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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 7, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9, the warriors come back home to chase center and they get it done. beating the memphis grizzlies easily in game 3 of the western conference semifinals with staff, of course, enjoying the big win with a little dance after the final whistle. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm dan thorn and i'm noelle bellow will save. you are re-enactment the warriors coming out a little slow but slammed the door on the grizzlies. >> in that 2nd half, kate rooney has been at chase center all day long. she's joining us now with more details. kate, fun night out there. >> it's okay if you start slow, if you finish in a big way, right? and that's exactly what happened. tough not to
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have gary payton, the second out there for the whole game, but they were able you know, get some >> production from jordan poole, andrew wiggins was great tonight steph curry, klay thompson both back at it after missing some shots the other night. and so just a really overall much improved performance from the warriors, by the way, 142 points is a playoff record for the dubs since they came back to oakland. so back in the day, the san francisco words, i guess, had more. but we're going to we're going to count. this is the most points in history ever for the warriors. 142 points. pretty incredible stuff, guys. >> definitely impressive. i don't know that. i mean, like you said, it's a record. so i i was going think of ever seeing that. but clearly we have in-game. absolute beatdown. it's exactly what they needed. >> you've got. all right. well, as the dems are getting things done inside kron four's gayle ong was outside and thrive city. he continues our
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team coverage tonight with reaction from fans to the big game 3 w. >> you didn't have to be inside chase center to feel the energy of people gather here at thrive city hours before tip off getting here early was key to watch game 3 of the western conference semifinal series. lawyers. fans gathered at thrive city before to to the joy like music. >> some made the trip from sacramento bee. want see how they with his 3rd game in los angeles born here, came into time for mother's day weekend. so it's going to be grey. whether you're watching the game from inside or outside chase center. these fans are hoping for the best. i'm more nervous and excited to another truth. i want to win that. it's a big game. and last game was pretty emotional. we need to come out strong. well, we're going to miss gary, but everybody we're going have a great game. >> what i think today is going
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to big 19. i played i read it and blue body. >> and the vans got the outcome they wanted. the lawyers will return back here at chase center on monday. gayle kron. 4 news. >> thank you, gayle. just down the street at oracle park, the san francisco giants took on the st. louis cardinals today. the real show, though, happened before the game started. yeah. before the first pitch, the giants and the bay area baseball community. >> honored buster posey. posey retire at the end of last season. and kron four's amanda hari was there. >> many fans told me they were excited to see buster posey back on the field today. but also a little bit sad. it's likely the last time we'll see him that the giants honored him about an hour before the first pitch. and even though it was early fans filled the stands. >> fans erupted into cheers as buster posey walked into oracle park one last time. i was very sad.
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>> also like he had a great yeti. family is from oakland, but the kids have always been giants director and key teacher. the preschool got them into the giants when they were like 3 years old, even though they were growing up in oakland, they've been fans ever jb eddie's birthdays this week, he says it's become tradition to go to a giant team to celebrate. and this one is even more special because of buster posey. day buster posey is my favorite player by myles has giants players and managers spoke during the pre-game ceremony honoring the 3 time world series champion and 7 time all-star. there was also a montage of his career, when posey finally took to the podium to speak, he thanked the giants
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>> some fans tell me this is the start of a new chapter in giants history. he gets to say goodbye to san francisco we get to usher in the next generation giants pose. he did get to make to last catches. they were from his 2 oldest children. they threw out. the first pitch is at oracle park. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> time now to get you your first look at your 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look across san francisco and the city at like we said, it's been buzz and all day long. it looks night. yeah. we had a beautiful day to day turned into a beautiful night. nice night out at the ballpark. breece rodriguez joining us now with what we can expect. if you head out to the game tomorrow. yeah. let's take a look at tomorrowes game day forecast. giants once again going to face off against the cardinals. first pitch at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. temperatures going to be cooler only in the mid 50's. >> by the early afternoon hours and we are going to see a slight chance of hit or miss showers. the bulk of the wet weather going to exit
