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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 10, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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possibility of a sprinkle depending on where you are. well, though, it seems sunny now, i guess just get on the blood like yesterday. guys were some of us are so sunny and others could see that sprinkle maybe even some heavy rainfall in parts of the north bay. >> now, your view outside right now looks great. yeah. the east bay hills, berkeley, down below looks wonderful. we do have some rainfall that's picked up north of sacramento and some snowfall there in the southern cascades. comparatively really quiet for the bay area, did see some heavy rain just north of san jose. a couple of hours ago around milpitas fremont that's moved its way on up into the hills just above the east bay and south bay. so most of us at this point are indeed, really quiet as far as the skies go with lots of sunshine and temperatures beginning to rise, 40's and 50's for current temperatures a lot like yesterday. it's going to be another breezy one. so that's one of the big catch is that you are venturing out there. winds gusting to 2025, maybe even 30 miles per hour range is going make for a brisk feel to it. now. tomorrow is going to be a
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little more comfortable, a little calmer as far as winds go. and of course, we still have to get through that potential of heavy rain in the north bay later on. i'll be breaking it all down in the rest of your forecast. john, thank you for that. ok, we have issues out there like this accident along 8.80, in hayward, southbound 8.80, that's north of west a street. so you are seeing delays as you're traveling there might want to take mission boulevard. >> if you're trying alternating, get around that heading into the city, wants you do reach the maze to that fremont street exit at about 24 minutes now. we started off the morning with a few accidents on the bay bridge. that's clear residual delays. there are a thing 18 minutes for you making your way across towards the peninsula as you're traveling along towards one o one. that's where you're seeing traffic starting to slow down a bit. richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o one around 14 minutes for your drive. and in the south bay traveling along one o one for 85 into middle park around 51 minutes. so make sure to pack your patience on the road or take 82 or 2.80, to get around those delays. darya. james, back to you.
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>> thank you very much. breaking news this morning. boxer mike tyson will not face charges for hitting a belligerent fan on an airplane at sfo. you may remember back on april 20th after tyson spoke at the 4 20 celebration in golden gate park. he was on a plane heading back east when he got into a tussle ended up punching a person was seated behind. yeah, the guy was taunting tyson of the san mateo county district attorney's office just announced they're not going to file. >> any charges against tyson based on that fact investigated the circumstances surrounding a confrontation and the da cited the conduct of that other passenger. the interaction between that and the requests from both that passenger and tyson that no charges the filed in the case. they say the case is now closed. okay. >> 9, 0, 2 on the clock on the peninsula. a hate crime investigation once again underway at stanford university. another noose was found on campus is the 3rd
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time in 3 years. so let's go to kron. four's. will tran has been covering that all morning long this morning live at stanford. well. >> the students there heading into their classrooms. yes, they're thinking about their studies, but they're fully aware that once again for the 3rd consecutive news has been found on campus. so they are fearful about that. now, tell you all about that in just a few moments. but as far as what happened, the latest incident, it happened on sunday night at bran or hall, which is a dormitory that houses juniors and seniors. somebody alerted that campus officials that the news with outside the hall, they jumped all over it. i'm sure they looked at surveillance footage. they talk to witnesses but that this particular point they don't have any arrest in the case. >> they might have a motive face. they have then they're not sharing it motive, according to a lot of people they believe is just to rattle the students. news obviously is a very despicable symbol. >> of racism, especially against african-americans in
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this community. stanford does not have a lot of african american students. simple. google search will tell you that it has 7% of its population as african american and they want to make sure all students, especially those students that they are taking this very seriously. got a chance to talk to some students. they say how dare anybody would do this at their place where they're supposed to learn and feel safe. >> i have never felt like on safe on this campus, but it's really scary to think that there is like people out there that are committing hate crimes and like coming here to up somewhere, that'stlike a safe space for me and doing things like that. at first, i wasn't sure how to react, but it it's like very shocking and jarring to see things like that. especially like where we live in, like riley said, like, find a safe space here. >> stanford did send out a statement to let the students know in the form of the mail and they're also reached out to us to let the public know
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exactly how they're handling this and where their stances. and they say we cannot state strongly enough that a noose is a reprehensible symbol of anti-black, racism and violence. that will not be tolerated on our campus as a community. we must stand united against such conduct and those who perpetrated as far as the other 2 incidents, one was found also near a dormitory. another one near a running trail. both considered stanford's campus in those particular cases, no arrests and those back-to-back aces of consecutive years. and unfortunately, stanford university either officials and their police officers, they've become too familiar with cases like this. again, they don't have a motive or any leads in this case, at least none that they want to share. but if you talk to a lot of students, they say the motive was simple to make people disgusted. and those 2 students that you heard from, they say this is just a gross symbol. that is a reprehensible to everybody
