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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  May 16, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >> now at 3 o'clock gun violence motivated by racism and hate. we're following the latest deadly shootings that have claimed the lives of more than 10 people over the weekend. there is also some light at the end of the tunnel during this ongoing baby formula shortage with the biden administration is now doing to fix this problem. plus, back to back side shows happening in antioch over the weekend. how the mayor is now reacting as the city works to enforce its 0 tolerance policy for illegal activity. >> now from the bay local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> now at 3 o'clock deadly shootings from coast to coast over the weekend. a gunman in buffalo, new york opened fire at a supermarket killing 10 people in orange county. another gunman attacked a congregation, killing one and injuring 5 others. and here in the bay area, san jose police are investigating a double shooting right near san jose state. thank you so much for joining us this monday here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman and there are new details emerging about the shooting suspects in new york and also in southern california will get to all those details in just a few minutes. but we're going to begin in the south bay right now because san jose police now say one of the victims in a double shooting has now died. it happened around 3 o'clock this morning near the intersection of san salvador and 10th street. police say a man and a woman both were shot. the man died at the scene. the woman taken to a hospital and right now is in stable condition at this time. there's no information on a possible suspect or whether or not the victims knew each
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other or the suspect. we asked people in the area. they should be worried about this active threat. >> i don't believe that there is a threat to the public. there's no ongoing threat. some stranger going out there committing these crimes, although it is a very highly dense neighborhood that we have seen in the past because of occurred. it's still very early on in the investigation. >> this shooting marks the city's 10th homicide of the year. and police told us they would be able to confirm more details at some point for us later on today. so we're staying in contact with san jose police and we'll bring you all the new information as soon as it comes in to the kron. 4 news room. we're also learning more this afternoon about a suspicious death in san jose. police around 11, 30 on sunday morning. they responded to a call of a person down inside a home on vera lane. when they arrived, they found a woman had been stabbed to death. authorities have not publicly identified her but family members tell us
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she is 30 year-old rice. they say they requested a wellness check after not hearing from her for days and they're now devastated by her death. >> this was a senseless act of violence that no one no one deserves. he was young. she was black sea with the mother. she was a sister. she was the granddaughter. she was a daughter and she was left. >> the investigation is still ongoing. anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police. we do have some breaking news now just into kron 4 news room. the california highway patrol telling us there is a grass fire in sandra fell writer. all right, along one, 0 one. and it's causing some major traffic delays in the southbound lane. this is right near the 4 points. sheraton in terra linda, the chp says the right and center lanes are blocked. so there's a lot of traffic going all the way up to nevado right now. we're working to get more information as far as the containment for this grass
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fire that's burning alongside the road of one o one right now in sandra fell. that's the southbound lanes as soon as we get more details about the situation here will get you updated. but now let's turn to our meteorologist dave spahr to get the latest conditions on the north bay. it's windy out there today that could help fuel this fire to burn even faster. dave. >> yeah, justino. good afternoon. we do have the winds up on shore as they are, but they're still a good clip as you'll notice into the teens and even some spots around the 20's. and they're pretty much all loyally all over the bay coming in on shore all over as you'll notice in the teens and 20's and even some spots around the lower 30's like san francisco. so going into tonight, the good news is humidity levels will rise. that's pretty much of a given with all of this. however, by tomorrow, the sun joins us. these levels will be dropping into the 20's in the lower 30's that usually don't start the alarm bells of fire concerns. but anything is burning. of course, this is not great. of course. nice to get a nice little shower. but winds are winds on shore. so they tend to be a little cooler to be a little more
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dampen offshore winds with all of this live shot. we have the east bay shoreline there, some high cloudiness that's out there. just a touch. that's all we're going to get probably the next couple of days until this high starts to build towards the end of the week. a look ahead as we go to the evening hours. temperatures sliding back down to the mid 50's. it looks like by 10 o'clock and we'll see again. some scattered cloud cover about their sister speaking about winds. it looks like there's a little spurt to some offshore winds when we develop into those little he pumped by the end of the week. we'll be talking about more about those temperatures coming up in just a bit. just seen. >> we came try to explain the way talking about mill to it. know, this at. >> we turn now to buffalo, new york, where the community is mourning after a white gunman targeted and killed 10 people. 10 black people at a supermarket. civil rights attorney, ben crump, who we just heard from pressed for
