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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news is out of the east bay tonight where police served a search warrant at a home where alexis gabe was reportedly last seen. thank you for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne take a look at video we have from this shows detectives with the oakland police department and the antioch police department carrying bags of evidence out of a home on ventry way. this is the home of the missing woman's ex-boyfriend. and police say investigators >> are looking into whether something bad to happen to game. >> the 24 year-old oakley woman was first reported missing in late january. her car was found the next day abandoned about 4 miles away
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with the doors open and the keys in the ignition. a $10,000 reward has been offered for information in this case. and we will continue to follow developments. in other news tonight. thieves are now targeting a bay area coined jobs and going to great lengths to break-in. we've heard from several store owners since our story aired last night, all sharing similar experiences within the last couple of months. and kron four's told the second talked to one concord coin shop owner who says thieves made off with nearly $200,000 worth of inventory. >> so they've a lot of money. so that was tough, too. really since this isn't really is. >> kind of ration. many daily compas says he's been struggling to recover ever since thieves seen in the surveillance photo with their getaway vehicles broke into a shop known as u.s. coins and jewelry in concord and still nearly $200,000 worth of inventory in bracelet, school
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chains. >> silver, too. watch learn watch is really to rose was about another. does it differ? watch as an accomplice says. >> the burglars took a handful of other items and also caused thousands in damages. it broken into the. >> well, i'm. main door. cage just like to do still. >> open the safe. something many other queen shops across the bay area also experienced over the past couple of months. we first showed you this most recent surveillance video from early tuesday morning, which shows 2 suspects breaking into martinez coin in juvie exchange. the owners say surveillance video also captured a group of thieves breaking into their valais hole location back in march, i believe is a city. but some people that are pretty much. >> it's a memo that use. as an
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hour away. use change fruits. interest crow bars. they know exactly what to look meanwhile, new surveillance video from an oakland queen shop shows another group of suspects using a uhaul truck to ram down the store's gate indoors in order to gain access. >> the owner of that store says the thieves made off with about 20 grand in merchandise in cars, $90,000 worth of damages. >> there's no recourse. no. it into the book? >> de la compra and other owners are now speaking out to grab the attention of their city leaders to do something about the rampant high-end heists. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> it's absolutely shocking. this is i think any parent's worst nightmare. >> new details and new charges tonight in the recent kidnapping of a 3 month-old baby in san jose. that to people charged with the
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kidnapping. brandon kwai are were back in court today. yes, and you know, ramirez and jose point-oh sat in court thursday, one in front of the other. never making eye contact. >> the judge would not set bail today because of the added charges. but the mayor is appointee or scheduled to be back in court june 7th. the prosecutors say that those added charges come from earlier attempts to kidnap the baby for gayle ong joins us tonight live here in the studio with the latest details. scale pam. catherine, tonight we're learning there are there were several more attempts. >> to kidnap baby brandon, the santa clara county district attorney's office says that remain use any every mayor is and jose first tried to kidnap baby brandon when he was just one month old. according to the da's office, the first attempted kidnapping happened on march 14th. that's when posed as a child protective services worker who was there to take custody of the baby. the family suspicious and refused to give up brandon.
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they called child protective services. the agency stated they did not send anyone to take the families to take the child home. and the second attempt happened on march. 28 that when the da says the defendants tried to kidnap brandon at a local walmart da says they plan to exchange shopping carts with the child's grandmother but were unsuccessful. another attempt was made to take brandon at the walmart on april. 25th later that same afternoon. this happen for till walked into the house where baby brandon was and walked out with him as his grandmother was putting away groceries from the store. in addition to the attempted kidnapping charges, por and ramirez are facing kidnapping and burglary charges in connection through their final attempt to take brandon and vote face prison time if convicted and the circumstances and the motive surrounding these actions are still under investigation. back to you. all right, dale,
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thank you very much. also and san jose police chief anthony mata personally. >> walking officer out of the department today. this is after troubling allegations surfaced of what that officer did on the job. four's. justin campbell has more on the allegations and the response from the department. >> the district attorney today charging an officer for in front of 2 women when he responded to the home for a family disturbance. >> 32 year-old matthew demean gets booted out of the police department by chief anthony mata. dominguez is charged with indecent exposure after allegedly exposing himself on a call in april, according to the da's office dominguez masturbated in front of the mother and her 23 year-old daughter. we have a serious problem. sapd requires. >> remedial action immediately. >> it's not just demand is another officer allegedly showed up drunk to the kidnapping, a baby brandon.
