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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 9, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> breaking news tonight at 8, a child is in the hospital after being hit by a bullet and a highway shooting. thank you for joining us today. i'm pam moore. i'm justine waldman in for ken wayne tonight. the shooting happened just after 4.15, in vacaville on interstate 80. >> right near the alamo drive exit. police say a silver honda accord was hit several times by bullets. a 7 year-old who was riding the back seat was hit by one of those bullets. that child is expected to be okay as police are calling their injuries
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non-life-threatening police say right now it is unclear what prompted this shooting. we are continuing to follow this story and we'll bring you updates as they become available tonight. also just into our newsroom from the north bay, santa rosa. police have arrested parents in connection to the death of their 15 month-old toddler. these are pictures from the home on sonoma avenue. police say they first responded to this house at about 11 o'clock this morning after getting reports of an unresponsive child. investigators say that they notice suspected fentanyl near the toddler. then they found more fentanyl and fentanyl paraphernalia in different areas, including in the bed that the child and the parents shared. you could see that the hazmat equipment that police had to wear when they went to the home. we now know the names of the 2 people who were killed in that plane crash in marion county on friday afternoon. the marin county sheriff's office identified them today as 57 year-old michael breyer and 52 year-old jennifer lynn, fox
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and fox's plane crash just north of the golden gate bridge in the marin headlands the plane, a fixed wing single engine vans. rv aircraft crashed at 12. 0, 9, in the afternoon friday during foggy weather conditions and was removed from the crash site on sunday. the federal aviation administration and the national transportation safety board are both investigating what made the plane go down. the ntsb says his preliminary report should be released within 15 days of that crash. but its final report could take up to a year to complete. take a look at this. hail falling in parts of the bay area today. this is video from santa rosa. also some hail a marine county today. it was cool and windy. some locations might even still see some thunderstorms before. it's all
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over. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look at the weather forecast for tonight at any chance of thunder, rain, hail coming in this evening. probably not tonight. we're probably winding down tonight, but i think tomorrow afternoon it could get exciting again. least the parts of the bay area's. we might see some of that activity rollback on through. but today saw the showers moving near santa rosa earlier on today. >> those are just enough to spark some of the showers, some of the thunderstorms, some clouds in creating. yes, even some of that hail outside. but things kind of quieting down around the bay area that just not much activity here. but you can't say that for the rest of the state there still plenty going on. we've got snow up in the sierra nevada. numerous lightning strikes to the central valley and use coming to the idea that rotation you see rotating on the year kind of spinning around this area of low pressure. that whole low is going to start to sag to the south to work its way in the bay area overnight. tonight and tomorrow. and that means well, it could be in for some more rather interesting weather overnight tonight see a couple of passing clouds but staying mostly dry overnight.
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and then as we head toward tomorrow morning, maybe a couple of scattered showers over some of the mountain tops in the north bay. but by the afternoon, that's when that low begins to spin and close enough. and because the dragon, some of that moisture, you can see snow. we get the napa, possibly the concord parts of the north and the east bay could be looking at more showers. maybe the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. and yes, even some more hail temperatures are going to running well below the average again tomorrow as much as 10, maybe 15 degrees below normal highs will be topping out only the 50's and the 60's all around the bay area. >> thank you, lawrence. had to keep a close eye on your mail as county election. officials across california have started sending out vote by mail ballots to registered voters say marks the counties could start mailing out those ballots for the june primary in the first day of early voting, every registered voter will be getting a ballot in the mail to make sure a vote by mail ballot is counted. it has to be postmarked on or before election day and received by the county
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elections office. no later than 7 days after june, 7th, all counties will open up ballot drop-off locations for vote by mail ballots. mail in ballots can be returned. 2 early voting sites and those open today will be available for you to return your ballot through june 6, which is the day before the primary. if you're not registered to vote, may 23rd is the last day to do so. if you wish to vote in the primary election and there will be a lot of changes on the ballot, a lot of decisions that need to be made. governor gavin newsom is up for reelection for his final term after winning a recall election just last year. the ballot will also include all the positions you see on your screen right now, including the lieutenant governor, attorney general to election contests for u.s. senate and also a handful of local elections. meantime, at dorsey was sworn in as san francisco's new district. 6 supervisor today, the mayor appointed or c 4.
