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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 9, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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my classic and spicy popcorn chicken with 100% all-white-meat chicken. and good good sauce. ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. order on the jack app today. >>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron. 4 news. >>has always remained the health and safety of employees and the community safe. now at 9 san jose city employees are required to wear masks once again. >>good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis said that mask mandate went into effect due to rising covid cases in the spread of omicron subvariant kron four's taylor bisacky has more now on san jose's temporary requirement. and if bay area other cities are going to follow suit.
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>>city workers in san jose are once again required to mask up for the next couple of weeks. this temporary was reinstated at the abundance of caution due to recent data from the county of santa clara show, an increase in positive covid-19 cases to meet a is the deputy public information officer for the city of san jose. she says the city is concerned about omicron sub variant spreads as the county has seen more than 550 new covid cases within the last week. >>the show says the temporary requirement that went into effect on friday. may 6th impacts about 7,000 city employees. all city employees need to wear mask over been city facilities. >>and if if employees are traveling in cars and are they have to wear a mask, publicity cars as well. the show says it doesn't apply to visitors when in city buildings, but it is strongly recommended. the temporary requirement is in place through may 20th, but
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could be extended. we will continue to monitor cases in its case rate, stay or increase. and come back and look at that again to see what we need to do forward. meanwhile, santa clara county says it will continue to align with the california department of public health, which strongly recommends masks in public buildings. >>we also reached out to several other counties in cities across the bay area to see if they plan to reinstate similar measures but have not heard back yet on the other hand, san francisco's department of public health says they do not have an update on this topic. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >>the u.s. senate is repairing a vote this week on legislation that would legalize the right to an abortion. but it's almost certain to fail the law democrats want to pass would establish a national right to abortion in any state, but it needs 60 votes to pass. no republican is expected to support it. in reality, the vote is a political move by democrats to put republican
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lawmakers on the record. republicans say abortion rights should be left up to the state. but gop leadership also hinted this week that if republicans regain control of congress, a national ban on abortion is something they would explore. outrage continues to grow over the supreme court's a draft opinion on roe v wade about 100 demonstrators gathered outside justice samuel alito is home in virginia tonight for a 10 minute march. alito is the author of the draft opinion published by politico. there were also protests over the weekend outside the homes of justice brett kavanaugh and chief justice john roberts. meanwhile, pier in california. lawmakers are moving forward with efforts to increase abortion access in the state. the state senate appropriations committee today moved forward with the bill that would set up a fund to help low-income people, access abortion in california. the
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bill would also require the state's health and human services agency that set up a website with information on abortion services in the state. democrats who wrote the bill say it's worth the multi million dollar price tag, but some are raising concerns about allowing people from out of state to access the funds. >>colwell create a huge national system wife, and for all. >>the committee put the bill on the suspense file for later consideration. the suspense file is reserved for any bills that could cost the state more than $50,000 from the general fund or $150,000 from special funds. this latest bill is one of more than a dozen aiming to boost abortion access and protections here in california. and we're continuing to follow the situation in vacaville where a child was taken to the
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hospital after being hit by a bullet in the highway shooting when the shot live for us in solano county with the very latest. know what a tragic situation. what do you know? >>well, just a harrowing situation for this poor family. as you can imagine, they drove directly from the freeway to hear northbay medical center in fairfield, where we're told fortunately this7 year-old child suffered non-life-threatening injuries. >>i just outside they look like they were said chp says a 7 year-old child was shot while riding in the backseat of a blue honda accord as a travel down. i-80 near alamo drive in vacaville on monday afternoon. the family drove directly to the er northbay medical center in fairfield where chp says the young
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passenger suffered a non-life-threatening injury. emergency radio traffic says the 7 year-old was shot in the foot solar car. >>on the tow truck is just riddled bullet holes. fortunate to your field. resident charles morgan happen to see the family as he walked out of the hospital. 3 females and has been and speaking chp ball the driver side by a bullet holes maybe for the driver side door through through the back and was with what time it was a car seat in the back. so i didn't notice the until i got to the side of it. and then it was just it just looks bad back on the freeway where the shooting happened. you see a chp officer collecting what appears to be bullet casings from the pace. then its search is said and just. >>the disregard for life and 7 year-old 30 year-old 50 year-old. it doesn't matter. and it's just the disruption one else's life. >>it's unfortunate. you know, just praying that several pulls through.