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and finally, another allegedly offered a meth pipe in exchange for information majority of officers in this department. >> are furious as i am mayor sam liccardo says he would like to improve screening background checks on officers tend to be very young officers which tells me there may be something very seriously. wrong with whatever we're doing around screening. he's also proposing random drug tests that will have to be negotiated with the police officers association. these are very serious transgressions. we have to take seriously ensure that officers. >> who commit transgressions like this never wear uniform again. and they say that they're currently prosecute reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> and the 3 former minor league hockey players are set to stand trial after being accused of rape. 33 year-old moses matthews. 34 year-old dominic jones and 30 year-old josiah nickel plate for the
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say the players were arrested while away for a game back in february on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman who one of them met at a bar. matthews is also accused of taking pictures of the woman and illegally sending them out via text message. the 3 men will be tried together starting on june 27th. >> a santa rosa couple arrested on suspicion of exposing their baby to fentanyl has been released from jail. the sonoma county da's office says 26 year-old evan frost, rick and 23 year-old madison. bernard were in court yesterday. they will not be formally arraigned until the babies. toxicology report is completed. the 15 month-old girl was found unresponsive at her home this week died at the hospital. police say they found fentanyl throughout the house. the couple is scheduled to be back in court next month. >> sonoma county supervisors are temporarily freezing new permit applications for
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vacation rentals such as air bnb. it will be a 45 day. temporary moratorium and kron four's amanda hari talk to some of the supervisors about why the number of vacation rentals is becoming a problem. >> this is not a neighborhood. this is these are many hotel. a growing number of houses in sonoma county are being rented out as vacation homes. we have some neighborhoods that are 40 to 50% think he rental homes, which is on sustainable district. one supervisor susan gorin is coming up on her 9th year in office. she says this has been an issue the entire time. we continue to have challenges with some of the guests who want to party on here. the moratorium applies to new rental permits in districts. 1, 4, 5 supervisor david rabbit says it's a continuation of the previous moratorium. >> that was only in the russian river in sonoma valley areas. rabbit says during the
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moratorium, the county is going to continue to collect and analyze data. and there's always a although the data. >> it still. that short term rentals are taking house off the market, according to the county permit office since announcing the possibility of a moratorium. there's been approximately a 500% increase permit applications. the supervisors tell me the temporary freeze of new licenses will give them time to review a comprehensive vacation rental ordinance put together by the sonoma county permit division. >> but they say the timing has nothing to do with the approaching summer holidays or bottle rock in neighboring napa county. we need some time to think about our new rules and regulations and the. >> over concentration impacts that happened in many of our neighborhoods. it's really just trying to decide what's the impact. >> on the current housing
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market, the impact on rents property values and are we pricing? you working class folks out of the market. the supervisors are also concerned developers will come in and buy up the areas impacted by the tubbs fire before the original owners have the chance to rebuild. >> supervisors could vote to extend the moratorium beyond 45 days. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> a traffic alert for drivers in the north bay saunders avenue near sir francis drake boulevard is closed tonight because of a water main break or in water expects repairs to be done by about 4 o'clock tomorrow morning. drivers trying to get to sir francis drake boulevard can take park drive instead. >> and take a look at this. a tree. a big felling. lots are closed tonight. shutting down the stretch of el monte road. roughly 100 customers at last word. a lost power because of this a pg and e saying that it's rushing to help. >> who he would like power, we
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understand. >> just took out the power line. so so they can work on it quickly. >> pg and e says el monte from springer to higgins will be closed all night. they're going to secure the power lines and have to do that before crews can again to get that tree out of the road. all right. now to the 4 zone forecast as we look live at this gorgeous shot of overlooking downtown san francisco and cloud force chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with word of warmer weather ahead. yeah, guys looks like a high pressure going to build in nicely with you know, the timing is perfect. we get to friday. >> your weekend, the weather looking good, least to start off. so out there tonight, we've got mostly clear skies. there's been a hint. >> that's some fog trying to develop. and i think we'll see more of that overnight tonight. if not by early tomorrow morning. i think we'll see that rolling into the coastline as we head toward the afternoon, a cold front to our north. and that is bringing some rain in the far northern california. but for us high pressure trying to
