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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 9, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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than yesterday was nice change of pace from your very, very windy and cool mother's day yesterday. right now we're in the 40's and 50's temperatures are already warming under that sunshine. we started the morning the 30's for parts of the north bay. this is a nice change already. i'll be breaking down. this afternoon's forecast still to come. but first to the roads we are seeing improved conditions along 80 the maze to fremont street taking you. 25 minutes. we had a couple of issues earlier that set us back to over 30 minutes. so this is an improvement. san mateo bridge, 14 sunshine there. we do have wind advisories on our bridges, though. so make sure to have 2 hands on the wheel as you're making your crossings. sandra fell bridge as well as the golden gate bridge sitting under clear skies and some pretty clear roads, too. daria, thanks a lot. let's get back to the breaking news in san francisco. fire officials have rescued one person from the water. >> near the ferry building around midnight. the san francisco fire department tweeted the paramedic rescue team was performing cpr, but
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we don't have any other information right now. we'll keep you posted. we'll get some more details. developing news in the east bay. oakland. police are investigating the circumstances surrounding someone's death. their body was found last night a little after 7 o'clock on grizzly peak boulevard near tilden park. they're trying to figure out how the person died and they're not at this point releasing the victim's name. a fire is contained now at the rose hotel in san francisco. the flames broke out last night around 10, 30, a san francisco fire officials say that nobody was hurt. they put the flames out, but they are investigating the cause. we have a new development in the crash that happened in the redhead lends a small plane. 2 people died. both of them on board and the wreckage is now been cleared and they've done their investigation. they still don't know the cause of why it went down. but we do know who the victims were. the sheriff's department just released their names. they're both from sacramento. 57
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year-old michael breyer and 52 year-old jennifer fox from sacramento were killed in that small plane crash. in the east bay emeryville. police arrested a man yesterday morning after a standoff at the sonesta hotel. 29 year-old michael chirinos of richmond was arrested. investigators say that he was seen pacing around the hotels hallway with what looked like a modified shotgun. and police look they then lost contact for about 30 minutes. they sent up a drone and they did find him asleep on a couch in someone's office. they went in and arrested him. there. in alameda county. a deputy is recovering after a suspected drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into their patrol car. this happened on 16th avenue at foothill oakland yesterday morning. and this is what happened at the cars. you can see the driver, they say was drunk going fast crash into the deputy's suv and the driver was not injured. they
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were arrested at the scene. the deputy had to go to the hospital but is expected to be okay. we have an update now on the shooting that happened in the parking lot of the sun valley mall in concord. it was around 9 o'clock saturday night that 2 groups of people started shooting at each other and then left the parking lot. when the police came, they found shell casings and several cars that were parked in the parking lot hit by bullets. they don't know if anyone was hit but no victims have shown up at this point and they have not found any shooters. the nation is reacting. still now to the leak supreme court draft overturning roe v wade democrats on capitol hill are scrambling to pass legislation to try to codified the landmark ruling. anna wiernicki has the latest. good morning. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate will vote on a bill this week that would make roe v wade a federal law and >> even though the vote is expected to fail. schumer says he wants every senator's
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position to go on the record. >> this is a constant fight that we've had for generations. house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats are prepared to fight for abortion rights is about something so serious and so personal and so disrespectful of women on wednesday. the senate is expected to vote on the women's health protection act, which would protect abortion access nationwide. but the bill which already passed the house doesn't have the support of all 50 senate democrats or senate republicans, including south carolina senator lindsey graham. my democratic friends are trying to pass them along wednesday. >> that will allow more shun right up to the day before the babies delivered. we're not gi ing up. we will never give ent still. democrats say they want to get every senator on the record. we need to make sure that every single voter understands that the republican party and mitch mcconnell does not believe that their daughters, that their mothers, that their
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sisters have rights to make fundamental life and death decisions. and minnesota democrat amy klobuchar says the fight will continue to november. if we are not successful. >> then we go to the ballot box. we marched straight to the ballot box and the women of this country and the men who stand with them will vote like they've never voted before. >> schumer says he'll file cloture on monday teeing up a vote in the full senate on this bill for wednesday. for now in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> and oakland city council members are working to make the city a sanctuary for women's health and reproductive light right following that, roe v wade opinion, they have introduced legislation that would declare oakland a right to choose sanctuary city calling on the state of california and alameda county to ensure adequate funding for reproductive health care, including abortions. >> we have to make sure that we are, as i said, really caught a fine those protections that have been in place from 50 years now doing
