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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 10, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> big so are rolling through the north bay thunder rumbled through many sections of the area today, wild and woolly day. here's a look at the radar. you can see dozens of lightning strikes. >> throughout this system, i mean, who would have thunk it? it but it feels more like tonight on kron. 4 news at 8. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm pam moore. let's take a live look outside right now. looking out at i think we have a picture
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from rohnert park right see well you can. >> okay. well, we're looking over the bay area. you can see that thick cloud cover. >> our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to break it all down for us. looking toward rohnert you know what? it's just been an amazing afternoon around the bay area was quiet for most part, the bay area, not so another boy. it was really getting going dozens a lightning strikes rumbles of thunder reports of hail. kind of some scary weather out there. you don't see all the time in california, but the focus really in the north bay and parts of the east bay in the and also in napa county, the main focus today as the storms rolled on through and look at the lightning strikes is barreling through parts of the north bay in and around the santa rosa area. calistoga headed for the south and now beginning to taper off just a bit. and that's some good news. finally looked like things are going to start to settle down. we're not completely done yet, but these coming on and missed hours really need energy from the sun to get right to some of those storms. this time of year and well as the sun sets,
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they lose some of that energy. and so tower start to collapse and then we're left some leftover rainfall into parts snow right now. also in the napa. but it was coming down for a while. the rest, the bay area really about a bad day. you have mostly clear skies. some sunshine along the peninsula on parts of east bay and never know that all that was happening less. you look north and saw those tremendous thunderstorms up in that direction. now tonight, showers are starting to come to an end. in fact, as we roll through the evening here, here's the forecast. you can by 9 o'clock. those are really tapering off. maybe just a couple of scattered light showers by 10 o'clock. that is long gone. and we say goodbye to this storm system, but it turned out to be quite a nice little rain maker. in fact, how about this? almost a half an inch of rain in santa rosa just coming in the afternoon. yeah. bill, over half an inch of rain say lina almost a half an inch vacaville, almost a quarter of an inch of rain forced on the north bay. just about a 3rd of an inch and fairfield just under a 10th of an inch of rain. and that's where the focus was with these storm systems. but yet not
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only that, but the storm system not only bring a thunderstorms brought in some record cold temperatures. this morning we started out with numbers in the 40's in the concord. that was an all time record. oakland tied a record of 48 degrees. and how about watsonville? you know, the growing all the vegetables down that they've got all those strawberries, all those crops. they had temperatures to deal with the 36 degrees. so very cold and it looks like another cold night least for parts of the bay area. highs today, of course, running well below the average only 55 degrees in san francisco. 61 in oakland, all these numbers running well below normal for this time of year as much as 12, even 15 degrees below the average outside. now tonight, get ready to bundle up. it will be another cold one out there. overnight. lows dipping down into the 30's in the north bay 40's elsewhere around the bay area. that's the way it's going to stay. in fact, a little further to the north. we've got frost and freeze warnings going up tonight. places like clear lake upper lake into will bill. you're under a freeze warning tonight. some of those temperatures dipping down into the upper 20 so very cold for most of our friends out there
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this evening. you can see the clouds begin to part almost looks like a little tropical. but if you stepped outside, you know, it's anything but tropical as the cool temperatures are in place. but the clouds begin to break up. that now looks like that would be the case here as this low begins to make its way out of town. and high pressure starts to sneak in that it's going to allow for some dry weather return for tomorrow as things begin to calm down around the bay area. looks like high pressure. we'll start to take over. that means some nice weather coming our way by tomorrow afternoon. highs running in the 70's. the warmer spots well inland. so we start to get a little bit closer to the average lot of 60's inside the bay and 50's out along the coastline over the next few days. those temperatures returning to abnormal, maybe a little bit above normal on the weekend as those numbers moving up in the 80's that will slowly cool things down as we head in toward next week for right now. no major storms on the horizon. >> thank you, lawrence. a big announcement in san francisco today. thousands of stolen items from car break ins and other thefts have been
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recovered was all part of an undercover operation conducted by the san francisco district attorney's office has our conference. theresa stasi report for us tonight. the da says this bust is just the first of many to come as they look to crack down on this pervasive cry. >> take a look at these phones, computers, electronics, just some of the 1000 items discovered monday when a special san francisco de a task force served a search warrant at a bubble tea shop in san francisco. the cash dha says the small fraction of stolen goods recovered from smash and grabs and other crimes. we know that. >> the operation we've uncovered and made an arrest in yesterday is a massive global operation shipping across united states and across the world. >> coined operation auto pilot. >> da says the team use rental cars baited with high value items in armed with tracking devices to go after thieves.
