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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 9, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> and here we are all again on monday. i missed you guys. ha d. it's nice to be here. i'm darya and i'm james. we haven't seen each other in a couple days. we haven't seen john, though, about week and a it's nice to have >> yeah. just a little john's over the you know, you're up for a there is 0 jet lag going out lunch time over a statement this morning. yes, beautiful morning. you do have the transamerica building sitting under some pretty inviting looking sky so far to the north of us. we have some showers in the form of rain and snow up there the oregon border and even up into been the lake county is a little bit of sprinkle activity. we're doing good across the bay. do not be surprised if you see a couple of raindrops, most of us won't, but some of us will see a few of those light sprinkles today. 40's
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50's for most of our current temps, fairfax petaluma santa rosa. each in the 30's. napa. you're there as well. so don't forget to layer up. that actually is going to come in handy specially because we are breezy this morning. winds are again, a factor just going make those cool temperatures feel a little bit brisk. as for our bridges bay bridge still looking great. i'm not seeing a whole lot of issues out here. monday. mornings off to a smooth start for early risers may's to fremont street. it's taking a 7 minutes. things are picking up a little bit. still rolling at the limit at the san mateo bridge as they are as well at both the richmond center fell as well as the golden gate bridge is this morning. back to you. >> thanks a lot, john. 5, 0, one in the developing story that we're following in the east bay, oakland, police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a person who was found last night. the body was found a little after 7 o'clock on grizzly peak boulevard near tilden park. police are trying to figure out the cause of death. they're not releasing the victim's name at this time.
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>> well, cleanup is now complete following that small plane that crashed in the marin headlands killing 2 people on board. we are learning more about who was on the plane. the ntsb is investigating the crash conference to the sacking has the details. >> this area of conzelman road near the side of the plane crash is now reopen to the public. the ntsb remove the plane sunday afternoon for further investigation. >> we now know the identity of one of the 2 victims in e% friday's plane crash and marine had winds near slackers hill. according to a new statement by jesuit high school in sacramento, one of the victims is jennifer fox, a mother and also wants of students there. the statement continues to say that jennifer and her friend died in the crash golden gate and ps says they were a private 2017 of and aircraft rv 10 when he crashed into the hillside northwest of the golden gate bridge. friday's conditions made it extremely hard for investigators to locate the plane and may have contributed to the cause of friday
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afternoon's crash. the ntsb remove the plane on sunday for further investigation into the cause of the crash. >> we reached back out to the marin county sheriff's coroner's division for information regarding that second victim but have not heard back yet in marin county, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. the marin county sheriff's department is supposed to release the name of the other victim sometime today. >> well, let's turn our attention to the east bay now where police have arrested a man sunday morning after a standoff at the sonesta hotel. police have identified him as 29 year-old michael tribune oce of richmond. investigators say that he was seen pacing around the hotels hallway with carrying what looked like a modified shotgun. so they called police officers were tracking him for about 30 minutes, but then lost him. so they sent up a drone to start looking around the property. and that's when they apparently found him asleep on the couch in someone's office. so police at that point made their move and arrested him without incident. in alameda county. deputy is recovering after a suspected drunk driver
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ran a red light and crashed into the patrol car. we've got video from the scene and you can see the front end damage here. this was the 16th avenue at foothill in oakland on sunday. and boy, the aftermath looks pretty horrific. deputies say the drunk driver was going extremely fast and crashed into the deputy's suv. the driver was not apparently not injured and was arrested at the scene. the deputy, though, was taken to the hospital that that person also expected to be okay. it's 5, 0, 4. we want to give you an update on the shooting that happened in the parking lot of the sun valley mall in concord. it was around 9 o'clock saturday night. >> 2 groups of people started shooting at each other before leaving the parking lot. the shell casings were found littered all over the place and there were several parked cars hit by bullets. so far, police have not found the shooters or any potential victims. their investigation is ongoing. hundreds of people throughout the u.s. march on mother's day as the fight over
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roe v wade continues. americans on both sides of the issue are making their voices heard in response to that leaked supreme court opinion in the north bay. dozens of people gathered for bans off our bodies rally. and that was they also had a march and this is at the corner of civic center and north san pedro streets in sandra fell. you can see a lot of people showed up with their families, their kids, personal stories wanting to support each other, although abortions are protected in california, people at the rally tell us they're worried about the supreme court's decision on other states. >> we have so long to get rights for women and this way. 22 minutes from time that we get equal rights as everyone else so important that everyone has this access to health care and control their own bodies and not the government telling us how to control or a body. >> organizers of the rally want to keep the conversation going they plan to hold more
