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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 13, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> and thanks for waking up with us. it's always a little easier on a friday. i'm darya and i'm james and it is friday. the 13th don't forget. so just add a little extras. speaking to us today. if it or not, but it's hard to get anything that sunshine. great. it is going to be great and extra hot tomorrow. i think, john, yet tomorrow's the hottest one, the blazing hot one today just medium-high. we're going to be seeing temperatures warming into the 70's and barely low 80's out there compared to where we have been, which has been a really mild some 60's for most of our daytime highs. it's already a big change of pace. looks nice. and san francisco. this is our most fog. free day
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of your forecast. we'll start to see marine layer deepening along the coastline this afternoon. >> and that heat of the weekend is really going to start to draw that marine layer through the golden gate and on into the bay at points. so a foggy morning tomorrow and a foggy morning on sunday to as we start to see a pretty normal situation for late spring early summer, beginning to form across the region. 40's and 50's for current temperatures conquered 53 oakland right now you're at 50 to some 40's in san mateo santa rosa swells. fairfield and winds a little calmer than they've been, which is just the cherry on top of a really comfortable day ahead of us. more details about the weekend forecast to come. >> reyna, john, thank you for that. we've had a light friday morning commute for you. you're in the south bay. 29 minutes for your drive. taking one. 0, one heading from 85. and to menlo park to 18. 82 are also at the limit 2.37, no accidents or delays. there traveling into the city. the meter lights are on to about 14 minutes for your dry. we have that any morning.
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accidents are hazards along the bay bridge. a 14 minute commute for you to make it across towards the peninsula. let's get a look at crockett down so taken 5, 18, 80 18 minutes. slight delay through richmond, slight delay to berkeley. once you reach emeryville, traffic's moving along pretty quickly and a 30 minute commute traveling from any acts. one, 60 into concord's to 42 darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot to the breaking news this morning. the big surprise from elon musk's. yes, once again causing drama on twitter this time about twitter itself and his potential purchase of it. >> the deal kind of in limbo right now based on what he tweeted early this morning, maybe it's buyer's remorse, maybe thinks is a bad deal. now, cropper stinson sarah stinson explains why. what is the problem? sarah? >> well, it almost felt like elon musk was backing out of the 44 billion dollar deal to purchase twitter and it all is
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because of spam bots. maybe. take a look at is tweet this morning at 3.30, we're awake. you're probably not awake. but now you're waking up to this tweet. he wrote twitter deal temporarily on hold pending deal supporting calculation that spam slash fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5%. >> of users, musk has previously tweeted that he wants to remove spam bots from twitter, but it's not clear whether the fake cow tissue would really ruin this twitter deal. 2 hours after that tweet, musk tweeted again saying he is still committed to the acquisition. he's like, hold on. everyone is freaking out. rightfully so. let me tell you, i'm still committed. these announcements made on twitter from the tesla billionaire are another twist in the internal turmoil that has been caused by his plan to buy out twitter. 2 of the social media's top managers got fired yesterday. plus, twitter stock has been plummeting ever since he announced the one to buy twitter. but just this morning
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stock has gone right now is 10% down. it's going for $40. and $0.48. and that's compared to what he is purchasing at it out at $54.20 a share. so it is going in down by the minute twitter stock has been crashing all week long. while tesla stock has jumped 7%. musk has sold many of his shares to buy twitter deals. so that's how he's kind of spending your house at 48 rather, twitter said yesterday that the company's pausing most hiring except for business, critical roles. >> tribune that to cutting down on labor cause. a memo was sent out yesterday mean it has been. honestly a hard time for people who work at twitter, just all of the back and forth. and sometimes they're learning the state of their own company on twitter and like the rest of us. so it has been rough. wall street analysts. they say that seems like either musk is negotiating for a lower price
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deal. henri plans on backing out. and if he does back out, it will be a one. >> billion dollar penalty. not much in the scheme of things for him. now, have to continue to follow the latest in a guess. it unfolds on twitter where better than twitter been. he's trying to buy the social media site himself. so keep phone glued to twitter. keep your phone glued to kron because we are following the latest for you. send it back to you. >> thank you very much, sara. time now 7, 0, 4, in the south. bay crews are continuing to demolish the vta building where a mass shooting happened last year. all part of the healing process for a lot of the victims and their families. kron four's will tran following the story for us from san jose this morning. we'll >> james. they actually started demolishing a couple of days ago for the interior. now they will do the exterior were outside. this is as close as we got on the day of the mass shooting is right behind
