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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  May 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good job, guys. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> buy just the amount of virus that we have flooding around that is pretty alarming in terms of your probability of catching a virus. >> tonight at 5 cause for concern as we head into a busy holiday weekend here in the bay area. covid cases are on the rise and today several bay area counties enter the cdc's yellow tier. don't to do that. thanks for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock. i'm grant lotus, justine waltman in for vicki liviakis tonight. and the cdc is reporting that there are more than 200 cases per 100,000
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people in san francisco, san mateo marin and santa clara counties for dropped as but joins us now live in studio with more on what experts are saying about this study increase in cases and what we can do to try to stop it. that's right. grant, though, california has moved away from the color-coded system. >> the cdc still use it to report community transmission levels. green furlough, yellow for medium and orange for high. >> you can see from this map of the bay area is now considered a yellow zone to the cdc, san francisco county having the highest transmission of covid with around 278 positive cases per 100,000 people. santa are in santa clara and san mateo counties are also in the yellow. the time for. >> just increased awareness and vigilance around the things we've all been doing for the last couple years. mark mellman is the director of public health at san mateo county. he says cases have steadily been increasing the last few weeks. the hospitalizations are a lagging
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indicator with around 20 residents of san mateo county in the hospital with covid right now. the those systems being able to continue to function, serve us well, we're we're doing okay with that infectious disease expert at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says the bay area going yellow is alarming in terms of the probability of catching covid but especially concerning for specific group of people who are older than 65 said. >> immune unvaccinated and an expose. he says there's still a large population who yet to receive their first booster shot. but he hopes that changes 12 flatten the curve. >> while covid charge trend upward doctor chin-hong motto is to continue to engage in life but do it with covid smart about you. i don't think we should live in we should just be response long. think about what's in the community. on says a big game changer with the current rise in covid cases compared to other surges is availability of the drug
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paxlovid for those who test positive and its effectiveness in preventing severe cases. live in the new studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you so much. a california bill that allow teens to get vaccinated without their parents consent. >> pass to key legislative committee and now heads to the full state senate. >> the bill introduced by senator scott wiener would allow minors 12 and older to consent to a vaccine on their own. if it has been approved by the fda and meets the recommendations of the cdc, currently children under the age of 18 cannot get most vaccines, including covid-19 shots without permission from their parents or guardians. if passed, california would have the youngest age group of any state that can be vaccinated without parental consent. just into the newsroom now we have found out that 2 people are dead after a small plane crash this afternoon near a tourist hot spot in marin county golden gate. national park service is reporting about
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2.15, a plane crash ridge north of councilman road in the marine headlines. that's where a lot of people stopped to take pictures of the golden gate bridge and also have beautiful viewof the city. we now know that both people on board that plane were found dead and the park service says that fog is completely obscuring the area. and the crash site is now closed for this investigation. there are no impacts, though, to the marine headlands as visitors are trying to get up there. and there's no real issue with traffic at this time. this is a developing story. kron four's terisa stasio. we'll have more for us during our primetime coverage starting at 8 o'clock tonight. >> as the future of roe versus wade hangs in the balance today, some bay area congresswoman called on the senate to pass the women's health protection act. they gathered at mountain view city hall today calling on the senate to move forward with the bill right now. democrats do not have enough votes in the senate to push it forward. here's congresswoman anna eshoo. >> the women forced to carry a
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pregnancy. we're more likely to experience it. clamps ya. and we're more likely to stay with abusive partners. they were 4 times more likely to be living below the poverty level and 2 women in the study who were denied abortion care died of pregnancy related causes reproductive choice is personal. it's private and it's serious and we should trust women to make those decisions. >> california attorney general rob bonta also speaking up about abortion rights in long beach today, reproductive freedoms he said are non negotiable. in february, the attorney general took steps to ensure reproductive health care would be happening in prisons and in jails. >> all people deserve access. 2 legal, safe abortion, this if it becomes final, will lead to a reduction in access to safe abortions, people will get hurt. health will be
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harmed. people will die. and so we're raising our voices to fight. and we're raising our voices to say no no to going backwards. no to reverse scene. 50 years of settled law a no to stripping women of their right to reproductive freedom. >> we know the league supreme court opinion is not the final word on whether federal abortion protections will be overturned. but we do continue to see consequences of that leaked draft nationwide. louisiana advanced a bill this week that would criminalize abortion and allow women to be charged with murder. washington correspondent alexandra limon reports. >> the taking of a life is murder and it is illegal, motivated by the leaked supreme court draft opinion that would reverse federal abortion protections this week. louisiana lawmakers advanced a bill that would categorize abortion as murder
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persons are deemed unworthy of legal protection for no other reason that they are not yet born. the state bill would allow women receiving abortions to be charged with homicide. one in 4 american women have had an abortion. congresswoman judy chu expects this type of criminalization of abortion to spread. each of these states are going to try to out do each other. >> in terms of being antiabortion chu says a majority of americans support access to safe legal abortions while the leaked supreme court opinion is only a draft and not final. democrats are already preparing for what to do after roe is overturned. >> hsu is pushing for congress to pass her women's health protection act to ensure abortion access nationwide. but that's unlikely to happen because democrats don't have enough support in the u.s. senate. we have to make sure that every body is engaged in terms of who they lack actually.
