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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 13, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> and thanks for tuning in. i'm darya and i'm james on this friday morning where getting ready to enter into what's going to be a nice warm weekend. yeah, i didn't forget. i was we got was a friday. yeah. i didn't forget that saturday. tomorrow is going to be hottest day we've had in wildwood. john's been saying morning johnny out after such a cool week. so we are looking at near 90 degree highs for a whole lot of our inland areas tomorrow. if you're looking for an escape to the coast, don't expected to be so crystal-clear come saturday and sunday. >> well, our inland areas are going to be baking under the sunshine. we do have a return of that deep marine layer just around the corner. and that means some fog along our coast starting tonight into tomorrow morning and again on sunday morning. beautiful out there at the marin headlands. right now, though, rain to our north. that's where it's going to stay. high pressure. ridge is going to make sure that any chances of rainfall over next 7 days stay well out of our region. so we're consistently dry and yes, getting warmer, especially into tomorrow. right now we're in the 50's to 60's with san jose alameda oakland, a concord, pittsburgh, and a few other
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spots back into the 60's. now let's get a list of all that. there's a lo more than there was even a minute ago. as far as winds go, it's definitely a calmer one to soar, improving a lot of regards. calmer winds, comfortable temperatures, lots of sunshine, enjoyable friday. i'll talk more about tomorrow's heat. still to come a john, thank you for that 11, the north bay, we have a new accident. this one is a northbound south college avenue. >> santa rosa, so you are seeing a slight delay as you're traveling through that area, the bay bridge, no delays under 11 minutes for your drive. so certainly friday light hasn't been that way for the entire morning. but slowly but steadily we've been getting there 13 to want to want to make it across towards the peninsula and the south bay. we're looking at one o one. 85 into miller park. 41 minutes. we had an earlier accident a little further up increase the drive times for us. they're not that's gone. you see a residual delay to menlo park, but you can still move through. they're pretty nicely and we'll leave you with crockett down towards the maze along 5, 18, 80 said teen
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minutes for you to make that drive. sorry. james, back to you. thank you, brandon. i know one of breaking news this morning. a lawn musk's twist. >> twitter. the deal is on hold up. apparently at least temporarily tweeted early this morning that he has some reservations. we've got kron 4 sarah stinson here to explain why live in the city. good morning, sarah. >> james darya. that's right. for a moment there. it looked like elon musk was backing his way out of this. 44 billion dollar deal to buy twitter. take a look at what he tweeted that 3.30, this morning. you must have been asleep. we were awake and we were a little shocked and stunned take a look. you can see wrote twitter deal temporarily on hold pending detail supporting calculation that spam plus fake accounts to do indeed represent less than 5% of users. musk has previously tweeted that he wants to remove spam bots from twitter,
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but it's unclear whether the fake account, the number of fake accounts would really ruin this twitter deal. 2 hours after that musk tweeted again saying, ok, hold up, everyone start freaking out. he said, quote. >> i'm still committed to the acquisition, but unfortunately it was too little too late because, of course, people took off with that when they heard that he said it was on hold. twitter stock has really been crashing all week, but this morning it plummeted. at one point is 14% down. i just checked right now. it is 8% down and it is costing about $41.40 per share. when as we know elon musk offered to buy it. 54 $1 and $0.20 a share. so maybe he's trying to get a cheaper deal. it's unclear. but guess tesla stock has jumped 7%. musk has said that he has sold many, many, many shares to use that money to for his purchase of twitter. now that these announcements made on twitter from the tesla
