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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  May 10, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> now at 3 today marks the first national that no awareness day officials in the south. they're highlighting the dangers of the deadly drug. the message for families affected by the overdose crisis. plus, a business owner's nightmare playing out on surveillance video has thousands of flowers are stolen from their flower shop over mother's day weekend. and covid cases are on the rise yet again here in the bay area. how santa clara county officials are responding to high levels of the virus in their community. >> from the area's local news station, this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. we begin with a somber look at the state of our country. today marks the first national fentanyl awareness day. something leaders now feel is necessary as the dangerous drug continues to take lives across the country. rates of kids dying due to fentanyl poksoning. continuing to skyrocket. we've seen it here in the bay area. kron four's charles clifford joining us now from santa clara county were local leaders are echoing the importance of that awareness. charles. >> yeah. fentanyl poisoning to become a real problem run california. the bay area today is national fentanyl awareness day here in santa clara elected officials gathered to really warm people, especially parents about the dangers of this truck. >> fentanyl is an artificially made opioid. it is far stronger than heroin. it is stronger than morphine here in
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santa clara county. health officials say that 328 people have died from either taking fentanyl accidentally and being poisoned or believing they're taking a different drug that was laced with fentanyl. santa clara county district attorney jeff rossen says that dangers of fentanyl cannot be underestimated. >> one of the deadly facets of fentanyl that is so awful. is that the people who use it for the first time as an experiment. our on weny the thinking they're taking something else for the first time are especially susceptible to poisoning and death. just a few weeks ago we seized 11,000 fentanyl pills. that's enough fentanyl to kill everyone in our county. that's how dangerous this drug as >> all right. back live now, county officials are also really encouraging parents to talk to their kids. it's a lot of kids have struggled with mental health problems due to the pandemic over the last couple of years, they might be
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>> charles, thank you. up in santa rosa to parents are in custody in connection to the death of their 15 month-old toddler. police say they got reports of an unresponsive child yesterday morning when they arrived at the home of evan frost iq and madison. bernard, there, they found suspected fentanyl near the toddler police claim they also found more drugs throughout various parts of the home, including in the bed the child shared with her parents, an autopsy, including toxicology, will be conducted on the child later this week. 3 men are in trouble with the law after a human trafficking operation in the north bay. the multi-agency operation was conducted at a hotel in sandra fell. police say ads were placed on web sites where buyers typically look for women offering services for
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pay. officers were specifically looking for female juveniles who might be trafficked and buyers seeking minors over the course of a 6 hour operation. 2 men were arrested for soliciting a minor for lewd purposes. another man was cited for allegedly helping a female and prostitution. to the peninsula now or a hate crime investigation is underway at stanford university after a noose was found on campus. this is the 3rd noose found on that campus in the past 3 years on sunday night. university security received a report about a noose hanging from a tree outside bran or hall, which is an undergraduate residents. it's since been taken down by campus police and collected as evidence. again, this is the 3rd time in the last 3 years. university officials are having to investigate an apparent noose found hanging on that campus. some students we spoke with this morning. we're sad about the news. >> i have never felt like on safe on this campus, but it's really scary to think that
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there's like people out there that are committing hate crimes. and like coming here to up somewhere, that's like a safe space for me and doing things like that. >> at first, i wasn't sure how to react, but it it's like very shocking and jarring to see things like that. especially like where we live in, like riley said, like, find a safe space here. and i think time for teens, especially are very quick to speak about things make things heard. >> stanford officials did put out a statement saying in part, anti-black, racism and violence will not be tolerated on campus. they called on the community to stand united against this type of conduct and those who perpetrated. happening now, san mateo county sheriff's need your help finding this woman. 75 year-old sandra bully was last seen yesterday afternoon in half moon bay. she's driving a sage green lexus with license plate. number 8, ut e 6, 1, 6, sandra is considered at risk due to her agp and medical concerns. if you see her or
