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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 6, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm sticking around for 8 o'clock on a james is out of here starting his weekend a little bit early. rain is in for john who still on vacation and we are in the midst of a split decision morning. it's a little foggy in some spots. have some exactly foggy outside this morning. if you're hitting the road, you want to be careful. >> drive slow like across the golden gate bridge, for example, we had some light drizzle across the bay area. you probably felt it in the east bay inland areas as well as in north bay. we saw pretty much slight scattered sprinkles, anticipating some light rain in the north bay this morning as well. and we're seeing those pockets of fog across the map. current temperatures outside right now we're starting to warm 60's in palo alto and san jose. 59 at oakland-alameda down there said the tail 59 in the north bay. 55 in petaluma tracking that 7 day. we'll have that
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coming up. the daria, send it over to you. all right. let's take a peek at the commute because, well, this spot has been terrific. the bay bridge has been like a holiday light. and, you know, mothers is on sunday. so maybe people are taking friday off. i'm not really sure what to make of that. san mateo bridge has well traveled but moving at the limit as you can see here. so you have company, but it's just fine. and that's not a real foggy spot. a clear spot all morning long weather wise has been the richmond center fell bridge and traffic. there is pretty sparse as well. you get your pick of the lanes going in to marin county from that spot from marin county into san francisco. that's where we've seen the fog. the golden gate bridge has been socked in and no cars are coming through the wall at the moment. we would see those headlights coming in from ran towards the toll plaza waiver. headlight one, anyone. nobody's coming. it's all just for you. if you're heading from or and look at that, not one car heading in that direction. 8, 0, one right now. and good news for people who commute to and from the
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south bay. bart just got the green light to start their expansion into santa clara county. the vta board of directors approved the money for the construction phase. one of the project kron 4 sarah stinson is live in as soon as we set off. that's when i say are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? >> we're getting closer, daria, just one step at a time. this is a massive project with so many moving parts. but we can tell you we're in the step in the right direction to get you from san francisco down to san jose down to santa clara. and this will be a huge public transit commute upgrade once it is complete. let's take a look at renderings from this project. what they are expecting it to look like it will be a huge, huge upgrade for you. if you go down to the south bay, often a lot of people work in silicon valley. so this will be a huge help. the first phase of this project was completed in 2020 with an extension of bart trains going from milpitas to san jose's,
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various a neighborhood. the second phase is building a six-mile long extension from various a bar to downtown san jose and santa clara yesterday, the vta board unanimously approved 235 million dollars to get the second phase started. a company has been hired to do prep work for the tunnels and track work and figure out how it's all going to work. the entire project is projected to be costing about 7 billion dollars. the project is expected to be complete in 2031. and yes, that is 9 years from now. we know these projects take a long time. and as i said, a lot of moving parts. i kind of boiled it down for you. but there's so much that this project involves and that is why we're going to be talking with vta and about 25 minutes. i'm going to be in a viewing someone with the vta on zoom. get you all the exciting details so you can tune in for my report at 9 for now. i'm sara stinson reporting live in san francisco. back to daria. all right. thanks a lot,
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sarah. >> 8, 0, 3 is a time. and another developing story that we're following a last ditch effort to save abortion right happening at the capitol and the supreme court is stepping up security amid protests. hannah brandt is in washington with the latest. >> the senate is planning to vote next week on a bill that would guarantee abortion access. but right now it seems doomed to fail because democrats don't have the support they need to actually pass it. >> fear and anger over the expected reversal of roe versus wade is driving a push from democratic lawmakers. this is a life or death moment and we need to fight like it is. senator kirsten gillibrand is one of the many democrats supporting the effort to codify roe versus wade into law. the democrats would need 60 votes in the senate to make it happen and they don't have that. despite that senate leader chuck schumer says the vote still has a purpose how each senator votes, which side are you on? you can't duck it anymore. the heat surrounding the issue has prompted high fences to be put up around the supreme court. and senator
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john cornyn has introduced a bill to enhance security for the justices. the justices have been villain eyes and subjected to violent threats. people with even publish their home address so they could show up in protest. democrats accuse republicans of bringing up other issues as a distraction from what's really at stake, taking away the rights. >> of over 100 million women and saying the leak is more important. give me a break. but senator john thune said that's not true. i'm proud. to defend the right to life. and i know my colleagues are as well. i think most of us have refrain from commenting because we don't yet truly know the outcome. senator mazie hirono feels their stance sends a clear message. fundamentally republicans don't give a rip about women. senate leader schumer did say the vote is only the first piece of democrats efforts on this issue, but he didn't lay out a plan for what they'll do next. if the vote fails like expected in washington, i'm hannah brandt.
