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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 12, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news up to shocking this is i think any parent's worst nightmare. >> new details and new charges tonight in the kidnapping of a 3 month old baby boy in san jose. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 8. i'm pam moore and i'm vicki liviakis in for ken wayne. the 2 people charged for kidnapping baby brandon quay are were back in court today. use an yet ramirez and jose por sat in court one in front
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of the other, never making i can contact with one another. the judge would not set bail today because added charges, but remember, is and party or scheduled to be back in court on june 7th. prosecutors say those added charges come from prior attempts to kidnap baby brandon parker first gayle ong joins us now live in the studio with details on those charges. scale. >> vicki, tonight, we're learning there were several other attempts to kidnap baby brandon, the santa clara county district attorney's office says he has areas. and jose for t o first tried to kidnap a be brandon when he was just one month old, according to the da's office, the first attempted kidnapping happened on march 14th. that's when post as a child services protective services worker who was there to take custody of the baby. the family was suspicious and refused to give up brandon and call child protective services agency stated they did not send anyone to the famiky's home to take the child. the second
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attempt happened on march. 28, the da says that's when the defendants tried to kidnap branded at a local walmart. the da says they plan to exchange shopping carts with the child's grandmother but were unsuccessful. and there are another attempt was made to take brandon at the walmart that happened on april. 25th later that same afternoon this happened. por walked into the house where baby brandon was and walked out with him as his grandmother was putting groceries away from the store. in addition to the attempted charges with kit that includes kidnapping and ramirez are facing kidnapping and burglary charges in connection to their final attempt to take brandon and both face prison time if convicted, the motive for the crime spree remain under investigation pending vicki. gayle, thank you for that update. san jose police chief anthony mata. >> personally walking an officer out of the department today after upsetting allegations coming to what the officer did on the job. kron four's. justin campbell has
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more on the disturbing accusations and the response from the department. >> the district attorney today charging an officer for in front of 2 women when he responded to the home for a family disturbance 32 year-old matthew demean gets booted out of the police department by chief anthony mata. >> dominguez is charged with indecent exposure after allegedly exposing himself on a call in april, according to the da's office, dominguez masturbated in front of the mother and her 23 year-old daughter. we have a serious problem. sapd requires. >> remedial action immediately. >> it's not just demand is another officer allegedly showed up drunk to the kidnapping, a baby brandon. and finally, another allegedly offered a meth pipe in exchange for information along majority of officers in this department. are furious as i am mayor sam liccardo says he would like to improve screening background checks on
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officers tend to be very young officers which tells me there may be something very seriously. wrong with whatever we're doing around screening. he's also proposing random drug tests that will have to be negotiated with the police officers association. >> these are very serious transgressions. we have to take seriously ensure that officers who commit transgressions like this never wear uniform again. and they say that they're currently prosecute reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> time for a 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside right our sutro camera looking san francisco. yeah, it's been pretty breezy the last few days and has been kind of chilly in the morning here. seems like it's clear. yeah, that's other side. all and then that's yeah. a little cool to start your mornings. but by the afternoon that sea breeze blowing in the air quality looking good. but hey, what a nice evening we have for you outside tonight. looking out over the bay and that gorgeous up toward the golden gate bridge. couple of boats out there making their
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way underneath the bridge tonight. and so far, mostly clear skies that will change. we've seen a couple of patches of fog trying to form now that will likely do so overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning. and so changes coming our way. and i think like it, too. as we get ready for the weekend, we've got a cold front far. northern california bring some showers in the northern part of the state you get toward president city up in the shasta, some snowflakes in that direction. but otherwise we're left for the most part clear so far we have felt the effects, though, that sea breeze that on shore flow continuing outside. in fact, some of those winds now gusting over 30 miles an hour in the past a few hours here in the san francisco downtown august in the 31 sfo gusting over 20 miles an hour. even oakland, almost 20 mile an hour still breezy in spots this evening. temperature wise got a very mild, 60 degrees in santa rosa. cooler to san francisco to win the 53. it is 58 in san jose but clear skies there. 56 a little more right now. and 57 in fremont. but on
