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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 12, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> all right. well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news time few now for 29 going on for 38. it's an early one. >> but a good work. we're tracking the forecast. we've been trying to plan into the weekend. it's a nice warm wgekend, john, something and maybe even the beach. yeah. you get for that to maybe that sounds like a not so bad definitely wasn't necessarily the best beach weather so far this week. it's been windy and it's been cool. that's just a >> good weather for jogging is at least further inland, but not so much a beach stuff. golden gate bridge this morning, slaying a little bit. you can see the cameras, at in that wind that is picked up again this morning. we're going to be seeing a breezy start cold front sitting to our north and along at a wine of showers that before it reaches the bay area just really loses steam. we will see a couple of sprinkles in the lake and mendocino county mountains, possibly northern sonoma and napa county mountains as well. rest of us,
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though, just a little cloud cover this morning. and the cool breeze from that cold front that sweeps over head 40's and 50's for current temperatures. tell you head to the north bay. we're back into the 30's areas like petaluma sitting at 36 degrees right now. so definitely off to a frigid field and with winds gusting as high as 20 to 25 miles per hour, all over again. you know, the drill. bundle up. stay cozy. we're off to a cool start. an unseasonably cool day ahead as well with highs in the 60's and 70's today's the last of the colons, though the heat of the weekend is now just around the corner and i'll be getting to that and the rest of the forecast rain. john, thank you for right. let's get a look at the bay bridge this morning at 10 minute drive. if you're traveling from the maze. >> into the city to that prima street exit. well, the san mateo bridge moving at the limit is you're traveling across from a 80 to one o one about 13 minutes. the richmond center fell commute looks nice and light read about a nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes. the
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building where 6 people were killed in the vta mass shooting in san jose was once a space that held pain and tragedy. now it's being reduced to rubble. the process, too demolished, building b is considered a step towards healing. kron four's justin campbell was there. he has that story for us. >> bobcats and heavy construction equipment tore into the water loop. a light rail building otherwise known as building. be. the building used to house valley transportation authorities way power and signal teams, employees and equipment responsible for maintaining the railway infrastructure. but that all changed on may. 26 2021 when a mass shooter opened fire and killed 6 people at the building in all 10 vta employees were killed. the building has been empty since the shooting. eta has
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not finalized plans for reconstruction. and a spokesperson says it will take time before completely demolished. >> it will no longer stand as a painful reminder for the employees who witnessed the tragedy and the families of the 6 people killed there reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> students at san jose state university rally to demand that the school do more to protect them against assault. this comes after a former university athletic trainer, scott shaw was accused of touching female athletes inappropriately. san jose state has already paid out thousands of dollars to the whistleblower who came out against shaw rally. organizers say the school needs to do more, including fully staffing the school's title, 9 department providing more transparency in quarterly reports and work on rebuilding trust. >> we want them to do a better job. students deserve safety and students deserve to what
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their rights are and what jsu is doing to ensure their rights and their safety. >> the school says it is committed to protecting all people regardless of their gender or their gender identity from discrimination. nurses rallied outside the hmc seton medical center in daly city nurses say they're concerned about the year of 2 hospital units that care for elderly patients. wynter says say those units are some of just few in the state that provide skill psychiatric care to geriatric patients in crisis serving patients from as far away as san luis obispo county and yuba county. >> there was no life. the gom. not like. >> well, seton medical center administrators tell us they are undergoing a state mandated seismic retrofit. they had no choice but to temporarily close the unit for approximately for months. in the east bay, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the helicopter to
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crash wednesday morning. it happened at a pg and training facility that was in livermore. 2 people were seriously hurt. kron four's terisa stasio has that story for us. >> take a look at this video. this is from our quad copter 4. the crash happened around the helicopter a bell 4, 0, 7, there was a pilot inside the chopper and a trainee outside multiple agencies rushed to the academy. this is a spokesperson from the livermore fire department. >> there was no fire we're able to quickly actually extricate the pilot from the aircraft and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment. >> kron 4 news contacted and they had this statement. quote, the safety of our cusromers, communities and co-workers is pg e's primary -% responsibility, adding, quote, the helicopter was transporting 2 people. both occupants were transported to area hospitals. there were no
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reports of life-threatening injuries to the occupants nor any injuries or property damage on the ground. again, the fire department, not sure the conditions of the they do all manner training at this facility. so they do align creating an underground train as well. >> it's a comprehensive facility. they've had the fire department out here to teach us about safety as well. they're very real well-run facility. one contacting pg. e we asked for more details about what the exact operation was involving the pilots in the other person but pg e. >> would not elaborate as of right now, ntsb says that they are in charge of the investigation here. livermore theresa kron, 4 news. >> a warning from dublin police. while these look like regular snack maggie's police say their end of all marijuana products recently seized by the department. police say the market is aimed at children and it is clearly a safety risk.