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the attack to be defined as an act of terrorism. and this hate-fueled shooting happened inside a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood. reporter kevin freeman has reaction now from that community. >> a makeshift memorial grows outside of the tops friendly market on the east side of buffalo, new york. monday, the scene of a deadly and horrific mass shooting saturday afternoon. >> a is suing all side window meme helpless people didn't have a gun to shoot back around 02:30pm, 18 year-old payton gendron according to police. >> joe, for several hours across the state and opened fire first in the parking lot of the grocery store before going inside. >> police say a total of 13 people were shot. most of them african-american, 10 of them died. >> investigators and the city's mayor say the deadly attack was racially motivated. >> this racist killer had
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absolutely 0 regard for the sanctity of human life and was here for the express purpose of taking as many black lives as he possibly could. >> i see him this shooting at people. and in my head at that point in time, i'm thinking, ok, shooting a movie here, buffalo, nato here tops. it's a love scene. a police officer in sight. and i see him going after him. this shooting. >> this is real. we're also starting to learn more about the victims. retired buffalo police officer aaron salter was working security. he shot the gunman who was wearing heavy tactical gear. >> retired officer assault are working security there engage a suspect, fired we have evidence that he struck them at least one time and that unfortunately had no effect. we must all work together, address to hate. >> there remains a stain on the soul of america from
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president biden to fame. the civil rights attorney, benjamin crump. people are reacting around the nation. >> happened sad. it. was an act. think their and we have find it has >> that was kevin freeman reporting for us from buffalo, new york. and now we go to southern california where officials say the gunman in a deadly church shooting was a chinese immigrant motivated by hate for taiwanese people. the suspect has now been identified as 60 year-old david chiu of las vegas. as for background out a motive. china claims the taiwan is a part of its national territory and has not ruled out force to bring the island under its rule. now, police say chew drove to the irvine taiwanese presbyterian church secured the doors and then started shooting. the shooter killed. 52 year-old doctor john chiang
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and wounded 5 others during a lunch. authorities say chang her oakley tackled the gunman and worshippers. were they able to hog tie the suspects legs with an electrical cord until authorities arrived. >> that group churchgoers displayed what we believe exceptional heroes of heroism and bravery interfering or intervening to stop the suspect. the undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. >> the suspect was booked on one count of murder and 5 counts of attempted murder in connection to the shooting. he is now being held on 1 billion dollars bail. now to the east bay where antioch, a city that has a 0 tolerance policy for sideshows was the scene of back-to-back side shows over the weekend. at one point the crowd turned violent towards a patrol officer kron four's haaziq madyun has the details on how the city plans to respond.
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>> this past weekend, illegal sideshow. activity in antioch turned violent with participants targeted officers in their patrol vehicles. >> throughout the night, we've actually had several vehicles that were hit with bottles from the spectators. and i'm actually people from inside participating cars. the first sideshow happened at around 10:00pm at the intersection of little tree way and blue rock drive. that was followed by a second sideshow here at the intersection of a street and 18th street. >> last year i declared that any up with sideshow zone and said that we were not messing around with anybody as it relates to sideshows. here to tell you again that we're still not messing around with anyone. these types of activities are not welcome in our city. >> in fact, in june, it will be a full year since mayor thorpe declared no side the results has had 0 large scale sideshows with the exception of 2 attempts. 2 attempts. >> that were quickly disrupting in cleared thanks
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to the rack, the work of our police department. >> however, in light of responding, officers in patrol cars being targeted by side show participants and spectators myth or is now adding a warning to those who like to attend sideshows their board to deal with spectators. >> who want to cause harm? the city council will consider a measure that authorized the police to arrest and find spectators. we can face up to 6 months in jail and $1000. fine. the message. >> don't come to and because we'll be waiting for you. according police officials, there were 2 arrests and several citations issued during saturday night's sideshow enforcement. >> for those arrested for participating in addition to their vehicles being impounded for 30 days, it can cost as much as $3,000 to get those vehicles out. plus, an additional $300 citation. haaziq madyun kron. 4 news. >> coming up here during kron, 4 news at 3 fixing the baby
