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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 12, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> happy thursday to you. i'm darya and i'm james. we're waking up on this thursday. some really nice clear, sunny conditions already this morning and things are just going to be warmer and warmer as we go towards the weekend high, john, yet feel the warm tomorrow from our last cool day today to some really warm conditions friday, saturday and sunday. >> get ready for that summer feel again today. looks like it. we've got the clear skies, but it is cool out there. so don't let the sun shine deceive. you. we'll also see an increasing cloud cover the middle of the day. see all that rainfall to our north. not to worry. that's not working. it's where direction we will see it fizzling out. by the time it gets here. just a couple sprinkles up in lake and mendocino counties and the sonoma and napa counties. the rest of us just get an increasing cloud cover around lunchtime. clear right back out after that 40's and 50's
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for our current temps, dublin era. 49 oakland, 52 alameda, one of our warmer spots at 55. a little cooler up in the north bay. you pair that with still some breezy conditions, although not as windy as we have been. and we are in for a cool light jacket kind of day talking the warmer weather the weekend. still ahead right now, don, thank you for that, ok, we have been busy on this thursday morning. a 52 minute drive. >> traveling along one, a one. if you're heading from 85 in to menlo park this morning, 82 2.80 and sees much back up as racine along one o one were busy. 20 minutes traveling into the city. we had a traffic hazard along the bay bridge right near that treasure island exit, 80 westbound. that's clear. still seeing residual delays from that. the san mateo bridge. 22 minutes. we had an earlier accident along one. 0, one that started slowing down just a bit. there. so factor that in as you're traveling highway 4.31. minutes traveling from any act into concord's to 42 darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot at 8, 0, one.
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and breaking news from overnight. the alameda county sheriff's office investigating a shooting in san leandro. yeah. crawford screen the bar code on the story for us live in the newsroom with what we know so far this morning. coming up. >> then they tell us that a man has been so shot in a san leandro neighborhood. now he is alive and police are trying to get more information about what happened from him. you're taking a look video from the scene. according to a witness, someone shot that man in the chest, how it happened around midnight and police responded to caroline street near wellington way where multiple deputy car surrounded the neighborhood. this is just off of highway 5.80, near fairmont terrace park where there's plenty of homes in this area. now, deputies blocked off the streets with crime scene tape. they canvassed the scene for any clues that they could find. and the alameda county sheriff's office had been there said around midnight when the shots rang out games. we have reached out to the sheriff's office to find out if they're still looking for
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the shooter. and once we have more information about this case, we'll bring you the latest for now. back to you. >> ok, thank you. it's 8, 0, 2, we want to take you live now to southern california. this is laguna and you can see the homes that have been destroyed by fire already 20 of them in this wildfire that broke out because of the winds that were whipping in about 30 miles an hour. and these are huge. manchin says you can see now in the daylight and without the fire actually consuming, then we can just see the incredible loss. such a lot of them just reduced to just >> skeletons of what they used to be. fire first broke out about 2.45 in the morning or in the afternoon yesterday in the woods canyon, which is sort of nearby. but it really was the winds. they had some really gusty winds that blew the embers over to this neighborhood and drop them on the ruse of some of these houses. and you can see just how random it was. some houses just fine. and then the house right next door completely gutted by fire and so
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obviously firefighters are going to be on hand for the rest of the day today. stamping out any hot spots that might still be burning in the rubble and evacuation orders are still in place. not going to let anybody near this neighborhood. look at the size of some of these houses near the senate labor hoods until they know for sure that it's safe. let's go to carlos herrera for the latest. >> it really is heartbreaking to see the devastation and destruction caused by the coastal fire. this gated community, the car, not a point in laguna niguel got by far the biggest impact you can see one of the more than 20 homes that were either damaged or destroyed. this one here, just the front part of it still standing. still some hot spots burning and some embers flying around as well. just to give you clear perspective of what's going on here with this fire. many homes right next door also damaged or destroyed. here's one of them. take a look. you can see this one here. burned to the ground. nothing left of this. we've seen some firefighters focusing on this home in another one next door to try