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involved. regardless if you're african american or not, this is very serious step down. back to thanks a lot. well. >> i promise you and i promise the voters of san francisco that as long as i'm district attorney, every single budget that i submit to them there. we'll always ask for resources for victims. >> yes, san francisco district attorney jason, but dean says he's fighting to keep his job right now as voters will decide whether to recall him as the city's top prosecutor next month. critics say he doesn't criminals accountable enough and that's been their main complaint. we invited voting to our studios to answer questions about this and talk to voters. >> it was in prime time last night and we're going over this morning. moving says that he was elected to serve a four-year term and it should stay and he should see that through. he says he ran campaign promising progressive reform while keeping san franciscan safe. so we asked him what he's done to keep that promise.
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>> we've got a tremendous amount of work to improve public safety and san francisco, including groundbreaking investigations on auto burglaries, which we can talk more about suing the manufacturers of illegal ghost guns that are designed to be used in crimes and standing up for our small businesses, especially immigrant owned businesses against frivolous, unlawful lawsuits filed in the name of disability rights, but really lining the pockets of unscrupulous plaintiffs >> open air drug use in the tenderloin also continues to be a growing problem. we've actually done stories in the past where we've interviewed drug users who say they've come to san francisco specifically because they don't feel like they get hassled this much here. so we talked to the dean about that. here's what he had to say. >> overdoses in the fatal overdoses in san francisco across the country are devastating and they're rising all across the country. it's not a problem. limited to san francisco we need a more
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effective response to the drug crisis on our streets. it has to start with the public health response. we needed to be easier to get help. that is the high in san francisco. and look, law enforcement has limited tools. what i can do primarily as i can drug dealers. have police arrest. but in san francisco right now, police are making arrests citywide about 2 drug sales cases a day. >> voters are going to decide on the da's future on june 17th. and you can watch the entire interview on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> all right, 9, 0, wait. another story here. child in the hospital this morning after being hit by a bullet in the highway shooting. it happened monday afternoon in vacaville was on interstate 80 near the alamo drive exit. and police say that it was a silver honda accord that was struck by bullets several times. you can see in the second a 7 year-old was riding in the backseat was hit and that child suffered non-life-threatening injuries. expect to case. still don't know why this shooting happened. we're continuing to
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follow the and we'll give you updates as they become available. vallejo police are investigating a shooting that injured 3 people and happened last night on avian drive just west of columbus parkway. that's near saint catherine of siena preschool. we don't have details on the shooter. we are awaiting more information on that as well. well, california lawmakers are at this moment moving forward with efforts to increase abortion access. >> in the state state, senate appropriations committee members have moved forward with a bill that would set up a fund to help low-income people get abortions. if that's their choice, will the bill would also require the state's health and human services agency to set up a website with information on abortion services here in california, democrats who authored the bill say it's worth every penny of the multi million dollar price tag, though others do raise concerns about allowing people from out of state to use that money. >> kaye will create a huge
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national system up into eu and for all. >> the committee put the what in what they call their suspense file since they can consider it later, the suspense file was reserved for bills that could cost the state more than $50,000 from the general fund or 150,000 from special funds. this latest bill is just one of more than a dozen aiming to boost abortion access and protections here in california. >> as the country waits on a supreme court on roe v wade abortion providers in california are wondering how are they going to handle the potential influx of patients from out of state kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> as the wait continues for the supreme court's official ruling on roe v wade so do protests both for and against protected access to abortion. california is one of the easiest states when it comes to access. so what role will the state play if the law is taken away? we know that women will have to travel to get
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abortion and we want every woman to know that here in california, we're going to continue to provide safe access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion. and that's the work that we assembly member. rebecca bauer k hand was one of the speakers at a town hall at manny's in the mission district. okay hand is also the chair of the select committee on women's reproductive health. the leaked opinion from the supreme court is not a final decision, but for jessica pinkney, executive director of access reproductive justice now is the time to be prepared. we need funds to be able to support those people. we need to make sure that there are enough providers across the state that provide culturally competent to make sure that we're protecting folks from station. >> doctor daniel grossman is an abortion provider in san francisco. he's fearful that despite california's access to abortions, it will be challenging for many people in other states to get here if they need help. in reality is that we're far from these states that are going to be an abortion we can really
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mobilize to provide financial and logistical support. >> people who need the care in the states and where they're not going to show up. if roe v wade is overturned about half of the country states are e pected to ban or severely restrict abortions. governor gavin newsom and other state legislators have already said that they will pursue a state constitutional amendment to enshrine the right to choose reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron. 4 news >> well, still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a sheriff's deputy in alameda is recovering now after a drunk driver crashes into them. that's another reminder that police say they need to crack down war on drunk driving. plus, the biden administration rolling out a new internet plan. we'll tell you how a lot of families across the country will now be connected in some cases for free.