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me. building b, which they will demolishing a couple of hours from now. it's in the heart of the facility. it's been vacant ever since that mass shooting. couple of reasons. one, this was a crime scene. so they turned it into remote working. also, it was just too painful for people to go inside that building which housed equipment and employees. it was back on may. 26 that disgruntled vta employee lived just a couple of miles from this location. went inside, shot his fellow co-workers. ultimately 10 people died from the mass shooting. the santa clara county sheriff's department just literally half a block from this location. so they rushed into the area, cornered him and he ultimately killed himself. they didn't know what to do with the building. they mulled it over for quite some time and then decided just for the sake of moving on and to heal. as you said, james, they decided to start demolition. it would begin as early as an hour from now. we don't know how long this process is going to take, but they decided it
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was just too much, especially with the anniversary. may 26 coming up. but they decided to go ahead and demolish it as far as what's going to be in place. reportedly they will build a new building in its location, start anew. they are continuing to work with the families. of course this has been so horrific. that when a vta employee actually came back to work last august, she was so overwhelming that vta employee committed suicide. so lots of healing. they will obviously never get over this, but they think a first good step. it's demolishing building. be. >> all right. thank you very much. well, it's 7, 0, 7, and happening today, one of the men accused of killing kron 4 security guard kevin nishita is going to be back in court. shutting him. mitchell is going up in front of a judge for a plea hearing. she was shot and killed last november in oakland while he was guarding one of our reporters, lauren gilbert and hershel
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hale are also accused in this case. hale was arrested, but police are still looking for gilbert and police in the east. they are still looking for a lexus game. >> and we do have a new development. this is video from last night where you can see officers searching home that gabe's ex boyfriend lives in. and you can see in the video that the detectives with the oakley police and the antioch police, they're taking out bags of evidence from the home on ventry way. that is where the ex-boyfriend lives game. she's 24 years old. she was reported missing in late january. her car was found the next day. it was abandoned about 4 miles away with the doors open and the keys in the ignition. there's a $10,000 reward out for information in this case. >> well, developing news now in southern california. fire crews are trying to get control of the coastal fire that tore through laguna
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community. right now it's about 50% contained. you can see the massive damage that was done to a lot of these homes. we've got zach boetto with the very latest. >> and expensive laguna niguel neighborhood still smoldering after the coastal fire fueled by dry vegetation and strong winds destroyed 20 multimillion dollar oceanview properties. this is a lively neighborhood for my grew up when we drive by with when they were kids, they want to say hello to everybody. and now we see a lot of them was there >> fire officials confirming 900 residents were evacuated, adding 2 firefighters were hurt but have since left the hospital. we're very fortunate is not more homes and we have no loss of which is fantastic. and in our mind is success. the fire started small wednesday afternoon, but quickly scaled the hillside and into the neighborhood in the firefighting some of the things that we look at, our what impacts are what drives a
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fire as the fields, the topography and the weather. and when all 3 of those coming alignment like we had yesterday, we have. >> the devastation that we see today for the families who called these houses home. a bittersweet return when the evacuation orders were lifted was unable walk inside the rubble and see it like probably get more intense emotions. but >> putting things in perspective, fortunately everyone is safe and sound. some residents luckier than others. it's you know, but we're standing. thankful that we had it for the years that we had it. we know that. >> god has told us is isn't our eternal home. so we're fine and >> we know the beauty will come out of ashes with the fire 15% contained. firefighters from la riverside, san diego and cal fire. glad they could get it under control but are still on scene. mopping up the destruction. >> and just a note about the firefighters. 2 firefighters were injured. they were working on the fire on
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wednesday night and they had to go to the hospital. they have since been released. >> and just in to the kron 4 news room, wnba star brittney griner. he's being held now in russia for another month. she was detained at the moscow airport after russian officials claim they found vape cartridges containing traces of cannabis oil in her bag. right now you're looking at photos of her. she was leaving court earlier today. if she's found guilty, according to russian law, she could face a maximum of 10 years in prison. runners lawyers have told the associated press that he believes that the relatively short extension of just one month of a detention means that maybe the trial will come soon. the biden administration is considering griner to be wrongfully detained. they're doing what they can to affect her release. >> really scary. an awful and see these pictures and she's been there a long time and may be caught up in this whole tough, you know, where the political back and political back and forth about russia. yeah. all right. 7.11 is a
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time right now. and today the golden state warriors are going to try again. >> to put the memphis grizzlies to bed so they can move on to the western conference finals. as we know they had a pretty tough. >> 39 point loss in the last game. but tonight, hopefully things will turn around. yeah, it's going to be really exciting. and now we know that coach kerr is going to miss it because he is under the protocol for covid, but >> coach stepped in and he seems optimist. >> it's not a totals. 3 to 5 playoff games in this round. we're team's loss by 2030, plus points. >> and everybody's bounce back. you know, the next game competed at a high level. i have 100% faith and our team that, you know, stuff like this happens steve says all the time, you know, championships are hard to come by. and if that path to a championship was easy, it would be as gratifying.