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afternoon. but we are still expecting to see maybe a trace amount of drizzle. so just be prepared for that. and another round of gusty winds out of the west. that cool sea breeze influence going to gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour less. so make sure you hold onto your caps. let's take a look at mother's day forecast. that is going to be the big weather story because we're going to transition from spring to more winter, like forecast for the 2nd half the weekend. we're only going to warm up into the low 60's for warmest inland valleys tomorrow, widespread 50's along the coast and east bay shoreline with a chance of on again off again. showers throughout today. so let's track this storm hour by hour. very dry and clear out there right now. but just to the north, we are seeing the light scattered showers that's going to ride for those of you in the north bay by around 10 o'clock for your sunday morning could pick up about a 10th of an inch of rain or less there. and then that storm is going to start to break apart, very hit or miss scattered in nature. so just be prepared for the rest of
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the bay area. golden gate bridge southward really just tracking traces amount of rain. but as you can see by or on your new lunchtime hours going to exit. but we could still see a stray shower or 2, even by early sunday evening until we dry out and clear out by sunday night. so not going to be a big drought buster, but we're going to notice cool temperatures with this winter like storm that could bring the threat of pop-up thunderstorms early this upcoming week. more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. no island. and back to you. >> thank a breeze. the oakland police have released pictures of the 60 vehicles. they say they towed during sideshows this week. police say they also issued 17 citations made 2 arrests and recovered one gun. opd says the sideshows. happened thursday night and friday morning on 5, 8000's of vehicles were involved. police say these photos of the seas vehicles are an example of their increased enforcement and a message to people who are taking part in these
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sideshows that the behavior will not be tolerated. >> an update tonight on a shooting at a taco bell drive-thru in santa rosa. police say they have arrested 27 year-old brad james adams in brisbane, attempted homicide charge. the shooting happened thursday at the taco bell on mendocino avenue near santa rosa junior college. police say adams was in front of the victim in the drive-thru line when he started arguing and threatening him with a gun. police say after that adams shot the victim and then drove away. the victim was seriously hurt but is expected to be okay in marin county. the investigation into the deadly plane crash that killed 2 people in the headlines continues. investigators are still trying to figure out how exactly that plane went down, who was on board. this is video from friday when the crash happened in that thick fog, a jesuit high school in sacramento. >> released a statement today saying the mother of one of their students and her friend were on board that aircraft.
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but officials have not yet confirmed their identities kron four's camila barco has the latest. >> the weather conditions cleared up on saturday at marin headlands helping crews remove that aircraft that crashed in the hills. fog made it very hard to locate the plane on friday. something investigators could take into account when determining why the plane went down. >> saturday morning park rangers walked off a couple roadways and marin headlands as crews worked to remove a plane that crashed friday afternoon. the personal aircraft barely visible in this video as heavy fog blanketed the hills. the plane carrying 2 people inside crash near slackers. he'll just northwest of the golden gate bridge. the ring county sheriff's office says the plane crashed at 12. 0, 09:00pm strangely, the plane's emergency beacon did not activate until 2 minutes after the plane crashed. the beacon is a radio transmitter used in
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emergencies to locate planes and people in need of rescue crews located the plane 2 hours later on a steep hillside away from roads or trails. officials say the heavy fog at the time made it difficult to find the aircraft. the 2 people inside the plane died at the scene. their names have not been released yet. officials say an autopsy will be conducted early next week, which could help determine the cause of the crash. denails about where this plane was flying to and from have not been made available. >> we'll be staying on top of this story as we get more information in marin county, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> take a look at this vehicle. police say it rolled over this afternoon off byron highway near bruns road was the only vehicle involved in the crash despite the damage done. the driver only had minor injuries. there's no word yet on what caused that rollover. in san francisco.
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the city is expanding its behavioral mental health resources. on friday, the city launched the new office of coordinated care. team of caseworkers will assign managers to people experiencing a mental health crisis or to those transitioning out of emergency care facilities to ongoing behavioral health services. according to the mayor, the aim here is to help people remain in care and avoid falling back into a cycle of crisis. >> take a look at this video. san francisco firefighters along with members of animal control rescuing a baby fox from a construction site near oracle park you can see his little head. they're sticking out of the bye before they were able to get him free. they had you some power tools to actually cut him out of their animal control says that he's doing well tonight. a nice yeah. well, coming up, outrage on capitol hill after someone leaked the home addresses of the conservative supreme court justices.