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>> the role after it was vacated by matt haney last week. >> dorsey will represent the city's south of market mission bay and treasure island and neighborhoods. he is now the board's second lgbtq member. dorsey is also a 3 time drug rehabilitation graduate. he believes that he is uniquely qualified to serve a district that suffers from homelessness and drug abuse. >> i understand from lived experience. the seemingly uncomfortable challenges facing those of grapple with addiction and alcoholism. in my district and elsewhere. more than anything else. as i stand here today. i believe in the full promise of recovery. i believe in local government has an essential role in helping fulfill that promise. >> prior to his appointment, dorsey was the director strategic communications for the san francisco police department. happening tonight, san francisco just return each a dean will sit down with us here on kron 4 to answer
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questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. this interview will be live in prime time. it's tonight at 9.30. and alameda county sheriff's deputy is recovering tonight after near fatal crash that involved an alleged drunk driver. the video of the crash is just stunning. it shows the deputy's suv hit at a high rate of speed and it's crushed by the impact. it happened at the intersection of 16th avenue and foothill and oakland at 4.30, sunday afternoon on mother's day as kron four's terisa sasha reports the sheriff is speaking out about this crash and how it highlights the need to crack down on people driving under the influence of drugs. >> this is all that is left of an alameda county sheriff's deputy's suv following a dui accident. the engine a mangled pile of metal. how is the deputy doing? this was a horrific situation. >> our deputies doing ok we talked the phone today and
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he's banged up is more it and the realization of how lucky he was. >> alameda county sheriff spokesperson lieutenant ray kelly on this crash involving one of the county's deputies, preliminary information shows the driver of the car going around. 55 miles an hour when running the red light at the intersection of 16th avenue and foothill in oakland and smashing into the deputy's vehicle. just an example that underscores. >> the dangers of dui because it's such a visual crash and visual impact. the fact that people are able to walk away from it without any serious bodily injury or any death in this case, i think underscores the dangers and this is a a law enforcement officer driving back to the police station at the end of a shift. and when he's taken out by a drunk driver. and i think so that could be anybody. we're glad that wasn't a family in a minivan. it was going through
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that intersection and all of those things line at the right time, the right place to have a collision like that happen. >> this is the other vehicle involved. lieutenant calley says a field sobriety test showed the driver's blood alcohol level at 0.1 6, twice the legal limit. his name has not been released yet pending charges with the da's office. do have a dui enforcement unit and we've been very successful with a unit in grant writing getting revenue to that unit to put on extra patrols. >> including in thetcity, oakland, where we going and we do more than a dozen, a dui patrol per year. as for the deputy, he is recovering in the hospital. to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> right now the warriors are playing in game 4 of their playoff matchup against memphis. but head coach steve kerr is not on the sidelines. kerr has been placed in covid-19 protocols. mike brown is serving as the warriors
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head coach sports director jason dumas is at chase center. he will have more on how the dubs are doing without her. coming up in sports tonight, covid cases are increasing once again. but doctors say we do have more tools than ever before to live with this virus and avoid hospitalizations and death. >> of course, amanda hari talked with an infectious disease specialist who says more people need to know about paxlovid. that's a drug designed to treat covid. >> i think the main thing for people to do is to know that packs of is there not people in the community but health care providers everywhere. we're not using enough. that issue cause san francisco county to turn away thousands of doses of paxlovid earlier this year. >> but with the recent rise in covid cases, ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says he wants to see more demand for the drug. it involves having a conversation with a health care professional did also requires a prescription and
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also most importantly, rick, why is somebody that check drug interactions right now? the emergency use authorization is for anyone over the age of 12. >> who is that a serious risk of a bad outcome or unvaccinated? but he says everyone should be aware of it because it can benefit anyone with the virus from a virus perspective. what we do know is fire load associated with being infected drops. foster. if you take box a little bit, he believes it could become a common way of treating covid in the future. i can imagine it being used for a variety of reasons. just like the way we use time of flu. when someone has influenza recently, there have been reports of people having relapsed symptoms after taking paxlovid very rare situation. it happen also in the group who would treated with paxlovid with and which return plus evil. so it's unclear what this means, of course, of paxlovid last 5 days right now, only one course is recommended. even if