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>> tipoff for tonight's game is 7 o'clock at the chase center. it's 7.12 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a warning about blue green algae in bay area lakes. you don't want to take a dip or even think about it until you hear our story. >> and a san jose police officer is out of a job. why the chief actually walked him out of the building because of what h
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>> we are back some 15, just a quick reminder. we have some parks closed in lakes closed because of blue. green algae. so up in santa rosa, they founded at that at howard park right near the boat ramp so you can't get in the water. their boat rentals have been canceled for the weekend. there are also reports of this algae to out val in contra costa county, corey lakes as well. both closed for swimming park. officials say you've got to find someplace else to get in the water. you can't do it there now make a sick. you're going to want to find some place to cool you. what? >> tomorrow is going to be hot, john. it is. tomorrow is the hottest one guys. so >> maybe avoid the lake and just do the a c or a movie theater or something. this is san jose right now. abundant sunshine overhead. you'll be inching towards 80 degrees today. definitely easily. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday was now skies are pretty clear at the coastline for the time being do expect some fog to make its return at the coast, though, as we work our way through this weekend, a deepening marine layer soon as this afternoon that's going to
7:17 am
be pulled or right through the golden gate on into tomorrow. so tomorrow morning is going to be a foggy start, as will also be the case on sunday morning. may even see some mist in coastal drizzle out that direction. skies otherwise are on a dry trend for the remainder of this forecast through the weekend on into next week. looks like there could be a disturbance towards the end of the month. that's a long ways away, though. so for the time being, it's dry as high pressure builds right back in now, replacing that cooler air mass with, of course, you're more normal set up for this time of year, which is that much hotter stuff. today's daytime highs will rise well into the 70's concord, antioch, in napa, just a few over spots that will be in the 80's tomorrow. close to 90 for a few inland areas and even close to the 80's right along the bay sunday, monday and tuesday of next week getting a whole lot more comfortable highs mostly back in the 70's. great job. thank you for that. all right. well, we're checking on 8.80 if you're heading from san leandro down to milpitas. >> around 30 minutes for your
7:18 am
dry. so no major delays. just some slight slowing through hayward, as you're traveling there, the back moving up the limit. once you get to fremont 40 minute drive heading into the city maze to that fremont street exit this morning, the richmond, sandra fell bridge at about 13 minutes. as you're making your way from the tolls to one o one. let's check on highway 4 traveling from any acts. one, 60 in to conquer to 42 around. 31 minutes for you. and then in the south bay want to one. 85 in menlo park. 32 minutes to 37 17. not tracking any major delays. darya. james, back to you. thank you. 7.18, for your money this morning. restaurants are shrinking portion sizes because of inflation. jane king is live at the nasdaq with that story and more. hi, yes, i tara did notice we jenner's little smaller restaurant last night. indeed. >> us portions are getting smaller and many government data show costs for food away from home have climbed 7% over the past 12 months. a bloomberg report that subway rotisserie chicken wraps and sandwiches have less meat.