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>> in response to their ruling on roe v wade. >> after the break, just how much the average person spending on mother's day. what does under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases.
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now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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>> welcome back. 9.15, on this saturday. and hopefully this isn't news to you. but mother's day is tomorrow. so you might be getting ready to spoil your mom. but before you go to over the top, there's a new survey that says almost moms want is a card and maybe
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some quality time. that's according to the finance website. lendingtree, according to their survey, americans will spend an average of $225 on gifts for mother's day this year. dads spending an average of $361. they often by for the kids as well. but mom say they actually don't even need all of that in the survey. 36 1% of moms say they just want a card. 32% just want that quality time with their loved ones. a lot of them probably is. one app says for the most common get 53% of kids give their mom flowers, yellow flowers. of course, it's topping the list of the most popular mother's day gifts this year. so you'll be spending more. >> knows, of course, getting those bouquets to mom. they're going to be cost a little bit more coin. they're more expensive this year, not just because of inflation and supply chain issues, but because of a shortage in flower buds nationwide. officials at fedex is flower hub in the miami international airport say that agents have
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been working around the clock to meet the high demand for flowers this mother's day. >> i think how you would everything we actually had to bring people in from around the country other states, specialists to help. but the workload. >> well, the flower industry isn't the only one that is seeing an increase of buyers this year, according to the national retail federation's consumer survey, approximately 84% of americans will celebrate mother's day this weekend. i think it would be higher than that. but 72% of consumers will give the traditional bouquet. 41% giving jewelry, bringing that total spending, too. nearly 32 billion dollars for this mother's day. all right. well, tipping increase during the early days of the pandemic as consumers sought to reward the hard work in the risks that restaurant servers and other service providers provide. >> yeah. but now gratuities waning a bit amid rising inflation. so it's a good time to ask. why do we tip and what does it really accomplish? david lazarus reports.
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>> mack was scott as a server in a taco restaurant in larchmont village. it's how he pays the bills while pursuing his sideline as a photographer. he figures at least a 3rd of the roughly 1400 bucks. he pulls down. monthly comes from tips and scott says tips motivate him to do a better job. ukiah to maximum effort and customer service in order to receive that reward. his boss agrees. once you get a tip, it's like, okay, like you know, if it's working, i'm going to keep doing it and i'm just going make it even better. >> in fact, the country's foremost authority on tipping says they're both wrong. >> when i first started the tipping service relationship might sound a relatively weak relationship between customers ratings of service and the tips they left and that that would need to believe that perhaps to its word a very good incentive that all this chart explains why researchers found that 85% of americans admit they're just following the social norm when they leave a tip that is they'll tip regardless of service quality.
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>> because everyone else does. 60% of americans say they tip to avoid personal feelings of guilt. social approvals. the main reason we took social approval and status consciousness have been at the root of american tipping from the start. lynn says the custom became woven into the fabric of the american economy. after the great depression of the 1930's. when the divide between haves and have nots was starkest, there's also well to do. americans have tipped since the country's earliest ace both thomas jefferson and george washington in their household ledgers kept records of having given 2 slayings. >> george foster, a former uc berkeley anthropologist argue the tipping of all to as a way to prevent envy on the servers. paet what customers want to win. give coins to the staff were waiting on them the facts say, hey, don't me? here's some money. you can have a drink on me afterwards. in fact, tipping is translated
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in many other languages as drink money or money for drinks in french. tipping is called poor blau literally for drinking. mack was scott acknowledged that he provide the same level of service regardless of tips. so what's economic justification of >> david lazarus? >> frankly, it's the right thing to do, right. and what is the social norm? and how the help people anyway. we're going to take a look now your 4 zone forecast. a live look at the mount tam cam looks a little blurry. i think it looks blurry because so windy out there. i think it's kind of slightly dropped in and the normal ise ing and now now resort areas is standing by. she's got a little bit more detail on how long these winds are going to last. they're definitely gonna last for the next couple of days bringing that wind chill factor that is going to be out in full force