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>> 9.15, right now. checking out the weather, i guess, be ready for anything i got gusts. so when i got downpours are rain. yeah, john today, same thing and you wouldn't think look at this is we're but yes, today is to be ready for anything kind of day. we are looking at the wind right back with us. the cool temperatures. you want to be bundled up. >> and even though we are seeing blue skies for a lot of the bay, we actually have the potential of some heavy rainfall later today up in solano, sonoma and napa counties up in the north bay.
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most of us have been pretty quiet aside from the wind so far this morning did have some heavy rainfall right around milpitas earlier that is now scooting its way on up into our upper elevations, just east of the south bay. can actually see all this and future cast. first of all, the snow kicking back into gear in the sierra notice those deep green and even yellow spots that pop up in solano and napa counties later on today. that's your chance of thunderstorms up there along with it. some heavy rainfall possible tomorrow. things really start to calm down consistently for us winds a little less tomorrow. temperatures a little bit less cold tomorrow and skies will be a lot more stable. that means less chance of any sort of rainfall from wednesday on through the rest of the forecast. now, as far as winds go today, still those 30 35 miles per hour gust tomorrow, still going to be a breezy one, not as much so as today, though, all this has to do with this eow pressure area and the dip in the jet stream gradually losing its grip on the region as high pressure builds in behind it. we're slowly going to see things
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calming down and by the weekend, really starting to warm up today's temperatures very similar to yesterday's upper 50's to low to mid 60's. fremont 61 for your high conquered antioch, among our warmer spots at 64 65 as stephanie mill valley in the upper 50's at 59 tomorrow, getting closer to 70 will stay that way into thursday to really seeing the heat building into the weekend 80's inland by friday and 70's by the bay on the start of the weekend as well. rain. john, thank you for that. and the south bay traffic has been busy. we are starting to see just a little improvement along one. 0, one. >> 45 minutes. if you're traveling from 85 in to menlo park, if you want to take 2, 80 82 also good options for you. there. the bay bridge may see that premature exit about 24 minutes for you. thankfully, no accidents or hazards on the bay bridge to add to that delay 40 minute drive the 88 across towards one o one about 30 minutes ago or so. we're 30 minute. so we're definitely going down and drive times there.
