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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  May 9, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >>tonight at 5, we now know the names of most people killed in a plane crash in marin county. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5. i'm vicki liviakis. i'm justine waldman in for grant lotus tonight. that plane went down in the morning headlines on friday afternoon. >>and today, the marin county sheriff's office has identified both of the victims. one is 57 year-old michael breyer and the other. 52 year-old jennifer lynn fox. the crash happening on a ridge just north of conzelman road kron four's rob nesbitt reports that the victims are from sacramento and he tells
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us how long investigators say it will take before they know why the plane went down. >>friday's plane crash just north of the golden gate bridge in the marin headlands killed. 57 year-old michael breyer and 52 year-old jennifer lynn, fox fox's website describes her as an entrepreneur who became interested in skincare a young age. the founder of 3 businesses called the i m empowerment network, j j fox productions and i am studio over the weekend to sacramento schools, saint francis catholic school and just what high school identified fox as the mother of 2 student, president of jesuit high reverend john p mcgarry sent kron 4 statement monday saying quote, just what is focusing our efforts on caring for our school community with prayers and love. also, we have our counseling and wellness team available, providing guidance and resources on dealing with grief and loss. the plane, a fixed wing single engine vans. rv aircraft crashed around 12:00:09pm, friday during foggy weather conditions and was removed from the crash site sunday. the federal aviation administration and
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national transportation safety board are investigating why the plane went down. ntsb says their preliminary report should be released within 15 days of the crash, but their final report could take up to a year to complete rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >>this just in now to the kron. 4 the evacuation and shelter in place orders have now been lifted in el granada. that's in san mateo county earlier this afternoon. there were orders that were given after a construction crew hit a 2 inch gas main in el granada. dozens of homes were told to shelter in place 17 homes near that site were told to evacuate, according to reports now that this gas main break has been sealed and all the streets are now back open to traffic. >>new video into the kron 4 news this is out of oakland where a suspected drunk driver, as you can see their grand, a red light crashed
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into an alameda sheriff's deputy's patrol car happened yesterday on 16th avenue and foothill. authorities say the deputy is expected to be okay. alameda county deputies say it's fortunate that nobody was killed due to the speed that the drunk driver was going. police say that the driver was not injured but was arrested at the scene. also iland, police are investigating how a body ended up in tilden park. a witness reporting that the victim had been shot and wrapped in plastic as kron four's. has he been doing reports? this is the second body found just like this in the city. >> in just a week. >> a gruesome discovery, a body wrapped in a plastic bag found on the side of the road. that is how the call came into 9-1-1. dispatch. it happened sunday at around 07:15pm, here on grizzly peak boulevard at clermont near the border of berkeley and oakland. the initial call came in to berkeley police who later
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determined the body was in oakland territory and handed the case over to opd investigators. officials at opd say upon arrival there officers found a male victim with apparent gunshot wounds. the men whose identity is being withheld pending notification of next of kid was pronounced dead at the scene. this stretch of grizzly peak is a non-residential area, although it is well traveled by vehicles. bicyclists and joggers is likely someone like that made the grim discovery. although this part of town is not known for violent crime, according to opd is weekly crime report. there has been a 50% increase in homicides in this district with 9 homicides in 2022. this time last year, there were 6 oakland city council member dan called the represents this district say that. >> you know, anytime there's what appears to be a murder don't know for sure. but what appeared to be a murder any part of town is heart and we
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need to do with the city of oakland in other jurisdictions that we can work together. it's we can to reduce the number of shootings should. therefore we get to the number of you know, quick, however, this is not the only district in oakland where a body wrapped in a plastic bag was recently found. >> last week construction workers discovered her body at a site near 7th street and maritime near the port of oakland. that is according to a source with knowledge of the discovery. at this time, there are no reports of any connection between the 2 cases. opd investigators are asking anyone with information about the body found a grizzly peak to contact oakland, please. >> has he let you for news? >> oakland police were also busy dealing with 2 dozen robberies over the weekend. police say it all started friday and there were 7 robberies and 2 carjacking citywide on saturday. there were 9 additional robberies. one attempted robbery and a carjacking. then on sunday, there were 4 robberies, one carjacking and one attempted
