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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  May 9, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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burst in the east bay bring serious concerns to one city's water supply where residents are the ones having to pay the price. plus. >>the russian on slot intensifying in the eastern region of ukraine. how vladimir is justifying the invasion >>to his people and caught on camera. some shocking video of an impaired driver hitting a dozen vehicles. what police have to say about the incident. thanks for joining us here. on the kron on news
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at noon. have a little with but is there. i'm noelle bellow. we've got to begin in the east bay where a pipeline break has the city of benicia requiring all residents and businesses to conserve water immediately. kron on's charles clifford joining us live now in benicia. he's got more on the directive from the city. charles. usually officials ask folks to cut back about 15%. but i hear this one is much higher than that. >>yeah, well, you know, the drought restrictions are not uncommon. we could see more this summer, but that's not what's happening here in benicia right now. normally the city gets its water from lake berryessa. the sacramento was river. it's treated and then sent out to homes and businesses. but now that flow of water is being disrupted. on sunday, the city of benicia asked residents and businesses to immediately reduce water use by 30%. the city says that overnight saturday to sunday a pipeline that the city's water treatment plant suffered a
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break. >>staff at the plant tell kron 4 that the pipe in question is underground in difficult to reach. well, the problem is being fixed. the city is asking residents to avoid outdoor water use, including car washing and watering lawns and it wants businesses to save water wherever they can. >>i understand that stuff happens. samantha men's lives not far from the treatment plant. she says she's received messages and voice mails about the broken pipe and that they're doing the best they can to save water. >>limiting, you know it kind of a shower, take a bath together just were not watering our lawns in just reducing the water that way as much as we can to help. the city does say that while the repair work is underway, the water that still flowing to homes and businesses. >>it's safe to use. >>it was to have charles there. but again, 30%
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reduction order for water use there for folks in benicia. we'll have more coming up on kron. 4 news at 3. a big story we are following today here in san francisco has good as a new supervisor for district 6 mayor london breed has chosen matt dorsey for the role he'll be sworn in this afternoon. dorsey will represent the city's south of market mission bay and treasure island neighborhoods, district 6 no longer includes the tenderloin due to some recent redistricting decisions. the seat opened up last week after matt haney was sworn in to the california state assembly. dorsey has previously been serving as the director of strategic communications for the san francisco police department. mayor breed's going to be announcing her. later this afternoon, we will have more on that coming up on kron. 4 news at 3 as well. national news this afternoon. lawmakers are reacting to the possible overturning of roe v wade democrats on capitol hill now scrambling to pass some legislation that will codified
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the 1973 landmark ruling into federal law. so far, though they don't have the votes to pass at. our national correspondent trevor shirley has the very latest from washington. well, this legislation is intended to protect the rights established by roe versus wade. >>regardless of what the supreme court ends up deciding. but there's almost no chance this legislation will survive in the senate. senate democrats will set up a vote on the legislation today with the actual vote scheduled to happen on wednesday. the conversation over abortion rights changed dramatically after last week's leak of a supreme court opinion which appears to show the court is prepared to overturn roe versus wade. the law democrats would like to pass would establish a national right to an abortion in any state, but it needs 60 votes to pass and that won't happen. in reality. the vote is also a political move by democrats to vote.
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republican lawmakers on record. every american will see how every senator stands. they can duck it anymore. >>republicans have tried to congress will continue to debate this issue. the states will finally have control over this. and here's the one common thing. if you don't like the outcome of the abortion debate, now you can kick people out of office. republicans say abortion rights should be left up to the states. the gop leadership also hinted this weekend that if republicans regain control of congress, a national ban on abortion is something they could explore in the meantime, protesters surrounded the homes of chief justice john roberts and justice brett kavanaugh over the weekend unhappy that the supreme court could vote to limit abortion rights and that final senate vote is expected to happen this coming wednesday reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >>back here at home, oakland, a city council members are working to make the city a sanctuary for women's health and reproductive rights.
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following the roe v wade draft opinion leak last week, legislation was introduced that would declare oakland a right to choose sanctuary city calls on the state of california and alameda county to ensure adequate funding for reproductive health care, including abortions. >>we have to make sure that we are, as i said, really caught a fine those protections that have been in place from 50 years now doing what we can at this level to declare that and to also make sure that we have the resources in order to not just declare the opportunity for access, but ensure that opportunity, the resources that are necessary to do that. >>legislation will be voted on by the oakland city council on may 17th. meanwhile, mother's day meant marches across the country for reproductive rights up in the north bay, dozens gathered for a bans off our bodies rally and march kron on's gayle ong. was there.