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one of the things we saw in the course of this operation was that a lot of the stolen goods we're tracking. >> we're ending up in the same boba shop on were country. and we saw not only goods that came from our operation that were part of our operation. but we also saw. good that we saw a reported stolen. my actual crime victims that ended up in that same shop and so became a central focus of our investigation and our surveillance activities arrested monday at the boba shop was 41 year-old ka xliii. >> his wife reportedly owns a shop. investigators say that they plan to trace back the stolen property and return items to victims. >> da bu dean also added that while this bust was the first, it won't be the last. >> one of our biggest hoax is that this operation? will deter future similar criminal activity. we know that lots of people come in auto burglaries in san francisco because they don't fear they'll get arrested and again, over the
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years, only about one to 2% of reported on the burglars do result in an arrest. but now every single person who's considering committing one of those crimes on our streets, we'll have to contend with the fact that we're watching. we are watching. we're coming for you and there will be consequences if you commit crimes in our city. >> as for coakley, he made bail tuesday, but he is being monitored with the gps tracker. theresa kron. 4 news. >> cases are on the rise across the bay area. these are the latest case rates. and as you can see, if you look really closely, you can see that santa clara county is the highest and the county says the 4 sewershed in that county and santa clara county are used to detect covid-19 and they are reflecting this new data. >> the levels there are now more than twice what they were 2 weeks ago. they've been steadily climbing for about a month and they're above what we saw at the height of delta.
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the county's public health department is seeing early signs that covid hospitalizations are starting to be affected. they are encouraging masking testing and vaccines to prevent the spread. >> and we're joined right now by doctor abrar kerr on from stanford health care to discuss this. >> latest surge and the good evening, doctor. are we going to have to return a mask mandates again. >> well, if we and i think that, you know, as cases are rising, this is, again, the time to focus in on where spread is most likely to happen. a crowded public transit where people are packed in together. you know, that was one of the most recent areas that was sort of next by by a judge, not by a public health and was really against the recommendation of the cdc right of the cdc said keep this in place for a crowded public transit where people have to go. they have to congregate and worst infections can spread easily to have mask mandates come i expect that counties are going
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to put them in place, particularly in crowded public transit. >> but what is your overall feeling about where things stand right now? a lot of professionals, medical professionals are saying well with that. so many tools in the tool box. now you can either, you know, get that deal with we can deal with treatment. but you know, it's not like it was. where do you stand? >> well, i've worked both on the clinical side, right. taking care of patients have been doing that for the last few years since the very start covid. and also worked on a public health response. when i worked in massachusetts are working the massachusetts state covid response, clinical medicine and public health are very different. there's different problems to be faced. and while i we that on the clinical side, we have better tools. we have antivirals. we better understand this virus than we did previously, although there's still a lot to learn from the public health standpoint, i can say that our most vulnerable populations don't have all the tools. they don't have all the that people that are well connected to health care system have. and
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frankly, if we're not all protected and we all remain vulnerable as vulnerable as our frontline workers vulnerable as those who don't have primary care doctors, those who can't take time off of work, those who can't isolate safely, the virus will spread. and remember, it's not just we're dealing with right now as the white house said later this year, we're expecting up to 100 million americans infected in the fall and the winter. what about that? >> doctor, i mean, everyone has covid fatigue. and so it makes sense that, you know, when you see a light at the end of the tunnel of what you're going to just, you know, go for it. i r we kind of suffering from wishful thinking here we've we've already kind crossed over into that. idea that it's an epidemic could no longer a pandemic, although it just seems like semantics. do we need to frame this differently so that people can protect themselves? again? yeah,