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build be underneath that ridge in the room is only that trough racine, that ridge building. and that means we're going to be for some nice weather as we head in toward the weekend. still getting that on shore breeze. in fact, it was gusting spots today, especially in the san francisco, even in parts of the base august of 20 and some 30 mile an hour gusts outside tonight. those winds begin to back off just a little bit out there, still breezy in spots to 15 miles an hour. and a san francisco, 17 sfo, 18 still at stinson beach. but these winds will calm down a bit overnight tonight. and i think by tomorrow afternoon that gentle sea breeze, but not as windy as it's been the past few days. temperatures out there right now. we've got a lot of 50's around the bay area. it's not going to be as cold tonight, although some 40's like to develop in some spots inland. but high pressure going to start to build in now. so that frontal system going to stay to the north. maybe some fog developing along the coastline. that will be the worst thing to worry about for tomorrow. but high pressure bringing the sunshine to the valleys in the bay in these temperatures about some 70's and 80's tomorrow. you
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see it on the models here overnight. tonight. you can see some patchy fog likely flirt with the coastline. then i think kind of redevelop throughout the day moving along the coast. so up toward the beaches, don't go out there. expecting temperatures there in the 80's. you're likely seeing numbers in the 50's and the 60's. but many spots inland. these temperatures looking very nice likely to see these numbers as high as 80 degrees. plus, some of the interior valleys looking like some nice weather for tomorrow. then i think as we get into saturday, even warmer than that, maybe some places get closer to 90 degrees getting on the hot side. so yeah, good timing on the weather pattern. warm weather ahead. thanks, >> sheriff deputies work for the county, but in many cases, they patrol certain cities to help out now and one east bay county. that contract may be coming to an end over issues dealing with money. settlements from recent lawsuits have lit a supervisor to question the costs for says it might done. has that story? >> the contra costa sheriff's office provides patrol to several cities under contract.
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it is an agreement that could soon come to an end in the wake of the county settling to civil lawsuits totaling 10 million dollars for the wrongful deaths of vladimir arboleda and tyrell wilson. both were killed by former deputy andrew hall while he was working in the city of dead bill. >> and what i'm concerned about. is ensuring that our county fully recovers the cost in order to find that out. contra costa county supervisor john gioia has asked county staff to take a look at the numbers. we paid out about 4.9 million in the case of laudemer arboleda and about 4.5 in the tyrell wilson case. again, both tragic deaths and we should not be paying out of pocket for the services that we provide for cities because we are not obligated to provide those services. it supposed to be a full repayment i want us to look at that. and that we're getting
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fully paid if we're not. i do. the contract should be amended or the contract ended. >> the mayor of danville cent crowd for this response. quote, the town has a 40 year relationship with the contra costa county sheriff's office. this partnership has consistently deliver the highest quality law enforcement and an outstanding level of public safety for our community. >> we continue to find this contract service model to be an effective in mutually beneficial for both of our agencies and look forward to continuing with the partnership supervisor joyous as the city's pay into an insurance fund. the report which is expected in june will determine if there is a to the county. haaziq kron. 4 news. >> a group called justice for oakland students. coalition is suing the school district for the decision to close some schools. this lawsuit claims the district did not do the required environmental analysis to determine whether closing schools would cause
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environmental harm to low-income and minority communities. it claims the closures will significantly affect the environment for children since a lot of them were able to walk or bike to school. and now we'll have to commute from farther away. >> we believe that there is enough evidence for the district to pas this restarted here to the legal requirements. >> in april, a civil rights group issued a complaint with california's attorney general saying the closures violate black students right to equal education. we did reach out to the oakland school board today. they did not respond. >> today president biden announcing that the country has reached 1 million deaths from covid and that is the highest death toll in the world. the president ordered flags on federal properties to be flown at half-staff. he also talked with world leaders covid summit today. he is asking congress to provide billions of dollars more for covid testing and treatment.