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>> and in midst the leak of that u.s. supreme court opinion. the protests continue in the bay area as well. this is a demonstration that happened yesterday last night, the south bay, the protesters marched down santana row showing their support for reproductive rights. happening today, congresswoman and a shoe and also zoe lofgren are going to be in the bay area discussing that draft opinion from the u.s. supreme court. they're holding a news conference should be around 11, 15 this morning and we will cover that for you. what's happening in mountain view? 8, 0, 6, is the time. and we're following of other news this morning as well. the city college of san francisco board of trustees is going to vote on more than 200 faculty layoffs. this comes after 11 protesters were arrested for civil disobedience while participating in a camp out at the college. a viewer shared this video with us from the campus of san francisco. police say they responded to city college about 04:30pm, in the afternoon yesterday.
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several protesters including schools, staff and union members were there by that. in the north bay. 2 people were found dead in a home in santa rosa. the home on aston avenue near the sonoma county fairgrounds. and these are the police responding to the scene there. they showed up and say that both people had gunshot wounds and there was a handgun found inside the home. it's the 5th homicide of the year in santa rosa. the motive and circumstances surrounding the shooting are still being investigated. in the east bay at concord teacher now faces multiple felony and misdemeanor charges for allegedly inappropriately touching and doing acts with minors. sixty-year-old deann walker was the teacher. he last hot at pine hollow middle school. the mount diablo unified school district says it first learned of complaints against walker from students and this was in march. he was placed on leave during an
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investigation. walker now is in the contra costa county jail. and the school district says that they have he has not returned to the classroom and that they are now working on permanently ending its contract with the school. happening now, police are asking for your help in finding this missing teenager from fresno. investigators believe that she may be in oakland or she could be in the state of georgia. 14 year-old lacy jaray was reported as a runaway from her home in fresno on april. 2nd, police say the teenager has a history of mental illness and also running away. but this time they think that she may become a victim of human trafficking. she's described as 5 foot 220 pounds and has a piercing on the left side of her nose. happening today, east bay congressman eric swalwell is going to be in san francisco meeting with the fbi to talk about cracking down on retail theft rings. swalwell is calling on u.s. attorney general merrick garland and the director of the fbi to
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work with state and local law enforcement to stop these crimes. according to a recent survey, 75% of retailers have seen an increase in theft since 2020 after a need to the fbi swalwell's going hold a news conference in part of the federal building in san francisco. and that set for 10, 30 this morning. let's give you the latest on covid. now the u.s. is averaging about 53,000 new cases of covid every day. that number more than double what it was last month in california. we're averaging almost 5,000 new cases every day, according to the cdc, all 9 bay area counties are currently dealing with a high rate of transmission. there is some good news, though, hospitalizations and deaths remain near record lows on average 13 people a day are dying from covid in california. if you think you have covid now there's a place where you can get tested and
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treated all at the same place. they're called test to treat sites and they're popping up around the country. and there's at least one that's open so far in the bay area. it's part of a federal program or organizers want to try to provide one-stop shopping to help communities fight covid. so in the bay area right now, there's a test to treat site that just opened up at the college of san mateo. if you go there, he test positive. then you'll be evaluated and possibly offered the drug paxlovid. it's been proven to be effective in preventing severe cases of covid. it's a medication they say is suitable for people who are over 50 and you have health issues as well. the san mateo county health officials say that we are seeing more cases cases now and the people should know their options. the likelihood that you're going to be affected. >> is higher. and if you're at risk for severe disease, talk to your doctor and if you don't have a doctor come to a test to treat fight whether it's a retail pharmacy or one of these community locations