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put out these hot spots are big concern here today is those embers flying? right across the street sparking other fires at near by holmes. i spoke with a firefighter just a few moments ago. he says it's incredible to think that this small vegetation fire caused this much impact because the winds weren't as bad as they expected. but still cause such a big destruction in this area. what started? as a small but haitian fire yesterday afternoon and at least a wood canyon just east of laguna beach exploded in size in just a few hours. the coast of meyer has now burned nearly 200 acres. the flames fueled by strong coastal winds that roared up hillsides and over fire breaks at least 20 multimillion dollar homes have been destroyed or damaged. many of them burned to the ground. also, some vehicles have been destroyed. the city
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of laguna beach has now proclaimed a local emergency and evacuation order now in place for parts of laguna niguel. you can see this firefighter here putting out the hot spots at this home, which we showed you just a few moments ago. the big concern is that this take a look across the street. homes that appear to be okay. no damage, no destruction. so they don't want these embers to spark fly across. and damaged these homes that are still standing. as of now, we do know at the fire remains under investigation in terms of what caused it. and there are no injuries to be reported. i'm carlos that i'll send it back to you guys. 8, 0, 6. and happening today, the 2 people charged with kidnapping a 3 month-old baby in san jose are back in court. >> jose por and yesenia ramirez face multiple charges including home invasion and kidnapping. they're accused of taking the child baby. brandon quay are from his grandmother who was and her home and she
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was unloading groceries when the child disappeared. this was 2 weeks ago. the last time appears in court. the judge didn't set bail or address that put areas of the back in court to talk about that today. >> well, in the east bay, a family who owns coin shops are frustrated. the thieves have been targeting their stores. sherry and her daughter jennifer on the martinez coin and jewelry store and another shop as well. and they say thieves have tried to break into both twice. now in the last couple of months. and this is surveillance video showing one of those attempts, the thieves luckily weren't able to get in so they didn't steal anything. but they did quite a bit of damage in their efforts. and the owners say that that's costing a lot of money. her daughter, in fact, reached out to the other shop owners in the area to see if they've been dealing with the same problemrand she found out, no, they're not. it seems the their stores, the only one dealing with this. >> if this keeps happening, is it really worth keeping stores open? you know, it's costing us justin re fortifications alone in the last 3 years and
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probably spent 20 or 30 grand trying to make it harder for these guys to get in. and somehow each time into it and you know, they're good or what this so to another business owner today, they have someone drive stolen eufaula track through the front of their building to get in. >> so problems and fat for that reason. the families organized a meeting now with city leaders and some of the other shop owners to talk about solutions. that meeting is set for monday. the 16th and it will be held there at their store and a layup. >> i was awful. and no much better game play promises. that really the better friday. tomorrow is their next game. and that's when they could be headed to the western conference finals. if they can finally to specially the grizzlies who all them yesterday say doing better should be an easy task because the bar set after that last game. it was kind of embarrassing to watching. those are my words. those are the words of like steph curry and klay thompson. >> kron four's will tran is
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standing by live in the city reacting as well this morning. and will are you still in the upset phaser? he moved on to acceptance and we're moving forward and he the stages of grief air. >> warriors fans, i have to say they probably are happy to be where they are because they could have easily lost game 4 at the chase center. they were down most of the 4th quarter and then came back and in game 5, the memphis grizzlies, they mauled the warriors. i mean, who were those guys on the court? they should be charged with impersonating nba players. and i think they when to that, forget about looking at game film, shout out to our co-worker josh reed. they should just burn that game film. but for the state sake of posterity, we want to show our fans exactly what happened. and it was not pretty from the very beginning. the grizzlies led pretty much from beginning to end. at one point they were up. 55 points. the warriors midway through the 3rd quarter down. 46 points.
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>> klay thompson and the rest of the starters simply pulled at that point. why risk injury when they know it was just a laughable game for them? they showed up. they had barbecue in memphis, which is famous for barbeque and blues and then just got back on the plane waking up this morning back in the bay area heading to practice and scratching their heads wondering what truck hit them at fedexforum klay thompson, steph curry. the rest of the gang say we will remember this, but we will also forget about game 5. >> playoff us know who prepared for anything short memory. still in control of the series. you know, to date on we playoffs and saying, you always say it's not just going to go in on this because you have to understand that just as we have to there's my physicality. protecting the by and possessions. we'll be into this state.