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billionaire, another twist in the internal turmoil that has been caused by his plan to buy out twitter. 2 of his of the social media's top managers got fired yesterday. twitter saying yesterday that the company is pausing most hiring except for business critical roles in a memo also sent out to employees. the company says that they have not hit growth in revenue milestones after the company began to invest aggressively to expand its user base and revenue. so there's a lot of speculation this morning as to what elon musk is doing again, wall street analysts saying that maybe he's trying to get a cheaper deal out of twitter. >> so as i told him, it's about $14 cheaper right now. if you're by per share or he's maybe going to walk away from the deal in total. i mean, we just don't know if he did, though, that the a 1 billion dollar penalty and darya james, you're talking about it. how 1 billion dollars to him is not a lot, especially if you compared to 44 billion
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dollars. if he doesn't think this is a good deal for him or he doesn't think this is a good investment. 1 billion dollars is nothing to the to elon least will continue to fall. this right here from san francisco where twitter is headquarters for now-and. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much there. we'll see 9, 0, 4, in the south. bay crews continued the demolition process of the vta building where a mass shooting happened last year. yeah, we've a building on that site. that was the center of that mass shooting is being torn down now to help with the healing process. kron four's will tran has the latest on the story. >> demolition actually started on wednesday. that was for the interior and demolishing that process will begin again on the outside. not sure how long it's going to take, but we do know it's building be building a is right behind me. building b is in the heart of the complex and that's where the mass shooting predominantly took place. ultimately, 10 people died because of the mass shooting on may 26th of last year. that building has
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been vacant. now they haven't decided what to do for months. but recently they decided nobody's been inside because of working remotely. also, it's been so painful for the workers to be inside that it was left vacant. they decided for the healing process to move forward. let's demolish it. and that's what's going to happen as far as what happened on may. 26, the disgruntled vta worker came to this location. he only lives several miles from this place. went inside, started shooting his co-workers. this happened just about a half block away from the santa clara county sheriff's department. they rushed to the scene. shut it down. got closer to him. and that's when he ultimately felt cornered and turned the gun on himself. for weeks. if not months, this area was shut down because it was a crime scene. and then once they release the scene, they didn't know what to do with it. they decided the best thing to do moving forward was to demolish it, especially with the
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anniversary of the mass shooting so close. it's only several days away. of course, they're still working with the victim's family. this has been so horrific that even last august when some vta workers came back, the memory of what happened. reportedly ultimately led to a co-worker at the committing suicide. so it's going to happen in this going to happen around noon today. we will be here to bring you the very latest on the demolition. but this whole thing is in the name. >> 9, 0, 7, and happening today, one of the men accused of killing kron 4 security guard kevin nishita is going to be back in court. shadihia mitchell will appear in front of a judge for a plea hearing. kevin nishita was shot and killed last november in oakland while he was guarding one of our reporters, ron gilbert and hershel hale are also accused in this case. hale was arrested, but police are still looking for gilbert. and the east bay police are still looking for alexis.
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gabe? and they now have some more evidence to go on. you can see officers here as they served a search warrant at the home of gabe's ex-boyfriend. this is on ben tree lane, as you can see. and they took out oakley police and the antioch police. they both took out a lot of evidence from that home on ventry way. and the 24 year-old gave she was last seen. she was last seen late january. she was reported missing in her car was found the day after she was reported missing. it was about 4 miles away. the doors were open and the keys were in the ignition. there's still a $10,000 reward being offered for information and solving the case. okay, let's turn our attention to southern california now give you the latest developments on this fire that crews have been trying to gain control of. but it's >> tore through a community in laguna niguel. huge homes went up in flames right now. the fire is just 15% contained. zach boetto has the latest.