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>> family to have a choice. >> donor human milk is the next best choice. >> well, in the wake of a nationwide baby formula shortage, a local milbank is seen an increase in demand. four's gayle ong has more on what they're doing there to help families. >> major retailers are seeing a shortage of baby formula. this show that this walgreens store in fremont almost empty. a similar scene at the cbs nearby where there is a maximum of 3 containers per customer. the shortage is affecting retailers nationwide. target and walmart are also placing limits on how much customers can buy at one time. meantime, local organizations like mother's milk bank in san jose want to raise awareness about donating milk. jonathan batiste is the executive director we're seeing about a 20% increase in demand. >> for donor human milk, it's it's difficult put that on the from the shores because we don't often get that
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information people request the when they sent a request into the milk bank, bautista says donors are screened and are tested for infectious diseases. once they pass all of that and we get consent from the mother's physician and the baby position that the mother and baby are both healthy. then you can prove that donor to donate her milk as parents come across shelves like this with very little inventory. >> but he still wants families to know there are other options, families to have a choice. >> donor human milk is the next best choice for those families. if the is it is it doesn't have enough supply or is hasn't been a donor huma creates that bridge help feed their babies. >> and if anyone is interested in donating milk will post a link on our website. kron 4 dot com reporting from san jose. gayle ong kron. 4 news. well, the vta has built its first batch of disciplinary letters to workers who refuse to get vaccinated.
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>> according to policy and more letters are expected about 50 letters to unvaccinated workers were sent out proposing termination for those who didn't get vaccinated by april 29th. well, there is an option to apply for a medical or religious exemption. there are enough people facing disciplinary action that arrangements are being made for hearing of officers to handle the cases. the hearings could begin next week just a couple of weeks before the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting at the vta railyard in downtown san jose. infections continue to rise nationwide because of the latest covid-19 variant. but there's been no significant hike in deaths. casey stegall has the latest. >> the ba 2 omicron sub variant continues to drive a surge of infections across the country. cdc data published this week shows 43% of new infections last week were due to the sub variant also known as stealth omicron. the
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northeast is feeling the brunt of new cases responsible for 66% of new covid-19 infections nationwide. despite this, officials say hospitalizations and deaths remain low. thanks to high vaccination rates in current hot spots. we've got a lot of tools in our tool kit to keep ourselves. our families and our community say the u.s. is currently averaging 66,000 new cases daily up from 29,001 month ago. >> despite the growing number of infections, states and cities are standing firm and have not reinstated mitigation measures like mask-wearing at this time. if we don't keep our guard up, if we don't do some of the basic things like maintaining a level of testing. >> making sure that we're keeping people vaccinated and boosted. we're going to lose more lives unnecessarily. doctor anthony fauci also reiterated that message and says americans should not let their guard down just yet. i don't think you're going to see. >> all of a sudden one day
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there's going to be a declaration that the pandemic is over and it's more of an endemic. >> kind of infection that you could live with. >> well, that was casey stegall reporting. well, health officials also say that the covid surge is even greater than these numbers suggest since many infections are being counted at this point. well, in europe, the european union no longer recommends that masks be worn at airports or on planes. new guidelines take effect next week. rules might still vary by airline, but it's still considered a big step forward in the rome allies. ation of air travel. the change comes after a drop in covid cases was prompted countries across europe to roll back pandemic restrictions. coming up next, why experts are saying people are getting way too close to the seals. >> and the sea lion pups on our beaches.