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symptoms reappear. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> also happening because the covid case numbers are going up against san jose city workers are now required to mask up for the next 2 weeks. the decision comes as the omicron subvariant spreads. the temporary measure is in place from friday. until may the 20th, it only affects workers at city facilities. santa clara county has seen nearly 500 covid cases within just the last week. >> coming up tonight during kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock. there are lots of questions surrounding a gruesome discovery in the east bay. what police are saying about a body that was found at grizzly peak. >> baby formula still in short supply out. and that nutritionist are recommending you respond. but first, california lawmakers continue to bow to protect abortion access in the state. >> how a new bill will help low
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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>> in the south bay, a historic church in san jose may be torn down in the near future. 2 thirds of the church congregation voted to sell the property to a real estate developer. but as kron four's justin campbell explained, some church members are trying to stop that from happening. >> grace baptist church in downtown san jose was built in the 1940's, reverend george oliver says times have changed.
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>> we we have struggled ever since the murders at the church in the shelter. police investigated 2 murder cases at the homeless shelter inside the church in november. >> 2020 on top of that, reverend oliver says they're struggling financially. the church started this year with 60,000 in the bank. that's not enough to pay my it's not enough to pay the combined salaries of the rest of our employees or to pay the bills. now. >> what the church sits in a prime downtown location. 2 thirds of the church congregation voted to sell to 1.3 acre property to a real estate developer. a multimillion dollar deal would tear down the church and replaced a property with mid-rise apartments to stop the deal. some church members approached the city to try to make the church a historic landmark. they did this. >> on their own after 2 thirds or more of the church and voted for a historic development touch. and that 2
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thirds majority, mostly many of those people are african-american and hispanic. the people who were trying to disenfranchise them are largely reverend oliver says the developer will build them a new facility. historic mission will still be there and historic people that make the church will remain right there. reporting in san jose justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> the u.s. senate is preparing a vote later this week on legislation that would legalize the right to an abortion. but it is almost certain to fail. and the law that democratic leaders want to pass would establish a national right to abortion in an but it needs 60 votes to pass the senate and they do not have those votes. in reality, though, is symbolic vote is a political move by democratic leaders to put all lawmakers, particularly the republicans on record and republicans say abortion rights should be left up to the states. but gop leadership has hinted this week that republicans regain control of
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congress, a national ban on abortion is something that they would explore. meanwhile, california leaders are moving forward with efforts to increase abortion access in this state. the state senate appropriations committee today move forward with a bill that was set up a fund to help low income people, access abortion in california. the bill would also require the state's health and human services agency to set up a website with information on abortion services in california. democrats who wrote the bill say it is worth a multi million dollar price tag. but there were some raising concerns about allowing people from out of state to access that money. >> kaye will create a huge national system up into eu and for all. >> the committee put the bill on the suspense file for later consideration. the suspense file is reserved for bills that could cost the state more than $50,000 from the general
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fund 150,000 from special funds. this latest bill is one of more than a dozen all aiming to boost abortion access and protections in california. >> another area of concern is how personal online data could be used of roe versus wade is overturned. last week, an investigation by vice news found a data company that was selling information about how many people visited family planning centers where they came from and where they went after the company says the data did not identify individuals but also decided to stop selling that data. california congresswoman judy chu says the data could be used to enforce abortion loss. >> and states like texas were there are bounty hunters. these woman could be hunted down, but it was. >> and in >> and discussed. >> last year the ftc reached a settlement with flow health after finding the period tracking app shared sensitive