7:19 am
domino's is cut down orders of wings from a 10 pieces to 8 diners. a burger king will see fewer nuggets in a meal and a side cup of salsa getting smaller at sell. so readers fresh mexican grill? well, according to the annual airline quality rating from wichita state university, southwest airlines rated the best in overall performance. hawaiian airlines was top ranked when it came to best on-time performance. delta had the lowest consumer complaints and allegiant have the best baggage handling performance and how solar power usage has boomed in the u.s. in the past decade. but most of the growth has come from just 2 states, california and arizona held for half of the growth. but when adjusted for population, hawaii actually leads the nation with nearly 20 solar customers per 100 households live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to turn. all right. thanks a lot, jane. >> 7.19, is the time the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol has issued subpoenas now to 5 house
7:20 am
republicans, including top republican kevin mccarthy. this is a major step in their investigation ever. washington correspondent reshad hudson joining us with the very latest on what this means. richard, good morning. >> good morning. it's rare that members of congress subpoena each other. the committee says it believes these 5 gop congressman have relevant information to the events leading up to the january 6 capitol attack. the investigation into the january 6 attack on the capitol has taken a dramatic turn. they're not conducting an investigation. house republican leader kevin mccarthy, congressman jim jordan of ohio, mo brooks of alabama, scott perry of pennsylvania and andy biggs of arizona were subpoenaed for testimony about events surrounding the attack in efforts to overturn the 2020 election. mccarthy slammed the committee for the move they just want to go after their political opponent. >> committee member and maryland congressman jamie
7:21 am
raskin says he expects gop lawmakers to comply every american, including members of congress. >> will come and testify before a committee if they have. information that's relevant to our investigation. >> and the white house weighing in saying president biden supports the work of the january 6 committee. we believe it's vital. >> and essential to get to the bottom of what happened on january 6 when the darkest days and our democracy. >> the committee says these 5 gop congressmen are key to their investigation because they are close allies with former president trump reporting in washington reshad hudson. back to you. >> and 7.21 and coming up on the kron 4 morning news vacation rentals are becoming an issue for people who live in sonoma county. we're going to tell you why the county is stopping and applications now.
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>> well, 7.24 is the time sonoma county supervisors right now are temporarily freezing new permit applications for vacation rentals like air b and b's. the 45 day moratorium is going to be in place now so that they can review a comprehensive ordinance that they're putting together and about regulating these rentals and also to try tackle this permits that they have piling up since the possibility of
7:25 am
that moratorium was announced, there's actually been this flood of about 500% more in new permit. applications have been coming in. >> we have some neighborhoods that are 40 to 50% think he should and rental homes, which is on sustainable. >> yeah. there's also concern that developers are going to swoop in and buy up a lot of these affected areas by the tubbs fire before the original owners have a chance to rebuild. there could be a vote to extend the moratorium beyond these 45 days. so we'll see what happens. but that seems to be the issue here got too many people looking to turn homes into rental properties instead of purchasing sent a loud people living there permanently. >> it's 7.25. and for your money this morning, we've all felt the sting of high gas prices and it's not getting any better know. unfortunately, gas prices reaching as high as $6 in some places around the bay area. according to aaa gas nationally on average is 4.43. but good luck finding any of know because california the average is 5 87 and in the bay
7:26 am
area. more, of course, in fact, 5 of our 9 counties here are well-versed expects again. yeah, the most expensive that we've been able to find so far on average was up in san mateo county. the cheapest is out in solano county. we talked to one limo driver at the gas station, he says got no choice. he has to start passing this cost on to his clients. >> i had to increase my price a little bit. you know, which i don't like to do, but i have no choice at this point. >> well, it's understandable. you know, especially people who drive for a living and think about we've been talking about deliveries and all that stuff. this type of thing cost more. and when you i have stuff delivered to your home, they got to drive around. if you are driving around looking for cheap gas, you will find some that are under 6 bucks like around the bay area and you'll you'll know them because there's a line outside because i i see one that it's like just below and people start lining up to save a few pennies. i'm camila. >> james, coming up after the break, one bay area city is
7:27 am
trying to get rid of its ban on car cruising. why one council member says the policy discriminates against