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protests like this in the near future. also tracking reaction across the country to to that leak supreme court draft opinion that would overturn roe v wade got lawmakers. >> vic pushing forward an effort now. yeah, they're scrambling to pass let's go live to washington, d.c., now for the latest from anna wiernicki diana. >> good morning. we'll senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate will vote this week on a bill that would meek roe v wade a federal law. and even though the vote is expected to fail, schumer says he still wants every senator's position to go on the record. >> this is a constant fight that we've had for generations. house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats are prepared to fight for abortion rights is about something so serious and so personal and so disrespectful of women. on wednesday, the senate is expected to vote on the women's health protection act, which would protect abortion access nationwide. but the bill which already passed the house doesn't have
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the support of all 50 senate democrats or senate republicans, including south carolina senator lindsey graham. my democratic friends are trying to pass them along wednesday. >> that will allow more shun right up to the day before the babies delivered. we're not giving up. we will never give event. still, democrats say they want to get every senator on the record. we need to make sure that every single voter understands that the republican party and mitch mcconnell does not believe that their daughters, that their mothers, that their sisters have rights to make fundamental life and death decisions. and minnesota democrat amy klobuchar says the fight will continue to november. if we are not successful. >> then we go to the ballot box. we marched straight to the ballot box and the women of this country and the men who stand with them will vote like they've never voted before. >> schumer says he will file cloture when the senate returns later today, which would tee up a full senate vote for wednesday. for now
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live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. thanks, anna. >> 5, 0, 7, on the clock and oakland city council members are working right now to make sure the city is a sanctuary city and a place that protects women's health and reproductive rights following the road roe v wade draft opinion leak last week, legislation was introduced that would declare oakland a right to choose sanctuary city. it calls on the state of california and alameda county to ensure adequate funding for reproductive health care rights, including abortions. >> we have to make sure that we are, as i said, really caught a fine those protections that have been in place from 50 years now doing what we can at this level to declare that and to also make sure that we have the resources in order to not just the clear the opportunity for access, but ensure that opportunity, the resources that are necessary to do that. >> well, the legislation will be voted on by the oakland city council on may 17th. >> time now is 5, 0, 8, and is
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opening its first in-person retail store in burlingame. this store is filled with a lot of different tech products that meta is selling. and we have kron four's will tran standing by live. >> a glimpse not quite open just yet. we'll good morning. >> no, it will not be open for another several hours, but we do expect people to start lining up. it's the building right behind me. they even have signs in burlingame that says mattis store. so facebook not just on your internet browser or your app on your phone, you can literally walk into it. let's get right to the video. we actually sent one of our colleagues to go inside for a preview. justin campbell, this is his thing. he's a little bit younger 70's, all techie, not like old folks like us, james and darya and myself, but we'll get used to it. it's a whole new world you can put on glasses. they are working with the rave and you can put those glasses on and pugh. do you zoom in, turn
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your television and to zoom calls and all the goodies that 2022 and beyond has in store for us. >> not sure about the prices yet. you know, i mean, mark zuckerberg and become a billionaire by giving things away. so we'll just have to find out how much it costs. >> we do expect the line to start forming a little bit later this morning. should be interesting to see what happens. this kind of reminds me, james, i know this is right up. your alley reminds me of google glasses from about a decade ago. that was all the rage and then they quickly died out. i'm sure zuckerberg does not want that to happen. so we'll just have to wait and see. but to walk around the glass is a specially trained and glass is my favorite. and then you can do zoom calls and all the other things. that's a good thing, especially and this day and age with gas prices, it's right behind me. you can see the lights are on. we just need the customers. facebook not more than more than just a friend request. it's also glasses. back to you. i
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alright, thank you. we'll be touching to see inside when they get that finally opened up will keep going back throughout the morning. 5.10, right now. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. 2 goats are missing and oakland. >> why the owner believes that somebody planned this theft. as we'll just mention, it's getting even pricier at the pump again, record highs in the bay area. as always, we'll see which cities are over 6 bucks a gallon. now. >> and snow is back in the sierra. we're going to take a look at the road conditions after the break. >> yeah. and here in the bay area, couple of sprinkles. but mostly just a cool down. keeping that cool trend around for a few more days with high temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's today be breaking down everything else. you need to know your forecast all. still ahead.
