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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 6, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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busy cinco de mayo in oakland. police say they broke up a big sideshow and towed away several dozen cars on force. camila barco reports. >> it's an ongoing problem at oakland police officers keep tackling overnight. officers had several dozen cars towed
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after the drivers participated in an illegal sideshow activity. here's a few pictures of the cars impounded after officers say they were participating in a sideshow. no specifics were given about the incident. but officers say this type of violent, disruptive and illegal behavior will not be tolerated. they say the sideshows are reckless and unsafe and they normally lead to vandalism, physical assault, gun fires and injuries. about 3 weeks ago, officers arrested one person after they say that person punched an officer in the face during a sideshow. now in march, one man died following a separate sideshow that involved 600 cars. police say each weekend officers are deterring and enforcing illegal sideshows even after they have ended. they still continue with their criminal investigation. officers will follow up on the people who are at the scenes. they say they will go to their homes and tow the cars that take
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part in the illegal activity. now officers will once again be shutting down any illegal sideshows they see this weekend. but they ask for the public's help. they ask if anyone happens to see any of these events happening to call police in the newsroom. camila barco kron. 4 news. >> east bay congressman eric swalwell was in san francisco today to discuss the crackdown on retail theft rings with the fbi. falwell called on u.s. attorney general merrick garland and the director of the fbi to work with state and local law enforcement to try to stop these types of crimes. according to a recent survey, 75% of retailers have seen an increase in thefts since 2020. >> it's terrorizing retail clerks. shoppers, people around our retail centers >> and at the end of the day, either. >> criminals are going to run our communities or law and order will. >> well says retail crimes can be traumatizing, not just for businesses, but for the
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surrounding communities as well. the fbi has not yet responded to swalwell's requests for the 8. but congressman says he's optimistic they will agree to his request. >> investigators have recovered a vehicle they believe was used by a missing alabama corrections officer in the inmate. she's accused of helping escape. it's believed vicky and casey white tried to spray paint a orange ford edge, hoping to disguise it. the vehicle was discovered here about 100 miles from the jail. it's believed the 2 started a relationship in twenty-twenty. there's the vehicle when the inmate was first brought to the jail for an arraignment. he was most recently being held for a murder in 2015. their last names are a coincidence. they are not related. all right. time now for the 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look at some sunshine and one part of the bay area, the toll plaza at the bay bridge. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. and some of those people trying to get to the giants game should
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be a pretty cool night for a ball game, lawrence? yep, you have the ball game. you might get a little drizzle, maybe even a light showers. so if you go up there, be prepared tonight. little bit of everything in the weather right now. you've got some clouds along the coastline. some fog out there. little sunshine, trying to break through. >> and we still that cold front. that is a just to the north about to move our way. so here we are. temperatures today. little muggy out there today as we have 65 degrees. lot of moisture in the atmosphere in san francisco. 68 in oakland, 76 degrees and warm and san jose. 75 in livermore. 72 in concord and 67 degrees in santa rosa. but the system now working its way toward the bay area. numerous lightning strikes again in the past few minutes just to our just east of redding. now, the front leg and all the way down to the bay area. most the moisture up to the north, although probably see some low level moisture, some drizzle, maybe some light precept. some sprinkles a little bit further north here in the bay area across parts of northern sonoma are in now. you see that dragged to the bay area throughout the evening hours and then as it moves on by,
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we're going to see the winds kicking up behind and i think will be a big factor tomorrow. this more than clouds are chance of rain. think those winds start with that again by the afternoon. we've got this cold front coming through after that, the door stays open for a chance. more rain impact. you see that next approaching low. that could bring some rain in the bay area. would you know what on mother's day? and that will be much colder system moving in the bay area to bring the temperatures down. maybe 10, maybe 15 degrees below the average winds. little breeze now. but by tomorrow, things are going to change again, starting out, not bad in the morning, but then in the afternoon that front will of moved on by. and there you go. see all the colors filling in. some of those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour along the coastline. so yep, tonight ahead, it looks like a chance. some showers tomorrow. not a bad start the weekend but plan on some breezy conditions throughout the afternoon. maybe a little windy toward the coastline. highs will be generally in the 60's inland with some low 70's in some of the valleys. all right. thanks. alerts in sports. still ahead, we're talking about emotions on the eve of their game. 3 matchup against the grizzlies.
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>> very tense series is moved from memphis to the bay will be a chase center tomorrow night. kate rooney has our preview. coming u it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug.