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what we can at this level to declare that and to also make sure that we have the resources in order to not just declare the opportunity for access, but ensure that opportunity, the resources that are necessary to do that. >> the legislation is going to be voted on by the oakland city council on may 17th. hundreds of people throughout the u.s. on mother's day were marching to show where they stand on roe v wade on both sides of the issue, making their voices heard, including in marin county in the north bay. there are dozens of people that held a rally kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> dozens of people gathered on the corner of civic center and north san pedro streets in sandra fell on mother's day sunday. erica fisher brought her young children to make her point about abortion rights. having experience having to make that decision as to when i was i was able to have that
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choice when i was 16. and i think that that choice is just so important people to have. >> and for that to be at risk is it's just. >> it's not happening in california. abortions are protected under state law. but the people here worry about those who don't have a that trans the right, right, right. those who showed up shared personal stories and some just wanted to show their support. we have so long to get rights for women in. >> this way, its way to its top time that we get >> equal rights as everyone else so important that everyone has this access to health care and control their own bodies and not the government telling us how to control or a body a lot want over populate the world with babies that, you know, aren't ready to be here yet when they're already so many children here that need loving families and help the people in other states who are going
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to start coming over to our clinics. our clinics are going to get overwhelmed. we need to make sure that they have the proper resources. >> and organizers want to keep the conversation going after this event. they are planning more protests in the near future reporting from san rachelle, gayle ong kron. 4 news. it's 9, 0, 7. and today metta is opening its first in-person retail store in burlingame. it's filled with all kinds of tech. >> kron four's will tran is live now with a look at what they've got high will. i could use one of their sunglasses, but don't call him sunglasses. you can see how bright things are right now and they have the barrier right behind me. the store will open in a couple of hours from now. >> all they need is you and all you need is a credit card and you're good to go. we actually sent justin campbell, one of our colleagues inside last week. so enough of me talking, let's get right to his. >> sneak peek that he got last weekend. >> don't call it duryea. don't call it ray ban sunglasses
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because you will really date yourself. it's read and stories and it's available at the met a story and burlingame this morning, not sure how much it costs, but i'm sure we won't be too cheap because it comes with all the bells and whistles, including a camera. yes, you can take videos with that sun glass or i should say stories. you also can take pictures you ken de, listen to music, of course. and then also even get a phone call if you want to with that, that's available now. and it's probably compatible with any kind of smartphone that you want. they also have portal products which allow you, according to facebook to video anywhere anytime that you want as well. it's going to be available to you. get don't call it facebook, by the way, because facebook is not their name anymore. it is meadow. i was outside mulling around area. i haven't been inside if i did describe it to you. it looks like an apple store has all the employees ready to go?
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it should be open in about an hour an hour and a half from now. we'll see how it goes. the reviews i've been looking at it online. it's been mixed. some people said, ok, and others are very excited, especially with the rain bands stories who doesn't like sunglasses. we'll just have to wait and see how it's going to be. we did expect in duryea you might be able to see somebody showing up already. we did expect to see a line already by this time, but not yet. we'll just have to wait and see. i guess the strongest advertising. they can do it on their platform, of course, on facebook, which is still called or word of mouth we'll just see how it goes. dairy about just justin cowboys considerably younger than us. he like good time with that. yeah. i probably don't need it. i can barely turn on a computer. no, but when it comes to those glasses, you do need those are $300. by the way. >> that's a little sleet. 303 and a box yeah, just go department. get ones for free.
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i mean, they may not be glad. good for my once in the giveaway to take 3.99. all right. thanks a lot. well, it's 9.10, right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, 2 goats are missing in oakland and we're going to tell you what the owner has to say about that. he wants back and big tech trying to do away with passwords. we'll tell you how it works. and been a pretty nice morning. so far. just chilly. so definitely need those layers looking out there at the golden gate bridge looking absolutely beautiful to start. >> talk about where we're headed next in this forecast. still to come.