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>> 5.14 right now and take a look at this more snow year again. i love it. yeah. this weekend we had a few sprinkles here around the bay and the snow falling up in this year on mother's day. >> it did, make it a little tough for people who are hoping to get up there to enjoy mother's day and garage sign. takes a look. >> whiteout conditions in the
5:15 am
sierra just got to get down the mountain safely causing disruptions on mother's day. i'm thinking, well, this may that's mineral spring. you you plant flowers after mother's day right? in the sierra. not this year. >> and that the higher elevation was covered with snow and with temperatures below freezing. so with the roadway. >> you to full circle. >> what a difference. 6,000 feet james whitfield returning home to reno. i love it because of the snow that i can see on the mountains. >> not underneath my tires. >> but this time making a pit stop acting go gas station for change. >> even though the spring storm wasn't as strong as the ones we've seen over the past few months. it certainly did cause some damage. >> be hoping this driver who drove off the road into a ditch. luckily no one was injured. and this was one of many spinouts and jack night along i-80 because drivers off guard. >> forcing them to slow down in chain up this. okay. we
5:16 am
have been people here, you know, make new friends who said a snowstorm could bring people together. only you had left an hour to earlier. that's where time is. everything my time is definitely are. >> everything's all look at that. i love it on mother's day. just really weird. you hopefully it makes a little bit of a difference, at least anything, maybe kind of pushing back the start of wildfire season just a little bit. i love that. i ran into rain for i think it was less than 5 minutes i am and then went john in the weather center. hey, john. yeah, that's going be what today looks like to even less of the rainfall, though. it's just a couple of sprinkles here there. most of them, what most of us won't even see that. >> snowfall in the sierra. this is castle peak right here. you can see the roadway. 80 is still pretty snow packed after yesterday's good amount of snowfall up there. we've got more of it. it's going to kick back into gear later on today through the evening tonight into tomorrow up in the sierra nevada. so this is indeed something great to see. hopefully pushing back that start a wildfire season. we certainly would love for it to
5:17 am
are seeing clearing dry skies for the bay area for the time being to our north. that's where you're still seeing snow and rainfall up in northern lake and mendocino counties, especially even further north from there. that's where most of our energy is going to stay today. we're still in the midst of this dip in the jet stream, bringing us the cool weather that we enjoyed already yesterday. we'll see again bowl today into tomorrow, along with just a couple of spots of green indicating those isolated sprinkles popping up at points today. more so snowfall towards the latter afternoon into the evening. tonight, up in the sierra stays with us into early hours of tomorrow to only a few inches of it to be expected up there. not as much as what we had yesterday for mother's day by wednesday. we have clear we drive back out and temperatures will start to climb really quickly after that. so you like the cooler feel today, tomorrow are the cooler days of this forecast and we're going to waste no time climbing back to some of those hotter temperatures. so to savor what we've got right now. as for san jose campbell, santa
5:18 am
clara, you'll be at 62 for your highs only in the upper 50's for the tri valley union city and hayward right at 60 from castro valley. up to oakland and our warmest spots. areas like pittsburgh, vacaville only at 63 for your daytime highs today. so definitely a cool one all the way across the bay. tomorrow's temperatures around the same as 2 days after that will reverse course back to the warmer weather into the 70's for many spots by wednesday and thursday, 80's inland by friday by saturday, back into the low 90's. still looking really great on our roads. bridges are under wind advisories because we've had so those brisk winds the past few days does continue today. 8 minutes from the maze to fremont street on the bay bridge. a 12 minute drive across the san mateo bridge. and look at all right. there's definitely some more traffic is starting to increase, but still at the limit, richmond center fell. you're doing just fine as you also are on the golden gate. back to you. thank you very much, john. 5.18, is the time in the east bay. the city of benicia is requiring all residents now and businesses to conserve
