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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 14, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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you're watching kron. 4 news. great racially motivated hate crime. >> from somebody outside of our community outside of the city of good neighbors. as the mayor said coming into our community. in trying to. inflict that evil upon us. >> now at 10, a mass shooting in buffalo, new york is being called a hate crime. tonight as authorities try to piece together why a gunman opened fire in a grocery store leaving 10 people dead and 3 more injured. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. i'm dan thorn and i'm noelle bellow. this mass shooting happened in a predominantly black neighborhood. authorities classifying it. >> as racially motivated violent extremism. el al has the latest from buffalo tonight. >> what investigators are calling a mass shooting happened at this tops market in buffalo, new york. 13
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people were shot 10 of which did not survive. tonight, the gunman in the buffalo top supermarket mass shooting has been identified as 18 year-old payton gun drawn of conklin. new york police say conklin entered the supermarket heavily armed with a tactical gear and a rifle. >> he was said to be live streaming on the platform. twitch when he opened fire. >> many of us no, this supermarket, this top supermarket on jefferson avenue very well. many of us have been in and out of the supermarket. our family members have been in and out of the supermarket. police say a retired buffalo police officer who was working as a security guard shot the gunman. but the shooter was unharmed due to the armor he was wearing. >> that retired police officer was also shot and killed. many of us know some of those who are victims of this, her or her effect crime. so this is painful. this does hurt it
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always hurts. this case is being investigated as a racially motivated hate crime as a law enforcement source confirmed the gunman had a racial slur written on his weapon. this was pure evil. >> it was straight up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community outside of the city of good neighbors. as the mayor said coming into our community. in trying to. inflict that evil upon us. erie county district attorney john flynn did not confirm the existence of the shooters. possible manifesto, though he did say they believe there is a racial component to the attack but declined to say more. we speak for the dead. >> and when we speak for those who have lost their life, we're going to bring them justice. the family's justice and this community justice. the attack is being investigated by the fbi as a hate crime and violent extremism reporting in buffalo of head. >> meanwhile, police on the
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peninsula are investigating a suspicious death. tonight. san mateo police say a man was found dead at a bus stop. >> earlier this morning, kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> the scene is now cleared, but it was a different picture earlier in the day. police are now investigating this case as a homicide. investigators blocked off this bus stop on el camino real south near east hillsdale boulevard for much of the morning and afternoon saturday after a man was found unresponsive just before 07:00am 7 to police. officers quickly arrived on scene and located an unresponsive. >> male a seat at the bus. stop. on an initial quick investigation. it was determined. the second the circumstances were such that were suspicious in nature. we spoke with the family of the man off camera who asked for privacy. >> police are not saying much about the circumstances surrounding the man's death other than it's being investigated as a homicide, but are still looking for witnesses who saw anything suspicious near the bus. stop early saturday morning. san
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mateo police are asking the public if you know anyone who was driving in the area specifically. >> around 01:00am to 07:00am, and driving with a vehicle with video recording capabilities. you're asked to contact police reporting from san mateo gayle ong kron. 4 news >> firefighters in southern california continue to put out hot spots from the coastal fire. the blaze tearing through laguna niguel on wednesday and it's now burned 200 acres and is currently 40% contained. officials say that 20 homes have been destroyed and 11 were damaged. fire crews have been utilizing drones with heat-seeking capabilities to track down the hot spots with the fire's perimeter. >> yesterday we were able to open up 769 residents is to allow residents to return and the effort is going to continue. firefighters were able to use drones yesterday to seek out hot spots and were able to identify the areas and actually go after him. and the separate will continue today.