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we've got the brands. ♪ ♪ the value. ♪ ♪ and the inspiration you need. so you can own your style. >> 9.14, and guess we got for mothers. day more snow in tahoe and it still snowing. in fact, right now, you can see this is to 67 in kings beach and you can see the snow coming down these or flurries. but i guess we're going to get more and more eggs out today. we'll see more flurries a difficult driving. >> obviously, on 80 and brushed takes a look at that. >> whiteout conditions in the sierra just got to get down the mountain safely causing disruptions on mother's day. i'm thinking, well, this may that's mineral spring. you you plant flowers after mother's day right? in the sierra. not this year. >> and that the higher elevation was covered with snow and with temperatures below freezing. so with the
9:15 am
roadway. >> you to for second. >> what a difference. 6,000 feet james whitfield returning home to reno. i love it because of the snow that i can see on the mountains. >> not underneath my tires. >> but this time making a pit stop acting go gas station for change. >> even though the spring storm wasn't as strong as the ones we've seen over the past few months. it certainly did cause some damage. >> be hoping this driver who drove off the road into a ditch. luckily no one was injured. and this was one of many spinouts and jackknifed along i-80 because drivers off guard. >> forcing them to slow down in chain up this. okay. we have been people here, you know, make new friends who said a snowstorm could bring people together. only you had left an hour to earlier. that's where time is. everything my time is definitely are. >> and yeah, you got to beat the snow. beat the traffic. it's all about that. so let's take a peek at the timing. if
9:16 am
you would like to drive up to tahoe today, john? yeah, you think, you know, we should be good, right? well, that this may look at this. we've got some slick conditions up there. >> just saw a line of trucks heading up there along 80. we do have roadways relatively clear, but still some flurries, as daria noted right before the story. there. and snow is actually going to pick up later today. so recommendation, maybe if you want to add up to the sierra do so later, this week's thing still pretty slick up there. still fairly breezy, not as much as yesterday, which is good news, but we'll still have 20 to 25 miles per hour gusts at times in the bay area today wrapping things up with around 10 miles per hour. winds on average by the afternoon and evening tonight. again, that's not as windy as yesterday. still brisk, cool and windy, though. rain and snow to our north across the bay bays. quiet right now. but there's your snow up in areas like trinity county as well as up in the upper elevations of lake county. snow picks back up for the sierra later on. and you can see that happening here in future cast snowfall. really picking back up around
9:17 am
02:00pm today lasting through the evening couple of additional inches may see an isolated sprinkle or 2 in the bay bill today and tomorrow, maybe even a thunderstorm popping up north of sacramento and north of sonoma and napa counties this afternoon into tomorrow afternoon. most of us, though, actually going to stay dry in the midst of those isolated sprinkles. today's highs as well as tomorrow's highs. the coolest of your forecast. so if you like that cool feel and seasonably cool weather enjoy today and tomorrow upper 50's to low 60's. going to be a great day to venture out there for a jog or maybe just for the walk with the sweater, the light jacket ready to go. you won't be needing any of that later. this forecast has temperatures move upwards really quick. oakland in castro valley at 60 for your highs. even our warmest spots, antioch, pittsburgh, fairfield vacaville at 63 for your highs today at our warmest, we're barely making the low 60's. but look at saturday will be in the low 90's for many of those same inland areas with sunshine, returning in full force as soon as wednesday,
9:18 am
both today and tomorrow coming along with that chance of showers. as for roads, things have been pretty cooperative. we had a few issues on the bay bridge at times and things are starting to slow down a little bit again, we are seeing backup there at the toll plaza and the latest there is actually stretching a little bit east of the toll plaza. now we actually just had an incident pop-up. chp is informing us high winds on the bay bridge. and we actually do have an incident there right after you get through the plaza. i think that's why that backup is formed. now, the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes got a little sunshine peeking through there between the clouds and rolling at the limit along the richmond center fell 15 minutes to make your crossing. also at the limit over the golden gate, daria. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black either. rob. >> a guy, how are you this well, i'm fine. but is the sky falling? i mean, what that coin is diving. wall street is diving. you'll tell me right if it's
9:19 am