5:19 am
water. >> effective immediately. they say a pipeline at the venetian water treatment plant broke. so they need people to save even more water, in fact, cut back by at least 30%. they say the water is safe to drink and they're working right now in repairing that break. but they need people to cut down on the amount of water they're using for now until those fixes are made. that means people can't use water to wash their cars or to landscape. you've got to cut back on that right away. >> gas prices are on the rise again. in fact, we hit another milestone for the average price of a gallon. topping $6 now covers camila barco takes a closer look at several spots around the bay. >> these are the gas prices in sandra fell sunday morning according to triple a for the first time ever. gas prices in san francisco and sandra fell averaging more than $6 per gallon. >> drivers lying jack chalfonte can't seem to catch a break at the aloft. >> probably. 25 ares more of
5:20 am
that. >> almost everywhere you look, gas prices continue to go up. and on sunday they hit record highs in the bay area. starting to use it. fortunately, i don't have to drive every day. >> $67 for half painful holly wallace filled her tank in sandra fell where it's on average. >> $6 per gallon and the same is true for san francisco and santa rosa. >> a gallon will cost you $5. and $0.98. it's $5.90 in san jose and a penny less in oakland. >> i thought it was high a year ago. it was, you know, for something. so. this is this is wallace says she's cut back on driving. >> and he's anxiously waiting to get her hands on an electric car for decades. but i want it right now because of
5:21 am
the gas prices. those prices are not getting in the way a shelf on stays out on the golf course. he says we'll find a way. >> carpool, the gulf. >> according to triple a increasing gas demand and rising oil prices, half push pump prices higher and it's put the average price at the pump in california about a $1.72. higher than it was one year ago in sandra fell camila barco kron. 4 news. >> it's 5.21. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. big tech is trying to do away with passwords. we'll show you how that would work. >> and how would benefit you? well, better than i know you like being out past years. can you remember?
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my classic and spicy popcorn chicken with 100% all-white-meat chicken. and good good sauce. ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. order on the jack app today. >> 5.24, it may be time for you to change that pass 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, password want apple, google and microsoft are working right now to get rid of passwords altogether so that you can log into account. i just compromised passwords. >> herky with the story. >> apple, google and
5:25 am
microsoft. 3 tech giants usually working to outdo each other are teaming up in the name of cybersecurity. they want you to ditch your password for good fundamentally what we're doing letting you use your everyday device. the same thing that you do, you. >> multiple times a day to unlock your device now to log-in in a way that is just leaps and bounds. more secure are done anything that you're doing today. >> megan shamas is the director of marketing for the authentication company leading the charge. the fido alliance fido is short for fast identity online. some people say sounds like a dog that's actually on purpose because >> finau actually the lab and a means to trust which we do our our dogs and our puppies. right. but we also need to trust their online blogging in systems. microsoft estimates there are 921 password attacks per second. >> the average data breach cost the company more than 4 million dollars and they're becoming more and more common
5:26 am
