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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 10, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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on the rise across the bay area. tonight we look at how santa clara county officials are responding to the high levels of the virus in their community. thank you for watching us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm vicki liviakis. earlier today, santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody says cases are rising again to higher levels than last summer surge. >> and these are some of the case across the bay area that we will be showing you shortly. there they are. and as you can see, a santa clara county is the highest there. >> doctor sara cody says the for sewer sheds in santa clara county are being used to detect covid and that is reflected in this data. so what does this mean? the public health director has some advice to help keep you and your family healthy. our kron four's rob nesbitt reports now on details of today's briefing and what one infectious disease expert is saying tonight. with the spike of covid over the last 2 and a half years. santa clara county
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is usually the first in the bay area to show an increase in the subvariant of omicron are no exception. >> out of the 4 sewershed used to detect covid in santa clara county. >> public health director doctor sara cody says san jose's showing the most cases the levels there are now more than twice what they were 2 weeks ago. they've been steadily climbing for about a month and they're above what we saw at the height of delta, the county's public health department is seeing early signs that covid hospitalizations are starting to be affected, encouraging masking testing and vaccines to prevent spread. if you're sick, you're going to miss work. you're going to school. you might expose somebody else. he's not going to do well with covid. and if you get sick with covid, you're at risk of a long covid having covid symptoms for a prolonged period of time is more common for someone who ends up hospitalized with the virus. according to infectious disease expert at ucsf, doctor george rutherford, a 30% of people who have.
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>> symptomatic covid are, you know, may end up may have persistent symptoms several months later. >> right now, those 50 and older are eligible for their second booster shot. if it's been at least 4 months since their first doctor, cody is concerned that only 15% of people ages 50 to 65 in santa clara county, who are eligible for their second booster have done so vaccination and boosting is the very critical foundation. doctor cody did not discourage people from gathering tuesday, but she is recommending you take it outdoors if possible. if you do find yourself sick with covid treatment is available. doctor rutherford says paxlovid is a fast working pill that keeps most people out of the hospital, somebody and in our group because the husband got sick. >> over the weekend got started paxlovid yesterday. and he's, you know, second new guy today. >> doctor rutherford says it's important to consult with your doctor before taking paxlovid, especially if you're taking other medications in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> clinical trials are underway in oakland to study
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an oral pill that could protect you from getting covid. it's called molnupiravir and it was made by the pharmaceutical giant merck. the fda approved the pill for emergency use last fall. doctors with a carbon health say that pre clinical trials, the pill had actually proved effective against omicron and showed it could even offer protection against future variants. >> patients who test have household members who are at risk for being infected. if we give this antiviral medication to those household members, can we prevent infection? >> researchers are still looking for volunteers for these trials. if you or someone, you know, has covid and he's living with someone who does not have covid. you can enroll in the trial by calling the number at the bottom of your screen. 818-208-8574. yeah. that's
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hail. we know it's spring, but apparently in some parts of the bay, they don't know this. they think it's winter. crazy weather across the bay area. this video being sent to us from a viewer in napa that some intense hail coming down earlier this afternoon. yeah, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to explain all of this. yeah, really? some wild thunderstorms popping up this afternoon. the north and the possibility. some severe weather that continues out there tonight as the storms just rolling in now and pushing to the southeast. very ominous looking clouds out there on the rise in turning very great most. the bay area staying dry and had a lot of sunshine throughout the day. and then the storm started to develop rotating around this area of low pressure. you see the rotation around that the counter clockwise rotation. these storms just begin to develop and really getting active, especially in the north bay this afternoon. >> look at the storms just popping up in and around santa rosa calistoga saying lena, it is really been coming down there and that's where the focus is right now. look at
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that cell that is pushing just to the south now, santa rosa. look at. we just had a lightning strike live on air near oakmont and that is pushing near owner park as well watching the storm system very closely has had a history of producing numerous lightning strikes already. probably the potential of some hail embedded with that as well. and some gusty winds and very heavy rainfall to go along with that. some of the rainfall rates almost 3 inches per hour. that is enough to cause some issues out there. if you're out there on the roadways, see some of the very heavy rainfall coming down there. but national weather service has issued a special weather statement for the storm system is continuing to track to the south east. and as it does, it's going to affect all these areas along this path until it should finally weekend as the sun sets. but that is going to be some time. so many of these areas just the south, as give you a rough estimate of what you can expect coming your way glen allen, about 6.11, we're expecting the storm system to roll on through, although we've already seen some showers already petaluma a