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that vehicle, you're asked to contact police. in the north bay. a child is in the hospital after being hit by a bullet during a highway shooting. it happened yesterday afternoon in vacaville along i-80 near the alamo drive exit. police say a silver honda accord was hit by several bullets. a 7 year-old who was riding in the backseat of that car was struck but is expected to recover. police do not know why the shooting happened. we're continuing to follow this story, though, and we'll bring you updates as they become available over in toledo. meanwhile, 3 people are recovering after being shot. the shooting happened last night on a b and drive just west of columbus parkway near saint catherine of siena preschool. police have not released a description of the shooter. they did say they would release more information soon. other top stories this afternoon covid cases are on the rise with santa clara county reporting the highest number of covid cases in the bay area. this is the latest
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data from the california department of health. you can see here how santa clara county compares to the rest of the bay with more than 327,000 cases. alameda and contra costa trailing not too far behind here. santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody is preparing for hospitalization numbers to climb due to this. a covid case surge kron four's rob nesbitt joining us live now with the details of today's health briefing. rob. well, santa clara county is usually where the covid warning start during a rise in cases. >> and the subvariant of omicron are no exception. doctor sara cody says the levels of covid detected in the san jose sewage shed are twice what they were 2 weeks ago and higher than what levels were during the worst of the delta variant covid hospitalizations always lag behind. but doctor sara cody says she's starting to see early signs that those are on the rise. also, no new regulations were announced during tuesday's update. but the sayre clear santa clara public health department is encouraging masking testing and vaccines to prevent
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spread. right now. those 50 and older who are eligible for their second booster shot if it's been at least 4 months since their first doctor, sara cody is concerned that only 15% of people ages 50 to 65 in santa clara county, who are eligible for their second shot have done so. >> vaccination and boosting is the very critical foundation. but when covid weather starts getting wild, you have to add another layers. you have to mask indoors. you know. tests when necessary. try to take things outside, if you can. you know, people have to make tradeoffs. doctor sara cody also talked about the effectiveness of drugs used to prevent severe illness such as paxlovid. i'll have more on that one infectious disease experts are saying coming up. >> on kron, 4 news at 5. live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. rob, thank you for that. fewer people are getting tested for covid-19. it's concerning health experts who are tracking the virus. experts
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say testing has dropped by 70 to 90% worldwide from the first to the 2nd quarter of this year. >> the lack of testing is making it tougher for scientists to track the course of the pandemic and spot new worrisome viral mutants as they emerge and spread health experts who follow covid-19 trends say at-home covid tests are also a big concern because they are largely invisible to their tracking systems. new at 3 elon musk says he will reverse twitter's permanent ban of former president donald trump. if the tesla ceo follows through with his plan to buy the social media company, musk said twitter's trump ban was a morally bad decision and foolish in the extreme. he said permanent bans of twitter accounts should be rare and reserved for scam or automated bot accounts. musk said trump's ban was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result. and donald trump not
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having a voice. trump has previously said he has no intentions of rejoining twitter, though, even if his account is reese reinstated, he says he would instead focus on his own platform. truth social, which has been mired in problems since its launch earlier this year. when it comes to our drought situation, californians are defying pleas for conservation from governor newsom and other authorities like local water agencies. state officials say residents actually use more water in march. then any month since 2015 water usage jumped nearly 19%. this march compared to 2020, which was one of the driest months on record last june. governor newsom asked residents to voluntarily cut water use by 15%. a series of storms in april have improved things slightly since march, but still most of the state's reservoirs are well below their historic averages. with that. we do want to get you a check of your weather forecast
