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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  May 6, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>>home. streaming now from kron 4, the bay area's local news station. >>lawmakers continue to speak up about the possible overturn of roe v wade. today's call to action from 2 bay area. congresswoman and the latest move to legalize abortion in california. plus, the mma fighter accused of killing a man on a san jose highway appeared in court this morning. we're outside of the courtroom with the latest word from the defense. and another dangerous sideshow unfolds on oakland city streets. the warning now being issued by police. thanks for joining us
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on kron on news at noon. i'm stephanie lay in today. some bay area congresswomen are calling on the senate to pass the women's health protection act. they gathered at mountain view city hall today calling on the senate to move forward with that bill right now, democrats don't have enough votes to push that bill forward. here's congresswoman anna eshoo. >>the women forced to carry a pregnancy. we're more likely to experience it. clamps ya. and we're more likely to stay with abusive partners. they were 4 times more likely to be living below the poverty level and 2 women in the study who were denied abortion care died of pregnancy related causes reproductive choice is personal. it's private and it's serious and we should trust women. >>to make those decisions. >>as the future of roe v wade hangs in the balance, california attorney general rob bonta is speaking up. he
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held a press conference in long beach today. he said the fight will continue and that reproductive freedoms are non negotiable. in february, the attorney general took steps to ensure reproductive health care in prisons and jails. >>all people deserve. >>access 2 legal, safe. >>abortion, this if it becomes final, well, lead to a reduction in access to safe abortions, people will get hurt. health will be harmed. people will die. and so we're raising our voices to fight. and we're raising our voices to say now going backwards. hell no to reverse scene. 50 years of settled law no to stripping women of their right to reproductive freedom. >>closer to home protests about the draft opinion leak continued in the bay area. the latest unfolding in the south bay thursday night,
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demonstrators march down santana row to show their support for reproductive rights. meanwhile, high fences now surround the supreme court building in washington, d.c., lawmakers are calling for more security measures as tensions over the national abortion rights continue to rise. correspondent joe khalil has a look at the reaction on capitol hill now that supreme court justices are getting threatened with violence. >>yeah, obviously your adrenaline starts to get pumped up. todd keil still remembers what it was like when the person he was hired to protect. it's credible threats to their lives. you understand the risks that you might be facing. it was one of his first thoughts after the bombshell supreme court draft opinion ending roe v wade protections was and at least 2 senators confirmed this week. some justices have received real threats. he'll retire diplomatic service agent who
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protected diplomats and cabinet secretaries says supreme court police have to take outside threats seriously and must assume that whoever leaked the opinion could also be a threat have to look at internal threat. an internal threat is extremely challenging. potentially an internal threat is coming from someone who has access. >>someone who has an id badge, someone who can get close to the justices provide protective details for the judges and their families who've already been threatened with violence. republican john cornyn and democrat chris coons introduced a bill to provide more police resources. >>and round the clock security for the 9 justices and their families at work and at home given the heightened threat level and it's not just to attack against the independence of the judiciary. this risks violence against members of the supreme court and their families. that was joe khalil reporting. >>our coverage of the battle over abortion rights continues online. you can always find the latest updates on our
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website. kron 4 dot com. another big story we're following in the south bay today. a former mma star accused of murder appeared in court for a 3rd time. cain velasquez faces decades in prison for allegedly trying to kill a man accused of molesting his young family member. kron on's charles clifford has details. >>well, here's santa clara county cain velasquez's remains in custody, but his supporters say he should be set free on friday morning. former mma star cain velasquez's appeared in a santa clara county courtroom. he was expected to enter a plea, but the hearing was continued. he's facing multiple charges, including for attempted murder. prosecutors claim that on february 28th kane tried to kill this man. harry goularte e is accused of sexually molesting a 4 year-old girl who was a member of cain's family. cain allegedly pursued dillard in a high-speed car chase along highway one. 0 one, and then attempted to shooting with a handgun, wounding another man in the process. cain was arrested without incident the same day.