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watch out. that's headed your way to could see that storm rolling in about 6.19, sonoma, about 6.22. and black point about 6.47, watch out. pretty significant storms coming your some of the biggest issues on the minds of city residents. the dishes attorney's office announced today a san francisco boba shop was apparently a front for an international auto burglary operation. one man was arrested hundreds of stolen te crackdown. >> we know that. >> the operation we've uncovered and made an arrest in yesterday. >> is a massive global operation shipping across united states and across the world we look forward to being able to return as much of this stolen property as possible to the victims and to be able to hold everybody involved
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>> if you missed our 30 minute live, sit down interview with san francisco district attorney jason today. you will have another opportunity to watch it in his prime time in prime time this week, the district attorney addresses the recall election along with issues, including burglaries, drug dealing and hate crimes. the replay of our one-on-one interview airs this thursday at 09:30pm, right here on kron 4. oeanwhile, ballots for the june 7 primary election will be arriving soon in your mail. no matter what county you live in. you can either mail in your ballot or you can cast your vote in person. officials are working to make sure that ballots are mailed out on time and voting in the june 7 primary goes off without a hitch. this is the first election since the district lines were redrawn. election officials are urging everyone to research before going out to vote. there's still time to register to vote. if you haven't done so already. and just an hour ago, san jose officials have unanimously
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approved the ban on ghost guns marking the city's latest effort to tighten the use of firearms. council members approved the ordinance prohibiting people from possessing manufacturing and selling unserialized firearms and their part in january, san jose became the first city in the country to mandate go to a gun owners to purchase liability insurance and pay an annual fee to cover losses or damage resulting from negligent or accidental fire. use. today marks the first national fentanyl awareness day, something that leaders now feel is necessary as that dangerous drug continues to take lives across the country. rates of young people dying because of fentanyl poisoning continue to skyrocket. we've seen it many times here in the bay area for charles clifford was a santa clara county today with what local officials have to say about the importance of awareness. >> well, may 10th is national fentanyl awareness day and here in santa clara county, the county is working to warn people about the dangers of
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fentanyl in also what everyone can do to keep their friends and family safe. fentanyl is an artificially made opioid. it is far stronger than heroin. it is stronger than morphine here in santa clara county. health officials say that 328 people have died from either taking fentanyl accidentally and being poisoned or believing they're taking a different drug that was laced with fentanyl. santa clara county district attorney jeff rossen says that dangers of fentanyl cannot be underestimated. >> one of the deadly facets of fentanyl that is so awful. is that the people who use it for the first time as an experiment. our on weny the thinking they're taking something else for the first time are especially susceptible to poisoning and death. just a few weeks ago we seized 11,000 fentanyl pills. that's enough fentanyl to kill everyone in our county. that's how dangerous this drug as. >> now as part of fentanyl awareness day, the county is
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encouraging people to talk to your family and friends about the dangers of fentanyl. also, they are encouraging folks to use social media to share the dangers and to really help young people, especially understand just how dangerous this drug is. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news new at 6 san francisco police are asking for the public's help in locating a man who they say is suspected. >> of assaulting a woman. police say that the incident happened on saturday about 3.15, in the afternoon at the sunny dale avenue and bayshore boulevard intersection. the suspect showing in the sure here was allegedly pushing the victim to the ground and strangling her. the suspect later ran away from the scene by pastor by stander yelled at him. the victim says that the man was acting erratic and yelling incoherent statements. if you've seen this man in the picture, please give san francisco police a call in the south bay. san jose police released video stemming from a brawl that took place inside a mexican restaurant. it ended
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with an officer shooting and east bay college football player from the video. you can see the football player, one grain. >> is in a fight with another man inside the restaurant. 2 other people tried to separate them, but the 20 year-old grabs a gun from somebody else. this video, it appears that green did not fire the gun. again, this is still under investigation. police say the incid-nt happened back on march 27th. the officer shot him because he did not cooperate with the officers orders to drop that weapon. green was shot 4 times. he has since filed a federal suit against san jose. police identify the officer who shot and injured green as mark mcnamara, a four-year veteran who is on routine administrative leave crane who played football for mcclymonds high school in oakland now plays for contra costa college may is asian american and pacific islander heritage month. that garnered a lot of attention last year as the country was experiencing a rise in aap, i hate crimes and