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formula shortage. the new bill, federal lawmakers are considering this week to help struggling parents feed their new boards, also convenient but costly. why working from home maybe wrecking havoc on your health? and right after the break, a new study out today on bay area homelessness. how much the population has changed since the pandemic sta new
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numbers out today show a
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decrease in overall homelessness across san francisco. the point in time or pit count compares numbers from 2019. >> to 2022, it showed a 15% decrease in unsheltered homelessness and a 3 and a half percent decrease in overall homelessness. there has been an 18% increase in people living in shelters and transitional housing. there's also been improvement in youth, homelessness with the report citing a 6% decrease in unaccompanied youth due to the pandemic. this is the first count san francisco has conducted since 2019. baby formula maker abbott has reached a deal with the fda to restart production of baby formula. the formula shortage caused a lot of concern for parents with babies. the biden administration says it's working with formula makers to increase production. also on capitol hill, lawmakers have introduced several bills to try and ensure similar baby formula shortages do not
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happen again in the future. and administration officials agree that changes are needed. take a hard look at the country. >> about how we got to having 4 companies control almost 90% of the market. >> the government also launched a new website with resources to try and help families find baby formula. california manufacturers want the state to halt taxes on new equipment. they say these taxes are hurting the industry. companies want to modernize production and make it more supply chain issues continue to impact the nation and the globe kron four's. ashley zavala explains this request. >> leaders of california's manufacturing industry you're asking the state to eliminate the sales tax on new manufacturing equipment. purchases is simple. we didn't make up a complicated formula. we just said if you want to buy something, go please, you'll be exempt from the sales tax. you can buy more hire more. create some some more jobs. ceo of the
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california manufacturers and technology association. lance hastings says california taxes both the production equipment and the product at some of the highest rates in the country. in some cases reaching up to 10.7 5%. experts note as innovative as california is the state only attracts one percent of new manufacturing investment in the united states as a result of the financial burdens, we help machines and processes and robots move that. khan is the owner of bishop wise carver, a small manufacturer in the bay area. she notes most manufacturers in california are small and medium sized. take the sales tax of equipment off the table for small and medium sized manufacturers. >> it's it's a huge competitive when i'm competing against competitors and lower costs. states. >> if i can produce my products more efficiently by staying on top of the technology and using the latest equipment. it allows me to stay in california and keep my pricing to my competitor
3:18 pm
somewhat competitive manufacturers say by slashing the tax, it could give businesses more purchasing power to modernize their equipment, to be more efficient and up to date, they also say the industry in california could grow even more expanding the workforce and bringing in potentially billions more into the state's economy. we're the number one producing state in the country. >> we have the most employees. 1.3 million in our proposal based economic study would increase to manufacture employment base in california by over 10%. so dad, potentially 163,000 new jobs and every job in manufacturing supports to have other jobs. the request comes as the nation and world continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic and global supply chain issues. i think we've seen the impact of that with covid. >> when we don't have the ability to make what this state needs. >> it really puts the state at risk for future growth. industry leaders are hoping lawmakers approved a request either through state budget negotiations this spring. >> or through a bill ab 1951. the bill has no registered a position in sacramento. ashley
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zavala kron. 4 news. >> a los angeles judge has ruled that california's landmark law requiring women on corporate boards is unconstitutional. the supreme court judge ruled that the law violated the equal protection clause of the state constitution by mandating a gender-based quota. the law would have required company boards with 5 directors that they must have 2 women and boards with 6 or more members have 3 women. the state said that the law didn't create a quota because boards could add seats for female directors without stripping men of their positions. all right. let's talk about our forecast now as we take this live look outside across the golden gate bridge. we're tracking a windy and warmer week. and our meteorologist dave spahr is here now with details on the forecast. how hot are we i justine. we're going to be popping about 90 come this weekend. so it's going to be a toasty one going on that you are showing all that sunshine of the golden gate with the winds. you add the with ins.