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he remains in custody in a so far been denied bail outside the courtroom on friday, cain's family, friends and fans showed their support. his attorney says he should be set free. i don't think. >>anybody who believes for a second mccain is a threat to the community. if anything, these part of fabric part of the fabric of the community, i don't think, but there's any worry whatsoever. meanwhile, harry guardia remains out of custody as he awaits trial on charges of lewd acts with a minor. >>cain velasquez's next court appearance is set for may 16th in the south bay charles clifford kron. 4 news. >>following breaking news from havana, cuba, where authorities say at least 8 people have been killed in a powerful hotel explosion. the blast ripped through the 5 star hotel saratoga earlier this morning. this video shows smoke billowing from the building and the outer walls destroyed. search and rescue efforts are underway for about a dozen people who are reported missing. officials
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say the 96 room hotel was under renovation. the explosion is being blamed on a gas leak. turning now to the war in ukraine today, president zelensky expressed concerns about russia's escalating nuclear threats against his country. >>people are old concern because of the be in will then find some we do not accept this. but again, i lack of acceptance of the black male. i'm sure. >>we're learning new details about a russian warship that was destroyed last month. that's when ukrainian forces located and hit the flagship of russia's black sea fleet. the sinking of that ship was a major blow to the russian military. u.s. officials tell news nation that ukraine alone decided to target and sank that ship. but the u.s. as they have provided a range of intelligence to ukraine. that includes the vocations of russian ships. the blood,
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battle at the besieged steel plant in mariupol is still ongoing. 500 civilians have been evacuated as russian troops continue their attacks. but hundreds more still believed to be trapped inside that plant, rescue operations and evacuations are underway right now. a 300 million dollar yacht owned by a russian oligarch seized by fiji. law enforcement at the request of the united states. the doj estimating the yacht has annual running costs between 25 30 million dollars. people were claims the ship was planning to head to the philippines, but authorities believe it's intended actual destination was for russian waters. so it could not be seized by the u.s.. all right. let's get a quick check of our forecast now from kron on meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. haim >>there, stephanie. yeah. and we actually got reports of drizzle today, especially. >>for those of you along the coastline of the north bay
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actually saw more than a 10th of an inch of drizzle out there throughout the overnight hours into this morning. still very foggy out there in the north bay. but starting to see the sun come out for downtown san francisco with a lot of sunshine in the east bay and south bay. so let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. low 70's for san jose livermore and paulo alto with half moon bay currently in the low 60's. and we are tracking widespread low to mid 60's with the exception of timber on certainly seeing that low cloud cover hanging tight there at 57 degrees. so when tracker for we are going to see though, cool sea breeze influence a little bit breezy out there for east bay valleys. and even for those of you in fairfield, 21 mile per sustained winds but future cast for will show drizzle remaining for those of you in the north bay drying out for the rest of the bay area and even into your saturday, we're going to see a lot more sunshine. but that cool sea breeze going to keep temperatures on the cool side this weekend with temperatures 5 to 15 degrees below average
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starting sunday through early this upcoming week. we are tracking some light scattered showers, mainly for those of you in the north bay by sunday. but we could see that storm track start to shift to the south and east are just a heads up there. if you do have any plans for mother's day, especially if you plan on going outside having a nice brunch or lunch, we are going to notice some possible light scattered hit or miss showers, mainly for those of you in the north bay. and then a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms with the possibility of hail and even scattered showers and well below average temperatures monday into tuesday. more my full forecast in just a few minutes. stephanie, back to you. looking forward to it. thank a coming up on kron on the oakland police officer, the oakland police stops. another sideshow, telling dozens of cars that were involved. >>you're watching kron on more news in just minutes. and up next, get yourself. a bodyguard with a single click of a button. we'll explain.
