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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 11, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> catherine, good evening. and yes, this all comes after a leak, a draft opinion indicated that the supreme court is set to overturn roe v wade. something democrats say cannot happen. ahead of an expected supreme court ruling wednesday. senate democrats meeting doomed attempt to protect abortion rights. few questions are more personal, more private and more complicated. and those involving a pregnancy senate majority leader chuck schumer says it's important for lawmakers to stand against conservative supreme court justices. if the supreme court follows through on that decision, it will be the greatest contraction of individual rights in generations. vice president kamala harris is disappointed with the outcome. sadly, the senate. >> hail to stand in defense of a woman's right to make decisions about her own body. michigan democratic senator debbie stabenow says it's important to trust women in america and this is about their choice. not a bunch of
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politicians deciding what's best for them. but republicans like senate minority leader mitch mcconnell in south dakota, senator john thune reject the bill ignores modern >> this tone deaf to public opinion. the american people don't even come close. to supporting abortion on demand up until the moment of birth. new york republican congresswoman elise stefanik says abortion isn't what democrats should focus on their spending more time focusing on that. and they are focusing on the supply chain crisis when it comes to baby formula, which is a crisis hurting babies and families across this country. >> now because of senate rules, any bill on abortion need 60 votes to advance. reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. >> so, basil, how might this vote affect the midterm elections? as yol know, this is another issue that separates the democrats and the republicans. >> well, more so this ends up helping democrats in terms of their campaigning. this is supposed to give democrats now
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another point where they can grab some voters were still undecided who felt strongly the whole concept of losing abortion rights, telling them to go out to the polls, vote for democrats, get more blue in the house and the senate to make a difference when it comes to legislation. now republicans can utilize this point as well. they can say that democrats are trying to push, as we said on the senate floor, radical extreme legislation. so both sides can actually utilize the result of today. but you can definitely see democrats will pivot more into this as we get closer to november. basil, john, reporting live for us tonight from washington, d.c.. thank you, basil. >> well, shortly after the bill failed in the senate, governor newsom proposed 125 million dollars. >> reproductive health package. 40 million would go to uninsured abortion patients in the state. 15 million to community-based reproductive health groups and another of
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million would go to developing and maintaining a website that provides updated information about reproductive health care providers and another 1 million would go to research. >> president biden in illinois today talking with farmers about steps that the administration is taking to address inflation. the president says russia's invasion of ukraine is to blame for the global spike in food prices, which has translated into higher costs for oil natural gas and for fertilizers. president biden says the white house is committed to helping american farmers boost their production by doubling funding for domestic fertilizer production. the president's plan also includes increasing the number of eligible counties for doubling cropping insurance. that means that farmers can reuse their land for planting in the same year. >> so desperately needed. we can't take chances. feed america. you get to shoot. you got to see a pandemic. you're literally the backbone of our
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country. >> biden's trip comes as the white house continues to battle increasing inflation rates on wednesday. the bureau of labor statistics released a report showing that in april, the consumer price index was up 8.3% from last year. >> subway is turning to more suppliers. this after lot of stores, a complaint about running out of meat. this is partly because of the ongoing supply chain problems. also because of an outbreak of avian flu at some poultry farms, subways, turkeys supply, for example, has been strained after an outbreak forced a processing plant to close temporarily getting enough beef and ham has also been a problem. actor james cromwell went to extreme measures to protest the pricing practices at starbucks cromwell. a super glued his hand to a counter. this was at a store in new york city.
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>> you might know the actor from the show's succession are even better. the movie babe. he was the farmer. he is upset about the change. additional charge for vegan milk substitutes during a facebook live stream. he rattled off arguments against producing dairy milk as he remains stuck to the counter alongside other peta members. but he later used a knife to scrape the glue off and police did not make any arrests. >> a women's lacrosse team from a historically black college says the team was racially profiled after a minor traffic stop turned into a drug search. that which took place near savannah, georgia last month. the team was returning to delaware state university after a game when deputies pulled over their bus
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for a minor traffic violation. they say the deputies then called and drug-sniffing dogs has spent half an hour tearing through the women's bags. nothing illegal was discovered during that search. the liberty county sheriff's department says it does not believe racial profiling took place, but delaware's governor is now denouncing the incident, calling it, quote, upsetting concerning and disappointing. we have some breaking news to bring you out of southern california right now. look at this live picture of brush fire burning in orange county. it has the sheriff's department calling for residents there to immediately evacuate some homes are currently going up in flames. you can see the thick smoke, but through that, you can also see flames burning below. >> this fire first broke out about 2.45 for this afternoon. the brush fire was burned, only about 3 acres. one crews arrived on the scene, but