>> 2022 is not looking and it's looking. you know, we have to wait. there's a big moment coming up on wednesday, cpi, the consumer price inflation, essentially prices are up 8 and a half percent year over year. our wages are up 5.6%. so, you know, we have jobs are still losing purchasing power. wall street hates. means will buy less for more in the future here today, nasdaq down 22%. the s p 500 down 13%. yes. and he realistically could go down 13%, a normal year. so we're still at normal. you know, you ask, is the sky falling? the question is doing it on 30, which is once every 4 years. and that's looking more and more we're not getting enough all telling people aren't giving up the part, get quitting in some areas. they like companies are earning money. but in other areas, it's kind bring down the violation. so that's, you know, kind of thought. and i think uber says that while the day as we start interviewing people were going to let them know that work is a privilege. so the dynamic is shifting a
9:20 am
little bit from the employee back to the employer. so it what? what? what do you mean by that? because actually i thought it was. >> we need workers. workers and workers were in control. we are the driving seat right now. you're saying. are saying, no, it's a privilege. you're lucky if you get this job but don't we're teeter totter. and let me give you some thoughts on you know, we all know people who quit her job last year to become day traders a coin stocks. >> i lost a good friendship of a female who was a single mother. second, just like you. i buy and sell stocks now for a look like that doesn't sound so we need to shake those people out and think that it's easy. and that's exactly the market's doing at this point in time. it always feels worse than it is. again, historically, we are exactly a normal year. it just feels a normal because we haven't had a normal year and roughly 10 years mark, it's turned into bear market corrections are more than 5%. all right. ok, ok, what about bitcoin or you as calm on that visit sliding?
9:21 am
>> i don't own any bitcoin. i'm i'm in the warren buffett camp of it seems too speculative. if i did, i went on less than 5% of my worth. but you can't really sell it to someone you can't short. so all it is is people are if you're letting your daughter buys it and she hopes i buy it from her and i hope you buy it for me. that's a bit of a problem. and they can kind of go both ways on the trade. it's just not a market. it's just an accumulate and hope it goes higher. but today broke down to 32,500 that now puts town over 55% from its all-time high. that's brutal. but again, it's a lot of people. i know people who, you know, have instagram accounts that bitcoin's going make me a millionaire. it's not that easy. it wasn't easy that everyone would be doing it. and where earlier skates to work all day. so the next level support about 11,000 on that point, you take a look at the chart from 11,000, basically 60,000 and some stops around the 40 level and 32,000 little, that's where we're civic is below. 32. i could easily see got 12,000, but i wanted to know. all
9:22 am
right. all coins like ether and the memes ones like she do and went all-in. it had institutions don't really own it. so the people that own bitcoin are largely, but there's some institutions, largely retail investors, and they're not the most reliable hands. things get tough, they tend to duck jump ship. we've got to have all tony so high that everyone thinks everything's going to 0. well, not there yet to to bring back your roller skating, which i don't know if you're any good at you know how i stop. >> hit the wall. so let's it doesn't end like that. >> doctor strange made a ton of money and have the people that i would not see this that i would not see this movie because it's too much know we've seen they were. >> don't get it does not want this superhero they get. but marvel super happy to have them doctor strangelove because they have died covid like black widow and the eternals. but now they've got spiderman. and now my multiverse of madness has been a metaverse of madness. said mark zuckerberg told the multiverse is much better and marvel 185 million people, not
9:23 am
1 million 185 1 million dollars. that's about 11 and a half million. a little less than spiderman, but still a pretty good number 2 for 2022. but listen, the slate, a lineup movies coming up. and this is a good thing, diane, we're spending money. we're still going on vacation. we're still ok and the markets doing its thing. but next weekend we get top gun. then we get traffic world and we get light year. then we get millions and we get 4 all in the next 6 weeks. 6, it movie lineup again, testing covid testing people's resilience to get back into large crowds. so i'm looking forward to it. >> he's alright. i yeah, you got me on top gun. all right. thanks a lot, rob. if right, he a that's that's always a good one. if you'd like e-mail, right? you can. if you want to share some of your favorite movie chains, take my breath facebook or twitter. you can reach in that way to
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>> well, maybe we're soon going to able to get rid of all those passwords that we have to. >> remember and keep changing apple, google and microsoft are working on a plan or a technology that would do just that. you would log in to all of your accounts with one password. paul gerke explains how it works. >> apple, google and microsoft. 3 tech giants usually working to outdo each other are teaming up in the name of cybersecurity. they want you to ditch your password for good fundamentally what we're doing