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>>4 people are recovering from serious injuries after a car fell off a cliff. it happened near the sutro baths in san francisco early this morning around 3, the san francisco fire department tweeted out photos. fire officials say they don't know how fast the car was traveling but know that it went down 30 to 40 yards off the cliff. the vehicle ended up buried in the sand. and we're following a homicide investigation in the
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north bay. people found 2 people or rather police found 2 people dead inside a home in santa rosa. it happened on aston avenue near the sonoma county fairgrounds that we have a photo of the scene. police say both people had gunshot wounds. a gun handgun was found inside the home. this is the 5th homicide of the year in santa rosa. the motive and circumstances surrounding the shooting are under investigation. to the south bay. now where one man is dead after being hit by a work truck that a home construction site thursday morning. kron on's justin campbell tells us how it happened. >>the homeowners told me, unfortunately, their general contractor was tragically killed while working on the job. san jose police say they responded to this home on newport avenue in malone road near willow. glen high school, they say a work truck was backing up into the driveway to unload supplies for this patio construction. the driver first hit a red bmw. you can
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see from these tire marks humane hop the curb win over the grass and hit the contractor. pinning him between the rear of his truck in a car that was parked in the driveway. police say the man died at a local hospital. the driver remained on the scene and authorities say he did not appear impaired. san jose police working to improve roadway safety. this marks the 8 teeth pedestrian fatality of the year. reporting here in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >>the police search continues for the suspect connected to a deadly stabbing in oakland. here's a photo of the suspects car. there it is. the stabbing happened last sunday morning on lakeshore avenue. the car is described as a gray honda civic with a sunroof and stated paint on that roof, a reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest in this case, police found the victim and took them to a hospital where they later died. a new
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crime fighting apple launches in the bay area today. it's called bodyguard. it's like an uber for security services. according to the developer, you can hire on-demand security to help you get from point a to point point b safely. the apps creator says he started working on this app after seeing the countless attacks against members of the ap. i community, however, he says the app is for everyone as a tax and safety concerns effect. people of all demographics. >>every day i watch all these attacks, you know, for a fight, you know, robberies, invasion of homes. it's like, oh, my god that and believes it's this chaotic. it's. >>the creator says. the creator says it cost $20 per hour for first here, users of the app and then the price goes up from there. all security, an independent body guards signed up with the app have to be licensed and insured and go through strict
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background checks. customers will be able to choose whether or not they want armed security. they also can select an option someone to walk alongside them or transport them in a vehicle. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after this. police
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are asking for the public's help to find a teenager from
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fresno. investigators believe that she could either be in oakland or in the state of georgia. 14 year-old lacy giro was reported as a runaway from her home in fresno back on april. second police say the teen has a history of mental illness and runs away often. but this time they believe she may have become a victim of human trafficking. lacey is described at as a 5 feet 2. at 120 pounds. she has a piercing on the left side of her nose. violence at a middle school in san francisco sent the boy to the hospital and it's leaving parents and faculty scrambling for answers. kron on's has the comedian has that story. >>a 13 year-old boy was hospitalized with serious injuries after being involved in a physical altercation with another student at everett middle school in san francisco happened monday at around it's scary. you know something like that happen. we are really
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very concerned about the safety of our students so that every middle school parents say that some students have been more aggressive after returning to campus in the wake of the pandemic. and i seen different type of behaviors ever says covid started. add to that the co chair of the everett middle school ptsa says a lack of full-time teachers also plays a role in student behavior. so i just, you know, just taking my kid out of those classes and a time because i don't want him to be. >>an environment that is risky with not. >>can help. >>well, thursday, the principal sent a letter to the everett school community addressing these issues. it reads in part, quote, as we know, there has been an alarming and urgent rise in mental health concerns and behavioral incidents since the start of the pandemic. not just everett but across our district and our country. in addition, we are facing challenges such as staffing shortages due to a high number
