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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 6, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay
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area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, 2 people are dead after a plane crash in the marin headlands. what investigators have said about the crash. it's left them with more questions than answers. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm grant lotus. you saw that thick fog, their golden gate national park service officials are reporting around 2.15, this afternoon. a plane crashed on a ridge. >> just north of councilman road. this is in the marin headlands not too far from the scenic overlook where a lot of people often pull over to take pictures of the golden gate bridge and the city beyond theh kron. four's theresa was there at the scene of the crash and has more. >> here's what we know right now is around 2.15, when there gency beacon for a small aircraft was activated and the location was here in the headlands on the north side in golden gate bridge by
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sausalito. you can see right here, what search crews found the plane right here is an experimental vans. rv 10. you can see how extremely foggy it is out here. but there has been no determination of that wasn't the cause of the crash. according to the manufacturer's website, it is an aluminum playing with a standard cylinder aircraft engine. it's can seat up to 4 people. first rolled out in 2003. there are about 1000 built and in operation the manufacture states on their website that the planes are known. >> for their high cruise speed from a light and clean small airframe. an inter agency team, including the national park service. >> wright county sheriff's department and their search and rescue unit. the u.s. coast guard faa and ntsb are investigating the crash site earlier teams used to fire road to get closer to the site. they have just returned a short time ago. we reached out to the ntsb representative
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simply said that they are aware of the crash and that they are investigating right now. there is absolutely no determination about what happened or where this plane is from. certainly more questions then answers right now here in the rain headlines, theresa kron, 4 news. >> 4 people are recovering from serious injuries after a vehicle went over a cliff. it happened near the citro bass in the city early this morning around 3 o'clock. san francisco fire department tweeted out these pictures, fire officials say they don't know how fast the car was traveling, but they do know when at least 30 to 40 yards over the side of the cliff, the vehicle, as you can see it pretty much buried in the sand there near the bottom. >> the california highway patrol is investigating a freeway shooting. this is an 8.80 in oakland. no reported injuries, fortunately, but the incident is adding now to a growing list of freeway shootings on 80, 80 5.80, including the shooting that
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killed toddler jasper wu. that was 6 months ago today. the shooting is also reviving that push to try to install freeway cameras. kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> the latest reported freeway shooting happened around one 15 friday afternoon on northbound 8.80, just south of broadway in oakland. according to the california highway patrol, the shooter fired at both sides of the big rig, the driver of the big rig managed to call 9-1-1 and was not injured. suspect vehicle is described as an army green jeep rubicon in recent weeks. there have been shootings on 5, 80 80 in the last year. at least 5 people have been killed in freeway shootings. since then, there's been a push for freeway cameras. technology only only reason why we can capture committing these crimes because of deals. >> so i think is so important that we really have to finding ways is on additional cameras, crouch and oakland's
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chinatown. chamber of commerce president has been helping the family of jasper. wu 6 months ago that all there was struck and killed by a stray bullet on 8.80, chp is still looking for the suspects. we time when they hear a in the kind of sitting on the free it will be upsetting to the entire family. so normally i would try to talk to you know, hopefully they will much. >> but it's still sue. you know, it's still very difficult for them to out to cope with, you know, losing, you know, you only child. >> in the wake of fatal freeway shootings. oakland mayor libby schaaf supports freeway cameras. a statement to kron 4 reads in part, quote, the mayor is hopeful funding in this year's state budget being negotiated right now in sacramento. among the governor and state legislators will include resources for cameras that off and on ramps of state highways that lead into oakland. a revised budget is expected to be released on may 13 next friday. gayle ong kron. 4 news.
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>> police said several dozen cars towed after drivers participated in a sideshow in oakland. this was late last night. and here are pictures of some of the cars that had been impounded. no specifics were given about the incident, but officers say violent disruptive fee legal behavior will not be tolerated. about 3 weeks ago, police arrested a guy after they say he punched an officer in the face during one of these sideshows. opd says they are trying to track down anybody who participates in these things that includes going to their homes and telling their cars that have taken part in the illegal activity. and look at this video. this is from the peninsula driver tries to speed away from a dui checkpoint. this happened on el camino reale in san carlos last night. good see san mateo county deputies approaching with guns and flashlights, but the driver backs up fast and hard and then there's see him
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go. he speeds away. but in the wrong lane, authorities are not releasing any more details about this specific incident, but they are saying that they did arrest one person for dui. in the south bay, a former mma fighter accused of murder. >> appeared in court. cain, velasquez. he's facing decades in prison, allegedly trying to kill a man accused of molesting a young girl. prosecutors claim that on february. 28 kane tried to kill harry goularte. dillard is accused of sexually molesting a 4 year-old girl who happens to be a member of cain's family. alaska's was expected to enter a plea deal today. but that hearing was postponed. he remains in custody and has so far been denied bail. his supporters say he should be set free. i don't think. >> anybody who believes for a second mccain is a threat to the community. if anything, these part of fabric part of the fabric of the community, i don't think, but there's any worry whatsoever.
