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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 15, 2022 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
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you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, we're continuing to follow developing news out of o ange county tonight where one person is dead and 5 others are injured after a gunman opens fire inside of a church. good evening and thank you for joining us. kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. i'm dan thorn and i'm noelle bellow. that shooting happened earlier this afternoon are during what investigators described as a banquet following sunday's service. investigators say they have detained an asian man in his 60's. >> the 5 people shot are being described as for asian men and an asian woman and their late 90's. excuse me, late 60's to early 90's. reporter carlos saucedo has more. >> we know multiple patients were transported to area hospitals. 2 of the victims are brought here to providence mission hospital in mission viejo. they were brought here
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in critical condition. the gunfire erupted inside geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods just before one 30 this afternoon about 30 to 40 people were inside during a lunch banquet when the suspect opened fire. sheriff officials say there's a total of 6 victims, one of the victims died from their injuries on scene. 5 others were injured. 4 of them in critical condition and had to be rushed to hospitals. the other person sustained minor injuries. the orange county fire authority had paramedics on scene treating and transporting multiple victims. some of the victims had to be airlifted to area hospitals. all the victims said to be adults. we understand parishioners were taiwanese. we spoke to a gentleman who said he sang at that very church. >> that's very, very that. it's beautiful area. lovely people and the love least shop there. we've some there and and loved it. we're sorry.
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>> somehow church members were able to restrain the suspect described as an asian male in his 60's and hog tie him until authorities arrived. 2 handguns were recovered on scene. obviously, this could have ended much worse. had those brave parishioners not stepped in. we're waiting to get an update on the condition of those 4 individuals that are currently hospitalized, reporting in mission viejo. carlos, also back to you. >> governor gavin newsom's office sent out this tweet saying in part no one should have to fear going to their place of worship. and senator dianne feinstein also weighing in tonight saying it's sad and so angry to hear of another mass shooting this afternoon in orange county. these tragic events have become far too common place in our country. we must take action now to buffalo, new york, where that city is still reeling from a mass shooting at a grocery store that left 10 people dead. >> president biden and first lady jill biden will be traveling to buffalo on
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tuesday tonight, we're learning more about the victims as nancy loo reports. one of those who was killed was a retired police officer. >> the tears are just beginning to flow over the lives lost and many are being shed over. 55 year-old security guard aaron salter. he'd been working at top since retiring recently from the buffalo police force. the top cop says salter died a true hero in his attempt to stop the gunman. a retired officer assault are working security there engage a suspect, fired we have evidence that he struck them at least one time and that unfortunately had no effect. a bullet bounced off the gunman's tactical gear and the attacker returned fire, killing salter who had served buffalo police for 30 years tops regular that mask off and spoke with salt or while shopping. he was a nice guy. you know, he he cared about the community. look at store.
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he did good job. you know, he was very nice respect outside the store, a growing memorial to honor those killed for store employees and 6 shoppers. >> among them, 88 year-old ruth whitfield, the mother of buffalo's former fire chief 65 year-old celestin cheney, who was picking up strawberries to make short. kate is just too much. i just came up john and be with his is too much. you can't even go to the davis store in peace. so quite easy. we are buffalo strong. we will pull together as a community. and as we grieve and as we express our deepest and most heartfelt prayers to the families of those who lost loved ones. >> we as a community will rise again stronger than before. >> that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. today investigators did reveal the 18 year-old suspect research, local demographics