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>> and expensive laguna niguel neighborhood still smoldering after the coastal fire fueled by dry vegetation and strong winds destroyed. 20 multimillion dollar oceanview properties. this is a lively neighborhood for my grew up when we drive by with when they were kids, they would just say hello to everybody. and now we see a lot of them was there complete >> fire officials confirming 900 residents were evacuated, adding 2 firefighters were hurt but have since left the hospital. we're very fortunate is not more homes and we have no loss of which is fantastic. and in our mind is success. the fire started small weinesday afternoon, but quickly scaled the hillside and into the neighborhood in the firefighting some of the things that we look at, our what impacts are what drives a fire as the fields, the topography and the weather. >> and when all 3 of those coming alignment like we had yesterday, we have. >> the devastation that we see today for the families who called these houses home. a
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bittersweet return when the evacuation orders were lifted was unable walk inside the rubble and see it like probably get more intense emotions. but >> putting things in perspective, fortunately everyone is safe and sound. some residents luckier than others. it's you know, but we're standing. thankful that we had it for the years that we had it. we know that. >> god has told us is isn't our eternal home. so we're fine and >> we know the beauty will come out of ashes with the fire 15% contained. firefighters from la riverside, san diego and cal fire. glad they could get it under control but are still on scene. mopping up the destruction. >> and to the firefighters were injured while battling this of fires. on wednesday, they went to the hospital, but they have since been released. >> ok, let's bring it back here to the studio has where all focused in on the warriors doors were in the blue. i'm
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wearing the yellow. we've got the warriors colors going on. yeah, it's very exciting because if they can beat the grizzlies tonight in game 6 then we move on to the western conference we can truly forget about that. 39 point loss that happened on wednesday. >> coach kerr, is he going to be there odds are no because of covid protocols with the nba. so doesn't look like his. >> first opportunity to resume his position as head coach will be open till sunday. maybe so. we'll see. and this isn't the only opportunity to beat the grizzlies and move on because when it's time game 7 short. coach mike brown says he likes 3. >> not a bit totals 3 to 5 playoff games in this round. we're team's loss by 2030, plus points. >> and everybody's bounce back. and you know, the next game competed at a high level. i have 100% faith and our team that, you know, stuff like this happens steve says all the time, you know, championships are hard to come
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by. and if that path to a championship was easy, it would be as gratifying. >> tipoff for tonight's game. 7 o'clock at the chase center bring is i know where you're going to be up in front of the tv watching the 9.11 is the time. we'll take a quick break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a former sheriff's volunteer is under investigation accused of building and selling ghost guns. we're going to hear from his wife who says that she repeatedly. >> tried to warn law enforcement. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. 9.15, and it is for day and a lot warmer than it was any other day this week leading up to it. look at all that sunshine and san jose. it's already warming us up something that we're going to be seeing even more so into tomorrow. so today comfortably warm tomorrow, starting to get a little too hot. now, if you're looking to escape the heat tomorrow and heading towards the coastline, be where it's not quite as clear tomorrow as you are at the coast today. that's because the deepening marine layer is really going to shroud or coastal spots push through the golden gate bridge tonight and make for some fog in the day tomorrow morning. we're likely to see that into sunday morning to maybe even some misty drizzly conditions towards the coast. well, our inland areas that are under the sunshine and the heat, high pressure ridge building in going to keep us this way for a while to. as for temperatures today, big change from yesterday. you'll notice it. and concord napa in the 80's. well, looking at 70's for most of the rest of the
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bay tomorrow, some of our inland areas will near 90 degrees. then take a step back into sunday. and next week looks pretty steady highs, mostly in the 70's with lots of sun reyna. john, thank you for that. well, a few delays along one o one if you're traveling there. but 42 minutes. >> to make it into middle park to 18. 82, though, i don't see any major issues as you're traveling along those highways. 11 minute drive maze to that fremont street exit. so now looks like we're finally at friday light. we always there this morning, the san mateo bridge, 13 minute, say 80 to one. 0, one as you're traveling across towards the peninsula, crockett down towards the maze around 16 minutes for you. last hour. we had an accident along i-80 in berkeley. that's now clear 9 min drive. richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate bridge as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls around 34 minutes. darya. james, back to you. 9.16 right now on a former volunteer for the contra costa county sheriff's office is under investigation. he's accused. >> of building and selling
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ghost guns with parts that he allegedly obtained from the sheriff's gun range. ghost guns are privately assemble firearms that are untraceable investigation was triggered by the man's own wife who says that she tried multiple times. >> to report him in a story that you'll see only on kron 4 haaziq mod-yoon has more on the investigation. >> and despite how many guys did husband have? >> i didn't know the exact count until the da's open the safes. there were 132. that they seized being in possession of 132 firearms is not a crime. that is unless some of those firearms are ghost guns that is against the law. and that is just one of the allegations against d it keane's husband, former contra costa county sheriffs volunteering john key.