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>> cain velasquez, his next court appearance is set for may 16th school. our last kuz allegedly trying to kill remains free as he awaits trial on charges of lewd acts with a minor. that will impose mascot change at an east bay high school. it is causing a bit of controversy. concord high school is now pulling community members as it looks to possibly move away from the minutemen moniker kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> it could be the home of the minutemen. no a community survey seeking a name, replacement for concord high school's mascot. the current symbol showing a revolutionary war figure armed with a rifle. the new choices include crocodiles, coyotes and cows among others. i don't think i care. >> i just i don't care either way. and if somebody else will strongly change it, good change right? good for the school. and for everybody. >> mount diablo unified
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schools. superintendent doctor adam clark says the district decided to move away from non-human mascots to allow for a safer and more welcoming environment for all students. one example is ignatius valley high school going from being the warriors to the wolves, the former mascot included a native american man and a head dress opposition to the mascot. change has been circulating through an online petition. thousands have signed on saying concord high should stay. the minutemen, some concord high parents say they do not see an issue with the mascot. the minutemen doesn't seem. >> too bad that. >> coming up with a new mascot at concord high will take some time once the list is narrowed down and a plan is brought to the board, money will have to be spent to make the changes reporting in concord. dan thorn kron. 4 news >> some good news for people commuting to and from the south bay. bart has been given the green light to start its expansion further into santa clara county yesterday. the vta board of directors approved the money for
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construction of phase 2 of the project, which includes a six-mile long extension from the north san jose bart station to downtown san jose and the city of santa clara. the first phase of this project was completed in 2020 with an extension of bart trains going from milpitas to san jose's, various a neighborhood. the vta says the project will be a huge public transit upgrade for commuters coming into silicon valley from all around the bay area. >> so you can circle the entire bay now the it connects downtown san jose to the other 2 large cities in the bay area, oakland and san francisco. it connects employers to more employees and employees to more jobs. it is a environmentally friendly solution to mobility and an alternative to the current mode that we've all been using in our private automobiles. >> here's a rendering of what one of the new stations is likely to look like the entire project is projected to cost
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7 billion dollars. the vta is working on getting state funding for the project which is expected to be completed in 2030. want. >> now to the 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look in downtown san francisco and on your right would be the transamerica pyramid building that is fading away into the fog that is overhead. >> the city by the bay sometimes hes serious fog. and this is one of those days and nights, lawrence, it's pretty epic. yeah, i mean, it is getting thick out there right now. look at the golden gate bridge looking across now. you can barely see. >> as those cars just kind of disappear in that fog tonight. and that's the way it's been since afternoon as that thick fog kind of settling in. we've got a cold front out there right now. but it doesn't have a lot of energy to. it's a lot of times. we'll watch that marine layer deepen out ahead of these frontal systems. and here you go. we've got a lot of fog out there now. so you see the front begin to move in some of that rain in far northern california. there's a chance for seeing some of drizzle down below. in fact, we have some reports of that drizzle, maybe even a couple light showers around the bay
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area's the system kind of swings through the most of the energy still north of the bay area now, but it's going to swing through overnight tonight and then by tomorrow morning, most that is all gone. and so i think not a bad start your weekend. you can see a lot of sunshine, but the winds, they're going to be an issue. i think as we head toward tomorrow afternoon, they're really going start to get gusty outside. so taking him for a close look, you see a lot of clouds out there, but not much in the way of rain drops to worry about this. just a rather weak system. but i think another chance of some rain as we get into mother's day, which is sunday this weekend. yeah, they've been blown around around the bay area not too bad right now, but by tomorrow evening, we could very well see some gusts over 30 miles per hour out along the coastline. numbers wise, not bad. a little muggy around the bay area to all that moisture in the atmosphere. 50's and some 60's right now and well, you've got this front that's going to come through kind of fall apart as it moves through the bay area behind that. we've certainly got winds that are going to kick tonight. maybe a couple scattered light showers tomorrow. it will be a dry day. you'll see a lot of sunshine around the bay area, but they get blustery late in