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attacks. >> we talk to the co-founder of the nonprofit group's top aap. i hate little earlier today. she tells us that to based on the organizations data, the number of attacks reported in 2021. totaled 6200 throughout the country. the situation, unfortunately, has not gotten any better. verbal harassment is the biggest share of incidents reported followed by physical assault and then the deliberate avoidance of ap eyes. >> he took a look at our data do our analysis learned that many of these incidents are in in terms of how it's made. our community members feel in terms of a scapegoating being blamed and avoidance is is part of that. and of verbal harassment. well, it might not be criminal. it's traumatic and it's made our community members feel unsafe. cynthia
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choi also says her organization stop aap. i hate is. >> working on educating the asian community about civil rights and how to protect themselves from discrimination. and they are encouraging community members to report any type of racist events that they're experiencing. coming up, scammers. >> coming up south bay residents, one couple tricked into giving away $2000. why police say that there are more victims out there. a business owner's nightmare playing out on surveillance video. thousands of flowers stolen from their flower shop over mother's day weekend. now the police are asking the public to help find the suspects. plus the leak supreme court draft on abortion feeling more discussions and action at the state capitol by lawmakers say people of color will be affected the most of the supreme court overturns the abortion bill. booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises.
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and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. >> california democrats are sounding the alarm on how the supreme court's decision on abortion could impact. >> people of color. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the concern and has an update on abortion efforts in this state. >> make no mistake. this is an attack on women of color that we're facing right now. the california women's legislative caucus and advocates for people of color urging state leaders to move forward and faster with proposed abortion efforts at the state capitol. the group noting women of
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color across the country will be disproportionately impacted at the supreme court decides to overturn roe versus wade. overturning roe is not going to stop abortions. >> it's going to lead 2 more alleyway abortion, silly to more complications and it's going to lead to more. that's but those that are going to be a woman that look like me. california's democratic led legislature and governor working to make the state an abortion destination with more than a dozen bills. the proposals would increase resources, access and protections for those who provide and need abortions. state attorney general rob bonta valen to protect the procedure. i will use the full >> force of the law and the full authority of my office to protect woman's right to choose some republican state lawmakers say california democrats are politicizing the issue, noting the california already has some of the strongest abortion laws in the country. if this week's supreme court were, in fact, become final, they would literally have no impact on california. >> a california laws in this
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area are among the most far in the entire country. and yet, the governor members of the legislature are using the prospect of this court in order to fan the flames of partisan division, democrats and abortion advocates disagree. they want to enshrine a woman's right to choose in the state constitution which will need to pass the legislature by june 30th to head to voters in november. the language for new planned parenthood ceo jodi hicks is part of the group crafting the constitutional amendment language which is still in the works. if we've learned nothing with the leak that was or the draft that was leaked. >> it's that, you know, 50 years of precedent and settled law and the right to privacy is not enough. and so we're ensuring we can do everything we can in california to be real explicit about people's rights are in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news weather time. >> take a look at the 4 zone forecast as the only look at
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transfer ecker pearman. yeah, it looks pretty here in san francisco, but lawrence is here to inform us that elsewhere is pretty busy. yes, i weather was really interesting how it's worked out today. part of the bay area, just sunny and bright. no worry about rain. other parts of the bay area really been coming down and the potential for some severe weather. they've already of the hail out there. numerous lightning strikes and well looking to the north, you can see why you look at the north and the east. we've got towering cumulus clouds out there. thunderstorms rolling around the state now in numerous bus storms really popping up. really the focus today becoming more of the north bay, again, as some heavy storm systems rolling on through almost too many to count. all those lightning strikes out there right now. look at that. got the least 11 strikes on the ground right now. and there's plenty more to come. santa rosa getting pelted by some heavy rainfall and it started to move in toward glen l and you can see all the storms there. that seems to be the most active part of the storm system moves through right there along highway 12. boy, it has been really coming down in some of these areas. some of the rain rates have backed off a little
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bit. still a heavy rainfall over an inch an hour there expected on our doppler radar. not only there, but we've got these storms continuing around parts of the east bay in the vacaville. some lighter amounts into fairfield napa that had the hail earlier. you're seeing some light showers popping up, but there's plenty more to come throughout the evening hours. then it looks like this is going all fade away. back to some sunshine by tomorrow. we'll have more on that coming up few minutes. all right, 3 men are in trouble with the law after human trafficking operation was discovered in the north bay. the multi-agency operation was conducted at a hotel in sandra fell. police say the ads were placed on web sites were buyers typically look for women offering services for pay. officers were specifically looking for specifically looking for female juveniles who might be minors over the course of a 6 hour operation. 2 men were arrested for soliciting a minor for lewd purposes. one other man was cited for allegedly helping a female in prostitution.
