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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 9, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here at 04:00am on a monday morning. it is may 9th and we have the distinct pleasure of welcoming back a very hopefully well-rested jontre blue enjoyed a much-deserved vacation this past week. good morning, john. very well rested this morning's you'll be hearing know john's for we are looking at a nice monday venturing out there. you can see the bay bridge right here and a little bit of the flag just blowing in the >> gentle breeze that we are seeing across the bay this morning. we're starting the week on that cool note that we finish the weekend.
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temperatures going to be well below average today. so it's one to bring the light jackets with you for sure. now we do have a few rain showers and even some snow showers up in the upper elevations of mendocino lake and even further north. and that along the north coast, there is some energy passing across the region bowl today and tomorrow. it's not going to result in anything widespread for us. but do keep your eye out for the opportunity of a couple of light showers. sprinkles here. and there come this afternoon and even into tomorrow across the bay area. again, most of us will stay dry, but not all of us. well, so there will be a few light sprinkles at times both today and tomorrow. 40's and 50's for current temperatures conquered. you're at 47 oakland-alameda right at 50 degrees. couple of 30's up in the north bay petaluma. you're at 36 degrees right now. so cool. start for you. winds are a factor and we are looking at breezy conditions across the bay winds mostly out of the north aad west this morning later on today. already mentioned the fact that temperatures are cooler than average. we're only going to be looking at highs in the upper 50's to low 60's today. not typically the way we are
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when we're moving like we are. but a nice break from the heat nonetheless. now, as far as our roadways go this morning, still super early on this monday morning. so you're doing fine when you're crossing the bay bridge. 7 minute drive from the maze to fremont street. what i'm more interested in seeing what we do have on 80 westbound as you're heading towards the bay bridge. we do bridge work on 80 westbound ashby avenue over there in berkeley. all lanes are closed right there only until 05:00am. after that, we'll get those lanes back open. and today's the last day of that. so if you're an early riser heading down, westbound 80, my take an extra minute to be getting their through berkeley, san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive for you. as for the richmond center fell bridge an 8 minute drive across it and her final one. the san mateo bridge looking 12 minutes to get you across there. back to james. all right, john, thank you very much. and in the headlines this morning will begin with some breaking news from overnight. san francisco fire officials have rescued one victim from the water. >> near the ferry building apparently happened just after midnight. san francisco fire
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department tweeted at the time that a paramedic rescue team was performing cpr. no further information available at this moment. we'll keep you updated as we find out more. also in the news fire now contained at the rose hotel in san francisco broke out just what last night just before 10, 30 san francisco fire officials say nobody was hurt, thankfully, but you can see there's quite the response here with all this fire equipment there in the video, the number of people who are displaced by this fire still unknown. officials still investigating the cause of the fire as well. oakland police say that they've discovered a body near tilden park. that body found shortly after 7 o'clock sunday night on grizzly peak boulevard. police say they're investigating the circumstances surrounding that death. they're not releasing the victim's name at this point. but again, as we find out more will keep you updated. cleanup is now complete following the small plane that crashed in the marin headlands which killed 2 people on board. we're now learning more about who was on
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that plane, according the mps, ntsb as they continue investigate the cause of the crash with kron four's taylor sackey with the very latest on what we know so far. >> this area of conzelman road near the side of the plane crash is now reopen to the public. the ntsb remove the plane sunday afternoon for further investigation. >> we now know the identity of one of the 2 victims in friday's plane crash and marine had winds near slackers hill. according to a new statement by jesuit high school in sacramento, one of the victims is jennifer fox, a mother and also wants of students there. the statement continues to say that jennifer and her friend died in the crash golden gate and ps says they were a private 2017 of and aircraft rv 10 when he crashed into the hillside northwest of the golden gate bridge. friday's conditions made it extremely hard for investigators to locate the plane and may have contributed to the cause of friday afternoon's crash. the ntsb remove the plane on sunday for further investigation into the cause of the crash.