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crockett down towards the major at about 18 minutes. san pablo avenue, always a good alternate, but not a major delay at this hour and check in on 6.80, doubling down to fremont around. 23 minutes. also, if you're taking 8.80, you're traveling down through fremont. you're going to see a couple of delays as you're heading to their darya. james, back to you. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black. hi, rob. >> rob. wait. say hello. no, we're not hearing your mic. try something else. usually i juggle it. haha, this is my technical way to fix it. now, give me a whole. >> i'm still doing the same works every time. >> haha. what's happening with the markets is what you said. you know, they went down yesterday remain calm, but yet other people are buying utilities, which should i do that, too. >> yeah, people are hiding and say things like consumer staples, food things. we have to have utilities, electricity
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and gas things. we have to keep our homes warm. so it's heavy selling and people are hiding or running away from bitcoin. the runaway from both stocks, they're running away from any company that's losing money. more on that in a minute. gasoline is still inflationary hitting 4.37. nationwide. believe it or not, that's a record high. california's at many counties in california over 6. so those are some of the stories. but the returning getting better like tesla sees a shanghai shutting down and it's going to affect their production this year. that's new news nasdaq still up. 28 1% from 2 years ago to the market to huge winter. still now to your bases. but the first 4 months this year giving fairly front rock in grade of like a d it's just struggling to find the next big thing. but i listen to you and i don't touch my stuff and i supposed to do that like. >> i just want to go down, but i'm not changing. and utilities like i'm still aggressive because i so yeah, right. there's names. i talk about all the time on the show
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means like nike, microsoft, eye on all of them. i feel very comfortable with the saw. >> these are companies that not all of them around little kid, but they're still pretty solid companies the market on from a p e of about 18 to 20 times the start of the year down to a p e of 15. all you need to know is that's more about right? it's more of an 8 minute mile pace versus a 6 minute mile pace. we're too far running too fast for too long. so we're good. it's just it's stressful. and i what we need now is what i refer to as blood sacrifice. >> okay. haha. >> i guess i'm believing for a while okay. peloton. i guess this is what you're alluding to where, you know, some things have just gone down down and they're not going to go back up. at least they don't look at it. >> yeah. and this is a blood sacrifice. there's 2 or 3 of them happening today. robin hood's at an all-time brought retail investors in the stock market. retailers leicester's have lost all the money they
9:21 am
made during the pandemic. peloton has lost over 80%. it's got 750 million dollars in financing. now they're struggling to pay their bills. they've got 2.9 million subscribers. it was the in thing during the pandemic. when jim's shutdown in 2020. the only problem is they sort exercise bike mine. i had one would be in the garage at this point in time their subscribers only one percent. there's no reason to own it. it's internet superhighway road. cal is part of a blood sacrifice theme of the day. if you're i'm still advice from succession. see, all our is one of his kids on the plan in the market needs that we need to kill the speculation and like bitcoin looks like it could fall to 10, $15,000 and it's currently around 30,000 right now. so we need more blood in the street, ok? but >> but you but you always say, well, you know, bit coin, you know, is not like a a product and peloton is a product and yes, it's fancy she man see. is that why it's not
9:22 am
succeeding? because people still some people, rob, do work out at home. still. >> yeah. but that doesn't mean it's an look at apple who makes billions of dollars. look at peloton who loses millions and millions of dollars. it's speculation at think that one is better than the other. apple can make a bike tomorrow. apple already has the ipad, but straps on the bike app already has a subscription and again, ultimately the pandemic brought everyone into subscriptions. we wanted to subscribe to work out. we want to subscribe to use netflix. we're starting to see now as the pandemic opens us back up, we're spending more money on vacations and travel and getting outside in real person versus on a bike at home. all right. and and so many he'll just drop the whole bunch of money on that maryland road by a andy warhol and that kind of >> makes me sick, >> you know, for netflix. that's crazy. >> 195 million dollars. he's one of my favorite american pop culture figures all time. he's out of pittsburgh's carnegie mellon university. there. you can invest in stocks to invest in bond, to
9:23 am
get tested real estate investing in bitcoin digital currencies invest in modern and this is showing you that there's something there. the san francisco museum of modern art actually has one of these in the in their collection. so they had a big day yesterday, even though they didn't realize and a big day yesterday 195 million dollars is pink faces blue eye shadow, its red lipsticks, its iconic it's interesting note that it was taken from picture of her from a film 2 years prior to her death of which the supreme court. they're going to be talking a lot of the court cases the summer, one of them is tied toward some coloring principal photography. yeah, it up color photo in is that legal? >> and who owns the image on the right? so there's modern issues. i were. you try to get a break in stock market. go to san jose museum of modern art because they got a lot of people like hockey here to be the next big artist for dead. try to pick up some modern art. okay. a lesser known
