avenue. the victim was stabbed and died at the hospital. the car is described as a gray honda civic. you can see it has a sunroof and then there's faded paint on the roof of the car behind that sun roof. there's a reward of up to $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest. time now 7.31 other news that we're following violence at a middle school in san francisco sends a boy to the hospital and parents and faculty are scrambling for answers. kron four's has the mid june has the story.
7:32 am
>> a 13 year-old boy was hospitalized with serious injuries after being involved in a physical altercation with another student at everett middle school in san francisco. it happened monday at around it's scary. you know something like that happen. we are really very concerned about the safety of our students so that every middle school parents say that some students have been more aggressive after returning to campus in the wake of the pandemic. and i've seen difference type of behaviors ever covid started. >> add to that, the co chair of the everett middle school ptsa says a lack of full-time teachers also plays a role in student behavior. so i just you know, i'm just taking my kid out of those classes and a time because i don't want him to be. >> in environment that is risky with not. >> goals that can help. >> well, thursday, the principal sent a letter to the everett school community addressing these issues. it e%
7:33 am
reads in part, quote, as we know, there has been an alarming an urgent rise in mental health concerns and behavioral incidents since the start of the pandemic. not just everett but across our district and our country. in addition, we are facing challenges such as staffing shortages due to a high number of unpredictable staff absences for a variety of reasons, including becoming sick with covid-19. this exacerbates the challenges that urban public schools have faced for a long time challenges that are rooted in societal issues that we must address together in community. this is not a story that many in the media will report, but this more nuanced complicated story provides the context for the situation in which we find ourselves and by collaborating with one another. we can change this reality that, quote. >> the issue is that many schools need resources and many schools feel unsafe. >> former has a few as the teacher and former san francisco board of education commissioner allison collins
7:34 am
says the district acting little resolution pass during her tenure on the school board would help a comprehensive assessments. >> of support services in schools. what are the needs that students have as far as social workers, school nurses, security staff, which keep kids safe, they're professionals. all of those resources, those school board unanimously voted on >> has he let you run for news? 7.34 the time in the south bay. one man is dead after being hit by a work truck at a home construction site in san jose. >> it happened just before 8 o'clock yesterday morning at a house near willow. glen high school, san jose police say someone driving a work truck was backing up into the driveway to unload supplies when they hit a bmw. ended up jumping the curb and then went over the grass and actually hit the contractor, pinning him between the rear of his truck and a car that was parked in the driveway. police say that man died at a local hospital. the driver stayed at the scene, didn't appear to be
7:35 am
impaired. the investigation is still ongoing. a new crime fighting app is launching in the bay area today. it's called bodyguard and you could sort of likened it to uber for security services where you can hire on demand security to help you get from point a to point b safely. the apps creator says that he started working on this app after seeing the countless attacks against the ap. i community. this is some of the file video of attacks that happened here over the recent years. but he says this app is for everyone who feels they need this safety and this protection. he's hoping this app will appeal to all demographics. >> every day i watch all these attacks, you know, for a fight, you know, robberies, invasion of homes. it's like, oh, my god that and believes it's this chaotic. it's. is the >> well, the creator says it costs $20 per hour for the first tier user and then the price goes up from there. all
7:36 am
security and independent body guards have to be licensed and insured and were told to go through strict background check. customers will be able to choose whether or not they want that security guard to be armed to. they also have the option for on foot. we're car right assistance. >> it's 7.35. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, we're going to talk sports and see how the giants did. well, you can say they lost spoiler alert. and there's a new app. if you're allergic to a lot of foods and you're wondering how my going to keep track of all this will make shopping and buying things and ordering everything else a lot easier. we'll show it works.
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>> just >> 7.39. and there is a new app. if you or somebody, you know, is allergic to everything, you know, check for your allergies and dietary restrictions. kind of cool. and governor newsom, by the way, also working to make california more crypto-friendly. we've got rich demuro without all of this. in today's tech smart. >> here's what's happening in the tech world. california wants to embrace cryptocurrency and be ahead of the curve when it comes to regulation of up and coming. web standers, governor gavin newsom signed an executive order to create a framework that will better help web 3 companies do business in the state. web 3 refers to the
7:40 am
next stage of the internet. more services are more open and decentralized. the block chain is a big part of that. california already home to major cryptocurrency startups including coinbase and ripple. the move comes at a time when the federal government is also looking into how to regulate the crypto industry. a useful new app scans food labels to let you know if there are ingredients inside you can have or you're trying to avoid. this can be useful for allergies. intolerances specific diets and more. the app is called fig first. you create your profile by choosing from over. 2500 options including allergens. specific ingredients and special diets like gluten-free, paleo or vegan, then you can find products that fit your diet. at over 100 grocery stores or you can scan an item's barcode to let you know if its ingredients work with your food plan. i've got a link to that handy food scanning app on my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart.