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>>dozens of people gathered on the corner of civic center and north san pedro streets in sandra fell on mother's day sunday. erica fisher brought her young children to make her point about abortion rights. having the experience having to make that decision as to whether or to be mean i was i was able to have that choice. but i was 16. and i think that that choice is just so important for people to have. and for that to be at risk is is just it's not a in california abortions are protected under state law. but the people here worry about those who don't have a that trans the right, right, right. >>those who showed up shared personal stories and some just wanted to show their support. we have so long to get rights for women and
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>>its 2022. minutes from time people rights as everyone else. so important that everyone has this access to health care and control their own bodies and not the government telling us how to control or a body a lot want over populate the world with babies that, you know, aren't ready to be here yet when they're already so many children here that need loving families and help the people in other states who are going to start coming over to our clinics. our clients are going to overwhelmed. we need to make sure that they have the proper resources. and organizers want to keep the conversation going after this event. they are planning more protests in the near future. >>reporting from sandra fell gayle ong kron. 4 news. >>new at noon, president biden has announced a new partnership with internet providers to lower costs for low-income actually, i think we're going to talk a little bit about though weather forecast, i believe, is that what's going on right now? yes, weather forecast was a
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live look at the golden gate bridge. we've got dave sphar. you're standing by for a look at the park as we've had a lot of wind over the last couple of days. dave, as you can see, the american flag is what they not as aggressively as it was. >>over the weekend, we're going to heat up. >>later this week to, you know, we towards the end of the weekend. well, today and good day, everybody. quick shot here of half moon bay summit leftover cumulus that you also saw the golden gate bridge that will be with us a little bit this afternoon. >>and into tomorrow after this traffic plays out over the early part of the week, coupled with that, although it's not really impressive, looks like they'll be some more development of fog in some of those valleys east bay, south bay, particularly getting into tomorrow morning. it's going to mix out pretty quickly, though. satellite pictures stormtracker 4 notice how everything started to flare up a little bit in the last couple of frames. that is daytime heating working with us because upstairs we have the cold air. so with this lift that we're getting from the system. we'll get some spotty little showers throughout the afternoon today
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and into tomorrow. a look at those winds you can see on shore. they are they're going continue over the next at least 48 hours until the high builds. and that's when temperatures will start moving quick check into those temperatures. we see a lot of 50's and the board here mid to upper 50's don't expect a lot of movement even though there's more sun than clouds going on again, reserving a little showers, a possibility. 24 hour, contrast for you were trailing by a degree or 2 compared to 24 hours ago. a look ahead again, upper 50's to about 60 copious amounts of sunshine and isolated showers still in there in more spotty as we look ahead to tomorrow. but again, a warm-up is coming, but that all together for you coming up in just a bit. noel. >>dave, thank you. coming up here on kron on a community in mourning after 2 people were killed in a plane crash in the north bay. why one school is being hit, especially hard. plus, an unusual theft in oakland. why members of an oakland nonprofit say to baby goats were stolen. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>developing news over in the east bay, oakland, police are investigating a murder near tilden park. a body was found a little after 7 o'clock last night on grizzly peak boulevard near tilden park. police say the victim was shot to death. they're not
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releasing the victim's name at this time. we'll keep following the story and bring you more information as it comes out. and san francisco firefighters had to pull someone out of the water near the ferry building overnight. it happened just after midnight. san francisco fire department tweeting the paramedic rescue team was performing cpr. no further information has been released on that. we'll keep you updated when more information becomes available. a fire has been contained at the rose hotel in san francisco broke out last night just before 10 30's, san francisco fire officials say no one was hurt. number of people displaced from the building, though, is unknown. officials are still investigating what caused that fire. back to the east bay were emeryville. police arrested a man sunday morning after a standoff at the sonesta hotel. police identified the man as 29 year-old michael cheree knows of richmond. investigators say he was seen pacing around the hotels hallway with what looks like a modified shotgun after
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police lost contact with him during the standoff for about 30 minutes they sent in a drone and say they found him asleep on a couch in someone's office. that's when police were able to go in side the hotel and arrest him. in alameda county. a deputy is recovering after a suspected drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into their patrol car. the crash happened on 16th avenue at foothill in oakland sunday. you can see the aftermath of that crash. deputies say the drunk driver was going very fast and then crashed into the suv. police say the driver was not injured and was arrested at the scene. the deputy, however, was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be okay. an update now to the shooting in the parking lot of the sun valley mall in concord. police say just after 9 o'clock saturday night, 2 groups of people started shooting at each other before leaving the lot. shell casings were found littered all over that parking lot. several parked cars were also