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and arrived to buffalo a day in advance to make sure he could kill as many black people as possible. payton gendron is charged with first-degree murder in connection to the mass shooting. investigators say he drove nearly 4 hours from his home to carry out that horrific attack. investigators also unveiled last year the teen was taken to a hospital by state police after he had made threats involving his high school. police said he wasn't charged with a crime back then and was out of the hospital within a day and a half. >> and washington today, president biden called on the country to work together to address the hate washington correspondent jessi tenure reports. >> good evening. the president told a crowd here in dc that even though the investigation continues the shooter's motive is clear to him. >> racially-motivated active white supremacy and violent extremism. that's how president joe biden described the actions of the white 18 year-old accused of shooting
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and killing 10 people saturday at a new york supermarket located in a predominantly black neighborhood. we must all work together address to hate. there remains a on the sole american. the president stressed the department of justice is investigating a mass shooting as a hate crime. officials said the gunman posted 180 page manifesto online which detail the plot and contained hate speech. this spreads like a virus on cnn state of the union sunday, new york democratic governor kathy hochul called on tech companies to take responsibility for their role in propagating speech like this online. the second it hits the platform in needs to be taken down. hochul said the 18 year-old legally purchased the ar 15 in new york but not the high capacity magazine. he used. other states do not have the same laws that we have and people are just crossing those borders. that's why hochul wants to see more federal gun control laws. >> congress is currently debating a wide range of policies, including a bipartisan bill to raise the minimum age to 21 to buy
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assault style weapons. the focus ought to be on trying to be preventive rather than 2 restrict legal buying from people. nebraska republican governor pete ricketts would rather see lawmakers do more to address mental health. how we can be more proactive in spotting. those folks are getting the help they need. >> in washington, i'm jessi tenure. >> now even though the shooting in buffalo happened thousands of miles away people right here in the bay area are also feeling the impacts from pours. amanda was talking with community members today about the shooting and how we can prevent these things from happening in the future. >> people i spoke to agree that the shooting in buffalo was a horrific event and that this incident fits into a broader pattern of extremist behavior that could threaten every community here goes again. >> sad is. that was the president of the santas co branch of the naacp, amos browns reaction when he first heard about the shooting in buffalo. police say they have
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100 page document that they believe was written by the shooter. it says his goal was to kill as many black people as possible. don't question it was racially motivated. >> this young man. very much conscious of what he was doing. and brown says black people are experiencing racial hate like this right here in the bay area as full. >> but all violence, it's not physical violence. there's been a lot of psychological social. and political violence has been. and think. of on the black community said brisk regional director of the anti-defamation league says these types of hate crimes threaten all of us. listen to the words of fbi director christopher wray has talked about. >> how hate crimes broadly and domestic terror in particular
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are the major threats to this country right now. brisk says there needs to be more preventative measures to stop these types of crimes. things like educational resources, law enforcement stepping in sooner when there are signs. >> and social media companies doing a better job at removing things that promote extremist behavior and conspiracy theories they use and abuse of social media platforms. >> is one of the reasons why we're seeing this increase. i'm not just in terms of the numbers of crimes that are occurring, but also in terms of the volatility, the violence that's being displayed, a professor of public policy at uc berkeley. jack lazar. >> also thinks the access to guns is increasing. the likelihood that a violent crime like this one will occur. i think it's clear there are too many guns. there are over 300 million guns in america and something like half of every have have a gun. brown tells me he plans to meet with other community leaders in the bay area to
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discuss what happened in buffalo. >> and take action to prevent it from happening again in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> straight ahead here at 10 from the bay. >> to the breakers, thousands of runners hit the pavement today for the annual run. some of them in some interesting style plus, there are several people tonight without a home after a fire breaks out in a garage. we have the details coming up. and a woman found dead in san jose. family members calling her death a senseless act of violence. more on the investigation next.