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day were think sunny, no delays. >> but its ticket deal now to get a shot tweeting out this morning, there's some sort of computer network issue. they're dealing with a terminal. one. and as a result, a lot of the computer systems that the ticket counters for southwest primarily right, but also for american and jetblue are experiencing problem. so they've taken him off of that primary computer system. they put him on a backup system. but that backup system is slower. and because of those slowdowns, right, flights are starting to have to get cancer, right. and and we only know 5 cancellations so far. but definitely the director of the airport was saying they'll be delays and you know how that goes. so anh you have to leave extra time, by the way, because it's taking longer to check in now and keep checking to your airline to make sure your flight isn't one of those. it's ultimately decided we're going to cancel your flight to so there are some issues as a foe. fair warning, ok? well, then you'd be staying in town, which is going to be flip side. so that's saturday, especially nice, warm. yeah. at least be stuck here on a really good weekend. i mean, there could
7:31 am
be worse ways to space in the bay area with all that sunshine that we've got right now, tomorrow is going to be a really warm. what is dari alluded to? >> we are seeing dry skies from this point forward, at least in the immediate forecast. so no rain this weekend. you may see some misty conditions tomorrow morning and sunday morning near the coastline dough due to a very deep marine layer, the return of our coastal and bay shore. fog temperatures right now. pretty mild 50's for a lot of the bay area. alameda. 57 brentwood, pittsburgh at 56. some 40's up north as well as out towards fairfield inn, down towards dublin. winds are calmer than they have been. so we're more mild. we're less windy and plenty of sunshine. nice way to start the weekend. more updates in your forecast. still ahead, rain. john, thank you for that. ok? so we do have an accident. if you are heading out of san francisco. >> 80 eastbound just east of sterling street. so you're seeing a delay as you're getting ready to head out of the city across towards the east bay. so factor that in and of about 20 minutes or so because of that that were
7:32 am
seen, if you're traveling into the city this morning may show that fremont street exit about 16 minutes for your drive. no accidents on westbound side of the bridge. 14 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. a 80 to one o one. now we just had an accident. 80 westbound at gilman street. that's in berkeley. so if you're traveling crockett down towards the maze, it will take about 26 minutes because of that accident. and those delays are seen. and do have a look at the south bay want to one, 36 minutes along one, a 5 to menlo park to 80 82 to 37 all moving along. nicely darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 7.30, to take a look at this video right here. that's san jose's police chief personally walking out an officer who's accused of misconduct. yeah, out of the building. this is. >> the officer accused of indecent exposure while he was responding to a call with kron four's justin campbell with the story. >> 32 year-old matthew demean gets booted out of the police department by chief anthony
7:33 am
mata. dominguez is charged with indecent exposure after allegedly exposing himself on a call in april, according to the da's office, dominguez masturbated in front of the mother and her 23 year-old daughter. we have a serious problem. sapd requires. >> remedial action immediately. >> it's not just dominguez. another officer allegedly showed up drunk to the kidnapping, a baby brandon. and finally, another allegedly offered a meth pipe in exchange for information. overwhelming majority of officers in this department. are furious as i am mayor sam liccardo says he would like to improve screening background checks on officers tend to be very young officers which tells me there may be something very seriously. wrong with whatever we're doing around screening. he's also proposing random drug tests that will have to be negotiated with the police officers association. >> these are very serious transgressions. we have to
7:34 am
take seriously ensure that officers who commit transgressions like this never wear uniform again. and they say that they're currently prosecute reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> it's 7.33, and additional charges have been filed against the 2 people charged with kidnapping 3 month-old baby brandon quay are from his grandmother's home in san jose. you can see the 2 suspects here. use any ramirez and jose por they were in court yesterday in san jose didn't make eye contact with each other. the new charges stem from allegations that they attempted to kidnap that baby at least 3 times before they actually made off with the child. >> they have been planning coordinating and attempting to kidnap him since the beginning of march. it's absolutely shocking. this is i think any parent's worst nightmare. >> the santa clara county district attorney's office says that ramirez and 40st tried to kidnap baby brandon when he was just one month
7:35 am
old. yeah, according to the da's office, that first attempt happened on march 14th. that's when part who posed as a child protective services worker and was there to take custody of the baby. >> the family, though, is suspicious and refused to give up baby brandon fact called child protective services to verify and the agency said no, they didn't have anybody out there. the second attempt happened on march. 28, the da says that's when the defendants tried to kidnap brandon at a local walmart. the da says they plan to exchange shopping carts with the child's grandmother, but they were on successful. then on april 25th, the defendants tried for a 3rd time to kidnap baby brandon. again at that walmart. but they failed to distract brandon's grandmother. it was later that very afternoon that they try for a 4th time and were successful in grabbing the child from inside the family's home. ramirez and are scheduled to be back in court on june 7th. in addition to the attempted kidnapping charges, por and ramirez are also facing burglary charges connected to that final attempt to take brandon in which they came into the home.