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hit by stray bullets. so far police say they have not found anyone involved with the shooting or any potential victims, but their investigation is ongoing. oakland police have released pictures of the 60 vehicles they tow during sideshows last week. police say they also issued 17 citations made a couple of arrests and recovered a gun. opd says the sideshows happened thursday night and friday morning on i-5 a v hundreds of vehicles were involved here and they were able to tow 60 of them. police say their response is an example of their increased enforcement and a message to people who are taking part in sideshows. but the behavior will not be tolerated. meanwhile, police in the north bay arrested a man for attempted murder at a taco bell last week. police say they arrested 27 year-old brad james adams in brisbane. that shooting happened thursday at the taco bell on mendocino avenue near santa rosa junior
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college. adams was in front of the victim in the drive-thru line when he started arguing and then threatening the victim with a gun. police say after that adams shot the victim and drove off was seriously hurt but is expected to recover. adams is it facing attempted murder charges? in police say a drunk driver crashed into a police officer's motorcycle. that officer was parked on the side of the road saturday night when the driver slammed into his bike. luckily both survived the crash. no word yet on the extent of the injuries that the driver suffered. but the officer was apparently ok. happening tonight, san francisco district attorney chase aboudi is going to be sitting down with kron 4 to answer some questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. the interview is going to be live in prime time tonight at 9.30, be sure to tune in for that other news today, the director of an
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oakland nonprofit says he is heartbroken after the organizations to goats were stolen. they held an event with the goats just hours before someone cut through their fence. >>allegedly, lord the animals out. kron on's amanda hari has the story. as the goats have become part of the oakland community. many people love them. he hasn't slept well since they were taken friday night and he believes whoever took them, fought it out. >>and i knew something happy because when pull up and i save me money, they come hop it. and they didn't come to goats. loved by the community were taken overnight. >>director of the beautification council and owner of the goats ken houston. since friday, the goats run an event in oakland connecting with and bringing joy to children. it was their first event in more than 2 years because of covid saturday morning they were gone. it was almost unreal. was almost like coming out to your parking cars. this him
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from being stolen. the goats were in the same yard near international boulevard and 91st avenue. >>where they had been living for years and bother it. >>houston says he believes the crime was thought out. cut the gate. >>and they somebody stole the to go. he also says there was food on the ground that may have been used color. the goats. >>nearby was this hat additional? it was this more than an animal. this is a part of our community. this is a part of children's lives. he's asking whoever took the goats to give them back for the children. you know, give them back, you know, just let him because the animal control knows who goats they are. the director says they're not going to let this stop them and they're going to continue to put on events for children in the community. but they hope that the goats will be returned. >>in the newsroom, amanda hari kron, 4 news. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>welcome back. in you. >>we're going to start here in ukraine where dozens are feared dead after authorities say a russian bomb hit a school that was serving as a shelter for about 90 people is in a town in the eastern part of the country. the mayor of that town says 30 people have been rescued from the rubble so far. he's doubtful, though, that there are any other
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survivors. this all came on a mother's day when first lady jill biden made a surprise trip to ukraine. she met with the first lady of the country. now that it's entering the 11th straight week of war with russia, dc correspondent raquel martin has a recap of their meeting. >>this visit from first lady jill biden is the latest in a stream of high-profile u.s. officials who have recently visited ukraine's offer their support to the country. that is still in the midst of a bloodied battle with no end in sight. >>first lady jill biden kid off this mother's day in a war zone alongside the first lady of ukraine sunday. the 2 met at a school now taking in displaced ukrainian students. first lady jill biden extended her support to all of ukraine. were just >>people of the united states stands the people ukraine. the visit comes on the cusp of a potentially pivotal week of
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the war. >>monday, president putin will hold a massive parade marking victory day. it's a day that celebrates the russian defeat of not see germany in world war 2 when preparing for every on cbs's face the nation, the ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. said she predicts putin will use monday's event to recruit more soldiers to fight. i hold that. then it will be evident for all to all russians what they're doing in ukraine. that's an aggressive war. and the question they >>to have more tense of thousands dying in ukraine for no reason. on fox news sunday, republican senator lindsey graham says the u.s. must continue to send military. >>and humanitarian aid to ukraine. i'm not asking. >>for troops on the ground but to make sure that ukraine can expel russia and that a war criminal in the eyes of the world in an effort to deter escalating russian aggression, u.s. a g 7 partners sunday announced new sanctions targeting russian oil imports.