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of unpredictable staff absences for a variety of reasons, including becoming sick with covid-19. this exacerbates the challenges that urban public schools have faced for a long time challenges that are rooted in societal issues that we must address together in community. this is not a story that many in the media will report, but this more nuanced complicated story provides the context for the situation in which we find ourselves and by collaborating with one another. we can change this reality. that poll. >>the issue is that many schools need resources and many schools feel unsafe. >>former has a few as the teacher and former san francisco board of education commissioner allison collins says the district act including resolution pass during her tenure on the school board would help a comprehensive assessments of support services in schools. what are the needs that students have as far as social workers, school nurses, security staff, which keep kids safe, they're professionals, all of those resources. those school board
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unanimously voted on that. >>has he let you run for news? >>conquer teacher now faces felony and misdemeanor charges for allegedly engaging in inappropriate acts with minors. 60 year-old ian walker last hot at pine hollow middle school. the mount diablo unified school district says it first learned of complaints from students against walker in march walker was placed on leave during an investigation. concord police say walker is at the contra costa county jail right now. the district says he is not allowed back in the classroom and they are working on permanently ending his contract with the school. happening today, the city college of san francisco board of trustees is voting to potentially lay off 200 faculty members. this comes after 11 protesters were arrested for civil disobedience participating in a camp out demonstration at the college. a viewer shared this video with us from the campus. san francisco police tell us they responded to the city college around 4.30,
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yesterday afternoon. the several protesters included are rather several protesters who are arrested included the school staff and union members. today. oakland mayor libby schaff will announce a plan to make sure all students in the city have access to high-speed internet at home. the city has put together a 12 million dollar plan to ensure that all students also have access to a home computer and tech support. city officials are expected to announce a plan to also increase broadband across the city. here's some good news for people commuting to and from the south bay barr got the green light to start its expansion into santa clara county. the vta board of directors approved the money for construction of phase one of this project caught on sarah stinson with the latest for us. >>this was a critical next step to get the ball rolling on this project. once it's completed, which is years from now, it will allow people to get from oakland or san francisco down to san jose. a
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lot of people work in silicon valley. so this would be a huge public transit upgrade. this is a rendering of the project to what one of the bart stations will look like. it's a huge project with a lot of moving parts. the first phase of this project was completed in 2020 with an extension of bart trains going from milpitas to san jose's, various a neighborhood. the second phase is building a six-mile long extension from bart to downtown san jose and santa clara yesterday, the vta board unanimously approved 235 million dollars to get the second phase going. a company has been hired to do prep work for the tunnels and trackwork. this really is the first major step to building >>the second phase of this full extension, the entire project is projected to cost 7 billion dollars money. the vta is looking to get funding for and they say it's worth every penny you can circle the entire bay. now the it connects downtown san jose to
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the other 2 large cities in the bay area, oakland and san francisco. it connects employers to more employees and employees to more jobs. it is a environmentally friendly solution to mobility and an alternative to the current mode that we've all been using in our private the plan is to have this project completed by 2030, or 2031. it depends on all of those moving parts we discussed, but it's a very exciting project and one that will certainly help people's commute. i'm sarah stinson reporting in san francisco. back to you. >>take a look at this new statue outside the chase center. there it is. the golden state warriors unveiled a glimmering, bronze statue of former san francisco mayor ed lee. lee played an important role in san francisco's efforts to bring the warriors to the city. sadly, he would never get to see the chase center completed. it opened nearly 2 years after his death from a heart attack yesterday would have been the former mayor's 70th birthday. you're
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watching kron on. we'll have more news after this. welcome