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carjacking. police say in most of these crimes, the suspects were armed with either an eye for firearm. and local police say they were able to quickly locate a vehicle linked to a number of these robberies. 3 people were then taken into custody in connection to at least 7 of the cases. oakland police are urging everyone to be aware of their surroundings at all times. and they offered these tips. don't be distracted by your electronic devices. do not resist property can be replaced. her life cannot also try to be a good witness and pay attention to the description of the individual or vehicles that are committing the crimes. here is also the number for oakland's robbery units on the bottom of the screen. 5.10, to 3, 8, 3, 3, to 6, a hate crime investigation is underway at stanford after a noose was found hanging on campus last night. the university secured a reporter received a report about a noose hanging from a tree outside brenner hall. an
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undergraduate residents. it has been taken down by campus. police and collected as evidence. this is the 3rd time in 3 years. university officials are having to investigate. the parents noose found hanging on campus. with covid cases going up once again. san jose city workers are now required to mask up for the next 2 weeks. the decision is coming as the omicron subvariants are spreading. the temporary measure is in place from this friday until may 20th and it only affects workers at city facilities. santa clara county has seen nearly 500 covid cases just in the last week. >> the city of benicia is asking residents and businesses to immediately reduce water use by 30% after a pipe burst over the weekend. and at this point, it's not clear how the pipe broke. the city says that, well, the repair work is underway. the water flowing to homes and businesses is safe to drink. residents say that they have received messages and voice mails about the broken pipe
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and that they're doing the best they can to save water. >> i understand that stuff happens. limiting, you know, kind of a shower, take a bath together just were not watering our lawns in just reducing the water that way as much as we can to help. >> so far there's no estimated time for when the pie will be repaired. but the city is warning residents that the work could take several days this afternoon. matt dorsey was sworn in as san francisco's newest district. 6 supervisor. >> mayor london breed appointed or c for the role after was vacated by matt haney last week. dorsey will represent the city south of market mission bay and treasure island neighborhoods. he is now the board's second lgbtq member. dorsey is also a 3 time drug rehab graduate and believes that he is uniquely qualified to serve, serve this district. that suffers with homelessness and drug abuse.
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>> i understand from lived experience. the seemingly uncomfortable challenges facing those of us to grapple with addiction and alcoholism. in my district and elsewhere. more than anything else. as i stand here today. i believe in the full promise of recovery. i believe in local government has an essential role in helping fulfill that promise. >> prior to his appointment, dorsey was the director of communications for the san francisco police department. happening tonight, san francisco district attorney bodene will be sitting down with kron 4 to answer questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. the interview will be live prime time tonight at 9.30. and now to the latest in ukraine. dozens are feared dead after authorities say a russian bomb hit a school that was serving as a shelter for about 90 people in a town in the eastern part of that country.
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the mayor of the town says 30 people have been rescued from the rubble so far, but he's doubtful. there are any other survivors. and president biden was joined by vice president kamala harris and some members of congress today as he took another step towards a defending ukraine. our washington correspondent basil john joins us now with the latest on the president's bill. good evening. the u.s. as the war between russia and ukraine still shows no signs of slowing down. >> so the president is taking another step to expedite help to ukraine. monday, president joe biden signed a new law that gives him more authority to support ukraine. >> fight to defend the country. a new democracy. good to war. last beat up the process of sending military aid to ukraine. >> as it fights back against the russian invasion that started more than 70 days ago across the fight is not cheap. >> but caving to aggression. my news.
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>> there's currently just 100 million dollars left of the money. congress has already approved. pentagon press secretary john kirby says it will last until the 3rd week of may. we continue to urge congress to pass the president's supplemental request as soon as possible. but you know, because i'm in moscow, russian president vladimir putin celebrated the anniversary of the end of world war. 2 and defended the russian invasion as a preemptive step to defending his country from western through, at that he talked about this being justified the military operation. it's not. kirby criticized the message from putin and says what the world needs to hear is how putin will end the war and how he's going to finally respect ukraine as a sovereign state and nation that borders. he's a nation that posed absolutely 0 threat. the president's bill he signed is separate from the request to congress. any problems the u.s. will continue to send support reporting in washington. i'm basil, john.