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the day. so that being said overnight tonight to see the models are picking up on some of that moisture begin to move through right now as we head through the night tonight and early tomorrow morning. that starts to clear out. so tomorrow looks like a pretty decent day. you'll see a lot of sunshine around the bay area, but getting brisk toward the afternoon. some of those winds start to kick up and then a mother's day. here you go. that frontal system coming through. would you know what want to take mom out for a little brunch? and there you go. a chance of some scattered showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm in that system coming in on sunday is going to be very cold system of that in some much colder air coming our way. so your mother's day forecast as we look out towards sunday, they'll be plenty of clouds on and off throughout the day. the temperatures will be cool. temperatures are going to be only in the 50's and the 60's and yes, a chance of some showers. all right. all that being said, it looks like for tomorrow. looks like a dry day. tomorrow is a good day to get out there and do whatever you need to do. temperatures 50's along the coastline, 60's inside the bay. still some comfortable 70's well inland. so looks like some pretty nice weather ahead there. but, yeah, things are going to be
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changing as we head throughout the weekend. we've got this cold storm system rolling in on mother's day. does look like going to be a rain out. but if you're taking mom out to, you may want to be prepared for that. you might run into a couple of showers and definitely plan to dress warmly or at least get your mom just warm. we'll be pretty cool around the bay area. fair fair thanks, lawrence. that of the east bay where the owners of a popular puerto rican restaurant, one of them robbed at gunpoint. and the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. >> now the father of the family owned business is calling on oakland city leaders to do something about crime in oakland. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon reports. >> wrapping up the end of the workday behind your restaurant when suddenly i mean the bush on. they haven't gone and they boost. and then if you have not tracked. >> because when you wouldn't do it. and nothing you can do. >> it happened wednesday. may 4th just before 07:00pm that la perla, puerto rican cuisine
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restaurant on fruitvale avenue in oakland la perla has been serving customers in this area for over 5 years. he that first and something nice jose ortiz as a father who co-owns the family restaurant with his children, he says his son is one of the 3 men being robbed. the video. >> you know, everybody rob everybody. the next to maybe about dionysus, 6 months. you know, i'm going on. so something, make the lead-up. >> here's a photo taken from the surveillance video that he says shows the suspect's vehicle. it is described as a dark gray, newer model toyota camry. so, you know that book about. >> $1000 day, he >> jose ortiz and his family are well known in this community. here you see him with congresswoman barbara lee, attorney general rob bonta and oakland police chief
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leronne armstrong. he is also known for being an outspoken business leader who's fed up with crime in oakland. >> i gave all my life community. they're the only thing may be feeling good that no one. coming we don't have it. you know, in action on this season we long long beach, the party fight use and i have never seen you see way that you might not. >> anyone with information about this robbery is asked to contact oakland police haaziq mug. you kron 4 news. >> east bay congressman eric swalwell is calling on the federal government to help crack down on retail theft rings. swallow says he wrote a letter to u.s. attorney general merrick garland and the director of the fbi to work with state and local law enforcement try to stop kinds of crimes. according to a recent survey, 75% of retailers say they've seen an increase in staff since 2020 while also ays for every billion dollars in sales, a million dollars is lost to
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theft. it's terrorizing. >> retail clerks, shoppers, people around our retail centers and at the end of the day, either criminals are going to run up communities or law and order. well. >> swallow says retail crimes can be traumatizing, not just for businesses, but for the surrounding communities as well. the fbi has not yet responded to swalwell's request for the aid, but the congressman says he's optimistic they will agree to his request. congressional democrats are trying to make roe v wade the law of the land after this week's bombshell leaked supreme court opinion. >> senators have introduced the women's health protection act of 2022, they would make abortion legal nationwide superseding any state laws. they're planning a vote on wednesday. but this bill seems doomed to fail since democrats doomed to fail since democrats don't have enough support, it. though, the leaked supreme
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court opinion is not the final word on whether federal abortion protections will be overturned. we do continue to see consequences of that leak nationwide. louisiana has advanced a bill this week that would criminalize abortion and allow women to be charged with murder. kron four's washington correspondent alexandra limon reports. the taking of a life is murder and it is illegal, motivated by the leaked supreme court draft opinion that would reverse federal abortion protections. this week. louisiana lawmakers advanced a bill that would categorize abortion as murder persons are deemed unworthy of legal protection for no other reason that they are not yet born. the state bill would allow women receiving abortions to be charged with homicide. one in 4 american women have had an abortion congresswoman judy chu expects this type of criminalization of abortion to spread. each of these states are going to try to out do each other. >> in terms of being