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better. yes, yes, we do. we do so that 2 things can be true at the same time. >> it is true that we're better off now than we were early in 2020. we have more data on how to treat patients. we have more ways to keep people alive. we have excellent vaccines which everyone to get vaccinated. everyone should get boosted. we have a long ways to go in. boosting still now what is also true is that immunity wanes over time we have seen now the coronavirus could mutate rapidly. they're spread all over the world. many people globally have not vaccinated. we're seeing new variants popping up every few months. many of these have very transmissible state. they transmit more easily than the previous variant. aside from we haven't seen that they're more virulent, meaning causing more severe disease. but that doesn't mean that that's not possible or that that won't happen later this year. so again, focus has to be on prevention. and this is not just about individuals. do. this is about what businesses do about what the government funds about, what the state, the state's fun. what are we
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doing about ventilation cleaning the air in shared public spaces? yes. getting people aware high filtration masks is important is definitely part of this. what are we doing for paid time paid time off? what are we doing for creating safe isolation centers? there's a lot of pieces here that go beyond just one individual can do. >> well, you listed a whole list of what are we doing? and we're not doing a lot on a lot of those things you just listed. so where does that leave us? >> to me is why i keep advocating. keep pushing, trying to connect with in the federal government in our state government pushing for. we've been writing off bad. we just had a piece on la times talking specifically about ventilation. what needs to be done you know, we have a little bit of time but not a lot. and so if we do nothing or if we move slowly, we will be caught off guard once again. and i you know, it's very depressing thing to admit that. most of us in public health are worried about this. >> do you do for saying i know we're running out of future universal vaccine so that it
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covers covid-19 reps. any other variants that come along and and maybe it last a little longer. >> we're we're hoping for that and certainly from 2 companies are working on as a quote, coordinator doctor, she shot has been pointing out. we need congress to really move forward on funding, right, so that we can secure the best and you are secure the best vaccines both in the u.s. and for people abroad. so yes, well, that is going to you know, that's where things are headed. we all seem to me make sure that we can pay for that and be prepared. >> all right. good information. thank you so very much for joining us. said doctor occur on from stanford health care. have a good evening. thank you. thank you. and coming up tonight raising awareness of a dangerous deadly drug south bay official % share their concerns on this national fentanyl awareness day. plus the leak supreme court draft on abortion feeling more discussions and action at the state capitol. >> california's top lawyer discussing efforts to protect
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san jose officials have unanimously approved a ban on ghost guns marking the city's latest effort to tighten up the use of firearms. council members approved that ordinance prohibiting people from possessing manufacturing and selling unserialized firearms and their part in january, san jose became the first city in the nation to mandate gun owners to purchase liability insurance and pay an
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additional annual fee to cover losses or damage resulting from negligent or accidental firearm. use san jose police have released new video from an officer involved shooting of kwan grain. the young man shot 4 times by police in march after police say they thought he was the suspect in a shooting at a talk korea force. justin campbell shows us that new video. >> and one green has to say. >> this sound in scene of 4 bullets hitting k on green. did you feel like you want to imus? lee? i didn't know. >> i didn't know. i just i was hoping i didn't, though i kept myself cool, calm just kept breed. now recovering at san jose police released new body camera footage which they say shows green did not follow commands when he was shot march. 27. >> at that live, victoria talk of >> officers can be heard giving repeated commands, telling green to drop the gun.