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>> we reached back out to the marin county sheriff's coroner's division for information regarding that second victim but have not heard back yet in marin county, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> meanwhile, the bridge county sheriff's department is supposed to release the name of the other victim sometime today. let you know when we have that information. in the meantime, in the east bay, we have every bill police arresting a man sunday morning after a standoff at the sonesta hotel. police identified this person is 29 year-old michael syrian dose of treating us of richmond. investigators say that he was seen pacing around the hotels hallway with what looked like a modified shotgun after police lost contact with him for about 30 minutes, they sent a drone up and they say that's when they found him asleep on the couch and somebody is office. that's when officers moved in, took him into custody without any issues. in alameda county, deputy is recovering now after a suspected drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into their patrol car. that crash
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happened about cr on 16th avenue at foothill in oakland on sunday. and you can see the aftermath of the crash or in this video. deputies say the drunk driver was going extremely fast when it crashed into the deputy's suv. police say the driver wasn't hurt amazingly enough and was arrested at the scene. the deputy was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. an update now to the shooting in the parking lot of sun valley mall in concord. police say was just after 9 o'clock saturday night. the 2 groups of people opened fire at each other before speeding off shell casings were found littered all over the parking lot. several parked cars were hit by bullets to so far. police say they haven't found anybody involved with this shooting. they also haven't found any potential victims, but their investigation still ongoing. hundreds of people throughout the u.s. marched on mother's day as the fight over roe v wade continues. americans on both sides of the issue are making their voices heard in response to the supreme court's leaked opinion in the north bay, dozens gathered for bans off our body
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rally and march kron four's gayle ong explains. >> dozens of people gathered on the corner of civic center and north san pedro streets in sandra fell on mother's day sunday. erica fisher brought her young children to make her point about abortion rights. having experience having to make that decision as to when i was i was able to have that choice when i was 16. and i think that that choice is just so important for people to have. >> and for that to be at risk is it's just. >> it's not happening in california. abortions are protected under state law. but the people here worry about those who don't have a that trans the right, right, right.
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those who showed up shared personal stories and some just wanted to show their support. we have so long to get rights for women in. >> this way, its way to its >> this way, its way to its top time that we get else so important that everyone has this access to health care and control their own bodies and not the government telling us how to control or a body a lot want over populate the world with babies that, you know, aren't ready to be here yet when they're already so many children here that need loving families and help the people in other states who are going to start coming over to our clinics. our clinics are going to get overwhelmed. we need to make sure that they have the proper resources. >> and organizers want to keep the conversation going after this event. they are planning more protests in the near future reporting from san rachelle, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> well, oakland city council members are also working to make the city a sanctuary for women's health and reproductive rights. following the roe v wade draft opinion last week, legislation was introduced that would declare
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oakland a right to choose sanctuary city. it calls on the state of california and alameda county to ensure adequate funding for reproductive health care. and that includes abortions. if that's the choice. >> we have to make sure that we are, as i said, it really caught a fine those protections that have been in place from 50 years now doing what we can at this level to declare that and to also make sure that we have the resources in order to not just declare the opportunity for access, but ensure that opportunity, the resources that are necessary to do that. >> the legislation will be voted on by the oakland city council on may 17th. more health screening apps are responding to data privacy concerns in the wake of the roe v wade possible overturning tracking app called clue. tracker says that all their health data, especially information about pregnancies, loss of pregnancies and even abortion is kept private and safe. other apps that sell information like their users location say that their
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information is also kept anonymous. a law banning the use of gender affirming medication to treat transgender minors took effect in alabama on sunday. the vulnerable child, compassion and protection act is what it's called and it makes it a felony to prescribe or administer puberty, blockers and hormones to transgender people under the age of 19 to help the firm their gender identity. california state senator scott wiener released a statement in response to this new law saying in part, quote, when our lgbtq cute kids live lives are on the line. we must not stand back and play defense. it's time to go on offense and ensure every trans kid in alabama and across the country has access to lifesaving care. they need. we'll take a break. your forecast. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news to coach stolen in oakland after a nonprofit event. we'll tell you why the owners say these goats were very special. they want to back. meanwhile, a drunk
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driver hits a police officer enrichment. lot more on that story and why the driver was driving at a stream lee high rate of speed. plus, the senate is set to vote on a bill pushed by democrats in hopes of making roe v wade a federal law. we'll have more on that coming up in a live report.