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>> but cloudy and foggy like conditions going on in half moon bay. here you see people out there with their jackets off. whatever. >> so a temperature check for you. any awkward. there were no says 75 going on for concord. more 70's up here in the north bay. this is a warm spurt we're having tomorrow. we'll do a little better than this. but 57 chilly degrees. san francisco with a strong on shore winds at work as we speak now. so as go into the evening, hours of the winds will start to subside a little bit. hold on to the coast tomorrow. they'll fire back up again on shore and all of that. what we're waiting for is a weak system to our north by midweek. and it's just going to interrupt the heating that we would normally get. but more importantly, on the backside of all of this, timing seems to be thursday on this. we might start to get some offshore winds up around. solano county will be looking, of course, at this map a lot as we get a little closer to that again, that will be around thursday to watch those offshore winds. by the way, speaking of the on shore event that we have, this is what fog development looks like into tomorrow morning. just little pockets here. and there day by
3:21 pm
day as we start to get to the middle of the week, that marine layer is going to be a little bit more. well, pathetic in a way some scattered clouds going on for tonight. 49 seems to be the popular number in around the bay. a little warmer tomorrow afternoon. we'll get into that coming up in just a bit. testy. >> how a new plan from the white house aims to bring down housing costs. i'm hannah brandt in washington on that story. coming up. >> and after the break, what doctor fauci says he would do if former
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ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. nation's top doctor anthony fauci said he would leave his position as chief medical advisor if former president donald trump is reelected. fauci laughed at the idea of working with trump. if he wins again in 2024. saying trump's response regarding the covid pandemic was not optimal fauci has served as the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases since the 1980's trump has been holding rallies across the country recently but has not confirmed his candidacy for the white house in the upcoming election. back here at home masks are now being recommended indoors in the bay area in response to a new surge of covid-19 cases. san francisco currently has the highest covid infection rate in the state. however, hospitalizations remain relatively low last week, 68
3:25 pm
people were hospitalized in the city for covid. officials are urging everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated and also get that booster shot. north korean leader kim jong hoon has mobilized the military in response to a surge in covid-19 cases. the virus reportedly has killed dozens of people and made more than a million people sick in north korea in just the past 3 days. kim is blaming government and health officials for slow medicine deliveries to pharmacies. so he has now ordered the medical units of his military to help stabilize the supply of the medicine. for your health as well. you might enjoy the convenience, but it turns out working from home might be bad for your overall health. a new report from the well-being index finds one-fifth of those working from home exercise less and a 3rd are eating more. the findings also reveal half of the people working from home have not visited their doctor or dentist in the past year, 15% of people
3:26 pm
working from home also say that they're drinking more alcohol. the study finds that despite restrictions ending many people are still struggling to stay active and eat. well. next here at 3.30, right. why researchers say a new vaccine technology, maybe a game changer in the fight against certain cancers. plus, congress wants to set gas price limits by going after oil companies. but republicans say that will not fix the problem at the pump. also after the break, a weekend of deadly mass shootings on both sides of the country. what action is now being taken from lawmakers? >> on capitol
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gravity of this weekend's mass shooting in buffalo is not lost on politicians in washington. lawmakers on both sides are weighing in on calls, calling for washington npto do something to stop the violence. >> our dc correspondent raquel martin has the story. now. she's in the nation's capital. >> we have a domestic terrorism problem in america following saturday's deadly mass shooting in buffalo where a gunman targeted black americans. many democratic lawmakers say it's time the country confront a growing threat heat. it's the same idea that motivated another man too gunned down african-americans in charleston, south carolina. another man. >> to gun down hispanic americans in el paso on the house floor monday in new jersey, democrat tom
3:30 pm
malinowski called on democrats and republicans didn't out people speech fueling the violence will tamp down these horrible, hateful ideas during an emotional press conference. the attorney now representing the victims. >> demanded washington act sugarcoat it. >> we can try to explain it away. talking about mill know this was at of domestic monday. new white house press secretary karine jean pierre. >> said the administration is committed to addressing the problem, but this weekend's terrible events in buffalo are just another vivid reminder of the urgency of that work. but while denouncing the violence, some republicans like alabama congressman jerry carl are cautioning democrats not to overreact. you know, we're we're passed that love must be americans. what you get one example, one person like this and it throws us back 10, 15 years. >> i'm getting that stuff put in our past.