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>> welcome back to developing news in the south bay where police are investigating a suspicious death of a woman in san jose. tonight. kron four's gayle ong spoke with the victim's family. >> san jose police blocked off part of elaina sunday. police say the death of a woman is suspicious. authorities have yet to release the victim's name. but family tell us she is i you show rice who was 30 years old. this was a senseless act of violence. >> that no one no one deserves. her cousin did not want to show her face on camera. >> but says the family did a wellness check on rice after they did not hear from her for days she was found dead inside her home sunday morning. family members who stayed at the scene since the morning says rice love shopping perfume and spending time with
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her family. she was young. she was black. she was the mother. she was a sister. >> she was granddaughter. she was a daughter and she was left. >> and the investigation is ongoing. anyone with information is asked to contact police reporting from san jose gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> one person is injured and 7 people need a new home tonight after a garage caught fire in san francisco. cruz telling us that this happened around 5.50, this morning on edinburgh's street. that's in the excelsior district. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. tonight, the red cross is helping the people that were displaced. another example of extreme rent prices here in the bay area. these sleeping pods in palo alto are listed $800 a month. that's right. these pods are advertised as fully equipped living spaces with electrical outlets shelvespa hangar, rock and a privacy curtain. they as you can see here, stack like cabinets inside of a small three-bedroom home, which is then shared up to buy 13 other
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people. wow. photos of these listings are actually sparking outrage online. one commenter saying that the pods are proof that we're living in a dystopian future. >> yeah, i don't know me and that i would use out of it. i >> all right. well, we had a quite a show in the skies tonight, right? a super flower blood moon eclipse mouthful took place in height, much of the bay unfortunately fogged in. but this is actually video that we got from sky gazers in san jose. can just about make it out there. may's full moon, always known as the flower moon. and it's a super moon because >> it's extremely close in its orbit to the earth, the full moon back to normal now. but the celestial phenomenon of the eclipse actually caused the moon to look at dark reddish color for several hours tonight. so the moon is made of rock actually very dark rock. so when you see the night sky, it's reflecting sunlight. so in this case, the earth is getting in the way that
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sunlight and the only like hitting the surface of the moon to getting back to us bouncing back to is like this actually filtering through the atmosphere of the earth and it's really the same effect as to why a sunset or sunrise that threat. >> total a lunar eclipse will occur late on on a night in november. that will be november 7th, 50 weather does cooperate. the entire bay area should have an excellent view that eclipse because, you know, we didn't really get that tonight. not everybody likes of san jose did. but this is actually what the moon looks like right now. this is a live look from nasa cameras, moon still nice and big. >> back to its normal color, though. murray's rodriguez, we've been talking about it a lot over the last couple of days and then she was excited. and i mean, what a that karl, the fog just like. yeah, trolling anybody. if you have a twitter account, go to karl the fog because he's making a lot of people have said they like get out of the way, ma'am. i know the best tweet from him tonight was i got the best along the coast, ruining
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it for us because of that marine layer. so. >> thanks again, carl. >> you ruined it. may gray. you exist. all right. we know that.snow. let's take a look at temperatures. >> daytime highs today in the low 60's for downtown san francisco. a few degrees below average in santa rosa warming up into the mid 80's at 86 degrees. so 25 degree temperatures spread from our coolest coastal city to our warmest inland valley. and here's why we're tracking karl the fog. he's still hanging tight out there along the san francisco coastline. >> golden gate bridge trapped in that fog bank. so make sure to drive safely if you are heading out for your sunday night. but we are seeing more marine layer influences tonight compared to last night. so cooler temperatures expected for warmest inland valleys. going to start off the morning with patchy drizzle as well. so please drive safely for your monday morning commute. if you're heading into work or school better clearing with sun and clouds hanging tight for monday afternoon and evening. and let's take a look at temperatures out there right
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now because we're noticing widespread mid 50's. but still in the low 60's for san jose conquered and santa rosa barely in the low 60's. there them all. the cities in the bay area out there this evening. but when tracker for we are seeing some pretty gusty winds, especially along downtown san francisco, that strong seabreeze pushing in that marine layer even into the east bay valleys as well. so we are going to see winds throughout most of this week ranging from about 25 to 35 miles per hour, especially along the san francisco peninsula for your monday afternoon. overnight lows tonight, a little bit cooler than last night. widespread low 50's. but those of you in santa rosa, even cooler mid 40's and them all this city out there tonight for overnight temperatures in the mid 50's and daytime highs for the start of your workweek monday, widespread low to mid 70's for warmest inland valleys. santa rosa and warming up to 77 degrees. 10 degrees cooler for oakland at 67 degrees. pretty seasonal
10:20 pm
weather, though, but downtown san francisco, exactly where you should be at 63 degrees in san jose. very pleasant. 72 degrees for the start of your monday. so we're going to notice a big, warm up after monday, especially wednesday and then by this weekend as well, 5 to 15 degrees above average. but take a look at i so we should not be seeing that this time of year so we could be. >> 20 degrees above average for warmest inland valleys. let's be safe out there. offshore winds starting friday. warm weather next weekend. and as you can see, 90's in the 10 day forecast, i hope it changes and we cool down in the coming days. but just keep that in mind. that could be a possibility. you may be used this week to build up that defensible space. yeah. all that sort of thing to all the preps. maybe. yeah, unfortunately been. you know, we've got to we've got to do. thanks, marisa. >> coming up after the break, run for the breakers we hear from those who took part in the annual bay to breakers run right here in san francisco. stick with us.