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>> we're back at 4.13 and check it out. snow returning to the sierra again. here's a live look at conditions up. this is a a tie-up, a king veil that snow fell through mother's day and at times yet did make it hard for people driving on interstate 80. in fact, we've got saga with a look at what people had to deal with. >> whiteout conditions in the sierra just got to get down the with causing disruptions on mother's day. i'm thinking, well, this may that's mineral spring. you you plant flowers after mother's day right? in the sierra. not this year. >> and that the higher elevation was covered with snow and with temperatures below freezing. so with the you to for a second. >> what a difference. 6,000 feet james whitfield returning home to reno. i love it because of the snow that i can see on the mountains, not
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underneath my tires. >> but time making a pit stop acting bill gas station for change. >> even though the spring storm wasn't as strong as the ones we've seen over the past few months. it certainly did cause some damage. >> be hoping this driver who drove off the road into a ditch. luckily no one was injured. and this was one of many spinouts and jackknifed along i-80 because drivers off guard. >> forcing them to slow down in chain up this. okay. we had met people here, you know, make new friends who said a snowstorm could bring people together. only you had left an hour to earlier. that's where time is everything. my time is definitely on. let's find out from john with the weather forecast is glad to see some of that snow up there with this latest system job. i know the snow just take a little bit longer this year to be getting here. it seems like james, but it is great to be
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seeing a little additional snowfall up there. definitely making for some slick conditions up 80 this morning. and we've actually got more of it to be expected up in the sierra both later today on into tomorrow to future cast. going to show you that right now, castle peak there along 80 looking a little bit slick, even though things have calmed down pretty nicely in this year. as of right now, most of our snowfall we're talking this morning is up in mendocino and then eventually into trinity county up there north of the bay area. these are spots along the north coast that will continue to see some rain and snow today. the bay area looking at are slight chances of light sprinkles as we do see this unsettled pattern continuing for yet another day or 2 ahead of us. so just a couple light sprinkles across the bay. and you can actually see that in future cast those little green bubbles popping up here and they're sprinkles across the bay. most of us will remain dry bill today into tomorrow, but don't be surprised if you do feel for you. rain drops on either today or into your tuesday. this afternoon, snowfall kick back into gear up in the sierra nevada stays
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with us during our overnight hours tonight leading into tomorrow as well. so another round of a few inches of snow up there. obviously. very welcome. but if you do have travel plans such as those people that yesterday in the story, just a could interrupt those just a little bit making for some slick conditions by wednesday. this unsettled dip is out of the region and we'll start to see temperatures warming up because right now we are certainly on the cooler side of things. daytime highs today only in the 50's for coastal spots and that are very warmest will only be into the low 60's. this is well below average for where we should be it's all right. it's nice to get a little break from the heat, obviously, but we will be back to those hotter temperatures towards the end of the week. so if you like the cool feel savor every minute of it, it's not going to stick around. oakland, 60 for your high today and could cool. 63 santa rosa nevado both right at 60 degrees as well. look at the change in temperatures by the time that we reach even friday, highs will be back into the low 80's
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inland in by saturday. we'll be back in the low 90's for inland areas. that's a full 30 degrees warmer than those same spots will be today for your afternoon highs. just a couple of sprinkles possible today and tomorrow, then it's off to a dry and sunny and warm trend. the rest of your forecast as far as the roads go this morning, we're still looking great. we are seeing a wind advisory on the bay bridge as well as your other bridges. only 7 minutes to get you across this morning. we do have some construction on an overpass bridge work on 80 westbound in berkeley along ashby avenue. now we do have all lanes closed until 05:00am. so if you're one of our early risers, this is going to set you back as you get off the highway there for just a second. then have to get back on after that overpass. as for the san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive getting across the bay richmond center fell bridge a 7 minute drive and hardly even a car making their way across it. golden gate bridge also pretty empty with the 20 minute drive from 37 down to the tolls. james. john, thank you very much. well, this mother's day weekend, first lady jill biden made a
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surprise trip to ukraine where she met with the first lady of that country entering its 11th straight week. now. >> of a war with russia, dc correspondent raquel martin has more on that visit. >> this visit from first lady jill biden is the latest in a stream of high-profile u.s. officials who have recently visited ukraine's offer their support to the country. that is still in the midst of a bloodied battle with no end in sight. first lady jill biden kicked off this mother's day in a war zone alongside the first lady of sunday. the 2 met at a school now taking in displaced ukrainian students. >> first lady jill biden extended her support to all of ukraine. >> we were just people of the united states stands the people ukraine. the visit comes on the cusp of a potentially pivotal week of the war. monday. president putin will hold a massive parade marking victory day.
