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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 13, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> we had told you friday will get here. j eventually. here it james. yeah, it is. friday friday. the 13th, by the way, fine. still friday, but a little on actually really nice morning. and i did notice the moon this morning, john, not to spooky you i noticed a 2. it was really miserable. and our cameras earlier. it's just set a few minutes ago over the pacific. so if you're just waking up now, you're missing out on it. but it was a gorgeous moon, a half moon bay this morning. looking nice. looking clear. we will see some fog out along the coastline at points, especially tomorrow morning and this afternoon. but as of right now, we're doing all right. scare skies clear across the bay. some showers north near the oregon border. those are coming anywhere
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close to us. we're in a dry trajectory through the weekend and into next week, too. 40's 50's for current temperatures a little bit more mild to start this morning. a little bit calmer as well. and we're going to be a lot warmer later on today. be breaking down what you can expect to start the weekend. what day will be the hottest, all of it. still to come over to irena. john, thank you for that, right waking up this morning. if you're heading into the city right now, a little under. >> 8 minutes to make your drive from the maze. 2 that fremont street traffic is moving along nicely. san mateo bridge a 80 to one on one about a 12 minute drive for you as you're commuting there. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge tolls to one o one. all of 7 minutes for you and in the south bay traveling along one. 85 in to menlo park around 27 minutes started. james, back to you. thanks a lot, right? it's 5, 0, one. and breaking news this morning, elon musk's plan to buy twitter is on hold. apparently. yeah. he tweeted this morning that the deal is pending because of spam and
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fake accounts. >> with kron 4, sarah stinson standing by live in the city to explain. good morning, sarah. >> there's never a dull moment with this twitter deal. los appears like elon musk is backing out of his 44 billion dollar buyout of twitter and why take a look at what he tweeted this morning and it was at 3.30, this morning, very early tweet. he said twitter deal temporarily on hold pending detail supporting such calculation that spam slash fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users. now, musk has previously tweeted that he wants to move spam bots from twitter as he would own. and 2, that would be one of his goals. but would that be enough to really just kind of curb this deal? the announcement from the tesla billionaire on twitter is another twist in the internal turmoil that has been caused by his plan to buy out twitter. 2 of the social media's top managers got fired yesterday. twitter stock has been plummeting and it
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plummeted 18% since this morning's announcement. while tesla stock has jumped 5% which month, musk has said that he propose using that money to help fund the twitter deal. it's not clear whether the fake account issue could really ruin this twitter deal. but twitter said yesterday that the company is pausing most hiring except for business critical roles. attributing that to cutting down on labor costs to ensure that they're more efficient and even a memo went out to employees in the company has not hit growth in revenue milestones after the company begin to invest aggressively to expand its user base and revenue. now the future of must deal remains on. hold this morning. twitter has not commented on this. i'm sure twitter's board. is i don't know they're confused by it. i don't know if they're surprised by it or what, but we are certainly surprised by it. and it's been, you know, a lot with this deal. but darya james will continue to follow it right here from san francisco, home base of twitter. it's going to be
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interesting. buckle never a dull moment with this story. thank you, sarah. >> time now is 5, 0, 3, in the south. bay crews will continue the demolition process of the vta building where the mass shooting happened last year. it tearing down that building is just one more step towards healing, hopefully for the victims and their families. kron four's will tran is on the story for us now from san jose. will. >> we're coming up on the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting that took place at the where 9 people ultimately killed and then a 10th person. >> couple of months ago in that person went back to work here and it was just simply overwhelming for that person. so that person committed suicide. 10 people altogether because some men went inside the vta building building be and started shooting his co-workers. let me show you video of the demolition. it actually started 2 days ago. this was the place where employees obviously went to also housed a lot of