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looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. right now. it's a little chilly today, but we could see a warm-up happening by this weekend. proper meteorologist dave spahr standing by. he's got the details. david, you're tracking little bit of moisture out there in the yes, some showers and thunder showers. well, happening up in the north bay. now they're in solano county earlier. >> now there's more activity actually happening up towards the north as we can see around santa rosa this is on the backside of the low. and when you get the backside of the low notice how the rest of the bay is fairly clear. we're in the back side of a low. you tend to get a little subsidence is kind of the opposite of the backside of a high. we start to get those high clouds our way we call dirty high. so does is if you want to be dry, it's good place to be now, however, it's still a kind of channeling point to bring up that moisture raised at the higher elevations and produce for the colder air aloft. some of those showers, thunder showers because of the colder air upstairs. and that can mean also to some hail. there's our onshore winds there in those
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20's, if you will notice over most of the geography, keeping the temperatures down, we will see things clear out. if you see some puppy cumulus, what you see right about here, just some exhaust clouds left over. we'll see some of that as we get to the evening hours watching temperatures fall to the 40's, ultimate low mid 40's. over most of the real estate, it looks like in the bigger picture, some chilly spots to be had up there. santa rose around. 39, don't forget things will clear out when the sun sets 40 around livermore in a warm-up is coming. we'll be talking about that in a bit. well. >> thank you, dave. coming up today here on kron, 4 news at 3 new details on the 2 fugitives from alabama corrections officer accused of helping us an inmate escaped is dead and officials say the inmate was not going down without a ftght. plus, the leaked supreme court draft on abortion fueling more discussions and actions at the state capitol. california's top lawyer discussing efforts to protect reproductive freedom for all. and president joe biden declaring that he's
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and president joe biden is facing heavy criticism for the inflation plaguing the country. our washington correspondent basil john, has details on how the president is addressing it. >> good evening. americans have seen the change in prices at gas stations and at stores
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and the president says he has a plan. i know the families all across america are hurting because of inflation. president joe biden promised inflation is a top priority for his administration. some of the root of the inflation are outside of our control to state the obvious. but there are things we can do. we can address national economic council director brian deese noted different steps. president biden has taken to combat inflation like lower gas prices, a proposal to raise taxes on billionaires and allow medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and also bring down the federal deficit which actually reduces price pressures in the economy. he says the president urges republicans to work with democrats to pass legislation that could help support domestic production of things like semiconductors. there's every reason why congress could work in a bipartisan way to get that to the president steps. but republicans like wyoming senator john barrasso claim the president is at fault for inflation. the biden administration, inflation. become a breaking point for
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millions of americans. brosseau believes the president needs to accept responsibility for painful prices. pointed his finger at everybody else other than himself in the american people are sick and tired. >> there is no clear timeline for how long inflation will continue. but the administration says it's working as fast as possible reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> a new study says millions of americans who got medicaid health insurance during the covid-19 pandemic could lose that coverage of this year or next. the kaiser family foundation says as many as 14 million americans could lose their coverage when federal subsidies and that study says states will begin to end coverage for some people. when the national covid-19 public health emergency ends on july. 15th state medicaid agencies will have 12 months to check the eligibility of every person and notify those who no longer qualify. california democrats, meanwhile, are sounding the alarm on how the supreme
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court's decision on abortion could impact people of color. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the concerns and has an update on abortion efforts across state. >> make no mistake. this is an attack on women of color that we're facing right now. the california women's legislative caucus and advocates for people of color urging state leaders to move forward and faster with proposed abortion efforts at the state capitol. the group noting women of color across the country will be disproportionately impacted at the supreme court decides to overturn roe versus wade. overturning roe is not going to stop abortions. >> it's going to lead 2 more alleyway abortion, silly to more complications and it's going to lead to more. that's but those that are going to be a woman that look like me. california's democratic led legislature and governor working to make the state an abortion destination with more than a dozen bills. the proposals would increase resources, access and protections for those who provide and need abortions. state attorney general rob