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>>and as that child continues to recover, chpr looking for a suspect. so if you have any information, they're asking that you please give them a call. reporting live in fairfield tonight. really shot for kron. 4 news rowena. thank you. >>the city of benicia. he's asking residents and businesses to immediately reduce water use by 30% after a pipe burst over the weekend. at this point, it's not clear just how that pipe broke. the city says that while the repair work is underway, the water flowing to homes and businesses is safe to drink. residents say that they receive messages and voice mails about the broken pipe. but they're doing the best they can to save water. so far. there's no estimated time for when the pipe will be repaired. but the city is warning residents that the work could actually take days. whether time checking your 4 zone forecast. a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. a very light in the traffic department. but for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow
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joining us with more on the forecast. yeah, vicki had a few scattered showers popping up around the bay area reports little hail out there as well and still active out there tonight, at least in some parts of california see some of the showers moving through right now in northern california. even a couple of thunderstorms popping up. >>the sierra nevada, guess what? they've got a lot of snow fall across the high country. there they are. chaining up on 15, even 80 required some trucks to chain up both ways. if you're heading that direction are coming our way out there, though. tonight, things are quieting down locally here, but we may not be done. i think we've got another chance of rain coming our way. i'm not overnight tonight. maybe just a scattered shower or 2. but i think tomorrow afternoon things could get a little more active. we've got the core low that is still spinning along the coastline. you see right here that's going to be dropping down and around that we get a little wrap around moisture before you know what we could be talking about. the timing being perfect by tomorrow afternoon. get some showers. maybe some thunderstorms rolling into at least parts of north and the east bay by tomorrow. you see right here on the models here. but overnight tonight, just a couple passing clouds out there for the most part. and
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then as we head through the day tomorrow, looks like those clouds start to really gather in the afternoon in the north. and then you see all those colors come in and look at that up in the north. some of the showers and thunderstorms possibly moving in by tomorrow afternoon. so be prepared. may see some of that again return by tomorrow. looks like temperature wise. these numbers well below the average 10 to 15 degrees below normal 50's and 60's outside next couple days. looks like a return. thus a more normal temperatures. warming things up and drying out as we head in toward wednesday thursday and by this weekend we could be talking about some temperatures in the 80's. all right, lawrence. well, we now know the names of the 2 people who were killed in a plane crash in. >>marin county friday afternoon, the marion county sheriff's office identified them today as 57 year-old michael breyer. and 52 year-old jennifer lynn, fox breyer and fox's plane crash just north of the golden gate bridge in the marine headlines. the plane, a fixed wing single engine vans. rv aircraft crashed about 12. 0, 9 friday during foggy weather
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conditions. it was removed from the crash site on sunday. the federal aviation administration and match national transportation safety board are investigating why that plane went down. ntsb says their preliminary report should be released within 15 days the crash, but but their final report could take up to a year to complete. in santa rosa. evan frost iq and madison, bernard are in custody in connection to the death of their 15 month-old toddler. these are pictures from the couple's home on sonoma avenue. police say that they got reports of an unresponsive child about 11 o'clock in the morning after arriving on scene. investigators say they noticed suspected fentanyl near the toddler. they then found more fentanyl and fentanyl paraphernalia in numerous areas around the house, including in the bed that the child is shared with her parents. and a hate crime investigation is underway at stanford after a noose was found hanging on campus last
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night. the university secured a security received a report about a noose hanging from a tree outside bran or hall, which is an undergraduate residents. it was taken down by campus police and collected as evidence. this is the 3rd time in 3 years. university officials are having to investigate an apparent noose found hanging on campus. to the east bay. now, oakland police are investigating how a body ended up near tilden park on grizzly peak boulevard near the border between oakland and berkeley. and that's where witnesses reported the victim had been shot and wrapped in plastic sunday night about 07:00pm opd says when officers arrived, they confirmed that one man was dead from gunshot wounds, but they haven't released the name of the victim. according to oakland polices weekly crime report, there has been a 50% increase in homicides in that district with 9 homicides so far. well, this time this year last year,
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rather, there were 6. coming up tonight at 9, a historic san jose church is facing demolition. members are doing their best to stop that from happening. and then president biden's plan to get low income biden's plan to get low income families, internet access. under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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>>welcome back to kron. 4 news at 9. there are plans to tear
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down a historic church in san jose to build more housing. but as kron four's, justin campbell explains, some church members are trying to stop that from happening. >>grace baptist church in downtown san jose was built in the 1940's, reverend george oliver says times have changed. >>we we have struggled ever since the murders at the church in the shelter. police investigated 2 murder cases at the homeless shelter inside the church in november 2020. on top of that, reverend oliver says they're struggling financially. the church started this year with 60,000. >>in the bank, that's not enough to pay my it's not enough to pay the combined salaries of the rest of our employees or to pay the bills. no. >>with the church sits in a prime downtown location. 2 thirds of the church congregation voted to sell the 1.3 acre property to a real estate developer. a multimillion dollar deal would