9:27 am
letting you use your everyday device. the same thing that you do, you. >> multiple times a day to unlock your device now to log-in in a way that is just weeps and bounds, more secure our than anything that you're doing today. >> megan shamas is the director of marketing for the authentication company leading the charge. the fido alliance fido is short for fast identity online. some people say sounds like a dog that's actually on purpose because >> finau actually the lab and a means to trust which we do our our dogs and our puppies. right. but we also need to trust their online, blogging and systems. microsoft estimates there are 921 password attacks per second. >> the average data breach cost the company more than 4 million dollars and they're becoming more and more common spiking 68% in 2021. but this new development would protect you from such worries instead of storing your personal information on a distant server where it can be stored and reused. >> fido keep your private data
9:28 am
crypto logically secure. right on your phone. whatever you use to unlo-k your device, whether it face or fingerprint or pattern or pen. >> you can then use to log-in across all of your devices and that data stays private to you and importantly takes the need for password totally out of the equation. >> i'm mike passwords are all in the face now. i don't even know what they are anymore. 9.28 right now. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the first lady takes a surprise trip to ukraine. >> to see for yourself what's going on and show her support for have. the latest on that.
9:29 am
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>> it's 9.30, right now. get a peek at the weather and though it's not as windy as yesterday. i know the bay bridge things are pretty windy over the little gusty wind. yeah. we still have this wind advisories under bridges, daria, so not as windy as yesterday, but everyone can appreciate yesterday. a little too windy for the picnics with for mother's day today. you can see the trees out there along the embarcadero just swaying a little bit and winds that will peak at around 25 miles per hour at points today to our north, we have some rain and snow, but the bay area is actually pretty quiet. we're sitting under some good sunshine for most of the bay, had a couple of sprinkles in san jose and along the coastline earlier. and that's about all we're going to get today. a sprinkle here there, most of us actually making it through the day dry 40's and 50's for current temperatures. they're gradually rising under that sunshine. we're in the midst of so get outside with the light jacket and he should
9:32 am
be a-ok this monday at the bridge. we already mentioned that it's a bit breezy out there. and you do have a 25 minute drive across the mace to fremont street. it's been a bit of an up and down this morning had a couple of incidents. but we look to be okay right now. as for the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes and traffic is lightning up a whole lot under that sunshine. still a bit of a backup at the toll plaza at the richmond center fell bridge and it doesn't slow down. once you get through the tolls either. in fact, even gets a little bit worse right before you get there to sandra fell. we've got some road work on the shoulder as you are heading towards san quintin. and i think that is definitely resulting in some residual delays. golden gate bridge 20 minutes and still moving along, just fine out that direction. daria, thanks a lot. john signed 32 is just into kron 4. we've just confirmed that san francisco mayor london breed has chosen. >> matt dorsey, as the new supervisor representing district 6 which covers the city's south of market neighborhood. that seat became vacant last week after matt
9:33 am
haney was sworn in to the california state assembly before today's appointment, dorsey has been the director of strategic communications for the san francisco police department. it's going to be a news conference at noon today where the appointment will be made official. 2 boats are missing from oakland of their owner. doesn't think they just wandered off either. he thinks so many planned to take them. the director of the beautification council, ken houston, says his goats were taken on friday night. they had just been in an event. it was the first one for 2 years because of covid and the coach. we're a lot near international boulevard 91st avenue where they were being kept and that's where they were taken from. he thinks somebody plan to steal because the fence was cut. it. and there was food on the ground may have indicated they were lowering the goats with the treats. >> and i knew something happen because when i pull up and i say me, the money, they come hop it. and they didn't come. it was thought out. because
9:34 am