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antiabortion. >> chu says a majority of americans support access to safe legal abortions. while the leaked supreme court opinion is only a draft and not final. democrats are already preparing for what to do after roe is overturned. hsu is pushing for congress to pass her women's health protection act to ensure abortion access nationwide. but that's unlikely to happen because democrats don't have enough support in the u.s. senate. we have to make sure that every body is engaged in terms of who they lacked actually. >> on the local. >> the state and the federal level. women's health advocates warned that because of how it's written. the louisiana bill could also criminalize things like ivf and the morning after pill in washington. alexandra limon. >> california attorney general rob bonta is also speaking out. he held a news conference in long beach today. he says the fight will continue and that reproductive freedoms are
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non negotiable. in february, the attorney general took steps to try to ensure we reproductive health care in prisons in. and in jails. >> all people deserve access. 2 legal, safe abortion, this if it becomes final, will lead to a reduction in access to safe abortions, people will get hurt. health will be harmed. people will die. and so we're raising our voices to fight. and we're raising our voices to say no no to going backwards. no to reverse scene. 50 years of settled law. no to stripping women of their right to reproductive freedom. you can always stay connected with kron 4 on our website and on our free apps for the very latest on the supreme court and >> roe versus wade scan the qr code. it will take you straight to our website. >> being a parent of a newborn
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certainly is not easy, especially when you're relying on baby formula these days supply chain issues. we're already slowing down shipments over the past few months, adding to the problem, several brands of powdered formula had to be recalled last month because of reported baby deaths and sickness from bacterial contamination, local milk banks say they have been seeing a sharp increase in demand. >> the need for past raised human milk is constant. and we're actually seeing an increase about 16% over the same time last year. >> pretty significant parents across the country are calling for their governors and the biden administration to take action. the shortages caused major retailers like target walmart and walgreens to place limits on how much consumers can buy at one time. >> still ahead on this hour of kron, 4 news after seeing an increase of covid cases across the country. several bay area counties are now in the cdc's
10:22 pm
yellow tier, a bay area. doctors are advising people to adjust after the break. plus, the desperate search for survivors after a powerful blast rattles a luxury hotel. >> why could have been worse and what investigators say caused that tragedy. on monday. san francisco district attorney daines sits down with kron four's catherine heenan to answer your questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him interviews live in prime time monday night at 9.30, you can submit your questions to our website. kron 4 dot com.
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>> in southern california, part of a steel frame came crashing down at a construction site in long beach, trapping one person underneath the collapse. steel frame was being built for a fire boat station set to be completed next year. one person was trapped by the wreckage. the good news wreckage, the new good news was he was safely removed and taken to the hospital. officials have not released any information on his condition. and there's no word yet on what caused that construction project to collapse. authorities now say at least 22 people have been killed and more than 60 injured in that a powerful explosion at a luxury hotel in cuba. the blast ripped through the 5 star hotel saratoga early this morning, destroying the outer walls of the building. crews have been searching the rubble for about a dozen people who are reported missing. officials
10:26 pm
say the 96 room hotel was under renovation and no tourists were staying. there. the explosion for now is being blamed on a gas leak. investigators have recovered a car they believe was being used by missing alabama corrections officer and the inmates. he's accused of. >> helping get out. it's believed vicky white and casey white tried to spray paint the orange ford edge, hoping to disguise it. they found the vehicle in this area here that recovered about 100 miles from the jail. it's believed the 2 started a relationship in twenty-twenty. there's the car with the inmate was first brought into the jail for arraignment. you see the green spray paint didn't really change the color. he was most recently being held for a murder in 2015. vicki and casey, last name white. no relation. coming up next at 10, a new report takes a look at san francisco's std rate. >> how it compares to other cities across the country. and plans for the weekend. lot of clouds around the bay area.