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>> this is exclusive video of investigators with the contra costa county district attorneys office serving a search warrant at his home in clayton on february. 1st of this year, what can you tell from for about an investigation mister john mccain? >> john is or was. a volunteer with the contra costa county sheriff's office is a resident of clayton, federal and state authorities had seized 132 guns, ammunition. a kit or kits used in the making of ghost the possession of the weapons were illegal and the manufacturing of the weapons. we're also illegal selling ghost guns is also a crime that is among the allegations listed in the search words, probable cause statement obtained by kron 4. it alleges john king quote. >> with transfer and sell these weapons to civilians and sworn members of the contra costa county sheriff's office,
9:19 am
unquote, the names of the people who the guns were allegedly sold to are not specified the search warrant. what is specified, however, is how john king allegedly got his hands on a gun parts, weapons and ammunition magazines from a property technician while working at the sheriff's talk about your. >> so to be ex husband's relationship with the sheriff's gun range, he added. >> access to everything parts ammo. >> let's get fully investigated and not push the end of sine. >> attorney michael cardoza is legal counsel for key. he says these allegations are extremely troubling for the contra costa. sheriff sheriff's, you allow us to go one where you just put parts out there and you let a volunteer take parts. and when he wants to make weapons, if he is. >> it just allow that to happen. you don't track.
9:20 am
that's front the back. >> also troubling michael cardoza says is the lack of investigation on the part of the sheriff's office. king says she tried multiple times to alert the contra costa county sheriff about her husband's weapon. shortly after filing for divorce on new year's day, 2020 on january, 29th twenty-twenty. she says 3 members of the contra costa county sheriff's office came to her home to investigate, but no action was taken. then on august, 3rd, 2020, king sent this email follow-up to the contra costa county sheriff. quote. >> to this date, i have not heard from your department regarding this matter as a courtesy to you and your department. i wanted to reach out to you personally as i'm not sure if you are aware of the deaths of this situation, unquote. and i never heard a word. i was just making you feel. >> i'm frustrated. disappointed. scared. >> throughout 2020 was king
9:21 am
says her divorce proceedings continued and she continued to try to bring attention to her husband weapons. then in january of this year, as part of the divorce process, clayton police came to the king's home to supervise an inventory of items. photos provided by d at cain appeared to show police collecting illegal magazines from the couple's garage. but once again yet says no action was taken. and i never heard back from clinton d. >> according to documents obtained by kron 4 john king told police he had owned the high capacity magazines for years. the purchase them at a time when they were illegal. >> although the high capacity magazines are confiscated by police, no arrests were made. no charges were filed. when contacted clayton police declined to citing the district attorneys now and knowing investigation. why does she push so hard? >> what does she have to push the sheriff's department? number one to begin the investigation. >> just days after the visit
9:22 am
from clayton police nearly 2 years after filing her first report yet canes push resulted in the action she was seeking after directly contacting the contra costa county district attorney's office and inspector was sent to our whole. it is it that is now led to a full criminal investigation. talk about why it was important for you to do this. >> it's important because there's so much gun violence out there and people getting away with it at this point. what do you want to happen? i want the right thing to happen. a lot for my children to be safe, but the community to be safe society, anybody, any woman? it is gone through this. i want to give them the straight too. move forward. >> the contra costa da's office says john king's alleged involvement with manufacturing and something goes good remains under
9:23 am
investigation. so far, no criminal charges have been filed. i think what you on for news. >> kron 4 reached out to john king's attorney. we haven't received a response yet. we also reached out to the contra costa county sheriff's department who declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation by the district attorney's office. >> time now is 9.23. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. why they are trying to put a lid on vacation rentals in sonoma county.