9:24 am
maybe out of la and we'll see those in san jose museum of modern art out in san francisco. that's too much. it's since okay. >> thanks a lot, rob. if you've got a question for rob, you can e-mail him, reach him if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together. more family time. more time to remember. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to harm healthy parts of your body during and after treatment. these problems can be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have a cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; irregular heartbeat; diarrhea; constipation; severe stomach pain, nausea or vomiting; dizziness; fainting; eye problems; extreme tiredness; changes in appetite, thirst or urine; rash;
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>> 9.26 is the time and for your money. this morning, president biden is pushing his new program that could help connect tens of millions of families to the internet. last year's infrastructure package. mark billions of dollars to give low-income families $30 a
9:27 am
month to help pay for internet. well, now the biden administration is announcing that it's come up with a deal with 20 companies to offer high-speed internet to those families for that price, which would in effect make the internet high-speed internet essentially free for an estimated 48 million households across the country. families need to sign up to participate in the program, though. so the biden administration is launching get internet dot gov. that website we'll help you find out what you need to know to sign up for the program. >> it's 9.27, and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. the city of san jose is again requiring all city employees to mask up. we'll tell you for how long and why. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing
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>> 9.29. right now we're checking out the weather and just be ready for anything. i keep everything like are you know, i'm sure of rela, perhaps. yes, jack is something you good morning, is one of those days for sure, because yesterday daria got caught in the rain. i just got on the sunshine and that didn't go anywhere for me. but you can see right now most of us are in the midst of those clear skies later on today. no guarantee of that, especially if you're in the north bay, we're actually seeing a good likelihood of some isolated thunderstorm development. >> in areas like slaw, no napa, northern sonoma counties and then especially out of the delta in the central valley, saw a brief round of heavy rainfall just north of san jose right along the santa
9:31 am
clara and alameda county line that has moved its way on into the mountains just east of the bay area. aside from that has been a quiet morning. that is if you don't account for the wind, but that is yet again a factor today, winds gusting 25 30 miles per hour gusts similar to yesterday. 40's 50's for current temperatures. most of us sitting into the sunshine most of us looking at those light breezes this morning that will pick up a point later on today. i'll be talking a gradual warm up for the rest of your forecast. still to come. brain todd, thank you for that. and we do have a hot spot in dublin as you're traveling along 5.80. >> eastbound west of foothill road 2 lanes are blocked. so you are seeing delays. you might want to go ahead and toppled 6.80, or just wait it out there as you're traveling. let's also get a look at the bay bridge this morning. 28 minutes for your drive. so that's from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit traveling into the city richmond center fell bridge now back down to under 10 minutes. so that's great news. we were a little slower about 14 minutes ago.
9:32 am
southbound 8.80, north of west, a street in hayward. you do have an accident. you are seeing issues mission boulevard, a good alternate potentially for you. there. and the golden gate bridge. 20 minutes. 37 to the tolls darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. it's 9.31, in alameda county. a sheriff's deputy is recovering after being hit by suspected drunk driver. the sheriff's lieutenant is speaking out now saying this highlights the dangers >> of drunk driving. crawford's theresa stasi has the story. >> this is all that is left of an alameda county sheriff's deputy's suv following a dui accident. the engine a mangled pile of metal. >> how is the deputy doing? this was a horrific situation. >> our deputies doing ok we talked the phone today. >> and he's banged up is more it and the realization of how lucky he was. >> alameda county sheriff spokesperson lieutenant ray
9:33 am
kelly on this crash involving one of the county's deputies, preliminary information shows the driver of the car going around. 55 miles an hour when running the red light at the intersection of 16th avenue and foothill in oakland and smashing into the deputy's vehicle. just an example that underscores. >> the dangers of dui because it's such a visual crash and visual impact. the fact that people are able to walk away from it without any serious bodily injury or any death in this case, i think underscores the dangers and this is a a law enforcement officer driving back to the police station at the end of a shift. and when he's taken out by a drunk driver. and i think so that could be anybody. we're glad that wasn't a family in a minivan. it was going through that intersection and all of those things line at the right time, the right place to have a collision like that happen. >> this is the other vehicle involved. lieutenant calley says a field sobriety test
