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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 10, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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flower shop suffered a big loss during a burglary that happened this past mother's day. the incident, as you can see, there's all captured on surveillance video that, you know, this is shameful, ok, kron is it has a 21 talked with the owner of the shop about what happened. >> we saw video surveillance. 2 guys coming to the stand at about 01:00am they just kind
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of ran and grabbed all the book is they could fit in their arms, which is about like 12 to $1500 with the >> and took off with and it was super fast. it was a really big blow for us. the beside farm in floral design petaluma. liddy larkin says it was a really big blow because the 2 burglars cleaned out her roadside flower shop the overnight hours before one of her busy is events of the year lovers day because it's a really busy weekend in. we've been cutting flowers for week 7 buying flowers from other farms. we've been on our feet for the longest days all week. there are no on-site florida's tier at beside. it's kind of a country road side. so check out business model that's built on the honor system between larkin and our customers and even on a system or if i'm staying here. so anyone driving by can come in, check out we have leave the money in the safe. and then we also do a lot of flowers for delivery down to san francisco and oakland and all over that
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the bay area appears there is no honor among these 2 thieves who took advantage of the honor system. in fact, she says it is the first time something like this has happened since she opened the flower stand 8 years ago, but not getting a bit of the honor system. no, i don't think heard of the honor system. i mean, on the one hand, i i don't think i get rid of the honor system because i love it. i love doing it all. so, you know, i couldn't afford to staff >> stands like this. it's tricky. it's like, yeah, i want to get these guys. i also just don't want them to come back and i don't want to feel threatened. and i want to feel respected with what i do. anyone with information about the burglary is asked to contact the sonoma county sheriff's office. >> in put a little bit, has it meant you kron 4 news? >> to the peninsula where redwood city police say a registered offender has been arrested for allegedly preying on minors. police say 63 year-old thomas him in way contacted miners with the intent to commit a offense.
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they add he attempted to meet minors for lewd acts previously hemenway was convicted in 2007 of child charges and he was set free from jail in 2009, he was booked into the san mateo county jail for this latest incident. police are asking for any victims and the other victims to come forward. ok, let's shift gears. talk about our weather, a beautiful live picture of the golden gate bridge. a few wispy clouds. >> clear. crisp little green tea that, you know, we have record overnight lows last night around the bay area, 30's and 40's that actually out there for this time of year. and we've got the snow in the sierra nevada continue to come down on those start to break up a little bit last night as the in the evening hours. boy, the whole road just covered up with the snow and causing all kinds of trouble for people getting up there. we're coming back right now. they've opened up the roads pretty well. still a chance. more snowflakes overnight tonight, the storm system going to wind down outside but still it was a
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snowmaker up there and for a lot of showers showing up around the bay area. kind of get active around the bay area. now the snow will continue to taper off. but look at the storms rolling in this afternoon. really popping up and a lot of lightning strikes associated with this in around the santa rosa area. that has been the focus of these storms as they moved on by some heavy rainfall to go along with that and some gusty winds to, in fact, the national weather service has issued special weather statement continuing to push it a little further to the south and the east. and that's the direction that these storms are currently moving. so anywhere along this area. we can expect to see the possibility of some heavy storms so into eldridge. you're looking at coming your way. sonoma, 6.50, and then you get the cuttings war. if there's a chance by 7.11, we're talking about some heavy storms in your neighborhood. then as the sun sets, we're going to lose some of that energy with these storms will begin to taper off. but the napa area that had that hail early on. they are now looking at some lighter showers. most the heavy rainfall as located further to the north of these
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areas. it is still coming down in glen ellen, you can see a toward a rohnert park in and around that area and still in santa rosa, you've got a very strong tower there that is moving just to the southeast of town. you see right there on bennett valley road probably still coming down very heavily in that area. and some of the rain rates in around there over an inch and a quarter of an hour. that is impressive. rain for the bay area. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. the annual observance of victory day and russia was yesterday. but then last night the ukrainian say russia fired a barrage of hypersonic missiles at the ukrainian port city of odessa. officials. they're reporting a number of civilian targets, including hotels and >> shopping mall. those were hit washington correspondent kellie meyer has the latest. >> just one day after vladimir putins victory day parade. russia continuing to pummel ukraine claiming it used 3 hypersonic missiles overnight monday. slamming the vital
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port city of odessa hitting hotels and a shopping mall along with critical supply lines carrying weapons sent by the u.s. and allies, weapons that are crucial to ukraine's fight against the invading russian army. officials in odessa say 3 kids home missiles. russia's new hypersonic weapon were fired from a plane and hit civilian targets. the nuclear capable air-launched missile seen here deployed on a russian-made over last weekend has a range of more than 1000 miles. the name in russian means dagger. nato calls it killjoy and president biden has called it almost impossible to stop. but today the pentagon could confirm its use against odessa, but have no evidence to speak to with respect to hypersonic missiles being fired at odessa, a senior defense official says since the war started, russia has fired roughly 10 to 12 hypersonic weapons against ukraine. still u.s. officials say russia is running out of precision. guided smart bombs instead using older harder to