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>> cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> we do know i was kind of wind-driven at a point there. they were having of some strong winds down there. we have a little bit of wind tonight, but it was such a warm day. it's okay. that and i think every fighter. yeah, that's right. and i >> notice thing over here night night. i love how you guys play have the same. and give you guys know a great team. let's take a live look outside and we are noticing the transamerica pyramid clear skies out there. but it's going to change by tomorrow morning. and even through tomorrow night as well as you notice. may gray returning to our bay area forecast, widespread 50's and 60's. but the one outlier, concord at 73 degrees with low 60's. for those of you in san jose mid 50's for downtown san francisco. but napa and lake little bit milder. >> in the low to mid 60's
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there for our north bay valleys. so when tracker for we are going to see a stronger sea breeze out there, even extending into our inland valleys, pushing that marine layer along and also going to bring us some noticeably gusty winds out of the west. so that cool sea breeze influence really going to peak and intensify by sunday afternoon could see wind gusts. 25 to 35 miles per hour for most cities. but those of you in sandra fell. you could see wind gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour or less. so very dry, clear conditions out there. but by tomorrow morning, we're going to wake up to some patchy drizzle, even extending into parts of the east bay and south bay. and then that marine layer going to stick around better clearing by the afternoon. but it is going to become more widespread by your sunday night. that could negatively impact viewing of the lunar eclipse. so make sure to head inland and head to the highest peaks for the best shot of that blood lunar eclipse. but let's take a look at your bay to breakers forecast. it's going to start for your sunday morning run. we are going to see
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mid-fifties mostly cloudy skies and drizzle on a county that may gray but cool sea breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. but as you saw by sunday afternoon, could see gusts anywhere. 35 miles per hour or less. so just keep that in mind. but taking a look ahead at the next 3 day forecast cooling down through monday with more summer-like temperatures returning for your upcoming work week forecast. details on that and your full 10 at 10 outlook in just a few minutes. stand and walk back to you. men and women marching side to side through the streets of san francisco this morning calling on lawmakers to leave women's bodies alone. >> happened as the u.s. supreme court considers overturning roe versus wade, which would end the legal access to abortion. now, protests like this happened all across the united states today. yeah, there was also protests in the state capitol. rowena shaddox has the story.
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>> so many people out here, women, men, kids, families all out here to show their support for our issues for access to abortion and planned parenthood affiliates kicked off its powered by pink bus tour at the capitol this morning and will continue statewide for the next 10 days protesting what they call the ban of constitutional rights to abortion and raising awareness about what california is doing to continue with its care for women going to be a long fight. and we need everyone standing here together. katrina lewis, a labor and delivery nurse from roseville, says it was important to be here with her sister. sign in hand. it's a medical decision. doctors and women meeting making a decision, not the laws. >> and if you want to regulate something to save lives, regulate guns, we're the ones affected >> religious try and take away our right. just i'm deeply
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thousands showed up here at the capitol to march in solidarity for abortion rights. but there is also many from the other side that you've we're willing to save the whales, save the golf fans safe. >> the what we want to destroy the lives 4 children. it just doesn't make any sense. and it's a testimony to gravity of our culture. this is representative of we're it together and his way these triplets say their mother had difficulties conceiving and use ivf to get pregnant. and we all we all survived. so she fought very hard for us. and so i can't imagine not having any sort of other than like i want to be able to >> stand for what's right and protect life. you know, for the unborn >> babies that they have right to live to fight for life as a
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whole. we do believe life is worth as we all have that i believe that is something that starts at and i just think that life is worth holding onto worth fighting for. >> as all of this is going on, the nationwide shortage of baby formula is now leading to a surge in milk. donations across the nation, nonprofit milk banks typically serve sick or premature infants when parents don't have a sufficient milk supply for their babies, nutritional needs. but as this shortage just continues on more parents are turning to these milk banks to get milk, to feed their babies. >> we're hearing moms who want to be part of the solution to this crisis center interested in donating the excess, not that they have. so where really the east to see that response? >> to buy milk families need to fill out an application with the milk banks and get placed on a list to purchase if you're interested in
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donating milk banks are often looking for healthy, breastfeeding or pumping mothers who have 100 ounces or more of extra frozen milk. >> coming up on this hour of kron, 4 news we hear from the parents of alexis, gabe, as they try to find answers and their daughter's disappearance. >> plus, gop senators in ukraine today. what they say the country needs is russia's invasion and 80 a day. stick with us.