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back to kron on our top story at the bottom of the hour. police break up another dangerous sideshow in oakland. officers told several cars away kron on's camila barco reports with the message from officers. >>it's an ongoing problem at oakland police officers keep
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tackling overnight. officers had several dozen cars towed after the drivers participated in an illegal sideshow activity. here's a few pictures of the cars impounded after officers say they were participating in a sideshow. no specifics were given about the incident. but officers say this type of violent, disruptive and illegal behavior will not be tolerated. they say the sideshows are reckless and unsafe and they normally lead to vandalism, physical assault, gun fires and injuries. about 3 weeks ago, officers arrested one person after they say that person punched an officer in the face during a sideshow. now in march, one man died following a separate sideshow that involved 600 cars. police say each weekend officers are deterring and enforcing illegal sideshows even after they have ended. they still continue with their criminal investigation. officers will follow up on the people who are at the scenes. they say
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they will go to their homes and tow the cars that take part in the illegal activity. now officers will once again be shutting down any illegal sideshows they see this weekend, but they ask for the public's help. they ask if anyone happens to see any of these events happening to call police in the newsroom. camila barco kron. 4 news. >>east bay congressman eric swalwell arrived in san francisco today to discuss a crackdown on retail theft rings with the fbi. calls on u.s. attorney general merrick garland and the director of the fbi to work with state and local law enforcement to stop these types of crimes. according to a recent survey, 75% of retailers have seen an increase in thefts since 2020. >>it's terrorizing retail clerks. shoppers, people around our retail centers and at the end of the day, either criminals are going to run our
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communities or law and order. well. >>says retail of crimes can be traumatizing, not just for businesses, but for the surrounding communities as well. the fbi has not yet responded to swalwell's request for aid. but the congressman tells kron 4. he's optimistic they will agree to his request. on monday, san francisco district attorney chase sits down with kron four's catherine heenan to answer your questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. a live interview happens monday at 09:30pm. and you can submit your questions to our website. kron 4 dot com. the man accused of attacking comedian dave chappelle is expected to make his first court appearance today. he will not face felony charges in the case. and now legal analysts say chappelle could face a civil lawsuit. chappelle was finishing his his show at the hollywood bowl when 23 year-old a z ali allegedly tackled him on stage. chappelle security team then
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reportedly tackled lee depending on when and how all that unfolded. lee could potentially have grounds to sue chappelle for damages. and we have new information from state authorities tracking an escaped alabama murder suspects and the deputy that vanished with them. it's been one week since casey. why an officer, vicky white disappeared after leaving an alabama jail reporter. kelsey kernstine spoke to a former sheriff who arrested casey white several times. >>l weather going for case. a standout mill road had to 40 caliber glock pistols wants to page one of his temple threatening to kill himself. that's mike blakely, the former limestone county sheriff describing one of the many nights arresting 38 year-old casey white. a company called his mom and tell i love you >>as a gaze, and nobody's going to add that he's oh, yeah, he's my count. the only likely says for the most part, casey had no issues in the
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jail, especially when he was on his medication. >>casey is a unstable mentally and he also is very dangerous when he drugs. you know, i was one man crime spree that we rest of the last time. blakely says that same night he escaped law enforcement, hijacked cars and shot someone. now these pictures just in from the u.s. marshal showing detail pictures of casey tattoos. he's about 300 pounds, 6 foot 9 with his lies. officials now believe cases connected to an alabama-based white-supremacist would self medicate himself with with with math than any other drug gives an zone between the 2 and knowing his criminal past. >>do you think he's the mastermind behind all of this females? >>male inmates? you know, you. >>have to always be on your toes. investigators confirmed 58 year-old corrections officer vicky white and casey had an ongoing relationship for years believing vicki would visit him in prison with different aliases. do think