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>> 10 23 on this sunday night. but earlier today, the city of san francisco woke up to a party of runners bay to breakers return for the first time since 2019 saw some people walking around in austin. yeah, it was like a riot out there today. kron four's give you a barcode
10:24 pm
bringing us the sights and sounds in the starting line all the way to the finish. >> and that's a wrap on the 2022 bay to breakers race more than 15,000 people participated in the event and we ran through the streets of san francisco in all forms of clothing that could feel good fast. the best dressed race in the bay area returned to the streets of san francisco sunday morning. >> avid runners who came out to win started the bay to breakers race near the embarcadero. but the competition quickly turned into the one for the best costume that some, you know, current tights. >> you know, for for team. decide to put it all together with a secret and >> silver came the 7 and a half mile race also featured superman power rangers and baby star track was you know
10:25 pm
>> that of course we went to was just one that's going to the race quickly turned into a heats >> i think the most exciting part of the races, the haste retail continue near the panhandle. >> and ended ocean >> it's just so you're embarrassed any everyone can participate. you don't have to be a fast runner. you the bill walker. >> for some sunday marked their first time participating in the event. i it was a fun way to explore francisco. others like clark simple. been doing it for 30 plus years. i started 1973. >> and this is my 70th birthday. simple doesn't know when you stop running in the bay to breakers race, but it doesn't like time do it to you. drive in francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> 70 years old and doing that
10:26 pm
run. i but hill's and all that and san francisco, i plan, if you're wearing a costume like that, it probably does complicate things even more specially those big ones in dinosaur. i think just wear. tripping over themselves. no arms him anyway. that's all the time we got here for kron. 4 news at 10. thanks for joining us tonight. >> have a good one sports night live is next.
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>> hello and welcome to another edition of sports night live. this is kylen mills. i'm jason dumas, kylen. the stage is set just 4 teams remaining in the nba playoffs and you've got to love the dubs chances at this point. yeah, wars fans should be feeling pretty good there. the highest seed left in the western conference. slight spoiler for the highlights. we're going to show you just a minute. >> and we now know they get home court advantage in this upcoming round. so i'm excited. i think game 6 is really encouraging for fans and we'll just have to see how things shake out this week. they were prepared for the next round. we know who they will get and >> let's get to the warriors punch their ticket to the western conference finals on friday night. so they got to sit back and relax and play the waiting game. the suns or the mavericks who would be their next opponent? well, we
10:30 pm
found out about halfway through the game. it was a shock. go to the valley of the sun. mad at game 7 in phoenix. when are taking on the warriors. spencer dinwiddie. he got things going. he had such a gave great for them since coming over in a trade. he had 5 threes on the night. 30 points. >> like i said, this one got really quick. luka get this. he scored 27 in the first happened map only scored 27 at the team in the 1st half of us. and that a 3rd quarter luka down low. he just too big for cam johnson. he had 35 them and they just embarrass the team with the best record in the nba. dallas wins one. 23 to 90. so the matchup is golden state dallas western conference finals. dallas took 3 of 4 against golden state in the regular season. but guess what? kylen denver took 3 of 4 from golden state. memphis took 3 of 4 from golden state.
10:31 pm
that didn't seem to matter. what is your just got reaction to this matchup? i got reaction is that i like for the warriors are sitting, jason. i feel like half of their games from the regular season have asterix just because the players that they were missing because they were injured. when you look at the big 3 or because they also had stretches where they were dealing with so the playoffs for the first time, a lot of teams are seeing the wars at full strength and fully healthy. >> i like the matchup. i'm really, really looking forward to seeing luka doncic against draymond green because we know that he's going to be the primary defender on him as well as i think we could see andrew wiggins as but i like the warriors odds. i think home court advantage of the huge factor. the warriors have not lost chase center in the playoffs. yeah, they haven't. and you mention luka a lot of star power. golden state will have to had to go through if they want to advance to the western conference finals. first, we had joker in round john moran around too. >> now luka who no disrespect to anyone on the warriors. luka might be the best player in this series. he's young.