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tear down the church and replace the property with mid-rise apartments to stop the deal. some church members approached the city to try to make the church a historic landmark. they did this. >>on their own after 2 thirds or more of the church and voted for historic development. proche. and that 2 thirds majority, mostly many of those people are african-american and hispanic. the people who were trying to disenfranchise them. archie reverend oliver says the developer will build them a new facility. historic mission will still be there and historic people that make the church will remain right there. 10 internet reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >>for your money tonight, president biden is pushing his new program that could help connect 10's of millions of families to the internet. last year's infrastructure package earmarked billions of dollars to give low-income families monthly $30. internet
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subsidies. well, now the biden administration is announcing a deal with 20 companies to offer high-speed internet to those families. for the price of that subsidy, making their internet essentially free for an estimated 48 million household all across the country. >>is going to change people's lives. this means fast and good. download speeds with no data gap caps and no extra fees for the american family can say. >>and arnett bill just went to $0 a month. that's fantastic. >>when we connect people with high speed internet, we connect them with the opportunity. we have to do more education to let folks now it's here. you can afford it and you really need to sign up. yeah, that's right. families need to sign up to participate in the program. the biden administration. >>is launching get internet dot gov to help get the word out and are sending messages to eligible people through federal agencies and local service organizations. child
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care providers rallied in oakland today calling attention to the nationally recognized day without childcare providers from across alameda county are saying that they want 3 things from the state, a livable wage, a dependable retirement plan and quality health care benefits. activists say the work they do keeps working. parents afloat. their testimony today was echoed by a crying in the background. >>child care providers keep others working in the bay area. working treat us like you treat a high-tech worker. workers have six-figure salaries. and show we do to help sustain other families is as important >>the childcare industry is made up of 95%. women. most of whom are black and people of
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color. one in 7 childcare workers lives in poverty. rideshare and delivery drivers held a protest today in la outside an uber hob. >>they're demanding a raise in pay to offset gas prices. they were joined by amazon flex delivery drivers. the companies were in the middle of holding a shareholders meeting. the drivers say that there employers take a little action to help drivers who are struggling to deal with the cost of gas. we like sit down and talk with us. >>and so that we can we can negotiate a better deal. gives worker rights. i believe their profits would increase if they they pay the drivers better will be more drivers out there driving. >>this driver we spoke to says that he and many others have to limit the range that they're willing to take fares just to save on gas. we reached out to uber and lyft for their response to the protests but have not heard back yet. now to the latest on the war in ukraine, president
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biden was joined by the vice president and some members of congress today as he took another step towards defending ukraine. kron four's washington correspondent basil john has details. good evening. the u.s. as the war between russia and ukraine still shows no signs of slowing down. >>so the president is taking another step to expedite help to ukraine. monday, president joe biden signed a new law that gives him more authority to support ukraine. >>fight to defend their country. a new democracy, war. law speeds up the process of sending military aid to ukraine. >>as it fights back against the russian invasion that started more than 70 days ago. cost to the fight. it's not cheap. >>but caving to aggression is cost. that's why we're staying this. >>there's currently just 100 million dollars left of the money. congress has already approved. pentagon press secretary john kirby says it will last until the 3rd week of may. we continue
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to urge congress to pass the president's supplemental request as soon as possible. but you know, because i'm in moscow, russian president vladimir putin, celebrated the anniversary of the end of world war. 2 and defended the russian invasion as a preemptive step to defending his country from western through, at he talked about this being justified the military operation. it's not. kirby criticized the message from putin and says what the world needs to hear is how putin will end the war and how he's going to finally respect ukraine as a sovereign state and nation that borders. he's a nation that posed absolutely 0 threat. the president's bill he signed is separate from the request to congress. any problems the u.s. will continue to send support reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. check out that wild video. it shows that terrifying moment. a lightning
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bolt struck the ground outside of florida home. >>narrowly missing this guy is is yard. the bolt can be seen sending chunks of red-hot earth several feet into the air. the man says he was outside turning off the sprinklers just before a rainstorm moved into the area. fortunately he was not hurt. but the extent of the damage is still unknown. i now time for your last check of the 4 zone forecast. hey, lawrence, that was something yeah, you know, he was pretty can. i think that's happened around him before because other you know, the kind of a little bit of a kitchen, a step in really job. i wouldn't jump down my shorts on that one. that was that was a pretty scary stuff out there tonight. we've had some reports, some lightning in the central valley, but look at all the snow. >>in the high country. wow. looks like a a winter's night up there in the sierra nevada. that is highway 18 near the summit. and yeah, they have been watching that snow come down all day long chain up, of course, in many spots there. and will the snow start to
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back off a little bit? but you can see it up there right now. still seeing some scattered snow showers both long, 80 50. if you're headed in that direction, a plan on some slow going up there. the storm system still kind of just churning its way through the state. see all rotating run through california mainly in the northern part of the state. but yeah, we've got some cold weather settling into the bay area. the storm system kind of winding down for us but some very cold temperatures, freezing temperatures to our north. you look up toward late and bill and willetts. they are looking at a hard freeze. tonight we get this overnight lows dropping down 2 in the low 20's for tonight. now not as cold around the bay area, but likely going to see some 30's for overnight lows based in the north bay, maybe in parts of the east bay, too. little frosty start of the day tomorrow morning by the afternoon is still going to be cool out there. and that's when things start to get a little active. again, this particular model picks up on the scattered a couple scattered light showers tomorrow morning in the south bay, but not much. and then the one in the afternoon that what watching closely, that one could actually produce some thunderstorms. i think by late in the day, all that being said tomorrow will be a cool day. a slight chance
