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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 11, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> we continue to follow the breaking news out of southern california at this hour. you're looking at a live picture. this is happening in orange county. a wildfire burning there in the community of laguna niguel in his forcing people to evacuate their homes. we're told some homes have already burned. we've seen live pictures throughout the evening tonight and see the smoke filling the sky there of this fire described as fast-moving. all orange county fire reporting. the flames have burned 183 acres were not crews arrived. it was just 3 acres and this fire really took off. and again, there's very dry. there is some wind. >> this is now being called the coastal fire. and as pam said, we know more than 180 acres have burned, although that number is expected to go up. fire broke out about 2.45 this afternoon. and ali, so woods canyon, it is a developing story. we'll have updates as soon as that information becomes available.
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>> and now moving on to other news. >> a major drug bust in the east bay. it landed 4 suspected fentanyl traffickers behind bars as kron four's has the money on reports. the bus happened disturbingly close to a local high school. >> a major drug bust by the alameda county narcotics task force seized 15 pounds of fentanyl, a kilo of heroin and $139,000 in cash. alameda county sheriff her. >> been doing a multi-month investigation on group that's been an old to distribute sense of all of and our area, the area this drug bust was on the 2600 block of myrtle avenue in oakland within a stone's throw mcclymonds high school wednesday as classes were letting out for the day. my understanding is about 20 yards away the school parking
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lot area. however, the sheriff says it is important to note that the school was not a part of the investigation. we believe it was more of a coincidence just picking area that the was heavily traffic so they won't stand up. investigators say not a coincidence is an alleged connection to last week's major fentanyl bust west oakland and hayward. this recent case for foreign nationals were arrested. so not all the resident. these are these are local people >> this is more what we suspect to be more associated to organized crime. >> officials with the alameda county sheriff's office say no one was injured during the drug bust. the names of the 4 suspects are being withheld as the ongoing that tunnel drug dealing investigation continues. has it made you kron 4 news? >> now to the north bay, santa rosa. police just releasing these photographs of the parents who they believe are responsible for the death of the 15 month-old toddler.
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police say they responded to a home on sonoma avenue on monday morning and found the child was already dead. investigators say there was suspected fentanyl near the toddler and officers also found more drugs around the home. the parents, evan frost iq and madison, bernard, are are now behind bars. an autopsy will be conducted later this week. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. there is a new poll in those new poll numbers are still not encouraging for san francisco district attorney. >> chase. a building at poll just released shows a majority of san franciscans do not want him in office anymore. well, for of the bar codes, planes, the poll's results. >> according to that poll, 57% of voters are in favor of recalling chess aboudi. now this poll was conducted by the san francisco standard and they're breaking down the numbers that they found during their research just one month before election day. 22% of
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voters say they plan to reject the recall. 21% still don't know how they will vote. the poll found that voters are basing their judgment on the dean's handling on issues of homelessness crimes and drugs in the city. the san francisco standard used in on political research group to conduct the poll they surveyed more than 1000 registered voters between april 30th and may. 4th researchers found the number one concern for voters in the city is homelessness. according to the poll, 68% say homelessness is what they like, least about living in san francisco. also in the poll, 73% support arresting people who commit minor property crimes like car break ins and shoplifting. people have blamed the dean for not being tough enough on those crimes. now, as far as mayor london breed, voters also weighed in on her job performance. 51% disapprove on how she's running the city.
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49% approve on how she's doing. and it's a similar situation with the san francisco police department. the poll found 52% of voters approve on how the department is operating while 48% are non. voters still have a chance to cast their vote. they have until june 7th. and it is then the district attorney chesa boudin dean. we'll find out his political fate for now in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> and if you miss my 30 minute conversation with the san francisco district attorney chesa boudin this week, you'll have another chance to watch it in prime time. the da talked about the recall and problems plaguing the city burglaries, shoplifting drug dealing hate crimes. the replay of our one-on-one interview is thursday night at 9.30, here on kron. 4. let's check on the 4 zone forecast on this wednesday evening. a really pretty picture can in san francisco skyline with the
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transamerica building. it's beautiful and it's really been nice. weather lawrence is back and now and i don't hope it doesn't change too much. it's lovely. you know, the rain we had yesterday that may have been it that may have been in for the season. we're just kind of cruising in that time of year. we may start talking about the nie, summery weather. yeah, it was kind of a transitional day today. high pressure trying to build in the winds kind of kicking up outside. >> beautiful look out toward the golden gate bridge skies. nice and clear there other than maybe a couple clouds overnights. i think we're looking pretty good. the breeze, though, has been blowing. is the continue to see the winds blowing along the coastline, 20 even some 30 mile an hour gusts outside temperatures still a bit below the average. only 59 degrees in san francisco today. 64 in oakland, 70 degrees in san jose. 68 in livermore 70 in concord and 69 in santa rosa. here we go. got a cold front coming our way. see making its way up in the pacific northwest. eventually going to bring some rain the far northern california unfortunate for that probably not going to see that. but we have seen a couple leftover showers over the sierra nevada. even a couple of