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equipment. it has been vacant since may. 26, since the mass shooting that took place with 57 year-old sam cassidy went inside and started shooting his co-workers randomly choosing certain people. and then the police officers from the santa clara county sheriff's department, which is literally down the block. they rushed in, closed in on him and ultimately cornered him where he committed suicide. that building. but it has been vacant. they've been deciding what to do with it. and they decided while it's still up is just simply too painful. and then they started tearing down the interior. some parts on the inside. what's going to happen today at noon is they will do the demolition on the outside. not sure. james story of how long this process will take. they will tear it down and then they will rebuild with another building. new memories. they want to have fresh start. of course, they're still working with the victims families because especially with a few days from now, we will be the one year anniversary of what happened. sam cassidy, i was here the second day of the
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shooting. sam cassidy only lived a few miles from this location. he went down to this location, went through that. and at this particular point, they still don't have a rock solid motive and why he did it. they know that he was a longtime employee of eta and again, building b, which is inside that location. it was a crime scene for several weeks as nobody was allowed to go inside other than investigators building b has been vacant. and now nobody will be inside anymore as it will be demolished. back to you. thank you. will. >> 5, 0, 6, and happening today, one of the men accused of killing kron. 4 security guard kevin nishita will be in court. mitchell should is going to appear in front of a judge for a plea hearing. she'd oh was shot and killed last november in oakland while he was guarding one of our reporters, lebron gilbert and hershel hale are also accused in this case. hale was arrested, but police are still looking for gilbert. in the
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east bay. the investigation continues into the disappearance of alexis game. the latest development came last night. officers served a search warrant at a home where she was last seen. take a look at the video. this is antioch. you can see detectives with the oakley police department and the antioch police. they're carrying bags of evidence out of a home on bent tree way this home is games, ex-boyfriend lives. the 24 year-old was reported missing in late january. her car was found the next day abandoned more than 4 miles away. the doors were open. the keys were in the ignition. a $10,000 reward has been offered for any information in the case. 1, 8, year-old boy is missing from walnut creek. police say the jonas simon was last seen at about 6.30, last night. this is a picture of them. >> he was leaving his home on oak road right near walden parking at the time he was
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wearing a red shirt, black or gray shorts and no shoes. jonas is about 4 feet. 5 inches tall. weighs about 70 pounds. >> it's 5, 0, 7, and developing news in southern california. let's go back and look what's happening in orange county. they're trying to get control of this big coastal fire that ripped through laguna niguel. you can see the damage that was done right now. the fire is about 15% contained. we've got a huge buzz act but with the very latest on that fire fighting effort. >> an expensive laguna niguel neighborhood still smoldering after the coastal fire fueled by dry vegetation and strong winds destroyed 20 multimillion dollar oceanview properties. this is a lively neighborhood for my grew up when we drive by with when they were kids, they want to say hello to everybody. and now we see a lot of them was there complete >> fire officials confirming 900 residents were evacuated, adding 2 firefighters were hurt but have since left the
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hospital. we're very fortunate is not more homes and we have no loss of life, which is fantastic. and in our mind is success. the fire started small wednesday afternoon, but quickly scaled the hillside and into the neighborhood in the firefighting some of the things that we look at our what impacts are what drives a fire as the fields, the topography and the weather. >> and when all 3 of those coming alignment like we had yesterday, we have. >> the devastation that we see today for the families who called these houses home. a bittersweet return when the evacuation orders were lifted was unable walk inside the rubble and see it like probably get more intense emotions. but >> putting things in perspective, fortunately everyone is safe and sound. some residents luckier than others. it's you know, but we're standing. thankful that we had it for the years that we had it. we know that. >> god has told us is isn't our eternal home. so we're fine and >> we know the beauty will come out of ashes with the fire 15% contained.