7:36 am
the judge did not set a bail a level yet because of these new charges. the motive for the crimes is still unclear. in the north bay, 3 former minor league hockey players are set to stand trial now after being accused of rape. 33 year-old moses matthews. 34 year-old dominic jones and 30 year-old josiah nickel played for the santa rosa growlers. police say the players were arrested while away for a game back in february and arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman. fact, they say matthews is accused of taking pictures of that woman and illegally sending them out through text messages. the 3 men will be tried together starting on june 27th. it's 7.36, and cruising could soon be legal again in san jose. yeah, it's been a part of mexican american heritage since the 40's. but >> san jose banda back in the 90's and it looks like there's a council member who's looking to bring it back and i can't think of this story without saying in the low her camila barco live in the newsroom with the details. hi, camilla.
7:37 am
>> good morning. you guys see at car cruising also known as low riders has not been allowed in the streets of san jose for 30 years now. it's a popular mexican american activity and now city council member roper, alice has proposed to lift the decades old ban. these cars. they have been altered to write very low to the road. taking a look at some of the right now. hence the name low riders car cruising became a phenomenon in the 1960's and 70's during the chicago connell civil rights movement and the cars have become a symbol of the latino community. but in the early 1990's, many cities including san jose implemented an ordinance banning cruising and there was a misconception back then the people driving these cars were part of gangs were involved in some form of criminal activity. perales says that the ban discriminates against american american, a mexican american culture and heritage and he has even experience this back. then police officers pulled
7:38 am
him over a dozen of times while he was cruising. >> i always remain respectful and often engage with the officers asking why i was being detained in such a manner. i was told that because of the car i drove rested because i was out cruising that they reasonable suspicion to believe i was a gang member that i might have had weapons or drugs in my car. >> now he says san jose police has not issued warnings or citations on cruising for cruising prowess. also adds that there's been no fines collected in the last 20 years. now, daryn. james, this proposal has already been approved by one city council committee. now we'll just have to see if council members would like to agree on this proposal as well. for now, back to you. well, we shall see. thank you very much. and 7.38. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the controversial teen vaccination bill. >> is moving forward. why critics feel that it does more harm than good.
7:39 am
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hey you two, go outside and play. knows quality public schools ♪ ♪ create a season full of playfulness. your happiest spring starts at lowe's. >> 7.41 protests are going on outside the homes of some of the supreme court justices. and it's becoming a concern now. >> lawmakers are trying to figure out how to give them better security. tom dempsey has the latest. fallout from a draft opinion league overturning roe versus wade is not only led to protests outside the supreme court building. >> but also outside the homes of conservative judges over
7:42 am
the last week, crowds focused on justices, brett kavanaugh, samuel alito, amy coney barrett and john roberts holding signs and chanting. but republicans now say the protesters are violating a 70 year-old federal law. i'm disappointed that there was a leak and i'm disappointed that this white house is still encouraging people to break federal law and go and protest in front of the houses. >> of supreme court justice over 40 republican congressman joined this resolution condemning the protests on thursday a day after the republican governors of maryland and virginia. both presidential hopefuls sent this letter to attorney general merrick garland citing title 18 section 15. 0, 7, of u.s. code which prohibits protesting outside the home of a justice that could influence a decision. >> the 2 governors voiced concerns about reports of demonstrators using threatening language before saying federal law enforcement must take the lead to protect the justices. the justice
7:43 am
department has remained quiet on the matter, only releasing this short statement saying attorney general merrick garland directed u.s. marshals to provide additional support to ensure the safety of the justices. democrats remain focused on the issue of abortion this week while downplaying any threat posed by protesters. if protests are peaceful, yes, my house is there's protests 3, 4, times a week outside my house. >> that was tom dempsey reporting. we'll be right back.