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>> some 43 and movie lovers. today's the day you've been waiting for for how long months and months and months. well, since it was announced in 2019. >> this movie doctor strange
7:44 am
doctor, strange multiverse of madness. you are so excited. yes. and most of you already have your tickets. but you might be get good reviews. let's find out. the richards has a preview. >> after the massive success of spider-man, no way home earlier this year. marvel is hoping to match that success with their latest doctor. strange in the multiverse of madness. you've seen benedict cumberbatch wielding that magic cape as the charming smart, alec doctor and several marvel adventures before including his own doctor. strange in 2016. now he's out to protect a young woman who has the power to travel between dimensions, former avenger wanda maximoff a k a the scarlet witch played by elizabeth olsen wants to steal those powers from the girl to dominate the world, causing strange trip through many a parallel multiverse to try to
7:45 am
save her at its core multiverse of madness has everything you'd expect from a popcorn marvel offering good guys and bad guys. creatures a moral code. lots of colors and spectacle. what this also has its an overload of it all from director sam raimi who returns to the marvel stable with a full bag of tricks that he used in the first 3 spiderman movies and also to evil dead movies among others. the effects and the visuals are used to the point of being distracting. it felt like he wanted to be innovative. billy groundbreaking like christopher nolan's inception. only it just felt like a copy. a little would have been a lot more movie is part pop, but also partly dark. it does succeed in moving the doctor. strange story forward guarantee more in the future. maybe because the characters aren't is instantly as likable as other marvel characters. it just doesn't have the warmth. the made no way home. one of
7:46 am
the biggest box office hits of all time in less than 6 months, even with some funds surprise cameos along the way. i give this one a dean's list b minus its in theaters. only. >> hope you have a great weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> all right. first of all, i don't care what you share. i can't really watch that. frankly. well, if you wanna been part of the tv, okay, that are being released? because scenes i haven't seen because i stop watching the trailers about a week ago, right? right. okay. we're going make your own decision when you see that moving a call you after we'll talk answer. all right. let's get over to >> in the weather center. good morning right now. good morning. a great movie night because it's going to be a cool one out there. >> we do have some clouds. a live look outside at san francisco. you can see can't see much for in terms of visibility for us here. many of you probably experience some light precipitation on your drive into work. this morning. we had a few just scattered droplets that call it that across the east bay
7:47 am
inland in san francisco. some of the center your drive from pittsburgh into fremont this morning. we also have that offshore wind cooling us down. that's why we're seeing cooler temperatures into mother's day. so definitely want to bring your jacket out there. highs for today across the map pretty much were nestled in the 60's here in oakland, hayward, redwood city and the east bay. 71 out of fremont livermore concord, mid 70's along the coast in half moon bay. 59 and up in the north bay and santa rosa mid to upper 60's. the cooldown it's already here technically friday, 74 saturday and our 70's inland. 63 on mother's day, a slight chance of scattered showers come monday tuesday through wednesday, mid to upper 60's on the bayshore about 60's. we start middle of sunday and monday into the low to upper 50's and then tuesday, wednesday we return to the 60's along the coast. low 50's. all right. well, if you think about getting away
7:48 am
flights today. >> i don't see any delays, especially for that fall. we were seen. >> earlier this morning looks like tray planes are moving pretty smoothly out of sfo. that's a look at the skies. how the roads look right now. >> well, actually looks pretty dari the bay bridge, not bad. time we checked the yeah. this is a breeze and i guess everybody has today off for mother's day weekend games it's not today. it's the weekend. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge and see if one is nice and quiet. yeah. yeah, absolutely. i mean, a little more volume here, but it's still moving with plenty of space between the cars and it's nice and clear there to the richmond center fell bridge hasn't had any fog. and all this morning and it's a little busier, but you're stsll going to be moving pretty well into moran from that spot. and then if you're going from orinda san francisco for the golden gate bridge, this is the foggy spot. it is just socked in. there's a wall of fog and then half out into san francisco on the other side. okay, 7.48,
7:49 am
let's talk sports with the giants. unfortunately losing their 4th. >> straight game in their series opener against the cardinal. and we're looking for the warriors and dillon brooks is suspended because he injured one of our players in it too dirty play been suspended for game 3 with kron. 4 sports director jason dumas with all the highlights. >> there you go. the hometown hero, brandon crawford, signing some autographs for the home crowd. the 5th one, nothing carter's tommy edman. to live one up the middle. jose alvarez off jose alvarez. 2 runners come into score is 3, nothing. st. louis, 7th inning now is 4 to one tyler o'neill hit. that's another line or this time off. tyler rogers, 2 more runs score. it's 61 cardinals now despite getting 10 hits, the giants offense just could not get a big one. joc peterson who has been great this year. can't catch up to that one. he went o for 5 final score of this