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again, it's already causing a lot of problems. orange county was expected to experience some light winds today. gusts up to about 25 miles an hour. according to the weather service. >> our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now. he's keeping an eye on conditions there as well as what's happening here. yeah, but look at some winds down there about 15 to 20 miles per hour. so not huge winds but it's been pretty dry. the whole state dealing with drought conditions and so things i kind of primed as we head into the season. now that >> season, here we go. i've got a low pressure center that's moved the east that's helping to kick up the winds as high pressure builds in behind that. so not only are they seeing some winds, we're getting a breeze here around the bay area. most that just a sea breeze. and that's a sea breeze in southern california, too. so that's some good news that will bring some higher humidity in that direction. but the overall looks like beautiful skies out there along the coastline, looking toward the golden gate bridge. couple of patches of clouds there in the distance. otherwise skies are mostly clear. low is forecast for you. we do have another cold front that's going to bear down on the bay area as early
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as tomorrow. that will keep the temperatures from getting too warm. we'll keep the numbers rather mild around the bay area for tomorrow and some of the high level clouds likely move across our skies as well. but that system falls apart as we get into friday. high pressure starts to take over our temperatures really begin to warm up back over the weekend public, some 80's are going to be calm and another weak system comes through on monday. but you see just kind of fall apart there and then long range forecast models a little bit unsettled. but looks like we'll keep things mostly dry, at least for the next 7 days and maybe beyond that. temperatures outside right now. we've got a lot of 50's and some 60's outside still comfortable. 68 in santa rosa. 68 in concord. 56 degrees in san francisco by tomorrow. you look at the numbers in the 50's in the san francisco breezy again along the coastline and cool out toward the beaches inside the bay start to warm things up but partly cloudy skies. 63 degrees in redwood city. 64 mount view. 66 in cupertino. 65 in saratoga. mild temperatures inland as well. probably nobody going to stick out in the 70's by tomorrow afternoon to get close. you
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get the upper 60's otherwise keep the temperatures cooler and breezy out toward the coast. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. coming up, a sad story out of the south bay. there are new court documents with disturbing details about how a 3 year-old girl died
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>> now to a disturbing and heartbreaking story out of san jose. authorities say a 3 year-old girl was tortured and killed by her family as they
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performed an exorcism like ritual. a court documents say the girl's family believed that the little girl named airily was possessed by a demon and she died in a small church on second street in san jose. this was >> september 24th information about what happened was never made public by police in san jose. but newly uncovered court documents show what investigators believe happened to santa clara county district attorney said during interviews with police, the mother said that she began to believe really was, quote, possess because the 3 year-old girl but periodically wake up in the middle of the night, crying or screaming at the little girl's mother. 25 year-old club there. hernandez was charged february second with felony assault on a child. >> the mother is behind bars with no bail. and we have learned the church is connected to a woman charged with the kidnapping of brandon, quite laura, who was taken last month in san jose who referred to as baby
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brandon heiress is reportedly one of the church members. >> still ahead tonight at 5, our coastlines currently filled with seal and sea lion pups. but the of the marine mammal center says people are just getting too close for comfort. a look at pupping season and the problems that
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>> popping season is here. and our california coastline is
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filled with young sea lions and seals and they are just so adorable. well, most will be able to go of healthy and on their own. some end up needing assistance this year, the marine mammal center says the problem of people interacting with the animals on the beaches is driving up the number of pumps that they've got to take care of. kron four's noelle bellow explains. >> that's the sound of feeding time. it happened several times a day at the marine mammal center home to elephant seals harbor seals and california sea lions who need a little extra care rescue. any sick or injured marine mammal within 600 miles of california coast. and you see the most number of patients this time of year. adam ratner has worked at the center for over a decade. >> he's noticed a shift in recent years as their patient numbers continue to climb. right now, what we're se-ing is a lot more animals coming in due to human interaction. >> unfortunately, people are
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trying to help and a lot of cases, but they're getting too close to these animals and they can separate them center. nestled in the marin, headlands says negative human interaction with the pups as a growing problem in the bay area. specifically visitors to san mateo marin and sonoma county coast lines are getting too close for comfort. both really fortunate to have lots of wild seals and sea lions that share a shorter. but it also just means we have to take a little extra effort to make sure that we're giving them the space they need while enjoying the beaches ourselves. right now is the height of pupping season. the marine mammal center is caring for about 130 patients. that means they're using about 1000 pounds of sustainably caught herring. is feeding stay. >> we go through a lot of ratner says elephant seal pups typically come into the center about 200 pounds underweight. they eat at least 3 times a day. many working their way up from a fish eating 5 pounds of herring. each the feedings are
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led by vets and carried out by volunteers by looking so cute, cuddly volunteers never get to play. so even though we have to be around these animals to help better want to minimize the level of interaction with them. and that way they keep all those wild in staying just as the experts keep their distance inside the center. they want you to keep yours out on the short ci and spend a fair amount of time up on beaches. so just seeing in out of water doesn't mean it sick. >> if you see any cuts, scratches or people around it are dogs off leash. that could be a sign that they might have some trauma. so that's why you just give us a call. we can send a team of trained experts out there of do they need help? were they just resting and make sure that they get on the right path to recovery. pupping season ends in june. but the center rescues mammals in need all year round. in sausalito. >> bellow from 4 games. >> them are in mammal center is run entirely with donations