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>> unfortunately, have seen our numbers rising over the years. there are more sick and injured animals out there needing help. >> well, pupping season is here in our california coastline is filled with young sea lions and seals. most will do just fine. but some of them we'll end up some assistance com for the explains. >> that's the sound of feeding
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it happened several times a day at the marine mammal center home to elephant seals harbor seals and california sea lions who need a little extra care rescue. any sick or injured marine mammal within 600 miles of california coast. and you see the most number of patients this time of year. adam ratner has worked at the center for over a decade. >> but he's noticed a shift in recent years as their patient numbers continue to climb. right now, what we're seeing is a lot more animals coming in due to human interaction. unfortunately, people are trying to help and a lot of cases, but they're getting too close to these animals and they can separate them center. nestled in the marin, headlands says negative human interaction with the pups as a growing problem in the bay area. specifically visitors to san mateo marin and sonoma county coast lines are getting too close for comfort, but really fortunate to have lots of wild seals and sea lions that share a shorter. but it also just means we have to take a little extra effort to make sure that we're giving them the space they need while
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enjoying the beaches ourselves. right now is the height of pupping season. the marine mammal center is caring for about 130 patients. that means they're using about 1000 pounds of sustainably caught herring. is feeding stay. >> we go through a lot of ratner says elephant seal pups typically come into the center about 200 pounds underweight. they eat at least 3 times a day. many working their way up from a fish eating 5 pounds of herring. each the feedings are led by vets and carried out by volunteers by looking so cute. cuddly volunteers never get too close. so even though we have to be around these animals don't get a better want to minimize the level interaction with them. and that way they keep all those wild in staying just as the experts keep their distance inside the center. they want you to keep yours out on the shore to seal and sea lion spend a fair amount of time up on beaches. so just seeing in and out of water doesn't mean
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that sick. if you see any cuts scratches or people around it are dogs off leash. that could be a sign that they might have some trauma. >> so that's why you just give us a call. we can send a team of trained experts out there evaluate, do they need help? were they just resting and make sure that they get on the right path to recovery. pupping season ends in june. but the center rescues mammals in need all year round. >> in sausalito. bellow from 4 games. >> they are so adorable. hey, well, we've had good practice about keeping social distancing from others. so let's do the same for the seals in terms of the forecast. john, great weather this weekend to just keep a little bit of distance and admire the nature you go. definitely better weather for getting out there. along the coastline anyways because it has been so cold and so breezy up to this point this week. >> and we're still windy this morning. the flag there right next to the bay bridge here at the embarcadero. little calmer just right now than it was a
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moment ago was a blown around and that steady breeze that were seen working its way in from the northwest this morning. showers to our north and west are really going to lose steam by the time they reach us nothing more than a couple of sprinkles in the lake mendocino and northern sonoma and napa county mountains. the rest of us off to another dry day. just a few clouds passing overhead this morning and we will be seeing just the sprinkles up there along the north coast. the rest of the day after that clears out really nicely. and today is our last of our cool days after this. we're seeing temperatures climbing well into the 80's soon as tomorrow and staying that way through the weekend for inland areas. 70's right alongside the bayshore and looking at likely the return of fog points this weekend, too. now, as far as winds go is going to pick up steadily into the late morning early afternoon, 2025 miles per hour. gusts again. tomorrow should be a notably calmer and warmer one. we're still in the midst of this dip in the jet stream before high pressure builds back in tomorrow. and that results in
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that very quick change of pace that we are in for. so if you like the cool field, today's your last chance to savor 50's at the coast and 60's for most of the rest of the bay burlingame at 63 for your high saying carlos down through mountain view at 66 south bay, temperatures just below 70 san jose, santa clara and cupertino at 67, mostly mid 60's across the east bay. pleasanton 65 in oakland at 63. a few 70's still hanging on in antioch, pittsburgh, fairfield and vacaville while napa and santa rosa in the upper 60's tomorrow, temperatures inland will rise well over 10 degrees. bayshore areas. also a 10 degree bump in temperatures. saturday is going to be hottest of your forecast next week. looks to be steady with sunshine and comfortable and seasonable weather. great. don, thank you for that. ok, let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge about a nine-minute drive out of richmond. >> and the golden gate bridge, 20 minutes traveling from 37 to the tolls. but during the month of may, we are