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>> welcome back. 10, 13 on this saturday night and the war in ukraine now in its 80th day, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky met with a delegation of republican u.s. senators in kiev led by minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> russia's invasion of the down bus region remains a largely stalled as ukrainian forces continue to press with their counter offensive. is tom dempsey reports an expert on the war believes that the russian invasion will not and any time soon. >> as as work continued in ukraine on saturday, focus shifted to diplomacy with a special visit from an american delegation. will you did? thank you, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky greeted senator mitch mcconnell and other republican senators in kiev as congress works to pass 40 billion dollars in military and humanitarian aid for the country. we must keep our promise to the people of
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ukraine, an attempt to speed up the process of getting the assistance ukraine stalled this week when senator rand paul from kentucky delayed the vote approval could come early next week with the pentagon saying passage must come by thursday to avoid any delays, sending new weapons to the country. we'll get those authorities soon. i it's possible that there could be a bubble and period of time in which, you know, there's just not nothing moving and we want to make sure we avoid the effort to bring aid comes as talks continue over possible nato expansion. both sweden and finland expressed interest this week in joining for added protection against russia. >> both countries would need support from all 30 members. however, turkey has raised concerns about the expansion with its president calling the country's quote, guest houses for terrorist organizations. on saturday, finland's prime minister hope discussions between the 2 sides could bring progress. we want to take the time discuss with turkey like of the countries. what are their procession in our interest is. >> that was tom dempsey reporting for us tonight.
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ukraine's president says the outcome >> of this war will depend on support from western allies. there is a nato conference happening this weekend in berlin where leaders are expected to focus on ukraine. >> a moscow court has extended the detention time for wnba star brittney griner, griner, who is being held in a russian jail on drug charges will spend another 30 days behind bars until her trial gets underway. the 2 time olympic gold medalist he's already been in prison for 3 months. she was arrested at a moscow airport after officials found what they say was cannabis oil in her luggage. >> well, we don't have a comment on this specific development. i would just reiterate that the russian system wrongfully detained screener. we take our responsibility to assist u.s. citizen seriously. we'll continue to press for fair and transparent treatment. >> reuters, russian lawyer says that he believes the case will go to trial soon and says the condition she's being kept in appears to be okay.
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>> see >> and a clear show of popular support for the war ravaged nation of ukraine. the band collusion orchestra has won this year's euro vision song contest. the 6 man band earned the highest number of telephone voting points ever received a narrow vision contest which is now in 66th year. the ban calling the song an anthem to the motherland with lyrics that pledge always find my way home. even if all roads are destroyed. so congratulations to them. bringing it back here at home tonight. want to get your 4 zone forecast. yeah, beautiful night out there tonight. we are really nice day out there today. high temperatures in the breeze that. >> yeah, very hot. especially for warmest inland valleys in the east bay checkout conquered 88 degrees. those of you in santa rosa about 15
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degrees above average, the downtown san francisco trying to flirt with 70's. but 69 degrees even for san francisco. and we should be in the mid 60's this time of year. remember, it is spring certaibly looked and felt more like summer out there. but we are tracking some changes already underway right now. golden gate bridge. we are seeing the return a grey so that marine layer making its way into the coastline. and we're also noticing some virga out there right now for those of you in the north bay. most of that moisture evaporated before it hits the ground. but shortly before midnight tonight, we could start noticing some drizzle there for our north bay valleys this evening. so make sure to drive safely tonight. expect a slick commute during the overnight hours and even into your sunday morning. temperatures out there right now in the 50's and 60's but conquered in antioch. still in the low to mid 70's or remember conquered fortin with 90's today. so no surprise that you're still in the mid 70's, even at this 10
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o'clock hour. and we are noticing pretty cool temperatures around the bay area, shoreline mid to upper 50's there but low 60's for santa rosa and san jose currently at 62 degrees. but overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's antioch, though you're only going to cool down to 61 degrees a little bit milder. there. but cooler for those of you at half moon bay, 49 degrees. so thanks to that low and high cloud cover. we are going to get a blanket of clouds overnight. that's going to help warm us up. but temperatures tomorrow cooling down 5 to 10 degrees for warmest inland valleys, widespread mid 70's. santa rosa, though, trying to flirt with 80's at 79 degrees in downtown san francisco. very seasonal at 65 degrees with oakland. also in the low 70's still holding steady from today's daytime highs. but after monday, we're going to see another round of summer-like temperatures flirting with 90's up in about 10 days from now. so i mean, this is going to be the pattern, how we're going to notice for most of this upcoming week. enjoy monday's relief because that's going to
