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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at ted, take a look at this video. thieves are now targeting bay area coin shops. this break-in happened at martinez coin and jewelry exchange early tuesday morning. good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore. >> i'm catherine heenan. the family who owns that store says it is not the first time they've been hit their coin store location in valais was also hit. that was 2 months ago. well, for say that the sacking has more. >> very hard his. you work hard for your money and you don't want to just go. you know what? got. and it's getting to that point sherry and her daughter, jennifer are frustrated after watching thieves break into their store for a second time within 2 months. >> surveillance video captured this most recent break-in at martinez, coin and jewelry exchange early tuesday morning
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when 2 thieves used crowbars to gain access to the shop. the first burglary happened in march at their second store location in vallejo, which was also caught on video pried open a security gate that on read it completely out of the wall on one side. >> preceded in trying to use brute force and crowbars to pry open our interior solid steel door that we had damage that so bad that it has replace in both instances. the burglars were unable to break through the fortified doors in steal merchandise. >> however, there vallejo shop has been boarded up since march due to the damage, a big blow to the family business probably 10's of thousands of dollars in revenue over the last 2 months. just for that shop along. jennifer says she started reaching out to other businesses and quickly learned that other queen shops across the bay area in places like concord, oakland and san jose have also been hit and in some cases. >> those owners telling her the burglar stole hundreds of
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thousands of dollars worth of merchandise if this keeps happening, is it really worth keeping stores open? >> you know, it's costing us justin re fortifications alone in the last 3 years and probably spent 20 or 30 grand trying to make it harder for these guys to get in. >> and somehow each time into it and you know, there more wants this so to another business owner today, they had someone drive store and you through the front of their building to get in to address these issues plaguing small businesses. >> their family organized a meeting with city leaders and shop owners. the meeting will take place on monday. may 16th in from there boarded up billy host or i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news. this is happening down in southern california. a situation there where a brush fire exploded. burning 183 acres and approximately 20 homes in the laguna niguel community. these are live pictures of the scene
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right now from our sister station, ktla, orange county fire officials say that they have 60 different types of resources battling the flames as the residents are being told to evacuate the area and surrounding areas are being told to limit their use of water. strong winds earlier today made really difficult for the fire crews to extinguish the flames. we're going to have a live report from orange county tonight. coming up at 10 15. yeah, we've watching this for some time in us. when we first heard about it was 3 acres. and then boy, it jumped and spend. >> moving fast, lawrence, you've been tracking the weather in that area. yeah, the winds really within a spin on shore breeze usually worried about the offshore that real dry wind. but in this case, >> things have been so dry because the drought conditions, i believe in. so that kind of just fed the fire along. so we with that afternoon sea breeze will see that sometimes in the bay area will get these fires start of the afternoon with those winds gusting over 2030 miles an hour today, they were gusting in laguna niguel 20 to 24
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miles per hour. and then all of a sudden the sun said there you can see the winds really falling off. now, really just only gusting to 70 miles an hour. so really a gentle wind compared to where we are at now. the good news for firefighters is this really is the time to get a handle on this fire overnight tonight. that's where you're going to see improving wind conditions. in fact, these winds likely to go a little slack overnight tonight, maybe even moving a little bit offshore. and that is great news that pushing the fire back in on itself. you see just a light 4 mile an hour winds with that almost comes out of the direct east. they better do it tonight because tonight's the night after that happens to sunrise tomorrow, all of a winds start to pick up again by the afternoon tomorrow we're talking about some gusty winds. maybe we're going to see some gusts as high maybe as much 2030, miles an hour by tomorrow afternoon. and that's where things could get really dangerous by tomorrow afternoon at these winds start to pick up again and they don't have the fire out. the embers are still out there as well. so firefighters have a long night ahead of them tonight trying to fight that fire before things begin to
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calm down the meantime, we're not just seeing the winds there. we've seen really all around the state, the bay area, no exception. some of those winds gusting as high as 35 miles an hour into san francisco today. all courtesy of that area of low pressure that moved through yesterday. the cause some of those storms that is kick to the east now high pressure trying to build in behind it. that ridge generated the winds. looks like things will begin to calm down a little bit and hopefully the weather will start to improve some warmer temperatures on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. guys, back to you. ok, lawrence, thanks very much. a new at 10, a woman behind bars in the santa rita jail. >> after police say she ran from officers in the stolen black suv. you see there crashing into several other cars and by the time officers arrived at first seem she was gone but was later tracked down hiding in a nearby bush with her one year-old baby. police say she appeared to be under the influence and say they found stolen mail and burglary tools in the car. >> a major drug bust in oakland very close to