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control weapons. more prone to hit civilians and nonmilitary despite the continued aerial assault, the u.s. and allies are sending even more hardware into the country. biden speaking with the italian prime minister today in the oval office couldn't really believe he >> we've >> stepped up but cute and digging in for what could be a prolonged and unpredictable battle in the days and weeks ahead, the u.s. director of national intelligence warning today that putin may be growing frustrated and that he is in it for the long haul combined with the reality that putin faces a mismatch between his ambitions and russia's current conventional. >> military capabilities likely means next few months could see us moving along the more unpredictable and potentially escalatory trajectory. >> that was kellie meyer reporting for us tonight from washington. back in court, the man accused of tackling dave chappelle at the hollywood bowl faces a judge once again and why the
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boxer. mike tyson will not be facing charges for getting a blood run fan on an airplane sfo. remember, this happened on april 20th after tyson spoke at the 4 20 celebration golden gate park. he punched the guy who was taunting him
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on a southwest flight. the san mateo county district attorney's office says the decision not to charge tyson is based on the other passengers. actions leading up to the incident. both he and tyson requested no charges be filed in this case. the da says the case is now closed. now another update a judge is refusing to reduce the bail for the man accused of tackling comedian dave chappelle on stage at the hollywood bowl in southern california. >> 23 year-old isaiah lee will remain in jail with a bail set at $30,000. he's due back in court next friday. meantime, a new report is shedding light on the security company hired for that community festival where chappelle was performing. the report says the same firm was contracted for protection services at travis scott's astroworld concert last november in houston, texas. you might remember 10 people were killed during that of it. many more were injured. the company which is called contemporary services corporation, says it provides event security to
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nearly 200 venues, including the rose bowl employees. there have criticized what they call a lazy hiring process with little training. coming up in sports, the grizzlies get some unfortunate news as star day. rhett is doubtful for the rest of the series with golden state. >> our own kylen mills tells s how that could affect the series going forward with the series clinching game 5. just 24 hours away. coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors can close out their western conference semifinal series against the grizzlies tomorrow. and today memphis was dealt a massive blow star point guard john moran is out for game 5 with a right knee bone bruise. he is also doubtful to return the rest of the playoffs. and the grizzlies say he is expected to make a full recovery. there's been some controversy about what caused that bruise. memphis head coach taylor jenkins and moran insisted warriors guard jordan poole triggered the injury on this play when he grabbed there, you see it grabbed meanwhile, going after a loose ball in the 4th quarter of game 3, regardless of how it happened. no one on the warriors wanted to see more and hurt. >> it's tough for him. is it individually? seems like a great person from afar. so you get, you know, which have been anybody. but we have stay focused, stay locked in and understand no matter who they put out on the floor there are
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more than capable of beating us. you know, they they they went went by without going to regular season. and so we have to have that appropriate fear in order to get over the hump. >> that was worse. assistant coach mike brown. he's filling in for head coach steve kerr who was out with covid-19. her tested positive less than 2 hours before game 4 forcing brown to take over last-minute today were spokesperson said kerr did not make the trip to memphis with the team for game 5 brown is expected to coach the warriors again in that game. the dogs are preparing hard for a possible close out game which brown says they know won't be easy. tip off at 6, 30 tomorrow in memphis some baseball. the a's in detroit taking on the tigers game. 2 of a double header. oakland dropped game one that was ugly. top of the 4th a's leading one zip kevin smith lines. one into center for a base hit to work on. so sean murphy comes into score a's, extend their lead to 2. that would go on to win it for one.
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they split the double header with the tigers. one of the greatest san jose sharks of all time is hanging up his skates. patrick marleau announced his retirement today. the canada native was drafted by the sharks at 17 years old. he played 23 seasons and his 1768 games played are the most by any nhl player. marlo owns franchise records for goals points, game, winning goals and shots. he also won 2 olympic gold medals for team canada. an emotional a retirement celebration in san jose this morning. marlow said his career would have been possible without the support of his family. >> to christine and my boys. landon brody, jager and caleb. thank you for all the sacrifices you've made over the years. and all the support you've you've given me. i couldn't have lived all my dream of being a professional hockey player and and having a family. the same time wasn't for you guys announce my retirement. and i want to.
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going to end i don't know if anybody's read the article that was published this morning, but going and at the same with articles in and by saying thank you, hockey. >> congratulations to patrick marleau on a fantastic career. that's all we've got for sports. we'll send it back to you. ladies at the dais. all right. thank you. kylen. >> rapper young has been arrested on suspicion of gang involvement. a sweeping indictment charges him in more than 2 dozen others on a slew of crimes. he is now in jail awaiting a bond hearing. nancy loo has the latest. >> the 30 year-old artist known as young in the rap world is known as jeffrey lamar williams in court or is more likely to have appearances in the near future than on stage. young was among 28 people arrested in a major crackdown on gang activity in fulton county, georgia. his legal defense is under way. mister williams.