you could tell how was could you have to have a truck. you had to have wrote we had to do a whole lot to get those 2 goats. there were 2 full grown goat. >> but i'm assuming there was a 3rd because nobody says me money the director says that other not to let this stop them. you want to continue putting on events for kids because they really enjoy the goats. so they'll keep doing that and hopefully we'll find those goats. oakland police have released pictures. look at the 60 vehicles that they towed away from sideshows that happened last week. they also issued 17 citations made 2 arrests and recovered one gun. side has happened thursday night and into friday morning on 5.80, their work, hundreds of vehicles involved. and police say this is an example of their increased enforcement and message to people everywhere that sideshows will not be tolerated. police have arrested 27 year-old brad james adams in brisbane on an attempted homicide charge. they arrested him saturday for thursday's shooting at a taco
9:35 am
bell drive-thru on mendocino avenue near santa rosa junior college. police say that adams was in front of another man in the drive-thru line. they got into an argument and then he threatened with a gun. then they say adams shot the victim drove away. the victim is is seriously hurt but expected to recover. and now adams has been arrested in richmond. look at what police say a drunk driver did to officer's motorcycle. the officer was parked on the side of the road saturday night. and the driver slammed into the motorcycle. luckily, that you know, he's ok, both of them actually survived the crash. we don't know about the injuries or the extent of the injuries for the driver, but apparently officers fine, even though they a bike is pretty banged up there. yesterday on mother's day, first lady jill biden made a surprise trip to ukraine. she met the first lady of that country and they're now and 11 weeks of war being attacked by russia. dc correspondent raquel martin has more.
9:36 am
>> this visit from first lady jill biden is the latest in a stream of high-profile u.s. officials who have recently visited ukraine's offer their support to the country. that is still in the midst of a bloodied battle with no end in sight. first lady jill biden kicked off this mother's day in a war zone alongside the first lady of sunday. the 2 met at a school now taking in displaced ukrainian students. >> first lady jill biden extended her support to all of ukraine. >> you just people of the united states stands the people ukraine. the visit comes on the cusp of a potentially pivotal week of the war. monday. president putin will hold a massive parade marking victory day. >> it's a day that celebrates the russian defeat of not see germany in world war 2 with parents every sunday on cbs's face the nation, the ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. said she predicts putin will use monday's event to recruit more
9:37 am
soldiers to fight. i hold that. then it will be evident for all to all russians what they're doing in ukraine. it's an aggressive award. and the question is of a to have more tense of thousands dying in ukraine for no reason. on fox news sunday, republican senator lindsey graham says the u.s. must continue to send military and humanitarian aid to ukraine. i'm not asking. >> for troops on the ground but to make sure that ukraine can expel russia and that a war criminal in the eyes of the world in an effort to deter escalating russian aggression, u.s. a g 7 partners sunday announced new sanctions targeting russian oil imports. dozens of banking executives and even 3 television stations in russia. >> the first lady's visit to ukraine definitely being well received. the ukrainian first lady expressed her gratitude and called the act itself courageous. >> still no word from the white house for when the president will follow suit. we know already he has visited
9:38 am
nearby poland for now in washington, raquel martin. >> kron 4 is your election headquarters and this is also the first day to vote in person for the primary election. you can now visit san francisco city hall for the june 7th consolidated statewide direct primary election. it's about an hour and a half into the voting. the doors opened at 8 o'clock this morning. and tonight, san francisco district attorney chase of a dean sits down with kron. 4 unanswered questions about crime and about the recall effort against him. the interview is live in primetime at 9.30. so we hope that you tune in for that. we will build back with more. you're on the kron. 4 morning news. still ahead is getting price here to pay for gas at the pumps. working to take a look at which cities are seeing. >> 6 bucks. plus a gal
9:39 am
9:40 am
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♪ wait and see ♪ ♪ shadow down ♪ ♪ fall into line ♪ ♪ you're out of time ♪ >> it's 9.41. and the worriers play game 4 tonight against the grizzlies at home at the chase center. they won game 3 and there's still a storm brewing over a weather man's comment about draymond green. the controversial tweet came in game 3 after grizzlies forward kyle anderson was ejected because he was arguing with officials. now we're not going to repeat what the tweet was, but a fox tv weatherman in memphis used a racist term to basically say that he thought draymond green gets away with much worse. on-court behavior doesn't get punished.