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showers mainly to the north 50's and some 60's for highs. the next couple of days. we're going to keep things a little bit unsettled tomorrow. then we'll start to warm things up as we get into wednesday, thursday and friday. look better by this weekend. we've got some temperatures up in the 80's and dry. all right, lawrence, a little history here today in 1974, the u.s. house of representatives, judiciary committee. >>initiated formal impeachment proceedings against president richard nixon. it was the result of the break-in at the democratic national committee office inside the watergate hotel and was later revealed that the criminal attempt to cover up the break-in went all the way to the white house, seeing the writing on the wall, nixon became the first u.s. president to resign the office before he could be impeached and removed from office. and today in 1960, marked a breakthrough in birth control and family planning as the fda legalized the pill. it was the first commercially produced birth control pill
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giving american women greater reproductive freedom. and today in 1914, president woodrow wilson officially established the first national mother's day. the idea for mother's day is credited by some anyway to julia ward howe. but others are giving the credit to anna jarvis in his first mother's day proclamation, wilson stated that the holiday offered a chance to, quote, publicly express our love and reverence for the mothers of our country. wuhan. take a look at this. there has been another sighting of a rare, deep sea dragon fish living in what's called the twilight zone in monterey bay marine, a marine scientists filmed this torpedo like dragon fish. swimming through the water in an area where there's almost no sunlight. apparently there is music this getting, of course, this species is the rarest of all dragon fish with smooth skin and a bronze color that
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may help with camouflage for hunting. this is only the 4th time that the exotic sea creature has ever been seen. and check out how one of british company wants to help get first responders to people who need help in remote locations. that is a jet pack. yeah. the 3 d printed suit features a large turbine. backpack and 2 small turbines attached to each arm that allow its operator the ability to fly short distances. the suit can reach up to 80 miles per hour and climb up to 12,000 feet. inventor and developers hoping that this suit will cut travel times down from hours to minutes when it really counts. >>so when normally i went through the day on a helicopter, obviously on on days like today where we've got solo lion mist and fog. the helicopter is going to struggle to saw. get that, get that. and and, you know, there's a bit of a gap between
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what the aircraft to can getting a stabbing and pool weather. and us getting the hiking up on foot that applying for mccall. and hopefully, you know, this gives us the opportunity to look at other options to get cast of those patients quickly. >>we got he's already started training several other paramedics how to fly with that crazy suit. and that does it for properties at 9 tonight. but stick around because after the break, we have our live interview with san francisco district attorney chase of a teen to answer questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against him. hope you can join
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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>> san francisco spotlight with crime making national headlines to franciscans. don't feel safe and a recall vote approaching the san francisco da here to defend his record. listen closely and decide. should the san francisco district attorney, the recall. >> we are live in san francisco tonight. work next month. voters will head to the polls. hello, everyone, and welcome. i'm catherine heenan. one of the most controversial issues on that ballot. is this question shell chase, a brooding be recalled from the office of district attorney. and tonight, chase a budding is here to address the concerns of voters. thank you for doing this. we we appreciate it. mister bourdain, good to be with you took office in 2020, you ran on progressive reform. you
9:31 pm
have always said i think from day one that your top priority is keeping people safe, making people feel safe. and some san francisco residents are saying they do not. a poll commissioned by your opponents as 73% of likely voters disagree that you're keeping the city safe. if that's how people feel, what are you doing about it? >> we've got a lot of work to do to make san francisco the safest city possible. we need everybody to feel safe and to be safe in their homes in their neighborhoods and everywhere in our city. and i'm really proud of the work we've done. and historically challenging circumstances during a pandemic with our courts largely shut down during most of my tenure. i've never heard of zoom when i took office and here we are living our lives running our office, doing job interviews to hire. amazing talented staff. and we've got a tremendous amount of work to improve public safety and san
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francisco, including groundbreaking investigations on auto burglaries, which we can talk more about suing the manufacturers of illegal ghost guns that are designed to be used in crimes and standing up for our small businesses, especially immigrant owned businesses against frivolous, unlawful lawsuits filed in the name of disability rights, but really lining the pockets of unscrupulous plaintiffs. lawyers. >> you say republicans are behind this recall, mr. budi know we are in a mostly democratic progressive city. more than 83,000 people did sign that recall petition. so how did we get here? >> well, let'0 be clear about who's on which side of this recall issue. the official endorsements for the recall include the republican party. fox news host tucker carlson and senators ted cruz and tom cotton regularly tweet about their support from i recall, i'm proud to stand in
9:33 pm
opposition to the recall with the san francisco democratic party with show you the sierra club, the san francisco chronicle, the bay area reporter, the san francisco labor council, the teachers, the nurses and so many other people. the truth is everybody who san francisco voters trust. is opposing this recall. and we're urging voters to vote no on proposition age. >> are you have said, of course, that your focus is on prosecuting violent crime and serious crime. but it's not just violent crime. and there are things like a shoplifting burglary theft, things like this. we have some video there. a man walking into the cvs on hill. this was last month filling a backpack walking out, taking his time. and we do see a lot of these videos. do you consider what we're looking at here to be a serious crime? well, the california penal code defines it as a non serious crime. but i think any crime in san francisco is serious and >> i want to make sure that we send a clear message to people