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>> 9.25 is the time in the north bay. sonoma county supervisors are temporarily freezing new permit applications for vacation rentals like air bnb ease. this is a 45 day moratorium and it's designed to give county officials now some time to review a comprehensive ordinance to regulate these rentals and also to tackle the backlog of permits that they're now facing because once possible moratorium was announced. in through the door, came about 500 about 5% increase in the new permit applications and there but swamped. >> if some neighborhoods that are 40 to 50% think he rental homes, which is on sustainable. >> yeah. there's also concern that developers may come in and buy up areas affected by the tubbs fire before the original owners have a chance to get the money together to vote d. there could be to extend the moratorium beyond the current 45 days.
9:27 am
we'll keep you updated on if that happens. >> it's 9.26. and coming up, a san jose police officer is out of a job. there are allegations of misconduct. we're going to show you how the police chief handle the situation.
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. >> 9.29 right now checking out the weather on a friday. it's really clear. we've got rid of
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the gusty winds. yeah, it's a little heat to deal with tomorrow. yeah. if you're planning on heading to the beach, you're going to want to probably had their saturday. that will be the hottest day. john's been talking with a beautiful shot of the ocean i know just entice everyone to the ocean. it is absolutely beautiful out there right now. there you can see a little bit of san francisco, mostly the marin headlands right outside the golden gate. just looking perfectly clear and really nice now because of the heat we have inland. we are going to start to see some marine layer drawn are right up there next to the golden gate. and by tomorrow morning, likely a little fog in the bay itself. this is really going help to moderate temperatures out along the coastline. well, our inland temperatures begin to soar, especially tomorrow. temperatures in the 60's for a lot of us now. san jose alameda and oakland right at 60 brentwood. you're at 66 already. also in the mid 60's for both nevado and fairfield. so we're warming up and we're common things down. as far as winds go, all these factors are lining up for really enjoyable friday before the
9:31 am
heat really builds in tomorrow. more about that. still ahead, john, thank you for right. so we're checking out the golden gate bridge as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls right around 26 minutes down from 30 last time we checked in there. well, the bay bridge under a 12 minute drive to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. they turn the metering lights off. no accidents or delays. there. and the south bay one, 0, one starting to improve as well. just a 30 minute drive. 85 the little park along one. 0, one. let's check on highway 24. so on creek, down to 5.80, a little under 13 minutes started. james, back to you. take a look at this. san jose police chief anthony mata personally walking out of the building, an officer accused of misconduct. yeah, that officer is accused of indecent exposure while responding to a call and kron four's. justin campbell takes a closer look at. >> what the charges are. >> 32 year-old matthew demean gets booted out of the police
9:32 am
department by chief anthony mata. dominguez is charged with indecent exposure after allegedly exposing himself on a call in april, according to the da's office dominguez masturbated in front of the mother and her 23 year-old daughter. we have a serious problem. sapd requires. >> remedial action immediately. >> it's not just dominguez. another officer allegedly showed up drunk to the kidnapping, a baby brandon. and finally, another allegedly offered a meth pipe in exchange for information. overwhelming majority of officers in this department. >> are furious as i am mayor sam liccardo says he would like to improve screening background checks on officers tend to be very young officers which tells me there may be something very seriously. wrong with whatever we're doing around screening. he's also proposing random drug tests that will have to be negotiated with the police officers association. >> these are very serious transgressions. we have to
9:33 am
take seriously ensure that ofhicers who commit transgressions like this never wear uniform again. and they say that they're currently prosecute reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> it's 9.32, in the south in additional charges have been filed against the 2 people that are accused of kidnapping 3 month-old baby brandon quay are. >> yes, any ramirez and jose por who you see in court here in san jose yesterday, they never made eye contact. there are new charges stemming from allegations that they actually attempted to kidnap the baby, at least 3 other times before the child was actually kidnapped. >> they have been. >> planning coordinating and attempting to kidnap him since the beginning of march. it's absolutely shocking. this is i think any parent's worst nightmare. >> the santa clara county district attorney's office says ramirez and 40st tried to take the baby. >> when he was just one month old. yeah. that according to the d a was the first attempt