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>> they had better be in good shape because if they lose game 6 is back to game 7 in memphis and they will lose home-court advantage. the warriors, i mean, they can say they want, but they should have won that game, especially with the grizzlies, not having their best player on the court. john morant. i mean, he's from pretty much done for the rest of the series because of a bone bruise. no watch party because the game is at the chase center tomorrow. hopefully the warriors will show up because if not, we'll have to pack their bags and head back the memphis. back back to you. all right. thank you. well, >> it's 8.11. and still ahead on the kabul morning news governor newsom is adding to plan to protect abortion rights in california. we'll tell you what he is going to do. and president biden to try to help farmers struggling because of inflation. he's on the road. we'll check in with him on tour and get a live report on the latest. plus, after the break, san francisco schools are going to be recognizing juneteenth as an official school district holiday. and today going to be a nice one. our last of the
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cool days before the big warm up this weekend, highs only in the 60's for most of the bay today. >> we'll be breaking down exactly what to expect these next several days. all still ahead. >> and if you slow spots and delays out there on our highways, we'll take a look at that. once we get back from break. panera chefs have crafted a masterpiece... succulent, seared chicken... a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave you... speechless. panera's new chef's chicken sandwiches. $1 delivery fee on our app.
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>> a 14 and new this morning, san francisco board of education approved a resolution to make juneteenth a district holiday juneteenth. june 19 celebrates the day in 18. 65 when african americans in galveston, texas, learned that they were freed in the emancipation proclamation 2 years earlier that was written and they just found out on june 18th. and so that is why it is now, martin, it will be a holiday in the san francisco school district. students are going to end their school year on june. first, though, this year, but the district year-round services are going to be closed on monday, june 20th in observance of juneteenth. that's not new all right. let's find out about the weather this weekend. if you've got any plans, bay to breakers, let's say if you're going be out watching us or sporting events. >> going to be gorgeous. so perfect the city on saturday to for bay to breakers. i saturday, right? know if
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there's sunday may 15th just as whole weekend is going to be warmer. yeah. the whole week is going to be beautiful. i'm glad you guys told me you to avoid it if you don't want to be. and exactly. exactly. but yet whether it's friday, saturday or sunday doesn't matter. it's all warming up. all going to really nice and clear. >> today we are seeing a few clouds passing across the day and today is the last of the cooler days of your forecast. some showers to our north up in lake and mendocino counties may see a couple of those sprinkles reaching as far south as the mountains of sonoma and napa counties. but the bay area going to stay dry from this one. we will see an increase in cloud cover towards the middle of the day. that's late morning through your noon hour on into early afternoon. after that, we'll clear things right back out, though, today. if you like the cool feel, enjoy it. take the job. go on the walk. enjoy that. nice. cool. feel to today. the unseasonably cool weather. we've enjoyed as friday saturday sunday getting warm towards the coast. it
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will stay cooler on these days. but our inland areas, especially saturday are about to get really warm. now as far as winds go not as windy today, but winds will pick up later on, especially into the evening tonight and then tomorrow should be a bit of a calmer one. tomorrow's were any sort of winds become a little welcome because we start to see the warmer temperatures. so that breeze, even if it's just a little one, will actually provide some relief. high-pressure ridge builds in tomorrow, replacing the cooler air mass that has brought us mild weather all week long. so far. so the change really occurs from today into tomorrow. that's going to be the big difference. today's highs in the 50's near the coastline and 60's for most of the rest of the bay burlingame at 63 saying carlos, their mountain view each at 66 south bay, temperatures in the upper 60's with san jose at 67 temperatures in the east bay mid to upper 60's as well. oakland, a nice cool 63 for you. some low 70's from antioch, pittsburgh, up to vacaville and 50's out towards
8:18 am
the coastline from today into tomorrow. full 10 degrees warmer on average for inland areas from the upper 60's and low 70's to the low 80's tomorrow in nearing 90 for those same spots come saturday base shore areas. beautiful this weekend, solid 70's and near the coastline. some 60's and comfortable for bay to breakers on sunday. reyna. john, thanks for that. 80 is starting to pick up in terms of traffic the air. so if you're traveling. >> from sailing and rose to 38 down to milpitas, it'll take you about 35 minutes to make that drive this morning. the bay bridge heading into the city about 20 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. no accidents. we have. and earlier hazard that has since been cleared. richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o one. 14 minutes for your drive as you're traveling. let's get a look at 6 80's and doubling down to fremont about 20 minutes for your drive. you can see some delays if you're traveling through the pleasanton area and the south bay along one. 85 towards menlo park around 15 minutes