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mcclymonds high school. that bus landed for alleged fentanyl drug traffickers behind bars. the alameda county narcotics task force is they seize 15 pounds of fentanyl. a kilo of heroin and $139,000 in cash. the sheriff says it is important to note that the school was not a part of the investigation. >> it's that is about 20 yards away the school parking lot area. they believe it was more of a coincidence just picking area that the was heavily traffic so they won't stand up. >> investigators say there is a connection between this bust and last week's major fentanyl busts in west oakland and hayward. today's bus was in oakland city council member carol fyffes district. and she says she's concerned that messaging from police say that the city is not safe and that law enforcement can not protect you may be attracting the foreign criminal element to the city. >> because somewhere somehow
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people have gotten the memo that if you want to do something illegal, go especially coming from the top cops of any local jurisdiction. if that's thu message you're putting out on the media, then it just stands to reason that these types of things would occur anytime activity like this is. >> frankly, anywhere in oakland is far too close or school. so this is and we want to see stop. >> substantiating her concerns. the sheriff says none of the people arrested in this latest bust where oakland residents effect. they say that none of the suspects were even from the united states. the names of the 4 suspects are being withheld as the drug dealing investigation continues. >> there are troubling new numbers. they underline the fact that opioid abuse overdose deaths are not, of course, isolated to the bay area. this is a nationwide crisis. new numbers from the cdc show that someone dies from a drug overdose. every 5 menutes in this country. but
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the agency and medical groups say critical things can be done to save more lives. tom dempsey has details. >> everybody in our area, you know, somebody related a substance abuse issues, some so as a member of the bingo county, west virginia, quick response team, keith blankenship has seen the tragic side of drug addiction about as bad as you perceive it to be a hospital where she is team tasked every day with treating overdoses that he says impact all ages and backgrounds over the last 2 years. he believes the pandemic has made things even worse. we know covid has had a major influence on people's a mental capabilities and they just that they're turning to other solutions. on wednesday, the centers for disease control qualified the crisis last year. the agency says over 107,000 people died of overdoses across the u.s. the highest total ever with fun or
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blamed in over half the cases. it is heartbreaking. >> it's unprecedented in the history of this nation following the release of the report, white house drug policy czar, doctor rahul gupta spoke with news nation will highlighting the impact addiction programs and access to harm reduction tools like fentanyl testing strips emergency overdose treatment and free syringe exchanges could bring to the fight going to be able to meet people where they are offer them that help such as feet meant and make sure that we're able to get the help to people when they need it where the need. for now, keith blankenship remains on the front lines, hoping more help come soon to save more lives. if you generation problem and it's going to take a long time to solve and if we don't start now, so >> that was tom density reporting tonight. the cdc added that some of the fastest rise in drug overdose deaths could be seen in minority communities, particularly among black men.
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>> san francisco voters might be leaning away from progressive policies and towards more conservative. once there is a new poll just out and indicates that more people are talking about funding the police, not defunding cracking down on minor crime and supporting the recall of the san francisco district attorney kron four's ella sogomonian is in our newsroom tonight with a closer look at the poll results l a. >> kevin catherine, san francisco for the last 3 decades or so has been pretty consistently progressive in local politics. >> but according to a new poll by a nonpolitical research group, the tide may be turning emerging from a hard hitting pandemic. the san francisco standard reports more than 1000 registered voters weighed in on local issues. some highlights here. 39% feel less progressive. then back in 2019, 57% support recalling s of dha. somebody who ran on a progressive campaign. a whopping 73% support arrests for minor property crimes and
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a majority support forced treatment for potentially dangerous drug users and compelled shelter for the homeless. plus more than half approve of the work sfpd is doing and would increase city spending on police. former san francisco board supervisor and democrat michael yaki weighed in saying that he doesn't believe people are ditching the democratic party rather. they are showing concern for quality of life. >> car break break into people's homes. you saw that very visible break into at union square and neighborhood shopping areas. so those things hit home to people. and i think that's where they're taking out their frustration and change a greeting at this point. i don't know if it's really conservative. it's more a question the concern about how i live in the city and they go after the person of the identifies as that person, we should be enforcing that part of the law. >> overall yaki isn't surprised by the results and understands the support for cracking down on crime.