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be the coolest day after that. here goes another round of summer-like temperatures for most of this upcoming workweek. they always say we don't have like a summer in san francisco, just happens earlier. i guess there's just no spring then. way that jessica been lately. so i'm glad cooling down tomorrow and cooler on monday. but that's really going to be the most spring-like forecast we're going to see and gusty winds as well. >> 35 miles per hour. going to keep an eye on next weekend, too, because if those winds continue, we could see red flag warnings in place. so just keep that in mind. thanks creeping inflation taking a bite into your paychecks in april. and that's according to some federal data. >> the labor department says average hourly earnings for all employees went down 2.6% compared to april last year, despite rising wages, buying power is worse. now, food prices jumping for the 17th consecutive month. airline flights jumping more than 18% in april. and that's compared
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to the prior month. >> now inflation is hurting americans in more ways than just rising. grocery store prices are at the pump. >> nearly every community in the united states is feeling the effects of an overvalued housing market. reporter paul gerke has the very latest on how a handful of cities are feeling the effects of overvalued homes. >> it's pricier than it should be to live in most u.s. metro areas right now, according to moody's analytics homes in these 10 cities are more than 50% overvalued. boise, idaho tops the list followed by sherman denison, texas and muskegon, michigan. jamie matt store is a realtor in boise. she thinks having 4 full seasons help sell the treasure valley. but changing lifestyle attitudes have sealed the deal. covid his tenants. >> increase the rapid rate of being able to work from home and live for you want to live. well, you >> get to work from home. many of the places posting overinflated prices offer similarly breathtaking
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scenery, but average home buyers have to compete with big companies in rental agencies for property in those desirable locales. interest rates are going back up to which can be a hurdle for many buyers. although jamie insists they're still getting a deal, 6% is still a phenomenal rate. >> it's just not 3% that we have this. that was just a look at the drop was like winning the lottery for 3 years. the economy can sustain that for those with a knife or trends. this is all too reminiscent of how the markets look in 2007, right before a massive housing crash and recession. is this bubble about to burst too? >> not now jamie and others predict for 2 core reasons. one new federal rules have changed home lending in a positive way. more people are likely to pay back their loans rather than default. and 2 were living through a massive housing shortage. mortgage giant freddie mac estimates were about 4 million homes short of what the country needs right now. jamie says they need 2 million in the boise metro alone in since the
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rate of home buying was slowed by the pop of the last real estate bubble and limited further by the pandemic. it's going to take time for supply to catch up to demand in the meantime, if you're looking to move to a place like boise, jamie has some good news. i anticipate. and what we are seeing is that things will continue to plateau. >> in this market, at least because we're still massively desirable place to be. >> that was paul gerke reporting for us tonight. stick with us. still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10, a kron 4 exclusive. a former sheriff's volunteer under investigation accused of building and selling ghost guns from his wife who says she repeatedly
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>> well, forget about the power allen next time and use algae to power your computer. that's what researchers at the university of cambridge are actually doing. they have used algae too power. a computer continuously for a year. all right. how they do this while the university says it algae naturally harvests energy from the sun through photosynthesis. and they say system was made common, inexpensive and largely recyclable material. researchers believe the system has the potential to be a reliable and renewable way to power small devices. interesting. well, meanwhile, out of florida, incredible footage >> of this plane that
10:27 pm
crash-landed onto a bridge in miami. 6 people were injured in this crash, including 2 people who are seriously hurt on board the plane. you can see those flames call in the 3 people in a car crossing the bridge sustained minor injuries. another person also hurt. when all this happened. the plane landed on the hall over inlet bridge that connects hall over beach to bal harbor. the area closed to traffic as workers are cleaning up that cleaning it up and trying to remove of the destroyed vehicles. as you can see here, a charred vehicle there. the ntsb still investigating what caused that crash. thanks, noel. yeah, we're going to have a treat for your sunday night blood lunar eclipse. i'm tracking that. and the fog forecast has made great could impact dealing for parts of the bay area. more coming up. >> in just a few minutes.