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snowflakes up there, too. it's been a tough couple of travel days up across the high country. as we've seen some unsettled weather up there in the late season storm. very cold for this time of year. rolling through temperatures tomorrow. yeah, probably back off just a little bit 60's. maybe upper 60's. some warmer spots inland. the 50's along the coastline, the next few days, those temperatures will turn around warming up on friday and saturday, partly cloudy. a little bit cooler on sunday. we'll have more news and weather
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a first of its kind federal study of native american boarding schools reveals that for over a century. >> the school saw to assimilate indigenous children into white society. more than 400 such schools were supported by the government. and there are more than 50 burial sites associated with those schools. washington correspondent alexandra limon says that number could get higher as the research continues. >> as the federal government moved the country west, they also moved to exterminate eradicate and assimilate wednesday. the department of interior and bureau of indian affairs released the findings of an investigation of the u.s. government's forced assimilation of indigenous people. children. >> were induced are compelled by the federal government. to be brought to the school's records show that between 18, 1919. 69, the government funded or operated 408
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boarding schools in 37 states or territories. and that about half of those were also funded or run. >> by religious institutions, the schools operated in military like conditions and banned children from using their native languages and cultural practices. when my maternal grandparents were only 8 years old, they were stolen from their parents, culture and communities. >> and forced to live in boarding schools until the age of 13. many children like them never made it back to their homes. we've identified 53 marked. >> were unmarked burial sites in cemeteries for indian children across the system. with more site discoveries expected. the report says the school's focused on vocational training and manual labor. secretary of interior deb haaland says the traumatic system created generational consequences, poverty and loss of wealth. >> mental health disorders and substance abuse in washington. >> alexandra limon.
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>> still ahead, why experts say people are getting way too close to the many seal and sea lion pups now on our beaches. >> and ahead in sports, the giants go for their 5th straight win over the rockies. sports director jason dumas has highlights on that. plus, a live report with fans at thrive city all coming up.
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>> well, today is the day the warriors can send the grizzlies home pack in game 5 of the western conference finals tonight in memphis and right now they're getting ready to tip off. we don't have a score yet because the game hasn't just quite started yet. but soon as that game goes, final, we'll have a full highlights. but in the meantime, we have some reinforcements right here in san francisco just down the embarcadero we head down to the chase center where we can find our very own sports reporter kylen mills kyle. and i'm looking behind your shoulders right now. it looks popping. they're ready to explode and thrive. city. >> yeah, jason, this party is lit as the kids would say. people are packed in here to the plaza at drive city outside a chase center for this watch. party fans are pumped up. i saw people out here painted in gold. there was a woman on stilts. we have seen it all here at this watch
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party dubnation is fired up for this game. the worst can punch their ticket to the western conference finals with a win over the grizzlies in game 5 being played in memphis right now the dogs are without head coach steve kerr for the second straight game that he's dealing with covid-19 assistant coach mike brown is taking the reins in his place. meanwhile, memphis grizzlies are without their star point guard john morant who's out with a right knee bone bruise. a lot of storylines going into this game. here are some predictions from the fans about this game and beyond. >> well, with the warriors tonight, keeping the game's get gab those rebounds. you that is the bigger got those rebounds and we've got to shoot the ball better place. got be more concerned with a shot with you. does that wars come out? all systems go in there. we're going to win tonight. we believe we believe in our team. we believe that we're going all the way and crews going gets 4th ring tonight this year. we're so excited and be a part of history. >> that energy that they have their kids just ball movement that they come out every me
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very play leaders. i mean, i i don't see why this team can go. >> fans tell me they believe the words are going to close out the series and move on to the western conference finals. their predictions on who the worst will play. everyone is telling me they believe the phoenix suns will come on the other semifinal it. coming up starting next week. you can hear the crowd starting to get loud. started to cheer as the game's just gotten underway. we'll check in with you jason later on tonight. lot of excitement down your drive city plaza for game 5 of this series. for now live at chase center will send it back to you. >> alright, highland bunker down. they haven't got out there. maybe you can talk to them about your sponsorship. the giants hosting the rockies at oracle park. bottom of the 5th, brandon crawford. that is deep and it is most a splash shot. 2 run homerun 5, nothing giants and the young fan gets their birthday wish for a crawford home run. nice. i'm
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right there along with some ice cream here in delhi square. go get it in center field lamonte wade junior. now he singles into center field, luis gonzales scores late night lamonte. he's going to have to change his name as he's raking during the day today, 3 more hits. giants win 7 to one for the 5th straight win. they now hit the road for 6 games that begins on friday in st. louis. all right. now, this was a crazy game bucks. celtics game 5, 4th quarter. the celtics were up by 14 points at one point in the 4th. >> jumper there from tatum. he had 34 points. just for their 11 seconds left, though, bobby portis. gets the rebound. gets the finish. that puts the bucks ahead. they take a one-point lead. last chance for boston down 3 is a guess. what drew holiday? a championship plays down the stretch all night. halston