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and this location at the college of san mateo offers walk-ins or appointments. and if you want to book an appointment or you need information about the hours of that. >> testing clinic in treating clinic just go to kron 4 dot com. >> and there's some big covid changes with vaccines. regulators are limiting who can receive the johnson and johnson shot because of the risk of rare but dangerous blood clots. the fda says the shot should only be given 2 adults who can't get a different vaccine or for people who specifically request the j and j shot in december, the cdc recommended prioritizing moderna and pfizer shots due to the j and j safety issue. it's a 12 and still ahead over the kron 4 morning news. we are looking at the upcoming fire season and fire officials are getting pretty nervous. we'll tell you why. >> and after the break, actress amber heard takes the stand for day 2 in the trial against her johnny depp. her acts accuses her of
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defamation. a 14 and with a
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california facing its 3rd year of a drought. now, fire fficials say that we could be in for one of the worst
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seasons yet. >> because of that, a cal fire is touring the state right now. and there really trying to drive home the message of safety and preparedness. they say california is in a profound drought. we haven't had a lot of rain. obviously in the fall and that could mean hire more active fire season. cal fire is assembling crews right now and they're hiring more people and getting more equipment into place so they can be ready when a fire starts. >> it's li it's very difficult to when we'll get those fire starts. but i can tell you with the conditions we have now they are setting up possibly start sooner versus later. we do get the dispatches to any of these fires. we throw everything out and try to get it stopped as and as small as possible. >> so that's what they're doing. what they say you should be doing is getting yourself together, organized, getting the go bag, making sure that you have a defensible space around your home having a plan, evacuation
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plan and all that kind of thing. so plenty of time to do that this weekend. i would say it's friday. lot of people are going to be out enjoying the weather. let's see. we're in for hiring. a good morning, daria. hey, we're in for a foggy one this morning. this was overlooking one of our san francisco cameras overlooking the city. and as you can see, visibility is low. we've got some areas across the bay area. we're seeing those patchy pockets of fog. now, a lot of us encounter those light scattered showers across the bay area. i would call it just trace amounts of rain this morning in the east bay and inland areas along the north bay and the coast. a lot of you say you saw just some sprinkles. i did on my right into work this morning. again, windy, gusty conditions. this week. we have that on shore. wind moving into the bay area sticking around over the next few days. so make sure you have your jacket on tap if you factor in that you might see some wind gusts over cast throughout the day. highs right now, mid 70's conquered antioch. little more in the south in morgan hill. 78 san
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jose. 76 today along the coast path will bay your 58 and in the north bay, santa rosa mid 60's up there. look at that 7 day forecast, ok? so partly cloudy today. looks like we get a little sunshine saturday and then for mother's day, we the clouds return. so again, we're in the 60's for most of the week there. we might see some scattered showers on monday along the bayshore 50's sunday and monday and then you go back up to the 60's tuesday to thursday along the coast. 60's 50's for the rest the week. so just really a chilly one. so sorry. i would say if you're celebrating sunday, right? maybe make some reservations and okay right here. number one, everybody. when we did that survey and they said what moms really well in california, what they say don't remember number one was the sun out. >> no, it wasn't out to look sunday's set up by weather right side. thanks, kids. and it didn't even caution. i'm all right. let's take a look at the bay bridge because the approach has been so quiet as if everybody has.