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>> now at 10, 30 investigators are continuing to search for 24 year-old alexis game. this week. they searched a home in antioch and released a photo of the young woman's cell phone case. kron four's amanda hari islam has after speaking with her parents this afternoon. >> about the updates. >> the family tells me hope is all they can do hope for the best. they say they get updates from police 2 or 3 times a week and that's reassuring. >> we miss our daughter so much. you won't find too.
10:31 pm
>> you want her back. alexis, gabe's parents, quinn and road. when i gave say they think about her every second of every day. she hasn't been seen since january, but they say they have a gut feeling that she's still out there. >> and the ceiling? yeah, no, that's just a but they say everything a body is found. they worry it could be hurts. the. >> always go to the so detective and can you check just in case? so i would every time we get a call saying, no, it's not her. that's always a >> investigators did find a key piece of evidence this week, her cell phone case seeing the actual. >> they mentioned that the picture was very, very emotional. investigators suspect the man captured in this video walking away from alexis's vehicle on front street. oakley, discarded her cell phone case in the last few days. they also served the search warrant at a home. >> on ventry way in antioch to
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continue looking for evidence. the home is reportedly where she was last seen where we're happy that the there's, you know, >> that's the second seems like they're on to something. i mean. if they're if they want their the second time. that just shows that something's going on some things up. alexa's father is pleading that if anyone knows anything. >> come forward, any information can help. there's definitely definitely someone. >> or more than one person that knows something. you know, i need you know, we've been pleading. so many times. he's everything you know in your heart, too. he was taken from ation, but we need. >> if you believe you have any information about alexis, you're asked to reach out to oakley police. there's a $10,000 reward for anyone with information leading to her location in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news.
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>> now, time to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. kron 4 meteorologist, a breeze around rig as joining with more on what we can expect. >> yeah, we're going to be tracking the skies tomorrow, specifically for our blood moon lunar let's get right to it and see it hour by hour. because right now we are starting to notice an increase in that marine layer making its way along the san francisco peninsula and could even see some drizzle shortly before midnight tonight. for those of you in the north bay right now, it is virga so vacc parading before it hits the ground with patchy drizzle for your sunday morning throughout most of the bay area. and then by sunday afternoon, going to see a mix of sun and clouds. and that's going to contribute to our cooling trend, not just along the coast, but bringing much needed relief to our warmest inland valleys by sunday night. we are expecting to see some better clearing and better viewing for those of you who actually want to watch the lunar eclipse for your sunday night specifically in our east bay valleys, the
10:34 pm
highest peaks over the berkeley hills and also san jose as well as parts of solano county. but along the coast, as you can see, we're going to be pretty socked in with a great pattern. hopefully it clears out just in time for that total lunar eclipse. but even by 10 o'clock, going to reach the peak total lunar eclipse. still tracking a lot of that may gray out there. so let's hope that it does clear out. but overall along the coast, not looking like the best that head inland and as high as you possibly can for sunday night's event because it is going to be a blood moon eclipse also known as the flower moon for the month of may. it is going to be the full moon sunday night. it's going to start at 8, 30 at night and it's going to reach the peak total moon lunar eclipse shortly before 10 o'clock for your sunday evening. and that's when that full moon is going to go into are stark shadow creating those clear black conditions. so we are going to see, though, a lot a gray out there, unfortunately, but we're going to try to get the
10:35 pm
best shot for you by tomorrow night. rest assured temperatures for tomorrow cooling down 5 to 10 degrees from today's daytime highs for the warmest inland valleys in the north bay east and south bay, widespread mid 70's. those in the north bay flirting with 80's for santa rosa and a bottle. but seasonable temperatures as we cool down into the mid 60's for downtown san francisco. 71 degrees for those of you in hayward. and as we see our next 10 day forecast, the coolest day will be monday. and after monday, back to summer-like weather and breezy winds as well, gusting 25 to 35 miles per hour at times and we could see temperatures by next weekend, even into monday, 10 days from now, 5 to 15 degrees above average. once again, especially if we do hit those low 90's. back to you, dan and well. >> all right, thanks. a lot of former volunteer for the contra costa county sheriff's office is under investigation. he's accused of building and selling ghost guns with parts that he allegedly obtained from the sheriff's gun range. ghost guns are privately