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chokes this one away. milwaukee wins one, 10, one, 0, 7, day. 3 to 2 lead. they can end that series on friday in milwaukee. all righty. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> all right, jason, we'll talk with you again later. we'll pupping season is here. and our california coastline is filled with young sea lions and seals while most will be able to grow up healthy on their own, some end up needing some assistance this year. the marine mammal center says the problem of people getting way too close to those animals on beaches has led to more of the pups needing help. >> kron 4 s noelle bellow explains. >> that's the sound of feeding time. it happened several times a day at the marine mammal center home to elephant seals harbor seals and california sea lions. need a little extra care rescue. any sick or injured marine mammal within 600 miles of california
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coast. and you see the most number of patients this time of year. adam ratner has worked at the center for over a decade. >> he's noticed a shift in recent years as their patient numbers continue to climb. right now, what we're seeing is a lot more animals coming in due to human interaction. >> unfortunately, people are trying to help and a lot of cases, but they're getting too close to these animals and they can separate them center. nestled in the marin, headlands says negative human interaction with the pups as a growing problem in the bay area. specifically visitors to san mateo marin and sonoma county coast lines are getting too close for comfort with really fortunate to have lots of wild seals and sea lions that share a shorter, but also just means we have to take a little extra effort to make sure that we're giving them the space they while enjoying the beaches ourselves. right now is the height of pupping season. the marine mammal center is caring for about 130 patients. that means they're using about 1000 pounds of sustainably caught herring. is feeding stay.
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>> we go through a lot of ratner says elephant seal pups typically come into the center about 200 pounds underweight. they eat at least 3 times a day. many working their way up from a fish eating 5 pounds of herring. each the feedings are led by vets and carried out by volunteers by looking so cute, cuddly volunteers never get to play. so even though we have to be around these animals to help better want to minimize the level of interaction with them. and that way they keep all those wild in staying just as the experts keep their distance inside the center. they want you to keep yours out on the short ci and spend a fair amount of time up on beaches. so just seeing any more out of water doesn't mean that sick. >> if you see any cuts, scratches or people around it are dogs off leash. that could be a sign that they might have some trauma. so that's why you just give us a call. we can send a team of trained experts out there of do they need
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help? were they just resting and make sure that they get on the right path to recovery. pupping season ends in june. but the center rescues mammals in need all year round. in sausalito. bellow from 4 games. >> the marine mammal center is run entirely on donations and with inflation and the cost of the fish that they use for feed essentially doubling over the last year. any some help. right now there is a family that is matching donations to the center up to $5,000. you can head to kron 4 dot com for information on how you can help too. >> all right. time for another look at the forecast as we look live outside the golden gate bridge. >> and lawrence is standing by giving us a long range forecast starting a longer thinking about those fish moving some of with mixed in there her little or not, lauren, for some changes coming our way over the next few days. starting to settle things down. of course, yesterday, exciting day with all those thunderstorms popping up in the north of the
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east bay. we do have a cold front. >> that bearing down on california. maybe bring us some showers well to the north of the bay area. just some passing clouds, no rain drops for us behind that. another system kind of drags over the top of that ridge. but then we get to the weekend saturday and sunday looking good as we'll see high pressure taking over new another weak cold front making its way toward the bay area. late sunday and into monday morning. and then looks like we hold steady now. no real dominant ridge. right now. it looks like that's the good news. so i'm not expecting a major heat wave on the horizon. temperatures, though they are going to stay down along the coastline. 50's in some 60's in the san francisco about 57 in daly city and cool. that breeze will continue to blow their inside the bay looking at 50's and some 60's temperatures a little bit warmer inside the peninsula, but mild even to the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. but mid 60's, there may be some upper 60's well inland by tomorrow afternoon. all around. it looks like a nice day. tomorrow, though, cooler and the breeze will continue along the coastline and dry weather but warmer conditions continue into the weekend before cooling down as we head in toward next week. we'll have more news when we
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the summer travel season is approaching quickly. experts say memorial day bookings are really surging. >> triple a says flight bookings have about doubled from last year bookings for hotels and rental cars. way up in a survey, 79% of people say they feel comfortable about traveling again. 59% say they okay but taking a commercial
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flight. it will cost a little more. triple a says the average cost for a domestic flight for each day over memorial day weekend is about $160 more than last year. >> well, the tsa is gearing up for the busy summer travel season. the agency has quadrupled the number of employees at the nation's busiest airports and it is ready to shift nearly 1000 screeners from the less crowded airports to the busier ones when they get backed up. so that's good news. everybody will be taken care of when they're traveling to voice. >> that's it for us tonight at 6. have a good night. thanks for us.
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