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tomorrow. so mother nature throwing us a little bit of a curve ball for tomorrow lasting through tuesday. we're tracking may showers and even some fresh dusting of mountain snow. far highest peaks. believe it or not. >> radar for we're tracking dry, clear conditions, but we are noticing breezy wind speeds out there 20 to 30 miles per hour range. but radar for going to see the storms to our north. that's going to bring us some scattered showers. but it is going to be very unstable in nature, not for your mother's day sunday, but monday and tuesday of this upcoming week. that's where we could see some pop-up thunderstorms mainly for the highest peaks with hail and gusty winds as well. if any do form it, we could see snow levels in our local hills and mountains drop to as low as 3,000 feet. so we could see a fresh dusting of snow with much-needed snow. returning to the sierra by sunday all the way through tuesday. so more on that in just a few minutes. but future cast for going to track some light scattered hit or miss showers. really, just about a 10th of an inch of rain and
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then monday into tuesday, we're tracking another storm. this one is going to be very unstable in nature. so that's where we're going to see those possible pop-up thunderstorm threat once again, not going to be a drought buster, about a 10th of an inch of rain or less until we start to dry out and clear out by early wednesday morning. so rain totals not too much for most of the bay area. santa rosa, you can get a present about a less similar conditions and 4 of us monday into tuesday as well. but we are seeing right now very breezy winds ahead of the next storm. and right now, city hall lit up in blue cameras out there right now. a little bit blurry in the bay area. going to blame the win for that temperatures for the most part low to mid 50's right now conquered 57 degrees with half moon bay, barely in the low 50's and overnight lows tonight could see some patchy frost for santa rosa and napa cooling down into the low 40's mid to upper 40's for everyone else and daytime highs. 5 to 10 degrees below average downtown san francisco. only warming up to
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58 degrees. low 60's for all of our inland valleys. with the exception of fremont, 63 degrees a little bit milder, but not by much. but then temperatures rebounding seasonal by thursday and then more like summer friday into saturday, a week from today. that's we could be footing with 90's for warmest inland valleys, but have a fun and happy mother's day weekend bay area. back to you, dan and well, thank you, member esa. coming up. >> first lady jill biden heads from romania to slovakia to spend mother's day with ukrainian refugees. we've got details on the trip plus of the wnba is helping draw attention and brittney griner's wrongful detention in russia.
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>> ron, for celebrating asian american pacific islander heritage month over the next couple of weeks going to be sharing stories of influential bay area. american asian americans leading up to our special this morning on the kron. 4 morning news. we talk with the new york times best-selling author kelly yea. she's well known for her front desk book series which follows the adventures of miya tang, a young asian american girl with dreams of being a writer yang. most recently released a book titled yes, we will. >> asian americans who shaped this country. >> i really want to make sure people start using this as an opportunity to understand more about asian americans, asian americans, contributions to this country. ap i history is american history and being
9:27 pm
able to celebrate and come together as a community. >> yes, we will also features art from asian american illustrators and be sure to tune into our special aap ireport every thursday night this month. and that's all leading up to our special ap. i presentation that will be airing on may. the 26th at 06:30pm, recent. >> thanks, well, yeah. let's take a look at your sierra forecast coming up on going to detail some snow showers making its way to this year, possibly bringing up to a foot of much-needed snow to help out that say a sierra snowpack there. more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. >> and also coming up on monday, san francisco district attorney chesa boudin will be sitting down with kron. 4 is answering questions about crime in the city in the recall effort against him. you don't want to miss this interview will be prime time monday at 9.30.
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>> welcome back. our top story this half-hour following the leak of the supreme court's draft decision of the roe v wade opinion. some are looking to the biden administration for response protests following the leak have even led to some justices home addresses being briefly posted online. lucas tomlinson has the story. >> these activists posted a map with the home addresses of the supreme court justice. in fact, i think this president wants to help your side make that point. >> what they think the president's view is that there's a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot sadness
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from many, many people across this country about what they saw and that leaked document. we obviously want people's privacy to be respected. >> google has removed a map showing the home addresses of the conservative supreme court to a violation of our terms of service and or policies. that's not good enough for some people who say this is doxing, which is tech speak for publishing a private or identifying information about someone on the internet with malicious intent. a former law clerk for justice course. it says this tease to stop. these conservative justices are getting there threats against their life online and elsewhere are right now in the justice department needs to needs to step it up. they need to start making arrests. >> for conspiracy, for obstruction, for assault. republicans want to say let's talk about how the the leak came out now but high about what this means in the lives of the american people and our commitment to the calibration.