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stepping outside this evening, grab the jackets. a little got a little bite to it. still out there. so we're still waiting for that ridge really build in. so the numbers hovering in the 50's, but we still do have some wind out there and then likely going to see some patchy fog forming along the coastline overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. and that will bring with it some cool fog along the coast. but boy, other places going to be warming up very, very nicely. how about 79 degrees in san jose? 81 in the napa valley for a high on friday. 82 degrees in concord and 82 degrees in livermore. we'll have more on the rest of your weekend forecast. coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. well, today, president biden morning the sobering milestone of 1 million american deaths because of the covid pandemic. >> president biden ordered flags at the white house and other public buildings to fly at half-staff today. he also talks with world leaders at a covid summit today and called on congress to provide billions of dollars more a testing. and for treatment. john hopkins university
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reported just over 999,000 covid deaths. as of this morning, california lawmakers in the state senate today moved forward with a bill that would allow. >> teenagers to get vaccinated without their parents consent. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the debate and what's next. >> secretary, please call california state senators moved forward with the controversial measure that would allow kids 12 and up to get vaccinated without parental consent. and this is about allowing these young people. >> to take steps to protect their own health and we should allow them. >> to do that. the bill also known as sb 8 66 passed in a tie. 21 to 7 vote with multiple democrats either not voting or rejecting the proposal. the bill allows children ages 12 and up to be vaccinated. not just against covid-19 but for other shots approved by the fda. opponents say parents should be involved in this important medical decision. if the parents don't know that the child got the vaccination, how would they
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know to even keep an eye out for it to watch for if they're at their second job, maybe perhaps telling older sibling or their caretaker. hey, keep an eye out for any any of these sorts of symptoms in my child. they wouldn't know that. >> they wouldn't know that. and i think that is unfair and unreasonable to do to a child or to any parent out there who just wants to keep their child safe. supporters say teens in california already have the ability to consent to other medical treatment like birth control and mental health care. other states like rhode island, south carolina, oregon, washington, d.c., and alabama allow teens to get vaccinated without parental approval. >> of course we want kids to feel comfortable talking to their parents about vaccination or are hundreds of other important issues in life. we absolutely want that. that's not the reality of the world. >> for every child, the bill now heads to the assembly floor for approval in that house before it can reach the governor's desk at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4
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news. the san francisco unified school district has a new super intended in a statement. the board says that matt wade will succeed. vincent matthews who plans to retire on june. 30th. wayne has been the superintendent in hayward unified school district for the past 6 years before that he was an executive director of elementary schools in san francisco unified school district for 2 years. wayne tiring caps and 8 months search and more than 2 years of controversy, including the recall of 3 board members and a dire budget crisis. wayne says he looks forward to the new job despite the challenges ahead. i also feel fortunate to be joining a community that shares my commitment to social justice and educational equity. >> as you heard, i've always worked in communities where a majority of the citizen families are a different, you know, different backgrounds and myself. but there to support their children. >> san francisco teachers union also issuing a statement
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to welcome wayne. the union says that they trust the new superintendent will ensure the schools are fully funded and fully staffed. wayne will begin his new role on july. 1st, the san francisco board of education has approved a resolution to make juneteenth a district holiday. juneteenth is june 19th celebrates the day in 18. 65 when african-americans in galveston, texas, learned that they were freed in the emancipation proclamation 2 years earlier. >> 2 teens became a federal holiday last year. san francisco students will and their school year on june. first of this year. but the district's year-round services will be closed on monday, june 20th in observance of the new holiday. and a programming note. if you missed our 30 minute sit-down interview with san francisco district attorney chase of you will have another opportunity to watch it tonight. it will air at 9.30, right after kron. 4 news at 9. and coming up
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tonight at 8.30, a kron 4 exclusive. a former sheriff's volunteer. >> under investigation accused of building and selling ghost guns from his wife who says she repeatedly trying to warn law enforcement. also the latest on the damage done so far by the coastal fire in orange county. what we're learning from tonight's news conference, that's after the break.