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bonta vowing to protect the procedure. i will use the full >> force of the law and the full authority of my office to protect woman's right to choose some republican state lawmakers say california democrats are politicizing the issue, noting the california already has some of the strongest abortion laws in the country. if this week's supreme court were, in fact, become final, they would literally have no impact on california. >> a california laws in this area are among the most far in the entire country. and yet, the governor members of the legislature are using the prospect of this court in order to fan the flames of partisan division, democrats and abortion advocates disagree. they want to enshrine a woman's right to choose in the state constitution which will need to pass the legislature by june 30th to head to voters in november. the language for new planned parenthood ceo jodi hicks is part of the group crafting the constitutional amendment language which is still in the works. if we've
3:20 pm
learned nothing with the leak that was or the draft that was leaked. >> it's that, you know, 50 years of precedent and settled law and the right to privacy is not enough. and so we're ensuring we can do everything we can in california to be real explicit about people's rights are in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> happening tomorrow, the senate will vote on the women's health protection act, a bill that would federally protected abortion services. the head of the supreme court's pending decision to overturn roe v wade senate democrats are moving forward with this plan to force a vote on wednesday on caught a fine abortion rights. the vote is all but guaranteed to fail, though, as republicans are expected to filibuster it. texas republican senator john cornyn says the bill goes too far. meantime, senator schumer says it's an opportunity to get every senator's position on the record. it wouldn't just impact pro. life red states. this change is so
3:21 pm
radical. >> that would invalidate existing laws and blue states as well. and massachusetts and nevada either vote to protect the rights of women to exercise freedom over their own bodies or stand with the supreme court. >> senator schumer ads, tomorrow's vote is one of the most important in the chamber and decades. we will, of course, bring you the very latest on that vote tomorrow evening right here on kron. 4 news. in response to protests over the leaked abortion decision. congress is also moving to beef up security for the u.s. supreme court justices. the senate passed a bill yesterday that will ensure those just says families are protected. no funding was provided, but that could come at a later time. the bill now moves to the house for consideration. protests have erupted in front of the supreme court and at the homes of several conservative justices since the draft decision to end roe v wade was leaked last week. >> still ahead here, coming up at 3.45, apple discontinuing
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fantastic! story. we are continuing to follow escaped jail inmate. casey white has been captured. he has waived extradition and will be returned to alabama,
3:25 pm
white and jail guard. vicky white were found in evansville, indiana yesterday. >> today officials revealed they had been in the area for 6 days and it paid for a 14 day. stay at a local hotel after u.s.. marshals rammed fugitives car into a ditch during a chase. casey white surrendered. vicky white was found in the car with a gun in her hand. a coroner's investigation will confirm whether or not she killed herself. investigators say the 2 had been in a secret relationship for quite some time. they had 4 handguns, an ar 15 rifle. $29,000 in cash and some wigs in their possession. they say casey white was prepared for a shootout. other news this afternoon, boxer mike tyson will not be facing charges for hitting a belligerent fan on an airplane at sfo. it happened on april 20th after tyson spoke at the 4 20 celebration in golden gate park. he ended up punching a guy who was taunting him on a southwest airlines flight san
3:26 pm
mateo county district attorney's office says it was the request of both the victim and tyson that no charges be filed in the case. the da says this case is now closed. grammy award-winning rapper young is in court today to face conspiracy and racketeering charges. young, whose real name is jeffrey lamar williams was arrested at his home near atlanta on sunday. he's among more than 2 dozen people named in an indictment released yesterday and accuses him of being a co founder of a criminal street gang in atlanta. charges include running the operation through acts of racketeering, including murder, assault and threats of violence. williams lawyer says he and his client committed no crime whatsoever. coming up next at 3.30, this afternoon, a couple in san jose falls victim to an online puppy scam. how much money they lost an? >> how they finally realized it was all fake. plus,
3:27 pm
thousands of items were recovered as part of the san francisco's auto burglary operation. what led investigators to recover all the stolen items and put people behind bars. and do you recognize these guys? they're wanted in connection to a robbery at a north bay flower shop right before its busiest day of the year. yeah, mother's day. we'll be heidi covey: so, i have an eye disease that causes blindness. i have moments where i get a little bit sad because i just
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can't see things that i used to. dr. stanley taught me to trust in the lord even when you don't want to. god is such a faithful father. nothing that happens to us isn't without his eye upon it.