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meantime, in the north bay covid cases have tripled in the last 6 weeks due to an omicron subvariant marin county health officials say the sub variant ba 2 is now that counties dominant strain. >> covid cases are rising but there has not been a rise in covid related hospitalizations or deaths so far. experts estimate the subvariant is 25% more infectious than the main variant that drove california this winter covid surge. >> california state lawmakers are moving forward with a bill that would allow teenagers to get vaccinated without the parents consent. ashley zavala explains. >> secretary please call california state senators moved forward with the controversial measure that would allow kids 12 and up to get vaccinated without parental consent. and this is about allowing these young people. >> to take steps to protect their own health and we should allow them.
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>> to do that. the bill also known as sb 8 66 passed in a tie. 21 to 7 vote with multiple democrats either not voting or rejecting the proposal. the bill allows children ages 12 and up to be vaccinated, not just against covid-19 but for other shots approved by the fda. opponents say parents should be involved in this important medical decision. if the parents don't know that the child got the vaccination, how would they know to even keep an eye out for it to watch for if they're at their second job, maybe perhaps telling older sibling or their caretaker. hey, keep an eye out for any any of these sorts of symptoms in my child. they wouldn't know that. >> they wouldn't know that. and i think that is unfair and unreasonable to do to a child or to any parent out there. he just wants to keep their child safe. supporters say teens in california already have the ability to consent to other medical treatment like birth control and mental health care. other states like rhode island, south carolina, oregon, washington, d.c., and alabama allow teens to get
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vaccinated without parental approval. >> of course we want kids to feel comfortable talking to their parents about vaccination or are hundreds of other important issues in life. we absolutely want that. that's not the reality of the world. >> for every child, the bill now heads to the assembly floor for approval in that house before it can reach the governor's desk at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> the san francisco unified school district has a new superintendent in a statement. the board said at wayne will succeed. vincent matthews who plans to retire on june. 30th. wayne has been the superintendent in the hayward unified school district for the past 6 years before that he spent 2 years as executive director of elementary schools in the san francisco district. lane's hiring caps an 8 month long search and more than 2 years of district controversy, including the recall of 3 school board members and a dire budget crisis. wayne says
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that he looks forward to the new job despite the challenges ahead. >> i also feel fortunate to be joining a community that shares my commitment to social justice and educational equity. as you heard, i've always worked in communities where a majority of the citizen families are a different backgrounds and myself. but there to support their children. >> the san francisco teachers union also issued a statement to welcome wayne. the union said that they trust the new superintendent will ensure that the schools are fully funded and fully staffed when will begin his new role on july. the first and the board also approved a resolution to make juneteenth a district holiday juneteenth is. >> june 19th. it celebrates the day in 18 65 when african-americans in texas finally learned they'd been freed by the emancipation proclamation 2 years earlier, juneteenth became a federal holiday last year.
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>> coming up, a crown for exclusive a former sheriff's volunteer is under investigation accused of building and selling ghost hear from his wife who says she repeatedly tried to warn law enforcement. >> also, you know, gas prices are still through the roof. we've got details, though, on bay area counties, words, cheapest and where the most expensive? and finding baby formula continues to be a major problem for families right now. how the biden administration plans to help ease the shortage.
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>> as families become more and more desperate, trying to find baby formula. president biden and lawmakers say they are working on this issue. the latest supply chain issue only got worse when the fda had to shut down a manufacturing plant in michigan because of contamination concerns. now president biden is trying to increase supply of baby formula by cutting red tape for manufacturers and increasing foreign imports. but bipartisan calls are growing for the president to do more by using the defense production act. >> i cannot think of a more harrowing panic crisis for parents to face who should have had a plan for this shortage months ago. instead their shelves, biden has continued to pass the back the ability to feed children across the united states is not one that should become such a partisan polarized
10:26 pm
issue should not be afraid to invoke the dpa to ensure that we can protect the health nutrition and the ability to eat. >> all of nation's babies and children. >> the white house says using the defense production act is still on the table of possibilities. when asked how long the shortage could last, a white house officials said they really don't have a timeline yet for when supplies might improve. >> straight ahead of 10 wildfires continue to burn in southern california will have the latest details also find a faulty part is causing hyundai to recall thousands of its cars. now. and tonight, the country's biggest showcase of new asian and asian american movies is underway and it's happening here in the bay area. that story coming up. >> and skies so far clear around most of the bay area, but changes coming our way. and we've got some warmer weather coming our way for the weekend. we'll have your 10 coming up next.