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>> mother's day weekend off because it is a weekend and it starts today. so make sure that you say thank you to mom. look at and that what a great commute. if you have to go into work. san mateo bridge was also looking terrific. their space between cars there. you do have more company, that's nice because somebody to keep you company and the san mateo bridge it richmond center fell bridge. oh, my gosh. that's emptied out. there were there was never really a backup anyway, but it's quieter than ever at this time. and now let's go to the baby on golden gate bridge. sorry, the golden gate has been socked in and more well traveled. you can see a lot of traffic here, and that means it's probably a pretty slow commute. through the north. a marine county into san francisco when it looks this busy on the deck. 18 right now. and today, oakland mayor libby schaff announces a plan to make sure that all students in the city have access to high-speed internet home. the city has put together a 12 million dollar plan to ensure that all students have access to a home
8:19 am
computer and tech support. and the city is going announce a plan to increase broadband ty, too. speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco celebrating the grand opening of affordable housing. it's called cass and she joined mayor london breed and community leaders and there it is 143 unit apartment complex. it's on 16th street in the mission district. speaker pelosi credited president biden for the funding. last year. the house democrats passed to start the. >> 24 billion dollars for housing which would be the largest case and 228,004 28,000 affordable housing. you think california. >> and i cannot wait until we continue to cut the ribbons purchase these properties and get these homes built. so the san francisco truly remains a place for all. >> mayor reed also said this last families to stay rooted in their community while
8:20 am
providing critical on-site services. it's a 19 and national news for the second day in a row, actress amber heard took the stand as she described alleged abuse by her ex husband, johnny depp. depp is suing, heard for defamation. sloane glass has a look at what happened. >> pounding the back of my head pounding with this this tonight. >> don't even remember feeling pain. i just. come here. >> myself screaming until i couldn't hear myself anymore. day 2 of amber heard's testimony in the defamation trial brought on by her ex-husband and global star johnny depp. i thought this is how i die. he's going kill me now and i'm not. >> you can count me in. even have realized it. >> heard's defense team introduced shocking new photos allegedly showing debt passed out on drugs. heard claimed on
8:21 am
the stand that the photos were taken after binges of cocaine and alcohol and adding that depp introduced his teenage daughter lily rose depp to marijuana. her described in graphic detail, a physical altercation on a plane where she claims depp slapped her and kicked her all while passengers on the plane watched in silence. >> my back is turned to him and i feel this. in my back. it just came to me. in the back. fell to floor. >> and audio she took on that plane ride. debt can be heard howling in an apparent drug fueled episode. according to her, the fight stemmed from a fit of jealousy. death apparently outraged overheard
8:22 am
accepting a role alongside movie star james franco. depp has emphatically denied ever hitting heard or any woman but heard claims depp's jealousy was responsible for multiple violent outburst, testified that depp broke her nose after the 2014 met gala after debt believed heard was flirting with another woman. we get back to the hotel room. >> and and johnny shoves me. and kind of grabs me by the collar bone area. think at that point when we're still in the living room, i shoved him back. and at some just wax me in the face. >> that was sloane glass reporting this morning. the trial is going to be in recess for the next week. it's a 22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> an accident in san jose at this home kills a contractor was doing construction. we're going to
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we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful.
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this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable! but when it comes to everything our family needs... this one is... perfect. now this store is the real deal. at floor and decor, there's plenty of room to explore. because with everyday low pricing on quality in-stock products and on-trend styles, you can really bring your living room to life. discover floor and decor today! accident in the south bay where a man was hit. >> by a work truck at a home construction site yesterday morning. kron four's justin campbell shows how it happened. >> the homeowners told me, unfortunately, they're generally contractor was tragically killed while working on the job. san jose police say they responded to this home on newport avenue in malone road near willow. glen high school, they say a work truck was backing up into the driveway to unload supplies for this patio construction.