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>> welcome back. our top story this half-hour, the effort to recall san francisco district attorney chase abou dean is ramping up and so is his effort to tackle some of the biggest issues on the minds of residents speaking at press at a press conference today, boudin's office touted an auto burglary operation that resulted in one arrest in a recovery of stolen belongings. but office says about 1000 items have been recovered as part of the auto burglary operation. we know that. >> the operation we've uncovered and made an arrest in yesterday is a massive global operation shipping across united states and across the world we look forward to being able to return as much of this stolen property as possible to the victims and be able to hold everybody involved. the county. >> today's announcement comes as the dean faces a recall election to stay up to date. the latest developments. >> you can head on over to kron 4 dot com.
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>> a san jose couple who paid $2000 for a pomeranian puppy. we're actually the victims of a scam. they thought they were buying this cute little teacup pomeranian named jake turned out. jake did not exist back in april twenty-twenty. the couple found jake on a website and paid $600 to buy him. they then paid an additional $1400 to avoid the puppy having to be held in covid quarantine. but when they received another request for $1300 per meeting fee, they realize they were being scammed a woman in san antonio, texas has been convicted for the con bank records show she may have scammed up to 75 people. she's now facing 6 months in county jail. to the peninsula. now where redwood city police say a registered offender has been arrested for allegedly preying on minors. police say 63 year-old thomas hemenway contacted miners with intent to commit a offense and attempted to meet minors for
3:32 pm
lewd acts previously have been way was convicted in 2007 on child charges. he was freed from jail in 2009. he was booked into the san mateo county jail, though, for this new incident. and police are asking any other victims to come forward. a sacramento man, meanwhile, is behind bars, accused of passing off counterfeit money at a home depot in placer county. authorities say xia said cao used 5 counterfeit $100 bills last month at the auburn location. he was found with 7 more of these counterfeit bills and his car along with 8 grams of meth. this is the first time the store has seen this kind of a case back in march, 2 people were arrested after making several purchases with fake $100 bills. down to the south bay. it's the best way is the best way to save great baptist church in san jose to tear it down. the pastor and most parishioners think so. but some in the
3:33 pm
church are fighting that plan. reverend george oliver says the church has been struggling since 2 people were murdered in november of 2020 at the church is homeless shelter. on top of that, they've been struggling financially because of this 2 thirds of the church congregation voted to sell the property to a real estate developer to instead build more housing. that deal would also give the church a new facility. but some parishioners are asking the city to designate the church. a historic landmark to try and stop that deal. >> they did this. >> on their own after 2 thirds or more of the church and voted for a historic development touch. and that 2 thirds majority, mostly many of those people are african-american and hispanic. the people who were trying to disenfranchise them are largely white. >> and oliver says selling the land and relocating is the best way to ensure the church can continue to serve the community. now to the very
3:34 pm
latest on the war in ukraine. missiles went flying today as russia continues its on slot on ukraine following the v day celebration. ukraine's southern port of odessa was hit by several missiles today. ukrainian military officials say those missiles were fired and hit a shopping center in a warehouse. one person was killed and 5 others wounded. odesa's mayor says the buildings were civilian s% targets that had nothing to do with the military in eastern ukraine. the bodies of 44 service civilians were recovered from a building that was destroyed back in march. ukrainian officials say this is more proof. russia is committing war crimes. ukraine's first president leonid kravchuk has died. meanwhile, he led ukraine's independence amid the collapse of the soviet union the head of president volodymyr zelenskyy's office confirmed craft chuck's death on the social media app. telegram without giving details of the
3:35 pm