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>> on the local. >> the state and the federal level. women's health advocates warned that because of how it's written. the louisiana bill could also criminalize things like ivf and the morning after pill in washington. alexandra limon. >> take a look at this. the san francisco fire department tweeted out pictures of a car that fell off the cliff near sutro baths just before 3 o'clock this morning, 4 people were hurt, including 2 people who are in critical condition. fire officials say they don't know how fast the car was traveling, but it did go down 30 to 40 yards down that clifft. no word yet on why the car went over the cliff. >> police said several dozen cars towed after the drivers did stunts in a sideshow. and oakland late last night. here are some of the pictures of the cars impounded. those specifics were given about the incident, but officers say violent, disruptive illegal behavior will not be tolerated. about 3 weeks ago. police say officers arrested
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somebody after he punched an officer in the face during one of these sideshows. opd says they're tracking down anyone who participates in the sideshows. that includes go into their homes and towing the cars that have taken part in that illegal activity. >> now to the east bay where a gunman robbed the owners of a popular puerto rican restaurant and it was caught on surveillance video. now the father of that family owned business is calling on oakland city leaders to do something about crime in the city. kron four's has you. but you're the end of the workday behind your restaurant when suddenly mean the i'm bush on and they haven't gone. >> and they boost. and then if you have no tracks because when you wouldn't do it. and nothing you can do. >> it happened wednesday. may 4th just before 07:00pm that la perla, puerto rican cuisine restaurant on fruitvale avenue in oakland la perla has been
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serving customers in this area for over 5 years. the that first i've got to something nice jose ortiz as a father who co-owns the family restaurant with his children, he says his son is one of the 3 men being robbed. the video. >> you know, everybody rob everybody, the golfing that maybe about 4 a statement, you know, i'm going on. so something, make the lead-up. >> here's a photo taken from the surveillance video that he says shows the suspect's vehicle. it is described as a dark gray, newer model toyota camry. so, you know that book about. >> and 1000 that, he >> jose ortiz and his family are well known in this community. here you see him with congresswoman barbara lee, attorney general rob bonta and oakland police chief leronne armstrong. he is also known for being an outspoken business leader who's fed up with crime in oakland.