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>> covid cases are on the rise. the cdc is reporting that there are more than 200 cases per 100,000 people in 4 bay area counties which are out there has been has more on where the cases have been popping up. you now a steady incline in positive cases. and what experts say you can do to
10:30 pm
help reverse that. the california has moved away from a color code system. the cdc still uses it to report community transmission. green furlough yellow for medium and orange for high. you can see from this map of the bay area is now considered a yellow zone to the cdc. >> san francisco county having the highest transmission of covid with around 278 positive cases per 100,000 people. santa are in santa clara and san mateo counties are also in the yellow time for. >> just increased awareness and vigilance around the things we've all been doing for the last couple years. mark mellman is the director of public health at san mateo county. he says cases have steadily been increasing in the last few weeks. the hospitalizations are a lagging indicator with around 20 residents of san mateo county in the hospital with covid right now. the those systems being able to continue to function, serve us well, we're we're doing okay with that infectious disease expert at
10:31 pm
ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says the bay area going yellow is alarming in terms of the probability of catching covid but especially concerning for specific group of people who are older than 65 said. >> immune unvaccinated and an expose. he says there's still a large population who have yet to receive their first booster shot. but he hopes that changes 12 flatten the curve when it comes to treatment. doctor chin-hong says the drug paxlovid is a game changer. really prevents people from going to the hospital. even if you are unvaccinated. >> but you need to take it early enough. so within 3 days to 5 days is a sweet spot and it can prevent 88 89% of people going to the hospital. doctor chin-hong says the increase in covid cases should make employers rethink the office environment for making sure ventilation is good to limiting in-person meetings. >> in the newsroom, i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. a california bill that would allow teenagers to get
10:32 pm
vaccinated without their parents. consent passed a key legislative committee and >> now heads to the full state senate. the bill wood has been introduced by senator scott wiener would allow minors 12 and older too consent to get a vaccine on if that has been approved by the fda. and if that vaccine meets the recommendations of the cdc currently children under the age of 18 cannot get most vaccines, including covid shots without permission from their parents or guardians. if passed, california would have the youngest age group of any state that could be vaccinated without parental consent. scientists say covid-19 lockdowns of taught us how we can preserve mother earth. >> according to the organization for economic cooperation and development, the world saw roughly 7% decrease in toxic emissions during the first year. the pandemic a little cars play a role in driving up methane and carbon emissions. they're starting to take a back seat to the effects, factories,
10:33 pm
offices and houses have on the environment. >> we're seeing pollution from home heating from water heaters from the power plants. >> so world continues. returning to the workplace and achieving prepandemic normalcy. researchers say we're reversing the climate progress that was made during the lockdowns. noaa reports 2021 saw the largest increase in global methane gas emissions since 1983. >> one bay area city is near the top of the list for the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases in her body research compiled the most recent std data from the cdc into a city by city list. and san francisco ranks 3rd highest on that list on for some. and harry talked with a doctor from the san francisco city clinic about those results. >> as you guys are a real problem in san francisco. new data reflects that statement in her body researching online health and wellness guide. put
10:34 pm
together a list of cities with the highest rate of stds. >> with 3,150 cases per 100,000 people. san francisco ranked 3rd only behind jackson, mississippi. >> and baltimore, maryland. this is part of a long tenure climb. >> sti rates in francisco in california across the united states doctor, all of her bacon, a senior position at the san francisco city clinic said it's important to look at what populations st eyes affect most frequently. >> he says those include young people, young people of color, cisgender men that have contact with cisgender men, transgender people of contact with cis men and people experiencing homelessness. and we have a lot of people. >> who fall under those descriptions in san francisco. doctor bacon says the hiv rate in san francisco has declined over the last decade. >> but the bacterial sti rate has steadily went up. he says
10:35 pm