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when green does not drop the gun here, shot a total of 4 times green's attorney adante pointer says his client is a key role for defusing a fight in green stands by what he did. you would have done the same police released green from custody at the hospital after they realize someone else brought the gun to police today also released the officer's name who shot green. the subject officer in the shooting is mark mcnamara. i realized that they didn't release the shooting officers body cam. if you look closely, the video shows 2 officers behind mcnamara attorney adante pointer praises them for not shooting. >> we have several others had good sense and restraint to not fire their guns in its stead, assess the >> green wants mcnamara fired and suing that department reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news.
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>> well, the time as we check our 4 zone forecast, a beautiful sunset twilight. what he said twilight. that is beautiful and lawrence karnow standing by. our chief meteorologist talking about the snow in the sierra. yeah, we've had all that crazy weather around the bay area to the sierra nevada also get hit with some snow up there. this cold season storm rolling on in bringing lots of snow there last night with these roads are covered. they managed to open up. i just saw the snow plow go by. there is way up there. the blinking lights the clean up some of the roads there still getting some snow in the high country. so if you're headed there, don't worry about change, but you're likely to see some minor delays going up there as we still got some activity. the snow winding down a bit. you can see it there and start to come to a close to the system. really going start to move out of town. of course, it's just been very active around the bay area this afternoon. once these thunderstorms got going, the towers on the cells were just amazing. rolling through parts of the north bay. and now just beginning to fall apart. these thunderstorms start to claps upon themselves, but leaving behind of rain. still seeing some ch l- showers out there right now.
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but most of this is very light into stretching almost into the napa area as well along a highway 12, looks like overnight that will come to a close and the rest. the bay area really not a bad day, but some cooler than normal temperatures. but what do you what a beautiful sunset this evening. the clouds just looking impressive as the sun began to shine through some of the broken clouds. now and looks like that will be the case as we head through the evening hours about this. look looking for the north and that gorgeous as we've got the sun shining out there right now and setting in the bay area and looks like got another day heading our way with some warmer temperatures for tomorrow. that's some good news tonight. it's going to be another cold. one overnight lows in the 30's in the 40's already get a little chilly in spots. 49 right now in fairfax, 48 degrees in santa rose and check our kelsey bill. there are 44 degrees right now. so got a cold front that's off the coastline. fortunately, that's not going to bother. is this low? it's going to start to scoot to the east and that means we're going to dry things out tomorrow. little more of a northwesterly wind kicking in. and that means a little more sunshine coming our way. it's
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warmer. temperatures will have more on that coming up in a few minutes, right, lawrence? tomorrow, the united states senate is going to vote on the women's health protection act. it's a bill that would federally protected abortion services. head of the supreme court's pending decision to overturn roe versus wade. meantime, california democrats are sounding the alarm on how the supreme court's decision on abortion could affect people of color. >> our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the concern and has an update on abortion efforts in california. >> make no mistake. this is an attack on women of color that we're facing right now. the california women's legislative caucus and advocates for people of color urging state leaders to move forward and faster with proposed abortion efforts at the state capitol. the group noting women of color across the country will be disproportionately impacted at the supreme court decides to overturn roe versus wade. overturning roe is not going to stop abortions. >> it's going to lead 2 more alleyway abortion, silly to more complications and it's going to lead to more. that's
8:22 pm
but those that are going to be a woman that look like me. california's democratic led legislature and governor working to make the state an abortion destination with more than a dozen bills. the proposals would increase resources, access and protections for those who provide and need abortions. state attorney general rob bonta vowing to protect the procedure. i will use the full force of the law and the full authority of my office to protect a woman's right to choose some republican state lawmakers say california democrats are politicizing the issue, noting the california already has some of the strongest abortion laws in the country. if this week's supreme court were, in fact, become final, they would literally have no impact on california. >> a california laws in this area are among the most far in the entire country. and yet, the governor members of the are using the prospect of this court in order to fan the flames of partisan division,
8:23 pm
democrats and abortion advocates disagree. they want to enshrine a woman's right to choose in the state constitution which will need to pass the legislature by june 30th to head to voters in november. the language for new planned parenthood ceo jodi hicks is part of the group crafting the constitutional amendment language which is still in the works. if we've learned nothing with the leak that was or the draft that was leaked. >> it's you know, 50 years of precedent and settled law and the right to privacy is not enough. and so we're ensuring we can do everything we can in california to be real explicit about people's rights are in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> still ahead, a date you may want to watch how much water you use, which area water district is considering extra fides for high use. first tricked into giving away thousands of dollars for a little dog. me jake, we turn out to be a fake jake. the scam coming after south bay residents next.