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>> multimillion dollar mansions in orange county have been reduced to rubble by a fast-moving brush fire. you can see the extent of the destruction in these before and after pictures, the coastal fire erupted yesterday and tonight is still active. yeah, at least 20 homes in laguna niguel have been destroyed or at least damaged. >> firefighters are blaming the wind coming off the ocean. our kron four's alice live in the newsroom to bring us up to date l a >> well, pam and vicki firefighters made a lot of progress today, but many homeowners will have nothing to return to once the area is open again. 900 people were rushed out of the laguna niguel gated community and they are still waiting on word that it's safe to come back. we don't know yet exactly what caused this fire, but there are talks of some electrical activity nearby. that was of concern at this hour. more than 500 fire crews put out about 15% of the coastal fire. thankfully only 2 minor
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injuries and both fi efighters were treated and released from the hospital. they are now worried about whether in the coming days that pose a further challenge. >> tell you about upcoming weather. we still have afternoon winds and we expect the weather to get hotter and drier over the next 2 days. so that will still continue to challenge all of our firefighters and our efforts toward containing this fire. >> i spoke with a woman who was evacuated from her home. she says this is a tight knit community and she's never seen anything like this in nearly 20 years of living in that area. she's thankfully safe but says that hotel she manages in nearby laguna beach is now facing cancellations this weekend as word of this fire has spread just as fast as the flames themselves. so business it appears is taking a blow to in the area. we'll check back on the progress on this firefight throughout the night. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. ellen, thank you for that update. cloud bush chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now. he has the latest on the wind. so the wind
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yesterday, 20 to morning really was an thank you that much damage. just a general sea breeze will think it's focusing all depends on the terrain there. >> and then a mountainous area. so and fires tend to want to climb. so they want to climb in hurry past and they happen to pick up right with that when started and also the same time the fire started to and that wasn't a good combination. we've seen similar cases here in the bay area to where you get that afternoon. sea breeze get these brush fires, break out the spread rapidly. >> especially if things are dry. laguna niguel right now sitting with winds of a 14 miles per hour out of the north northwest right now. looks like that will continue to weaken overnight tonight. in fact, the forecast is going to bring these winds a very calm overnight tonight. let's take you through time. and as we head through the night tonight, all of a sudden the sea breezes start to come down as the temperature difference between land and sea. start to kind of even out a little bit. and there you go. all of a sudden, as we head in toward midnight, those winds absolutely calm. and that is good news for firefighters there trying to contain in the gasps of the fire. there. and
8:17 pm
in any of those embers. now, i think as we head in tomorrow afternoon, it looks like we'll see those winds picking up again. here's a fire weather forecast model and you'll notice right now things are fairly quiet out there, but things are going to change here in the next 24 hours. we're going to see a change in the weather pattern as it looks like high pressure again, building into a not only the bay area, but also across california. still, we're going to get that afternoon sea breeze. so we start tomorrow morning. see there just after 7 o'clock in the morning. it is calm out fire conditions not expected to be anything on the increase. and then as we head toward the afternoon, that's when we start to notice some of will begin to pop up. and there you go for the afternoon hours and that's the rate of fire increasing. that's just because we're starting to see that the afternoon wind kick in. and of with that wind kicking in, even though it's a moist when coming in off the ocean, you get that sea breeze blowing up a strong enough and you get a fire going to the same time. the combination of those 2 can make for some dangerous conditions. guys, back to you. all right. thank