8:26 am
the driver first hit a red bmw. you can see from these tire marks humane hop the curb win over the grass and hit the contractor, pinning him between the rear of his truck in a car that was parked in the driveway. police say the man died at a local hospital. the driver remained on the scene and authorities say he did not impaired. san jose police working to improve roadway safety. this marks the 8 teeth pedestrian fatality of the year. reporting here in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> coming up, oakland police officers break up a sideshow overnight. just ahead, what officers say they're doing to stop the illegal activity.
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8:30 am
through the bay area. and again, just nestled on top of us from the north to the south bay. current temperatures outside right now, low 60's paulo alto, san jose. 16 alameda. 59 in oakland and berkeley novato. 59 57 in petaluma tracking that 7 day for you. so you can make those mother's day plans. that's coming up. daria. all right. and let's get a look at the traffic, which i'm sure that. and every has the day off is in a national holiday in a different honest, don't have to work today, apparently because the bay bridge has been so light traffic around the bay has just been like today, which is great friday. light is what we used to call it before the pandemic in. you can see here at the san mateo bridge is very light commute for you there westbound. 92 is the right hand side. the fog clear here pretty early. it was never foggy at the richmond center fell bridge and it was a little bit back up earlier. but now it is an easy ride and then in county. we're looking here at the commute over the golden gate bridge, which we've talked
8:31 am
about, whether lies being socked in. it's also been really busy. now. you can seal the cars and that means that one 0, one are in southern ran onto the bridge is definitely going to be kind of slow and heavy, too. and that too, could be a factor of the fog there as well. it's 8.30, in new this morning. oakland police broke up a big sideshow last night. officer told several dozen cars away they were involved in the illegal activity and kron four's. camila barco is in the newsroom with more. camilla. daria, it's an ongoing problem that oakland police officers keep tackling overnight. officers had several dozen cars towed. >> after the drivers participated in illegal sideshow. activity. here's a few pictures of the cars impounded after officers say they were participating in a sideshow. we don't have the specifics about the incident. but officers say that any violent, destructive and illegal behavior will not be tolerated. they say the sideshows are reckless and unsafe and the normally lead
8:32 am
to vandalism, physical assault, gun fires and injuries. for example, about 3 weeks ago, officers arrested one person after they say that person punched an officer in the face during a sideshow. another incident in march, one man died following a sideshow that involved 600 cards. police say that each weekend officers are deterring and enforcing these illegal sideshows and even after they have ended, they still continue with their criminal investigation. officers are following up on the people who were at the scene. they say they will go to their homes and tow the cars that take part in this activity. now, daria, with the weekend approaching, officers will once again be shutting down any illegal sideshows that they see. but of course, they always want the public's help. if anyone happens to see any of the sideshows happening, the ask that they call police. dion, back to you. all right. thanks a lot, camilla. >> and happening now, oakland police are looking for a car that they think is connected to a deadly stabbing. here's a picture of the car they are
8:33 am
looking for. the stabbing happened last sunday morning on lakeshore avenue in this car is a gray honda civic. you can see it as a son of look behind the sunroof. and you can see there's faded paint on the roof of the vehicle. there's a $10,000 reward being offered for information that leads to an arrest in the stabbing. the person who was stabbed went to the hospital and that is where they died. happening today, there's a new crime fighting app that's launching in the bay area. it's called bodyguard. it's sort of like uber for security services where users can hire on-demand security. the apps creator says that he started working on this after seeing the countless attacks against the aap i community kron four's taylor. the second takes a look. >> a new safety app called bodyguard will hit the streets of san francisco on friday. episode of this is what it spied meet with staff. i want to come here. santa con care. doris says he founded body guard in the face of rising anti-asian hate crimes during
8:34 am
the pandemic in hopes of preventing future attacks like these from happening. bodyguard is a mobile app to hire on demand security professionals to help you get from point a to point b safely talk great and frustration of seeing all these >> if recent anti asian hate attacks specifically towards asian and particularly at asian elderly women. when i saw those 2 asian lady gets staff waiting for the bus after going grocery shopping. it broke my heart. however, queued our says the app is for everyone as a tax and safety concerns reach all demographics every day. i watch all these attacks. >> you know, for a fight, you know, robberies, invasion of homes. it's like, oh, my god that and believes it's this chaotic. it's. >> is this kid? our first launched the app in los angeles. now he'll be in san francisco and oakland over the weekend, educating people and businesses about these new