8:19 am
of definitely busy thursday commute darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot, ryan, 18 and you may not know this, but there is a baby formula shortage nationwide and a local food. right. now food. well, food for babies, a milk bank. it continues to see a shortage. this is where moms who are nursing can actually donate milk. and as you can see, if you want to buy formula, hard to find. this is a store in fremont, walgreens and it's empty. they're limiting customers at some stores because they want to know to go around and local organizations like mother's milk bank in san jose want to raise awareness about donating milk and helping. >> we're seeing about a 20% increase in demand for donor human milk. it's it's difficult put that on the from the shores because we don't often get that information people request the when they send a request into the milk bank. >> if you're interested in donating milk, we have a link on our website. go to kron 4
8:20 am
dot com. it's 8.19 and president biden is taking his message on the road about how to tackle inflation. yeah, fact, he would just visited a farm in illinois where he outlined what he's doing to try and help washington correspondent reshad hudson explains. good morning. for many americans, inflation continues to be their reality. president biden says his administration is taking aggressive steps to fix it. but republicans say the white house isn't moving fast enough. >> i stand here today. >> thank you. american farmers who are the who are the bread basket of democracy. >> while touring a family farm in illinois wednesday, president biden told farmers he wants to increase their production by cutting out red tape. right now, america's fighting on 2 fronts and home. this inflation and rising prices, a broad jump in ukraine defend their democracy to support them. the administration will increase the number of counties that can get insurance for double cropping or for planning a second crop on the same land
8:21 am
in a single year. the feed america, you've got to see pandemic. you're literally the backbone of our country on capitol hill, new york congressman hakeem jeffries says fighting inflation is a top priority for democrats. we're focused on doing the work. >> lowering costs for everyday americans, but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says this is a problem of making their mistakes or inflation has hit america much harder. and other developed countries. inflation is already shaping up to be one of the biggest issues in this year's midterm elections. reporting in washington, reshad hudson, back to you. >> thank you. reshad a 21 on the clock and coming up on the kron 4 morning news may. 26 will mark one year since that mass shooting at a vta facility in san jose will tell you what the agency is doing right now to take a step towards healing. and after the break, a court finally ruling on california's semiautomatic weapon ban. we're going to
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8:25 am
crash did at was an apg training facility that went down. the pilot and the passenger were seriously hurt. fire officials say they are investigating and so is the ntsb. the apparently one of them that not the pileup at the passenger was doing a training exercise for pg and e and so both of them were hanging on from the helicopter when it went down. we'll let you know. they're both in the hospital right now. we don't have their conditions. in the south bay, the vta building where 6 people were shot and killed in a mass shooting. our that building is now being torn down. as you can see, the demolition is currently in progress. it's been a a couple of weeks of working on this end. it's almost one year since the shooting happened. the guadalupe light rail building, which is also known as building be. it's been empty ever since that tragic shooting crews started tearing it down yesterday. a spokesperson for vta says that
8:26 am
it's going to be some time. it's going to take a while to completely demolish that building. and they're still working on final plans for reconstruction. >> to the east bay now where police have arrested a man suspected of being a member of a retail theft ring. in fact, more than $700,000 worth of merchandise was found inside of a home in pittsburgh. and these are some of the pictures the chp took showing the merchandise they recovered. the stolen goods included items from cvs target. sunglass hut, macy's and a whole host of other stores. during the investigation. the chp also discovered that the suspected thief had least several storage units nearby. so they went took a look and inside, they say they found even more stolen merchandise. they're trying to return that stuff. the rightful owners. well, the u.s. appeals court has ruled that california's ban on the sale of semiautomatic weapons to adults under 21 years old is unconstitutional. they say the law violates the second amendment. members of the firearms policy coalition which brought this case to the
8:27 am
court says that they are more optimistic now that other age based gun bans throughout the nation will now be overturned as well. >> it's 8.26. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news leaders across the state are debating how to spend california's budget surplus. why some cities say that they need some money back. >> and a lawsuit has been filed by students, parents and teachers in oakland against the school district for closing schools. coming up in a live report, we'll hear from the group all about what law they believe the district broke.