doctors are doing what they can to address the sti rate. we test a lot recess. we test this week as much as we possibly can, which may be one reason why our numbers are so high. we're actually finding. >> a lot of sti. he says they even test a lot of asymptomatic people. he says they're trying to make testing as accessible as possible. they have expressed testing at the clinic as well as take home tests. he says another way to address the sti crisis is to prevent because are helpful in preventing bacterial sti is. >> i'm asking your partner's. hey, when's the last time you got tested? are you having any symptoms? he also recommends talking to your primary care doctor about getting the appropriate testing. >> other bay area cities on the list are oakland at number. 72 and san jose at 137 amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> when the time now as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast, this is a live look
10:36 pm
at the golden gate bridge. and so you wouldn't know unless you knew it because just it's been such a foggy day. sometimes we don't knows things. we things i don't know, lawrence. so we know anything. no, i don't think think about has we've got that fog out there tonight. settled in. it's thick in spots. >> up toward the sfo. hey, here's you. get forecast for you and a lot of folks coming and going getting ready for mom's day in san francisco. no delays being reported there. even with the fog, oakland, no delays, no delays in san jose either. but we do have weak cold front that's coming through. >> the good news is i think as it moves through tonight, i think tomorrow we'll start to clear out your skies. so just some partly cloudy skies in the monterey bay. cool temperatures, though, will be a brisk day in the monterey bay. 57 degrees in monterey. 58 in carmel valley about 64 degrees in salinas, southern california, enjoying some sunshine. a couple coastal clouds. 67 in san diego about 75 in anaheim and 72 in downtown los angeles. head of the high country to enjoy the
10:37 pm
weekend. well, it is going to be a cool start to the weekend. temperatures are going to be the 50's tomorrow. not bad, but it will be a little bit windy outside about 64 degrees in reno. but hold on a second. if you're sticking around us well, everything changes. we've got a storm system coming in an unusually cold storm for this time of year. so look at the temperatures. you go from numbers in the 50's and sunny skies to 30's and snow. as you can see that continuing. not only sunday but into monday as maybe tuesday. if you're sticking around that law, so be prepared for that. here's a cold front coming in for tonight. not a real strong system. pretty typical of a late season system coming through, bringing with it a chance of a few scattered showers. some drizzle being reported along the coastline. long-range forecast shows we're not done. we've got some unsettled weather here. in fact, we've got the system going to go through for tomorrow tomorrow. not a bad day, but then we've got a much colder storm system dropping right into the bay area. here comes you see a lot of the snow begin to show up in northern california cold enough. we could see some snow across our local mountains to which is pretty amazing for
10:38 pm
this time of year. and then it just kind of spins around that low is going to anchor itself and spend more moisture in maybe some more showers into monday, maybe into tuesday as well. and then we'll get on the backside of that and looks like we'll start to clear things up. another front drops in on the thursday into friday. not expected brings heavy rain, but we're watching little bit closely. and then high pressure builds in after that. but overall, looks the trend right now is for some wet weather least overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. and then we're going to dry things out a bit. and then another storm system drops in one, you know, right there on mother's day. so here we looks like we're going to see some unsettled weather here. temperatures really good 10, maybe 15 degrees below the average. keep them warm. a mother's day, chilly temperatures. then some gusty winds to a chance. some thunderstorms on monday. usually we're not talking about that at this time. we're getting ready for that summer pattern. but here we go are stepping back more to the winter like a system coming on through strange, weird, saves humid in it was muddy. very, very muggy around the bigger so much moisture. thanks. alerts. we turn now to the conflict in ukraine. the
10:39 pm
united nations security council is adopting an official statement. >> showing its support for a peaceful solution in ukraine. but the statement did not mention the words war or invasion. meanwhile, ukrainian fighters remain inside that steel mill in mariupol as a russian military attempts to take over that port city. hundreds of civilians have been evacuated from the facility. it's believed russian president vladimir putin wants to capture the city and celebrate its fall during the annual victory day holiday. that's on monday. but ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky says that will not happen because much of mariupol has already been destroyed by russian forces. >> feel we would i'm not talking about here the fight as me that we have that is not being there is nothing bad to fall it did it devastate that
