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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 16, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking up with us bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news. >> here on monday, may 16. hopefully you had a great weekend. nice outside. hopefully got a chance to get outdoors. hopefully. remember to take your allergy medicine. well, josh raible joining us this morning with that forecast for the week, john, because we need to know how to plan accordingly. good morning, john. good morning. as a little envious of everyone else in the bay because i'm a little closer to the coast. so all i saw yesterday was fog, but i know it was a gorgeous day elsewhere.
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>> and we are going to be looking at another one of those today really comfortable temperatures. lots of sunshine, but that fog hanging out towards the coastline. your view outside this morning shows you the east bay hills, a little bit of low cloud cover sitting right across the bay and the bright moon still shining on the bay. so you're going to notice the bright sky this morning. a look at radar does show you what we do. have a bit of cloud cover. low cloud cover towards the coast. sifted through the bay itself. all keep you updated on any spots of fog. we do see, although most of us are clearing out pretty quickly this morning. 50's for your current temperatures. double that. 54 alameda hayward, 56 degrees. some upper 40's to low 50's across the north bay, which our chilliest spots winds, especially towards the coast, will gust upwards of 30 miles per hour today. really cool. really brisk right along the shoreline. don't expect a lot of sunshine right out the coast. linda bayshore areas going to be beautiful with plenty of side really comfortable. temperatures got today is going to be the most
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mild of your forecast for inland spots with highs in the 70's. get out there. enjoy it with the allergy medicine as rate are recommended and then get ready for some hotter weather just around the corner. i'll talk more about it. still the cap rate. i don't think even that i like to look at your bridges this morning at 10 minute drive traveling into the city. >> across the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes as you're making your way across towards the peninsula. let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge heading out of richmond. you're at a 9 minute drive the golden gate bridge. 21 minutes as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls. developing news out of orange county. police are investigating the motive behind a deadly church shooting. police arrested an asian man in his 60's for that attack. well, the shooting happened sunday afternoon during what investigators describe as a bank with one person was killed while 5 others were hurt. chip yost has the latest for us. there.
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>> we know multiple patients were transported to area hospitals. 2 of the victims are brought here to providence mission hospital in mission viejo. they were brought here in critical condition. the gunfire erupted inside geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods just before one 30 this afternoon about 30 to 40 people were inside during a lunch banquet when the suspect opened fire. sheriff officials say there's a total of 6 victims, one of the victims died from their injuries on scene. 5 others were injured. 4 of them in critical condition and had to be rushed to hospitals. the other person sustained minor injuries. the orange county fire authority had paramedics on scene treating and transporting multiple victims. some of the victims had to be airlifted to area hospitals. all the victims said to be adults. we understand parishioners were taiwanese. we spoke to a gentleman who said he sang at that very church. >> that's very, very that.
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it's beautiful area. lovely people and the love least shop there. we've some there and and loved it. we're sorry. >> somehow church members were able to restrain the suspect described as an asian male in his 60's and hog tie him until authorities arrived. 2 handguns were recovered on scene. obviously, this could have ended much worse. had those brave parishioners not stepped in. we're waiting to get an update on the condition of those 4 individuals that are currently hospitalized. >> reporting in mission viejo. carlos, also back to you. >> all right. well, that was chip yost reporting for us. now, the 5 people host or the 5 people that were shot are being described as for asian men and an asian woman in their late 60's to early 90's. now governor gavin newsom's office sent out this tweet about the church shooting saying in part no one should have to fear calling to their place of worship. now, this is
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also another tweet by senator dianne feinstein. it reads sad and so angry to hear of another mass shooting this afternoon in orange county. these tragic events have become far too commonplace in our country. we must take action. well now and national news, we have been hearing the tragic news out of buffalo, new york of that mass shooting that took place over the weekend. jessi tenure brings us those updates. good morning. the president told a crowd here in dc yesterday that even though the investigation continues, the shooter's motive is clear to him. >> racially-motivated active white supremacy in violent extremism. that's how president biden describes the actions of the white 18 year-old accused of shooting y at a new york supermarket located in a predominantly black neighborhood. we must all work together address to hate. there remains a stain.