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>> 29 right now and we're checking out the weather. it is beautiful out are fake window. yeah, that's real. i mean, really was shopping just got the very same one is beautiful of you out there, john. it is. the sunshine looks pretty good this morning. it is feeling still kind of chilly, but the sun is making quick work of this coal dust of temperatures no longer in the 30's up in the north bay. there are some showers up into lake and mendocino counties, as you can see on radar, zooming in on the bay. a lot quieter comparatively couple of sprinkles possible for the mountains of sonoma and napa counties, especially later this morning. >> but this cold front that's sliding isn't packing enough of a punch for that rain to make. it's where direction we will see some clouds moving over head towards the middle of the day around lunchtime. then skies clear back out.
8:31 am
quickly later on, current temps are mostly in the 50's alameda at 55 oakland at 52. some 40's up in the north bay. we are pairing that with breezy conditions. so make sure to get the long sleeves, light jackets on today. it's our last of our cool days before the warmth of the weekend, which i'll get to still ahead. rain. >> thank you for that, ok, we have a few delays to tell you about like this accident along one. 0 one. this is in redwood city. so southbound one, 0, one at woodside road. you definitely are seen a few issues. one lane is blocked the air over here in hayward, southbound 8.80, in west winton is pretty backed up at this hour. traveling into the city is taking about 25 minutes to make that drive in reach that 3 months, the exit from the maze and then the san mateo bridge about 25 minutes because of just delays that were seen along one. 0, one darya. james, back to you. thank you, renay. 31 in the east bay, the fight to keep schools from closing in. oakland continues. now the city student coalition is
8:32 am
calling the school board now saying they didn't follow the proper rules when voting to close the school. and that group of students is officially file a complaint now against district kron. 4 sarah stinson has the latest from the newsroom. sarah. >> hundreds of people in oakland have been trying for months to stop the school district from closing schools. and now a lawsuit has been filed. but those a part of justice for oakland students, coalition, it was filed in alameda county district court claiming the school district violated the california environmental quality act. the coalition is a multiracial group working to increase equity for low-income students of color in oakland. now these families are seeing on your screen. they've been protesting oakland unified's decision to close 7 schools merged to others and eliminate grades at 2 middle schools within the next 2 school years. yesterday's filing aims to prevent that from happening. justice for oakland. students is usd failed to perform the required environmental analysis to determine whether closing schools, what further harm
8:33 am
low-income black and brown communities. the lawsuit claims these closures will significantly affect the environment, especially for kids as many as 2 walk or bike to their neighborhood schools. now they'll be forced to either walk very dangerous distance or force a commute to a further school and by car. the coalition argues the increase miles families will be driving will negatively impact the environment. the coalition says they asked the school district about this during all the meetings and everything and now they should be held accountable for breaking the law. an effort to close schools quickly. >> during the school closure process, which is that it's not environmentally safe for to be transferred to schools far from their their own home address. and so in the case of parker and in the case of community day as well as last billy to we believe that there is enough evidence for the district to pas this restarted
8:34 am
here to the legal requirements. >> the aclu is also issued its own complaint with the california attorney general in april saying the closures violate black students fundamental right to equal education. now the oakland school board has not responded to this lawsuit yet, nor has admitted to not doing an environmental analysis that something will aim to get at least response this morning and into the afternoon. for now, i'm sara stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to thank sara. >> time now is 8.34, and also in the east bay, the santa unified school district has voted to rename wilson elementary school. they're going to call it now. whole can elementary and hall can is an area in sandy and or that was the homeland of local indigenous the principal thought it was fitting. he says it represents the district's mission for equity and inclusivity. governor newsom is acting on his promise to protect abortion rights here in california, the governor first announced his pledge to protect access to
8:35 am
abortion during his rally in la last week, along with a new campaign ad focused on abortion rights. he announced plans to add an additional 57 million dollars to his proposed state budget yesterday. and he says it will be spent on abortion and reproductive health care bringing the proposed total now towards that effort to 125 million dollars. it's expected that women from other states could very well come to california to receive abortion services. if the supreme court does overturn roe v wade, california is one of the 16 states that will make sure abortion access continues. and the governor went on to say, as you can see on the screen here, quote, california will not stand idly by as extremists roll back our basic constitutional rights. we're going to fight like making sure that all women, not just those in california know that this state continues to recognize and protect their fundamental rights. time now is 8.35. and the north bay covid is on the rise in marion county. >> the numbers have tripled in the last 6 weeks because of the omicron subvariant rain.
