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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 9, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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abortion. but it's almost certain to fail and the law that the democrats want to pass would establish a national right to abortion in any state across the nation instead of a patchwork of laws. but it needs 60 votes to pass and that just won't happen in reality. this vote is a political move. it's symbolic by the democratic leadership to put republican lawmakers on record. republicans say abortion rights should be left up to the states. however, this weekend, gop leadership also hinted that if republicans do regained control of congress during the midterm elections, a national ban on abortion is something that they would explore right now. this week's senate vote is expected to happen on wednesday. meanwhile, california leaders are moving forward with their efforts to increase abortion access in the state. ashley zavala explains the action taken today. >> portion service, the state senate appropriations committee monday moved forward with the bill that would set up a fund to help low-income
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people, access abortion in california. the bill sb 11. 42 would also require the state's health and human services agency to set up a website with information on abortion services in the state. it's one of more than a dozen bills aiming to boost abortion access and protections in california as a father to daughter >> a california. continue to a pro choice. >> state the committee put the bill on the suspense file for later consideration. the suspense file is reserved for bills that could cost the state more than $50,000 from the general fund or 150,000 from special funds. the committee analysis of the bill shows it could cost in the low millions of dollars. democrats who wrote the bill say it's worth it. you know that shame. california resident west to travel today maybe has to leave her kids at home. she may not have the money to afford child care to take the day off work. so we want to make sure that we can provide for that. and we may have some other people to come to the state and they may need that
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help to opponents argue the money would not be extended to low-income women who want childbirth. some raised concerns about allowing people from out of state to access the funds pay will create a huge national a them up into eu and for all. >> as early voting begins for the california primary election expanding and protecting access to abortion is a campaign platform for democrats determined to hold on to their offices this year. that includes attorney general rob bonta and governor gavin newson could support gavin newsom. well, it's just totally political and republican congressional candidate and current state assemblyman kevin kiley says democrats are using abortion as a distraction from california's major issues. some democrats say the issue of abortion could energize voters to get them out and be more enthusiastic about this upcoming election. are you concerned about that? but no, i mean, i think people are fundamentally i, you based upon the issues that are of importance to them, that they're seeing in their lives for the end of the day. you know, i think it's unfortunate
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they're trying to use this for such sort of transparently political purposes in sacramento. ashley zavala kron, 4 news. as the country prepares for the possibility that roe v wade, the federal abortion law will be overturned by the supreme court. >> some have raised concerns over help. personal online data has been used last week. an investigation by vice news found a data company selling information about how many people visited family planning centers, where those people came from and where they went after the company says the data did not identify specific individuals and it decided to stop selling the data. tech companies are already under scrutiny from lawmakers, though, over how they use customer data to make money for themselves. last year, the ftc breached a settlement with a health app that shared sensitive health data with mill up about millions of users without those users consent but is still not enough to prevent the leak of
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privacy information. congress is in a discussion on how to protect personal data. further hate crime investigation is underway at stanford after a noose was found hanging on campus. >> last night the university security received a report about a noose hanging from a tree outside bran or hall that an undergraduate residents. it has been taken down by campus police and then collected as evidence. this is the 3rd time in 3 years. university officials are having to investigate an apparent noose found hanging on campus. 2 people are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a fire destroyed a home in alameda happened about 3 o'clock this morning on the 700 block of buena vista avenue. that location is near the grocery outlet. >> it took crews about 30 minutes to put out the fire. a 3rd person was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the cause of the fire still under investigation. well, we need
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to get an update on our weather forecast. we saw some hail come down in sections of the bay area today. this is video from santa rosa. also. so some in marin county. well, santa rosa marin county, but it was cool, sunny and windy today. some locations still might see some thunderstorms before. it's all over. all kinds of weather, excitement. yeah, that yeah. we've got more to come. i think tomorrow we may see another round that may be up for quite a while. so yeah, we've got another round. of course, those cool temperatures sweeping across the bay area as well. >> and still active out there this evening. you see numerous lightning strikes up a in parts near chico right now. snow showers over the sierra nevada. fairly quiet around the bay area, though now, but there's a chance we could see more of that active weather again develop by tomorrow afternoon. you see right here, the core low spinning off the coastline. that low begins to spend a little bit closer and then as we head through the day don't start off the day with much, but then the afternoon get a little heating
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in the atmosphere and you get some instability. and there you go. some that wrap around moisture rolling back into parts of the north bay tomorrow afternoon. parts of the napa area. saint helene, a watch on santa rosa, maybe stretching all the way across the delta. maybe concord area may be looking at some showers and some thunderstorms by the afternoon. that probably last gasp, though, after that system rolls through them are pretty much done with it. heading into wednesday. temperatures though, notice lee cool highs only in the 50's in san francisco. mendez numbers running a good 10, even 15 degrees below the average for this time of year. 56 in south san francisco, maybe 60 degrees in redwood city. keep you still on the cool side. there. a plan of some low 60's across much of the south bay and the east bay. similar temperatures. you're just not going to see much in the way of heat as that cold system kind of swings by and then that chance of showers developing late in the day, especially tomorrow. and that looks like as we head in toward the next couple days. things are going to switch gears again. high pressure begins to build back in. i think as we head into weekend, those temperatures maybe bumping up in the 80's on saturday and sunday. so good timing for that long
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range forecast showing low. no normal temperatures as we look toward next week. thank you, lawrence. new tonight is 6 just within the hour. authorities report the former alabama corrections officer vicky white is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. this after she and inmate casey white sent officers on a police chase that ended up in evansville, indiana. >> officials say the key white was actually driving during that chase and shot herself before being sent to the hospital for treatment. casey white was taken into custody. the pair had been on the run for more than a week. casey white will now be taken back to alabama for arraignment. dave chappelle wants a felony charge against the man who was caught on camera attacking him on stage at the hollywood bowl. >> chappelle was in the middle of a show during the netflix is a joke festival last tuesday when a man ran up on stage and tackled him. the los angeles county da did not file
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felony charges against 23 year-old isaiah lee saying that there was no presented evidence that constituted felony conduct in a statement to rolling stone, chapelle's lawyer says the comedian wants gas cone to quote, correct this mistake and charge the suspect with a felony. right now, lee's facing misdemeanor battery and other charges brought by the city attorney's office. still ahead tonight, a warning for travelers heading overseas soon. some international flights are suspended next month. >> why united airlines says it is cutting down its wraps.