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firefighters from la riverside, san diego and cal fire. glad they could get it under control but are still on scene. mopping up the destruction. >> now as that, but reporting 2 firefighters were injured fighting this fire on wednesday taken to the hospital. they've since been released. >> 5.10, is the time. alright, let's turn our attention to the golden state warriors. they're hoping that today will be the day they beat the memphis grizzlies in advance to the western conference finals. >> the dogs are coming a that's but anyway, what little? show you the highlights. and i'm just not going to say they got killed while we don't need to talk they're back in san francisco, which is going make a huge difference. it's not clear right now if steve kerr going to be clear from covid, i don't see how he would well and that would be based on the protocols him he might be. but right now they're not quite sure. okay. so head coach mike brown, meanwhile says he's confident that the team they can pull pull through and get
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the win. >> not a bit totals 3 to 5 playoff games in this round. we're team's loss by 2030, plus points. >> and everybody's bounce back. and you know, the next game competed at a high level. i have 100% faith and our team that, you know, stuff like this happens steve says all the time we will champion ships are hard to come by. and if that path to championship was easy, it would be is ratified. >> now the tipoff for tonight's game, the 7 o'clock at the chase center. so you'll notice a crowd out there tonight. >> 5.11, is the time. and still ahead on the ground for morning news. >> a warning about blue green algae found in bear lakes. we're going to tell you where you need to a way to going. and a san jose police officer is out of a job because of allegations of misconduct. how the police chief is handling the situation. and the house
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committee investigating the january 6th attack sending out subpoenas now,
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>> and we're back at 5.14, some lakes and parks in the bay area are closed right now because of blue green algae. the city of santa rosa says that that algae was found in lake ralphie nat howard park and near the boat ramp. boat rentals are canceled as a result there at the park this weekend. algae was also found at lake of al and corey lakes.
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both closed now for swimming to so city of park. officials are asking you to stay away from these lakes until the issue is resolved. if you go just enjoy the grassy areas, don't get in the water. will you're going to want to go somewhere where you get in the water? i mean, this week is going to so hot. yeah. tomorrow is the hottest day of belief. yeah. tomorrow is the one that will be close to the 90's. so might make you think twice before going out to the lake after seeing that. >> but this is what it looks like this morning. nice and cool and really clear to start. you're berkeley hills camera looking nice and fog free. we saw the moon out there second ago, but it has settled be on the horizon. now. showers up north towards the oregon border. nothing close to the bay area, though we're going to stay dry all the way through this forecast through the weekend. well, into next week as high pressure diggs are right on in with us. and as it digs further and tomorrow, that's when we're going to be looking at our hottest weather. so we may be for a fairly fog free this morning. tomorrow morning, though, i am
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expecting some fog to push its way along the coastline as well as along the bay to start the morning. that's going to burn off really quickly. and then that hot weather really groups our inland areas and even our bayshore cities getting pretty warm tomorrow. if the heat is a little too much for you, sunday is going to be a touch cooler highs mostly only in the low 80's for sunday and then increase marine layer there, too. so fog is definitely going to be making its return over the next several days as our inland areas heat up. that will keep our coastal areas a bit on the cooler side. high pressure is in the really building in now. and that's going to stay with us. keeping this forecast steady and dry. today's highs will be back into the 80's for concord, antioch, in napa, just to name a few spots. most of us well into the 70's today, a much warmer day than yesterday was in tomorrow. indeed, getting even warmer highs near 90 inland near 80 for some of our bayshore cities. sunday gets a bit more mild but still warm and we stay comfortable. and sunny all the way through next week right now. john, thank you for right. if you are
5:17 am
traveling along one, 0, one north now want to one. >> just south of east hills del bulevar. that's in san mateo. we do have an accident there and 2 lanes are blocked. so you see the slight delay here seen over that area overall one. 0, one is moving along pretty nicely. 27 minute drive. 85 in to menlo park. 2, 88 82. no accidents or hazards over the air or along to 37 as well. heading into the city right now, a 7 minute drive this morning. so no accidents or hazards weee delays to slow you down the san mateo bridge looking at a 12 minute drive 80 across towards one o one. so we're not seeing any impacts from that traffic collision on the san mateo bridge this morning. 7 minutes richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o there and the crockett down towards the maze around 15 minutes highway. 24, don't see any accidents there. so it's a smooth drive from walnut creek down to 5.80, darya. james, back to you. >> 5.17 is the time and