3:31 pm
>> in at a medal ceremony at the white house today, president biden again condemning the violent acts and he tripped from over the weekend. tomorrow. we know he and the first lady are heading to buffalo to meet with families of the victims. but all in washington, raquel martin, back to you. so, rick, how well can we expect when the president is in buffalo? >> we did get a slight preview from the president today when he shared his condolences for these families. >> we know the president is no stranger to grieve. so expect to see him comforting the families when he lands tomorrow. but also expect to see this community call on the president to take action. we know the attorney for the victims is already calling on the president to take executive action to deal with hate crimes specifically against black americans want. stay tuned. come tomorrow to see exactly how the white house responds. we'll be covering it. thank you so much for cal. >> gun violence surged during the covid-19 pandemic. 35%. that was the increase that's
3:32 pm
been the highest it's been in decades for gun violence. assemblymember phil ting along with other state leaders have been taking the efforts to combat gun violence right to gun makers. ting introduced a bill that would allow governments victims of gun violence and their family members to file lawsuits against gun manufacturers. >> what it says is that gun owners, gun distributors, gun shops should have liability. if whatever reason they're not following state law, every company in this country has to be responsible for the products that they sell. and this is just putting gun manufacturers on the same playing field as every other company in america. federal law prevents most types of lawsuits against the gun industry, but some liability lawsuits, including one gunmakers break state or local laws regarding the sale or marketing of their products can be. >> permitted. false reports of a shooting created chaos at a music festival in las vegas over the weekend. police say the crowds at the lovers and
3:33 pm
friends festival panicked after reports of gunfire. 3 people suffered minor injuries as fans made a quick dash for the exits after an investigation, police did not find any evidence of a shooting performances resumed about 2 hours later. the festival featured dozens of hip-hop and r b acts like usher lauren hill and tlc. congress is now expected to vote on the bill this week that will address the record high gas prices. democrats say that this bill would set gas price limits and prevent cost hikes. but as our dc correspondent anna wiernicki reports, republicans say targeting oil companies will not fix the problem at the pump. >> as americans face record high gas prices, house speaker nancy pelosi says we'll companies are making record high profits with 7 largest oil companies announcing. >> that backs that could total 41 billion dollars this year alone. this is pandemic.
3:34 pm
>> war. >> profiteering, rhode island, democrat david sicily. nice as big oil companies are taking advantage of americans by raising the price of gas to historic highs. we need to hold these monopolistic giants accountable. house democrats say their bill, the consumer fuel price gouging prevention act would do just that by making it illegal to increase gas prices in an exploitive way, the bill would give the federal trade commission the power to penalize oil companies. >> if they can prove those companies are inflating the price of gas. but republicans say the bill is a waste of time. the bill. >> itself is very vague. if you just don't like a high price, you can go blame somebody else. the federal trade commission has investigated this numerous times and has never found the examples of price gouging. and frank macchiarola with the american petroleum institute says it won't lower gas prices because the price at the pump is determined by the supply and demand for oil. not individual companies, administration instead of
3:35 pm
>> pursuing this type of legislation should be pursuing a strategy to increase supply in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> and for your money right now, gas prices reached an all-time high in california. the average price for a gallon of regular is now at $5.98. that's up nearly $0.15 a gallon just in the past week. and these numbers are even higher in the bay area's. we take a look. san francisco, the highest at 6.23. the next highest price on the peninsula drivers. they're paying 6.23. as well. if you live in sonoma county are going to pay about 6, 18 $0.2 less appear. napa, san jose and oakland right around 6.10, a gallon. aaa shows that the cheapest gas is in contra costa and solano counties and buy cheap. we took saying over $6 a gallon. can't take it anymore. now on
3:36 pm
to a developing story, the future of cancer treatments could soon be a shot in the arm. researchers say a therapy called antibody drug conduit or a dc can target tumors directly with very few side effects in may, the fda approved astrazeneca's atc to treat mega static and early-stage cancer. that's on top of the 11. 80 sees the fda approved last year. drug makers are hoping to get an effective drug that could be used in a broad range of diseases such as blood or cervical cancers. we'll talk about our forecast right now as we take this live look outside at kind of a hazy shot here across the san mateo bridge. our meteorologist dave spahr is here with the temperatures on the way. it was nice and clear last night. i got to see that time. super blood moon eclipse. >> really cool. i to cloud law can be temporarily. but then i saw it when, you know the