7:44 am
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we're checking out the weather looking gorgeous here behind us. quite tower. the tower looking brilliant with all that sunshine, look so good this morning. we're not talking fog. we're not talking cool, brisk winds. it's going to be very comfortable today. temperatures easily 10 degrees up from yesterday for many of our inland and even bayshore cities. and just look at that. start from your east bay hills showers up towards the oregon border. that's where they'll stay. high pressure is building in now. that's going to keep us dry and keep us increasingly warm into tomorrow to now we are going to see some fog this afternoon into tomorrow morning near the coastline and through the golden gate, partly because it's heating up inland. so that's going to draw that marine layer right through the golden gate and a deep in marine layer along the coastline. so we're fog free this morning tomorrow and sunday. mornings, though, are going to be back to it with
7:47 am
the gray along the coast. even some misty and drizzly conditions out that way. in the meantime, our inland areas ample sunshine and some pretty hot temperatures, especially tomorrow. there's your high pressure ridge in the process of building in any sort of low from this point is going to stay to our north, at least over the next 7 days. so through the weekend and into next week, we're steadily on this warmer and sunshiny trend. unless you get to the coast where you'll start to find the fog and the gray 60's to 70's for our bayshore cities. highs today. look at saying carlos redwood city up to 76. really nice san jose at 78 campbell getting up to 80 degrees today. you'll be in good company in the south bay tomorrow with even more 80's down that way. oakland, 74, while danville, walnut creek and concord, as well as antioch, pittsburgh, fairfield, vacaville napa in youngsville all into the 80's and much as will be the campbell, you have a lot more company joining you in the 80's tomorrow. maybe even a few low 90's inland sunday gets more mild after such a
7:48 am
hot saturday and next week will level out and some 70's and 80's comfortable seasonable and dry all the way through. >> and with the forecast like that, think that your travel would be okay out of sfo today. it's not the whether the boy to blame today. it's actually some ticketing issues in terminal. one has 5 outgoing flights completely canceled. now. >> and affecting airlines such as southwest american and jetblue again, that's out of terminal one. so if you are doing some travel today, make sure to suppose website. see if your flight is going to be affected by one of those ticketing delays. it wasn't for this would have been an easy travel day. as you can see, the skies looking quite nice john issues in the skies and then issues on the road. so the accident we've been tracking here, 80 eastbound just east of sterling street as your ex, a teen getting ready to head from the city to the east bay. we have an accident there. >> one lane is blocked, but you're seen delays all along one o one because of that accident. so you might want to
7:49 am
take to 80. but remember, you still have that accident there. one lane currently blot traveling into the city. no accidents here. so 17 minutes for your drive. >> on the westbound side of the bay bridge heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 60 minutes. no delays here for the san mateo commute, a crocodile towards the maze, 80 westbound at gilman street. that's in berkeley. there is an accident there. so you're definitely seeing an uptick in traffic around 26 minutes. if you're making that commute and the south bay along one o one traveling from 85 towards menlo park. 46 minutes. so traffic building their cd accidents down there. uptick in travel and across highway 4, traveling from antioch in to conquer around. 34 minutes. tara gyms, back to you. lauren. >> 7.49 is the time happening today. chinese american elected officials and asian community leaders are going to be holding a rally in support of san francisco district attorney chase up with dean as he's facing this recall. the rally is happening in
7:50 am
portsmouth square in chinatown, set to begin at 10, 30 this morning. as for the recall election that's scheduled for june 7th. >> california state lawmakers are moving forward with a bill that would allow teenagers to get a covid vaccine without their parents consent. the bill would allow kids who are 12 or older to get a covid shot. but other shots that are approved by the fda as well. and the bill passed in a tight vote. it was 21 to 7 with multiple democrats either not voting or rejecting the plan. opponents say the bill is not good because the pan think parents should be involved in important medical decisions. >> if the parents don't know that the child got the vaccination, how would they know to even keep an eye out for it to watch for if they're at their second job, maybe perhaps telling older sibling or their caretaker. hey, keep an eye out for any any of these sorts of symptoms in my child. they wouldn't know that. they wouldn't know that. and i think that is unfair and
7:51 am
unreasonable to do to a child or to any parent out there. he just wants to keep their child safe. >> other states including rhode island, south carolina, oregon, washington, d.c., alabama. they already allow teenagers to get vaccinated without parental approval. this bill now heads to the assembly a vote. and it has to go to the house before it can reach the governor's desk. >> in the east bay, the berkeley unified school district is asking students now to mask up ahead of graduation. the district says they want people to wear masks at schools and at large parties to protect them from covid-19 because they're trying to ensure that they can get as many students as possible to attend graduation in person. they say if a student gets covid-19 and has to go into quarantine right at the time, a graduation and they could very well miss the ceremony. and i don't want that to happen. so to help out with that, the district is offering for vaccine clinics over the next few weeks. and you can find the dates and times for those on their website. now to bury baseball.