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planned parenthood affiliates of california are getting ready now to kick off their statewide bus tour protesting abortions. the powered pink bus tour will start tomorrow in sacramento after the national day of action rally. planned parenthood says the tour is in response to the supreme court's draft opinion and to raise awareness to california's fight to protect reproductive rights. they plan to educate people on the impacts of banning abortions and what they're doing to prepare for an influx of out will and in long beach on the 25th. >> time now is 5.18, and protests outside the home of some supreme court justices are becoming a concern after the leak of the u.s. supreme court opinion on abortion. law makers are trying to figure out a better way now to protect the justices. tom dempsey has that story. >> fallout from a draft opinion league overturning roe versus wade is not only led to protests outside the supreme court building. but also outside the homes of
5:19 am
conservative judges over uhe last week, crowds focused on justices, brett kavanaugh, samuel alito, amy coney barrett and john roberts holding signs and chanting. but republicans now say the protesters are violating a 70 year-old federal law. i'm disappointed that there was a leak and i'm disappointed that this white house is still encouraging people to break federal law in go and protest in front of the houses. >> of supreme court justice over 40 republican congressman joined this resolution condemning the protests on thursday a day after the republican governors of maryland and virginia. both presidential hopeful sent this letter to attorney general merrick garland citing title 18 section 15. 0, 7, of u.s. code which prohibits protesting outside the home of a justice that could influence a decision. >> the 2 governors voiced concerns about reports of demonstrators using threatening language before saying federal law enforcement must take the lead to protect the justices. the justice
5:20 am
department has remained quiet on the matter, only releasing this short statement saying attorney general merrick garland directed u.s. marshals to provide additional support to ensure the safety of the justices. democrats remain focused on the issue of abortion this week while downplaying any threat posed by protesters. if protests are peaceful, yes. >> my house is there's protests 3, 4, times a week outside my house. >> that was tom dempsey reporting. the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol has issued a new round of subpoenas. yes, 5 house republicans, including top republican kevin mccarthy has received them. we have shot. hudson joining us live from washington now with more on this development. good morning. were shot. james darya. it's very rare that members of congress subpoena each other. but the committee says these 5 gop congressman >> have relevant information leading up to the events of january 6. the investigation into the january 6 attack on
5:21 am
the capitol has taken a dramatic turn. they're not conducting investigation. house republican leader kevin mccarthy, congressman jim jordan of ohio, mo brooks of alabama, scott perry of pennsylvania and andy biggs of arizona were subpoenaed for testimony about events surrounding the attack in efforts to overturn the 2020 election. mccarthy slim. the committee for the move they just want to go after their political opponent. >> committee member and maryland congressman jamie raskin says he expects gop lawmakers to comply every american, including members of congress. >> will come and testify before a committee if they have. information that's relevant to our investigation. >> and the white house weighing in saying president biden supports the work of the january 6 committee. we believe it's vital. >> and essential to get to the bottom of what happened on january 6 when the darkest days and our democracy. >> and the committee says these 5 gop members of
5:22 am
congress are vital to their investigation because their close allies of former president trump reporting in washington reshad hudson. back to you. thank you very much for shot. >> it's 5.21. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news vacation rentals are becoming an issue now for people who live in sonoma county. we'll tell you why. this has prompted some people to stop the stop accepting new rental applications.
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>> we're back at 5.24. sonoma county supervisors are temporarily freezing new permit applications for vaccination or for vacation rentals like air b and b's. so the 45 day moratorium, we're told, is to allow officials to review a comprehensive ordinance regulating the iort of rentals and also tackling the backlog of permits. and since the possibility that moratorium was announced, there's been about a 500% increase in new permit applications. >> it that are 40 to 50% vacation. rental homes, which is on sustainable. >> yeah. there's also concern that developers will come in and buy up the areas affected by the tubbs fire before the original owners have even had a chance to rebuild. there could be a vote to extend the moratorium. the on 45 days.
5:26 am
we'll see. >> for your money this morning. we've all felt the sting of gas prices and it's not getting any better. gas prices reaching as high as $6 over and over in some places. and according to triple a regular cast is running at about 4.43, a gallon on average nationally. of course not here. i'm going to say we don't really feel for them at 4.43. kuz the average for us here in california has 5.87 and in the bay area. of course, more 5 of the 9 counties here are well over 6 bucks to get the most expensive on average is san mateo county. the cheapest is in solano county. one limo driver actually tells us that he has no choice but the pass that cost on to his client. there's no way around it. >> had to increase my price a little bit. you know, which i don't like to do, but i have no choice at this point. >> yeah, there may still be many spots below $6 a gallon see kind of have to look around prices. good for the lines. looked like to get cheap gas. yeah. i mean
5:27 am
gasbuddy dot coms. a great resource to try and find the cheapest gas near you. good luck to you. good luck to you. >> coming up, one bay area city is trying to get rid of its ban on car cruising one wyckoff. why one council member says it's a discriminatory policy.