7:50 am
one. 71 cardinals, the giants has lost 6 of 7, but the good news is late night lamont wade. he returns makes his first game of the season. you've seen this play dozens of times by now, but we're going to show it to you one more time. dillon brooks has been suspended for game 3 for his flagrant 2 foul. gary pack payton, the the second. of course, we know he broke his elbow and he tore some ligaments have some damage there. but steve kerr, he's not worried about his team looking for any sort of retaliation on saturday night. play hard. battle for every. >> loose ball battle for every compete, every possession. you know, don't risk a guy's career if he's a ahead of the planned transition, that snow, that's our mantra. he's crushed. you know, he's 6, 6, years toiling away in the league. as i said the other night. in the spotlight, you
7:51 am
know, playing in the playoffs playing a huge role playing well. that's all been taken away from. so we all feel terrible for gary. he he deserves better. he sure does. well. >> we knew it was coming. it became official. draymond green was fined. 25 k for flipping the bird to the memphis crowd on tuesday night, he flipped off the crowd as he was going back to the locker room to get stitched up after he caught in a elbow from xavier tillman. he said they were cheering when he got elbowed. dream on. went on to say that he makes 25 million dollars a year. so he thinks it will be okay. meanwhile, we got andre iguodala an update. he's out with a neck injury. still, he had made some progress, but he is not ready yet. he will be reevaluated again in one week. as for the guys who will play steph and company, they were back on the court. the warriors got a good practice in and they look to protect their home court on saturday night. we're going to have
7:52 am
ourselves a day on saturday. we have the giants at 4.15, at oracle park. they'll be honoring buster posey. who knows what they have up their sleeve. then in just hours, some change. the warriors tip off just down the street. >> a chase is going to be probably the loudest it's ever been would be my guess. and you know, this is really become a great home floor for we love playing here. and we're excited for the challenge and for the opportunity on saturday. >> i like that gold blooded his t-shirt like the slogan this year. a lot of strength in numbers now go blood. it's perfect. the warriors, by the way, don't forget saturday night at 5.30, tip off against the grizzlies in game for no game. wait, it's game 3 threes. so and i thought it was okay. we're going to check on saturday. either way, either. way on. you're going to be set up for the tv was starting at 4, 5 o'clock. you'll be there all day. yeah up. okay. we'll be right back. take a look. by the way, this
7:53 am
a new statue outside of the chase center. speaking of the warriors, this pretty this is a bronze statue of former san francisco mayor ed lee. it looks just like him and he for those don't know. he played important role in getting san francisco to attract the warriors over and build the chase center. unfortunately that he he wasn't around actually see the chase center completing know it. it open nearly 2 years after he died of a heart attack yesterday would have been the former mayor, 70 s first day. it's 7.53 and we'll be right back.
7:54 am
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it's 75 and today's hatch day in the east bay at uc berkeley. they're getting ready to watch. maybe falcons hatch, one of the chicks already hash and universities inviting people not to come. watch the event starts at 9 o'clock on the south side of the valley life sciences building. the falcon x is sending out there and they'll be explaining what exactly is happening. sea you see those commute all right. we'll take a break as we're coming up on 7.57. in the next hour. the kron 4 morning news. bart is getting ready to expand more into the south bay. we're going to tell you about a new plan. >> that was just given the green light. plus, democrats are trying to bring a law to
7:57 am
protect reproductive rights to a vote in the senate. will tell you why senate leader chuck schumer says it's time for lawmakers to pick a side. plus a test and treat covid-19 site is popping up in the bay area. we're going to tell you where you can go to get tested. and if you're positive, get treated right there. we'll be right back. you're a champion. you're not a quitter.
7:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm sticking around for 8 o'clock on a james is out of here starting his weekend a little bit early. rain is in for john who still on vacation and we are in the midst of a split decision morning. it's a little foggy in some spots. have some exactly foggy outside this morning. if you're hitting the road, you want to be careful. >> drive slow like across the golden gate bridge, for example, we had some light drizzle across the bay area. you probably felt it in the east bay inland areas as well as in north bay. we saw pretty much slight scattered sprinkles, anticipating some light rain in the north bay this morning as well. and we're seeing those pockets of fog across the map. current temperatures outside right now we're starting to warm 60's in palo alto and san jose. 59 at oakland-alameda down there said the tail 59 in the north bay. 55 in petaluma tracking that 7 day. we'ha


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