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celebrity cruises. >> today is national fentanyl awareness day in the south bay. officials in santa clara county kicked off a new effort to raise awareness about the dangers this drug poses and is seen. juror said a press conference today. the county warn people about the dangers of fentanyl and what people can do to keep their friends and their family safe. health
8:27 pm
officials say that 328 people have died from either taking fentanyl accidentally or being poisoned. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen says the dangers of fentanyl cannot be underestimated. >> one of the deadly facets of fentanyl that is so awful. is that the people who use it for the first time as an experiment. our on weny the thinking they're taking something else for the first time are especially susceptible to poisoning and death. just a few weeks ago we seized 11,000 fentanyl pills. that's enough fentanyl to kill everyone in our county. that's how dangerous this drug is. >> that's a sobering fact. as a part of fentanyl awareness day, the county is encouraging
8:28 pm
a pomeranian puppy were victims of a scam. they thought they were buying this cute little teacup pomeranian. his name is jake. turns out, jake is a fake. he doesn't even exist back in april. twenty-twenty the couple found jake on our website. they paid $600 to buy him. they then paid an additional $1400 to avoid the puffy puppy having to be held in a covid quarantine. but when they reached another request or receive that request for $1300 per meeting fee. >> now they realize they were being scammed. a woman in san antonio, texas has been convicted for the con bank records show that she may have scammed up to 75 people. she now faces 6 months in county jail. >> coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 8. a mother's day weekend nightmare for bay area florist, thousands of flowers stolen from a small flower
8:29 pm
shop in the north bay. how the business owners are dealing with the laws. plus, concerns over a continuing drought in california. state officials providing an update on what we can all expect and power supply shortages may be more common this summer.
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>> our top story tonight. at 8.30, a small roadside flower shop suffered a big loss during a burglary on mother's.
8:32 pm
yeah. kron four's madyun went through surveillance video with the owner of that shop to figure out what happened and what's next. >> we saw i'm a video surveillance. 2 guys coming to the stand at about 01:00am they just kind of ran and grabbed all the book is they could fit in their arms, which is about like 12 to $1500 with the >> and took off with them and it was super fast. it was a really big blow for us. the beside farm in floral design in petaluma. liddy larkin says it was a really big blow because the 2 burglars cleaned out her roadside flower shop the overnight hours before one of her busy is events of the year mother's day because it's a really busy weekend in. we've been cutting flowers for week 7 buying flowers from other farms. we've been on our feet for the longest days a week. there are no on-site florida's tier at beside. it's kind of a country road side. so check out business model
8:33 pm
that's built on the honor system between larkin and our customers and even honor farm. stand here. so anyone driving by can come in. check out we have leave the money in the safe. and then we also do a lot of flowers for delivery down to san francisco and oakland and all over that the bay area appears there is no honor among these 2 thieves who took advantage of the honor system. in fact, she says it is the first time something like this has happened since she opened the flower stand 8 years ago. you know, there's been of okay taken here or there. our big display or has been out front taken once, but certainly nothing like this lady larkin recently installed the surveillance camera that recorded the 2 thieves. she says if someone out there recognizes these 2 to tell them that it's not too late to do the right thing. >> if the people who did this are >> they can come, you know, pay me for those fires. anyone with information about the burglary is asked to contact the sonoma county sheriff's
8:34 pm
office in pella. little has it meant you kron 4 news. >> we have an update tonight on the pipeline break which is forcing the nation residents to conserve water. you can see the major league which was found yesterday. the city says the broken pipe is in a very difficult location. it's surrounded by other pipes and electrical equipment. crews spent the day working to repair the leak. they will still have to check the line for other damage. it all comes back clear. the crews will then test the drinking water supply to make sure it's still safe. for now, though, the 30% water conservation mandate, indonesia remains in place businesses and residents could soon be fined for using too much water there. the board in charge of the santa clara >> valley water district is fed up with people not taking the drought seriously enough to keep up with conservation demands saying little action was taken by the public since last june when they put out a call to limit water use to 15% compared to 2019. but water use actually went up by 30%