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>> 5.29 and we're going into a pretty active weekend. it. yes, there's a lot to do. everything going on. we've the warriors playing, right? i have a bay to breakers sunday saturday. they break or warming up. temperatures of people probably flocking to the beaches as well as true. but watch out for the algae bloom. we've got other blue green algae. talk about that. yeah, we got that coming so let's get a look at the weather. hi, john. there's always a catch haha because the weather is not going to be the catch this weekend. and if you are heading out to the coastline, you may see a little bit of fog on into tomorrow morning, especially. >> this morning. we're pretty fog free, though. we're just kicking off the weekend. a whole lot warmer than we've been any day so far this week. showers up towards oregon bay area, though, consistently dry. and we're going hold on to a lot of sunshine today. and you are definitely going to feel the difference in temperatures from yesterday's 60's to solid 70's and even low 80's today. much warmer back to the shorts. back to the t-shirts. 40's 50's to start this morning. a little
5:31 am
more mild already and winds are on the calmer side this morning. all this is boding well friday to get outside as much as you can reyna. john, thank you for that. will traffic is moving pretty light on this friday morning. hopefully it stays that way. >> golden gate bridge, 90 minute drive. 37 to that whole. so no hazards or accidents. there. now the bay bridge under 9 minutes. the meter lights are still off at this hour. so again, no delays across the bay bridge. well, if you're traveling from crockett down towards the maze along 5, 18, 80, just a 15 minute drive for you. there. no accidents along. 24. so it'll take you under 15 minutes to make it from walnut creek down to 5.80, a highway for any acts. one, 60, a slight delay traveling to pittsburgh about 17 minutes for you and doubling down to fremont 14 minutes along 6.80, story of james. back to you. thanks. a lot of rain 5.31. take a look at this video that we have here. san jose police chief anthony mata personally walking in officer accused of
5:32 am
misconduct out of the department. yeah. the officers accused of an incident in which they say he. >> an incident exposure while he was responding to a call. we get kron four's justin campbell to explain. >> 32 year-old matthew demean gets booted out of the police department by chief anthony mata. dominguez is charged with indecent exposure after allegedly exposing himself on a call in april, according to the da's office, dominguez masturbated in front of the mother and her 23 year-old daughter. we have a serious problem. sapd requires. >> remedial action immediately. >> it's not just demand is another officer allegedly showed up drunk to the kidnapping, a baby brandon. and finally, another allegedly offered a meth pipe in exchange for information majority of officers in this department. are furious as i am mayor sam liccardo says he would like to improve screening background checks on officers tend to be very young officers which tells me there
5:33 am
may be something very seriously. wrong with whatever we're doing around screening. he's also proposing random drug tests that will have to be negotiated with the police officers association. >> these are very serious transgressions. we have to take seriously ensure that officers who commit transgressions like this never wear uniform again. and they say that they're currently prosecute reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> additional charges have been filed against the 2 people that are accused of kidnapping 3 month-old baby brandon quay are from san jose. use any ramirez. >> and jose por we're back in court yesterday and they sat in front of each other, never making eye contact to the new charges. stem from allegations that they attempted to kidnap the baby. at least 3 times before. >> the baby ended up being kidnapped a couple of weeks ago. >> they have been planning
5:34 am
coordinating and attempting to kidnap him since the beginning of march. it's absolutely shocking. this is i think any parent's worst nightmare. >> the santa clara county district attorney's office says ramirez and hope por first tried to kidnap the baby when he was just one month old. >> according to the da's office, the first attempted kidnapping happened back on march 14th. that's when they say party opposed as a child protective services worker who was there to take custody of the baby. but the family was suspicious and refused to give up brandon. in fact, they call child protective services to verify this. and the agency said no, they haven't sent anybody out to the home to take the child. the second attempt happened on march 28th. the da says that's when the defendants tried to kidnap baby brandon at a local walmart. the da saying they plan to try and confused a grandmother in exchange the shopping carts. but they were unsuccessful. and then on april 25th, the defense tried to kidnap brandon again at that very same walmart. but they failed to distract
5:35 am
brandon's grandmother. but it was later that afternoon that they were successful at kidnapping the child. they had to go into the family's home to take him. and that's the video you see here, ramirez and port who you are scheduled to be back in court on june 7th. in addition to the attempted kidnapping charges, and ramirez are facing burglary charges in connection with that final attempt to take baby brandon. the judge didn't set a bail because of these new charges. the motive for the crimes is still under investigation. to the north bay. 3 former minor league hockey players are set to stand trial now after being accused of rape. 33 year-old moses matthews. 34 year-old dominic jones and 30 year-old just sign a nickel plate for the santa rosa growlers. police say the players were arrested by the way, for a game back in february on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman. matthews is also accused of taking pictures of the woman allegedly sending them out via text message. the 3 men will be tried together starting on june 27th.