spiking 68% in 2021. but this new development would protect you from such worries instead of storing your personal information on a distant server where it can be stored and reused. >> fido keep your private data crypto logically secure. right on your phone. whenever you use to unlock your device, whether it face or fingerprint or pattern or pen. >> you can then use to log-in across all of your devices and that the to stay private to you and importantly takes the need for password totally out of the equation. >> all right. so it kind of got to it at the end. and i'm not sure i get to keep a look at what that all about. fight be the way of the future when it comes to low, my god, your new best words, right? a 1, 2, 3, 4, haha. i-526. is the time right now. we've got lots coming up on the kron 4 morning news. so don't go away on this monday morning. coming up next, a new development and partnership by tech giants. and we're going to take it went well. we're continuing talk tech. plus, joe biden making a surprise trip to
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hi. [ chuckles ] when you see things differently, you can be the difference. capella university looks at education differently. our flexpath learning format lets you set deadlines and earn your nursing degree on your schedule. make your difference with capella university. >> good morning, 5.29. what? i
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want to go right out. the gate today is okay as windy as yesterday yesterday was it was can hear things just banging up against the house yesterday john in the weather let's find out, john. good morning. so not quite as windy as yesterday, which is good news still breezy, though, and paired with the cool temperatures does mean the jackets need to be ready to go today even into the afternoon coit tower looks beautiful. look so peaceful and it's not excessively windy this morning, but it is breezy and we do have wind advisories on our bridges because of that fairly calm for the bay right now. if you look to the north of us, that's where you're seeing some of the rain. the snow fall still hanging out. upper elevations of lake and mendocino counties could see a sprinkle or 2 for some parts of the bay today, although most of us are going to come out of this one dry 40's and 50's for current temps. hayward at 49 oakland at 49 as well. some 30's up in the north base. you see what i'm talking about. it is cold and you pair that with the winds that we're talking about, which as of right now are not horrible. fairfield, 13 miles per hour winds oakland at 10 miles per hour. gusts today
5:31 am
will still be as high as 25 to 30 miles per hour, though. so definitely the jackets for that. as far as our bridges go this morning, already mentioned that we do have some wind advisories out there. let's get a look at the bay bridge in conditions along the bay bridge right now are fairly calm. but picking up at some point later on today, getting a little hint to the sunrise and 8 minutes to get you across that. this is monday light. i know that's not a thing, but this monday e there's a lot of us on the bridge just yet. maybe an extra day after mother's day off a san mateo bridge. 12 minutes to get you across it. richmond center fell looking gorgeous and rolling up the limit. 7 minutes to get you across it also really pretty views. the sun starts to rise at the golden gate bridge and a pretty typical 18 minutes from 37 to the tolls. back to you. thanks a lot, john. the director of an oakland nonprofit says he's heartbroken because the organizations to goats were stolen. yes, so they had an with these goats about. >> a few hours before someone apparently cut through the fence and took them from prison. and a harry with the story. the director of the
5:32 am
beautification council says the goats have become part of the oakland community. >> many people love them. he hasn't slept well since they were taken friday night and he believes whoever took them, thought it out. >> and i knew something happen because when i pull up and i save me money, they come hop it. and they didn't come to goats. loved by the community were taken overnight. >> director of the beautification council and owner of the goats ken houston. since friday, the goats run an event in oakland connecting with and bringing joy to children. >> it was their first event in more than 2 years because of covid saturday morning they were gone. it was almost unreal is almost like coming out to your parking cars this him from being stolen. the goats were in the same yard near international boulevard and 91st avenue. >> where they had been living for years on bother it. houston says he believes the crime was thought out. they cut the gate.