10:32 pm
really what is going to be a heck of a matchup? and let's take a look at it right here in >> warriors, western conference finals schedule you're looking at here because there are the higher seed. the host games, one 2 at chase center on wednesday and friday. then they go on the road to dallas on sunday and tuesday, basically games being played every other day. tipoff times for all of those games is at 06:00pm. also game 5 would be played back here in san francisco potentially on thursday will be shocked if we see a sweep. jason, so expect to see that game 5 back here at home, which would be a lot of fun. >> it's tough to sweep teams this late in the season. now lee said 6 western conference finals and 8 years. that's impressive. no matter how you shake it. it's the golden state warriors reality. over the last decade, the organization has been a beacon of consistency. head coach steve kerr. he didn't coach in the final 3 games of that memphis, syria that he was dealing with covid mike brown stepped in. he was able to get the job done. but now steve, he's back and most importantly, he's helthy. he
10:33 pm
talked to us today about what his message was for mike brown during his absence. the main thing i told him was he had to follow his gut. he can't he couldn't sit there. >> what what what i do. you know, he's he needed to to follow his own instincts and and the staff had to collaborate and do whatever they felt was necessary. i had zoom with the before shootaround of game so was able to stay in touch with guys. both on the staff and on the on the team. but his day was definitely very strange. sitting at home been not being able to be part of it. >> one of the biggest talkers from game 6 was the big play of center cove on looney. he finished with 22 rebounds and played a whopping 35 minutes. the most he's played, i think all season. jason, correct me if i'm wrong, fight alongside one point. yeah, so it's
10:34 pm
interesting today hearing head coach steve kerr shares perspective of the decision to start knee in game 6. the worst big had started all series with the coaching staff all of the smaller quicker lineup featuring gary payton, the second in games, one and 2. and then rookie jonathan kuminga games 3, 4, 5, here's how curses the conversation went with assistant coach mike brown leading up to game 6. >> mike called me right after game 5. he said my god is to start loon. that i said watch. you watch the tape in. hall. watch the tape. and let's think about let's let's sleep on it think about it. let's not rush to any judgment but there was definitely. a lot of consideration towards going smaller. but mike mike called me after the flight. he said he talked to staff and dream on and they were both. really adamant that that loan should be out there to combat the size and strength of adams and mike relay that to me, it was like yeah. let's let's go.
10:35 pm
>> alright, kiling. so we've heard how steve kerr has been communicating with mike brown and everyone via zoom over the last couple of days. i think the happiest person that he is back in the building you're going to say his wife, doreen 100% during game 16. kurds wife said i can't ever watch a game with steve like this again. yeah. i saw that we tracking up its so hilarious. i can relate to that of someone with a husband who is a fanatical sports fan. >> hate watching anything cincinnati with him so i can get where she's money. all right. it's been a little over a week now since gary payton, the second fractured his elbow on that flagrant foul from dillon brooks and we chatted with him for the first time since that incident in true gary payton, the second fashion, he talked up the foul to playoff basketball and said he has no ill will towards brooks. he also mentioned that brooks reached out to him and the 2 had a conversation. as for when we may see gary on the court agaii, he was initially ruled out 3 to 5
10:36 pm
weeks. it's a long shot. but steve kerr said we could see him this series this year. gary's take on his recovery. brooks got there with more time to just starting to feel better and better. so. >> everything i can squeeze out a little bit more time. you know, that would be that would be best dip in the ground just back up and get over. it. so. i've been quite a few of those. my career. so to hear 3 to 5 weeks is way better. then. longer things that i've heard in my career. so. and take the punches. continue to get better. keep my body ready. and you know, comeback win. when it's time. >> looked like he was ready to jump klay thompson's both. they're right. maybe go to the pool which they're all right. onto bucks. celtics game 7 in boston is great one, too. just trying to get in the huddle. not for game time after a close first boston start nailing 3 pointers. it was for
10:37 pm
jason tatum. sinking one on his way to 23 points. however, williams and later in the 3rd, it's the training of the celtics. a 13 point lead in the 4th. more 7, 3 pointers scored 27 points. both career highs. boston cruises to a one. 0, 9, 81 victory. eliminating the defending nba champions in 7 games. they will play the heat in the eastern conference finals. game one is tuesday night in miami. >> highland one quick note greatly and shooting friend of the show. lethal threw the lethal >> making waves in the right after the break. i chat with warriors legend and 4 years radio analyst jim barnett. we break down the upcoming map. the match up after the break. >> an unexpected player on the during the giants cardinals game. find out what happens. that led to albert to court to change.