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despite lower statistics, presidents are plagued with unsettling crime too often for comfort as voters head to the polls. he says it's typical for republicans to push a tough and crime campaign. so he sees democrats rallying around the opposition to dismantling the federal abortion law. the primary election is on june 7th, but as we just saw, polls are already open. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> thank you, ella. now to a disturbing story out of san jose. authorities say a 3 year-old girl was tortured and killed by her family as they performed an exorcism like ritual. court documents say the girl's family believe she was possessed by a demon. she died inside a small church on second street in san jose. this was september of 20th information about what happened was not made public by san jose police. but newly uncovered court documents show what investigators believe happened. the santa clara county da says the mother said she began to believe that her
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little girl was possessed because the 3 year-old would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night crying or screaming. the child's mother. 25 year-old claudia hernandez was charged february second with felony assault on a child. she is now behind bars with no bail. and we've learned the church is connected to a woman charged with the connect the kidnapping of brandon quay are known as baby brandon taken last month in san jose. merris is reportedly one of the church's members. >> today students at san jose state university rally to demand that the school do more to protect them from assault. this comes after a former university athletic trainer, scott shaw. his picture on your screen was accused of touching female athletes inappropriately san jose state has already paid out thousands of dollars to the whistleblower who came out against shaw rally. organizers say the school needs to do
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more, including fully staffing. the school's title 9 department provide more transparency and quarterly reports and work on rebuilding trust. >> we want them to do a better job. students deserve safety and students deserve to what their rights are and what is jsu is doing to ensure their rights and their safety. >> the school says it is committed to protecting all people regardless of their gender or gender identity from discrimination. we want to go back now to a story we told you about at the top of this newscast. i'm the fast growing wildfire that's burning in southern california. these are live pictures now getting a sense of how widespread the problem is there and what's going on right now. flames you can still see in the night sky reporter john has been covering the story. he joins us live from orange county and has the latest. and john, what do we know tonight?
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>> well, pam, catherine, good evening to you. we can tell you that this fire really exploded in size in just a short amount of time. and at this hour, homes are still burning, including some of those you see behind me. fire officials say they're going to be here all night. the flames moved so fast. they even caught fire fighters off guard. the blaze dubbed the coastal fire chewing through more than a dozen homes in an upscale subdivision of laguna niguel tuesday evening. they got here. that was mainly because the wind was kind of tough to catch the canyon behind these homes. here is pretty steep. >> what started as a small vegetation fire in a lisa wood canyon just east of laguna beach exploding in size within a few hours. the flames fueled by strong coastal winds that board up hillsides, andover fire breaks. >> firefighters in the air and on the ground racing to save homes in the coronado point
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neighborhood as police ordered residents to evacuate the fire fight made more difficult by embers that landed on homes more than a quarter mile from the full thrust of the blaze. some of these older are are pretty good sized. and there's some of >> they broadcast. it came over into the homes so they could be some fire that's around. we are very appreciative that the wind did die so that in our favor for now favorable conditions. but a reminder that california's fire season is now year round. is not something we're used to seeing this time of year or even during these types of conditions. we continue to talk about a fire year. you know that the fuel moisture so low that those fires are taking off and running on. it's unfortunate. i believe this is what we're going to be experiencing over the next several months and the next several years. >> and at last check, we can tell you, fire officials say
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at least 20 plus homes have been destroyed. they say there are likely more. >> pam. catherine, back to you. >> so, john, from our vantage point, it seemed like this thing took off you know, really quickly, but we are not hearing about anyone being injured. is that still the case? >> that's still the case. no injuries reported at this hour. but the full scope of this devastation has not even fully been tallied yet. the fire did, in fact, move so fast that all fire crews could do was essentially hop from hot spot to hot spot to try to put these flames out. basically, as we've seen so many times before with these wildfires, one house catches on fire. you've got that amber cast where the embers travel get into the eves of another home. and then before you know it, you've got 1, 2, 3, 4, houses on fire. firefighters were doing the best they can to try to get on top of this plays. but right now the full scope of that damage has still not been totally realize. so we're likely going to see more
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damage. but to your question, no injuries reported tonight. >> reporting live for us tonight from going go. thank you so much. of course, we're going to continue to update our audience with any new information here on air. and of course, on our website kron 4 dot com. >> all right. president biden and other news on congressional democrats are lashing out at republicans this after bill aimed at protecting abortion rights failed today in the senate as expected. despite the fact of the vote outcome was a foregone conclusion before the vote even happen, it did make the rezone any easier for the democrats to swallow. >> on this vote, the yeas are 49. the nays are 51. the motion is not agreed to. >> again, the final tally was 49. 51 with all 50 republicans and democratic senator joe manchin voting against it. republicans called the bill extreme. democrats asked americans to remember who supported it.