8:35 pm
and they managed to save -nly 3% of their goal. last month, people were told the water lines 2 days per week limit the runoff and midday irrigation. the board will decide on an ordinance detailing exact water restrictions and penalties for repeat offenders. little later on this month, california in his 3rd consecutive year of drought with some state experts actually arguing that this crisis is really just a continuation of the 2012 drought with a few wet years mixed in. >> that was the word from state water officials today. kron four's dan thorn has more on the lack of rain. californians will have to deal with. >> compared to march of 2020 state regulators say this march was drier and 3 degrees warmer evidence of climate change in the past. lacking precipitation hasn't been accompanied by warm anomalies in the winter, but that's the pattern that's started to develop. you may recall this year for the first time the state has limited some
8:36 pm
providers to health and safety water allocations only. in the face of increased demand. the ability of the state water project and the central valley project to deliver full allocations to customers has been declining since 1990. >> with that history in mind, it's important to think going forward that we are going into forward that we are going into a situation in which we're drier climate. unfortunately, we can't expect that situation too. get better. we need to be prepared for reductions in those supplies. the governor's january 10th budget proposal included 120 million dollars to tackle water issues. >> a revision is expected to contain 180 million more for conservation response by small water suppliers and urban water management grants. the governor is also expected to attack on 26 million for turf rebates. >> dan thorn kron. 4 news.
8:37 pm
>> we certainly need some more rain. that's for sure. what a beautiful shot. as we look out at sfo at the sky oranges. i know we're looking at the sky, but i'm also just envisioning taking office where i know they should want to get away almost looking like a y outside tel. you step out. there many a little bit different. but yeah, it looks like things are going to see way one down with this system out there tonight. but we're hoping to get another system on the way. here's the long-range forecast model. the system kind of rolling on through by tomorrow. couple pop-up showers over the sierra nevada, but the bay area, all quiet things going to settle down. lots of sunshine coming our way. another cold front dropping in. but look at it just falls apart as we get late thursday and friday, leaving behind some clouds. another front gets a little bit closer over the weekend, but just can't get here. that's leave behind some sunshine. it's much warmer temperatures actually for the bay area. and then we hope the yesterday this model actually painted a pretty nice looking cold front coming our way, maybe thursday or friday. and today it is completely the opposite. it's building a huge
8:38 pm
dome of high pressure in which is what you'd more expect to see it this time of year. we'll have to wait and see how things work out. right now. the models need to sort themselves out quite a bit. so that being said, i think tomorrow back to some sunshine around the bay area and some warmer temperatures. i think we'll see a couple places nudge up into the low 70's by tomorrow afternoon. little bit warmer on thursday. and then by friday and saturday, we'll see those temperatures move in the 80's, the warmest valley 60's by the coastline. probably a little return of some fog up toward the beaches. all right. lauren said grid operators, they're warning about possible power outages this summer because of the strain on the system. >> cal iso, which manages the state's energy grid is warning that over a a million homes across the state could experience power shut offs. they blame power supply shortages. and of course, the drought for the possible outages. there are also concerns about the summer heat which could strain the grid even further. >> retirement plans for tom brady with the seven-time super bowl champion plans to
8:39 pm
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ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection,... liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. fantastic! this. bad news for california drivers. more of the rise in
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gas prices showing no signs of slowing down. >> here in the bay area, aaa says the average price regular in san francisco tub of 6 bucks a gallon for the first time. in history. santa rosa, san jose, oakland, all within $0.10 of that down in southern california. the average price per gallon la county rose for the 12th day in a row. prices up over $0.11 in that time following nearly a decade a month rather of decline. according to aaa, the average price per gallon here in california. is it 5.84? that's about a $1.74. higher than it was one year ago today. >> tesla is recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles because of overheating touch screens. the recall covers model s sedans model x and y suvs and model 3 cars from 2021. through 2022. tesla says the screens may now cool properly and calls the computers to lead or restart and go blank. this also