9:34 am
was back on march 14th when they say port who posed as a child protective services worker and came to the home saying that he was there to take the baby into custody. the family didn't quite buy it. they called child protective services to see if this was legit. and we're told no, they didn't have any agents out there. the second attempt happened on march 28th according to the da. that's when the defense tried to kidnap the baby at a local walmart by exchanging shopping carts with the child's grandmother. however, they were unsuccessful. then on april 25th, the defendants tried to kidnap brand and again at that walmart but failed to distract the grant. the grandmother. it was later that afternoon that this video captured them successfully kidnapping the child. but they have to go into the home to do it. so ramirez and party or scheduled to be back in court on june 7th. and in addition to the attempted kidnapping charges, both are now facing burglary charges because they broke into the home to get the baby. the judge has set bail just yet. still figuring that
9:35 am
out because based on these new charges, the motive for this crime to is still under investigation. >> its 9.34 in the north bay, 3 former minor league hockey players are set to stand trial. they're accused of rape. 33 year-old moses matthews. 34 year-old dominic jones and 30 year-old just say a nickel. they played for the santa rosa growlers. police say the players were arrested while away for a game in february arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman. matthews is also accused of taking pictures of the woman and illegally sending them in a text message. the 3 men are going to be tried together starting on june 27th. >> we'll take a break at 9.35. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, san francisco unified has a new superintendent. we're going to tell you how what's your feeling about the new position, how he's feeling about it, too? plus, we're also getting a look at the forty-niners schedule for the upcoming season. we're going to tell you who were going up against in the season opener and in the home opener and even 10 book turn moving is
9:36 am
debuting in theaters this weekend. we'll have a preview coming up after the break. sunshine in full force at sfo and things will look a little better there after some issues earlier this morning. >> we are going to be seeing conditions today that are a little bit warmer than we've been up into the 80's for some of us even hotter tomorrow. your forecast ahead. >> and we had a busy start to the morning. now, finally starting to out here on your highways and bridges will have a look at those drive times. once we get back. ♪ ♪ this is awesome for any type of plant, especially for a beginning gardener. [ barks ] - yeah? i think he likes them. create a season full of celebration.
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today. >> and the san francisco unified school district has a new superintendent. the board says at wayne is succeeding. vincent matthews who plans to retire on june 30th that way. has been the superintendent hayward at the unified district in here over the past 6 years. but he was in san francisco, spent 2 years as executive director of elementary schools and the san francisco unified district. so he's coming back. wiens hiring caps an 8 month long search and more than 2 years of district controversy, including the recall of 3 board members and the dire budget crisis. when says he looks forward to this new job, despite the challenges. >> i also feel fortunate to be joining a community that shares my commitment to social justice and educational equity. as you heard, i've
9:40 am
always worked in communities where a majority of the citizen families are a different backgrounds and myself. but there to support their children. >> the san francisco teachers union also issued a statement welcoming wayne and saying that they trust the new superintendent is going to ensure the schools are fully funded and fully staffed when will begin his new role on july. 1st. >> in the east bay, the berkeley unified school district is asking students to mask up once again as we're getting closer to graduation. the district says they want people to wear masks at schools in that large parties to protect themselves from covid-19 because they want to ensure that as many students as possible can actually attend graduation. and the district is worried that if students and of getting covid and have to go into quarantine ahead of that day, then they might miss the whole ceremony altogether, depending on how long their isolation period is. so to help out with that, the district is offering for vaccine clinics over the next few weeks. and you can find dates and times for those on
9:41 am