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>> on the soul of america is for rent. >> the department of justice is investigating a mass shooting as a hate crime. hate against any one of us. we should interpret it. >> yes, all of us as a nation officials said the gunman live streamed the attack and posted 180 page manifesto online which detail the plot and contained hate speech. this spreads like a virus on cnn state of the union sunday, new york democratic governor kathy hochul called on tech companies to take more responsibility. the second it hits the platform in needs to be taken down. hochul also stressed the 18 year-old legally purchased the ar 15. he used in new york. >> but not the high capacity magazine. other states do not have the same laws that we have and people are just crossing those borders. that's why hochul wants to see more federal gun control laws. congress is currently debating a wide range of policies including a bipartisan bill to raise the minimum age to 21 to buy assault style weapons. the focus ought to be on trying to be preventive rather than 2 restrict legal buying nebraska
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republican governor pete ricketts would rather see lawmakers do more to address mental health, more proactive in spotting. those folks are getting the help they need. officials say the gunman threatened to carry out a shooting at his high school last year but was never charged with a crime and had no further contact with law enforcement after his release from a mental health evaluation at a hospital. >> in washington, i'm jessi tenure. vice president kamala harris sent out this statement about the shooting in buffalo. it reads in part, what is clear is that we are seeing an epidemic of hate across our country. that is evidence by acts of violence and intolerance. we must call it out and condemn it. racially motivated hate crimes or acts of violent extremism. our harms against all of us. we must do everything we can to ensure that our communities are safe for such acts. although the shooting in buffalo happened thousands of miles away. people right here in the bay area are feeling the impact. kron four's amanda hari spoke to community
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right here in the bay area about the shooting and how we can prevent the same things from happening in the future. >> people i spoke to agree that the shooting in buffalo was a horrific event and that this incident fits into a broader pattern of extremist behavior that could threaten every community here goes again. >> sad is. that was the president of the santas co branch of the naacp, amos browns reaction when he first heard about the shooting in buffalo. police say they have 100 page document that they believe was written by the shooter. it says his goal was to kill as many black people as possible. don't question it was racially motivated. >> this young man. very much conscious what he was doing and brown says black people are experiencing racial hate like this right here in the bay area as full. >> but all violence, it's not
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physical violence. there's been a lot of psychological social. and political bilas says bin. and think. of on the black community said brisk regional director of the anti-defamation league says these types of hate crimes threaten all of us. listen to the words of fbi director christopher wray has talked about. >> how hate crimes broadly and domestic terror in particular are the major threats to this country right now. brisk says there needs to be more preventative measures to stop these types of crimes. things like educational resources, law enforcement stepping in sooner when there are signs. >> and social media companies doing a better job at removing things that promote extremist behavior and conspiracy theories they use and abuse of social media platforms. >> is one of the reasons why we're seeing this increase.