9:34 am
showed the driver's blood alcohol level at 0.1 6, twice the legal limit. his name has not been released yet pending charges with the da's office. do have a dui enforcement unit and we've been very successful with a unit in grant writing getting revenue to that unit to put on extra patrols. >> including in the city, oakland, where we going and we do more than a dozen, a dui patrol per year. as for the deputy, he is recovering in the hospital. to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> well, it's where the east bay oakland police are now investigating how a body ended up near tilden park. they found it sunday night right around 7.15, on grizzly peak boulevard. clermont and according to witnesses, the victim had been shot and wrapped in plastic. which is curious because last week construction workers found a body also wrapped in plastic at a site near 7th street and maritime right near the port of oakland. police right now
9:35 am
are determining whether they're connected. they're looking into that. we'll keep you updated when they released more information. >> and santa rosa to parents are in custody in connection with the death of their own child. a 15 month-old toddler who was found in the home. these are pictures from in that home. evan frost iq and madison, verna da race are the ones who live in this home on sonoma avenue. and police got ris ports that there was an unresponsive child there yesterday morning when they got their santa rosa police say that they saw what looked like fentanyl right near the toddler and they also found more drugs around the house, including in the bed that your child shared with her parents. >> san jose city employees are required to mask up again. that mandate went into effect just a few days ago. kron four's taylor bisacky explains why. >> city workers in san jose are once again required to mask up for the next couple of weeks. this temporary was
9:36 am
reinstated at the abundance of caution due to recent data from the county of santa clara show, an increase in positive covid-19 cases to meet a is the deputy public information officer for the city of san jose. she says the city is concerned about omicron sub variant spreads as the county has seen more than 550 new covid cases within the last week. >> but shadow says the temporary requirement which went into effect on friday, may 6th impacts about 7,000 city employees. all city employees need to wear masks city facilities. >> and if if employees are traveling in cars either they have to wear a mask, city cars as well. the shadow says it doesn't apply to visitors when in city buildings, but it is strongly recommended. the temporary requirement is in place through may 20th, but could be extended. we will continue to monitor cases the streets, stay or increase and we come back and look at that again to see what we need to do moving forward. meanwhile, santa clara county says it
9:37 am
will continue to align with the california department of public health which strongly recommends masks in public buildings. >> we also reached out to several other counties and cities across the bay area to see if they plan to reinstate similar measures but have not heard back yet on the other hand, san francisco's department of public health says they do not have an update on this topic. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> 9.37 is the time coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. president joe biden is going to lay out his plan to help tackle inflation. we'll take a look at what might include and steph curry turning up the heat in game 4. we're going to show you the highlights. coming up after the break. and we are seeing conditions this morning that are pretty quiet for the time being. but later on today, some thunderstorm potential in the north bay. >> and temperatures remaining cool and brisk winds. your full breakdown is still ahead. >> and it is certainly been a busy tuesday morning out on your highways and bridges will
9:38 am
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>> it's 9.40 and president biden is preparing to give a major speech today to talk about inflation. the white house says that he plans to push to try and lower costs for all americans. reshad hudson has more on that from d c. good morning. it's becoming a washington blame game on inflation. president biden says gas prices have increased dramatically since the war in
9:41 am
ukraine. but republicans here on capitol hill say >> it's the biden administration's policies that are driving up these prices for american families. >> my top priority is fighting inflation and lowering prices for families and things they need. the white house says president biden will lay out his plan today to fight inflation as americans are paying more for nearly everything plants he's been implementing for months now draws with those on the other side of the aisle who is not who have not put forward any plan to lower costs for the american people. white house press secretary jen psaki says the president has already taken several actions to lower costs. fix the family to help more people have access to health care or steps he announced in the last couple of weeks to make it 15 available to thousands of people at gas stations across the country. >> one area, many people are noticing a major price increase is at the pump. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says working american families have been swamped by rising prices. and
9:42 am