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dozens of banking executives. >>and even 3 television stations in russia, the first lady's visit to ukraine definitely being well received. the ukrainian first lady expressed her gratitude and called the act itself courageous. >>still no word from the white house for when the president will follow suit. we know already he has visited nearby poland for now in washington, raquel martin. >>kron 4 is your local election headquarters. it's the first day to vote in person for the primary election. you can now visit san francisco city hall for the june 7th consolidated statewide direct primary election doors opened up at 08:00am for people to go ahead and deliver their ballots. >>the biden administration is issuing a new warning about a potential upcoming surge in the number of covid cases in the united states. officials say the u.s. may see as many as 100 million covid-19 infections this fall and winter. they say congress should be asked to approve
12:27 pm
more funding to prepare for the nation for the covid upswing. right now. the country's approaching a coronavirus death toll of 1 million. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>president putin. >>our top story this half-hour, the fighting has
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intensified in ukraine's eastern region and russian president vladimir putin. >>is blaming the west. allison harris has the very latest on the war in ukraine. >>president could leading celebrations on victory day in russia marking 77 years since the soviet union's involvement in world war. 2. a day putin is known to use to talk to the west who done speaking on red suare as supersonic fighters and bombers were expected to fly overhead. russia reportedly canceling due to adverse weather. russia had even been rehearsing, displaying its doomsday command plane, which would carry russian leaders during nuclear war to present the got a shot in >>but what a russia continuing to deny its committed war crimes since invading ukraine. and now more than 60 people are feared dead after a russian bomb smashed a school where people were sheltering in lieu in mariupol civilians, including women, children and
12:31 pm
the elderly have been evacuated from the besieged steel plant where they were sheltering. but some ukrainian fighters are staying swearing to fight until the end every day. more and more. we had doubts that we wouldn't be brought out and that we're going to be left behind there forever pushing meanwhile, president biden, president, zelinsky and leaders of the g 7 on a call sunday commemorated the end of the second world war and reassured solidarity with ukraine. the u.s. announcing another round of sanctions this time on russian media outlets and banning russia from using american accounting and consulting services. also cracking down on visas for even more of russia's elite. >>new at noon that president biden has announced a new partnership with internet providers to try and help blow lower costs for low-income households. >>high-speed internet is not a luxury any longer. it's a necessity. and that's why the bipartisan infrastructure law
12:32 pm
included 65 billion dollars to make sure we expand access to broadband internet in every region of the country, urban, suburban and rural. >>the biden administration says the move will increase access to high-speed internet for 48 million households nationwide to qualify. you must meet certain low income threshold or participate in government programs like snap or medicaid. we are learning more today about the plane crash in the marin headlands that left 2 people dead. the wreckage has been cleared in the area has been reopened to the public. now investigators are still trying to determine exactly what caused that small plane to go down on friday. authorities have identified the pilot as 57 year-old michael brea are and the passenger as 52 year-old jennifer fox, both victims are from sacramento. fox was apparent at a local high school there. her passing is
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the second death to hit that's community. last week the school announced a sophomore student had also died. >>we paying for this passed away. and then hopefully we're going to be able to to spend this time. think about them. >>school leaders are asking for support and prayers for all of the families involved. in national news, the man accused of setting off smoke bombs and then opening fire inside a new york subway train last month has been indicted in a federal court. 62 year-old frank james faces charges for a terrorist attack against a mass transportation system. and for discharging a firearm during the crime. no date has been set for his arraignment. if convicted, james faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. take a look at this. some surveillance video catching the moment. a
12:34 pm
suspected dui driver crashes into at least a dozen parked cars. this incorrect video here. this happened in oregon city over the weekend. here it is. police say they got the call about this truck slamming into several vehicles. as you can see, it slams into a couple and then reverses only to hit several more vehicles. police have not yet identified the driver, but they were hospitalized after the chaotic behavior. thankfully no one else was hurt. the search for escaped alabama inmate and a former corrections officer who helped him escape continues. now investigators say the 2 could look much different than the photos they originally released. police suggest vicki could now have dark hair. casey could be wearing a wig. kelsey kernstine has the very latest. a colleague of vicky