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you, lawrence. well, the destructive coastal fire was driven by winds that quickly burning through dry terrain. >> and now fire officials say climate change is partly to blame. sandra mitchell has more now on what they expect. these type of fires to become more common. >> deep in the laguna niguel. and it started with a spark. cool temperatures. no fear santa anas and fire crews expected to quickly get control. >> when years passed, we would have seen fire spread like that. in those conditions. this time of but that was before climate change changed everything. the fire starts around >> the strongest higher ground toss downstream. >> these are >> very dangerous situation for meteorologists say the planet, especially here in southern california is heating up and drying out after many
8:19 pm
years of prolonged drought that we're seeing fire spread even on the normal day you know, a normal, strong wind behind it ways that we >> possibly 5 years ago, 10 years ago, the set scare you chief. does it concern you that does concern me? i mean, we've seen this coming. we've been talking about it for many years and now it's happening. climate change, drought, spawning grasses. the burn more easily and intensely shifts in vegetation, types that are caused by fires and also caused by the changing climate conditions. >> to make the fuels more susceptible to burning fire. officials believe that's exactly what happened yesterday in laguna niguel. acres of chaparral and grass is lit up and took off. >> with altered ecosystems and extreme dry condition. experts say even normal weather days like yesterday. >> become fire hazard
8:20 pm
>> and that was sandra mitchell reporting for us tonight. a going forward. fire officials say it will be up to state and local officials to work with homeowners associations to establish the all important defensible space spaces. still ahead, congress is debating whether to send billions of dollars in additional aid to ukraine. what some lawmakers say needs to be done. first. >> but first, pressing pause on adding more places for tourists to say why one north bay county is suspending applications for some new rental properties.
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>> pfizer's are temporarily freezing new permit applications for vacation rentals like air bnb ease. they passed a 45 day temporary moratorium kron four's amanda hari talked with some of the supervisors about why the number of vacation rentals is becoming such an issue. >> this is not a neighborhood. this is these are many hotel. it's a growing number of houses in sonoma county are being rented out as vacation homes. we have some neighborhoods that are 40 to 50% vacation. rental homes, which is on sustainable district. one supervisor susan gorin is coming up on her 9th year in office. she says this has been an issue the entire time. we continue to have challenges with some of the guests who want to party on
8:24 pm
here. the moratorium applies to new rental permits in districts. 1, 4, 5 supervisor david rabbit says it's a continuation of the previous moratorium. >> that was only in the russian river in sonoma valley areas. rabbit says during the moratorium, the county is going to continue to collect and analyze data. and there's always a although the data. >> it's still. that short term rentals are taking house off the market, according to the county permit office since announcing the possibility of a moratorium. there's been approximately a 500% increase permit applications. the supervisors tell me the temporary freeze of new licenses. we'll give them time to review a comprehensive vacation rental ordinance put together by the sonoma county permit division. >> but they say the timing has nothing to do with the approaching summer holidays or
8:25 pm
bottle rock in neighboring napa county. we need some time to think about our new rules and regulations and the. >> over concentration impacts that happen in many of our neighborhoods. it's really just trying to decide what's the impact. >> on the current housing market, the impact on rents property values and are we pricing, you working class folks out of the market. the supervisors are also concerned developers will come in and buy up the areas impacted by the tubbs fire. >> before the original owners have the chance to rebuild, supervisors could vote to extend the moratorium beyond 45 days. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> coming up kron 4 exclusive, a former sheriff's volunteers under investigation accused of building and selling ghost guns tear from his wife who guns tear from his wife who when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful,
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tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection,... liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. >> former volunteer for the contra costa county sheriffs offer it office is under investigation. accused of building and selling ghost guns with parts that he allegedly obtained from the sheriff's gun range ghost guns are privately assembled firearms that are untraceable. the investigation was triggered by the man's own wife who says she tried multiple times to report him. >> in a story you will only see on kron 4. our haaziq. my unit has more on the investigation and to john king.