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>> it's a day that celebrates the russian defeat of not see germany in world war 2 with parents every sunday on cbs's face the nation, the ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. said she predicts putin will use monday's event to recruit more soldiers to fight. i hold that. then it will be evident for all to all russians what they're doing in ukraine. that's an address award. and the question is of a >> to have more tense of thousands dying in ukraine for no reason. on fox news sunday, republican senator lindsey graham says the u.s. must continue to send military. >> and humanitarian aid to ukraine. i'm not asking. >> for troops on the ground but to make sure that ukraine can expel russia and that a war criminal in the eyes of the world in an effort to deter escalating russian aggression. >> u.s. a g 7 partners sunday announced new sanctions targeting russian oil imports. dozens of banking executives and even 3 television stations in russia, the first lady's
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visit to ukraine definitely being well received. the ukrainian first lady expressed her gratitude and called the act itself courageous. >> still no word from the white house for when the president will follow suit. we know already he has visited nearby poland for now in washington, raquel martin. >> well, the nation is still reacting to the leaked supreme court draft opinion that overturns roe v wade. the democrats on capitol hill are scrambling right now to pass legislation to codify that 1973 landmark ruling into federal law, washington correspondent anna wiernicki joining us live from dc now with the latest on those efforts. good morning, anna. >> good morning. we'll senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate will vote this week on a bill that would make roe v wade a federal law. and even though the vote is expected to fail, schumer says he still wants every senator's position to go on the record. >> this is a constant fight that we've had for generations. house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats
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are prepared to fight for abortion rights is about something so serious and so personal and so disrespectful of women. on wednesday. the senate is expected to vote on the women's health protection act, which would protect abortion access nationwide. but the bill which already passed the house doesn't have the support of all 50 senate democrats or senate republicans, including south carolina senator lindsey graham. my democratic friends are trying to pass them wednesday. >> that will allow more shun right up to the day before the babies delivered. we're not giving up. we will never give ent still. democrats say they want to get every senator on the record. we need to make sure that every single voter understands that the republican party and mitch mcconnell does not believe that their daughters, that their mothers, that their sisters have rights to make fundamental life and death decisions. and minnesota democrat amy klobuchar says the fight will continue to
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november. if we are not successful. >> then we go to the ballot box. we marched straight to the ballot box and the women of this country and the men who stand with them will vote like they've never voted before. >> schumer says he plans to file cloture when the senate returns later today, which would tee up a full senate vote for wednesday. for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all right. we'll see where it goes. thank you very much. it is for 23. we'll take a break. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. a bay area book author is sharing her story on why she wants to amplify. >> asian american voices. we'll be right back.
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heidi covey: so, i have an eye disease that causes blindness. i have moments where i get a little bit sad because i just can't see things that i used to. dr. stanley taught me to trust in the lord even when you don't want to. god is such a faithful father. nothing that happens to us isn't without his eye upon it.
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back at 4.25. and kron 4 celebrating asian american pacific islander heritage month over the next couple of weeks. we're going to be sharing stories of influential barry asian americans leading up to our special, which will have more on here in a minute. but this weekend here on the kron, 4 morning news, we had a chance to speak with the new york times best-selling author kelly yang. she's well known for her front desk book series, which follows the adventures of mia mia tank, young asian american girl with dreams of being a writer. well, yang most recently released a book titled, yes, we will asian-americans who shaped this country. take a listen. >> really want to make sure people start using this as an opportunity to understand more about asian americans, asian americans, contributions to this country. ap i history is american history and being
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able to celebrate and come together as a community. >> well, the book, yes, we will also features art from asian american illustrators and be sure to tune into our special aap. i reports every thursday night this month, all leading up to our special presentation. as you can see on the screen, which will air sunday may 26th at 06:30pm. we hope you'll join us for that. we'll take a break for 27 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. it's getting more pricey at the pumps. gas prices reaching record highs in the bay area. once again, we'll tell you which cities. >> we're seeing over 6 bucks a gallon. we'll be right back.
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we are back for 30 is the time. let's get another check of the forecast here at the half hour with john shrable on this monday morning morning, john. hey there, james, monday morning back to it. and back to some cooler stuff today after what was a nice cool down yesterday. some mountain snow, some light showers in the bay. >> the cool weather does continue bill today and tomorrow. so if you're a fan of it, savor it because it's not going to stick around bay bridge. looking clear this morning. if you head north of the bay area. well, that's where you're starting to look at some rain and snow mostly along the north coast of the state. as for the bay, things will be fairly quiet for most of us. we're going to see a breezy and cool one. plus the opportunity. have some isolated sprinkles. now most


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