5:33 am
>> and they somebody stole the to go. he also says there was food on the ground that may have been used color. the goats. >> nearby was this hat addition. it was this more than an animal. this is a part of our community. this is a part of >> children's lives. he's asking whoever took the goats to give them back for the children. you know, give them back, you know, just let him because the animal control goats they are. the director says they're not going to let this stop them and they're going to continue to put on events for children in the community. but they hope that the goats will be returned in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> time now is 5.33. and look at this. oakland police just released pictures of 60 vehicles that they towed. >> during sideshows last week and they also issued 17 citations made 2 arrests and recovered one gun. oakland police say the sideshows happened thursday night and friday morning on 5.80, there were hundreds of vehicles
5:34 am
involved and they say this is an example of the cops enforcement and how they're trying to send a message to say that sideshows are no longer tolerated. >> well, police say they have arrested 27 year-old brad james adams in brisbane on an attempted homicide charge saturday. so the shooting happened thursday at the taco bell on mendocino avenue near santa rosa junior college. you may remember the story. police say adams was in front of the victim in the drive-thru line went some argument erupted between the 2 of them. he threatened with a gun and police say after at one point adams got out shot the victim then drove away. the victim was seriously hurt, but we're told, but that person is expected to survive. enrichment. take a look at what police say. a drunk driver did to a police officer's motorcycle. the officer was parked on the side of the road saturday night when the driver slammed into the bike. luckily both survived the crash. no word yet on the extent of the injuries that the drivers sustained with the officer
5:35 am
apparently was just fine. >> in ukraine, dozens of people are feared dead. a russian bomb hit a school and it was serving as a shelter for about 90 people in the eastern part of the country. the mayor of the town there says 30 people were rescued from the rubble so far. but he's doubtful that anybody else lived through this bombing. >> well, this mother's day, first lady jill biden actually made a surprise trip to ukraine. yeah, she met with the first lady of that country and now it's in its 11th straight week of war by russia, dc correspondent raquel martin has more. >> this visit from first lady jill biden is the latest in a stream of high-profile u.s. officials who have recently visited ukraine's offer their support to the country. that is still in the midst of a bloodied battle with no end in sight. first lady jill biden kicked off this mother's day in a war zone alongside the first lady of sunday. the 2
5:36 am
met at a school now taking in displaced ukrainihn students. first lady jill biden extended her support to all of ukraine. >> we were just people of the united states stands the people ukraine. the visit comes on the cusp of a potentially pivotal week of the war. monday. president putin will hold a massive parade marking victory day. >> it's a day that celebrates the russian defeat of not see germany in world war 2 with parents every sunday on cbs's face the nation, the ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. said she predicts putin will use monday's event to recruit more soldiers to fight. i hold that. then it will be evident for all to all russians what they're doing in ukraine. that's an aggressive award. and the question they put >> to have more tense of thousands dying in ukraine for no reason. on fox news sunday, republican senator lindsey graham says the u.s. must continue to send military.
5:37 am
>> and humanitarian aid to ukraine. i'm not asking. >> for troops on the ground but to make sure that ukraine can expel russia and that a war criminal in the eyes of the world in an effort to deter escalating russian aggression, u.s. a g 7 partners sunday announced new sanctions targeting russian oil imports. dozens of banking executives and even 3 television stations in russia, the first lady's visit to ukraine definitely being well received. the ukrainian first lady expressed her gratitude and called the act itself courageous. >> still no word from the white house for when the president will follow suit. we know already he has visited nearby poland for now in washington, raquel martin. 5.37 right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. the grizzlies best player may be too hurt to play. and their coach says. >> it's the warriors fault. we'll take a look at the highlights. >> and today is going to be another cool one may see a sprinkle or 2, although most of us will come out of the dry
5:38 am
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5:41 am
or salaries, hca, healthcare and universal health care services are leading the charge to charge patients. more experts believe the hike will be between 7 and a half and 15%. it's more than the 5% boost that the hospitals typically ask for health insurers and employer groups are rejecting this request. the groups say the most on labor costs without having to raise the premiums on patient's care. >> well, the pandemic hasn't been kind to potential homebuyers. so americans are actually looking to stretch the dollar may want to consider heading east, maybe tennessee, according to a new study from rocket mortgage, tennessee. it's apparently the cheapest 8 to buy a home, at least at what is in 2022. and that's because of the low cost of living lack of income tax and low property taxes. and if you're wondering where california is ranked on that list, it's not even in the top 20. we know how expensive it is out here.
5:42 am
>> happening tonight, san francisco district attorney chesa boudin sits down with kron 4 to answer questions about crime and the recall effort against him. the interviews going to be live in prime time tonight at 9.30. so do tune in. we'll be right back. you really can't get much for 5 bucks these days... unless... ♪ you got that bag ♪ ♪ you got that biggie bag ♪ ♪ you got that bag ♪ is that a real song? i think she liked it. your choice of sandwich plus all this for just 5 bucks is worth celebrating. choose wisely. choose wendy's biggie bag.