12:35 pm
white says he isn't surprised by her actions and doesn't think she'll be located. honestly, i don't think should be >>she enough that she are flying out on saturday. this hotel surveillance video released the morning before vicky white escaped vicky's mother telling newsnation her daughter was staying with her after she sold her house a month or so earlier for much less than the market value and issued a strictly mount opinion. i think you want to have frazier mother that morning. >>no one authorities also say she went to several banks to withdraw all $90,000 in cash. yes, i mean, they had they had plenty of k and their car at 2007 rust colored ford edge found in tennessee in a wooded area with a botched spray paint job. a tow truck company calling the car into investigators. we think that they were picked up and assistance. >>about someone that didn't
12:36 pm
realize i went by casey's attorneys office in lauderdale county, he was representing him in the alleged killing of connie ridgeway, asking him about his client's escape with changes of mix of the case. but as far as my representation of the changes and that their singleton also gave me a tour of the detention center here. a lot of noise levels. is that what that all were in may casey white and corrections officer vicky white escaped on april 29th cracks in the glass. now, you out right now. >>if i out. see within that for >>we clear out for point in career. if any more where he would have preparing for mean, put handcuffs on like jack no, they're connected together. he came in and she came back the door open. he came out the door. and right in the for.
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>>that was kelsey kernstine reporting for us. investigators say if you see the runaway duo call 9-1-1, do not approach them as they are believed to be armed and dangerous. a reward for $25,000 still stands for any tips that might lead officials to them. meanwhile, the mother of gabby petito has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the parents of brian laundrie petito's mother seeking $30,000 for the cost of gabby's funeral burial and damages surrounding her death. petito's parents also filed a civil suit against the laundrie family in march. they claim laundrie's parents knew gabby was murdered and tried helping brian leave the country. the first americans museum and oklahoma is honoring missing and murdered indigenous peoples this month by shining a light on what they call the silent crisis. indigenous peoples disproportionately face higher rates of murder, violence and disappearance than any other ethnicities. brent skarky takes a look.
12:38 pm
>>supporters call it the silent crisis. indigenous women and girls go missing or are murdered at disproportionately high rates in the united states. according to the urban indian health institute, native women face rates of violence up to 10 times higher than the national average. today activists and organizers putting on a daylong event at the first americans museum to raise awareness and let others know what resources are available to them and their families, boost with officials providing legal advice. speaker shedding light on the troubling statistics. a panel discussion with members of the sbi office dedicated to native crimes created thanks to ida's law passed last year by the oklahoma state legislature for. >>really excited to have this opportunity to. and introduces topic to people who may have never heard of i w but also to take a little bit deeper to talk about change in ways that we can really impact this
12:39 pm
crisis and bring it to an and making saturday's event extra special. the ladies of wild mother putting a beautiful spin on the terrible problem. >>they say their flowers are spiritual medicine to try to heal the minds of those friends and family members who are missing loved ones as women talk to women and black women. >>our history. realize that there's a community that not only is about their stories are silenced. we like to use all these little voices and speak on behalf of our store and sisters. and hopefully raise awareness about what's going on right here in state. and maybe >>that was brent skarky reporting for us this afternoon. back here at home. a happy update to a story we brought you last week. the oakland animal shelter reported having a bit of a dog problem telling us they had 100 dogs in need of a home over the weekend. 72 of them
12:40 pm
got adopted along with 18 cats. also finding forever homes. the director of the oakland animal shelter says their surplus of animals is due to people losing their homes during the pandemic. but the shelter is doing its best to rehome these animals. adoption fees are still just $20 through the end of the month. so if you're looking for a furry friend of sorts, head on over the oakland animal shelter website. we have more details on kron 4 dot com. i was looking on the website a little earlier. they've got a lot of cute ones still there, taking a live look outside now at san francisco international airport this afternoon, despite having some blue skies, lots of clouds rolling into the bay area. at this hour, kron on's dave spahr standing by with a check of your forecast today. a good day there. no welcomed everybody. and we see them all over. really the bay, just those scattered puffy cumulus clouds. and with its still the possibility of seeing a shower over this window of the next about 48 hours. here it is on stormtracker 4. you will see it kind of in place in.