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i'm not just in terms of the numbers of crimes that are occurring, but also in terms of the volatility, the violence that's being displayed, a professor of public policy at uc berkeley. jack lazar. >> also thinks the access to guns is increasing. the likelihood that a violent crime like this one will occur. i think it's clear there are too many guns. there are over 300 million guns in america and something like half of every have have a gun. brown tells me he plans to meet with other community leaders in the bay area to discuss what happened in buffalo. >> and take action to prevent it from happening again in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> then a form was the topic of our interview with assembly member phil ting on kron four's weekend morning news. gun violence surged during the covid-19 pandemic. a 35% increase was the highest we've seen in decades. assembly member ting along with other state leaders have been taking
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are talking the effort to combat gun violence to gun makers, that he's introduced a bill that would allow government victims of gun violence, governments and victims of gun violence in their family members to file lawsuits against gun manufacturers. >> what it says is that gun owners, gun distributors, gun shops should have liability. if whatever reason they're not following state law, every company in this country has to be responsible for the products that they sell. and this is just putting gun manufacturers on the same playing field as every other company in america. >> federal law prevents most types of lawsuits against the gun industry, but some liability lawsuits, including one gunmakers break state or local laws regarding the sale and marketing of their products can be per minute. >> coming up in the call for morning news, details on an arson investigation now underway in the east bay following a series of small fires. and a new commissioners looking to make some changes with how sfpd conduct stops,
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why he says the changes are going to help the department avoid racial profiling. plus, a shortage of baby formula has spread across the u.s. what mothers are doing to give a helping hand to families who are in need will be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news here on this monday morning. may 16th really nice weekend that we had and i think the week is going to be nice as well. john
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travel has been tracking the forecast for so we can make all those monday through friday plans. good morning, john. today. that yeah. definitely a nice weekend behind us depending on where you are at how warm it got yesterday. definitely state cooler at the coast. >> for runners on to the bay to breakers, they saw some foggy conditions towards the end of their race. but the sunshine at the start, you can see out there this morning, we've got mostly clear skies right now. we saw the full moon there just a second ago. it's now be on the horizon. if you were up late last night into early hours of this morning, you also the blood moon as we saw total lunar eclipse for many of our cleared where areas of the ways i couldn't see it. i was out towards the coastline where it remained foggy throughout the course of the evening. now we are going to be seeing nice, clear skies again today for the vast majority of the bay return of fog at the coastline in today is actually going to bring your most comfortable temperatures in the forecast. you can see here in future cast, we will have a few passing clouds at times. but helping you to a lot of
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brightness into tomorrow. temperatures will begin to rise as high pressure digs deeper and deeper into this. a trend of weather that we have. we're not going to see a lot coming through the interrupted over your next 7 days. so we're staying hot, especially a but today, though, will be our most mild day of lids. so if you're looking to get outside, enjoy some 60's and 70's today is the perfect opportunity to do so. a bit chilly along the coastline. but we are talking temperatures in the 60's right along the bay and with the pairing of 60's and sunshine is going to feel really good. south bay temperatures in the low 70's san jose at 72, we'll have free months up to hayward. the 60's small livermore at 70 dead ville at 72 today. oakland, comfortably. cool. 67 with a good dose of said antioch up at seventy-nine degrees with ali. what 80 of the bout that's vacaville at 83 degrees today. tomorrow, vacaville, you're going to be in good company. in fact, the rest of the forecast after this. you're going to be looking at highs in the 80's pretty solidly of it. bayshore cities
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will rise from the 60's to the 70's as soon as tomorrow. you'll stay that way through the weekend into the weekend. coastal areas definitely state of the cooler air. but foggier side comparatively re to. john, thank you for that are let's get a look at your bridges this morning at 10 minute drive. >> traveling into the city across the bay bridge. let's check on the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes for you as you're making your way across towards the peninsula. let's get a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge 9 minute drive as you're heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes this morning. we have some encouraging news out of ukraine. there are new reports of russian forces losing steam. the cleanup continues in areas near kyiv kharkiv. ukraine's second-largest city hit hard by russian strikes despite the damage the year. ukrainian military officials say russian forces pulling back from the area to guard supply routes. that retreat coupled with
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struggles and don bass and key have nato's secretary general confidently saying ukraine could win this war. however, ukraine's deputy prime minister has and more. >> cautious outlook on things. >> well, the film military campaign in north eastern ukraine is in russia's only said that because on sunday, finland, sweden and out that they're going to be seeking nato membership. it's a strategic blow to russian president vladimir putin who sees nato as a threat to its political influence in the region. fillon shares an 810 mile border with russia admitting finland to the alliance would bring nato to moscow's backyard. top male diplomat meet in berlin say they fully support finland and sweden's bid to join the alliance. president vladimir putin warrant that finland of strain relations if it joins nato, nato leaders plan to accelerate finland and sweden. its membership bids. well, in