8:35 am
services. >> first, here's doesn't $20 per hour is that you open it up, you know you go and you browse through the profiles. we have sections you know, and you see his rating, his review, its price get the services offers. and you request just like a kid says all security guards and independent body guards have to be licensed and insured and go through strict background checks. >> he says customers will be able to choose whether or not they want armed security. >> and they also have the option for on foot or car ride assistance. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> it's a 35 and hayward residents are now responsible for illegal fireworks set off on their property. even if you didn't set it off. but if it's on your property, this is part of the city's public nuisance ordinance. a new ordinance that went into effect yesterday and the adjustment means that if somebody set off fireworks on your property, it's $1200 for the first offense $3,000 to the property
8:36 am
owner. that's the fine for the second and $5,000 for a 3rd offense. you can report illegal fireworks activity online through the city's access hayward website. a sacramento defense attorney is breaking down the complex nature of the court case surrounding the downtown sacramento mass shooting. 6 people were killed and 12 others were injured last month when police say gangs started shooting at each other. zach boetto has the details. >> far miley martin and his younger brother d andrej martin showing no emotion in the courtroom as the judge read the multiple counts of weapons and murder charges against court documents released this week place. the martin brothers at the scene of the shooting on april 3rd in downtown sacramento and alleged the both opened fire during the exchange, including smiley shooting an automatic block. right now. it's i think it's too early to tell. >> because the prosecutor has just decided to go by way of
8:37 am
murder. and i don't know what they know exactly who did what you know. but in general now they're just saying, well, at least we know you guys, we think you're the shooters. and so people were dead. therefore, we've got to bring these murder charges. both brothers arrested just days after the shooting. 12 people were injured and 6 were killed that night, including 3 say were also involved in the gunfight state and says prosecutors have a complex case on their hands. the prosecutors, i believe, have a. >> they have a hard job in deciding did what. and then there's another murdered very that they can come back with just provocative murder, which means. >> of the guys who passed away. they might charge the guys who are living with their death. in that they were part of a team in the and one of the teen get shot. and so the prosecutors can charge with my teammates down the court documents paint a picture of
8:38 am
that night starting with social media post been to surveillance images capturing the rival gangs coming together and exchanging words before opening fire state and believes the gang affiliations will help prosecution determine if the martin brothers along into la peyton still on the run will be charged with the deaths of their peers. they filed a gang enhancements. >> so that's how they're going to try to tie relationships together and reasons why this may have occurred on the video. the precursor video, they call it on that video. you know, they are talking about game gang names, things like that. so >> it clearly raises red flags that this is going to be a gang enhancement type case as the prosecution goes through video evidence, ballistics and witness testimony and the victims families still waiting for justice. >> that was zach reporting. >> the time now is 8.38. other news that we're following this morning. coming up, a new effort to get more people to travel to the bay area. we're
8:39 am
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♪ ♪ right now. and a 13 year-old boys in the hospital with serious injuries after he was stabbed at school. this happened monday at everett, middle school and san francisco. apparently there was a fight with another student and this is all left parents and faculty and students wondering about safety. some parents say that some of the students have been
8:42 am
more aggressive after returning to campus in the wake of the pandemic and the a parent teacher student association says that there's a lack of full-time teachers and that is also, they say, affecting student behavior. >> so i just you know, i'm just taking my kid out of those classes and a time because i don't want him to be. >> an environment that is risky with not that can help. >> here's some of what everett middle school's principal had to say in a letter that was sent out to the parents. you can see in part, it says basically that the staffing shortages have exacerbated the challenges that urban public schools have faced for a long time challenge that the that are rooted in societal issues that we must address together in the community. on monday, san francisco district attorney chase dean is going to sit down with kron for an answer. questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. this interview. it will be live
8:43 am
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big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. >> 45 you need a hat? tomorrow? is the kentucky derby. not that we're going to be going. but >> let's take a look at more at the derby right now.