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>> united airlines is canceling 7 international routes in june. that's because it says it does not have enough planes. the airline says the move affects its long-haul flights and is expected to be temporary. the 2 boeing models which united uses on many of his long haul flight have been grounded for more than a year. that's after a united flight from denver had to turn back around because of engine failure and ended up dropping to breonna neighborhood below. the 7 routes affected originate from newark airport and washington's dulles airport >> the cdc has east vaccination rules for cruise ships. the agency will now consider cruise ships were 90% of passengers are vaccinated to be highly vaccinated.
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chips. the previous requirement needed 95% vaccinated to meet that definition. as of friday, 92 cruise ships that opted in to the cdc's covid-19 program and we're all classified under the highly vaccinated category. next up in sports, the lawyers gear up for game 4 as they look to take a commanding 3 to one series. >> lead over the grizzlies sports director jason dumas. there's a live report from chase. coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, guys, i am living the luxurious life right now. i'm in the theater box on top of the chase center. check out this view from the theater box here at the top of chase. it is pretty fitting that i'm sitting in the theater box right now because this series between the warriors and the grizzlies has been full of drama. i almost had trouble keeping up with all the drama. let's go all the way back to game one. you have draymond green. he gets ejected for a flagrant 2 foul out. game 2. you've got the grizzlies, dillon brooks. he gets ejected for a flagrant 2 foul in the process. gary payton fractures, his elbow. he's out for to be determined amount of time, possibly the season. dillon brooks, he gets
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suspended for a game for it. now we go to game 3. are you keeping up john morant and the grizzlies accused jordan poole intentionally hurting his mate, the warrior scott, that that the nba says there's nothing to see here. jordan poole does not get suspended, but josh, me is still messed up and he is not playing tonight in game 4. and now the tested positive for covid-19 and will not be able to coach tonight. mike brown will have to step in in his spot. not a bad replacement. mike brown has won coach of the year for cleveland cavaliers. he is made it to the finals with the cast and he just got named the head coach of the sacramento
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kings. he's finishing out his stint with the warriors. of course. but he will be the kings coach next year. but tonight he will be leaving the bench for the golden state warriors. mike brown has had to do this before back in 2017, steve kerr had dramatic back pain and he could not coach mike brown stepped in in. all he did was go 11 in oh. so mike brown is used to this moment. so it's going to be if the first couple of games are any indication of how this series has gone, we're going to be in for another dramatic night, but that's just how it goes here with the golden state warriors. they will be ready to play. of course, they have a couple of veterans. draymond green, steph curry, klay thompson. so we should all be good. tip off is in about 20 minutes. of course, we will have coverage all night long and once his game, those final full highlights, you'll hear from staff clay mike brown, the head coach tonight. now let's go out to detroit. oakland a's. they are in detroit right now. taking on
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the colorado rockies are on site taking on tigers? tony kemp. look at that shot right there. a's they strike first. cody cap. they make it one to nothing. black where he was silent today for oakland. bottom of the 6 a's up to this. if he gets derek hill swinging, what a nice slider. he threw 6 plus innings of shutout ball. that game is currently still going on. but the oakland a's, they really need a win. they have lost 9 in a row. now and they really need to get off the ice for that one. and just down the street over at oracle park, the giants, they are hosting the rockies were the top of the first of that game. >> we have no score what that game goes final. we have full highlights. so we have a busy night in the bay area. a's out in detroit. giants down the
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street and of course, game 4 golden state warriors right here at the chase center. now, obviously, i'm my own media. see they're going to kick me out this feared a box soon, really great experience. i'd say to watch the golden state warriors want to hang up here. >> for as long as i can. >> this can be a spirit breaking game for the golden state warriors. if they get this will go up 3 to one and they will send memphis back home with their tails between their legs and hopefully be able to wrap this thing up. >> well, wednesday, as i said before, we'll have continuing coverage all night long from chase center. but for now, from the fear to box, i'm jason dumas, scrum for sports. back to you the luxury looks like the but they're all right. yeah. dangers. gusty winds are fueling the flames in new mexico. these conditions making it really