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>> coming up, the warriors boy, they got to block out all the noise and stay focused tonight. game 4 starts in a couple of hours and we've got a preview of the match up. and comedian dave chappelle is unhappy with the charges that have been filed against the man accused of attacking him while he was on stage. >> what he says needs to be done to, quote, correct this mistake. california lawmakers continue to bow to protect abortion access. >> how a new bill will help low-income women get the services they need. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow system clouds lingering out around the bay area and well, we could see a few more we could see a few more showers meet a future mom, we could see a few more showers a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand.
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>> california leaders are moving forward with efforts to increase abortion access in the state. this comes as democrats aim to energize voters over abortion rights with the state's primary election under way. >> first, ashley zavala explains the action taken today. >> for service the state senate appropriations committee monday moved forward with the bill that would set up a fund to help low-income people, access abortion in california. the bill sb 11. 42 would also require the state's health and human services agency to set up a website with information on abortion services in the state. it's one of more than a dozen bills aiming to boost abortion access and protections in california as a father to daughter a california. >> continue to a pro choice. >> stay the committee. put the bill on the suspense file for
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later consideration. the suspense file is reserved for bills that could cost the state more than $50,000 from the general fund or 150,000 from special funds. the committee analysis of the bill shows it could cost in the low millions of dollars. democrats who wrote the bill say it's worth it. you know that shame. california resident west to travel today maybe has to leave her kids at home. she may not have the money to afford child care to take the day off work. so we want to make sure that we can provide for that. and we may have some other people to come to the state and they may need that help to opponents argue the money would not be extended to low-income women who want childbirth. some raised concerns about allowing people from out of state to access the funds pay will create huge national a them up into why eu and for all. >> as early voting begins for the california primary election expanding and protecting access to abortion is a campaign platform for democrats determined to hold on to their offices this year. that includes attorney general
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rob bonta and governor gavin newson could support gavin newsom. well, it's just totally political and republican congressional candidate and current state assemblyman kevin kiley says democrats are using abortion as a distraction from california's major issues. some democrats say the issue of abortion could energize voters to get them out and be more enthusiastic about this upcoming election. are you concerned about that? well, no, i mean, i think people are fundamentally i you know, i vote based upon the issues that are of importance to them that they're seeing in their lives for the end of the day. you know, i think it's unfortunate they're trying to use this for such sort of transparently political purposes in sacramento. ashley zavala kron, 4 news as the country prepares for federal abortion laws to be overturned. one area of concern is how personal online data could be used. >> last week, an investigation by vice news found a data company selling information about how many people visited family planning centers where they came from and where they
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went afterwards. the company says that the data did not identify individuals but also decided to stop selling that data california congresswoman judy chu says the data could be used to enforce abortion laws. >> and states like texas were there are bounty hunters. these woman could be hunt down, but it was. >> and in >> and discussed. >> last year the ftc reached a with a fellow health after finding that the period tracking app shared sensitive health data of millions of users without their consent. congress is at a standstill over how to protect data privacy. further. >> maybe the month of may, but drivers still needed to repair for snowy conditions in the sierra. while this is not the biggest snow storm this year has seen the spring. it did cause some damage on sunday. the california highway patrol had to help several drivers
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who spun out and semis that were jackknifed along. i-80. the snow also caught some drivers off guard, forcing them to slow down and chain up. what a mess. what a mess. taking a live look right now at the roads up to tahoe tonight. in case you have plans. >> this is interstate 80 at kingsville. >> her pulled over on the side of the road and those roads slick. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us here now with a look at a snowstorm. yeah. how about that? even the chance we can get a couple isolated snow showers across our mountain peaks that kind of gives you an idea of how cold that air is outside right now. you see the speckle clouds out there. not a whole lot in the way of rain today. we've seen a couple of scattered showers, but yeah, that the rain, the snow continuing the sierra nevada, the rain pushing across parts of the bay area in the central valley to the north and you can see we're just not going to see a little swirl in the atmosphere and that's the instability and some of the showers of the high country see the areas in blue. you see the snow coming down to see daughter 50 here for the south. so they're