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>> the vote we makes crystal clear. the contrast between the parties as we approach the mid term elections. >> failed show that improve. their own extremist democrats. radical bill is as extreme as extreme >> the supreme court's official ruling on roe versus wade is expected next month. and in the meantime, governor newsom is acting on his promise to protect abortion rights in california. the governor first announced his pledge to protect access to abortion during his rally in los angeles last week, along with a new campaign ad focused on abortion. and today the governor announced plans to add an additional 57 million dollars to his proposed state budget. that money would be spent on abortion and reproductive health care, bringing the proposed total to 125 million. it is expected that women from other states
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would come to california for abortions if the supreme court does overturn roe versus wade. california is one of the 16 states that will make sure abortion will continue. the governor says california will not stand idly by as extremists roll back our basic constitutional rights. we're going to fight like making sure all women, not just those in california. no, this state continues to recognize and protect their fundamental rights. we are following a developing story out of the middle east or a veteran journalist for al jazeera was shot and killed while reporting on an israeli military raid in the west bank happened today. her name is sharena bull okla a respected palestinian american journalist who had been covering the conflict between israel and palestine for years, she was considered a strong voice for palestine. the producer working with her was also shot but survived.
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witnesses say there is no question that train was hit by israeli gunfire. al jazeera is calling it outright murder. israeli officials initially argued it was not clear who was responsible. it last word, though, the israeli government says she was killed by palestinian gunfire. the israelis claim there will be what they call a transparent investigation. >> based on the footage that has been taken by what legal shooting and also based on eyewitnesses and enjoyment as they would with shooting. it's a forte, us that it's a little 2 man to its u.s. as a nation. that doesn't mean you commission as this need go to the left. i want to go to and then to shooting the block. >> and this is a new video or newly surfaced anyway. it is also not making the israeli account any more believable. this was released by an israeli human rights group. its members claim that the man
10:22 pm
in the video are israeli military, both the u.s. and israeli governments say they are determined to get answers. president biden is scheduled to visit israel this summer. >> coming up, as inflation rate stubbornly remain at a 40 year high. president biden announcing his plan to help lower food prices. also covid deaths in the u.s. keep rising. nearing 1 million. what health experts are saying about the latest surge. >> then why experts say people are getting way too close to the sea and sea lion pups. and for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you.
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>> the city of allay has passed a ban on smoking in multi unit residences. that ban will also apply to any place that is open to the general public such as parks and sidewalks. >> well, a whole joins the list of 6 other bay area cities and one county in instituting the multi housing ban on smoking, which is aimed at shielding nonsmokers from sucondhand smoke where they live. california is poised to make changes to what is known as hidden court fees. that means the hundreds of dollars off and tacked onto traffic tickets and minor violations, which can increase the cost nearly tenfold. california has one of the highest late fee rates in the entire country. some people argue that that.