5:36 am
>> time now 5.35 cruising could be a legal activity in san jose. yeah, it's been a part of the mexican american tradition since the 1940's. but san jose bandit back in the 90's will now city council member says it's time to bring that tradition. background was camila. barco is live in the newsroom with the story high camilla. good morning, guys. yeah, car cruising has been prohibited in the streets of san jose for >> 30 years now. like i said, it's a popular activity and the mexican american culture and now city council member role per alice has propose to lift the decades old ban. now, car cruising became a phenomenon in the 1960's and 70's during the chicano civil rights movement and these cars have been altered to ride very low to the road. and it's why they're also called low riders. the cars have become a symbol of the latino community. but in the early 1990's, many cities including san jose implementing a local ordinance prohibiting cruising and there was a misconception at the time that the people driving these cars, we're part
5:37 am
of gangs or involved in some sort of criminal activity. perales says that the ban discriminates against the mexican american culture and heritage. and he he even has spoken about his own experience being stopped dozens of times while cruising. >> always remain respectful and often engage with the officers asking why i was being detained in such a manner. i was told that because of the car i drove rested because i was out cruising that they at reasonable suspicion to believe i was a gang member that i might have had weapons or drugs in my car. >> now he says that he says that he has found that san jose police has not issued warnings or citations for cruising for alice. also adds that there's been no fines collected in the last 20 years for cruising. so this proposal has already been approved by one city council committee darya james. and now we'll just have to see if council members agree for now. back to you. >> thank you very much. you can we'll take a break. it is
5:38 am
5.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a supervisor in contra costa county is considering ending contracts with 3 sheriff's departments. we'll tell you why. plus the controversial teen vaccination bill is moving forward. what critics feel that bill will do more harm than good will explain. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control-
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>> 5.40, is a time contra costa county supervisors considering ending the
5:41 am
sheriff's department's contract with the cities of danville, lafayette and orinda. the potential change comes on the heels of 2 civil lawsuits totaling about 10 million dollars of the wrongful deaths of 2 men who were shot and killed by a deputy while workvng. he was working in danville. now supervisor john goya is asking the county staff to determine whether the costs of patrolling the 3 cities is worth it. >> what i'm concerned about. is ensuring that our county fully recovers the cost. >> the cost benefit analysis report is due out on june. first. meantime, the mayor of danville sent kron 4 response. that reads in part, we continue to find this contract service model to be and effective and mutually beneficial. one for both of our agencies and look forward to continuing with the partnership. >> happening today, chinese american elected officials and asian community leaders are holding a rally opposing the
5:42 am
recall of san francisco district attorney chase a ball game. the rally is happening in portsmouth square in chinatown. it's set to start at 10, 30 this morning. the recall election is set for june 7th. we'll take a break here. 5.41. we'll be right back.