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health data of millions of users without their consent. congress is still at a standstill over how to protect data privacy even further a hate crime investigation is underway at stanford university. that's after a noose was found hanging on campus. >> last night the university security received a report about that noose hanging from a tree outside banner hall, which is an undergraduate residence. it was taken down by campus police and collected as evidence. this is the 3rd time in 3 years at university. officials are having to investigate an apparent noose found hanging somewhere on campus. >> well, it may be the month of may, but look at these pictures. drivers still need to prepare for snowy road conditions in the sierra this evening. >> well, this is not the biggest snowstorm. the sierra has seen this spring. it did cause some damage on sunday and drivers had to a call to, you know, modify their plans. it had several drivers fund out and semi-trucks a
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jackknifed along interstate 80. the snow caught drivers unprepared, forcing a lot of them to slow down and chain up and they might have to keep doing that. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow string is here now with a look at the snow that's still coming down the cr right now. yes, a very unusually cold storm rolling, especially this time of year. but here we are looking all that snow rolling into the sierra nevada. of course, the temperatures locally have been very cold. but look at that. >> here's a look at castle peak. that is i-80 folks and you could barely see the road up there with all that snow coming down. haven't seen too many cars going by either. and there may be good reason for that is there's been some noted delays up there in the high country. they're chain your head over the mountains with your trucks on 80 in your chain up everything going up on 50's. so you can see the snow continuing up there this evening, although starting to break up just a little bit now, but it has been a very active day there today and again, likely to see some more snow flakes across the high peaks for tomorrow around the bay area. you can see some pop-up showers outside. that was mainly in the morning and then by the afternoon began to
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tail off a bit. i think that may pick up again by tomorrow afternoon. but now the cold air is in place and look at this. we've got freezing temperatures are forecast to our friends to the north expecting of freeze tonight in much of clear lake all the way the men further north in the dark purple. that's going to be a hard freeze. that is going to be several hours and temperatures well below freezing. in fact, these numbers expected all the way down to 22 degrees for overnight low. now it's not to be as cold locally still be chilly outside 30's in the north bay 40's elsewhere around the bay area. all these temperatures running below the average courtesy of this big trough of low pressure. this kind of just camping out. looks like it is going to stick around for at least one more day. maybe some wraparound showers. maybe some lightning, maybe some thunderstorms in the north bay, maybe even a little more hail, too more scattered showers there. the rest, the bay area, just some partly cloudy skies and some chilly temperatures. guys, back to you. lawrence. thank you. ahead, 8 o'clock tonight. russia celebrating victory day
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fantastic! chain issue is continuing to cause concern for essential baby items. according to new data, about 40% of top selling baby formula products remain
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out of stock. that's an increase from 31% in early april and quite the job from 11% in november. retailers have responded by limiting sales of products that are in short supply. the infant nutrition council of america encourages parents to keep a 10 day 2, 2, week supply of baby formula. child care providers rallied in oakland today calling attention to this nationally without childcare >> providers show mall across alameda county say that they want 3 things from the state of california. a livable wage, a dependable retirement plan and quality health care benefits. activists say the work they do keeps working families afloat. they take care of everybody else's kids. their testimony today was echoed by a baby that happened to be crying in the background. >> child care providers keep others working in the bay area. working treat us like you treat high-tech those
8:27 pm
workers have six-figure salaries and benefits and we do to help sustain other families is as important >> the childcare industry is made up of 95% women, most of whom are black, brown and other people of color. one in 7 childcare worker reportedly lives in poverty. >> still ahead here at 8 o'clock tonight, a body found wrapped in a plastic bag near a park in oakland. we have details on that investigation. plus, a shocking update tonight. the former alabama corrections officer that escaped with an inmate is now dead. we have the latest on how they were captured and prices keep rising at the pump will tell you where you can see gas over 6 bucks a gallon right here in the bay area.