10:26 pm
facts particularly hurts low-income people and people of color. governor newsom proposed budget would cut the fees and half of this could be made by the end of the year. >> coming up next to 10, how a bay area organization is not trying to help fill the gaps left by the nationwide shortage of baby formula. and as we are now nearing 1 million covid deaths in the u.s. doctor. fauci is talking about what might be coming up next. and then a troubling report on government boarding schools signed up for native american children. the trouble and pain which still lingers those stories and more after the break. >> and skies are clearing out now. temperatures going to be chilly, unusually cold for the bay area again tonight. do we have warmer da
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>> we continue to follow the situation in southern california where a brush fire has exploded in size since this afternoon. burning now, some 200 acres approximately 20 homes in the laguna niguel community. these are live pictures. you see the bright flames still running tonight. things are from our sister station, ktla. county fire officials say they have 60 different types of resources battling the flames. residents are being asked to evacuate surrounding areas are being told to limit their use of water. obviously, the fire crews need the water. the
10:30 pm
strong winds earlier today made it quite difficult for the fire crews to extinguish the flames. the crews are going to stay on scene all night. of course, as they continue this firefight. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. >> family to have a choice. >> donor human milk is the next best choice. >> in the wake of a nationwide baby formula shortage. a local milk bank is seeing an increase in demand top floors. gayle ong reports on what they're trying to do to help out. >> major retailers are seeing a shortage of baby formula. this show that this walgreens store in fremont almost empty. a similar scene at the cbs nearby where there is a maximum of 3 containers per customer. the shortage is affecting retailers nationwide. target and walmart are also placing limits on how much customers can buy at one time. meantime, local organizations like mother's milk bank in san jose want to raise awareness about donating
10:31 pm
milk. jonathan batiste is the executive director we're seeing about a 20% increase in demand. >> for donor human milk, it's it's difficult put that on the from the shores because we don't often get that information people request the when they sent a request into the bank, bautista says donors are screened and are tested for infectious diseases. once they pass all of that and we get consent from the mother's physician, the baby position that the mother and baby are both healthy. then you can prove that donor to donate her milk as parents come across shelves like this with very little inventory. >> but he still wants families to know there are other options, families to have a choice. >> donor human milk is the next best choice for those families. if the is it is it doesn't have enough supply or is hasn't been a donor human creates that bridge help feed their babies.
10:32 pm
>> and if anyone is interested in donating milk will post a link on our website. kron 4 dot com reporting from san jose. gayle ong kron. 4 news president joe biden was in illinois today talking with farmers about steps the administration is taking to address inflation. >> the president says russia's invasion of ukraine is to blame for the global spike in food prices, which has translated to higher costs for oil or natural gas and for fertilizer. president biden says the white house is committed to helping american farmers boost their production by doubling funding for domestic fertilizer production. the president also plan to include increasing the number of eligible counties for doubling cropping insurance. that means that farmers can reuse their land for planting in the same year. >> so desperately needed. we can't take chances. feed america. you get to shoot. you got to see pandemic. you're literally the backbone of our country.
10:33 pm
>> president biden's chip comes as the white house continues to battle increasing inflation rates on wednesday. the bureau of labor statistics released a report showing that in april, the consumer price index was up 8.3% from last year. >> to help pay for more water supplies and other expenses tied to the drought. east bay mud says it will charge it. 1.4 million customers and 8% water surcharge. this is the latest step being taken to deal with another dry year. the surcharge is expected to raise about 30 million dollars in the coming year. but east bay mud claiming that really is still only about half of what it needs. the new start to a surcharge is set to take effect july 1st. so we love some rain. but the i don't know that there's any and that's picture time for another check of the forecast. we're looking live here at the golden gate bridge. lawrence is here and he's telling us about the cold temperatures. we've had the last couple of
10:34 pm
mornings. this is also record usually talk to record heat in the afternoon drive. but i mean, we've got some record cold morning lows dropping down the 30's and 40's the last couple of days to show you how unusual the system is. but >> that cold air kind of settling in the last few and bringing with it some unbelievably cold temperatures. san francisco, you tied a record at 46 for an overnight low. that is a cold temperature this time of year. but how about half moon bay right at the coastline? 36 degrees. that was an all-time record at half moon bay with cold temperatures settling in again tonight. could get close. some records, maybe not quite getting there, but yes, still going to be a chilly night ahead. temperatures today still running well below the average in many spots. 59 degrees for a high in san francisco. 64 in oakland, 70 degrees. start to warm up a little bit of san jose. 68 livermore 70 in concord and 69 degrees in santa rosa. but all these numbers again below the average and kirsten, that area of low pressure that brought that colder. but now that low, you can see start to kick to the east now making its way into salt lake city. high