8:36 am
county health officials say the sub variant ba 2 is now the county's dominant strain. and even though the covid cases are up, there has not been a rise in hospitalizations or deaths. experts are saying that this subvariant is 25% more infectious. them the first main omicron variant that drove california's winter covid surge. the vta has mailed its first batch of disciplinary letters out to workers who have your refused to get their covid shots about 50 workers were informed about this. they could face termination because they didn't get vaccinated by the deadline, which was april 29th. there is an option to apply for a medical or religious exemption. and because there are so many people they actually are making arrangements right now to have hearings conducted with the people that have these covid outstanding covid cases. the hearings could begin next week. it's a 36. and still ahead on the ground for morning news.
8:37 am
>> it's the season for seals popping season. local marine experts are telling us what you need to do. if you see a seal on the and after the break all month long, we've been spotlighting members of the asian american pacific islander community making a difference in the bay area. and this week we speak to a judge roger on his historic 4th in the community. >> and today looking like a nice one. it is the last of our cool one. so expect highs mostly only in the 60's. starting tomorrow, we're going to turn those 60's and the 70's 80's your forecast ahead. >> then as traffic continues to pick up, you are seeing a few delays. we have an updated look at those drive times. once we get back from break.
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>> we're back at 8.40, the city of vallejo has passed a ban on smoking in multi unit residences. that band will also apply to any place. it's in the open. so we're talking anything open to the general public parks, sidewalks, even is joining at least 6 other bay area cities and one county in instituting the multi housing ban, which is an attempt to shield nonsmokers. from the second hand smoke where they live. at a 40 california. also poised now to make changes to its hidden the
8:41 am
court fees, the hundreds of dollars that's often tacked on to traffic tickets and minor violations can increased court costs 10 fold. california has one of the highest late fees fleet fee rates in the nation. and some argue that fact, particularly hurts people of color more than anybody else. governor newsom's proposed budget would cut those fees and half a decision could be made by the end of the year. >> a san francisco tradition returns on sunday. it's the bay to breakers race. thousands. tens of thousands of people are going to show up. >> a lot of them in costume. some of them not. 12 k run. so that's how far you have to make. and there is a big hill, by the way, his cell and they since 1912, more than 2 million people have completed this race and it starts on the east side of the city. then it goes through the panhandle, the golden gate park and then ends up along the great highway. >> along ocean beach, which is going to be just beautiful on sunday. >> it's always a little chilly. you know, when to start early as you start
8:42 am
really early. >> although in leicester rated, you're not certain when the front. so it might be ok by the time you get one and most of us get going. we'll be right back. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers,
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♪ ♪ this is awesome for help pany type of plant, next. especially for a beginning gardener. [ barks ] - yeah? i think he likes them. create a season full of celebration. your happiest spring starts at lowe's. >> a 44 and popping season is here. and our california coastline is filled with young sea lions and seals. most can
8:45 am
grow up healthy on their own, but some need a little help from there. friends at the marine mammal center in rent. they say the number of pumps that are caring for has gone up this year. in fact, right now they have 130 that they are helping out. and they say that's because people keep interacting with the mammals on beaches. adam ratner works of the center is says a lot of people think that they're helping and they're not. you know, if you're safe local from san mateo county marin, sonoma county those people of coming into contact with them and if they want to help, but by touching them, you're not helping. he says, even though we have to be around these animals to help better want to minimize the level interaction with them. and that way they keep all those wild instincts to susan ci and spend a fair amount of time up on beaches. so just seeing an animal out of water doesn't mean that sick. >> if you see any cuts, scratches or people around it are dogs off leash. that could be a sign that they might have some trauma. so that's why you
8:46 am