their website. it is 9.40. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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>> you never need to work. all right. good morning on this friday. may 13. >> here on the kron, 4 morning news and it is just beautiful out there before you head out the door. you don't need it while you need sunscreen for this weekend. yeah. definitely. especially on saturday, john. yeah. all about the sunscreen this weekend for sure. and hydrating tomorrow, too, because these temperatures are going to be getting pretty hot. look at this. the calmest it's been all week. no movement on that flag. hardly at all. anyways. it's nice and blue out there to really nice set up for the start of the weekend today. >> noticeably warmer already than it was yesterday and the week so far any chances of rainfall, those are going to stay to our north as we're sitting into the sun in the bay. now, we may be sunny all the way to the coastline today. that's soon to change, though, a deepening marine layer this afternoon is going to lead to a very foggy coast, especially tomorrow and sunday mornings in some fog trying to slip in through the golden gate bridge, too. so if you are heading up to the coastline to escape that heat
9:45 am
probably going want those jackets ready to go. even a few spots of mist in coastal drizzle right up along the shoreline both saturday and sunday. mornings. as far as the big picture set up goes, there's your high pressure ridge. it's going to continue to build in sending any chance of rainfall out of our region. so we're steadily dry. the next 7 days. and during that time, temperatures going to be warmer than they have been 60's for most of our coastal spots today. today will be your sunniest one at the coast. 70's for most of our bayshore cities. burlingame at 72 sink harlow's, redwood city at 76 south bay. temperatures mostly staying below 80. although campbell, you're getting right to it. fremont. really nice day at 76 degrees. livermore to dublin, san ramon in the upper 70's. well, danville up to concord, reaching 80 oakland and san leandro. perfect weather. 74 75 looking at some 80's and solano county as well as portions of both napa and sonoma counties. vacaville are very warm. a spot today. 84 degrees tomorrow nearing 90 for some of our inland areas.
9:46 am
and that's going to draw that cool ocean air through the golden gate results and some fog sunday cooling it down. just a little bit will be in the 70's for most of next week for most areas with plenty of sunshine and dry skies all the way through rain. all right, john, looking forward to all of that sunshine. >> well, we finally are experiencing friday light out there on our roadways. 11 minutes to make it from the maze into the city to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for you as you're traveling there, crockett down towards the 5.80, just under 17 minutes to make it there. and then along highway 4, we've seen a lot of buildup this morning. now we're back down to under 18 minutes with still a little delays are driving through that pittsburgh area to make it from any acts. one, 60 in to conquer to 42 south bay want to one 85 to menlo park around 30 minutes for your drive 2.37, no major issues. 17 also moving at the limit and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about
9:47 am
22 minutes for you. their story as it was back to you. thanks right now. >> 9.46, the time and on the national front, one of the big stories we've been following is the continued shortage of baby formula. it's impacting a lot of fan huge from and they need help now. so congress members are trying. >> to talk to the president about what action can be taken immediately. joe khalil has the details. >> the like most new parents, lindsay swanson worries a lot with 2 little mouths to feed her biggest fear now seemed almost unimaginable just a few weeks ago. >> i never and i'm at million years imagined. living in our country that i would ever have to worry about where i was in it. get my children's food from next swanson's. now one of millions of parents struggling daily to find formula for her 6 month-old twin girls. peyton and parker. >> their shelves and nothing
9:48 am
in stock on the verge of desperation. swanson says she texted family and friends in 6 different states hoping they'd find the right formula for her girls when i'm not working >> i'm just trying we're not taking care of the babies here at home. i'm trying to figure out how much more formula do we have? and with 2 babies, it complicates things we make sure it never happens again. and that's important. >> but right now, the baby's crying babies hungry. we need to address it right now. house speaker nancy pelosi led democrats thursday in calling for action. some lawmakers like colin. all right, a new dad himself suggesting president biden should invoke the defense production act and make more formula. now, is that something that we can? >> triggered a supply any authorities need to be need to be authorized should go ahead and do it. this is. like a virgin issues. president biden spoke with the heads of major retail stores thursday about a plan to import more formula. >> and cut some bureaucratic red tape for manufacturers in
9:49 am