10:35 pm
pressure going to start to nudge its way in here is that ridge begin to fight with this next low and the system coming in think will cause some mild temperatures for tomorrow. again, kind of chilly. start to the day. those overnight lows will be the 30's in the 40's. by day, though, temperatures tomorrow probably going to back off a degree or 2 in spots. 50's and 60's in the san francisco cool 50's up toward the coastline with partly cloudy skies. 60 millbrae. 59 in brisbane. 61 of foster city south enjoying temperatures in the 60's there by the afternoon, maybe some upper 60's in places like livermore and walnut creek about 68 degrees. then eou look at 67 little warmer as you make your way inside the valley. but that is about it like that toward the coastline month cooler, a little breezy, too. and your 10 to 10, much warmer weather on the way on friday and saturday back in the 80's inland. lots of 70's inside the bay cooler 60's out toward the coast. thank you, lawrence. a big story. we are staying on top of tonight. a dark chapter in the nation's history getting peeled back last year. you might remember interior secretary deb haaland ordered an investigation into
10:36 pm
the conditions and treatment at indigenous children's boarding schools in the nation. the schools were dotted all across the country beginning in the early 18, 100's. >> they were mainly funded by the federal government to forcefully assimilate indigenous children. and so far the investigation has discovered at least 500 of those children died in the schools. the researchers say they expect that number to grow a lot as research continues. alexandra limon has details. >> as the federal government moved the country west, they also moved to exterminate eradicate and assimilate wednesday. the department of interior and bureau of indian affairs released the findings of an investigation of the u.s. government's forced assimilation of indigenous people. children. >> were induced are compelled by the federal government. to be brought to the school's records show that between 18, 1919. 69, the government
10:37 pm
funded or operated 408 boarding schools in 37 states or territories. and that about half of those were also funded or run. >> by religious institutions, the schools operated in military like conditions and banned children from using their native languages and cultural practices. when my maternal grandparents were only 8 years old, they were stolen from their parents, culture and communities. >> and forced to live in boarding schools until the age of 13. many children like them never made it back to their homes. we've identified 53 marked. >> were unmarked burial sites and cemeteries for indian children across the system. with more site discoveries expected. the report says the school's focused on vocational training and manual labor. secretary of interior deb haaland says the traumatic system created generational consequences, poverty and loss of wealth. >> mental health disorders and substance abuse.
10:38 pm
>> that was alexandra limon reporting for us tonight. the department of interior is now asking for more money for the ongoing investigation. and it is also calling for the federal government to do more to help revitalize native communities and languages. >> the vta is mild. its first batch of disciplinary letters to workers who refused to get vaccinated according to policy and more letters are expected to be sent out about 50 letters. 2 unvaccinated workers have been sent proposing termination for people who did not get vaccinated by the april 29th deadline. there is an option to apply for a medical or religious exemption. there are enough people facing disciplinary action. that arrangements are being made for hearing officers too help handle all the cases. the hearings could begin next week just a couple weeks before the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting at a at vta railyard in downtown san jose.
10:39 pm
and this is coming as covid infections continue to rise nationwide because of the latest variant alone. there's been no significant hike and deaths. reporter casey stegall has the latest. >> the ba 2 omicron sub variant continues to drive a surge of infections across the country. cdc data published this week shows 43% of new infections last week were due to the sub variant also known as stealth omicron. the northeast is feeling the brunt of new cases responsible for 66% of new covid-19 infections nationwide. despite this, officials say hospitalizations and deaths remain low. thanks to high vaccination rates in current hot spots. we've got a lot of tools in our tool kit to keep ourselves. our families and our community say the u.s. is currently averaging 66,000 new cases daily up from 29,001 month ago. >> despite the growing number
10:40 pm
of infections, states and cities are standing firm and have not reinstated mitigation measures like mask-wearing at this time. if we don't keep our guard up, if we don't do some of the basic things like maintaining a level of testing. >> making sure that we're keeping people vaccinated and boosted. we're going to lose more lives unnecessarily. doctor anthony fauci also reiterated that message and says americans should not let their guard down just yet. i don't think you're going to see. >> all of a sudden one day it's going to be a declaration that the pandemic is over and it's more of an endemic. >> kind of infection that you could live with. >> that was casey stegall reporting. health officials also say the covid surges probably even bigger than the numbers suggest because a lot of infections are no longer being counted at this point. another sign that things are easing a little bit. the european union no longer recommends that masks be worn at airports and on planes.