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>> a former volunteer for the contra costa county sheriff's office is now under investigation. he is accused of building and selling ghost guns with part 2 allegedly obtained from the sheriff's gun range coast. guns are privately assembled firearms that are untraceable. the investigation was triggered by the man's own wife who says she tried multiple times to
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report him. >> in a story you will only see on kron. 4 haaziq madyun has more on the investigation into john king. >> and despite how many guys did husband have? >> i didn't know the exact count until the da's open the safes. there were 132. >> that they seized being in possession of 132 firearms is not a crime. that is unless some of those firearms are ghost guns that is against the law. and that is just one of the allegations against d it keane's husband, former contra costa county sheriff's and tear john key. this is exclusive video of investigators with the contra costa county district attorneys office serving a search warrant at his home in clayton on february. 1st of this year, what can you tell from for about an
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investigation mister john mccain? >> well, john is or was. a volunteer with the contra costa county sheriff's office is resident of clayton, federal and state authorities had seized 132 guns, ammunition. a kit or kits used in the making of ghost the possession of the weapons were illegal and the manufacturing of the weapons. >> we're also illegal selling ghost guns is also a crime that is among the allegations listed in the search words, probable cause statement obtained by kron 4. it alleges john king quote, with transfer and sell these weapons to civilians and sworn members of the contra costa county sheriff's office, unquote, the names of the people who the guns were allegedly. so too are not specified. the search warrant. what is specified, however, is how john king allegedly got his hands on a
10:32 pm
gun parts, weapons and ammunition magazines from a property technician while working at the sheriff's good rage. talk about your. >> so to be ex husband's relationship with the sheriff's gun range, he added. >> access to everything. parts ammo. >> let's get it investigated and not push the ad aside. >> attorney michael cardoza is legal counsel for dia. key. he says these allegations are extremely troubling for the contra costa sheriff sheriff's, you allow us to go one where he just put parts out there and you let a volunteer take parts. and when he wants to make weapons, if he >> it just allow that to happen. you don't track. that's frightening. the bay. >> also troubling michael cardoza says is the lack of investigation on the part of the sheriff's office. king says she tried multiple times to alert the contra costa
10:33 pm
county sheriff about her husband's weapon. shortly after filing for divorce on new year's day, 2020 on january, 29th twenty-twenty. she says 3 members of the contra costa county sheriff's office came to her home to investigate, but no action was taken. then on august, 3rd, 2020, king sent this email follow-up to the contra costa county sheriff. >> quote, to this date, i have not heard from your department regarding this matter. >> as a courtesy to you and your department, i wanted to reach out to you personally as i'm not sure if you are aware of the deaths of this situation, unquote. and i never heard a word. i was just making you feel. >> i'm frustrated. disappointed. scared. >> throughout 2021 d at king says her divorce proceedings continued and she continued to try to bring attention to her husband's weapons. then in january of this year, as part of the divorce process, clayton police came to the king's home to supervise an
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inventory of items. photos provided by d at king appeared to show police collecting illegal magazines from the couple's garage. but once again yet says no action was taken. and i never heard back from clinton d. >> according to documents obtained by kron 4 john king told police he had owned the high capacity magazines for years and purchase them at a time when they were illegal. although the high capacity magazines are confiscated by police, no arrests were made. no charges were filed. when contacted clayton police declined to citing the district attorneys now and knowing investigation. why does she push so hard? >> what she have to torch the sheriff's department? number one to begin the investigation. >> just days after the visit from clayton police nearly 2 years after file in her first report. yet canes push resulted in the action she was seeking after directly contacting the contra costa county district attorney's
10:35 pm
office and inspector was sent to or hold. and is it that is now led to a full criminal investigation. talk about why it was important for you to do this. >> it's important because there's so much gun violence out there and people getting away with it at this point. what do you want to happen? i want the right thing to happen. a lot for my children to be safe. but the community safe society, anybody, any woman? but it's gone through this. i want to give them the strength to move forward. >> the contra costa da's office says john king's alleged involvement with manufacturing and southern goes goods remains under investigation. so far, no criminal charges have been filed. i think that you on for news. >> kron 4 reached out to john king's attorney and did not receive a response. we also
10:36 pm
reached out to the contra costa sheriff's department declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation by the district attorney's office. >> luxury mansions perched atop an orange county coastline. now stand charged and hollow after the coastal fire ripped through a gated community yesterday. at least 20 homes were destroyed. and the fire crews say that the flames are fueled by wind coming off the ocean kron four's ella sogomonian has been following updates and she joins us from our newsroom tonight with the latest ella haven't. catherine, this is just one more example of the year-round fire season that we are now faced with here in california. >> so early in the year and so much footage of family homes and bruins, the coastal fire as it was dubbed erupted yesterday afternoon and flames were fanned by ocean wind way too fast for firefighters to catch up. >> wind was fierce. i mean, it was like 30 miles an hour. but when it comes up, the canyon, it just amplifies. and once we