7:52 am
the giants are going to be back in action tonight after having a day off on thursday. they'll be away in st. louis taking on the cardinals. and as for the a's they were in detroit taking on the tigers. so here we have highlights from bottom of the 8th game tied seth brown at the plate and here is not in this one deep to right. and that was good enough for a 2 run home run to a gave the a's the lead oakland would go on to win by final 5 to 3 their back on tonight to take on the angels with first pitch at 6, 4, don't like it. split the plate and get ready for some football just around the corner in the nfl is out with now with the 2022 schedule. >> let's take a look at what the niners are doing. they are going to open their season on the road. >> taking on the chicago bears, then they'll be home a week later and play the seattle seahawks. it will be the first time without rest. russell wilson, other games of know, week 4, the niners play defending champion rams on monday night football and and week 11. they're going play the arizona cardinals. that one's in mexico city and then
7:53 am
the head to head with the raiders. that las vegas week 17. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
♪ ♪ whoever you are. you have a style. and we want to help you own it.
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cause anyone can sell you clothes. ♪ ♪ we've got the brands. ♪ ♪ the value. ♪ ♪ and the inspiration you need. so you can own your style. >> we are back at 7.55. and happening today, black restaurant owners in the bay area are preparing for black restaurant week. it starts today and it will last until
7:56 am
may 22nd. we created to help black restaurant owners earn a living by promoting their craft. it's going to feature food trucks, caterers, even bartenders, little something for everybody. and if you're black restaurant owner and you still want to sign up, you can just head to the website you see on your screen right now, do it. and yes, support a local black owned restaurants this week by. enjoying all the wonderful food are going to be making. >> 7.56 right now. and coming up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news. a big surprise by elon musk tweeting that the twitter deal is temporarily on hold. sarah stinson will break down. why? and we're going to take you to the vta where they are doing some demolition of a building that has horrible memories. >> for so many workers and their families. >> and the warriors are going to try again beat the bridge and the grizzlies and move on to the western conference finals. we'll have won the game tonight.
7:57 am
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ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today. ♪ i stand alone ♪ ♪ and the fire in the sky ♪ ♪ ♪ wait and see ♪ ♪ shadow down ♪ ♪ fall into line ♪ ♪ you're out of time ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. good morning. and one of the big things that we're talking about is over at sfo because there are a number of delays. >> they have to be in a backup ticket system in terms on some things down with a computer network. so their primary way
8:00 am
to in for your flight is not working. so as daria said, the backup system is what's handling the load. and apparently it is slower. and so that's why we're seeing a sort of domino effect of some flights getting delayed and a small number being actually canceled outright. so make sure you check ahead before we had to seems like just more of a an income used at this time. if you do have a flight will leave extra early to say we do crawford's camila barco the headed to the airport. so we'll get an update from her when she gets on site because it's a friday, which is a bigger deal than regular day, especially if you're at, you know, getaway day. a lot of people are planning a vacation to getting out of town. >> but if you're staying here, the weather is going to be gorgeous. get john at the forecast. a job. maybe was just meant to be for some of us. although when you're delayed, that's the last of it is nice and clear out there. the coastline right now got a few of you taking a little walk right along the ocean. it's actually one of our clear days at the coast. >> because tomorrow into sunday mornings, we're going to see the return of fog. a marine layer out there right through the golden gate even into the bay tomorrow morning.


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