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right. take a look at this. a huge tree fell in los altos last night, shutting down the stretch of el monte road. >> about 100 customers were without power as a result, the cleanup took a bit. take a listen. >> he would like power, we understand. >> just took out the power line. so so they can work on it quickly. >> now pg and e says that all money from springer to higgins will be closed. so they can secure power lines that they're repairing. they do need to do that before crews can get the tree out of the road. so it's sort of a complicated process where you got to do one thing first before you can do. the other hit will take a bit but hopefully get that cleared for too much longer. yeah. well, i see trees and i think about that work and think about the dryness. think about the fires in southern and i think, >> you know, it gives and then i go all it's going to be so hot this weekend. also got john with a look at that hot weather forecast. a job. i know you just see that fire in southern california yesterday and thinking how warm it does
5:46 am
get this weekend. definitely a reminder that we're entering that season now where we're consistently drier and about to be at least consistently warmer after what has been a pretty cool week. today's the big warm up. you can see outside skies are nice and clear out their showers. well to our north, that's where they're going to stay. nothing close to us today. it's going to be solid sunshine all the way across the bay area and temperatures noticeably warmer. looking ahead to future cast skies remain clear today that we will see fog starting to form towards the afternoon at the coastline in tonight's slipping through the golden gate on into the bay itself, we're going to see that marine layer closer to the coastline, which will keep coastal temperatures way cooler than our inland areas. so unlike this week, we're all of us. we're cool. now we start that normal summer trend where we heat up inland and stay really cool out towards the coast. sunday is going to be a lot like that, too. in fact, even a little drizzly at the coast as we do see a deepening marine layer out that direction. as far as the big picture goes, high
5:47 am
pressure is building in now. and that is going to keep us consistently dry, very steady forecast ahead of us. the hottest of days will be saturday. so if you're looking for a day that isn't so oppressively warm, it will be friday or sunday. saturday will be the one to find some of the sea 60's towards the coast and then a lot of 70's elsewhere today by no means the hottest, but a lot warmer than we have been san jose at 78 degrees. fremont at a nice 76 oakland. really nice at 74 80's from danville, walnut creek and concord, pittsburgh, over to antioch, fairfield, vacaville nap and youngsville. among those 80 degree or above spots, temperatures tomorrow nearing 90 inland. before we settle things down a little bit on sunday next week, actually looks really nice. most of us will be in the 70's through next weekend are a lot of sun tapping into the low 80's for a few of our for this inland areas. rain. where that warm forecast, we do have an accident. this is a long 8.80. >> northbound has varying
5:48 am
boulevard. so you are seeing a slight delay along to 37 as you're traveling there. let's get a look at the bay bridge this morning. meter lights are still off. so still under 10 minutes for you to make that drive into the city. hey, if you're traveling out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell, you're out about 7 minutes tolls to one o one. there. well, in the south bay traveling along one. 0, one from 85 in to menlo park. just at 32 minutes to 18. 82. no major issues there. highway. 24 that walnut creek to 5, 80 commute at 11 minutes and then we'll leave you with a look at 6. a doubling down to fremont. you're at about 13 minutes. we're checking on 8.80, here. you see a slight delay. no major issues. once you pass to that trouble spot darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. ryan is 5.48. california state lawmakers are moving forward with a bill that would allow teenagers to get vaccinated without their parents consent. kron four's ashley zavala has more. >> secretary please call california state. senators moved forward with the
5:49 am
controversial measure that would allow kids 12 and up to get vaccinated without parental consent. and this is about allowing these young people. >> to take steps to protect their own health. and we should allow them. >> to do that. the bill also known as sb 8 66 passed in a tie. 21 to 7 vote with multiple democrats either not voting or rejecting the proposal. the bill allows children ages 12 and up to be vaccinated. not just against covid-19 but for other shots approved by the fda. opponents say parents should be involved in this important medical decision. if the parents don't know that the child got the vaccination, how would they know to even keep an eye out for it to watch for if they're at their second job, maybe perhaps telling older sibling or their caretaker. hey, keep an eye out for any any of these sorts of symptoms in my child. they wouldn't know that. >> they wouldn't know that. and i think that is unfair and unreasonable to do to a child or to any parent out there. he just wants to keep their child
5:50 am