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that is contained in roe v wade. >> well, it was lucas tomlinson reporting for us tonight for the protests are scheduled for this weekend. so far, president biden has not weighed in on them. >> more health screening apps are responding to data privacy concerns in the wake of roe v wade, possibly overturning a period tracking app called clue. tracker says all their health data, especially information about pregnancies, loss of pregnancies and even abortion is kept private and safe. other apps that sell information like their users, locations say their information is kept anonymous. you can always stay connected with kron. 4 on our website. we also got our free app. the kron on app for the very latest on the supreme court. and roe v wade decision scan the qr code that see on your screen. it's going to be straight to that section of our website. >> turning our attention now to weather. we're taking a live look out of the golden gate bridge tonight. looks like the camera's moving just
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a little bit out there. a little little windy. yeah, i think it's not windy kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez standing by. if you're headed out the door even you know, tonight tomorrow you're going want a jacket. yeah, definitely. and you know, at a scarf beanie all the layers, we're going to transition to winter starting tomorrow. let's take a live look outside san francisco international airport. 25 mile per hour sustained winds with gusts near that 30 mile per hour range. so certainly hold onto your hats even for this year as well. we do have a lake wind advisory gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour, increasing wave heights, 2 to 4 feet through 11 o'clock tonight. and not only that, but we're also going to have a winter weather advisory and also wind advisory for most of this year up valley's going to see gusts upwards of 55 miles per hour or less on sunday and the highest peaks of the sierra could see winds howling at 110 miles per hour or less. and much-needed snow making its way into this year. going
9:34 pm
to look like a winter wonderland already starting by sunday afternoon through sunday night. that's when it's going to be heaviest. it's going to continue through tuesday as well. we could expect upwards of 5 inches of fresh powder below 7,000 feet for the highest peaks of the sierra about a foot of snow or less. and also some light valley rain as well. anywhere from about a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rain or less. so we're tracking dry, clear conditions in the bay area starting to see those storm clouds billowing out there, especially for south lake tahoe and then snow arriving by sunday afternoon through sunday night. so if you are heading out to the sierra, take advantage of that early sunday morning window because as you can see, we're tracking storm after storm making its way into this monday and then again into tuesday. going to drop 10 to 20 degrees below average. just warming up into the 30's with overnight lows in the teens at times specifically tuesday morning. so certainly bundle up there down in the well. back to you, risa. thank you.
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now to the very latest on the war in ukraine. ukrainians are bracing for what could be a fierce russian assault when the kremlin celebrates victory day on monday. that day will mark the 77th anniversary of the soviet union's defeat of not see germany. >> and world war 2. and that's the same day that president biden will be meeting with g 7 leaders and ukraine's president, volodymyr zelensky. >> the white house says the timing of tomorrow's visit is intentional. russia's seizure of mariupol is expected to play a central role in moscow's victory day celebration. >> has his desire to mark that as a day where he is victorious over ukraine. of course he's well, the expected to be marching through the streets of kiev. that's obviously not what is going to happen. >> world leaders have expressed concern russian president vladimir putin may use victory day as a pretext to expand the war in ukraine. meanwhile, the pentagon is denying claims that the u.s.