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>> top story tonight at 8.30, oakland police are investigating how a body ended up near tilden park. a witness reported the victim was wrapped in plastic. police say that person had been shot as kron four's haaziq mod-yoon reports. this is the second body found like this in the city in just a week. a gruesome discovery, a body wrapped in a plastic bag found on the side of the road. >> that is how the call came
8:31 pm
into 9-1-1. dispatch. it happened sunday at around 07:15pm, here on grizzly peak boulevard at clermont near the border of berkeley and oakland. the initial call came in to berkeley police who later determined the body was in oakland territory. it had to the case over to opd investigators. officials at opd say upon arrival there officers found a male victim with apparent gunshot wounds. the men whose identity is being withheld pending notification of next of kid was pronounced dead at the scene. this stretch of grizzly peak is a non-residential area, although it is well traveled by vehicles. bicyclists and joggers is likely someone like that made the grim discovery. although this part of town is not knowl for violent crime, according to opd is weekly crime report. there has been a 50% increase in homicides in this district with 9 homicides in 2022. this time last year, there were 6
8:32 pm
oakland city council member dan called the represents this district say that. >> you know, anytime there's what appears to be a for sure. but what appeared to be a murder any part of town is heart wrenching and we need to do with the city of oakland in other jurisdictions that we can work together. it's doing we can to reduce the number of shootings we should. therefore, we get to the number of homicides oakland. however, this is not the only district in oakland where a body wrapped in a plastic bag was recently found. >> last week construction workers discovered a body at a site near 7th street and maritime near the port of oakland. that is according to a source with knowledge of the discovery. at this time, there are no reports of any connection between the 2 cases. opd investigators are asking anyone with information about the body found a grizzly peak to contact oakland, please. >> has he let you for news? >> police in el so say they need your help. finding this
8:33 pm
woman. 59 year-old lucy corona. was reported missing just before noontime today. police say she was last seen on liberty street just off of san pablo avenue. has shoulder length braids and was wearing a red and yellow floral outfit. you are asked to call police if you have seen her. new details and new video on that nationwide manhunt that ended today in indiana. the escaped alabama inmate casey white and the corrections officer vicky white were on the run for 11 days. >> that all coming to an end today after a police chase ended in a crash in evansville, indiana. and tonight, vicky white that corrections officer is dead. the escaped inmate. casey white is in the hospital and in custody. the 2 captured on surveillance video at a car wash in the same city last week which led authorities to believe they have been in that city for several days. reporter baihly smith has the latest now from evansville, indiana. >> well, they're criminals.
8:34 pm
sometimes they do things that are unexplainable. but in this case, i'm glad they did. indiana is known as the crossroads of america and to star crossed lovers crossed right into the tri-state. >> on may 3rd, james stinson noticed a ford truck abandoned at the wyandotte car wash where he worked and he got suspicious. i walked up to the truck. >> the when are down the door got a loy. my first thought, oh, my god, it could be this gap. now >> stenson contacted law enforcement and received a phone call from the u.s. marshals on may 8. i said, did you have a card over and fall >> but they got out of my mind. yeah, it i think yeah, they were there. >> almost a week had passed but surveillance photos from the car wash help spark several more tips. >> i think that too, on on he could. but on long lane are put on another flight data you check out what to do show you thought. >> stenson thought there had to be more. so we kept watching the surveillance and caught a glimpse of who he believed to be vicky white
8:35 pm
looking like am i think our talk back around and kamala and they like to get on monday. law enforcement located a vehicle that matched the description of that cadillac. and that sparked a high-speed chase northbound on highway. 41 on to birch drive. the marshals task force officers intercepted them actually >> collided with them to try to in the pursuit from the time we initiate a pursuit until the timing in that less than a few minutes. >> the cadillac flipped into a ditch. and law enforcement said the woman immediately shot herself. the suspects were taken into custody andeit was confirmed that it was indeed alabama fugitive casey white and former jailer vicky white. they were transported to local hospitals where vicky white later died of her injuries. bank thing is what? we're lucky that. >> no law enforcement was angier. no innocent civilians were injured. the pursuit was short in nature and we people in custody. >> wow. let's take a live look outside right now here at downtown san francisco.