8:46 am
>> the site and the sounds of the fastest 2 minutes in sports is right around the corner. saturday. 23 year-old horses will run for the roses in the 148 kentucky morning line. favorite is and on with 3 to one odds. the other 19. >> including names like teva at 12 to one cyberknife at 20 to one and long shots like tis the bomb. a one dollar bet on bomb. we'll catch you 30 bucks. speaking of cash overall bets for the derby could be more than 250 million dollars. very how good a more says these are how well their training going into it and what a fast race that we expected to be. the winning horse saturday will make about 1.8 million. >> the event is not void of controversy because last year, medina spirit and trainer bob baffert was stripped of the crown. >> after the horse tested positive for better methods
8:47 am
own in a post-race sample. that substance is banned. baffert received a two-year ban from churchill downs for the violation. any horse trained by baffert can't run in churchill until those 2 years are wrapped up. medina spirit died after a workout in december of 2021. and alone who originally finished second was declared the winner of the 2021. kentucky derby. >> so that will be happening this weekend. and what will you be doing this weekend? is it going to be something outdoors with mom? i was just discussing that with the rain. as she said, it might not be the best mother's day for like a picnic or and arya. it's going to be actually a very cool one for mother's day. so jackets for mom, indoor wow. we're talking about that fall. we've been seen and those clouds, the golden gate bridge just barely peeking out and saying hello to us here. you want to be mindful as you're traveling in all of this dense fog in terms of temperatures,
8:48 am
we are cooling down. we have some onshore winds arriving into the bay area. cooling us down today into the next few days. so definitely a gusty want. so again, i'm saying, mom, i appreciate something around. maybe heater her some sort of fire. again, we're looking at our highs for today across the map. soaps, mid 70's out and conquer livermore up in antioch and the south bay, san jose. 76 morgan hill york. 78 along the coast. 58 there novato 69 in mill valley. 61. so you got the lowell to ground fog. you have the wind that were seen those gusty conditions all make for a very cool week. today, 70 for highs inland. and then we start to cool off gradually over time we make our way into the 60's on mother's day. look at that. 63. and then we could even see some scattered showers. if this continues like this on monday along the bay shore here, mid 60's at the start of the 50's in the middle 60's in doubt and along the coast, he pretty much stay consistently in the 50's. so
8:49 am
again, dari, i'm just i'm just debating is trying to figure out still warm way that i can do something nice for i am definitely rethinking my right now. yes, sunday, not the best >> sunniest days. that's for sure. but it's a great day today for the commute. >> for mother's day weekend, as i like to say, because why not stretching out to a whole weekend in the bay bridge? looks terrific here. it's been friday light all morning long. it really has never stacked up. >> san mateo bridge got a little bit busy as you can see right now. i mean, there are cars on it, but the rolling at the limit. >> lots of space between the car. so you know that that's an easy ride. the richmond sandra fell bridge was a bright spot this morning. it's really where there was so much fog going into marion county, but not at the bridges. you can see it's all the golden gate bridge and it's all probably and southern rant and traffic has pretty heavy. so kind of probably a little bit of a slowdown as you get on to the golden gate bridge and then head into san francisco. it is national travel and
8:50 am
tourism week. the planning your next trip can be difficult because of covid. you've got to think a lot of things you use to covers. rob nesbitt takes a closer look. >> in a survey conducted by the american hotel and lodging association. 2 thirds of people say they plan on traveling during the summer months. the numbers are almost back to where they were pre pandemic, but it's been more of a struggle, bringing business travel back while more americans are making the choice to make their travel plans. the bay area doesn't seem to be the destination of choice. according to president and ceo of the american hotel and lodging association, chip rogers and san jose. he says leisure travel will be down this year by 16%. and business travel will be down by more than 50% total economic activity generated that will be lost because those numbers are back to 2019 levels. >> it's about 750 million dollars, the san jose community. and that means a lot of jobs. rogers was joined by the san jose chamber of commerce president derek seaver to encourage people to chew san jose as a travel destination and for businesses