10:37 pm
saw it cross the fire it took around 10 minutes and we had to leave there was no, there was no chance to prepare and the fire firemen were amazing. within 30 minutes they were dropping, you know, water on they had a ton of trucks down in the canyon, but i don't think they could have done anything with the wind and conditions yesterday. >> so that was one of the homeowners that we heard from. and at this hour, the fire is still 15% contained and evacuation orders remain in place. 20 homes have burned and at least another 11 or damaged. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you, ella. well as check on our 4 zone forecast tonight, this is a live look outside along san francisco's embarcadero with the bay bridge glistening in the background. catherine and i love that shot at lawrence karnow was here in sounds like will be getting warmer. >> yeah. we're going to warm things up here, of course, in southern california. they've been concerned with those winds. they've been just how
10:38 pm
in the afternoon, but more of a general seabreeze nothing to specific there. they see the winds beginning to calm down. now you can see dropping off. we're gusting over 20 miles an hour again. now down 2 of 5 miles per hour or so. but the forecast overnight tonight is actually to go calm. and that some great news for firefighters still on the scene there. but it's likely to pick up again by tomorrow here's something interesting here. here's our fire forecast model and you notice right now not too much concern as far as fires are concerned. right now, the winds have calmed down. humidity is up. there's not much to worry about. but as we take you through time here overnight tonight, the winds stay calm in the early morning hours and then again by the afternoon, you start to see the areas in yellow begin to pop up. that is an increase, fire danger. and that's just because you're getting that sea breeze kicking in the afternoon of 2030 miles per hour. and with some of the dry, a brush out there right now in the fire started in those kind of conditions can spread rapidly. all right. concern around most of the state, actually, you can see kind of blustery conditions. you get in the santa barbara right now. they are really blowing a little
10:39 pm
bit more northerly component for them to 43 miles per hour. bay area of those winds are starting to back off a bit. i think it's high pressure settles in tomorrow. we'll see that really the winds kind of backing off all around the state. a still cold front making its way into far northern california. but high pressure sneaking behind that system. and that is going to bring some nice weather ahead. right now. it is mostly clear through the golden gate bridge. but as we head in toward tomorrow, yeah, i think we'll see some of that fog even forming overnight tonight. temperatures still running below the average around most of the bay area. only 58 degrees for a high in san francisco. 63 in oakland, 67 degrees in san jose. 67 little more and 70 degrees and cocker 67 degrees in santa rosa. now tonight, it's going to be cold out there in temperatures going to be dropping off into the 40's. maybe not record lows like we've seen over the past few nights. but 40's and 50's out there that my day tomorrow, this we're going to see that change in a san francisco. you'll be in the 60's. maybe some low 70's in the mission
10:40 pm
still cool out toward the coastline. a little fog forming there on and off throughout the day. so look at those numbers in the 50's and the 60's. but well, you get inside the bay is looking good. 60's in the burlingame, 70 degrees, foster city. 73 in woodside. the south pushing up near 80 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. and then when you get over the east bay hills, i think we'll see some 80's by tomorrow afternoon system. beautiful weather developing as we head into friday afternoon and the weekend. yes, starting on the toasty side may be getting closer to 90 degrees on a saturday. temperatures cool back down as we head in towards sunday. a few clouds come across our skies but should be a nice weekend ahead, the next 10 days right now looks like it should stay and dry. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. thank you, lawrence. all right. now to the latest on the war in ukraine. ukrainian political and military leaders say people continue toabe killed and injured to in russian attacks, including an armed civilian scene. while the united nations human rights council is calling on investigators to specifically look into possible russian abuses and
10:41 pm
violations in parts of ukraine in late february and early march. >> the council also challenge russia to give human rights groups unhindered, immediate and safe access to people who were transferred from ukraine to russia or areas under russian control. un refugee agency reports more than 6 million people have fled ukraine since the invasion began. >> finland wants to join nato. that country's president and prime minister announcing their support for the move today the parliament would still have to weigh in the overall process could take months to complete. sweden might also want to join nato's general secretary general says both countries would be very welcome. the kremlin says it would be a security threat to russia and is warning of possible retaliation. turning attention now to the explosion in cuba caused by a gas leak. at least that's what early reports indicate. at least 43
10:42 pm
people are dead in the explosion. it happened at a hotel in havana. >> a baptist church next door to the hotel was damaged by the explosion. also suffered significant damage. but officials say the 18 people inside the church were not hurt concrete debris and wood and glass fell from above as part of the building's upper floors collapsed. that church opened back in 18, 84. it is considered the country's most important baptist church. they will work with city officials on plans to restore the building. >> coming up, the shot of availing, a black hole at the center of our milky way, light years away from us. we'll take a closer look at a few minutes. and coming up in sports, the warriors hoping to bounce back in game 6 of chase center tomorrow. kate rooney has mike brown's reaction. >> and braun will probably be filling in for steve kerr again.