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>> committed no crime whatsoever. and we will fight to my last drop of blood to clear, according to prosecutors, young co-founded a violent street gang known as ysl for young slime life, which he promoted in his songs and on social media. >> also named in the case, sergio kitchens, a rapper and ysl associate known as gunna authorities say even more arrests and charges are coming as the district attorney of fulton county. >> my number one focus is targeting gangs and there's a reason for that. they are committing conservatively. 75 to 80% of all of the violent crime that we're seeing within our community. ysl is said to be affiliated with the national bloods gang and overall gang activity has law enforcement grappling with crime spikes and a host of cities nationwide. >> in young thugs case, the indictment links the ysl gang to a wider range of a legal activities from drug dealing to murder. it does not matter
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what your notoriety is, what your fame is. >> if you come to fulton county, georgia and you commit crimes and certainly if those crimes are in for the ruins of a street gang that you are going to become a target and a focus focus of this district attorney's office. that was nancy loo reporting for us this evening. >> i back here in the bay area, checking the weather's our 4 zone forecast. a very kind of empty bay bridge toll plaza. it was really cold last night, lawrence, as we even broke some records. big us very cold in the east. not often the at this time of the season. this is cold sure. a lot of the growers around the beer. they don't like to see cold weather system rolling. especially this time of year can get the arctic 100 background out there for you. the kind of giving you that flavor. >> overnight lows last night. 43, that was a record for a conquer tied a record in oakland at 48 degrees for an overnight low and look at watsonville all the way down to 36 degrees. that is very
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cold morning. now. tonight, these a threat to get close to that. once again, 30's 40's around the bay area. so unusually cold for this time of year is very cold to our north. even they've got some frost and freeze warnings up across much the north as you're seeing that a very cold weather system usher in that cold air all the way down from alaska to bring in not only the storms, but also that cold weather behind it. but the storms tonight, that's kind of the big story just been rolling to the throughout the afternoon hours. things begin to quiet down just a little bit. lot of times these kim cumulative just hours after the rain, the rain themselves out, they start collapse in on themselves and thing that's we're looking at right now. and as the sun sets, they're going to lose a lot of that energy and they'll begin to fade away around 8, 9 o'clock tonight. so still some showers in the north bay and maybe a few more to come. but we'll watch the system kind of wind down. you see on the models here just after 7 o'clock tonight. still a chance more scattered showers. then it begins to fade away. just after 8 o'clock tonight looks
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like by early tomorrow things are long gone. in fact, by tomorrow afternoon will notice a bit of a warm-up on the way highs tomorrow. yeah. could be reaching the low 70's. some warmer spots inland 50's and 60's elsewhere around the bay. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, tesla recalling thousands of vehicles. what went wrong of vehicles. what went wrong with the car's touch screen? ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military we've grown to serve all, who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly - why, you should join.
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. tesla is recalling 130,000
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vehicles because of problems with the car's touch screen. the automaker says the touch screens can over heat and go blank. but drivers do not need to take the car into the shop for the repair. tesla is fixing the problem with a software update which will come over the air directly to the cars. >> the recall covers model s and model x vehicles from this year unless it also includes this year's model, 3 and model y vehicles. there have been 59 reports of issues so far but no crashes have been linked to this problem. americans are battling something other than inflation when they shop higher. >> card swipe fees passed on to them from merchants, according to the national retail federation, merchants were charged nearly 138 billion in credit card. swipe fees in 2021. the n r f says the average family is paying an extra $900 a year on items because of higher swiping fees in april. visa and mastercard increase their
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fees again, adding more than a billion dollars in costs to retailers for card payments. demand is growing for international trips. global air travel could bounce back even faster than was first thought. according to the international air transport association, passenger traffic is expected to reach prepandemic levels by next year. that's thanks to a faster than anticipated boost in international travel. and despite strict covid lockdowns and china, a major flight market. >> officials say recovery is going strong with demand high through the rest of the year. summer of 2023 is expected to be especially strong for global bookings pandemic travel that might be here to stay. travel expert, a glamping skyrocketed in 2020 and the momentum continues heading into the summer. google search trends show that california one of the popular glamping destinations in the country glamping is also seem to be a popular way to sleep under the stars near national
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parks like yellowstone and the grand canyon glamping, of course, is like camping. but do you have to pitch a tent in there? typically upscale amenities, especially those that we're looking at right like you that wraps up kron. 4 news at we will see you again tonight at 8 o'clock. we hope you enjoy your evening, everybody.
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