12:41 pm
>>cells are popping open with that daytime heating. so again, little showers, a possibility, actually more of one as you'll see from forecast models tomorrow and certain sections upper 50's cover good chunk of the east bay. 61, antioch, up to the north bay, a chilly 48 santa rosa. 60 coming in this hour from now. 58 for san jose, futurecast for again. this as well as daytime heating breaks up actually somewhat clear tonight. and then we get to tomorrow overnight, maybe an early showers on the monterey bay with daytime heating. here we go. stress to flare up. it looks like in the north bay in drifting south throughout the evening hours after that point, we go into a different type of weather pattern will be drier clearer and where those temperatures up to as we head into the weekend towel forecast, keeping some snow in there on tuesday. here's the warm up. they're going to see by thursday at 51. if you're headed to tahoe for this weekend, you're going to get that springtime feel they want to take a short sleeve shirts
12:42 pm
longer range forecast. this traffic for the early part of the week. maybe some leftover clouds by thursday, but then you can start seeing the our king of the high pressure acting somewhat of a blocking mechanism. some scattered clouds can make it here. but by the middle portion of next week. another shot potentially of seeing some rain upstream. temperatures for you on this 4 zone forecast. 58 san francisco mid 50's along the coast. bayside looking much the same in the upper 50's to near about 60 or so foster city. 61 also along with palo alto in the south bay lower 60's. 58 morgan hill, east bay shoreline to the south approaching 60 but chilly for tri valley. 60 ish waller creek and 61 conquered at 62. the about 61. 63 fairfield in napa at 61 along with santa rosa at 60. so for their part of the week, it's like a flavor of fall and then things start to change by the latter portion of the week and a quick way pop about 90. it looks like by saturday, even the coastal numbers responded start to get some maybe some lower 70's. well.
12:43 pm
>>nice and hot. all right. thank you, dave nostalgia for the 90's. and early 2, thousands is taking over social media as of late and now it's invading auction blocks as well. you got to do for this one is be kind and rewind. that's right. old-school home entertainment making a comeback vhs tapes could be worth big bucks to collectors next month. heritage auctions will hold its first ever vh s only auction featuring more than 300 titles. movies like the goonies original star wars, vhs tapes, they say could fetch quite a lot of money depending on the popularity of next month's auction, the hs could become the next big collecting craze. i have a lot of those on anderson to see how that goes. all right. coming up here on the kron on, we've got your sports report as the warriors gear up to play again tonight. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>well, there's a storm brewing over a weather man's comments about draymond green. the controversial tweet coming after grizzlies forward kyle anderson was ejected for arguing with officials. we're not going to repeat what was said but a fox tv weatherman in memphis used a racist term when saying he thought draymond green gets away with much worse on-court behavior. warriors head coach steve kerr was asked if he was surprised by the tweet. >>does it surprise me that a
12:47 pm
weatherman would tweet as a slur, a dream in 2022? not in the slightest bit. this is this is america. this is this is how we operate. >>dream on did respond to those slur on instagram with the quote. are you surprised? don't apologize. stand on it. the tweet and the memphis weather man's twitter account have since been deleted. the warriors play game 4 tonight at the chase center up 2 to one in the series against the grizzlies who are growing over their best player. >>getting injured. meanwhile, the giants win game 4 to split their series with the cardinals. sports director jason dumas. u.s. has the details. >>a nightmare scenario could become reality for the memphis grizzlies on monday night. by now, we've all seen the right here. jordan poole, kind of yanks on john need memphis head coach and john moran insinuated that that play was out of line is he's just saw
12:48 pm
again slight contact with the knee. i was a little confused, but get this all i know is this. yeah. tricks of the series has for sure gotten out of line. i just wanted to be about basketball again. unfortunately, john morant, he's been listed as doubtful. what josh says, where medical teams said after reviewing the play mean joe was playing great feeling great, all game and you know, that the is what the potential injury when we took job the game. so nothing changed from there on terms of that was the play that triggered this. and, you know, he's got further evaluation going on. that's job on talking with his knee. but from what i've been told, was probably really good chance he doesn't play tomorrow. >>interesting. anyway. it was bound to happen sooner or later. but warriors assistant coach mike brown will be leaving the golden state bench at the end of the season. >>the sacramento kings have agreed with brown on a four-year contract to become the franchise's next coach. brown will be looking to and
12:49 pm
the longest playoff drought and get this nba history. the kings haven't been to the postseason in 6 teen years will finish the warriors playoff run before moving on to his full-time duties with the kings before coming to golden state. brown was really a cop. brown was really accomplished. he won in eastern conference championship and he was the coach of the year with lebron james and the caps. the giants looking to split the series with the cardinals mother's day at oracle. bottom of the second giants down to one on. and guess what? late night lamont way. they say he comes alive in the night-time. well, he also hit bombs during the daylight. welcome back. lamonte wade junior. this is his first series of the season and his first home run of the season. >>bottom of the 6. just rescue. that's a splash shot right there into mccovey cove. the go ahead, home run. that gives the giants the lead. they were going to win 4 to 3.