safe. supporters say teens in california already have the ability to consent to other medical treatment like birth control and mental health care. other states like rhode island, south carolina, oregon, washington, d.c., and alabama allow teens to get vaccinated without parental approval. >> of course we want kids to feel comfortable talking to their parents about vaccination or are hundreds of other important issues in life. we absolutely want that. that's not the reality of the world. >> for every child, the bill now heads to the assembly floor for approval in that house before it can reach the governor's desk at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay, the berkeley unified school district is asking students to mask up ahead of graduation. the district says that they want people to wear masks in schools and at large parties, basically to protect themselves from covid-19. they say they're trying to ensure as many students as possible can attend graduation safely. the district says students who have quarantine ahead of graduation could miss the
5:51 am
ceremony depending on when the isolation period started to help out with that, the district is offering for vaccine clinics over the next few weeks. and you can find the dates and times for those on our website or on their website. district is asking students to mask up ahead of graduation. don't get covid and end up in quarantine and mischer hold graduation. they don't want that contra. costa. health officials, meanwhile, are giving away free test kits next week on may 17th the address would put will put it on your screen here, educational information about covid vaccines will also be provided. the department is recommending that people keep home testing kits in their medicine cabinet. so that they have on hand if they need them. the event will start at 3.30 and it will run until 7. and there is your location. in front of the cdo market. all right. now to bay area baseball. the giants are going to be back in action tonight after having an off day on thursday. they're going to be taking on the st. louis cardinals. and as for the a's, they were in detroit taking on
5:52 am
the tigers in the bottom of the 8th. we pick up the action here with the game tied. seth brown belting this one deep to right. that was a 2 home run, giving the a's the lead can we go on to win by finds a 5 to 3 to a few days. now back home tonight will be taking on the angels. first pitch for that game is set for 6.40, at the coliseum's. you're going to get a's in oakland. >> we're going to half the giants in san francisco. you're going to the warriors. wow center all tonight. that >> busy day. yeah. a sports way and football season is just around the corner. the nfl just released the schedule for 2022. so let's take a look at where our teams are. the niners opening their season on the road in chicago. >> taking on the bears home openers. going to be a week later against the seattle seahawks. so if you're waiting for home, that's going to be a game without russell wilson because, you know, he didn't live there anymore. >> other games of know, week for the niners are going to play the defending champion rams on monday night football and week 11. their plan, arizona cardinals in mexico
5:53 am
city. the niners are also going to vegas in week 17 to play the raiders. one quick correction. the giants not in town. >> that was my mistake there in st. louis. the worried, well, still you watch him on tv or i know you like to do that. it's 5.52. will be right back. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it.
5:54 am
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happening today. black restaurant owners in the bay area are prepping for.
5:56 am
>> black restaurant week. it starts today and will last until may 22nd the week was created to help black restaurant owners earn a living by promoting their craft and it will feature food trucks, caterers, even bartenders to should be a good time. if you are black restaurant owner and still want to sign up, you can you just go to the website that you see on your screen and that's how you register and get signed up. that should be a good time. looking forward to 5.86 right now. we've got lots more coming up in the next hour kron. 4 morning knows a big surprise. elon musk is tweeting. >> the twitter deal is temporarily on hold. we'll tell you why. kron 4 sarah stinson is going to break down the whole thing in the future of this deal. and we're going take you to the vta as they are demolishing the building where a mass shooting happened trying to heal. >> and the warriors are going to try to beat the grizzlies again, we're going to tell you what we need to know about to get big game tonight.
5:57 am
5:58 am
[ indistinct conversations ] ♪ hey, class. this is lily. ♪ when you see things differently, you can be the difference. welcome. capella university looks at education differently.
5:59 am
our flexpath learning format helps you control the pace and cost of your master's degree. make your difference with capella university. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and happy friday to you. when made it
6:00 am
our area and on james. yeah. and it looks like we've got a really great looking weekend on tap with the weather. >> and temperatures set to climb little something for everybody of split decision on the weekend, john? yeah, we actually have some right. the finally because it had just been cool across the board. now, if you head out to the coastline, you'll still find your 60's. but if you head inland, we're going to be looking at some 80's out there today. a big jump in temperatures, especially inland. >> really nice that the coast this morning don't expected to remain so fog free all weekend long, specially not tomorrow and sunday as we'll see some deep marine layer right there along the coast, even into the bay as that heat inland starts to dry. that cool dry, that cool air further our direction. now radar shows clear dry skies that's going to stick around. definitely no rainfall in this forecast. current temperatures are in the 40's to 50's. so we're already off to a much more mild start than we were yesterday morning. and that trend will continue. as for winds, not as windy as we have been still 20 mile per hour gust here. there,


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