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tough for firefighters as the wildfire path. >> heads towards thousands of homes. certainly we understand that in california are car spawn. and alice copper real has the details. >> the wind is a incredible. it's a president setting. high wind warnings are still in effect as new mexico's second largest fire on record burns. more than 176,000 acres. the hermits peak calf canyon wildfire swept through centuries old farming and ranching communities forcing thousands to evacuate. >> and thought be in my own backyard. lorraine trujillo says she woke up to the smell of smoke and the sound of police sirens all around as authorities told them to evacuate. they were out the door in 10 minutes now staying with family. more than 100 miles away from lake could see was sirens going back and forth down the streets, you know, and good. some dining people out some 1600 firefighters are on the ground
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working to contain the blaze that's reportedly threatened 16,000 homes and affected more than 30,000 people overhead. planes drop fire retardant in create containment lines protecting nearby towns. and it was just an amazing movie report area. that we were able to enjoy that, you know, so it's going to take to become thick truckloads of supplies, including diapers and dog food are unloaded for those seeking refuge at red cross shelters. as of now, there have been no reports of any fatalities, which trujillo says is all that really matters. as always, we have ourselves. we're going to be we very quickly that we cannot control everything. we have plans for our future listening her mom did set to remain strong. >> and that was alex caprariello reporting for us tonight. all right, checking weather here in the bay area. kind fortunate it's been so cold and we might have some rain. so we haven't had those
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red flag my gosh. yeah, it is right. and certainly lawrence is also looking at what's happening in new mexico. just what we don't want to. i know silver hold long. this cooler weather right now. the showers around your, other parts of the country. they're already getting into it already. and you see. >> all the wind just whipping around red flag warnings stretching all across parts of even a arizona cross into mexico into parts of texas as well. going to see some gusts there overnight. again, 40, maybe some 55 mile an hour gust that go along with some very low humidity and active fires. extremely dangerous there across that entire area. back out west, we go. we've got a trough of low pressure. and so we're seeing some cooler air. in temperatures here running 10 to 15 degrees below the average for this time of year. so we've got the trough. they've got the ridge. they've got the hot weather. well, so far we've got a few more scattered showers in the forecast overnight tonight. in fact, not only that, we've got some cold temperatures too. how about this? we've got not only freeze warnings going up in parts of the north, but he actually hard freeze warnings.
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that means they're going to see several hours of temperatures well below the average, get this numbers as low as 22 degrees for overnight low tonight place like wil lutz in late bill. fort bragg are a little bit closer, the coastline, but still expecting some freezing temperatures there. clear lake, of course, likely to see those freezing temperatures too around the bay area. overnight lows will be chilly. 30's and 40's overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning that cold air is in place. a couple of passing clouds tonight, but staying dry. and then as we head through the day tomorrow, things could get interesting, especially the afternoon watching moves in the north and there comes that's your next round of storms, possibly some thunderstorms rolling through the bay area at that time. and then it looks like things will settle down after that. so tomorrow, again, temperatures well below the average for this time of year. slight chance of showers, especially in the north and the east bay. we'll have more news when
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? first in-person retail store in burlingame today. the store is filled with different, met a tech products. it's kind of like an apple store, but smaller. >> there is some new technology for video calling device is some new ray ban glasses that let you take pictures and videos. the store is located on airport boulevard in burlingame, ceo of uber announcing that the rideshare company is going to be cutting down on costs. he shared the news. >> in an e-mail to employees last night citing what he called a seismic shift in inventor investor sentiment
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among the cost, cutting measures, pulling the least effective marketing, an incentive expenditures and being more deliberate about adding head count, uber lost nearly 6 billion dollars in the 1st quarter of 2022, the company stock has fallen more than 45% since january. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. we'll be back around 4 news at 8, 09:10pm tonight and our special at 9.30, catherine heenan interviewing. >> the san francisco district attorney jason to dana, about the recall election against him. we'll see you later. booking most cruises can be complicated.
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♪ ♪ >> captured... the 6'9" prisoner who escaped with his jail guard lover spotted at a car wash 300 miles away. and this group, their getaway car. >> the car was towed to a police found where it sat there for almost a week before it was realize this was the getaway car that police across america were searching for. >> then... was it the ac? >> due to faulty air conditioner killing americans at this popular resort. >> disgraced celebrity tv chef on trial. >> his hands were in sensitive areas, touching me, toug


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