for months he has been slamming democrats on inflation and more. i'm not withstanding inflation, energy and security. >> open borders, a violent crime wave and a war in europe. democrats want to spend this way explaining their extremism. >> and following the president's speech on inflation, he'll meet with italy's prime minister where they're expected to talk about global economic problems and how they're impacting people here at home reporting in washington, reshad hudson, washington, reshad hudson, back to you. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more.. catching my train... making moves... ♪ making a connection... a train connection. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types
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make your difference with capella university. >> 9.44 and take a look at this snow. we've got a little rain yesterday. they got snow this year and more where that came from outlook. luckily looks like they're starting to clear the roads now. but for a lot of folks who left earlier, just a weekend, had a difficult time. we've got 8 on wallace showing us what it looks like up there. the snow kept coming king veil making parts of this year look and feel more like a winter wonderland in the middle of spring. >> appear at elevation 6,000 feet. i'd say we've seen more of a flurry type of snowfall as opposed to a heavy type of snowfall. still, it's been enough to have caltrans implemented chain controls and some drivers admit they came on that that and i do all sunday was shocked to see these conditions in may. he left his chains back in sacramento, which means instead of driving his truck on route he thought would be
9:46 am
quick and easy. he instead to wait and sit out the storm. i cannot believe. >> because, you know, i 10, you know, yeah, this is known to no snow. so put my 10 in on not the might act. now i got to present. i cannot to know. plus this point, i need and it was not just him. phyllis almond did not anticipate hitting snow during her work trip to reno. you believe we have snow. no, i can't believe it. but it's here. so she hired this man to install chains on her vehicle immediately. put my james time. it was great. it was quick that it was going to take on her. i got to get to work. caltrans reminds drivers to always expect the unexpected and take it easy slowdown. >> on i-80 when chain controls in effect, the speed limit has only 30 miles per hour. so you can't be zooming because, you
9:47 am
know, they're snow and ice on the road and we want you to get to your destination safely. and we want our employees to return home safely to their families at the end of the day as well, keeping safety the priority with more snow on the way. and kingvale 8 on wallace. >> and you can expect the unexpected around here, too. that's why i'll try travel with, you know, it's basically a whole luggage thing. i do. i have and like our case and a buffet, all kinds of treats and snacks and things because you just never know. that will prove to be handy today, john, because it is going to be a little unpredictable this afternoon. it is a lot like yesterday. there's going to be a lot going on. some of us looking at more snowfall. >> mostly the sierra nevada and then those very highest peaks up in lake and mendocino counties. so welcome to have seen that snow up there. obviously what we've been seeing lately this late resurgence of moisture in the form of snow in the mountains and rain in the bay area isn't enough to make up for the loss is that we incurred in january february and march, which
9:48 am
really set us right back to those drier conditions. as far as where we are this morning, most of us are nice and clear. we did see a brief system that worked its way right along the santa clara and alameda county line right between san jose and fremont pushed its way up into the mountains just east of us now. so we have quieted down later on today. we are seeing the potential of the heaviest of rainfall in northern napa and sonoma counties. there's the snowfall that will see picking back up in the sierra this afternoon at a chance of some of the roles of thunder in the north bay. later on. for the most part, it's just light sprinkles for the rest of the bay area that are possible. and really our last day that brings this unsettled really cool weather tomorrow. we'll start to calm things down and warm things up just by a few degrees. it's going to be a slow transition out of this really cool and brisk weather. we've been in the midst of today. still winds gusting as high as 35 miles per hour tomorrow. still breezy likely not as much, though, as today, though. and tomorrow's going to be a little calmer little bit warmer than today. this
9:49 am
low pressure area that's been bringing us this cool weather. cool, unsettled conditions gradually moves eastward and gradually being replaced by high pressure ridge that really sets up shop come the weekend 50's for your highs in san francisco and up the coast and a range of 50's to 60's for the rest of the bay area's daytime highs today saying carlos redwood city among spots at 62 san jose at 63 east bay. temperatures anywhere from the upper 50's and snow to the low 60's in hayward in oakland, you'll be right at 60 degrees. concord over to antioch, up to pittsburgh and fairfield, our warmest of spots that 64 or 65 for today's highs. here's a look ahead tomorrow. thursday. still cool, but not as cool as we have been nearing 70 degrees and definitely clear friday is when the heat really starts to build on and 80's inland 70's by the bay will keep those temps around through the weekend rain. don, thank you for that update. ok, let's get a look at the drive times are going up along the bay bridge. >> no accidents or hazards.