9:34 pm
who commit crimes. if you get arrested, there's going to be consequences. and in cases like that, unfortunately, we don't get that many swings at a pitch we depend on the police to bring us arrests and investigations before we can prosecute that kind of street level crime and when it comes to auto burglaries and shoplifting. police in san francisco today are making arrests and less than 3% of reported crimes. that means 97, 98% of the time a crime like that occurs, whether there's a video or not. my office isn't being brought a case to prosecute. but when we are, when we prosecute those cases at rates that are up to 50% higher. then the it should be 50 times higher than the police are making arrests. >> i will going back to what we saw there a minute ago. what should happen to people commit crimes like the first things that should be arrested and the national institute of justice has showed that the most effective deterrent. we talk about the death penalty
9:35 pm
or diversion programs and anything in between the most effective deterrent is simply likelihood of arrest. if people know they're going to get arrested, they're far less likely to commit crimes regardless of what punishment happened after the fact. but the first thing is they should be arrested. they should be brought to my office. we should file charges against them and then we should go through the court system depending on their criminal history on what sort of issues are leading to their criminal behavior. look, i want every arrest to be an opportunity for intervention and transforming lives away from crime. but we can't do that until and unless an arrest is made. all right. you mentioned diversion and you have released your office has released information comparing. >> your administration to youra predecessors. and yes, that is the big difference that does jump out to your expansion of diversion programs for people who don't know they generally keep people out of jail. there's counseling treatment programs, including a drug-related cases, some robberies and assaults. how
9:36 pm
can you reassure voters, mr. boudin that those programs are working? >> well, there's 2 really important things to know about diversion 3, actually, the first one is this. when we refer a case to diversion, we do not lose the ability to use the traditional criminal prosecution approach. if the person doesn't successfully complete diversion, those criminal charges that we filed are still pending. the second thing that's important to know is these are evidence based programs. if you look at research out of the california policy lab, it at cal berkeley or other published research from around the state and across the country, diversion programs are expanding in san francisco and beyond because they work, they reduce the likelihood of someone who's been arrested and charged with a crime from being rearrested in the future. in other words, they make us safer and that's why we use them. the 3rd thing that's important to know is the expansion of diversion under my leadership is not simply my policies in
9:37 pm
practice. these are state laws that have come on to the books over the last several years. mental health diversion veterans court. the misdemeanor diversion. these are new state laws that were passed by the legislature signed by the governor and which san francisco is implemented in every one of these cases. it's not just me unilaterally making decision. we're doing it in conversation with judges who get the final word about whether a case is eligible for diversion and ultimately a year or 2 years later, weather the suspect, a defendant has successfully completed the program that they haven't. those criminal charges are still pending. alright, and how many people are successfully completing do we have? >> some idea what we know that they're often more rigorous and time-consuming, then simply going through the normal criminal process. i have judges call me on a regular basis and say d a we need you to make treatment and mental health access the path of least resistance. right
9:38 pm
now. they tell me it's easier for people to plead guilty. take the conviction and be on probation and keep using drugs or avoiding engaging with the mental health care. they need. and so one of the challenges we have in the courts is how do we actually incentivize people to engage with the services and the treatment that we know is the most effective way to prevent future crime. and maybe just clarify for people who don't complete the program, mister burdine or >> don't show up. what happens if you don't show up to court, then a warrant for your arrest will issue. and if you don't complete a program and rhe judge decides that. >> your violation of the terms are significant. then you get kicked out of the diversion program and go right back over to the regular criminal courtroom. so, for example, if we charge you with shoplifting and you go to diversion, which by the way, you're entitled to under state law is just the policy of mine. that's what state law says. and you don't comply with the terms of diversion to get rearrested. are you fail to participate in
9:39 pm
the classes that you're required to participate in. that shoplifting charges still pending in criminal court and all of the same sanctions and possible punishment are still available to us. and to the court to impose. >> we have to talk about car break-ins. there are tens of thousands of them every year in san francisco. we've all seen the broken glass of scenes like this. so we know that's not a new problem by a long shot and you have pointed out and you're right, the arrest rates are very low, but your opponents are all over you on this. mister bourdain, here's part of an ad that they are running. it claims that you dissolved a car break-in unit. >> when chase somebody took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police. on my cases. >> all right. did you dissolve the car break-in unit to know? you know, it's it's disappointing to see people who are showing vicious personally that they just won't let facts get in the way. you know, that's
9:40 pm
unbelievably dishonest. when you to be very clear about a couple things. we are prosecuting auto burglaries at comparable rates to the rates. they've always been prosecuted in our office and across the bay area. the second thing i want to be clear about is that mister liu, me, the person that ad actually didn't work for me. my first year in office, she was on leave out of the office for the entire first year. i was in office except for 20 hours. so of course, she wasn't working with police. jordan working at all. she's taking a leave of absent from the office before i was even sworn in. and the most important thing is the operations that i initiated. to go after auto burglaries to detect and dismantle fencing, operations that are moving millions of dollars of stolen goods carson from retail establishment. those operations are ongoing. in fact, we made a major arrest earlier today. this is an ongoing operation. and miss a looming in that ad knows it perfectly well because she sent e-mails to me and other staff members thanking us for our work on this operation before she left the office.