9:36 pm
gave intel to ukraine which help to locate and blow up a massive russian warship in the black sea last month as the biden administration continues to be very careful not to get americans involved with the war on the ground. kelli myers explains. >> howitzers javelins, helicopters. us continuing the flow of weapons into ukraine and its more than 2 month long battle against russia's invasion. u.s. sharing intelligence with ukraine leading to the killings of russian generals and taking down the flagship of russia's black sea fleet. the more than 70 days into the war us tonight, he gave specific intelligence or knew of the operation to take out the mosque. but officials say they are helping short of sending u.s. troops are jets. the pentagon adding this is still a war between russia and ukraine. now the u.s. versus russia. is this turning into somewhat of a proxy war between the u.s. and russia? the u.s. has been clear. it's not trying to escalate its involvement to provoke but
9:37 pm
>> where is the line there? everything but troops and jets. this is a war that russia started on ukraine. it's a war choice that mister putin chose to wage against the people of ukraine against the ukrainian armed forces. that's the war. and it doesn't matter how much mister putin wants to advance the rhetoric that it's somehow the west versus rush over that his national security was threatened. it wasn't. and this war isn't. it's not about the west. it's not about nato. it's not about the united states. the pentagon wouldn't say if it would adjust u.s. troop posture in nato countries. >> in case russia decides to retaliate for continued support, ukraine, moscow taking notice of the helping hand from the u.s. saying they are aware of the intelligence being shared, blaming the steady flow of weapons from the u.s. and allies for slowing down its quote, quick completion of the operation, adding, quote, they are not capable of hindering the achievement of the goals set. >> meanwhile, first lady jill biden met with the youngest of the ukrainian refugees at a
9:38 pm
school in romania this weekend. the children are carrying on with their education as the war carries on across the border. first lady expressed admiration with how ukraine's neighbors are stepping up to help people driven from their homes. >> the remaining people are amazing to welcome all these refugees into their homes and offer them food and clothing, shelter and give them their hearts and it's a i think the world knows that too. thank you. >> first lady biden was told romania had welcomed nearly 900,000 refugees from ukraine since russia invaded its neighbor in late february. meanwhile, wnba, all star brittney griner has been held in russia for 75 days. white house officials now saying she's been wrongfully detained. michael fessler has more on how her team is dealing with their star player being gone. >> i think that's necessary. i
9:39 pm
love her. so it is tough to serve people. me. that's a you know, stuff is on her family and people that they hear these things and, you i just love her. i love her. and so i think about every day and i can't wait to see is back here with this new reaction from the teammates of wnba, all star brittney griner as they begin their regular season tonight without the 6 foot 9 phoenix mercury center. >> griner still detained in russia after officials there arrested her in february in the moscow airport, accusing her of having cannabis oil in her back griner's initials and number will adorn every wnba court this season in a tribute to the star player this week, the state department revealing they now consider her to be wrongfully detained, a designation that elevates efforts to bring her home. her case will now be handled and is now handled. >> i'm buying that, sir. roger carstens or special presidential envoy for hostage those efforts to secure their
9:40 pm
release are ongoing just as our efforts to secure the release of americans who are to teams around the world. former u.s. ambassador to the un and international hostage negotiator bill richardson is reportedly working on griner's case at the request of her family. he spoke on news nation's banfield last week after the prisoner swap that brought back to team former marine trevor reed. >> besides griner, former marine paul whalen is also considered wrongfully detained. but now we have 2 more. we have to get out. all we want. >> another marine who's been unjustly detained and brittney griner, the basketball player who was up an airport. so we've got more to do. >> that was michael tesler reporting for us tonight. the wnba says it will honor brittney griner with that floor decal while they await her safe return. all 12 teams are going to be displaying that are displayed that decal on their home court during last night's season openers. >> for your health tonight, more than 32 million americans
9:41 pm
have an allergy to one type of food or another. but doctors say that number is increasing and being found later in life. researchers say the reasons for the increase in allergies are unknown, but it is something they are looking into. in fact, doctors say the younger you are when you are exposed to potential allergen, the better of a reaction you might have if any. >> we've learned that for children are at high risk of developing and food allergies such as those children with moderate to severe eczema have a coexisting egg allergy, we can help to prevent peanut allergy by introducing peanut into their diet age, appropriate forum, starting as early as 6 months. >> any food can cause an allergic reaction, but there are a few that are the most common, which we're pretty familiar with. things like milk, eggs, nuts, fish. we eat and soy. still ahead, more advice from state fire officials about protecting yourself and your property. >> while plus in sports, talk w the warriors lighting up chase center in game 3 of
9:42 pm
their playoff series against the grizzlies. kate rooney joins us live from the arena with all the highlights. stick with us.