10:40 pm
is no place. there is no structure it is all destroyed completely. >> mariupol had a population of 400,000 people before the war. that's a little bit larger than the population of oakland. it's believed about 100,000 residents are still trapped there with little food, water or electricity. >> first lady jill biden is in europe meeting with u.s. troops stationed in romania. she flew there overnight for a two-day trip. she thanked the troops for being a check of sorts on russian aggression in the region. the first lady plans on spending mother's day with displaced ukrainian families in the small slovakian village on the border with ukraine. she's also scheduled to meet with american embassy personnel and humanitarian aid workers and educators. >> even in the face of the worst inflation in 40 years supply chain crisis, the war
10:41 pm
in ukraine, u.s. employers have been able to add more than 400,000 jobs a month for 12 straight months. unemployment is at 3.6%. that's close to a half century low. it's been a bumpy time. but those numbers in a lot of mines and a lot of economists, they validate what the fed did this weekend. but the fed will continue to do raising interest rates to fight inflation in a fundamentally strong economy. kron four's washington correspondent jessi tenure reports. good evening. >> employers have added at least 400,000 new jobs for 12 straight months now. but the white house wants that to slow down. >> the backbone of recoveries, manufacturing during a tour of an ohio metal manufacture friday. president joe biden touted the more than 470,000 manufacturing jobs created across the country since he took office. they fewer economic growth. they feel exports. and as we've seen, thank you feel innovation. the new jobs report showed another
10:42 pm
hiring streak with nearly 430,000 jobs added in april. he's job gains were widespread fact. there was no sector that lost employment last month. cecilia rouse the chair of the white house council of economic advisers noted the unemployment rate also remained at 3.6%. we've had strong job growth, but we won't continue to see that. we don't want to continue to see that route said that's because job and wage gains continue to fuel consumer spending, which keeps inflation high. >> in leads to more expensive loans for cars, mortgages and credit cards. that is the careful dance that we're trying to do here where we're trying to bring supply and demand into people every and in a way that doesn't result in a lot of losing their jobs. but tara sinclair, an economics professor at george washington university, said it's still too early to predict a recession. the best we can do right now is year's session once it's coming >> and clearly it with over 400,000 new jobs created this month. that's not happening right now. d president biden also
10:43 pm
used today's trip to push congress to pass a bipartisan bill to boost manufacturing in the u.s., particularly for products like semiconductor chips, that supply chain issues overseas in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> still ahead on this hour of kron, 4 news, a new tool is helping carjackers steal vehicles with these. what you can do to prevent it from happening to you. and in sports, the giants introduce us to a player who looks like he belongs. now, the warriors, 6.11. what would they be able to snap a four-game losing streak? 8 running has highlights foggy ballpark in san francisco. when we come back.
10:44 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> it's been a rough week for both area baseball teams. neither the giants or seem to be able to buy a win lately. but certainly the tide's going to have to change sooner or later, right? well. >> maybe not. >> happy birthday, willie mays. he was unable to make it to the park for his birthday but turned 91 on friday to nothing cardinals in the 5th. darren ruff. >> face it. hit a flare to right. luis gonzalez and joey bart score. game tied to 2. we go to the 7th inning. the major league debut for 6 foot
10:47 pm
11 in the picture. sean jelly. he's tall. his wife, parents and baby all there to cheer him on corey dickerson. for this. jelly strikes out 1, 2, 3, inning for jolie in his debut and his family loves it. top of the 9th still tied 2 to dylan carlson goes the opposite way off. cumulative offer the base hit the go ahead. run scores. 3, 2, cards. bottom of the 9th a runner on on. but gonzalez. grounds into a 4, 6, 3 double play to end the game. giants lose 3 to they surpassed their longest losing streak. all of last season 5 straight, by the way, at 6.11, jelly is tied for the tallest player in major league history. so that's the 28 right. >> all right. the a's back on the road in minnesota. we'll pick this one up in the top of the second elvis andrus drive singles to left florida.