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chain up on 50 on daughter were there checking trucks, make sure you've got your maximum change if you're heading that direction and be prepared, you see the roadways likely see some delays out there as the storm system really not done. there's no major cold front associated with it now. but what there is the area of low pressure, you see the moisture kind of swirling around that area of low pressure. even some thunderstorms in the central valley locally the a chance, some scattered showers. we're seeing some pop-up showers developing now the afternoon he seen toward gilroy and also just to the north of santa rosa, a couple of pop-up showers, most of very light. but we're not done with that. i think there's a chance that could return again by tomorrow afternoon released in the north bay temperatures around the bay area running well below the average. a good 10 to 15 degrees below normal for this time of year in all caused by this trough of low pressure and that low just going to kind of sink toward the bay area for tomorrow. so we're going to keep things unsettled as we head toward tomorrow afternoon with a chance. some showers, maybe some isolated thunderstorms in the north bay. it's not going to be one solid wall of rain coming your way. but all the on and off in the north, a
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specially in toward the afternoon stepping outside this evening, partly cloudy skies. still a chance of a sprinkle temperatures running a little bit cool and in the 50's. all right, lawrence. still ahead as the debate continues on ways to help. >> college grads pay off their student loans. new projections are released on just how much future students can expect to pay for their college education. and president biden has a plan to get low
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>> a new program could help connect 10's of millions of families to the internet. president biden announced the details today of hannah brandt is in washington to explain how this works. >> he's going to change people's lives. the president is predicting a major impact from a new government partnership with internet providers. this means fast and good download speeds with no data gap caps and no extra fees in last year's infrastructure package. congress earmarked billions of dollars to give low-income families monthly $30 internet subsidies. now the biden administration is announcing a deal with 20 companies to offer high-speed internet to those families for the price of that subsidy, making their internet essentially free. well, internet is part of the effort so they can stay connected for learning for telehealth. >> for just socially connected. the biden administration estimates 48 million households qualify for this program and now will be able to better afford internet access. when we connect people with high speed
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internet, we connect them with opportunity. >> families need to sign up to participate and the biden administration is launching get internet dot gov to help get the word out and are sending messages to eligible people to federal agencies and local service organizations. we have to do more education to let folks now >> it here you can afford it, then you really need to sign up. the administration hopes cutting costs here helps provide some relief from rising inflation, a little more breathing room. >> to help them pay their bills. the american family can say and arnett bill just went to $0 a month. that's fantastic. >> in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> this year's high school graduating class could rack up nearly $40,000 in student loan debt. by the time they graduate college. that is according to a new analysis by nerd wallet, students who take out the maximum federal student loan amount while pursuing undergraduate degree, you can expect to pay back $31,000. plus about $7,000 in interest over a 10 year
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period. okay. sure. doing the math here. that's a 12% increase over the last 10 years. >> almost everywhere that you look, gas prices continue to go up on sunday. they hit record highs in the bay area. that's according to triple a sandra fell and san francisco drivers are paying over $6 a gallon for regular and santa rosa gallon will cost you $5.98. the cheapest. put that in quotes. cheapest is inflate. how at 5.81. >> coming up, a national day of action. what child care providers are demanding as they rally across the country and here in the bay area and a mega store that you can visit in real life, not just in the virtual world. what you can expect. >> when you go to the 2 spotted burlingame plus, we're less than 2 hours away from tipoff of game 4. is the warriors look to go up 3 games to one on the memphis grizzlies kron four's kylen mills joins us live from chase center with a preview of tonight's matchup.
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>> breaking news just into the kron. 4 news room warriors head coach steve kerr has tested positive for covid-19 and he will not coach tonight which is game 4 of the western conference finals against the memphis grizzlies. assistant coach mike brown will take on the head coaching duties for tonight's game in brown was just named the kings head coach. this is a developing
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story. kron four's jason dumas tweeted out the information just a few moments ago. the warriors have confirmed it. steve kerr has covid. he's not going to be coaching tonight. our sports reporter kylen mills. we'll have more details from chase center in a live report for us in just a few minutes. we'll find out what the team's yeah. that kerr warriors fans are wishing coach kerr a quick recovery yeah. like a cloud right over san francisco. right it chilly out there. yeah, it is cold well below the average for this time. this may be the last. >> real significant cold outbreak now say that there's another one i see in about the next 10 days. so that probably some good news, not getting these heat waves getting fire season going early. yeah, not big rain events either, but these temperatures staying down and that will keep the banks from drying out as fast. you're seeing the scattered showers around the state that snow up in the sierra nevada chance. we could see a couple of snowflakes across on the mountain tops even locally. if we do get some downpours. but they're pretty scattered around the bay area that much out of that may change by tomorrow afternoon. you'll notice that here. our lower foras


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