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highlighting members of the asian american pacific islander community who are making a difference here in the bay area. judge roger chant has been working with young teams. you find themselves in trouble with the law for more than 2 decades. he's also the first openly lgbt asian-american appointed to the san francisco superior court kron four's amanda hari spoke with him about his life and his work. >> judge roger chance spends his days here in the courtroom. he presides over family dependency in juvenile justice cases helping to give young people a chance to start over. i think end of the day, but i will be most proud of. >> the extent to which have had a positive impact in somebody's life for los angeles, judge chan grew up in diverse cultures. his grandfather was a chinese immigrant and his mother of korean descent. he says he grew up a shy kid and hated public. speaking. no one in his family expected him to be
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where he is today. it kind of all put together in law school. and i. >> now this area of law that really feel like an opportunity. >> to make a difference. that area is working with juveniles. judge channel launched his career in law after making his way to the bay area for college attending uc berkeley. and then uc hastings college of law, there is responsibility for everyone. >> involved and tension that young person's life to be a responsible adult to be a role model to provide guidance. judge chance started out as a public defender and san francisco. then in alameda. >> in 2009, he started the east bay children's law offices in alameda in 2016, he was appointed to the superior court by then governor jerry brown. i think i'm being the first. >> asian american on the court is. a tremendous honor and a responsibility to the communities. i think the court
4:52 am
system, the judiciary. is stronger people come to court see that the judges look like them. judge chan says he was lucky enough to have someone to look up to. >> the first chinese american judge in the bay area. justice harry low just as low >> a pioneer for me as asian-american romano. he was actually at my swearing-in ceremony when i became a judge. but i recognize that. i stand on the shoulders of other people created opportunity for me. judge chance as he always remains neutral on the bench. >> but he thinks his experience is a public defender and his cultural background helps him to be a better judge. i think >> that diversity of experience. maybe allows me to see something that someone else really important that people who come to court life. if listen to been seen judge chance as he strives to treat everyone who comes into the
4:53 am
court with dignity and respect. i'm grateful to the community that i serve. i feel very fortunate. we're and in my life. >> amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, a san francisco tradition returns sunday. the bay to breakers race is bad. thousands of people are expected to show up in colorful costumes for the 12 k run since 1912, more than
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2 million people have completed that race. it starts on the east side of the city moves along the panhandle to go to a park and it's at the great highway along ocean beach. the finish line closes at 1 o'clock sunday morning. well, take a look at this. a frightening situation in the sky for florida man who had to land a small plane after the pilot suffered a medical emergency air traffic controllers about an urgent call from the man saying the pilot was too sick, handle the controls and had no idea how to fly a plane. they were able to keep him calm and eventually coached him on how to safely land at the palm beach airport. wow, the passenger was amazing. no word on the pilot's condition. well, coming up in the next hour, the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating a possible shooting out of san leandro force camila barco has all those details in a live report. >> and the fight to keep
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schools open in oakland continues what the city students coalition is accusing the school and the golden state warriors got slammed in last night's game, losing by 40 points. kron four's will tran has reaction to that game. whoever you are. you have a style.
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> happy thursday to you. i'm daria and i'm james and we're waking up this morning to pretty pleasant conditions. nothing stuck stood out to me. i will, you know, stood out to own. >> it very low. yeah. it's like a 3 quarter moon. it was like, alright. kind of hanging over the city as kind of a cool sight to see. john, i noticed the mood too. >> we're still clear. staring at it for a little too starting. but it was a really pretty for sure. and this morning it's lighting us up a little bit. so you've got a pretty good perspective here from your oakland, east bay hills, just looking absolutely beautiful out there this morning. >> does it feel beautiful, though? it's debatable. it's cold and it's windy again. but hey, we've gotten used to that this week. unseasonably cool weather to our north and west. there's your cold fronts and some showers along with it. those showers not packing enough energyma


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