8:29 pm
>> and despite how many guys did husband >> i didn't know the exact count until the da's open the safes. there were 132. that they seized being in possession of 132 firearms is not a crime. that is unless some of those firearms are ghost guns that is against the law. and that is just one of the allegations against d it keane's husband, former contra costa county sheriff's bomb and tear john key. >> this is exclusive video of investigators with the contra costa county district attorneys office serving a search warrant at his home in clayton on february. 1st of this year, what can you tell from for about an investigation mister john mccain? >> well, john is or was. a volunteer with the contra
8:30 pm
costa county sheriff's office is a resident of clayton, federal and state authorities had seized 132 guns, ammunition. a kit or kits used in the making of goes the possession of the weapons were illegal and the manufacturing of the weapons. >> we're also illegal selling ghost guns is also a crime that is among the allegations listed in the search words, probable cause statement obtained by kron 4. it alleges john king quote, with transfer and sell these weapons to civilians and sworn members of the contra costa county sheriff's office, unquote, the names of the people who the guns were allegedly sold to are not specified the search warrant. what is specified, however, is how john king allegedly got his hands on a gun parts, weapons and ammunition magazines from a property technician while working at the sheriff's talk
8:31 pm
about your so to be ex husband's relationship with the sheriff's gun range. >> he had. >> access to everything parts ammo. >> let's get fully investigated and not push to inside. >> attorney michael cardoza is legal counsel for dia. key. he says these allegations are extremely troubling for the contra costa. sheriff sheriff's, you allow us to go one where you just put parts out there and you let a volunteer take parts. and when he wants to make weapons, if he is. >> it just allow that to happen. you don't track. that's frightening. the bay. >> also troubling michael cardoza says is the lack of investigation on the part of the sheriff's office. king says she tried multiple times to alert the contra costa county sheriff about her husband's weapon. shortly after filing for divorce on new year's day, 2020 on
8:32 pm
january, 29th twenty-twenty. she says 3 members of the contra costa county sheriff's office came to her home to investigate, but no action was taken. then on august, 3rd, 2020, king sent this email follow-up to the contra costa county sheriff. >> quote. >> to this date, i have not heard from your department regarding this matter as a courtesy to you and your department. i wanted to reach out to you personally as i'm not sure if you are aware of the deaths of this situation, unquote. and i never heard a word. i was just making you feel. >> i'm frustrated. disappointed. scared. >> throughout 2020 was king says her divorce proceedings continued and she continued to try to bring attention to her husband weapons. then in january of this year, as part of the divorce process, clayton police came to the king's home to supervise an inventory of items. photos provided by d at cain appeared to show police collecting illegal magazines from the couple's garage. but once
8:33 pm
again, the it says no action was taken. and i never heard back from clayton be. >> according to documents obtained by kron 4 john king told police he had owned the high capacity magazines for years and purchase them at a time when they were illegal. >> although the high capacity magazines are confiscated by police, no arrests were made. no charges were filed. when contacted clayton police declined to citing the district attorneys now and knowing investigation. why does she push so hard? >> what she have to push the sheriff's department? number one to begin the investigation. >> just days after the visit from clayton police nearly 2 years after filing her first report yet canes push resulted in the action she was seeking after directly contacting the contra costa county district attorney's office and inspector was sent to or hold it is it that is now led to a full criminal investigation. talk about why it was important for you to do this.
8:34 pm
>> it's important because there's so much gun violence out there and people getting away with it at this point. what do you want to happen? i want the right thing to happen. a lot for my children to be safe, but the community to be safe society, anybody, any woman? but it's gone through this. i want to give them the straight too. move forward. >> the contra costa da's office says john king's alleged involvement with manufacturing and southern goes goods remains under investigation. so far, no criminal charges have been filed. i think that you on for news. >> kron 4 reached out to john king's attorney and did not receive a response. we also reached out to the contra costa sheriff's department. it declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation by the district attorney's office.
8:35 pm
>> still ahead at 8 pushing the eresident to do more for the formula shortage. but lawmakers say should be done to fix bare shelves across the country and moving sports to streaming by. disney is planning to cut the cord on espn. >> and we've got a nice evening around the bay area. much nicer weather, much warmer weather part of the bay area tomorrow. we'll show you where coming up next.