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the more you need aarp. winds today specifically and i as because yesterday it's mother's day and it's like you want to eat outside. >> hussein and puppy things were getting in the food and getting it. all right. that's my issue is how are it was really howling weekend. so john, how the winds going today? are things going to calm down a >> definitely colder than yesterday highs still breezy, though. so we're completely there. but unlike yesterday, none of the excessively windy conditions we do have around 2025 miles per hour. gusts for the most part today. it actually pretty fairly nice start to the morning. we are seeing dry conditions right now in san francisco. pretty inviting skies above quite our winds right now around 10 miles per hour for most areas toward north. that's where your rain in your snow is hanging out. as you can see, the bay is dry, but we do have a few light snow showers up in lake county mountains as well
5:46 am
as up further north from there. what you get in the humboldt county north of mendocino. so as of this point, most of the bay area's looking pretty calm. pretty clear. we do have a couple of scattered sprinkles possible today, even less so than yesterday. so less and on the winds less and on the rainfall potential still staying just as cool us to keep those jackets with you. can see a couple little spots of green popping up at points today. really nothing more than a brief sprinkle here there for only a few spots across the bay for both your monday. your tuesday look at the sierra later today, though, the sierra nevada starts to see another dose of snowfall really kicking back into gear towards the afternoon. staying with us into tomorrow. that's going to provide a few more inches of snow to the sierra after what was a good snowfall up there yesterday, hoping to build a little bit more snow pack before things really start to warm up here in the very near future. soon as wednesday, we'll start to see temperatures warming. so if you like the cooler feel today tomorrow or easily, the coolest days of the forecast
5:47 am
highs mostly in the upper 50's to just barely the low 60's and it doesn't matter whether you're at the coast of the bay or inland. we're all pretty much in the same boat on this one. but they're very warmest of temperatures, as i mentioned, barely making 60 degrees. oakland, san leandro, castor valley, each ride at 60 antioch, pittsburgh, fairfield vacaville, our warmest spots at 63 degrees each tomorrow, temps around the same. in fact, a lot of stuff about tomorrow is almost identical to today. wednesday is the day when things start to warm up clearing skies highs back in the 70's for some of us by the weekend. it's back to the 80's. even low 90's for some inland areas. so the heat is on here in just a few days. as far as our bridges go, we have wind advisories on that includes the bay bridge, which you're starting to see a little back up there at the toll plaza. still looking great, though, 10 minutes from the maze to fremont street san mateo bridge. you're at a 13 minute drive across it right now. we do have high winds there at 92. so we do have the
5:48 am
wind advisory in effect right now. it's not slowing you down, though. richmond center fell 7 minutes and looking great. the skies look gorgeous. same for the golden gate bridge, but not a whole lot of traffic just yet this monday morning, daria. >> thanks a lot. 5.47. let's talk sports warriors play game 4 tonight at the chase center there. up to the one in the series against the who are over their best player getting injured. we'll see what happens with that. meanwhile, the giants celebrating a win in game 4 to split the series. >> with the cardinals, we've got sports director jason dumas with the highlights. a nightmare scenario could become reality for the memphis grizzlies on monday night. >> by now, we've all seen the right here. jordan poole, kind of yanks are john murray. it's need memphis head coach and john morant insinuated that that play was out of line is he's just saw again slight contact with the knee. i was a little confused, but get this. all i know is this. yeah. tricks of the series has for
5:49 am
sure gotten out of line. i just wanted to be about basketball again. unfortunately, john morant, he's been listed as doubtful. this is what says, where medical teams said after reviewing the play. i mean, joe was playing great feeling real you know, the gravity is what the potential injury, why we took job the game. so nothing changed from there on terms of that was the play that triggered this. and, you know, he's got further evaluation going on. that's job one talking with his knee. but from what i've been told around, there's probably really good chance he doesn't play tomorrow. >> interesting. anyway. it was bound to happen sooner or later. but warriors assistant coach mike brown will be leaving the golden state bench at the end of the season. >> the sacramento kings have agreed with brown on a four-year contract to become the franchise's next coach. brown will be looking to and the longest playoff drought in get this nba history. the kings haven't been to the postseason in 6 teen years. it
5:50 am