9:41 pm
>>bwas she told by someone don't collaborate with police. it's preposterous. we work with police in 99% of our cases every single day. they are the most important witnesses and the overwhelming majority of cases that we prosecute the notion that anybody in the district attorney's office anywhere in the country, we'll be told, don't collaborate with police is so disingenuous and dishonest as to be laughable to anybody who's actually seen what happens day in day out in the hall of justice are just one more question. she i'm so adamant that car unit was it in some way, downsized or merged or moved? >> where there are changes made to that car break-in unit? well, the unit was a single person. it was her and she was funded by a grant. and because she was on a leave of absence. >> during my entire first year, another attorney took over her role on that grant. and we've always had that grant fully staffed. and we continue to alright car break. ins do seem to obviously the drive people crazy. are there changes you can?
9:42 pm
>> advocate for to make things better or are there many options? absolutely. and let's be clear about the scope of the problem. i know you remember that when i came on your show back in 2019 when i was a candidate for this office. >> one of the hot topics with our right? and in fact, the peak of reported auto burglaries in san francisco was in 2017. we've seen a pretty steady decline in the number of auto burglaries in san francisco, there was a 40% decline my first year in office. now, that's not enough for me. we need to continue to do better. and we know that as we reopen after the pandemic, we're seeing auto burglary start to climb back up to near where they were in 2019. so, yes, we have to do better in. the first thing is we're going to continue to vigorously prosecute all of the cases. police bring us, but because they're only able to solve one. this year, one percent of reported auto burglaries. we have to do better. and that's why the operation i start in 2021. is aimed getting around
9:43 pm
the issue of who breaks into the car and targeting the fencing operations that move millions of dollars of stolen goods. and look, my office since i took office has participated in and led operations that have recovered more than 8 million dollars in stolen goods. good just stolen cars and from businesses in san francisco. better stored in warehouses all around the bay area. that's the kind of operation that i'm proud to lead. and i'm always happy to prosecute cases at the police pretty much. all right. we can keep mentioning the police. how would you describe your relationship with the police? have a great relationship with chief scott. i was at an event with him earlier tonight. we were celebrating the swearing in of a new police commissioner. but let's be honest, there are real tensions between the district attorney's office and the police union in particular. these are new problems. you know, if you go back to my predecessor, be a guest on. he had been the chief of police prior to becoming district attorney and it didn't stop the. police officers association from viciously
9:44 pm
attacking him, undermining his administration. and you can go back further. our vice president, kamala harris took office as district attorney in san francisco. her first elected office after making a promise to voters that she would not seek the death penalty. and when she stood by that promise, the police officers association viciously attacked her. this is not a new problem. and so it's not a surprise at all to see the police officers association trying to undermine me my office and the hard work that my staff too day in day out to hold people accountable to follow the law, to pursue reforms that make our community safer. >> we know chief scott in february initially pulled out of a reform agreement that put you in charge of investigating police shootings that's been extended last. i heard. but should voters in any way beyond ec that the city's top 2 law enforcement officers don't seem to be operating on the same page or do they need to be? >> now, chief scott in i share a deep commitment to making
9:45 pm
san francisco safe to police reform and to using our limited resources to make sure that people who are victims of crime receive justice. now, obviously we both face different challenges, bottlenecks and pressures. and i know that there's lots of staff in my office that i wish the police could increase their clearance rates and i'm sure there's lots of police officers who wish that people they're arrested. one thing released from custody so quickly, we've got to work together and one of my commitments to voters over the years ahead of my term is to make sure that all san francisco agencies that have a role to play in public safety police district attorney court probation parole sheriff, all of us have to work together better. and one of the things that's so dangerous in dishonest about the recall campaign's rhetoric. is instead of having a nuanced, complicated, honest conversation about the real challenges that we face in san francisco and beyond when it comes to improving public safety, they want to trick