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>> welcome back. and now i'm joined by jim barnett, radio analyst for the golden state warriors. he was also a pretty good basketball player in his own right. jim, thank you so much for joining us. how you doing? >> well, jason, i'm happy to be with you. and i will wait to kind of surprised about that game tonight. that's for sure. >> i'm certainly surprised to the dallas mavericks made light work of the phoenix suns. they blow them out in
10:41 pm
the valley of the suns. now they advance to the western conference finals to play. the warriors just your first major reaction to the matchup against out. well, i i thought that phoenix would be i don't those words later on. >> i was expecting to place the knicks, the way they play, they got down 30 in that 1st half and there are big 3. just game. i was very surprised with that. dallas is a good team. there's no question about the warriors that have a better record than they did. so they'll have homecourt advantage, which i think is important. you know, they've got a lot of players that can put the ball in the basket. and you saw tonight is always an outlier. lot of times spencer dinwiddie came through what they have 16 or 18 points in the 1st half. he was absolutely tremendous. they've got size. it got maxi kleber. obviously a mask is good. then those those big guys can shoot the ball as well. so i i'm not
10:42 pm
worried about that because the warriors i thought just played one of the toughest teams, if not the toughest and physicalt anyway against memphis. now the warriors will be favored in this series against dallas have home court advantage for the series starts on wednesday. and then game 2 will be on friday. >> where you see the warriors getting themselves into some trouble. if there's area that they have to key and focus in on against now is king. >> well, i'd like the warriors to get off to a better start. it seems like every game in these playoffs weekly, the series against there are slow start very slowly. and, you know, they've been around long enough. but in the finals, the 3 times we know have 3 championships and they they know how recover with that. perhaps if you do that was dallas like we saw dallas tonight. a phoenix was their own worst enemy, by the way, but they got to such a slow start. and dallas got so much confidence. they just kept
10:43 pm
pouring it on. so i think that with the warriors, you know. that they'-e doing everything right. and one of the best defensive teams out there the season. they proved that already. they know they've got firepower when they can knock down threes if they're if they're doing that and they seem to find everything. and that final game against excuse me, a memphis. and so i want to get ahead of myself. but i think they're going to be able to score against dallas, push the ball up the floor. they need. they need to stay on a half court offense of the candy. they that bonded out of this still beat memphis, even when they had to play after get out and run, get easy. baskets of loosens everything up. then you get threes following for you. you're more open and all of those things. so i think the warriors are equipped to take anybody in the western conference finals. and i expect to see them in the nba in a few weeks. also, there you have it, jim barnett. he expects the golden state warriors to move on to the nba finals. jim, thank you
10:44 pm
so much for joining us. >> jason, thanks for having me. >> on to some baseball, only 2 major league baseball players ever have hit 600 home runs and pitch the first. the sultan of swat babe ruth, the second as of today, albert, the machine pool halls. unfortunately, he made history at the expense of the giants this afternoon, the carts hosting san francisco in st. louis. bottom of the first good. this game. got out of hand early. paul goldschmidt goes deep to left. >> puts it into big mac plan. that's the 3rd deck of busch stadium to zipped cardinals lead. their egos. goldie, around the bases. 3rd inning, here's pools lines. a base hit up the middle giants center fielder mike, its french ski looking across the runner at he does get him on the run scores to make it 5, nothing. st. louis goldsmith, bottom of the 5th yadier molina up at the plate. that's a good piece
10:45 pm
of this one. driving it deep to left. that's a 2 run home run. this made 11, nothing cardinals decided to have some fun in the up 15 to st. louis. broader put holes to pitch the first time he's taking the mound of his 22 year. career schools gives up a 2 run shot to lease can solace. also a picture. in fact, since all as became only the second pitcher in the majors other than angels star shohei otani to go yard this season after giving up another finally gets a junior to ground out. and the game one inning pitched for the machine now has a life time. he our rate of 36. certainly the people that stayed to watch they're 15 to 6. >> final score. >> cards first baseman goldschmidt put the giants to bed with 3 hits 3 rbi in that home run. san francisco's in colorado starting tomorrow. i hope the ace to somet


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