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adrenaline starts to get pumped up. todd keil still remembers what it was like when the person he was hired to protect. >> gets credible threats to their lives. you understand the risks that you might be facing. it was one of his first thoughts after the bombshell supreme court draft opinion ending roe v wade protections was leaked and at least 2 senators confirmed this week. some justices have received real threats. retire diplomatic service agent who protected diplomats and cabinet secretaries says supreme court police have to take outside threats seriously and must assume that whoever leaked the opinion could also be a threat. you have to look at internal threat and internal threat is extremely challenging. >> potentially an internal threat is coming from someone who has access someone who has an id badge, someone who can get close to the justices provide protective details for the judges and their families
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who've already been threatened with violence. republican john cornyn and democrat chris introduced a bill to provide more police resources. >> and round the clock security for the 9 justices and their families at work and at home given the heightened threat level and it's not just to attack against the independence of the judiciary. this risks violence. >> against members of the supreme court and their families. >> again, that was joe khalil reporting for us tonight. former president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani will not appear before the house january 6 committee has scheduled. that was supposed to happen today. he was to testify virtually but yesterday he asked that the appearance p tapes. the committee rejected that request. he does remain under subpoena. the committee spokesman says giuliani is an important witness to what he calls a conspiracy to overthrow the government. giuliani has been negotiating over what parts of his testimony might fall under executive privilege.
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>> more states are allowing fentanyl test strips to be used as a tool to try to help prevent overdoses. and as we know, there has been an increase in fentanyl overdose deaths across the country and here in the bay area to put this a crisis you're inside. the good hop are in oakland, california. customers can find these test kits inside of the bathrooms. owner melissa meyer says anyone thinking about using drugs can use them being able to to offer them a check to keep them alive. it's a kind of a no-brainer. the use of fentanyl test strips continues to grow around the country with 19 states passing legislation allowing for free distribution of all other states like california work to craft new laws. access comes at a crucial time as cdc data showed 70,000 people died from fentanyl last year. >> with 3 out of 4 overdose deaths in teens blamed on the drug. so we're just going >> check and see what they have going on here. allison hillard dean shold co-founded fan check, which provides the
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rapid tests trucks which can detect fentanyl and other drugs to anyone wanting them. >> with more states allowing for the tests to be used to hold more places, stock up and hopes they can save lives, allowing these to be in bar bathrooms in parlor is. >> on college campuses allows it a lot like the kind him. >> if you have this on you, it's not encouraging you to make a just keep you safer. but not everyone agrees with opponents arguing strips could encourage drug use by just don't think it's a good policy to make it easier for. >> people addicted to drugs, to use drugs really not for natal exchange do. in the meantime, fan check plans to keep handing the tests >> hoping to make a difference in the financial crisis until there's a bigger resolution fentanyl. it's up. we have to >> address the epidemic. >> that was tom dempsey reporting for us tonight. cdc data show overdose deaths tripled among teenagers from
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>> the man accused of attacking comedian dave chappelle will not face felony charges in that case legal analysts say chappelle could face a civil lawsuit spells finishing his show at the hollywood bowl win. >> 23 year-old isaiah lee
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allegedly tackled him on the stage, fell security team then reportedly tackled levy depending on when that happened, could potentially have grounds to sue chappelle for damages. well. >> kanye west is being sued by a texas pastor who says kanye used part of his sermon. in counties 2021 donda album. the pastor claims west used his sermon for more than 20% of the track come to life without permission. the lawsuit is filed against west def jam records. good music and umg records west and his team have not yet too commented on the allegations. now to our 4 zone forecast as we step outside and show you the traffic building up because people are coming into san francisco. there's a lot of fun stuff going on around the bay area this weekend. people want to have fun on the weekends lawrence's first in line because he has the good ideas. yeah, there are a few of them out there. there's a a lot going on this weekend, of
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course, got mother's day. but >> if you want to start out a little bit early about this is the 5th annual. yes, it's the wag the dog festival that is going to be in sausalito. if you want to get out there and check it out there to have a costume contest, they're going to have all kinds of fun, free food and all kinds of good activities to run head out there. so bring your puppy. if you're heading that direction. it will be cool planning to make sure some sunshine and some clouds that breeze will be picking up into the afternoon. if you plan to stick around, how about this? can you believe a christie field is 20 years old? the 20th anniversary is taking place this weekend. they're going to the freak out there as well. if you want to head out, they're given free kites to some of the young kids and for them want to go in that direction. and there's going to be plenty of wind to fill those kites. partly cloudy skies will be cool and breezy dress warmly. temperatures only going to be the 50's that starts at 1 o'clock on saturday. yes, cinco de mayo is coming down, but the party continues. there have been a cinco de mayo party cruise that is going to be in san francisco. if you want to come check that out, that start at 8.30, and the evening, it will