9:42 am
where is head coach steve kerr was asked if he was surprised by the language in that tweet. >> does it surprise me that a weatherman would tweet as a slur, a dream in 2022? not in the slightest bit. this is this is america. this is this is how we operate. >> trammell was a surprise either. in fact, he said on instagram, quote, are you surprised? don't apologize. stand on it. the tweet and the memphis weather man's twitter account have since been deleted. 9.42. we'll be right back.
9:43 am
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make your difference with capella university. been tipping more in the pandemic and more wondering, does it really make a difference? we took a closer look to see if it improve service and a study says not really. in fact, researchers found it's largely a way for customers to feel good about themselves. david lazarus takes a closer look. >> keith patterson is a server at morris in atwater village. he figures about 3 quarters of his compensation comes from tips and sees no need to change. i like the versus just an overall flat wage. i think there it gives me a little more incentive, you know, >> you know, dot the i's and cross the t's in terms of the service part of it, i heard the same from every server i spoke with when asked if they prefer a living wage instead of relying heavily on tips. >> each said tips or best it would be hard to switch. i think from tipping because it's just been here so long.
9:46 am
if the plumber came to your house and called your toilet, would you tip them? >> that's a good question. i wouldn't i guess it wouldn't tip a plumber, but i. i just i just moved recently and i took the movers. >> the economics of tipping are murky. we tip some service providers but not others. we expect tips to improve service but will leave the same size 2 pretty much no matter what, because there are many countries in the world where there is no tipping in. they seem to get. >> acceptable levels of service right? mike lee and is the country's foremost tipping researcher. and while he supports the practice, he'll be the first to acknowledge that it doesn't always work the way most americans believe my guess is we get a little bit better service because of tipping, but i don't know that it's an essential. system. >> for service. >> if you get the sense that restaurants are outsourcing their employee compensation to customers and also keeping menu prices deceptively low.
9:47 am
you're right. but here's the thing. virtually all restaurants that have tried to do away with tipping by imposing service charges. >> have drawn the ire of patrons in the restaurant any priced here. there were places tipping with service charges. their online ratings go down. >> people view. >> service charges, mandatory tips. and we don't like to be told that we have to do something. >> online rating similarly plunge when restaurants raise menu prices by 15 or 20% to give workers a living wage. and it turns out that when customers evaluate restaurants expensive, mister, pretty much looking at the new prices. and that's it. we. >> just yes or are discount somehow the fact that you're expected to tip polls show most americans like the tipping system for personal reasons. if no other. >> people it's they haven't already set in their mind. so it's already something that's like constitution on their head. so for people to try to change, kind of maybe just shifting around. but at the end of the day, a tip is always optional. and it always
9:48 am
comes out of people's hearts. actually know research clearly shows that most of us are given as a matter of social obligation. >> you can't because we're supposed to. and because we like ourselves for doing so. i gave a good >> to a server the other day. >> i just feel good about myself that i was in a position to be able to, you know, generously compensated someone and make their david lazarus. >> what he said, right? it just it feels good and you do you. it's always appreciated when somebody gets a big tip. >> yeah, i love it. i feel like it's it more now than i ever everyone. james, we're all talking about that. yeah, i think in the pandemic, everybody just wants to help everybody else. it's true. it's it's not easy. it looks easy, but it's definitely not. so i was appreciate it. >> easy to get out there today, though. you can see that clear skies of seeing across the bay area. >> definitely a nicer day to be venturing out than yesterday for mother's day was unfortunately was so windy yesterday. that was your big catch. we're taking a step
9:49 am
back from the winds today. still 20 mile 5 mile per hour gusts. but overall, we're sticking a little closer to 10 miles per hour. winds across the broader bay area. it's going to really help us out with what it feels like as you're getting out there to the north of the bay. that's where we have the rain in the snow. it's pretty quiet here. locally can see how active it is. what you get up into the lake county mountains and up to the north coast where we're still seeing a very active day ahead of us. and although we've seen a few flurries in the sierra nevada this morning, that's really going to pick back up this afternoon and a few more inches of snowfall can be expected in the sierra overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. so if you had plans on getting up there this week, easier travel conditions starting on wednesday, getting up there as it still looks pretty wintery today into tomorrow, up there in those higher elevations. today's daytime highs just as cool as yesterday. upper 50's to low 60's doesn't matter if you're out the coast or further inland, either our inland areas are in for a full, 30 degree warm-up from today into saturday at the weekend, skies dry out later