10:36 pm
assembled firearms that are untraceable. the investigation was triggered. >> but the man's own wife who says she tried multiple times to report him and a story you'll only see here on kron 4 my june has more on the investigation into john king. >> and despite how many guys did husband >> i didn't know the exact count until the da's open the safes. there were 132. >> that they seized being in possession of 132 firearms is not a crime. that is unless some of those firearms are ghost guns that is against the law. and that is just one of the allegations against it keane's husband, former contra costa county sheriff's and tear john key. this is exclusive video of investigators with the contra costa county district attorneys office serving a
10:37 pm
search warrant at his home in clayton on february. 1st of this year, what can you tell from for about an investigation mister john mccain? >> well, john is or was. a volunteer with the contra costa county sheriff's office is a resident of clayton, federal and state authorities had seized 132 guns, ammunition. a kit or kits used in the making of goes the possession of the weapons were illegal and the manufacturing of the weapons. >> we're also illegal selling ghost guns is also a crime that is among the allegations listed in the search words, probable cause statement obtained by kron 4. it alleges john king quote, with transfer and sell these weapons to civilians and sworn members of the contra costa county sheriff's office, unquote, the names of the people who the guns were allegedly. so too are not specified. the search
10:38 pm
warrant. what is specified, however, is how john king allegedly got his hands on a gun parts, weapons and ammunition magazines from a property technician while working at the sheriff's talk about your. >> so to be ex husband's relationship with the sheriff's gun range, he had. >> access to everything parts ammo. >> let's get it investigated and not push the side. >> attorney michael cardoza is legal counsel for key. he says these allegations are extremely troubling for the contra costa. sheriff sheriff's, you allow us to go one where you just put parts out there and you let a d wh he wants to make weapons, if he is. >> it just allow that to happen. you don't track. that's front and the back. >> also troubling michael cardoza says is the lack of
10:39 pm
investigation on the part of the sheriff's office. king says she tried multiple times to alert the contra costa county sheriff about her husband's weapon. shortly after filing for divorce on new year's day, 2020 on january, 29th twenty-twenty. she says 3 members of the contra costa county sheriff's office came to her home to investigate, but no action was taken. then on august, 3rd, 2020, king sent this email follow-up to the contra costa county sheriff. >> quote. >> to this date, i have not heard from your department regarding this matter as a courtesy to you and your department. i wanted to reach out to you personally as i'm not sure if you are aware of the deaths of this situation, unquote. and i never heard a word. i was just making you feel. >> i'm frustrated. disappointed. scared. >> throughout 2020 was king says her divorce proceedings continued and she continued to try to bring attention to her
10:40 pm
husband weapons. then in january of this year, as part of the divorce process, clayton police came to the king's home to supervise an inventory of items. photos provided by d at king appeared to show police collecting illegal magazines from the couple's garage. but once again, the it says no action was taken. and i never heard back from clinton d. >> according to documents obtained by kron 4 john king told police he had owned the high capacity magazines for years and purchase them at a time when they were illegal. >> although the high capacity magazines are confiscated by police, no arrests were made. no charges were filed. when contacted clayton police declined to citing the district attorneys now and knowing investigation. why does she push so hard? >> why does she have to push the sheriff's department number one to begin the investigation? >> just days after the visit from clayton police nearly 2 years after filing her first report yet canes push resulted
10:41 pm