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>> in the east bay, a canine officer in hayward sniffed out a couple of firearms late last night. officers were responding to a group causing a disturbance. they found a loaded gun near where that group was standing. the canine named our wind then sniffed out a ghost gun and ar 15 style firearm that did not have a serial number after investigating one of the people in the group that person was arrested. the san jose couple who paid $2000 for a pomeranian puppy became victims of a scam. they thought they were buying this cute little teacup pomeranian named jake turns out j doesn't exist. back in april twenty-twenty the couple found jake on a web site. they paid $600 to and then they paid an additional $1400 to avoid the puppy having to be held in a covid quarantine allegedly anyway. but then they received another request for a nother. amount of money, $1300 per
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meeting fee that they realize, well, they're being scammed a woman in san antonio, texas, has been convicted for the con bank records show that she may have scammed up to 75 people for this imaginary jake. she now faces 6 months in county jail. coming up tonight at 6, how president biden is trying to tackle inflation as gas and grocery prices set new records.
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>> in inflation is his top domestic priority. that's what president biden said today. the president talked about the rising costs of everything from food to fuel. >> and he said his administration is taking steps to get it under control. he blamed the supply chain issues from the pandemic and the blame the war in ukraine for the bulk of the inflation problems. he also acknowledged the effect inflation is having on americans and revealed his plans to address it. >> my plan is to lower employer lower everyday costs for everyday costs for hard working americans and lord the deficit by asking large corporations and the wealthiest americans. not engaged in price gouging and to pay their fair share in taxes. >> meantime, republicans blame the president for the rising prices and they are using that fact as ammunition for the midterm elections that president biden says their
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plan is worse. our washington correspondent hannah brandt breaks down the back and forth. >> when it comes to economic concerns, republicans are pointing fingers at the president. the biggest tax we have right now, americans is inflation tax me is caused by joe biden and his of his reckless spending that president biden says the republican alternative is extreme. he's taking aim specifically a plan released by senator rick scott, which calls for all americans to pay some income tax. their plans to raise taxes. >> on 75 million american families. over 95% of who make less than $100,000 year. but senator scott told me that's a lie. would your tax plan raise taxes on millions of americans know i've never supported raising >> on people, president biden says republicans are blaming him because they want frustrated americans to push them back into the majority in november. >> that you're will hand power over them. and so they can an actor, extreme agenda. senator rick scott does believe
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republicans will take back control of congress soon and says when they do, his party has a plan for how to fix the economy. >> you reduce taxes, you reduce fees, you make it easier for people getting business. that's what you do. you don't do what the democrats and joe biden are doing. >> in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> coming up, ukrainian officials reporting several civilian centers were hit by russian hypersonic missiles with this kind of artillery is capable of doing. and the latest push to designate russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and a major gang bust in georgia involving a famous rapper young and 27 others. they were arrested, indicted on gang-related charges. how prosecutors plan to use his social media posts. i rap against him. plus, a couple of robbers wanted in connection with a burglary at a north bay flower shop, stealing thousands of dollars worth of product right before the busiest day of the year. for them. mothers we'll be for them. mothers we'll be ri it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug.
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. flower shop suffered a big loss during a burglary that happened this past mother's day. the incident, as you can see, there's all captured on surveillance video that, you know, this is shameful, ok, kron is it has a 21 talked with the owner of the shop about what happened. >> we saw video surveillance. 2 guys coming to the stand at about 01:00am


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