8:36 pm
looking pretty tonight. lots of shining lights out there and it's clear and cool to see. yeah, it does look pretty out there. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by. we may actually see a little more rain, some areas. yeah, we might see a little more rain might be an active day tomorrow afternoon. i think we see another band of rain moving through the bay area, but we're not done. >> with the rain just yet. in fact, we just had lightning just to the east there east sacramento. you can see the thunderstorms rolling on through that direction. more showers, more snow and well, it's tough to deal with the core of the low that's going to spend through. so this time now for your overnight tonight, a couple clouds passing by kind of history with this model wants to bring a couple scattered light sprinkles maybe early tomorrow morning. not going to be much but watch what happens in the afternoon. that's the branson watching for and lot of models kind of picking up on that. now you can see towards you get up toward napa saying lena, look at that. rain moving through possibly in the santa rosa by tomorrow afternoon and evening and maybe some more thunderstorms to go along with that. the rest, the bay area and not going to be rain out. in fact, going to see a lot of sunshine tomorrow and temperatures will
8:37 pm
be cool highs only in the mid 50's in the san francisco about 55 degrees and pacific with that breeze. 54 in half moon bay inside the bay, you'll find cool temperatures to well below the average for this time of year. good 10, maybe 15 degrees below normal on 59 degrees and palo alto. 58 in foster city, the south bay got a lot of 60's out by tomorrow afternoon. then we get to the east bay. you're starting out. cool overnight lows going to be the 30's in the 40's there. some 60's by the afternoon and the further north you go, the better chance you might see some showers by the afternoon. so be prepared for that. i think tomorrow morning, you should be ok, but by late in the day maybe the chance to go thunderstorms rolling on by cool with the coastline. that's the way it is going to stay warmer weather. a drier weather expected return on wednesday. in fact, this next weekend, we could be looking at some temperatures moving up in the 80's and some of the warmest valleys. all right, lawrence, thank you. coming up, why the city of benicia is asking residents to cut their water use by 30%. and we'll tell you for how long.
8:38 pm
>> plus, people are ready to live it up after putting their plans on hold during the pandemic here. how this might have an impact on your credit card rate. >> and more than 1 million ukrainians forcibly deported to russia. we have the latest on the war in ukraine after the break.
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>> more than 1 million ukrainian citizens have been forcibly deported to russia.