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tell your doctor if you have a bleeding condition or take blood thinners as risk of bleeding or bruising at the treatment site is increased. talk to a urologist about what your manhood could look like. find a xiaflex-trained urologist at >> for your money tonight, we're all feeling the sting of gas prices. and apparently it's not getting any better. sad to say gasoline prices reaching as high as $6 and more in some locations, according to triple a regular gasoline is run. it. >> at $4.41 for a gallon of gas on average nationally. but here in california, the average is $5. and $0.83 and in the bay area, 5 of the 9
10:46 pm
counties are now well over $6 a gallon. >> the most expensive gas in the bay area on average is in san mateo county. the cheapest is in solano county. one limousine driver tells us that he has no choice, but the pass at least some of that cost on to his clients. >> had to increase my price a little bit. you know, which i don't like to do, but i have no choice at this point. >> there are still many spots below $6. a gallon prices can vary depending on the location, but gas stations away from busy routes such as highways tend to have lower prices. >> is recalling hundreds of thousands of its cars over potential fires because of a faulty part. this recall is for 215,000 of its 2013 2014 sonata sedans here in the u.s. the carmaker says that fuel hoses can leak into the engine compartment and that can cause fires affected. owners will be
10:47 pm
notified in july. so not as from 2020 were earlier recalled for the very same problem. and federal regulators have been investigating hid. dion kia for past engine fires. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> we all thought it might be the game where the warriors clinched their trip to the western conference finals. but there was no clinton, only whole lot of cringing in wednesday's game 5 against the grizzlies. the dubs last won. 34 to 95 the worst playoff loss for the team since 2014. but in pro ball as the saying goes, you've got to have a short memory. after all warriors do have a 3, 2, series lead. and now the contest comes back to san francisco and chase center where the home crowd will be eager to avenge the loss in a noisy fashion. it remains
10:48 pm
unclear whether steve kerr will be cleared from covid protocols in time to coach on friday. but just about 24 hours before game 6 acting head coach mike brown said he has lost any confidence in his team. >> i've been totals 3 to 5 playoff games in this round. we're team's loss by 2030, plus points. >> and everybody's bounce back. and you know, the next game competed at a high level. i have 100% faith and our team that, you know, stuff like this happens steve says all the time we will champion ships are hard to come by. and if that path to championship was easy, it would be as gratifying. i truly believe that our team that will be ready, they'll be focused. they understand how hard it is and to have home crowd support miss tomorrow night is going to be a bonus. our favor. >> another western conference matchup game 6 for the suns and the jason kidd led mabs
10:49 pm
luka he's so good right down the lane for the dunk. some won't stop him. just dominating up 20 4th quarter. bully ball on chris paul just takes him down. >> in the post and scores 33 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists for dodge. hitch dallas rules one 13 to 86 to force a game 7 and that will be saturday in phoenix. the warriors hope to play the winner in the western conference finals gift. they can get by the grizzlies. some baseball a's at tigers, 3 to oakland in the 6 foot. miguel cabrera took one off the wall in right center. to bring home the game, tying run. nagy recently reached the 3,000 hit mark in his career. areas. but in still tied seth brown. belts, one to right medals going that baby is gone for a
10:50 pm
2 run home, run his 3rd of the season. 5, 3, a's. and that was the final score. oakland has now won 4 of its last 5 games after dropping 9 straight to play. well, are you ready for some football? the nfl released its 2022 schedule on thursday. >> the forty-niners will open their season on the road in chicago against the bears. the niners are already 6 and a half point favorites in that game. then the home opener is a week later against the seattle seahawks who will be kicking off the post russell wilson era and a couple other games of note. monday night games week 4 against the defending super bowl champion rams at levi stadium and week 11 against the arizona cardinals in mexico city. that to be fun. the niners also began their rookie mini camp quarterback brock purdy dubbed mister irrelevant. that's what they call the final pick in the nfl draft. he talked about trying to realize his dream of playing nfl football. >> you know, i get an opportunity to come in and just do my job and learn and grow and play at the next