in the action she was seeking after directly contacting the contra costa county district attorney's office and inspector was sent to our whole. it is it that has now led to a full criminal investigation. talk about why it was important for you to do this. >> it's important because there's so much gun violence out there and people getting away with it at this point. what do you want to happen? i want the right thing to happen. a lot for my children to be safe. but the community safe society, anybody, any woman? it is gone through this. i want to give them the soray too. move forward. >> the contra costa da's office says john king's alleged involvement with manufacturing and southern goes goods remains under investigation. so far, no criminal charges have been filed. i think that you on for
10:42 pm
>> from 4 did reach out to the contra costa county sheriff's office and also john king's attorney. we did not receive response. the sheriff's office is saying that they are. i'm not going to comment at this time because they are waiting for the investigation or wrap up. it's being handled by the district attorney's%office. gun reform was the topic of conversation in our interview with assemblymember phil ting on the kron. 4 weekend news this morning. gun violence surging during the covid-19 pandemic up to 35%. and that increase was the highest and we'd seen in decades assembly member 10 along with other state leaders have been taking the effort to combat gun violence to gun makers. tang is introduced a bill that would allow governments victims of gun violence and their family members to file lawsuits against gun manufacturers. >> what it says is that gun owners, gun distributors, gun shops should have liability. if whatever reason they're not following state law, every
10:43 pm
company in this country has to be responsible for the products that they sell. and this is just putting gun manufacturers on the same playing field as every other company in america. federal law prevents most types of lawsuits against the gun industry. but some liability lawsuits, including one gun makers. >> break state or local laws regarding the sale and marketing of their products. those can be permitted. still ahead here at 10 o'clock from boston to the bay, a historic debut of san francisco ballet's new principal dancer. >> plus, in sports, the a's have quite a finish in game one of their double header at the coliseum against the angels. kate rooney got the highlights. coming up. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms.
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managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> no nba game today, but instead we got an extra baseball game. the a's playing in a double header against the angels at the coliseum. we'll start with the first game. of course, cute baby on hand to watch this one. but just want to throw game. it was uneventful until late bottom of the 9th here. >> the angels with 2 on luis herrera belts, one high and deep to right. it's gone for a three-run walk-off home run. to get your first major league homer. he's just the second player in major league history to do that. the a's win for 3, then have some time to turn around to harness that winning
10:47 pm
energy for game 2. game 2. >> fun for pereira company. top of the second base is loaded for taylor ward and he takes adam oller deep to right center and gone for a grand slam angels up early 5, one. some showtime show. hey, otani. this is his one 100 career home run a 2 run job to make it one angels. that's also his 7th homer of the season. and so the angels really crews in game 2, 9. what? giants on the road at cardinals dot is not a cardinal, but this game was for the party's second inning. >> brendan donovan, the slow collapse, one down the right-field line. all the way down there. yadier molina scores. one, nothing. st. louis, then. yeah. he likes to party. he also likes to
10:48 pm
foreigners as molina calls for the pitch on gets joc peterson in a rundown to killer runners at the corners rally. just 5 pitchers combined to set up the giants for nothing. san francisco six-game winning streak comes to an end well. the next stop for the jobs, the western conference finals. the warriors have a couple days off. now you'll find out tomorrow whether they go to phoenix for a series with the suns or whether they'll host the mavericks here. >> at chase center. but regardless game one in the series will be on wednesday and golden state can really use this extra time. a chance for otto porter junior and andre iguodala's. you get a little bit healthier and for the rest of the squad, your resume unaided for what will no doubt be another tough series. but last night after the game playing, steph said they're ready for whatever's coming their way. >> the perspective of game from injuries. i had now be able to compete at the highest level. one, the final 4 it's a
10:49 pm
feeling that's hard to describe. honestly, it's. truly amazing. and just inspires me to keep going because i think we saw great basketball head of us not lost in this journey is the fact that we're still trying to peak at the right time as a as a team. this. >> i'm going to do this for the first time together. so so you can say it's an exciting time to get past the series and look forward was coming next. >> it's going to be hard to top this series because it was just so emotional follicle. happen. i'm sure whatever comes next is going to be interesting as well. yeah, we're up and down and i'm sure we'll have more yeah, the postseason for you hate. >> all right. well, it is asian pacific american heritage month and kron four's highlighting the accomplishments of the aap i community here in the bay area. today we talked with award-winning dancer, me said poor on a gun as the first japanese principal dancer with the san francisco ballet. she's taking on iconic roles like the sugar plum fairy in the nutcracker. juliet in romeo and juliet and