8:41 pm
that according to a new human rights report, that same report also says some 200,000 of those into russia are children. ukrainian officials are also reporting numbers of citizens being forced into russia. they say more than 20,000 ukrainians have been sent from the port city of mariupol to, quote, filtration camps in the separatist-controlled east. russian president vladimir putin delivered a defiant speech on the war in ukraine during a parade marking the 77th anniversary of the victory over not see germany. >> putin sought to cast the war as a continuation of world war. 2, he claimed it was necessary in order to defend the homeland because the west was preparing for an invasion. >> the land for its future so that no one forgets the lessons of world war. 2. >> and the analysts say he hoped to use this anniversary to announce a military victory in ukraine. but ukrainian forces have been able to prevent russia from making
8:42 pm
major gains. >> coming up next, in sports, the warriors and the grizzlies battling it out in game 4 more suspected cas
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>> the value of bitcoin is plunging again. the cryptocurrency was down 10% today and is now down more than 50% below its record high from late last year. other cryptocurrencies have been hit hard to posting double-digit
8:45 pm
losses. analysts say bitcoin is suffering from the very same worries which are sinking stocks right now, mainly inflation and interest rate hikes. meantime, though, americans are apparently making up for lost fun data show. the nation is in a post-pandemic time of spending no matter what the economy is doing, even though your money doesn't go as far and it costs more to borrow more of it. reporter tom negovan has more now on this spend trend. >> all those big plans we put off because of the pandemic. looks like we're doing the now. it's definitely going to be a very busy year. just ask a wedding planner. we're pretty full. we have a few dates left available for 2022. weddings. >> big trips. even major purchases after 2 years of suffering through covid-19 americans are ready to live a little or a lot. even though the economy is struggling,
8:46 pm
inflation is up. so your dollar buys 8% less than it did a year ago. interest rates are up to so it costs more to borrow money. economists, a credit card rates could go as high as 18 and-a-half percent by the end of the year, which would be an all-time record and the truth is we don't seem to care. consumer spending was up over a full percent in march concert promoter live nation report sales up 45% and american express it says travel and entertainment spending is up 121%. people have been stuck at home for 2 years. more than 2 years. in many cases. >> they're going to go on vacation. they don't care anymore for not wearing masks. they're ready hit the road. don't care what it costs. >> meantime, almost every way you look at the lee prices continue to climb and they are hitting record highs here in the bay area, according to triple a if you stop to fill up in san francisco, san mateo or marine counties, you will
8:47 pm
be paying on average more than $6 for a gallon of regular sonoma. napa and alameda counties are just a few cents shy of $6 in the south bay. you're looking at an average of $5.90 while filling up in santa clara county and contra costa, $5. and $0.86 the cheapest average you will find right now is in solano county where gas is averaging about $5.81. the pandemic has not been kind to to potential home buyers. so. americans who are looking to stretch their dollars may want to consider heading east to tennessee, according to a new study from rocket mortgage, tennessee is the cheapest 8 to buy a home in 2022. because of the low cost of living, the lack of an income tax and no property taxes. and if you are wondering where california is ranked well, it's not even in the top 20. the city of benicia is warning people. it could take several days to fix
8:48 pm
a broken water pipe. in the meantime, people will need to reduce water use by 30%. >> at this point, it's unclear how the pipe broke over the weekend. the city says that while the repair work is underway, the water flowing into homes and businesses is safe to drink. residents say they have received messages and voice mails about the broken pipe and that they're doing the best that they can to safe water and right now there's no estimated time for when it will be repaired. meadows first in porous in-person retail store is now open. the stores filled with different met products. it's like an apple store, but smaller. there is some new technology for video calling device is some new ray-ban glasses. the lake, you take pictures and videos. the new store is located on airport boulevard in burlingame. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk.
8:49 pm
>> what's up, everyone? we are live in the team store at chase center. and right now we have a very slow offensive game. the warriors are down by 6 to the memphis grizzlies. about late in the 3rd quarter. but the story of this game has been in a fish, an offense. they just haven't been able to get anything going on. the offensive end of the boy only have 5, 3 pointers about 5 for 22, i believe from deep and yeah, memphis, they're playing really hard basketball without their best player. john morant. and this building has been waiting to explode on night. but the warriors just simply haven't given them a reason. of course, soon as this game, those final, we will have a live report and highlights and all you need to know from here at the chase center right now, we have a very slow game, 66, 60 less than a minute to go in the 3rd
8:50 pm
quarter. once it wraps up, we'll have your full highlights. >> now let's have it. we have someone who is head to milwaukee, the bucks looking to go up 3 to one over the celtics in game late in the 4th celtics down to our 4 for changes that. his 5th, 3 of the game, he had 30 points. boston takes the lead. i just a couple of minutes later, celtics up by 7. jayson tatum. here's 3 of his own 30 13 for tatum. and that would do it. boston takes game 4, one 16 to one '08. they even the series at 2 games apiece. game 5 is all wednesday. head to detroit. the a's. taking on the tigers. looking to get back on track. they've lost 9 straight games. top of the 3rd, no score. first, tony kemp changes that will one swing of the bat. a strike.