9:50 am
but now we're at 32 minutes traveling from the maze into the city to that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge towards the peninsula. at about 13 minutes for your drive. there. crockett down towards the maze. we are improving. so about 60 minutes for you as you're traveling along, said san pablo avenue, a good alternate for you, but not a major delay. if you're traveling along one o one, 85 into the low part. now we're down to 34 minutes that's down from about 60 where we were about an hour ago, a long 24 walnut creek traveling down to 5.80, a little under 12 minutes for you to make that drive and highway 4 antioch heading into conquered about 14 to 15 minutes started is back to you. >> thank you, all right. let's talk sports warriors. one win away from the western conference finals after beating the grizzlies last night. a night away from winning the whole fame thing. but who's counting? steph curry made history doing this. he became the first nba player in history to make 500 career playoff 3. yeah, it's pretty incredible. and the game
9:51 am
really did come down to the final moments of the 4th quarter and it was curry and draymond green, both but staff made some clutch shots, including some free throws. he made some 3 pointers that gave the warriors the lead in the end. but the grizzlies tried to close the gap and the final seconds, but on block their shot. and then that was the final nail in the coffin for memphis. so the worriers when it won a one to 98. yep. so they lead the series 3 to one and now coach kerr wasn't there. courtside last night actually tested positive for covid earlier in the day. so mike brown had the clipboard last night and here he is talking about the game, which was ugly at times. but it was a win. >> that's playoff basketball. sometimes its grimy. sometimes it's gritty. and for me, i know again, it shows that because they they turned it into that game. 2 in memphis and we lost. and so they turned it into again tonight, especially with jobs out. and our guys just found a way. so i'm so proud of them. it was a tough night for us. but at this point, the year you win
9:52 am
ball games, it doesn't matter how you get there, but you win ball games and we found a way when the night. that's why i'm excited. >> yeah. the winds wind dubs ahead now to memphis. that's where they'll play game. 5 tipoff is 6.30, tomorrow tomorrow. so soon, let's go to oracle park and check out. the giants did open up a 3 game series against the rockies. >> and we're going to take you to the bottom of the 3rd. that's when the giants were up one, nothing and mauricio dubon hits this one goes to center field and gone is a fan with the catch. and that 2 run. homer extends the giants lead to 3 and then the and the giants would win it 8 to 5 game 2 in that series is tonight with first pitch at 6.45? >> as for the a's they were in detroit taking on the tigers and we're looking to try and end their nine-game losing streak. top of the 3rd we go no score. tony kemp at the plate and he gets a hold of this one, sending it high and deep to right field. that
9:53 am
one's gone. they strike early with that one. nothing lead and they would end up shutting out the tigers to the nothing was the final. and with that, they snapped a nine-game losing streak. game 2 starts this morning actually in about 8 minutes. it's a 10:00am start. we'll be right back. ♪ one-two-three uh, alright, uh!♪ ♪got to know how to pony♪ ♪like bony maronie♪ ♪ uh!♪ ♪ hah!♪ ♪ oww!♪ ♪ ♪ ohh, help me!♪ learn how everyone gets a free galaxy s22 with a galaxy trade-in. any year. any condition.
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can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. about done here on the kron? 4 morning news. but we've got you covered on kron on. noelle bellow is in the newsroom with a preview. hi, noel.
9:56 am
>> hi there, daria. we've got a lot going on today. coming up a little in just about a half an hour in oakland. they're studying a pill that could prevent covid-19. we're going to speak with those who are doing that trial. later on this afternoon, we're going to be talking with the scuba divers who have been cleaning up lake tahoe over the last year. they've completed that year long cleanup. so we're going to get the updates from them on what they found in there. if they plan on doing this again next year to catch that interview to get real-time updates on local and national headlines all day long scan the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to rap stars. you can download kron on for free. back to you guys. thanks. well. >> so one quick story and you want with a we've got that's a pretty cool video. this is coming to us from monterey, the spca wildlife center says that tiny snowy plover baby has just at their center. 3 siblings in all when they
9:57 am
found the 3 on the beach. this latest one was still in the show and now it's doing and bore. so that's little cookies and cream so there's cookies. cream and chocolate chip. that's the story that just a huge and we are in for a surprise today. so keep your eye on the skies. yes, you definitely want to north bay, especially. we have a chance of thunderstorms later on. >> much calmer after today. warm into the weekend. ok, see you back here tomorrow.
9:58 am
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