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>> hyundai is recalling hundreds of thousands of his cars over potential fires from a faulty part. the recall is for 215,000 of its sonata sedans here in the united states. the automaker says fuel hoses can leak in the engine compartment and possibly cause fires. the recall covers certain 2013 2014 models owners will be notified in july. so not as from 2020 were previously recalled for the very same problem. federal regulators have been investigating hyundai and kia for past engine fires and environmentalists will likely be happy about this. it looks like consumers may have to say goodbye to catch up in bottles or plastic containers. f heinz has his way, the company is trying to develop a paper base container to hold its iconic condiment consumer concerns about sustainability are driving the project. they
8:39 pm
are worried because so much plastic is ending up in oceans and landfills highs is striving to make all of his containers recyclable reusable or compostable by 2025. the company has not yet provided a timeline for when consumers could see those new containers. >> the future of sports may be streaming. disney ceo says espn will eventually move off the air. and online. the network plans to be available. direct-to-consumer through streaming, moving away from my cable bundle package this year is pn. will air an nfl game exclusively on espn? plus, for the very first time, this is just the latest example of premium live sports entering the streaming sphere. coming up in sports, the warriors hope to bounce back in game 6 at chase center tomorrow. >> kate rooney has mike brown's reaction. brown percent likely filling in for steve kerr a
8:40 pm
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>> well, the time checking out our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now. the golden gate bridge a beautiful picture. lawrence is here, though. in case folks are trying to get away. everyone to leave here. well, there's so many fun places to a lot of fun places throughout the state yet looks like it is going to be a nice getaway friday for you out there this evening. beautiful shot for you. looking toward the golden gate bridge skies still mostly clear, but likely to see some fog forming a little bit later on. there you go. you see some
8:43 pm
fog developing over san bruno mountain right now. as we look toward sfo. we'll see more of that fog in the coming days. no delays being reported. sfo, oakland or san jose looking good there. how about the monterey bay? you'll find some patchy fog in the morning in monterey about 61 degrees downtown there. 63 in carmel, warm 72 degrees, though, in saturday to southern california, the been dealing with the fire conditions there. it's going start to heat up about 80 in long beach. 89 in anaheim about 90 degrees in pasadena of the high country who have a lot of trouble there. the past couple of weekends with some stormy weather. but this weekend looks great. if you want to head up, the roadways are going to be opening clear. temperatures are going to be hovering in the 60's on a friday. in a mid 70's in reno to start out today for tomorrow as well. so it is only going to warm up from there. in fact, as we get into saturday, i think we're talking about 70's at lake level on may be slightly cooler on sunday, but staying roadways are going to be open and clear coming and going from the sierra nevada over
8:44 pm
the weekend. all right. your temperatures around the bay area are going to start to warm up nicely. 66 downtown san francisco, a little cooler along the coastline, think we'll see some fog forming along the coast tonight and then kind of reinforced throughout the day. but inside the bay, you'll find plenty of sunshine. some very nice numbers. 75 degrees in redwood city, 70 in foster city and the south bay feel 70's almost 80 degrees in campbell in cupertino about 79 degrees in san jose. then you find some 80's and the tri valley by tomorrow afternoon and they'll be common well inland. 70's inside the bay to about 77 hercules 78 back toward the coastline. keep you cool. some fog moving in but looks like we're going to be starting out with a nice friday tomorrow and then saturday, even warmer back. some places almost get close to 90 degrees by saturday afternoon. cooling down though on sunday, a few more clouds rolling back in. but we stay dry. the next 7 days. >> thank you, lawrence. well, desperate parents are scrambling to 5 baby formula in the middle of the current
8:45 pm