10:41 pm
those new guidelines will take effect next week. the rules might still vary by airline, but this is considered a big step forward in the normalization of air travel. the change comes after a drop in covid cases which has prompted countries across europe to roll back pandemic restrictions. >> summer travel season approaching and travel. experts say memorial day bookings are surging according to aaa, there are twice as many bookings of flights, hotels and rental cars compared to what they saw memorial day weekend last year. aaa survey 5,000 of its members and found that 79% of them feel comfortable traveling again. 59% said they're ok, taking a commercial flight. it's going to cost a little more, though. aaa says the average cost for a domestic flight for each day over memorial day weekend is about $160 more than it was last year. the tsa meantime, is gearing up for the busy summer travel season. the agency has quadrupled the
10:42 pm
number of employees at the nation's busiest airports and he's ready to shift nearly 1000 screeners from less crowded airports to the busier hubs when they get backed up. airlines are expecting summer travel to reach 90% of the pre pandemic levels. >> still ahead, our coastlines are full of lots of seal and sea lion pups right now. but experts want you to keep your distance. a look at the pumping season problem after the break. >> in sports, the warriors have a rough night in memphis and that's an understatement. sports director jason dumas has details and reactio
10:43 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> all right. i came in today thinking that the warriors were wrap this thing up in 5 shoe. that's wore black today was supposed to be the grisly send off their funeral. draymond green said, bring your hard hat. it's going to be a battle. i was hyped up. i was ready for the war, but boy, this game kill my vibe. mike brown once again filling in for steve kerr was battling covid. we wish him a speedy recovery. john morant still not playing with that knee bruise 1st quarter warriors off to another slow start. but this steph curry stepback 3 made it a six-point game. but
10:46 pm
meanwhile, the anthony melvin. 2 threes in a row. grizzlies take the momentum and it is a 10 point game. 2nd quarter. jordan poole. he hits the 3 with 5.11, remaining. in the quarter. a 17 point deficit turned into a 11 ports. all right. got some momentum. but get this. the following 3 golden state possession. the dream green turnover there that turned into a tie owns 3. dana van looney turnover. that one turned into a melting layup. another draymond green turnover that led to a steven adams layup. plus, the foul dump had 22 turnovers. this desmond bane three-point play makes it a 25 point game. 3rd quarter grizzlies rolling highs. jones. he had a good game. he flips it in. plus the foul memphis with a 33 point lead jones had. 21 now jarron jackson junior from about 30 defeat out. he knocks down the
10:47 pm
3. this isn't the folks. 53 point lead by grizzlies. all draymond green can do it then sit down 51 that trick. why not? this one was over early warriors with a very ugly loss. one 34 95 golden state. they still have a 3, 2, lead in the series, but all the pressure is on them. game 6 this friday at chase center after the game, draymond green was asked about that dancing towards the end of the game. >> you know, one thing i don't respect it is is people who only who only bring it when they win. you know, embrace crowds when you we call those front runners, front runners. you know, we've got. that's all right. it happens. but, you know, the front runner, you know, when when you it
10:48 pm
out, you've got to you've got to be willing to take and not hide from it, not dug from and not run from an embrace. >> i appreciated the crowds and did they brought to the game. if they want live to district wego will come together. >> might be the minority. but i appreciate that don't be a front runner. he never high. never love. all right, guys, hosting the rockies. bottom of the 5th as brandon crawford. that is out of here. overall. it's a 2 run home. run his 5. nothing. he gets a homer and he makes this fan's night giants game check. ice cream check. crawford home run. check. nice one. there. later on lamont wade, junior singles up the middle. gonzalez comes on in to score late night lamonte going to have to change that name. he's raking during the day to 3 more hits today. giants win 7 to one 5th straight win. now hit the road
10:49 pm
for 6 games beginning friday in st. and the a's in detroit taking on the tigers act low. he was fantastic. bottom of the 3rd a's up by 6. he is javier baez down on strikes. low throws 7 shutout innings and struck out 6. bottom of the 5th same score christian the court. so up the middle here comes ramon lauriano 7 run game a's win 9 to nothing that look at take the series on thursday. bucks. celtics game 5. look, warriors fans. they might have had a better than celtics fan tonight. at least the warriors are getting an old fashioned. but we're going from start to finish was never in doubt. the celtics were up by 14 9 in the 4th and they lose right here. this play by bobby porter junior puts them up by one the bucks with 11 seconds left. last
10:50 pm