9:46 pm
people into thinking that simply replacing one elected official with someone appointed by the mayor. it's going to solve all these problems. solving these problems takes work and collaboration and i'm committed to doing that work. >> how about your relationship with the mayor? i mean, she has expressed concern over public safety. she even said at one point you're not on the same page in february, she said we need to start concentrating more on supporting the victims of the city. then we are supporting of some cases. sadly, the criminals is that what's happening? let me be crystal clear. every single budget that i've submitted to the mayor and the board of supervisors since taking office. >> has prioritized asking for an increase in resources for victims services. and i'm proud of the record that i had in my office has been expanding victim services. i created 10 new full-time victim advocate positions to the people we hired are fully bilingual. 2 of them are dedicated property crime advocates. we never had
9:47 pm
advocates for property crimes until i took office. we never had more than a single victim advocate speaking chinese to serve the entire chinese speaking population of san francisco. now we've increased that number to 5 and the head of my victim services division, someone i recruited, hired and promoted is the first ever chinese american head of san francisco's victim services division. we're doing everything in our power to put victims first to provide resources and trpuma, informed care. and i promise you and i promise the voters of san francisco that as long as i'm district attorney, every single budget that i submit to them there. we'll always ask for resources for victims. >> any kind of crime be of violent crime? nonviolent crime can be tough to solve. they all have real victims. you touched on this. mister bourdain, what do you say to victims of or police when a detective or an officer does track down a suspect does make an arrest and that person is seemingly right back in the
9:48 pm
community. well, the first thing is about 92% of crimes never do result in arrest. so we've got to figure out how we can. >> the increase the clearance rate for police bringing the cases in that 8% of cases that do result in an arrest most of the time nonviolent offenders are released from custody before my office even received the police report again, we need a new wants conversation about all the stakeholders, judges review every arrest and make decisions about release or detention before my office is even in a position to decide what charges to file. once we filed charges, we go to court and we make our arguments in cases where we believe that person we're charging should be held in custody. we ask a judge to do that. and in some cases the judges disagree and they released people over my objection. the judge is not the da's are the ones who make the decision about release where the tension and we have to respect the checks and balances that our forefathers in founders of this country
9:49 pm
built in our system of government. even when we disagree vehemently disagree with the decision to judges make individual cases. >> not all is a nuanced conversation. you're a frequent target of conservative media. they argue criminals in san francisco operate with impunity. is that just a perception? nothing could be further from the truth. let's be very clear about what the data shows. i'm charging crimes across the board. >> at higher rates that my predecessor and the district attorney's around the bay area. i'm securing convictions and a higher rate of homicide charges. then my predecessor did. we're charging assault cases at higher rates that my predecessor get. and this is important. assault cases are notoriously difficult to prove and cause lifelong trauma to survivors. and it's not just that we're prosecuting them at a higher rate is that we're taking a stand to eliminate barriers to victims coming forward and cooperating and reporting with law enforcement. for example, when we found that the san francisco police department
9:50 pm
crime lab was storm assault victims, dna in a secret database and testing all future unknown dna samples against that database without the permission of those victims without a warrant to do so. we didn't sweep it under the rug. we stood up. we partner with our board of supervisors that unanimously passed a resolution prohibiting that practice and we partnered with state senator scott wiener to introduce legislation that's now passed the senate public safety committee that would prohibit law enforcement agencies across the state of california from ever storing or you jen, a assault survivors. dna profile for any purpose other than bringing the person that assaulted them to justice or we have to talk about drug use, open air drug use in the tenderloin. still a big problem. drug dealing sometimes drug deaths. >> we have done stories with users who tell our reporters they specifically come to san francisco because they feel they won't be hassell tonight.