10:50 pm
cinderella. she talked about how she prepares for her performances as well as how she measures her own success. >> by rehearsing are preparing for it. i know i can improve myself thing and the my eye to streamline hand. so putting on a great show and getting into company. is not the only the growth that comes with the process is more important to me. >> our celebration of asian american pacific islander heritage month continues all month long with new features every thursday leading up to our aap, i celebrations special will be hosted by will tran. that will happen on thursday night. may 26th at 6.30. >> in tonight's tech smart lego land gave us a look at the new ferrari attraction. that's right. lego land has built a place for you can build and raise your own
10:51 pm
luxury sports car. rich demuro has more. >> building cars with lego bricks is a ton of fun. and now a new attraction here at legoland, california race. one of the world's most iconic sports cars to life on a digital racetrack or kids build to win >> star. ferrari teaming up with lego for an interactive new attraction. it's great to see the energy and smiling faces from a guest back here in the pocket. legoland, california brought me and my littlest race are here to experience ferrari, building race, putting together the innovation and the design elements in the performance, elements with the and i and j and building a family beauty experience. it starts with an impressive display of a life-size lego ferrari f 40 sports car made of 350,000 pieces. only the tires and
10:52 pm
we'll aren't lego. it took more than 1900 hours to build its the only one of its going to blow the replica serves as an inspiration for kids to build their own race car and tested on various tracks. it's all about optimizing the design for ultimate year. karl. finally, it's off to the races where the car you build is scanned to appear on a digital racetrack. we actually created a technology that will measure aerodynamics, drag force everything. track conditions can >> fun about watching your car to go around and tapping the speed missed and lanes. the fastest car winds. i got to say it was pretty fast. i saw other kids cars like they pretty fast, too. >> there you have a winner takes on bragging rights and
10:53 pm
maybe even a little need for speed. the ferrari building race attraction is now open at legoland, california. yeah, i could see myself in that car. a red. i'm rich demuro and you are tech (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money, only when your clients make more money? (fisher investments) yep. we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments, we're clearly different.
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10:55 pm
back. a san francisco tradition is returning tomorrow. thousands of people expected to participate in the 12 k bay to breakers run colorful costumes. you can see
10:56 pm
they're not required, but they are pretty us from participants of this since 1912, more than 2 million people have completed this race. we do have a map of the route. it starts at 08:00am tomorrow morning on the east side of the city. it moves along the panhandle and through golden gate park and then ends at the great highway along ocean beach. finish line closes at 1 o'clock sunday afternoon. traffic's going to be heavy tomorrow in these areas. so definitely avoid if you're not participating in this run about 18,000 people are participating tomorrow. organizers say they've just got a few things. participants need to keep in mind. >> for runners, no unless there are clear and small. and i really think about it. this is no bigger than that. half by 11 piece of and then we were asking, don't know, we'll devices and no alcohol on the course. we will have a beer garden at the finish for all the runners to enjoy. >> some street closures have
10:57 pm
already begun. tonight you can find a full list of those closures on our website. kron 4 dot com. recent. >> yeah. let's take a look at your bay to breakers forecast mid 50's when the run starts at 8 o'clock in the morning. a lot a gray and drizzle with a breezy sea breeze. and we're going to notice a great possibly impacting our lunar eclipse forecast as well. so head inland to the highest peaks it well, it is going to start at 8.30, in temperatures, 70's inland with 50's and 60's along the coast. sounds like a good one for those runners out. there you go. thanks from recent us all the time we've got the properties at 10. we'll see you tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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