nationwide shortage. now president biden and lawmakers say they are working on a fix. his latest supply chain issue only got worse when the fda had to shut down a manufacturing plant in michigan because of contamination concerns now president biden is trying to increase supply by cutting red tape for manufacturers and increasing foreign imports. but bipartisan calls are growing for the president to go even further by using the defense production act. >> i cannot think of a more harrowing panic crisis for parents to face who should have had a plan for this shortage months ago. instead their shelves, biden has continued to pass the back the ability to feed children across the united states is not one that should become such a partisan polarized issue should not be afraid to invoke the dpa to ensure that we can protect the health nutrition and the ability to eat. >> all of our nation's babies and children. >> the white house says using the defense production act is
8:46 pm
still on the table. when asked how long this shortage might less white house officials says they really just don't have a timeline for when supplies might improve. >> majority of house members passed a bill to get billions of dollars of aid to ukraine and members of the senate looks to follow that. our washington correspondent basil john reports on what senator is are saying about the aid package. good evening. the goal was to get the funding out as fast as possible. >> and even though many republicans and democrats wanted to make that a reality, the plan was put on pause. >> my oath of office is to the national security of the united states of america. while most senators were unified, kentucky republican senator rand paul blocked unanimous consent for the ukraine aid package and demand a change to the legislation. we cannot save dooming the u.s. economy. it's clear from the junior senator from kentucky is remarks he doesn't want to aid ukraine. senate democratic leader chuck schumer rejected paul's
8:47 pm
change. we have a moral obligation to act and to act swiftly. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell, one of the senate to follow the house's example and quickly pass the package. we should pass the supplemental. we should do it. aid package would provide 40 billion dollars in military and humanitarian aid. mcconnell says it isn't just charity. it bears directly on america's national security vital interests. it rushes naked aggression, not but not every republican is on board. missouri senator josh hawley questions the 40 billion dollar price tag. the fact that we're spending 3 times as much as the european allies combined in the united states single-handedly financing this war. i've got major concerns about this ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky continues to ask for aid as his military pushes russian forces back. but holly thing someone needs to be assigned to keep track of where the money is going. i've got major issues with spending this kind of money with no accounting
8:48 pm
with no oversight. while our european allies are doing comparatively very little because unanimous consent is off the table, lawmakers will have to bring the bill to a vote next week. >> reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> anybody who is gassed up their vehicle lately has probably noticed gas prices are climbing again. part of the hike in prices following the trend of costs going up every summer. but current prices are at the highest many of us have ever seen with 5 of the 9 bay area counties charging well over $6 a gallon for regular gas. that is not only making it tough for commuters, but for people who rely on their vehicles for their businesses. >> ridiculous killing my why profit margin victory is my price a little bit. you know, which i don't like to do, but i have no choice at this point. >> according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline is running about $4.41 here in
8:49 pm
california. the average is $5 and $0.83 the most expensive gas on average here in the bay area is in san mateo county and the cheapest is solano county. >> all right. take a look at this. surveillance video shows the moment a tesla going 70 miles an hour crashes into the side of a convention center in columbus, ohio. it happened last week. the car hit a planter win over a staircase and through glassdoor's. the driver telling police that he watched control when his brakes went out. the crash did roughly $350,000 in damage to the building. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> we all thought it might be the game or the warriors clinched their trip to the western conference finals. but there was no clinch, a only a whole lot of cringing. and last night's game, 5 against the grizzlies. the dubs last one. 34 tu 95 the worst playoff loss for the team since 2014. but in pro ball.