12:50 pm
the a's they took on the twins. looking to avoid the sweep. so bottom of the 3rd inning twins down a run to offer jorge polanco and he flares one into left. but i run scores. so go ahead. run scores, minnesota. take a 43 lead. and they lose by that score as well. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>elon musk reportedly wants to launch a new twitter product called x and consumer debt soared and march. jane king has those stories and more from the nasdaq. >>so let's talk about the debt first because americans are racking up debt at record rates. the federal reserve says consumer debt levels for march climb by 52 billion dollars of cent annual increase of 14%. now revolving debt. so that includes credit cards up 21% over last year when mortgage rates in the u.s. resume, their upward climb reaching the highest level since august of 2009 freddie mac says the average for a 30 year loan jumped to 5.2 7% last week. mortgage rates are up 2% since the beginning of the year. and the summer surge in wheat prices looming in grocery stores and restaurants. the bread industry warning of some sticker shock. perhaps the war
12:54 pm
in ukraine is just truck production of wheat and oats and cooking oils and a nation that is considered to be the breadbasket of the world. ukraine and russia produce. 25% global wheat supply and along masks aspirations for twitter include a mysterious new product named acts. that's according to his investor presentation obtained by the new york times. now product x would launch in 2023. we bring in 9 million users within the first year. according to the pitch deck, must 104 million users would subscribe to the project by 2028. now we have no idea what there were no other details revealed about this. but he has mentioned a handful of changes that he plans to make if his purchase support for the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. >>well, some hospitals are looking to hike treatment prices as a response to rising nurse salaries, hca, healthcare, inc and universal health services and are leading the charge to increase prices. experts believe the hike to be between 7 and a
12:55 pm
half percent to 15%. this is more than the 5% boost that hospitals typically seek. health insurers and employer groups are rejecting this request, though. those groups say the most expensive hospitals can take on labor costs without raising the premiums. well, kron is celebrating asian american pacific islander heritage month over the next couple of weeks will be sharing stories of influential bay area. asian americans leading up to our special broadcast this weekend on the kron. 4 morning news we spoke with the new york times best-selling author kelly yang. she's well known for her front desk, a book series which follows the adventures of a air asian american girl with dreams of being a writer. but yang most recently released a book titled yes, we will asian americans who shaped this country i really want to make sure people start using this as an opportunity to understand more about asian americans, asian americans,
12:56 pm
contributions to this country. ap i history is american history. >>and being able to celebrate and come together as a community. >>yes, we will also features art from asian american illustrators. be sure to tune in to our special ap. i reports every thursday night this month they all lead up to our special a p i that will air on may. 26 at 06:30pm. >>well, i think you call yeah. good >>a mama bear and her cubs were reunited after the 2 young cubs found hiding behind a dvd rental kiosk outside of a truck. the cvs bear league member and bryant helped police capture the cubs. and as see in this video, very swiftly with tied up at a nearby tree that tracking police department sent out the video on sunday wishing the mama bear
12:57 pm
>>and everyone a very happy mother's day. >>thanks for watching. kron on at noon. i'm noelle bellow. we'll see you right back here at 3 o'clock. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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