chance for the celtics. marcus smart. it's his pocket. by drew holiday. milwaukee wins one 10, one. 0, 7, just melt down from the celtics. all righty warriors back on friday. looking to wrap this one up. the pressure is on the hey. we got a championship pedigree. we'll see how it goes. >> that's a look at sports. we'll be ri
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> unfortunately, have seen our numbers rising over the years. there are more sick and injured animals out there needing help. >> popping season is here. that's what they call a time bar. california coastline is really full of my young sea lions and seals. most of them will grow up and do just fine. but some of them will end up needing help. yeah, this year, the marine mammal center says the problem is it. >> people are getting way too close to the animals on the beaches and that is increasing the number of pups that wind up needing care kron four's noelle bellow explains. >> that's the sound of feeding time. it happened several times a day at the marine mammal center home to elephant seals harbor seals and california sea lions who need a little extra care rescue. any sick or injured marine mammal within 600 miles of california coast. and you see the most number of patients this time of year. adam ratner has worked at the center for over a decade.
10:54 pm
>> but he's noticed a shift in recent years as their patient numbers continue to climb. right now, what we're seeing is a lot more animals coming in due to human interaction. unfortunately, people are trying to help and a lot of cases, but they're getting too close to these animals and they can separate them center. nestled in the marin, headlands says negative human interaction with the pups as a growing problem in the bay area. specifically visitors to san mateo marin and sonoma county coast lines are getting too close for comfort. both really fortunate to have lots of wild seals and sea lions that share a shorter, but also just means we have to take a little extra effort to make sure that we're giving them the space they need while enjoying the beaches ourselves. right now is the height of pupping season. the marine mammal center is caring for about 130 patients. that means they're using about 1000 pounds of sustainably caught herring. is feeding stay. >> we go through a lot of ratner says elephant seal pups typically come into the center
10:55 pm
about 200 pounds underweight. they eat at least 3 times a day. many working their way up from a fish eating 5 pounds of herring. each the feedings are led by vets and carried out by volunteers by looking so cute. cuddly volunteers never get too close. so even though we have to be around these animals to help better want to minimize the level of interaction with them. and that way they keep all those wild in staying just as the experts keep their distance inside the center. they want you to keep yours out on the shore to seal and sea lion spend a fair amount of time up on beaches. so just seeing any more out of water doesn't mean it sick. if you see any cuts, scratches or people around it are dogs off leash. that could be a sign that they might have some trauma. >> so that's why you just give us a call. we can send a team of trained experts out there of do they need help? were they just resting and make sure that they get on the right path to recovery. pupping season ends in june. but the center rescues mammals
10:56 pm
in need all year round. >> in sausalito. bellow from 4 games. >> all right. you so key this get one last check of weather before we head out a cold night ahead again tonight. maybe not record breaking this. going to be close, though. we've got some chilly temperatures developing out there already tonight see those numbers really dropping off again. do have a couple of clouds kind of kicking in and warmer air mass start to move into hole. the numbers up just a little bit. so now we've got some 40's 50's out there right now. but likely going to see some of those temperatures dip into the upper 30's, maybe in the north bay as we head into early tomorrow morning. so yeah, there you go about 38 degrees in santa rosa about 42 in livermore to start your day. 41 in the napa valley. so unusually cold start the morning, but then looks like the weather is going to start to improve tomorrow and not going to be a real warm day. it will be mild in most spots and you'll get a little bit warmer inland tomorrow you'll see those temperatures getting close to 70 degrees in the models. started paying some yellow here as you make your way in the central valley and vacaville and fairfield, maybe
10:57 pm
get some 70's there back along the coastline or keep you in the 50's in the next few days. really? everything begins to change of the time. it's good on this friday. look at those numbers. start to warm up very nicely. saturday looks fantastic. some of those numbers getting near 90 degrees by saturday afternoon. cooling off more clouds on the way. come sunday. right now, no more rain. it looks like for at least the next 10 days. thank you >> and that's it for kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. have a good night, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow.
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