just give us a call. we can send a team of trained experts out there. the center says the cost to take care of all. the pups continues to go up as well. >> and inflation is, you know, make it even more difficult, obviously. but so don't you know, see the fish costumes to feed them. and that so don't touch them. they say, you know, is that they're so >> they put season last year, june. so you'll see them out there on the beaches between now and then. and i suspect a lot of folks, especially those living inland, want to head to the beach this afternoon. yeah. and you'll see him up on the rocks with can i make it last when that's not now morning, john. >> they don't sound the for sure. and great weekend for getting closer to the coastline because he's been so windy and so cool this week. i don't think too many of us have at least made a lot of an effort to get closer to the coast. the weekend, though, as it heats up inland, you may want to be doing so golden gate bridge. sure does. look nice. we have a few showers to our north this morning. looks kind of intimidating like that
8:47 am
would be working its way down our direction. but it actually loses steam before it does so. lake and mendocino counties are seeing some rain and even mountain snowfall. really? it's just sonoma and napa counties. the very northern mountains up there that will be seeing any chance of sprinkles. rest of us staying dry for your thursday. just some cloud cover moving overhead towards the middle of the day. skies clear out. really nice. come the afternoon and tomorrow we'll start to trend of sunny and a really warm weather friday, saturday and sunday seeing temperatures climbing well into the 80's 60's out towards the coast. 70's right along the bay. now we are still breezy today. winds will actually pick up towards the tail end of the day. nothing like the winds we had at the start of the week but breezy enough paired with those cooler temperatures that you will want the jackets ready to go tomorrow. any sort of when we have a lot actually be a relief as temperatures will start to get pretty warm as this high pressure ridge builds in replacing the cool mild air mass that's been in place throughout the week. so far. as for temperatures
8:48 am
today, 50's at the coastline. pretty solid 60's elsewhere. we'll still touch the 70's for only a few spots for this and so very much so like yesterday, breezy at times, plenty of sunshine, especially towards the latter afternoon and temperatures that are well below average. the 60's are going to be in short order after today. so do enjoy him if you've enjoy the cool feel, antioch, pittsburgh, up to vacaville your spots in the 70's elsewhere, as we've noted, pretty solid 60's tomorrow as temperatures rise well over 10 degrees inland from the upper 60's today to the low 80's tomorrow. even further climbing inland towards saturday will near 90 degrees for some spots. bayshore cities in the 70's this weekend and coastal areas in the 60's rain, john, the that we've been actively following an accident along one, 0, one in redwood city. so. >> southbound one want to read would road and you can see the delay. they are seen back passing carlos, that pass foster city. so you might want to take to 80 or 82. if you're trying to navigate around
8:49 am
those delays along one on one heading into the city right now about 23 minutes. residual delays from an earlier hazard and just travel time for people heading into the city this morning, richmond center fell bridge tolls to one. 0, one you had about 14 minutes there. we'll see any hazards now we do have an accident. this is the south bay. long to 80 just north of 17 down there. about 23 minutes. if you're traveling from a one. 0, one across the air to cupertino. 85 along 2.80. let's check on highway 4 busy in the earlier out morning hours. now we're back down to under 20 minutes for your drive. if you're traveling from antioch in to conquer the kraken, down towards the maze, about 30 minutes for you to make it there. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot rain. a 49 and during the month of may, we're spotlighting members of the asian american pacific islander community making a difference in the bay area. yeah. and judge roger chan has been working with young teens who found themselves in trouble with the law for more
8:50 am
than 2. >> decades. and also he's the first openly lgbt asian-american appointed to the san francisco superior court and kron four's amanda hari spoke with him about his life and his work. >> judge roger chance spends his days here in the courtroom. he presides over family dependency in juvenile justice cases helping to give young people a chance to start over. i think end of the day, but i will be most proud of. >> the extent to which have had a positive impact in somebody's life for los angeles, judge chan grew up in diverse cultures. his grandfather was a chinese immigrant and his mother of korean descent. he says he grew up a shy kid and hated public. speaking no one in his family expected him to be where he is today. it kind of all put together in law school. and i. >> now this area of law that really feel like an opportunity. >> to make a difference. that area is working with