8:43 pm
increases the risk of crashes, of course. so the company is fixing the issue with software update so far, there have been no reports of any injuries or crashes connected to this week off. coming up in sports, the grizzlies get some unfortunate news star >> as doubtful for the rest of the series with golden state are kylen mills has reaction from the voice acting head coach mike brown. well, how
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>> we turn now to the latest on the war in ukraine. the director of national intelligence says vladimir putin is likely to double down on his invasion of ukraine in the coming weeks. you know this as another day of fierce fighting along the front lines in eastern ukraine, russia still not able to declare victory in mariupol where the last pocket of ukrainian resistance is still holding out. the russians are also hitting ukraine's biggest port city, hoping to disrupt shipments of badly needed weapons coming from the west. >> the current trrnd increases the likelihood that president putin will turn to more drastic means including imposing martial law. we're potentially exculpatory military actions. putin is thought to be counting on the u.s. and western allies to eventually weaken their resolve and stop supporting the >> ukrainian military. but the u.s. ambassador to ukraine says there's little chance of that happening and the u.s. is doubling down on its effort to end the threat russia poses to
8:47 pm
eastern europe. >> meantime, on capitol hill, there is a bipartisan effort to officially designate russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. senators lindsey graham, republican of south carolina and richard blumenthal, democrat of connecticut want to pass a resolution to urge the secretary of state to give russia that designation. it would be another effort to cut russia off from the rest of the world. >> this designation will matter in u.s. law. there are only 4 of the countries that have such a designation unless he is stopped. that's why our own national security is at risk. >> the senators say they want their resolution attached to the latest package that would provide nearly 40 billion dollars in emergency aid to ukraine. elon musk says that he will reverse twitter's permanent ban of former president donald trump. if the tesla ceo follows through with his plan to buy the social media company, musk says that twitter's trump and was a
8:48 pm
quote, morally bad decision and foolish in the extreme. he says permanent bans of twitter accounts should be rare and reserved for scammer automated bot accounts. musk says trump's ban was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice. trump has previously said he had no intention of rejoining twitter even if his account was reinstated. he says he would instead focus on his own platform. truth social, which has been mired in problems since its launch little earlier this year. boxer mike tyson will not be facing charges for hitting a belligerent fan on an airplane at sfo. remember, this happened back on april 20th after tyson spoke at the for 20 celebration in golden gate park. he punched the guy who was taunting him on a southwest flight. the san mateo county da's office says the decision not to charge tyson is based on the other passengers. actions leading up to the incident. both he and tyson requested no charges be
8:49 pm
filed in this case. the da says said the case is now closed. well, whenever he decides to retire again, an nfl superstar tom brady already has a new job lined up. brady has agreed to join fox sports as its lead nfl analyst. whatever he actually hangs up his cleats. >> fox ceo lachlan murdoch made the announcement on the company's quarterly earnings call early this morning. brady will join play by play announcer kevin work hard in the booth replacing the recently departed joe buck and troy aikman. murdoch says there is no timeline for brady's arrival in the broadcasting that it's entirely up to him when he chooses to retire again. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the warriors can close out their western conference semifinal series against the grizzlies tomorrow. and today memphis was dealt a massive blow star point guard john moran is out for game 5 with a right knee bone bruise. he's
8:50 pm