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>> 9.44 on this saturday night, one last check of your weather this hour. taking a live look. just a peek. >> out of the transamerica pyramid tonight. yeah, not a bad night out there. meteorologist rodriguez joining us now with what to expect those winds going to stick around. not just for tonight, but even through your sunday as well. so
9:45 pm
>> we're going to see wind speeds starting to diminish along the coast, but still noticeably breezy for those of you in downtown san francisco. 25 mile per hour sustained winds. calmer, though, as you make your way inland back into the teens with the exception of napa currently 20 miles per hour wind speeds there. so it is having cooling effect out there along the coast and even for inland valleys. but tomorrow we're going to see wind gusts in that 30 to 40 miles per hour range. so slightly below that wind advisory level threshold really going to peak by sunday afternoon as the bulk of that weak storm passes through the bay area. it is going to leave behind winds and that's going to make temperatures feel even cooler because of that wind chill factor. temperatures out there right now already starting to cool down, especially along the coast. petaluma 48 degrees for inland valleys are but pacific up in the upper 40's as well. 49 degrees. but those of you in concord, a little bit milder at 57 degrees with mid 50's for san jose downtown san
9:46 pm
francisco and oakland. but we are going to see, though, for your mother's day forecast cooler temperatures. we're going to be about 5 to 15 degrees below average. scattered showers really just traces amounts of rain for most of the bay area. but that cooling effect is certainly going to be felt very early in the morning. even continuing through the afternoon. and not only that, but here's our game day forecast as we actually have san francisco giants taking on the cardinals. mother nature throwing us a little bit of a curve ball, slight chance of showers by around first pitch time. that one, 0, 5, mid-fifties and we're going to see those wind speeds continuing along the embarcadero 20 to 30 miles per hour. so let's take a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. we're going to remain cool through tuesday. slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms mainly monday could continue into tuesday as well. and then by wednesday, we're going to begin a warming and drying trend. so very seasonal weather by next thursday. but take a look at these above average highs friday and saturday of next week. hard to believe we're
9:47 pm
going to start the week in the upper 50's and end it flirting with 90. so your wardrobe get out your winter clothes. summer clothes spring, break clothes, whatever. you're going to need it all in the next 7 days. well, it's just good to know that tomorrow. if you are planning on bringing ma many where you've got to plan for potential shower here there. yeah, just not nothing major, but only for those of in san rosa. but i just can't believe we're tracking rain and thunderstorms. >> and also on top of that, a dusting of snow in the highest peaks in the bay area. the top of that see when i look at that forecast, it is c. >> allergy migration flow ne you. take your yeah. all of when you get sick, you know, i are you well may is wildfire preparedness month, which means it's time to get ready and make sure you know how to defend yourself and your property today. dozens of
9:48 pm
homeowners came out to learn what more they can do to keep their homes safe from fast-moving wildfires in particular. >> rowena shaddox caught up with people and firefighters in forest hill who have all of the same goal which is keeping fire away and making home safe, at least as much as possible. >> trying to find a balance between living in beautiful forest hill that making it safe. so we want the beauty and the nature. but in a safe way on wildfire preparedness day, about 150 placer county residents, including julie davis, we're talking about really getting reason become more residential and safer and gathered information from the forest hill fire protection district and the forest hill fire safe council and how to keep their homes safe and fire. resilient embers are a lot of start of a lot of the fires and these wildfires, unfortunate people whose homes. >> and so there's things that can do to harden their homes. and, of course, make sure that the space around their home is defensible. so that if something does come through,
9:49 pm
that the fire, the fighters have a chance to defend their homes. will the bridge fire of last year burned more than 400 acres? it's something that people in placer county don't want to see happen again. >> with the devastating wild land fires of last year which destroyed thousands of homes >> fire officials are hoping homeowner stay on top of their properties to ensure wild brushes whack down and cleared. lot of the homeowners have already done a lot of work. >> talk to others are just getting started. so you know it in any information that we can get them, that that helps him provide that different spaces is really the goal. the deputy chief says placer county is ranked number 2 in the nation for having certified firewise communities a title. they will work hard to keep. in forest hill rowena shaddox. >> we have some breaking news