9:50 am
come wednesday. that's just the start of warmer weather. bayside and coastal areas also warming up as warm as the 70's 80's by the weekend roadways this morning. well, they've been dry, at least roadways have been easy as far as weather goes. but bay bridge still back up there trying to get to the toll plaza. 25 minutes getting across it. we've got as low as 35 minutes for cold, total commute getting over it. so that is an improvement. san mateo bridge. 13 minutes to get you cross. the bridge richmond center fell. we do have some issues up there and it does look like part of that is because we do have some road work on the bridge this morning. that's got a few lanes closed its 49 minutes right now across the richmond center fell and then also looking at the golden gate bridge. still very easy for you there. and just as beautiful as it's been all morning with some clear skies up above daria. >> thanks a lot. john is 9.50 in for your money this morning. some hospitals are thinking about hiking treatment prices. they say they need more money in response to rising nursed salaries that they have to pay
9:51 am
hca, healthcare. universal health services are leading this effort to try to increase prices. experts believe could be anywhere between 7 and a half and 15% that they want to get, which is more than the 5% boost that hospitals typically seek health insurers and employer groups are rejecting this request. the groups say the most expensive hospitals they can take on labor costs without raising premiums. can you afford the price of a gallon of gas to, you know, it's gone up again. if you haven't noticed. san francisco in sandra fell are now averaging more than $6 a gallon and almost everywhere you look, it's the same story. prices are up yesterday. they hit record highs in the bay area in santa rosa. a gallon is 5.98. it's 5.90, in san jose. penny less in oakland and a lot of drivers really getting anxious about it. they'd love to have an electric car. >> i thought it was high a year ago. it was, you know, for something. so. this is this is
9:52 am
>> according to triple a increase in gas demand and rising oil prices have pushed the pump prices higher. that's put the average price. now in california and about a $1.72. more than we were paying a year ago. >> and the pandemic has not been kind to potential home buyers. they're expensive, too. and so because of that, americans are looking to stretch the dollar. many of them leaving expensive markets like hair and moving to tennessee. according to a new study, this is from rocket mortgage tennis e is the most affordable state to buy a home in 2022. and they say that's because the low cost of living their lack of income tax and low property taxes. if you're wondering where california ranks and this. obviously we are amongst the most expensive statis where you could buy a home. that's our problem. >> 9.52. we'll be back with more in minutes.
9:53 am
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whoever you are. you have a style. and we want to help you own it. with top brands. great value. and inspiration you need. so you can own your style. >> 9.55, almost time to go on a monday morning. but we've got you covered on kron on 24 7. let's go to the newsroom. noelle bellow is standing by with a preview. hi, noel high. daria, as you have been reporting district 6 in san francisco has a new supervisor as of this morning. coming up at noon, mayor breed's going to be speaking about why sapd spokesperson matt dorsey is her picked to represent an
9:56 am
area where drug abuse and homelessness are very prevalent to catch her remarks and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines all day long. grab your phone scanned the qr code that see on your screen. it's going take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. starting back to you. thanks a lot. noel and kron 4 is celebrating asian american pacific islander heritage month over the next couple of weeks. we're going to be sharing stories of influential bay area. asian-americans were leading our special. >> and then we'll have the whole month with specials as well. >> this weekend on the kron 4 morning news. we talk with the new york times best-selling author kelly yang. she's well known for her front desk book series that follows the adventures of miya tang a young asian american girl. she has dreams of being a writer yang. most recently released a book titled yes, we will asian-americans who shaped this country. >> i really want to make sure people start using this as an opportunity to understand more about asian americans, asian
9:57 am
americans, contributions to this country. ap i history is american history and being able to celebrate and come together as a community. >> and be sure to stay tuned to kron 4 because we've got all of those specials on our air. let's take a peek at the 7 day around the bay forecast. looking good darya today. tomorrow. still cool. but look, we're heading on into the weekend. what from 60 to i out there degrees different. my gosh. all right. the cool weather. we got it. it's a whirlwind kind of like your vacation. and now you're you really can't get much for 5 bucks these days...
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