the u.s. meantime, for worried parents help. can't come soon enough. >> you sick in your stomach, but it is because you're you're you're wondering why why is it like this? >> 9.48 is the time. let's turn our attention to baseball now. the giants are going to be back in action tonight. they have the day off yesterday. so they're going to be away in st. louis taking on the cardinals. as for the a's they did play. they were in detroit taking on the tiger. so we've got those highlights for you. bottom of the knife. that's where we'll start with the game tied. seth brown hit this one deep to right shadows and that was out of here. 2 run homerun, giving the a's the come and go on to finish and win with a final of 5 to 3 will be back on tonight. taking on the angels at the coliseum. part of the first pitch at 6.40, play. >> what about football? this season is just around the corner in the nfl is just out with the 2022 schedule. so let's take a look at what's going on with the niners. they can open their season on the road in chicago, taking on the bears, the home opener is a
9:50 am
week later against the seattle seahawks, the russell wilson de because he's now with them anymore. so that will be fun. games of note you might be looking forward to week for the niners are going to play the defending champion rams. that's on monday night football in week 11. they're going to take on the arizona cardinals in mexico city and the niners are also heading to vegas in week 17 to play the raiders. >> all right. 9.50, is the time in this weekend. doctor strange is expected to dominate the box office once again fell that much. so all seen it the time. a new movie out. let's take a look. dean richards. >> a during a testing for the rest for >> new at the movies this weekend is the latest adaptation of the stephen king novel firestarter previously made into a movie back in
9:51 am
1984. once again, it's the story of a little girl who inherits her father, psychic abilities with the power to start fires growing up, she had to learn how to control her temper and emotions to avoid setting the world ablaze. a secret government organization finds out about her, they set out to kidnapper in harness and control her powers average is about the best word i could use to describe firestarter average story. average performances, average engagement with the audience. zac efron, sydney limon and ryan kiera armstrong star in the story that plays out more like a sci-fi movie. then a horror offering. it's a pretty straight away adaptation of the book and a pretty straightforward movie treatment. no new ground is broken here. but the storytelling was effective and it was clear. i give it a dean's list. c plus it's both in theaters and also on the peacock streaming service. hope you have a great weekend
9:52 am
in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> we'll be right back. ♪ i stand alone ♪ ♪ and the fire in the sky ♪ ♪ ♪ wait and see ♪
9:53 am
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>> 9.54. almost done for friday with the kron 4 morning news. but we've got our next newscast which is at noon. and stephanie lin is in the newsroom with a peek at what they're working on i-seventy. hey, good morning. darya.
9:55 am
we're approaching the one-year mark since the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. >> the san jose vta railyard shooting left 10 people dead today. demolition of the building where that terrible event happened begins. our reporter is live on the ground with the significance of this move and what's next for the vta and a bay area city could reverse a decades old ban on car cruising. some officials say the ban discriminates against latinos and fans of low rider culture. but some law enforcement agencies say that lifting the ban could lead to more traffic related crimes. we're covering that story and more today on kron. 4 news at noon, cnn. >> thanks a lot, take a look at this. a black hole. this is something you've never seen before. in fact, it's something humans have never seen before. the first images of the black hole at the very center of the milky way. first time it's ever been photographed, really. and it took a while to do it. i think
9:56 am
the snapped this image like 3 years ago, but they needed all that time. well, to kind of decipher to scrub out all of the miscellaneous light and everything else, the dust, the haze that we would have seen because of this. i love by definition a black hole biblical. well, see a black right. and so that's what the very center of that image, a dark spot because looks like a donut. that's the actual black hole. we can't see what we can see is the light getting bent around it yeah, that's the event horizon. and so that's the glow that completely surrounds a black hole with a very dark center. the zoom and it is it's a little long in us. a little anyway, just that we leave you with a little bit. let's say there's and every right all matters getting crushed into a single point at the very center of the masses in pull is incredible. i went from a lack like blue sky. yes, all right. yes, that's all we're looking at. when we look at the sky. seer is plenty of sunshine. >> and guys start to get a little hotter this weekend. so
9:57 am
put the jackets away for the time being tomorrow, nearing 90 for some inland areas. find a way to stay cool. definitely time to pull out the fan from storage. fan and you don't have you're going party beach party. for the industry will love it for anything going to be running the bay to breakers on sunday. good luck. the weather is going to be fantastic for you. hope you make a personal best time. alright, we'll see on monday.
9:58 am
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