also doubtful to return the rest of the playoffs. the grizzlies say is expected to make a full recovery. there's been some controversy about what caused the bruce memphis head, coach taylor jenkins and her and insisted wears guard. jordan poole triggered the entry when he grabbed her and snee on this very going after a loose ball or at least the ball looked like it was bouncing loose. you see cool. grab the knee right there. regardless about happened. no one on the warriors wants to see more and hurt. >> individually seems like a great person from afar. so you get, you know, which have been anybody. but we have stay focused, stay locked in and understand no matter who they put out on the floor there are more than capable of beating us. you know, they they they went went by without going to regular season. and so we have to have that appropriate fear in order to get over the hump. >> that was worse. assistant coach mike brown. he's filling in for head coach steve kerr who was out with covid kerr
8:51 pm
tested positive less than 2 hours before game 4 forcing brown to take over in the 9th hour today we're spokesperson said kerr did not make the trip to memphis with the team. brown is expected to coach the warriors again in game 5 tomorrow. the dogs are preparing hard for a possible close out game which brown says they know won't be easy. >> every game to me in the playoffs is extremely important. stream important because one win by a team. can change the whole middle of the series. so the importance of the mall, it's huge. because it's playoff game and i truly feel all playoff games are mostly gates. >> one of the greatest san jose sharks of all time is hanging up his skates. patrick marleau announced his retirement today. the canada native was drafted by the sharks at 17 years old. he played 23 seasons and his 1768
8:52 pm
games played are the most by any nhl player, more loans, franchise records for goals points, game, winning goals and shots. he also won 2 olympic gold medals for team canada. an emotional retirement celebration in san jose this morning. marlow said his career would have been possible without the support of his family. >> to christine and my boys. landon brody, jager and caleb. thank you for all the sacrifices you've made over the years. and all the support you've you've given me. i couldn't have lived all my dream of being a professional hockey player and and having a family the same time it wasn't for you guys announce my retirement. and i want to. going to end i don't know if anybody's read the article that was published this morning, but going and at the same with articles in and by saying thank you, hockey. >> congratulations to him.
8:53 pm
what an impressive feat in 23 years as the longest for any or most games, rather for any nhl player, you know, much loved in the south bay, you know, right? but also just in in in general hockey. i mean, in sports, it's impressive. what else impressive is the worst. the close out tomorrow. you guy tri-city parting with marijuana. don't wish range it. we love to be there. all night. right. we and graduations on our hockey guy because i love the way into that. thanks, hockey. so i know week. all right. thank you. thanks. kylen. >> coming up, changes and a cheaper option coming to netflix. explain what th
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>> do you remember this? netflix once swore it would never have ads on the service that it said, well, maybe some day we will have to develop an additional lower priced here that will take as and now with the streaming service's stock falling, you can expect that lower priced advertising tear to come soon. netflix now telling people that you might be able to pay less, but you will see ads and the new tier could be introduced by november of this year. another revenue generating area that netflix has been exploring as possibly clamping down on password sharing among its subscribers. and you haven't already done it. get ready to say goodbye to your ipod. the iconic brand is going to be discontinued after 20 years,
8:57 pm
apple announcing the portable players basically redundant to apple's other products. the first that was released back in october of 2001, if you recall and it has gone through about 26 different variations. i think i still have regional. one of the most recent model is the 7th generation ipod touch which was released back in 2019. it's going to be only available in stores and online while supplies last. maybe they're worth collects and somewhere down the road. that's it for kron. 4 news tonight at 8. of course, we have much more coming up at night. yeah, dan thorn is here with a preview of what we're working on haiti what's going. i didn't even though they were still making ipods. i didn't know there was still a thing. evidently bad anymore, too late now. haha. all right. well, coming up at 9 o'clock, we've got details on the latest bay area city, too. >> banned ghost guns in an effort to cut down on violent crime. then new numbers from the state drought report. and it's not good news. the new rules going into place to try
8:58 pm
and make sure people can serve even more water. those stories and more coming up at 9 o'clock. see you there.
8:59 pm
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known now 9, another bay area city trying to crack down on the epidemic of ghost guns and the untraceable violence. they often bring with them. >> good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news


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