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this woman that is west. do you think that she isn't in danger if she? >>don't know how to handle. and then yeah, i mean, anybody could in dying around him. >>now let's get a check of our forecast from kron on meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. mother's day is coming up and the breezes should we be taking our moms for brunch indoors or outside? i think it will be safe to keep it indoors. to be honest with you, stephanie. we are tracking scattered showers. cool temperatures as well. so keep that umbrella handy. we are going to notice some light hit or miss rain 60's for inland valleys. >>50's along the coast in radar for we are tracking some light drizzle chances continuing for those of you in the north bay still socked in with that high and low cloud cover there, but better clearing to the south. even downtown san francisco starting notice a mix of sun and clouds out there this afternoon and radar for going to show some major changes room could be 5 to 15 degrees below average starting sunday, even continuing through tuesday of next week. so future cast for going to show
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some light scattered showers in the north bay. but even starting to clip into parts of the san francisco peninsula. so just keep that in mind. that storm track going to shift to the south and east by sunday night and then we're going to notice a very cold core storm giving us the threat of possible pop-up thunderstorms with hail and also temperatures dipping 15 degrees below average for most bay area cities. that's going to continue on tuesday with light scattered hit or miss shwers. so not going to be much of a rainmaker. but the one thing we are going to notice is a fresh dusting of snow, especially elevations above 3,000 feet. so rain totals for your mother's day sunday. really just traces amount at best. the highest for those of you in the north bay, a few 1, 100's of an inch there. but then about a 10th of an inch of rain or less for the north bay monday through tuesday. so not going to be a big drop. a stir with traces of light rain expected for the rest of the bay area. but we are going to notice that threat of hail pop up
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thunderstorms monday into tuesday and snow levels dropping as low as 3,000 feet or highest peaks in the bay area. so very gloomy out there right now along golden gate bridge drive safely. but temperatures out there right now, widespread 60's and 70's with fremont 72 degrees. and we're starting to warm up into the low 70's for concord and dublin, paulo alto and san mateo ca. also in the low 70's. but right along the coastal seeing a little bit more cloud covers of downtown san francisco in the mid 60's. very seasonal nonetheless with oakland also in the mid 60's and nevado 68 degrees as you step outside right now. but take a look at just how cool it's going to get after today. we're going to track temperatures slowly cooling down by saturday. even with that extra sunshine and then low to mid 60's for warmest inland valleys all the way through tuesday, gradually warming up, though, by the middle of next week. but could see some light scattered showers late next week as well. so stay tuned for that. back to stephanie, i will have
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my umbrella ready. thank of >>california faces its 3rd year of extreme drought. kron on's theresa stasi explains why fire officials expect this year to be one of the worst fire seasons yet. >>november 2018 paradise, california. the camp fire killed. 85 people level close to 19,000 homes and structures and charred nearly 154,000 acres. cal fire officials say that it is still the most destructive fire in california history. now approaching the peak of fire season. fire officials say that they have some very deep concerns about what is around the corner. aware of what's going on. months into a pretty profound drought. >>so we're normal precipitation that we may get. and that showing that we have the >>possibility of having above normal fire season when it
12:39 pm
goes activity just due to those weather and fuel conditions. robert foxworthy of cal fire says since the camp fire, the destruction has accelerated. >>for example, last year's dixie fire stretched into 5 counties and burned. >>1400 structures. it's li it's very difficult to >>when we'll get those fire starts. but i can tell you with the conditions we have now they are setting up possibly start sooner versus later. foxworthy says that crews are assembling now getting ready to fight hiring is on the rise and more equipment such as special air units are in position to do get the dispatches to any of these fires. we throw everything out and try to get it stopped as and as small as possible. this week marks wildfire preparedness week, he says officials are touring the state to drive home the message to prepare now. >>just in case this is why we get out there now and try to impart on the public that now is the time to take those
12:40 pm
steps. >>to make your home and your family a safer and more survivable in a wildfire. >>theresa kron, 4 news. >>and now to that major wildfire burning in new mexico. firefighters in new mexico are starting to make some headway and slowing down the country's biggest wildfire burning right now. the flames now at the base of the rocky mountains have burned more than 168,000 acres. it currently covers an area larger than the city of chicago. the fire is about 20% contained. and president biden has issued a federal disaster declaration for the area. continuing to follow the damage left behind by severe weather in oklahoma and texas this week. at least 8 tornadoes touched down in the southern plains, homes, schools and businesses were destroyed. correspondent markie martin has a look at some of that damage.