8:51 am
juveniles. judge channel launched his career in law after making his way to the bay area for college attending uc berkeley. and then uc hastings college of law, there is responsibility for everyone. >> involved and touching that one person's life to be a responsible adult to be a role model to provide guidance. judge chance started out as a public defender and san francisco. then in alameda. >> in 2009, he started the east bay children's law offices in alameda in 2016, he was appointed to the superior court by then governor jerry brown. i think i'm being the first. >> asian american on the court is. a tremendous honor and a responsibility to the communities. i think the court system, the judiciary. is stronger people come to court see that the judges look like them. judge chan says he was lucky enough to have someone to look up to. >> the first chinese american
8:52 am
judge in the bay area. justice harry low just as low >> a pioneer for me as asian-american romano. he was actually at my swearing-in ceremony when i became a judge. but i recognize that. i stand on the shoulders of other people >> create opportunity for me. judge chance as he always remains neutral on the bench. but he thinks his experience is a public defender and is cultural background helps him to be a better judge. i think >> that diversity of experience. maybe allows me to see something that someone else really important that people who come to court life. >> can listen to been seen judge chance as he strives to treat everyone who comes into the court with dignity and respect. i'm grateful to the community that i serve. i feel very fortunate. where and >> amanda hari kron, 4 news. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. >> 8.55, let's have baseball. the judge closed out the series with the rockies at oracle. and let's take you the bottom death. brandon crawford. he gets all this one that one of the water. but over the county, that was a 2 run home run that brought the score to 5 to nothing. the end, the giants would win it. >> 71 for their 5th straight
8:56 am
win over the rockies are going to be on the road now for 6 games beginning friday in st. louis. and the a's were in detroit. and boy, did they take care of the tigers at look fantastic on the mound. >> he threw 7 shutout innings. struck out 6 and with the act, the a's shut out. the tigers, the final there was 9 to nothing and the look to take that series today. it's a 56. and coming up with a couple of morning news. >> more sports. the warriors got. >> love all. it was bad. >> klay thompson admits it was bad but says look forward to and the alameda county sheriff's office investigating possible shooting in san leandro. we're going to have what we know in a live report. plus, we've been live all morning long in southern california. looking at the devastation from a wildfire in laguna.
8:57 am
8:58 am
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♪ ♪ wait and see ♪ ♪ shadow down ♪ ♪ fall into line ♪ ♪ you're out of time ♪ >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no good morning and thanks for waking up with us and 9 o'clock. i'm darya and i'm james. we've got john standing by with a look at our forecast. rain will give us a traffic update here in half a minute. but we've got to talk about >> the weekend and how warm it's expected to be. yeah, which is good and bad. good for us. bad for southern california. one of the big stories is the fires that they
9:00 am
have going down there in laguna. we're going to get to that >> in a few minutes. but john, for us, it's just going to be gorgeous. it is. yeah, those temperatures this weekend. welcome for those of you that thought this week was a little too chilly. hopefully we can get that fire under control in southern california before the heat builds for them. just like it is about to for us to. >> today is the last of the cool days. and as you can see, skies are nice and clear for for the time being at least we are seeing a cold front to our north. that's already resulting in some light showers for both lake and mendocino counties and a lot of rainfall behind that to it's not going to sweep its where direction losing steam by the time it does so. so aside from a couple of sprinkles in the mountains of sonoma and napa counties, the bay area's just going to see some cloud cover is moving overhead the middle of the day and then skies clearing out after that. as we've mentioned, today is the last of the cool one. so if you like the cool feel, get out there, enjoy it is going to be pleasant. feel 50's for most of our current temperatures. few 40's still hanging on the map. you pair that with the


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