10:51 pm
level excites me like i've been dreaming of this since, you know, as little kid. so whatever happens happens and be ready for. >> and the niners also head to las vegas in week 17 to play the raiders. that's the first time they played each other in the regular season since 2018. >> that's it for sports kron. 4 news at 10 returns after the b
10:52 pm
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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>> camp fast, it is the biggest showcase a brand new asian american and asian movies in the u.s. for the first time since the pandemic. it is being held in person. the festival started tonight. in fact, san francisco's castro theater with a screen of the rip the film free told foley. >> it's i think it's chill suiting today. kron 4 talked with the festival's director on why it's so important to hold the event in person again. >> the last couple years, you know, with the pandemic, the rise in anti-asian hate violence has something that's been you know, we really wanted a way to bring our community back a way for everyone to be engaged in a space that feels feeling. and at the same time, also salvatore and we do it acknowledged that, you know, all of this stuff is happening. but how can we also bring folks together? >> the festival is also celebrating its 40th
10:55 pm
anniversary this year. it will feature dozens of movies. campus runs from may the 12 to the 20 seconds. and you can find more information at campus dot com. >> astronomers of unveiled the first image of a huge black hole. it's at the center of our own milky way galaxy nearly all galaxies are believed to have these giant black holes at the center where light and matter cannot escape, making it extremely hard to get pictures of them. this image was made by 8 synchronized radio telescopes all over the world. but it is not the first picture of a black hole that was actually taken in 2019 from a distant galaxy for these matches. the telescope's has been amazing deeper and deeper. and i know it's amazing how much we out there. still yet to be. we don't even know how much we very, very true. >> tonight we're going to try to figure this fog out for you. we're going to see that developing around the bay area right now. you have mostly
10:56 pm
clear skies just the lights. the top of san bruno mountain there. so no fog settling in there just yet. but i think overnight probably will see a couple of patches of fog forming along the coastline model starting to pick up on a 2 by tomorrow morning. maybe a couple patches of fog out toward the may be under doing on mall here. i think it gets right, though, as we head toward the afternoon that sea breeze kind of kicks in and carry the fog and low clouds moving in and really kind of looked like a summer day outside with that fog moving in along the coastline. while most of the valleys are going to be very warm by tomorrow afternoon. in fact, some places sneaking in the low 80. so here's how we're going to play. i think tomorrow we're looking at a beautiful friday and not a bad start to the day overnight. lows going to be in the 40's. the 50's not as cold as the school has been. so these numbers by tomorrow afternoon really going to run into some warmer weathers. 74 degrees expected with sunny skies in fremont. 74 redwood city, a beautiful 79 in san jose should be a gorgeous day in the santa clara valley. 80 degrees of warmth in santa rosa. 81 in the napa valley about 82 degrees in concord.
10:57 pm
as you make your way to san francisco, you get that cool breeze kicking in that fog kind of moving along the coastline toward the zoo. you get out toward the ballpark. of course, you can see a little more sunshine and warmer temperatures. mid 60's expected downtown next couple days. we're going to see some warmer weather almost on the hot side as we get to saturday least some spots inland, more clouds, cooler temperatures expected on sunday right now we will ponder the vastness of space of what we do not know. do not know. we do not know and i can go on for ever exist on on. alright, pondering. thank you, lawrence. thanks all of you for being with us. >> have a good evening. we'll see you tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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