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national news, inflation is hurting americans in more ways than one. there's big impacts on the housing market nationwide. reporter paul gerke has the latest. there. >> it's pricier than it should be to live in most u.s. metro areas right now, according to moody's analytics homes in these 10 cities are more than 50% overvalued. boise, idaho tops the list followed by sherman denison, texas and muskegon, michigan. jamie matt store as a realtor in boise. she thinks having 4 full seasons help sell the treasure valley, but changing lifestyle attitudes have sealed the deal. covid his tenants. >> increase the rapid rate of being able to work from home and live for you want to live. well, you >> get to work from home. many of the places posting overinflated prices offer similarly breathtaking scenery, but average home buyers have to compete with big companies in rental agencies for property in those desirable locales. interest rates are going back up to which can be a hurdle for many
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buyers. although jamie insists they're still getting a deal, 6% is still a phenomenal rate. >> it's just not 3% that we have this. that was just a look at the drop was like winning the lottery for 3 years. the economy can sustain that for those with a knife or trends. this is all too reminiscent of how the markets look in 2007, right before a massive housing crash and recession. is this bubble about to burst too? >> not now jamie and others predict for 2 core reasons. one new federal rules have changed home lending in a positive way. more people are likely to pay back their loans rather than default. and 2 were living through a massive housing shortage. mortgage giant freddie mac estimates were about 4 million homes short of what the country needs right now. jamie says they need 2 million in the boise metro alone in since the rate of home buying was slowed by the pop of the last real estate bubble and limited further by the pandemic. it's going to take time for supply to catch up to demand in the meantime, if you're looking to move to a place like boise,
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jamie has some good news. i anticipate. and what we're seeing is that things will continue to plateau. >> in this market, at least because we're still massively desirable place to be. >> that was paul gerke reporting for us this morning. now the nationwide shortage of baby formula is sparking a surge in milk. donations, ongoing supply chain issues and safety recalls left many pharmacy and supermarket shelves bare the biden administration this week urging manufacturers to increase production and working with trading partners overseas to prevent potential price gouging. meanwhile, more mothers are stepping up to help families who need some support. >> we're hearing moms who want to be part of the solution to this crisis center interested in donating the excess, not that they have. so where really the east to see that response. >> to buy milk families need to fill out an application with the milbank and get
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placed on a list to purchase the milk. if you're interested in donating many milk banks are looking for a healthy feeding or pumping mothers. we have 100 ounces or more of extra frozen milk. >> coming up next to the kron, 4 morning news. gas prices at the pump still sky high in the bay area. what you can expect to pay to fill up your tank will be right back after the break.
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>> before your money this morning, gas prices reached an all-time high. this here in california, the average price for a gallon of regular is now at 5.98. that's nearly $0.15 a gallon in the last week. and those numbers even higher here in the bay area. so here's a look at the prices this morning. san francisco, highest price. it's 6.24 per gallon. the next highest prices are in the north bay with people in sandra fell paying 6.23. and people in santa rosa paying just $0.5 less. if you live in napa, you're going to pay about 6.16, san jose and oakland. all right. around 6.10, a gallon according to aaa, that he was gases into the les hill and in solano county prices are still under $6. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a woman is found dead in san jose. >> family members are calling her death a senseless act of violence. more on that investigation after we get back from break.
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>> welcome back to the kron. morning news. happening now for 29 going on for 30 this morning. an early start to the day. really nice weekend. and the weather. he's got a continues that right time. yeah, we're still looking at some really nice stuff,
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especially today. we're looking at highs in the 70's for inland areas. >> the only day this week that's going to bring us temperatures that cool or going to be right back to the 80's after this. so if you like that, really comfortable feel, i think we all do today's going to be a good one. your view outside of east bay hills, looking a little cloudy, few clouds overhead. we had some fog to see that the coastline all day yesterday. we're going to see more of that today for coastal areas. rest of the bay area tapping into sunshine much as you already have. that's going make for a beautiful afternoon inland along the bay coastal areas. don't forget your jackets. temperatures in the 50's with dublin at 54 oakland-alameda concord at 56. all san mateo delay. how at 55 degrees. definitely a mild start to this morning. not too terribly cold. it is breezy, though, especially near the coast. winds at the coastal gust as high as 30 miles per hour. just reinforcing the fact that or coastal areas will need those jackets. temperatures inland into the 70's today. beautiful afternoon for


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