12:41 pm
>>severe spring weather causing widespread damage across oklahoma and texas. a massive tornado touching down in seminole, oklahoma about an hour outside oklahoma city. this charter school taking a direct hit. this is the door that my husband and my 15 year-old son tried to hold shot as the tornado came through teacher, tiffany coker riding out the storm inside the academy safe room with her family and the janitor. it was the loudest thing i've ever heard. and and the creepiest thing, too, because you expect it to sound like a freight train and it did. but it also you also have the sounds of glass breaking. it felt like the room was almost breathing and there are stories of survival like hers all over town. i never scream like that my life and it scared me. fill. arbuckle was inside his home as all of his furniture and belongings fell down around him can do is set right here. >>and scream as loud as i can. son pray to god, please,
12:42 pm
please. my house. clean up. >>and power restoration already well underway as the governor toured the damage with the light of day. just thank the lord. no one was hurt and oklahomans like always are coming together pick up the damage and that we can rebuild the structure and around 200 miles. tornado kicking up dirt across farmlands in crowd, texas and eventually making its way to the roadways, putting drivers in unsafe conditions. >>for your health, new data shows more expectant moms are choosing to give birth at home because of covid concerns. some medical experts say that can put mom and baby at risk data from the cdc shows before the pandemic. some 38,000 women gave birth at home during the covid outbreak. that number went up to about 46,000. the percentage of home births increased by 22% has the highest level since 1990.
12:43 pm
reporter lynette romero talked with a mother who said giving birth at home during the pandemic was the right decision for her. but it might not be for everyone. watch this. >>same as everyone i say, he's the best thing. making it a pandemic. yeah, it was great. but 2 years ago in a scene it was about to come into the world. it was the peak of the pandemic, an uncertain in scary time, especially for moms about to give birth. apron may. they were night not allowing anybody in the house, but i had a friend that didn't even known. >>i was just terrified to go into hospital and now on. she says she couldn't risk it. and after doing her homework on home births, she decided not to go to the hospital. it was beautiful and it was really beautiful. it was, of course, they there was. >>we were nervous. it was a full house, her husband tino and have their dissent. they were by her side along with 2 midwives a doula and her pediatrician. remember, i was laying down in my bed.
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>>and they they saw the head. i started pushing and then she was born and she was not breathing. so that was i think the most stress one fired after nick. i mean, it should make started doing is a nice isn't moving and took her first breath, visionary cried. not every woman is a candidate for a home birth. >>i use myself as an example, even though it was almost 18 years ago, i thought about a home birth. i was healthy and had a great pregnancy. but i was an older mom in my mid 30's and considered high risk. so if something were to have gone wrong at home the time it would have taken me to get here to the er could have been dangerous for me and for my baby. ultimately one of the major obstetrical risks is the baby shoulders being stock. >>and you may only have seconds to few minutes to deliver that baby and may be difficult to transport mom and baby in and that kind of emergency setting. doctor pennies high, dairy. he's had to have important and serious
12:45 pm
conversations with many of her patients considering home births. >>in fact, she had 2 babies during the pandemic, one in 2021 last year both delivered in the hospital. there's one statistic that for many isn't worth the risk. there is a 2 to threefold >>perinatal last associated with home burst. you know, as women are giving first at with her age. they may have more complex medical issues. i think making that share decision with your physician about what your risks are. i think it is important and paramount into making that birthing experience the best for you. they send the powers to. >>at home. of course, i was afraid as the day came close area. now. it ended up being great. >>camila is grateful she had the option. many women don't. but mostly she's grateful that her pandemic baby is healthy
12:46 pm
and happy. >>coming up on kron on is your password hack are safe. what experts are saying coming up next. turning now to our
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covid-19 coverage. the u.s. is averaging about 53,000 new cases of covid. >>every day. and that number has more than doubled in the past month in california are
12:49 pm
averaging almost 5,000 new cases a day according to the cdc, all 9 bay area counties currently have a high rate of transmission. meanwhile, hospitalizations and deaths remain at near record lows on average 13 people a day are dying from covid in california. a big change for covid vaccines. regulators are limiting who can get the johnson and johnson covid vaccine because of the risk of rare but dangerous blood clots. the fda says the shot should only be given to adults who cannot get a different vaccine or it can be provided for people who specifically request the johnson and johnson shot in december. the cdc recommended prioritizing moderna and pfizer shots due to the j and j safety issues. welcome back. it's national travel and tourism week. but planning your next trip can be difficult to navigate because, of course, the pandemic kron on's rob nesbitt reports. >>in a survey conducted by the