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>> i gave all my life community. they're the only thing may be feeling good that moment. coming on, have new on this season we long beach, the for the fight use and i have never you see the way that you might >> anyone with information about this robbery is asked to contact oakland police haaziq kron. 4 news. >> coming up, these big congressman eric swalwell is calling for federal help in the fight against organized retail theft. his plan to help retail clerks being >> and dangerous driving caught on camera. what this driver might have been avoided. and former mma fighter cain velasquez appear before a judge this afternoon. >> what was decided to the south bay courtroom? i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. lot of clouds begin to move into the bay area. may not be long. we might see a littl
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>> in the south bay, former mma star accused of attempted murder. you see him here. he appeared in court today. >> cain velasquez is facing decades in prison for allegedly trying to kill a man accused of molesting a young girl. >> kron four's charles clifford reports. >> well, here's santa clara county cain velasquez's remains in custody, but his supporters say he should be set free on friday morning. former mma star cain
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velasquez's appeared in a santa clara county courtroom. he was expected to enter a plea, but the hearing was continued. he's facing multiple charges, including for attempted murder. prosecutors claim that on february 28th kane tried to kill this man. harry is accused of sexually molesting a 4 year-old girl who was a member of cain's family. cain allegedly pursued in a high-speed car chase along highway one. 0 one, and then attempted to shooting with a handgun, wounding another man in the process. cain was arrested without incident the same day. he remains in custody in a so far been denied bail outside the courtroom on friday, cain's family, friends and fans showed their support. his attorney says he should be set free. i don't think. >> anybody who believes for a second mccain is a threat to the community. if anything, these part of fact part of the fabric of the community, i don't think, but there's any worry whatsoever. meanwhile, harry guardia remains out of custody as he awaits trial on charges of lewd acts with a minor. >> cain velasquez's next court appearance is set for may 16th
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in the south bay charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> new video here from the peninsula driver tried to speed away from a dui checkpoint. there he goes. this happened on el camino real and san carlos last night. you see the san mateo county deputies approaching with guns and flashlights, then the driver backs up pretty hard and speeds away in the wrong lane and 30's did not give any more details on this incident. they said they did arrest one person for dui. these big congressman eric swalwell is calling on the federal government to help crack down on retail theft rings. >> swalwell says that he wrote a letter to u.s. attorney general merrick garland and the director of the fbi to work with state and local law enforcement to stop these types of crimes. according to a recent survey, 75% of retailers have seen an increase in thefts since 2020 swalwell also says for every billion dollars in sales, 1 million dollars is lost to
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fact. >> it's terrorizing retail clerks. shoppers, people around our retail centers >> and at the end of the day, either. >> criminals are going to run our communities or law and order. well. >> says retail crimes can be traumatizing, not just for the businesses, but for the some at surrounding communities as well. the congressman says he's optimistic that the federal agencies will agree to his request. monday here on kron 4 san francisco district attorney chesa boudin will sit down with kron four's catherine heenan to answer your questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. this interview is live in prime time monday at 9.30, you can submit your questions through our website. kron 4 dot com. >> turning now to the war in ukraine today, president zelinsky expressed concerns about russia escalating their nuclear threats against his country.
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>> i will come because of the weapon and being will the advice on we do not accept this but cam i lack of acceptance of the black male. i'm sure. >> we're also learning new details about a russian warship that was destroyed last month. that's when ukrainian forces hit the flagship of russia's black sea fleet and it went down. the sinking of the ship was a major blow to the russian military. u.s. officials say ukraine alone decided to target and sink the ship. however, the u.s. says it has provided a range of intelligence to ukraine. that includes locations. so russian ships. the bloodied battle at the besieged steel plant in mariupol is still ongoing. 500 civilians have been evacuated. >> as russian troops continue attacks, but hundreds more still believed to be trapped inside rescue operations and
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evacuations are underway right now. let's talk about our forecast here in areas we take this live. look outside at the transamerica pyramid. very foggy for a lot of places across the coast right now in the bay area. it's it's kind of drizzly and soupy out there today, today certainly sponsored by the fog. yeah, very much so. yeah, but we've got we've got changes coming our way tonight. i think we've got a weak cold front coming in this time of year. >> you get these fronts start to come through. they don't have a lot of energy. so what they'll do is they'll kennedy pin that marine layer. and that's what we're seeing right now. so you get some drizzle and maybe couple light showers out of it through the evening and you see very great visibility kmc the golden gate bridge right now around parts of the coastline. of course, still nice and clear in most spots inland. but here's your storm system and there it is a rolling on and kind of the pinwheel effect to see that kind of low kind of spiral on in. here you see the front out here just about to make its way in the bay area right now. most that rain is located in the north bay, but this is the kind of system we're lot of times are going to see the rain actually fall beneath our