will finish the warriors playoff run before moving on to his full-time duties with the kings before coming to golden state. brown was really a cop. brown was really accomplished. he won in eastern conference championship and he was the coach of the year with lebron james and the caps. the giants looking to split the series with the cardinals mother's day at oracle. bottom of the second giants down to one on. and guess what? late night lamont way. they say he comes alive in the night-time. well, he also hit bombs during the daylight. welcome back, lamonte wade junior. this is his first series of the season and his first home run of the season. bottom of the 6. mike, you're stressed. you. that's a splash shot right there into mccovey cove. the go ahead, home run. that gives the giants the lead. they were going to win 4 to 3. the a's they took on the twins. looking to avoid the sweep. bottom of the 3rd inning twins down a run to offer jorge polanco and he flares one into
5:51 am
left that i run scores. so go ahead. run scores, minnesota. take a 43 lead. and they lose by that score as well. >> the worriers. yes, this is exciting. game 4 tonight. the new yeah, we're going all warrior spirit today. hopefully they can get the win. >> and then it will go back to memphis. time now is 5.51 and a developing story that we are following. >> is well, i see her still going to do when we asked the still going to do sports here. that going to move on 5.51 the time. so it is actually is part of sports. okay? because there's talk about the worriers and keep going prompter. the semifinals, that final game featured the 3rd junction. yeah, because they were, you it's just been a lot of rough place in last night. >> keep going a memphis weather man had a reaction to this ejection and went on social media cause controversy
5:52 am
because the tweet involved a offensive language. involving race. take a listen. >> does it surprise me that a weatherman would tweet as a slur, a dream in 2022? not in the slightest bit. this is this is america. this is this is how we operate. grizzlies forward, kyle anderson was ejected in the 4th quarter. saturday's game for arguing with officials. >> and that was when joe show a pack. chief meteorologist at fox 13 memphis tweeted a complaint about warriors forward draymond green on court behavior and the tweet included a term again added long been used to denigrate people of african descent. and as you just heard, the words coach steve kerr asked about that and that was his response. it wasn't surprised in the least. that's something i think happened. graeme on, of course, has responded in wake of this to the slur on instagram, writing, quote, are you surprised? don't apologize. stand on it. the of
5:53 am
the weather man's tweet account has been the treatment. ali, that the a bit of a dust-up about that 5.52. will be right back.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
and media of there youth. we're talking like vhs tapes could potentially be worth big bucks to collectors. i can't play them anywhere. i have i don't have the machine any. according to the the people doing the auction, they're going to holding their first ever vhs. only auction. >> more than 300 and depending on the popularity of the auction vhs could become the next big collect them you're going to get yourself a machine and enjoy all the static, the lines that we had to suffer through watching. and remember, this is james be kind rewind. 5 of the 6 right now coming over the next hour. >> is opening its first in-person retail store. burlingame. they're not going to a vhs. they're only the hyatt stop. >> we're live and democrats trying to pass a bill to make roe v wade a federal law. but it could be a tough fight. plus, we have an update on the plane crash that killed 2 plane crash that killed 2 people in marine craft county.
5:57 am
meet a future mom, plane crash that killed 2 people in marine craft county. a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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5:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> thanks for waking up and watching us at 6 o'clock on a monday. i'm darya and i'm
6:00 am
james. we've got john standing by in the weather center kicking off the hour with a look at that forecast here on this monday morning after a windy mother's day sunday at going into mother's week. you here. i said it was a hole like a okay. so that's good to know as we come back. so maybe you want to celebrate later mothers week than we could see some warmer conditions towards this thursday and friday. >> today, though, definitely not as windy as yesterday was for mother's day itself. so we've taken a step back from the winds were still just as cool. we're going to be a little drier today. that's for sure. just a couple of isolated sprinkles for only a few of us. beautiful morning, though. look at this view from the embarcadero bay area's pretty quiet. we do have some showers to the north up in upper elevations of lake county. some snowfall. a couple sprinkles in mendocino county. most of the bay area looking nice and calm right now. 40's 50's for current temperatures in tell you head to the north bay, that's where you'll find your 30's and fa


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