9:50 pm
tonight. concord police have confirmed there has been a shooting at the sun valley mall. details are sparse at this hour. unconfirmed eyewitness reports say the shooting was at or near the bj's restaurant and brewhouse there in concord. officers tell us they're currently investigating and we will, of course, bring you more information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> going into game 3 of their playoff series with the grizzlies. the warriors trying to shake a bad offensive performance in memphis at the friendly confines of chase center. they lit it up tonight. game 3 back in san francisco and the fans ready to go in this one. a lot of emotion in this series, jonathan, coming that getting the first career playoff start in place of gary payton. the second. and it's 1st quarter drummer at the 3 grizzlies hit. 6 of them are really taking a 13 point lead in the
9:51 pm
first 2nd quarter. klay thompson doing a little work in the post, gets the hoop and foul. the three-point play gave the dubs a 31 30 lead. otto porter was huge off the bench with 10 first-half points. this 3 minute a 51. 42 warriors game late in the second andrew wiggins goes coast to coast for the dog dumps up double digits than rent from half-court. to beat the halftime buzzer. it's good job with 4 threes in the 1st half, he's been great. 64 57 warriors, though, at the break after shooting a blistering 70% 3rd quarter. klay just feeling it tonight off one foot for the 3 pointer. 85 66 dubs thompson with 21 points. then draymond green with the push ahead to coming up for the layup largest lead of the night for the warriors at twenty-two points. and andre iguodala likes it. then it
9:52 pm
became a pool party jot jordan poole right down the lane for the dunk. 27 points for pool. some step curry got to get him in 3 pointer. he had 30 points. some concern for the grizzlies as morant is clearly feeling pain in his right knee. he ends up limping off and into the locker room. he carries memphis with 34 points will have to wait and see how ready he is for game 4. but meanwhile, the warriors win one. 42. yes, one. 42 to one 12. they shot better than 63% for the game. they now lead the series 2 to one game. 4 is monday chase center. but tonight after the game, steve kerr talked about his team's much improved offensive performance. >> memphis is a a really fast athletic that but on tape, we saw that it for you. a little more patient and a little more poised that we could get some good shots. and i and i think you know, our players have adopted now to the to the that
9:53 pm
speed and the type of defense were facing and and that they did a great job tonight generating better looks. but it's 2 one long way to go. >> let's go to the ballpark. buster posey day at oracle park, the 3 time world series champ was honored. then caught the first pitch from his 2 oldest children. leanne daddy. first inning. bases loaded for wilmer flores. he takes it deep to left and gone for a grand the giants take an early 41 lead. how do you like that? bottom of the second darin ruf. skies, one deep to left center. that one is out for a 2 run home run. it's a 3 giants. san francisco just kept hitting winning 13 to 7 that time. they did that with the win. they snapped their five-game losing streak. meanwhile, the a's trying to snap a 7 game losing streak in minnesota against the twins.
9:54 pm
jessica pre leanne was really good for oakland given up only 3 hits and striking out 7 over 5 and two-thirds innings. but so was his counterpart. former is pitcher sonny gray. >> who gave up 2 hits and struck out 7 in 4 innings of work. bottom of the 6 scoreless whincup really and made his only mistake of the day. jorge polanco it takes a hanging breaking pitch. 451 feet to center and gone for a solo home run one. nothing. twins and capri. leanne is done for the day. both bullpens are also excellent as the twins held on for that one. nothing win. the a's have lost 8 straight games. and if scored only run in the last 3, that beauty baseball as there's 162 games. so plenty of time to clean things up for oakland.
9:55 pm
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>> that's about all the time we got here at 9 o'clock. from for stick around. we've got another full hour of news and sports and all the good stuff coming up. content.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, the excitement takes over chase center as the warriors snag to one series lead over the grizzlies. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm dan thorn and i'm noelle bellow. the warriors. it come out a little slow but slammed the door in the grizzlies. >> in the 2nd half of the game, while the dubs were inside, getting things done. kron four's gayle on was outside and thrive city watching along with the fans. >> you didn't have to be inside chase center to feel the energy of people gather here at drive city hours


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