8:50 pm
as the saying goes, you got to have a short. >> memory. after all, the warriors do have a 3, 2, series lead and now the contest comes back to san francisco. >> and chase center where the home crowd will be eager to avenge last night's loss in a very noisy fashion. it remains unclear whether steve kerr will be clear from covid protocols in time to coach tomorrow night and today acting head coach mike brown set. he hasn't lost any confidence in his team. >> it's not a big totals. 3 to 5 playoff games in this round where teams lost by 2030, plus points. >> and everybody's bounce back. you know, the next game competed at a high level. i have 100% faith and our team that, you know, stuff like this happens steve says all the time, you know, championships are hard to come by. and if that path to championship was easy, it would be as gratifying. i
8:51 pm
truly believe that our team that will be ready, they'll be focused. they understand how hard it is and to have home crowd support miss tomorrow night is going to be a big bonus. our favor. >> is it tigers? 3 to oakland in the 60's will pick this one up with miguel cabrera took one off the wall in right center to bring home the game time run. that is maybe, of course, recently reached the 3,000 hit mark his career. but the plate in the 8th still tied to seth brown. built one to that baby is gone on for a 2 run home run his 3rd of the season. it's 5, 3 a's. and that was the final score. so oakland has now won 4 of its last 5 games after dropping 9 straight. good improvement. well, you're ready for some football. the nfl released its 2022 schedule today. the forty-niners will open their season on the road in chicago against the bears. the niners
8:52 pm
already 6 and a half point favorites. the home opener then is a week later against the seattle seahawks will be kicking off the post russell wilson era. and how about a couple other games of note monday night games week 4 against the defending super bowl champion rams at levi stadium and week 11 against the arizona cardinals in mexico city. the niners also begin their rookie mini camp today. the quarterback brock purdy dubbed relevant as the final pick in the nfl draft. talked about trying to realize his dream playing nfl football. >> you know, i get an opportunity to come in and just do my job and learn and grow and play at the next level the magic sites me like i've been dreaming of this since, you know, as a little kid. so whatever happens happens and be ready for. >> the niners also head to las vegas in week 17 to play the raiders. and that's the first time the niners in the raiders will lady during the regular season in about 4 years. so. >> you cheering for over there, mister cano. we know.
8:53 pm
haha, he's got a silver and black. haha. >> kate, thanks, kate. well, for the first time since the pandemic started, the largest showcase a brand new asian american and asian film returns to the bay area. we'll show you what to expect next. booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. and we think cruising shouldn't be confusing. so, on our award winning vacations drinks, wi-fi and tips are always included. every sailing. every room. every guest. effortless from the start. celebrity cruises.
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rosy: it's the parent-teacher partnership that really makes a difference. ingrid: they know that their children are coming to a safe place. they're coming to a place where they'll be loved. kiyoko: we have a strong community of people that all look out for each other. we're all kind of taking care of the children. rosy: janitors, the teachers, the office staff. kiyoko: the cafeteria worker, the crossing guard, the bus driver. carol: because our future is in those schools. that's where the heart of our community belongs. ingrid: because teachers like me know... carol: quality public schools... kiyoko: make a better california... man: for all of us.
8:55 pm
kiyoko: make a better california...
8:56 pm
largest showcase a brand new asian american and asian films here in the u.s. and >> for the first time since the pandemic, it is being held in person. have the festival started tonight at san francisco's castro theater with a screening of the film for chill. so lead today. cloud for talks with the festival's director on why it is so significant to hold the event in person again. >> the last couple years, you know, with the pandemic, the rise in anti-asian hate violence has something that's been you know, we really wanted a way to bring our community back a way for everyone to be engaged in a space that feels healing. and at the same time, also salvatore and we do it acknowledged that, you know, all of this stuff is happening. but how can we also bring folks together? >> the festival is also celebrating its 40th anniversary this year featured dozens of movies. campus runs through the 22nd of the month and you can find more information that can fest dot com. and that wraps up kron. 4
8:57 pm
news tonight at 8. i'll be back for kron. 4 news at 9. catherine heenan is here right now with a preview. yeah. and coming up at 9 o'clock. a stay there. yes, i'll be joining thieves are targeting bay area coin shop. going to great lengths to break in. >> we showed you this video from martinez yesterday. and tonight we're hearing from another coin shop dwner who's been targeted. what thieves got away with in his case and the north bay county cracking down on houses being rented out as vacation homes. why this is considered by some to be a big problem. and at 9.30, join us from i-30 minute conversation with san francisco dha dean. it talks about everything from the recall effort against him to problems plaguing the city, including burglaries, drug dealing hate crimes. i'm catherine heenan kron. 4 news 9 coming up next.
8:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at tonight at 9 shocking allegations of police misconduct in the south bay. >> san jose police chief anthony mata personally walking an officer out of the department today after gruesome allegations coming to light about what he did well on the job. thanks for joining us at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan for good enough for grant


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