10:48 pm
stephen piscotty was given the green light at 3rd to come home. all i was a mistake, though, as trevor larnach guns down at the plate easily. is over. bottom of the frame, jose. miranda, take zach logue deep to left. solo homerun. it's one nothing. twins. >> 5th inning. same score. byron buxton deep to center flow. and that's just over for another solo home run. 2, nothing. twins, 2 to one in the 9th bases loaded for chad pender. but he strikes out swinging to end. the game is lose 2 to one. it is their 7th straight. >> lost. game 3 of the warriors second-round playoff series with the memphis grizzlies is saturday. and here's what we've learned from the first 2 games of the series. >> things are going to get heat. it with a couple of
10:49 pm
injections, the suspension and of course, the injury to gary payton, the second that will knock him out of action for at least 2 weeks, probably more. >> it's been an intense and emotional series so far and there's no reason to see that changing. draymond green was ejected from game one that fine for flipping the bird to grizzlies fans in game 2 after took an elbow to the i said he's not going to dial anything down. and steph curry talked about the difference between a playoff game at home and on the road. >> you want every bit of emotions. you have a playoff somebody want to smoke you out. it was small or you lose. so. saying about nomo says the side are not let your emotions get the best to you. if you most to get the best should. it's the playoffs. you plan for all the marbles. your motion should get the best deal you adjust from there at home. it's a little bit different just because there's so much adrenaline energy and every shots like to. >> 1000 atmosphere a little bit. so you got to kind of. >> come here, you body down your this you not move and not
10:50 pm
in miles an hour. and rushing for a different reason. just just so excited. >> excitement all around. here is the upcoming schedule in the series. this one is going to at least 5 next to here in san francisco saturday and monday and then it's back to memphis on wednesday, 19 on the right. how about the suns at maps, another western conference playoff game game 3 in dallas. lose to john puts his defender in the spin cycle for the hoop he had 26 13 9. >> late in the 4th reggie bullock. with the dagger 3 pointer for the maps and dallas wins one '03 to 94. the suns, lead the series 2 to one game 4 is back in big d on sunday. >> that'll do i
10:51 pm
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talk to a urologist about what your manhood could look like. criminals are getting more advanced with many people using people's car key fobs to break into vehicles. >> the team of researchers recently looked into techniques used to hack the fobs. there's a system that can amplify your faab signals. so it doesn't have to be right next to the car for it to open. experts say there are a few things you can do to avoid it from happening. here at home. >> keep your keys with those fobs in a metal container because that's going to prevent the signal from going out or receiving or you can
10:54 pm
invest in one of rough id pouches. those couches act like a shield in are widely available. experts say later car models with rolling codes on their fobs. >> are safer. apple air tags are relatively inexpensive. bluetooth trackers meant to he used to help find things like your keys purse, remote control things that disappear. there have been reports of stalking, though, like when somebody slips an air tag into someone's pocket or bag. this prompted apple to create a notification that let you know when there's an air tag following your location. and while that can be helpful, people say this latest bug had created a lot of anxiety and paranoia. criminal experts spoke to the wall street journal saying not to turn off this feature because the benefit outweighs the risk of getting one of those eroding us messages. >> i guess little guy after
10:55 pm
having a snack and breaking the fridge is having a little swim. >> sometimes companies just has no respect to take a look at this. a bear caught on camera treating itself to food and a dip in the pool in southern california. this happened in la canada flintridge north of la. the homeowner says it's not the first time bears used her backyard for some. meantime and with the setup, she has a may not be the last full belly and a nice cool dip in the pool that they're looks at home. it's a bears life. hopefully did his business elsewhere, though, because that's that's really i'm going to go out and tell him what to what you please >> hey, guys, big weekend ahead here. of course, we've got mother's day. people celebrating that lot of other activities going on this weekend. the weather. yeah, it's going to be kind of tricky out there. i think tomorrow is the day to get out there and enjoy and have the perfect timing. how about this? this the 5th annual wag the dog festival that takes
10:56 pm
place in sausalito. they're going barking contest, of course, a wagging contest out there to you'll find that starting at 10 o'clock in the morning tomorrow. temperatures going to be the upper 50's, but on some sunshine and some clouds and well pretty breezy afternoon. so grab a jacket. if you're headed up that way. how about this? you can have a plenty of a wind to fill the kites there. this the crissy field, 20th anniversary at free kite. they can you believe in 20 years old this weekend and for the first 1500 people that show up get a free we want to get out there and enjoy the festivities that start to 1 o'clock tomorrow. temperatures are going to be cool in the mid-fifties. and like i said, there's really plenty win blowing around to get those kites going and flying out and about. well, cinco de mayo may have come and gone with the parties continue in there to be a nice cinco de mayo crews party that is going to be taking place tomorrow evening. at 8.30, they have lots of live music there and plenty of food, a partly cloudy. it will be cool to plan a sail out there on the bay a bit on the breezy side, too. so maybe iraq in just a little bit. and how
10:57 pm
about this one for moms? yeah, mother's day rose show that is taking place in san francisco golden gate park. this the first time this has been back since about 3 years ago. so that starts at 12, 30 in the afternoon on sunday. and i understand they've got some pretty good deals on bouquets, maybe 10 bucks. if you head out there, enjoy your time with mom. should be a great time to do it. just a little bit on the breezy side to watch out. but the chance of showers on mother's day and unsettled cooler than normal weather into early next week. bundle up. yeah. all right. thanks. alerts. thank you for joining us tonight. have a good night. everybody.
10:58 pm
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