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be a little bit breezy out on the water. so the but maybe iraq in just a little bit out there. temperatures will be cool too numbers in the low 50's out there on the bay. and of course, we can't forget about mother's day. the epmother's day row show is back after 3 years. so that will be taking place at 12, 30 on sunday, partly cloudy skies. there's a slight chance we could see a shower if you're headed out there for mother's day, we'll have bring a jacket. breland too, and plan on having a great day. if you'd like a for more information, go to our website at kron. 4 dot com. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors are back in the friendly and what will surely be very loud confines of chase center for tomorrow's game. 3 of their second-round playoff series against the memphis grizzlies with a couple of injections. the suspension and the injury to gary payton, the second that will not come out of action for at least 2 weeks. it's been an intense and emotional series so far and there's no reason to see that changing
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today. draymond green, who was ejected from game one, then fine for flipping the bird to grizzlies fans in game 2 after he took an elbow to the i said he's not going to dial anything down. and steph curry talked about the difference between. let's give it hope and on the road. >> you want every bit of emotions. you have a playoff somebody won't smoke you out of one small or you lose. so. saying about nomo says the side are not let your emotions get the best to you. if you most to get the best should. it's the playoffs. you plan for all the marbles. your motion should get the best deal you adjust from there at home. it's a little bit different just because there's so much adrenaline energy and every shots like to. >> 1000 atmosphere a little bit. so you got to kind of. >> come body down your mind a little bit. it's you not move and not in miles an hour. and rushing for a different reason. just just so excited. >> we're also excited. so here
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is the upcoming schedule in the series. this one is going to at least 5 next to here in san francisco tomorrow and monday. then it's back to memphis on wednesday. >> let's check in on the rest of the playoff action today. heat sixers game 3, joelle indeed wearing a mask to protect that orbital fracture. it sounds awful that kept him out of the first 2 games of the series. jimmy butler did his best to keep the heat close scoring. 33 points as miami look to take a commanding 3. nothing lead in the series, but >> with the and one mask and all he is pumped up. >> crowd is to 18 points. 11 rebounds for him. danny green from the corner. >> gets the friendly bounce. he had a playoff career-high 7, 3, pointers as the sixers win. 99 to 79 with the heat now lead the series 2 to one. there will be a game 4. and so on sunday in philly. that's the say, hey, kid, willie
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mays, turning 91 years old today, easily considered one of the top 5 players of all time and many say he was the best. mays has been a fixture in san francisco since the team arrived in the city by the bay in 1958. >> and the cornerstone of the franchise since breaking into the majors in 1951. when they were in new york, the numbers speak for themselves. 660 home runs. 24 all-star games, 12 gold gloves. the list goes on. but beyond. that means the simply one of the most beloved names ever in sports and an icon in the bay area. so the team will surely hold a big celebration before the game, but it's not certain whether maze is going to be there tonight. he's missed the last 2 due to covid considerations. but either way, happy birthday, willie. and it's a big weekend in the bay area. yeah. buster posey days tomorrow. and then of course, the warriors game. so just reminder that traffic is going to be crazy and the embarcadero area. we're so lucky to live here with all the sports going on having so few places have what we have. i know it's a really fun time to spoil. all right. yeah. >> thanks, kate.
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>> coming up. kron 4 ne
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>> check this out. while out on assignment and australian tv reporter suddenly became the story. he was live on air. but then he suddenly helped rescue a boy who nearly drowned. >> a couple of foreigners came in. i went for a swim in a family and a 10 year-old boy got dragged out. exactly. all sign and pitcher's spot, as
6:55 pm
you can say. so and i have a bit his drag out for the got rise out there. force at getting set up for is not a good look at. we go out there and we we look for him and one of the other fellas, fannie mae got there by simply grab even and pulling back to shore. >> see, the seas are rough. that's reporter paul bert, who was doing a story on and the dangers of the sea in a heist waves when he noticed a group of tourists struggling in the water, a young boy for 5 years old was pulled out by this rip tide and the group he was with suddenly couldn't find him. couldn't see him. and that is when you see the reporter there in the white dress shirt, their run-in holbert hit the water along with several other people and the group trying to fight and spent about 10 minutes searching before they finally located the child. they helped pull him to safety. the boy had swallowed some water, but otherwise, fortunately was ok. and now some new video to show you from the peninsula this is
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a driver speeding away from a dui checkpoint happened on el camino, real and san carlos last night down into the ditch there. and then out uc san mateo county deputies approaching with guns and flashlights. the driver, though he quickly backed up and then took off, took off in the wrong lane. authorities did not give any more specifics about this incident, but they did say they arrested one person for dui. and there's this a good will find for 35 bucks. turns out it's actually a roman work of art. >> that could date back to the early first century ad. a woman picked up this marble bust at a texas store back in 2018, she realized it the seat belted in there. it looks pretty old. so she met with some experts in art history and several auction houses and recently was determined. it's actually a sculpture that once belonged to king ludwig, the first above area it disappeared during world war. 2, the bust may portray the
6:57 pm
son of pompei. the great in any event it will be returned to germany where it was apparently taken from in world war. 2 in 2023 will be brought back to germany and that that's after its exhibited at the san antonio museum of art. what it's worth a lot to get 85. by the big good will then decide to treasures out there. all right. >> we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock and a good night. thanks, everybody. feel it. oh, wow barbara corcoran!
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: johnny depp versus amber heard. >> deborah: what his legal team is calling her shocking testimony. >> he just hit me over and over and over again. >> announcer: can he ever recover? then first interview. the husband was accused of murdering his wife on mother's day. speaking out with his daughters by his side. >> we know he was not involved in our mom's disappearance. >> announcer: and new photos. will they help checked on the escaped prisoner? and the jail guard cops say helped him escape. plus jet ski wars. our jet skiers


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