8:51 am
to book flights for their employees. instead of sending zoom invites, don't just focus solely on productivity but also put a focus on connectivity and the importance of getting individuals back out. >> a face-to-face meetings getting individuals together. it's a request that mayor london breed made back in march when she announced the bloom sf festival. since then, there have been towards draws such as march madness. basketball games and for 20 in golden gate park. but business travel is having a harder come back. hotels in san francisco are on pace to see the sharpest decline in business travel revenue of all major u.s. cities with a drop of nearly 70%. it's why the american hotel and lodging association held a panel discussion in the city. >> to highlight the importance of reigniting travel overseas >> it doesn't stop a travel campaigns. roger says policy plays an important role and wants to see the federal government lift the testing mandate that requires travelers from other countries to provide a negative covid
8:52 am
test when entering the u.s. regardless of vaccination status, courage people to get back out and travel to encourage our elected officials to take steps that are necessary to help improve the travel conditions to give an idea for how much leisure and business travel affects the local economy. >> rogers says that for every $100, a person spends in a hotel, they spent another $220 in the community. they visit in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> it's a 52 and we will be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> it's 54 right now. and you want a car. just pick one out and put a quarter in and it will come out of the car van, a vending machine want to caution on the quarter but is an eight-story vending machine. it just opened in daly city and, you know, i've seen these in the past like years past, they started developing this type of idea and other countries. and now here it is, right. the bay area, you pick out the car online and then you select what day and time you want to pick up your vehicle and you go to the vending machine. i guess the card spits out. you drive it off. and i don't know about that. that part like how you get the key. is there a person there manning it so many questions that probably never the answers to because i don't see myself buying a car out of a vending machine or pbuy a car right now because they're so expensive. but look at that is pretty cool. look at. i think it i think it's going to be a new selfie spot. i think people are going to go
8:56 am
and deadly for tourists and everything else are looking lose for sure. it's really cool. looking. it's located. if you want to go looking to yet the unit, pero serra boulevard and it opens at 09:00am. it's 8.55. and coming up in the next hour, bart is getting ready to expand into the south bay. we're going to tell you. >> about the plan and when it will actually happen, you'll be able to ride and democrats are trying to bring a lot to protect reproductive rights to a vote in the senate. we're going to tell you, white senate leader chuck schumer says it's time for lawmakers to pick a side. and pick a place where you can test and treat for covid all in one stop shopping right here in the bay area. we'll show you where it is.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
see weather-wise. what is going to be like it's definitely not going to be quite a good picnic day as we've been talking about on sunday and today, even it's a kind of a rough start. rain, a little cool. a little fog out there. yeah, a little rough start. and like all the moms out others in your life. >> happy pre mother's day. we're looking out of the golden gate bridge right now. you can see that dense fog had a lot of people have experienced traveling this morning. so take your time. low beams. if you do run into a patch of fog, we've got clouds across much of the bay area right now and patches of fog. so you're going to see that if you do have anything planned today, make sure you factor that in mind. current temperatures outside right now we're starting to warm up a little bit. so 60's now across the map, oakland out in alameda concord, 62, nevada, 61, fairfax, 59. we'll have a look at that. 7 day. you need to have a plan for mom. that's coming up soon. daria, back to you. ok, let's take a peek at the commute, which has been a breeze. just look at how wonderful it is thae


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