circumstances. crab check had been in poor health, though and underwent a heart operation just last year. he was a driving force in ukraine's declaration of independence from the soviet union in 1991. and later that year joined the leaders of russia and belarus to sign an agreement which formally declared the soviet union ceased to exist. he was 88 years old. back here at home in the north bay, a small roadside flower shop suffered a big loss during a burglary. it happened this past mother's day and the incident was captured on surveillance video kron four's haaziq madyun spoke to the owner of the shop about what happened. >> we saw the video surveillance 2 guys coming to the stand at about 01:00am they just kind of ran and grabbed all the book is they could fit in their arms, which is about like 12 to $1500 with the >> and took off with and it was super fast. it was a
3:36 pm
really big blow for us. the beside farm in floral design petaluma. liddy says it was a really big blow because the 2 burglars cleaned out her roadside flower shop the overnight hours before one of her busy is events of the year lovers day because it's a really busy weekend. then we've been cutting flowers for week 7 buying flowers from other farms. we've been on our feet for the longest days all week. there are no on-site florida's tier at beside. it's kind of a country road side. so check out business model that's built on the honor system between larkin and our customers and even on a system or honor system farm. stand here. so anyone driving by can come in, check out we have leave the money in the safe. and then we also do a lot of flowers for delivery down to san francisco and oakland and all over that the bay area appears there is no honor among these 2 thieves who took advantage of the honor system. fact, she says it is the fiost time something like this has happened since she opened the
3:37 pm
flower stand 8 years ago. you know, there's been of okay taken here or there. our big display or has been out front taken once, but certainly nothing like this lady larkin recently installed the surveillance camera that recorded the 2 thieves. she says if someone out there recognizes these 2 to tell them that it's not too late to do the right thing. >> if the people who did this are >> they can come, you know, pay me for those fires. anyone with information about the burglary is asked to contact the sonoma county sheriff's office in put a little bit. has it meant you kron? 4 news? >> time now to get you a check of your weather forecast. taking a live look outside along the san mateo things moving along quite nicely. you can see the sun just kind of bouncing off of all of those car windshield cover meteorologist dave spahr tracking a bit of a warm-up for later this week. a day. >> yeah, well, it looks like by the time this weekend gets here, we're going to be walking a little bit of a summerlike weather. there's
3:38 pm
the clear skies we see east bay shoreline looking good. also across the bay, just little puppy cumulus. but it's up in the north bay. things have been a little bit more active. these spotty showers and thundershowers. see the lightning tracker is on. can see couple bolts up there as you can see up the north bay, even near santa rosa. we saw some around saint this is on the western side of our low. so that's driving up due to daytime heating. you see they're not advancing too much further to the west with all of this. and this dissipate as we start to lose the solar heating of the day, going to a mostly clear mode. so says the forecast models we go into tonight, fairly uneventful still left or that breeze. then we add heating tomorrow and this go around. it will be some snow spurts up there in the mountains. just kind of left over from that low until completely exit stage for essentially a mostly sunny completion to our week for tomorrow. let's try 60 san francisco. 64 oakland, 66 san jose. its slow movement with temperatures even in the inland and iago in big, 70 going on here. just wait for a
3:39 pm
few days, though. we approach into the weekend we're talking about temperatures almost 20 degrees. beyond that as we see a little flavor summer. noel. >> thanks, dave. coming up after the break after a yearlong effort, the scuba dive team in tahoe has wrapped up its efforts to pick up trash from the lake floor. we'll learn what they found and what's next for the group. feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at its best. taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so, you can feel lighter and more energetic. metamucil. support your daily digestive health. feel less sluggish & weighed down after just 14 days.
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complete the 2-week challenge and receive a $5 reward.