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doppler radar. so even the doppler may not be showing some of the precipitation locally. we may be seeing some light showers, especially in parts of the north bay. even right now, we may see a couple of scattered light showers in that direction. even those not being picked up by the doppler, but some clouds out there right now, a little muggy in spots as well and more this to come overnight tonight as will see the system moves through and then another one, a much colder one as we head into mothers day temperatures around the bay area right now. we've got 59 degrees with the fog in san francisco, oakland, checking a 63, partly cloudy skies. 69 and sunny in san jose. 69 in livermore, 70 still warm and conquered and 66 degrees in santa rosa. here comes the cold front coming through. kind of falling apart as they typically do this time of year. but leave behind at least a chance of some light showers or sprinkles overnight tonight, only talking about few hundreds of an inch of rain. if you see any at all, in fact, most that could be located near the coastline. but you see here comes as we head through the evening hours then as we head toward latter part of the night starts to mix out. i think a good start your weekend, but that is all going to change as we get into
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would you know what mothers day? we'll have that mother's day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> lauren, still ahead, the allegations in the new book, trading what former president trump wanted to do to fight mexican drug cartels. >> and more states are allowing strips as a tool to prevent overdoses. but not everybody a
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>> 4 states are allowing fentanyl test strips as a tool
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to try to prevent overdoses. that's because there has been an increase of fentanyl overdose deaths across the country. but this fentanyl crisis into perspective. there's data showing that fentanyl was involved in more deaths of americans under 50 than any other cause of death last year. well, now there's these new test kit that could help curb some of those numbers and bringing both support and also some opposition as well to tempt dempsey reports for us tonight. >> inside the good hop foreign oakland, california, customers can find these test kits inside of the bathrooms. owner melissa meyer says anyone thinking about using drugs can use them being able to to offer them a check to keep them alive. it's a kind of a no-brainer. the use of fentanyl test strips continues to grow around the country with 19 states passing legislation allowing for free distribution of all other states like california work to craft new laws. access comes at a crucial time as cdc data showed 70,000 people died from fentanyl last year.
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>> with 3 out of 4 overdose deaths in teens blamed on the drug. so we're just going >> check and see what they have going on here. alison heller and dean shold co-founded fan check, which provides the rapid tests trucks which can detect fentanyl and other drugs to anyone wanting them. >> with more states allowing for the tests to be used to hold more places, stock up and hopes they can save lives, allowing these to be in bar bathrooms in parlor is. >> on college campuses allows it a lot like the kind him. if you have this on you, it's not encouraging you to make a just keep you safer. but not everyone agrees with opponents arguing strips could encourage drug use by just don't think it's a good policy to make it easier for. >> people addicted to drugs, to use drugs really not for natal exchange do. in the meantime, fan check plans to keep handing the tests >> hoping to make a difference
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in the financial crisis until there's a bigger resolution fentanyl itself. we have to >> address the epidemic. >> that was tom dempsey reporting for us tonight. cdc data shows overdose deaths tripled amongst teenagers from 2019 to 2021. >> bart is getting ready to expand deeper into the south bay when this project is expected to be finished. and the desperate search for survivors after a deadly explosion in cuba. what investigators say caused this tragedy. the death toll cole continues to climb and april jobs report is out for the biden administration says it wants to slow the number of
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>> u.s. employers added more than 400,000 jobs in april of this new report shows that hiring games remain pretty consistent despite inflation supply shortages, russia's war in ukraine and higher borrowing costs. washington correspondent jessi turnure joins us now live from dc with the latest. good evening, jesse. good evening to you as well. just sitting grand employers added it least 400,000 jobs for the past 12 straight months. and now the white house is hoping that starts to slow down. >> the backbone of recoveries, manufacturing during a tour of an ohio metal manufacture friday. president joe biden touted the more than 470,000
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manufacturing jobs created across the country since he took office. they fewer economic growth. they feel exports. and as we've seen, thank you feel innovation. the new jobs report showed another hiring streak with nearly 430,000 jobs added in april. he's job gains were widespread fact. there was no sector that lost employment last month. cecilia rouse the chair of the white house council of economic advisers noted the unemployment rate also remained at 3.6%. we've had strong job growth, but we won't continue to see that. we don't want to continue to see that route said that's because job and wage gains continue to fuel consumer spending, which keeps inflation high. >> in leads to more expensive loans for cars, mortgages and credit cards. that is the careful dance that we're trying to do here. we're trying to bring supply and demand into people every and in a way that doesn't result in a lot of losing their jobs. but tara sinclair, an economics professor at george washington university, said it's still too early to


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