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and because of inflation, the cost of the fish, they use for feed has essentially doubled over the last year. so right now there is a family that is matching donations to the center up to $5,000. you can head to kron 4 dot com to find out the ways that you can help. we continue to follow breaking news tonight. this is coming out of southern california. a brush fire. this is burning in orange county. and you can look at these intense flames. this is a live picture and the sick. the thick smoke pouring from this community. this is in laguna hills. homes have burned. we don't know the number yet. >> the sheriff's department has called for residents there to immediately evacuate. if they haven't already some homes, as you see are currently up in flames. they're now calling this the brush fire or no, excuse me, it is a brush fire. now they're calling it the coastal fire that just gave it a name just a few minutes ago broke out about 2.45 this afternoon. >> when crews arrived to about
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3 o'clock. they say the fire was at that point. only 3 acres. so it has really grown in size again. it is now 150 acres according to the weather service, orange county is expected to have some light wind gusts reaching about 25 miles an hour. and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with us again. just what we don't want to hear know. i know here we are getting into the fire season again and now you're seeing southern california starting to see those winds gusting around. >> yeah, potentially some very strong gusts out 23 miles an hour right now. but you see some from that video. you get around some of these areas. you got mount, some kenyans areas that can really focus the winds and make them that much stronger. i think that's what we're seeing in around the fire. now, here's the good news. i think overnight tonight the winds are going to begin to switch becoming more of an offshore wind and that will likely, mean, that the fire will burn back in on itself. that tends to slow the fire a much more see it right here as we take to the night tonight. so as we head into
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the evening hours, selling those winds are going to back off quite a bit. you can see all the way down to 4 miles an hour and start to move offshore as we head in toward midnight tonight for firefighters are going to get a little help from the weather a little bit later on. the sea breeze going to continue to blow strongly for at least the next 2 hours until the sun setting up the sun sets. you started that energy into the winds start to calm down. we're also looking at a significant sea breeze out there right now. you can see that on shore wind 20, some 30 mile an hour gusts out there right now, filling in right to the delta 2. we'll see more of that. it is been really windy. us is march around the bay area this year. but here we are. we've got another cold front off the coastline. that one getting a little bit closer. not going to get here, though, not to bring any rain. so, yeah, we're going to keep things nice. i think just a few more clouds going to be moving across our skies tomorrow and the sea breeze will return once again in the afternoon. temperatures outside. yes, starting to warm up a little bit today. 68 degrees. and brett, what it is? 58 rather cool into fremont 65 in san jose and pleasant. 65 also in napa and
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66 degrees and save lena. there's a system off the coastline that one right there not going to quite get here. high pressure will start to build in. i think that about site energy just a little further to the north. so tomorrow we'll call partly cloudy and on the mild side outside and looks like we'll see some of those clouds continue to filter on and off to our skies through the morning and then into the afternoon tomorrow. so you'll see those clouds from time to time up and knock down the temperatures just a little bit. we may pull back on the temperatures slightly by tomorrow afternoon plan. a lot of 50's and some 60's but still comfortable still running below the average for this time of year. that all changes over the next few days. we get to friday. get ready for the weekend. we start talking about temperatures moving well into the 80's on saturday. cooling down a few clouds on sunday. >> all right, lauren, thank you. another massive u.s. aid package could be on the way to ukraine. soon the house approved 40 billion dollars for that country. now the measure goes to the u.s. senate for a vote where leader chuck schumer is promising quick action, strong bipartisan support is where, as we know and it is not
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guaranteed to less. minority leader mitch mcconnell says republicans are ready to support the bill as long as it stays focused on ukraine. >> the need is great and time is of the essence. it may just playing a minors. >> directly related to helping ukranians. >> for the time being, it seems that the cross party unity continues to hold. >> coming up next, can be a kind of sweet to wake up next year dog in the morning in bed with you. but what if you look over one morning? that's not your dog.
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>> well, any animal lover will tell you there's nothing like waking up in bed snuggled up next to your yeah, it's a it's a cozy feeling but might not be so cozy up. the dog isn't this is what happened or cup in tennessee. julian, jimmie johnson woke up to the start. they thought it was at first one of their own 3 dogs, of course, lying there in bed. but no, that's not one of their dogs. and they had no idea of how it got inside the house. julie took to facebook to try and find the owner in a pub date to her original post really says she learned that the sleepy dog's name is not a. >> and that she lives almost 2 miles away. she says nala may have been frightened by a
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storm the night before owner eventually came to pick her up and take her home to her own bit. i hope they were nice to they probably won't. >> that are up. so kron 4 news at 5. so it does. we have a lot more ahead on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. the lawyers and the grizzlies facing off of game 5 of the nba playoff spot for sports reporter kylen mills will join us for special live coverage of all the excitement of thrive city and the bill aimed at preserving access to abortion nationwide to fails in the senate. what it could mean. we'll have a we'll be talking to an expert. i'm catherine heenan. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6, the golden state warriors can punch their ticket to the western conference finals tonight. hello, everybody. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan. the warriors. there are a memphis for game 5 of the semifinals with a 3 one series lead. >> over the grizzlies fans in san francisco and all around the bay area getting ready for the big game to kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills live from thrive city and san francisco where a watch party is already getting started. kylen.


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