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well, it took an extraordinary effort, but a nonprofit
3:42 pm
organization is just wrapped up their yearlong efforts keep lake tahoe blue and beautiful. the group is appropriately called clean up the lake today. they completed their final dive. >> officially having clean 72 miles under water. the scuba diving group says in all they recovered more than 25,000 pounds of trash from the lake's bottom. the group's founder, colin west says it's time for those who visit the lake to do their part in helping keep it clean. >> lake is typically renowned for being so clear. so beautiful. unfortunately, when you get down underneath the surface and talk you can see where the problem really lies being in the day. sun being here. accidents can happen. and we're all still part of this problem. so we really need to be all part of the solution. >> more than 135 donors helped fund that cleanup project. the group is not stopping now though they plan to help clean 3 more lakes this year, including donner lake fallen leaf and june lake. still
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afternoon. and the cdc is warning about a hepatitis outbreak that's now circulating the country more than 100 children have fallen. lr correspondent nikki mcgee. >> spoke with specialist at vanderbilt children's hospital
3:46 pm
about the cases they're seeing and what parents need to know. >> hepatitis is known as inflammation in the liver. and although it's a well established diagnosis, doctors at vanderbilt are noticing a concerning uptick in children. what we're seeing right now is what we classify, severe hepatitis, where the liver seems more more inflamed. as for the cause, that's what's puzzling. doctors add no virus typically associated with cold and flu symptoms has been found in some but not all of the cases and numbers usually doesn't have that. a decision more things upper respiratory infections, like cough and runny nose. so that's what makes it a little a little unusual of the cases they are seeing. all patients have been under the age of tame and their liver enzymes are testing up to the 2 in 3,000 range way higher than the typical 30 range. so they're coming in. usually, john,
3:47 pm
this, which means that there that the whites of their eyes of yellow and it's going to a little bit yellow other symptoms to look out for our overall tiredness of the 8 cases at vanderbilt all have recovered after 45 days in the hospital and follow-up care. the doctors biggest concern of these cases is liver failure a worldwide. there are a number of cases which have needed transplants and those patients after transplant have survived to. that's also comforting to me was i for me is just the number of cases that have occurred in the last 6 months. and just for us to identify what's new about what's going on. that's causing so many new cases. >> that was nikki mcgee reporting for us this afternoon. according to new data from the cdc, the u.s. is in the middle of a late season rise in flu cases. nearly one in 10 positive tests were reported at the mid april peak health experts say it's rare for the flu to peak this late in the season. in fact, it actually hasn't happened since
3:48 pm
1982. they say it could increase even more this month. so far, the cdc reported more than 5 million cases. 59,000 people have been hospitalized and 3600 deaths have been reported due to the flu. however, this year's flu season is still far below prepandemic levels. take a look at this video. a landslide caught on camera in alaska yet dozens of trees, rocks and dirt just came toppling down onto a roadway over the weekend, the landslide covered the road with debris and it's cut off access to people and vehicles. it could take up to 2 weeks to clear all of this contractors have already started the removal process. more landslides are now slowing down their work. incredible video there. let's talk now about our forecast. taking a live look outside at sfo. a few clouds out there this afternoon there. some thunder roaring in the north bay as
3:49 pm
well. dave spahr has got the details. hey, day. >> a good day. there are no well and this is what we have over half moon bay. also in the some puffy cumulus hanging around as well. but >> most of the action today was solano county earlier, but also appear to sonoma county and extending on into also napa county to we're getting some strikes of lightning actually looks to be somewhat active, not been keeping track of how much has been falling. some of this is fighting through some dry air. so it's not reaching the ground or getting about a 10th of an inch of rain in some of these likely pockets. but again, those higher elevations, which is driving all this, don't forget, it's on the western side of our low. so you get a lot of lifting going on there, but still quite active up. lake county looks like as well. so what happens in the future? we lose daytime heating. it dissipates away entirely. however, we get the sun back again tomorrow and flare up again this time. snow showers. what's left in the mountains as that low starts to exit stage, then we gradually going to kind of a warming phase over the next several days. tonight, the forecast calls for clearing got that cool breeze hanging