8:51 pm
first. they lead one to nothing. paul blackburn, he was silent. for oakland. bottom of the 6 up to it because derek hill swinging. well, a nice slider there. he threw 6 plus innings of shutout ball. step a shut out the tigers to does it. they snap a nine-game win streak losing streak. i'm sorry they needed that win. >> in the worst way and now let's just go down the road, too. oracle park, the giants, our winning 5 to 2. we're in the bottom of the 6th inning. we'll have highlights of that one once he goes final. but back here to chase center, like i said, a very slow game. the warriors scored 142 points last game. right now they're about to head into the 4th quarter. they only have 60 points. so that tells you all you need to know about this game has been extremely
8:52 pm
sloppy. of course they don't have steve kerr. he is out with covid. we found that out just about 30 minutes before the game. mike brown is coaching for the warriors but they are going to need a 4th quarter rally because they're going to head into the 4th quarter down by just a basket. 3 and a half seconds left in the 3rd and they head into this court does give you a quick play by play. and desmond bane hit a 3 at the 3rd quarter board buzzer. so the warriors head into the floor down. 69 60 to hang tight with us. we will have full coverage of this game was a goes final right here on kron 4. but for now, that's all i have for sports. back to you guys. all right, jason, on our later newscast, let us know how the head of the fans of the detonations holding up in the air tonight. we'll talk to you shop and all right. thank they're not watching the game there by swag. coming up here, we're pressing rewind on time for this one. why states
8:53 pm
could become. >> the next big craze once again. meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> the pandemic has, you know, force millions of people to work from home over the last couple of years. a new study shows, though, that remote work does not lower productivity and may foster greater resilience and employees. researchers at texas anm examined nearly 300 employees working for an oil and gas company in houston,
8:56 pm
texas. they were forced to work from home for 7 months in the wake of hurricane harvey. researchers say while workers spent less time in front of their computers them before because of the hurricane, their actual work behaviors during the remote work. we're at pretty hurricane levels showing that productivity was not affected. well, if you know what the phrase be kind rewind means that you'll enjoy this story. old-school home entertainment is making a nostalgia. come back. >> also might make you feel a little old. there's a new trend of the younger generations interested in revisiting the technology in the media of their youth vhs tapes could be worth big bucks to some collectors next month. heritage auctions, the world's largest auctioneer hold its first ever be hs only auction featuring more than 300 titles depending on the popularity of the auction vhs could become the next big collecting craze. don't see. i got a lot of
8:57 pm
where many have already thrown away that and you need these and cassette tape until you trying to keep up. >> all right. that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8. but keep it right here. kron 4 news at 9 is next to key joins us now live from the newsroom with the vicky. hey, thanks, justine pam. coming up next at 9, we continue to follow developing news. it's out of the north bay, a 7 year-old is at the hospital right now after being >> hit by a bullet on interstate 80. the latest on the investigation and how that child is doing tonight. that's all coming up in a live report. plus, a mask mandate is back for city employees in san jose because of rising covid cases. so will other bay area cities follow suit. i'm area cities follow suit. i'm vicki liviakis kron. 4 news at ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's— pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. only at jack in the box.
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my classic and spicy popcorn chicken with 100% all-white-meat chicken. and good good sauce. ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. order on the jack app today. >>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron. 4 news. >>has always remained the health and safety of employees and the community safe. now at 9 san jose city employees are required to wear masks once again. >>good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis said that mask mandate went into effect due to rising covid cases in the spread of omicron subvariant kron four's taylor bisacky has more now on san jose's temporary requirement. and if bay area other cities are going to follow suit.


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