12:50 pm
american hotel and lodging association. 2 thirds of people say they plan on traveling during the summer months. the numbers are almost back to where they were pre pandemic, but it's been more of a struggle, bringing business travel back while more americans are making the choice to make their travel plans. the bay area doesn't seem to be the destination of choice according to president and ceo of the american hotel and lodging association, chip rogers and san jose. he says leisure travel will be down this year by 16%. and business travel will be down by more than 50% total economic activity generated that will be lost because those numbers are back to 2019 levels. >>there's about 750 million dollars, the san jose community. and that means a lot of jobs. rogers was joined by the san jose chamber of commerce president eric seaver to encourage people to chew san jose as a travel destination and for businesses to book flights for their employees. instead of sending zoom invites, don't just focus solely on productivity but also put a focus on connectivity and the importance of getting
12:51 pm
individuals back out. >>a face-to-face meetings getting individuals together. it's a request that mayor london breed made back in march when she announced the bloom sf festival. since then, there have been towards draws such as march madness. basketball games and for 20 in golden gate park. but business travel is having a harder come back. hotels in san francisco are on pace to see the sharpest decline in business travel revenue of all major u.s. cities with a drop of nearly 70%. it's why the american hotel and lodging association held a panel discussion in the city to highlight the importance of reigniting travel overseas business it doesn't stop a travel campaigns. roger says policy plays an important role and wants to see the federal government lift the testing mandate that requires travelers from other countries to provide a negative covid test when entering the u.s. regardless of vaccination status, courage people to get back out and travel to encourage our elected officials to take steps that are necessary to help improve
12:52 pm
the travel conditions to give an idea for how much leisure and business travel affects the local economy. >>rogers says that for every $100, a person spends in a hotel, they spent another $220 in the community. they visit in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after this. for your money. now,
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people are still using
12:55 pm
passwords that are not hacker safe and the stock market will head into the weekend with a fresh look at jobs. jane king is in new york with those stories and more. >>it is a jobs report day. so it's a pretty good report. actually. 428,000 jobs added last month. that was more than expected. we thought to be more like 380,000. the unemployment rate held steady at 3.6%. now february 2020, the unemployment rate was 3 and a half percent. we're almost back those pre pandemic levels. manufacturing in particular added a lot of jobs last month. well, gas prices remain elevated due to increasing geopolitical tensions, especially with russia and high demand with travel. now, as of yesterday, west texas, intermediate oil is right around $108 a barrel. that is one of the things driving gas prices higher. now triple a says the current average in the bay area for regular unleaded is 5.95 a gallon a week ago was 5.84 and nationally. the average price of grade, a large aches was a
12:56 pm
$1.66. a dozen, those of 12% in just a week. it's up 73% in the past year, according to the ag department. well, shoppers are paying about 5% more for whole chickens a year ago makes poultry actually a relative bargain compared to other meats. and the reason for the increase and a gun in bird prices is the bird flu. and google ran a survey of 4,000 american adults in an effort to understand the steps we take to keep our digital life secure. and in short, we don't do very much. the survey found about 40% of us have dealt with the personal data breach. 20% of us admit we don't we use basic passwords that anybody could guess. now it's down to 5 people. one of them uses something like password for their log-in. >>and it is hatched day in the bay area. you can hear the chirping. their biologists at uc berkeley say that one of the chicks reared all done. and annie, i believe are their names has already hatched. there are 2 more aches. the university is inviting people
12:57 pm
to come. watch the peregrine falcons in person or online. the in-person event starts at 9 this morning. it will be on the south side of the valley life sciences building. falcon experts will be there to talk about what's happening. super cool to see that can fall. guns are one of my favorite birds really, really need to watch. thank you so much for watching kron on at noon. i'm stephanie lynn, we'll see you back here at 3. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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