3:50 pm
on temperatures, mostly in the 40's except of the coast in for this week. a few scattered clouds tomorrow and then warming looks like by the 80's on friday into the weekend, mostly sunny and warm, although i think we'll see some interruption of some clouds on sunday that may actually cost us more lofty high. so saturday is the hottest day. it looks like in your weekend bunch checking things out on the big long range forecast models. this interruption here looks even as we get to about sunday that may cost us higher temperatures that we're going to get on saturday. that's the day for your 90's, although we see some variable clouds trying to reach here, the highest still working. so we'll probably continue this phase into early next week. it does not look like we're going to be rain into the 80's. we go by saturday. again, we might pop 90 in some of those inland locations. we drop off a little bit sunday as we welcome in a few clouds. well. >> dave, thank you. well, if you haven't already done so like say 10 years ago, you can now say goodbye to apple's ipod. the iconic brand will be discontinued after 20 years
3:51 pm
apple announced the portable player is basically redundant now to apple's other products. the first ipod was released back in october of 2001 you members of the goal is now gone through 26 different variations. the most recent model is the 7th generation ipod touch. that was in 2019. it's only going to be available in stores and online while supplies last. if you're like me, still have your old ipods just sitting in a drawer somewhere. they're not really functional anymore. by by ipod. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation protesting the conservative justices at their home after their private addresses released to the public. americans absolutely have the right to peacefully protest but his stunt goes too far and he's probably illegal. now, here's ashley with a look
3:52 pm
at banfield. >> thanks, dan. tonight on banfield, vicky white's missing money. she had 90,000. they found 30,000 that least 60,000 out there somewhere. plus candidates either leading in polls are getting well, accused of terrible crimes. has america lost its moral compass on banfield? you can, of course, find newsnation on the channels listed here on your screen. we've also got more details available on our website. >> kron 4 dot com. >> stay with us. don't go away. up next, 50 years after it was captured, authorities in costa rica have released what many are calling the best photo of a u f o ever taken.
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3:54 pm
it's still the eat fresh refresh, which means subway's upping their bread game. we're talking artisan italian bread, made fresh daily! the only thing fresher than their bread is the guy reading this. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing and re-
3:55 pm
well, it's been called the best picture ever taken of the u f o and now thanks to new technology, it's even better. 51 years. >> after it was taken, it does look pretty clear there. here it is. a 1971 co streak end. engineers were taking survey pictures from an airplane and they snapped a shot of what appears to be a metallic disc flying at around 10,000 feet. recently, a uk media company was able to enhance this photograph. the engineers say no one's ever been able to disprove the authenticity of the photo and the u f o appears only in one frame. so it's up to you. you be the judge. is it proof of alien visitors? of course, the truth is out there. i'd venture to say, you know, anything's possible problem might might
3:56 pm
as well be. meanwhile, a back here on earth. an unbelievable record set at auction yesterday. andy warhols shot sage blue, maryland was auction by christie's in new york. what? for 195 million dollars? the price is the highest for a 20th century. art work sold at auction. also the highest for an american art work. the work was one in a series of portraits. warhol made of the actress following her death at her home in la. back in 1962, or halls works are highly sought after by collectors of american art. the name of that fire has not yet been released. all right. we do want to get you one final check of your weather forecast. dave, starting by dave, are you trying to look at that us little closer? you habian drama galaxy, but i think it will close from right here. here's we've got to the north bay couple thunder showers hanging together a little bit. >> looks like around napa county. they're lena also to
3:57 pm
to santa rosa. these relate developers of a solano county kind of started off first, but the same general area, the backside of that low. don't forget you have some falling air with that wind is the son with those those showers, 70 for antioch. >> your 7 day forecast shows a warm-up right into next where this weekend rather saturday going to be our hottest day in the bunch. we might see some 90's pop potentially. we'll close will know cooler sunday partially because some cloud cover development in somewhat mild into next week. >> haha, that's an alien all right. that's all the time we got kron. 4 news at terry, i'm noelle bellow. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 5 o'clock.
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