9:51 pm
is that really the case? well, let's start with the bottom line here, which is that the overdoses and the fatal overdoses in san francisco across the countrytare. >> devastating. and they're rising all across the country. it's not a problem. limited to san francisco we need a more effective response to the drug crisis on our streets. and it has to start with the public health response. we needed to be easier to get help. that is the high in san francisco. and look, law enforcement has limited tools. what i can do primarily as i can drug dealers. have police arrest. but in san francisco right now, police are making arrests citywide about 2 drug sales cases a day. >> is there any wary of hope for people who do have to live and work in that area. visitors and locals is there any hope of things changing? absolutely absolutely. mister. anyway, what we need, we need to move with the urgency. the crisis demands. and i asked
9:52 pm
for an emergency supplemental budget back in february of 2021. >> because i said we need a federal task force. we need to bring together law enforcement and public health officials and we need to invest in this crisis that we did in the covid-19 pandemic. sadly, nobody in city hall even introduced the supplemental budget that i requested and it went nowhere. but we're continuing to prosecute drug sales cases that police to bring us at higher rates than any other category of crime. and we know that the war on drugs has not worked. we can't simply rely on arrests and prosecutions, especially for people who are living with addiction. we need to invest in treatment on demand and on safe consumption sites so that no overdoses failed is that we can connect. people were using drugs with the kind of services for the kind of treatment that can change their lives and save lives in the process. should drug users be arrested? >> i think there's a big difference between users and and we can't tolerate illegal drug sales in san francisco. we can't tolerate people coming into our communities
9:53 pm
and dumping fentanyl into the hands of folks who are all too often overdosing and dying when people are addicted. however, we know that simply putting them in jail or giving them another criminal conviction is not an effective response. what we need to do is make treatment and available. we need to make sure there's 24 7 access to drug treatment so that when people are using and they want to get help, help is available for them. alright, but bottom line, just to be really clear for people. >> no on arresting drug users. you know, i think if there were a program like law enforcement assisted diversion, a program we used to have in san francisco, but sadly. >> before my administration, the funding was cut it's a program that worked really well in seattle. i think law enforcement can play a role in arresting users if the goal is to connect them with services. francisco, those services don't exist. our judges who oversee our drug court or other treatment courts regularly complain to me to the head of the department of public health. people who are
9:54 pm
statutorily eligible for drug treatment programs are often waiting in county jail for weeks or months to get placed into a program. we've got to invest seriously. and the kind of treatment programs that save lives to help people on a path to sobriety and prevent crimes and make all of us safer in the process. >> there's been a number of highly publicized incidents of asian hate crime, as you know. and of course, we have a large asian american community and san francisco. what specifically are you doing to keep that community safe? the rise in anti-asian crime in san francisco in across the country has been outrageous. and we know that it was promoted and encouraged by racist rhetoric coming out of the white house during the beginning of the pandemic. i'm proud of my record dramatically expanding the number of chinese and asian staff in my office. increasing language access with that first in the state policy to require court certified interpreters be requested for any victim who wants to watch their case moves through the
9:55 pm
court system. and i'm proud of my record prosecuted and holding people accountable. who victimize asian elders. i personally gone to the hospital to visit victims of. violent crime. i'm also personally going to court to argue to the judges that the people committing these crimes should be detained in custody pending trial. and we've dramatically increased the resources available for prosecuting hate crimes. we conducted a training with the san francisco police department that officers all the officers on the force know what kind of evidence together, what kind of questions to ask so they can bring us. the material we need to hold people accountable. and if you look at any individual case where police have made an arrest in anti-asian crime. i'm proud of the work. my prosecutors have done holding people accountable having serious consequences that are grounded in the law and the evidence to the police brought to us. >> me ask you this in a very progressive city like san francisco, the fact that a recall is had some support
9:56 pm
that has come to this point might indicate that the mood of the electorate has changed over the last couple of years. have you changed any views, mr, boudin to address those concerns? first of all, it's been a tremendously steep learning curve for me. i never prosecute a case when i took office and >> now i've appeared in court on all manner of cases. i personally secure an indictment from a grand jury in a murder case. so it has been a steep learning curve. in my view is an absolutely change. i meet almost every day with crime victims. everything from shoplifting, 2 murders and meeting with crime victims and hearing the pain that they experience in that they live with has absolutely changed my views in one of the things that it's made crystal clear to me is that we have to invest more seriously more substantially in meeting the needs of victims because they're not getting that today and we've got to do better. and that's why i will continue to demand more investment from city hall and our victim services division in our community partners who provide the much-needed services. 2
9:57 pm
victims. but the other thing that we have to remember is it the work we're doing whether be suing gun manufacturers, whether it be it's going wage theft is work. that is widely popular in san francisco. when i talk to voters, they support police reform and accountability. they support prosecuting companies that feel from their employees. and let's remember who is funding this recall? the biggest individual donor william over gore is a billionaire republican almost out of time. and in fact, there's almost no time. >> very quickly, mister bourdain voters go to the polls in about a month. what's one key reason you would give them? to say no on the recall you elected me to serve a four-year term and we've infighting historically challenging circumstances. everybody you trust opposes this recall from the chronicle to the democratic party. >> from former special able to thank the former supervisor norman yee from present to the board of supervisors shamann walton to san francisco labor council, our teachers, our nurses don't join forces with the republicans funding endorsing this recall. stand
9:58 pm
with the people you trust with the nurses with the teachers stand for democracy and allow us to finish the term you elected us to serve. all right. we now are definitely out of time. but thank you, mister boudin for talking to us and being here in answering these questions. >> election day is june 7. thank you for being with us. and thanks for watching.
9:59 pm
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