3:37 pm
fingernail started to come out. was like, i'm top. and then like sort of that. kind of of cones chart white at the kind of looking for blood it was in our shadow. so those kind of neat. okay. yeah. and you are showing some hazy sunshine going on that bridge richmond center fell bridge looks pretty good here to hardly any traffic. hello, i see folks what we're going to see tonight with a few little scattered clouds kind of going on. and that's going to be what you can expect for the next several days. temperatures are going to gradually start climbing on the snow. the lows tonight, upper 40's. 47 going on napa, 58 for antioch. 49 meanwhile for san jose, not a lot happens as we watch things, the marine layer checks and on the monterey bay, more noticeably not as much around the fog is going to be somewhat weak by tomorrow morning. little flare up in the mountains. happening just a touch there. you can see some afternoon cumulus developing now for tomorrow. we expect 66 san francisco, 71 for oakland, 77, san jose. but to give you an idea of the temperature climb already
3:38 pm
starting to happen and those well inland spots, the normal suspects, solano county contra costa county, napa county. that's where you start to see all those 80's developing except play with 70 79 going on for livermore and 77, san jose. so we are looking at a warm up just about all week. but what we're really watching isn't around thursday, maybe an offshore wind event. that could be a little problematic. so we'll have your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. justine. >> dave, thank you. coming up, why researchers believe one group waits longer in the r then up. also, russia runs into more obstacles in ukraine and on the gold global front, we have the latest on the war. also, graduation season is here, but power companies are advising against one way to advising against one way to
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. students get ready to receive their diplomas. families are being reminded to hang on to those mylar balloons during graduation festivities. >> power companies across the nation are warning about the dangers of releasing them into the air. the metallic coating can conduct electricity so they get caught in power lines. they can cause power outages. electrical wires and also spark fires. we've seen that happen already in the bay area where it's custom big power outages. i believe those in the south bay. there's a new study out that fines let he knows who went to the emergency room with chest pain, waited 30 minutes longer for care than people of other ethnicities. researchers at
3:42 pm
the morehouse school of medicine looked at the patient records of 11,000 people. from what inland to hospital. they found that let he knows had to wait 99 minutes on average to be treated. that's almost 40% longer than non-latino people who had to wait on average. 71 minutes. researchers say the delays could be caused by immigration status. lack of insurance and also language barriers, barriers. they also cited a lack of latino health care professionals who may be more culturally sensitive and aware of the needs of those patients. still ahead, as we take this live look outside at san francisco international airport right now. we'll talk about them a gray, but the future of flying is also up in the air today. the impact a pilot shortage is putting on our at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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so you can have more success tomorrow. could be interrupted by a pilot shortage. according to the travel website, the points sky, the current shortage could worsen. head of the summer peak domestic travel season. they say not enough. pilots are coming out of the u.s. air force and new pilot training is very expensive for airlines. also, some airlines offered early retirements to cup labor bills during the pandemic. but now that air travel has picked back up there, having trouble filling those jobs, experts say you should expect flights to be cut and become more expensive for people who did not book early enough. the government
3:46 pm
wants to help renters and homeowners with the rising housing costs, the biden administration announced an affordable housing plan today but include the number of new federal efforts. our correspondent hannah brandt is in washington with the details. >> housing costs keep getting higher, but the biden administration says they have a plan to help bring them down. cost down for families in a sustainable way is to make sure there are more homes or tea with the national economic council tells me the new affordable housing plan aims to do that with new financing options and expanded access to certain tax credits and loans may be easier for developers finished those homes and get them into the hands people to national housing conference ceo david working applauds the steps the administration is doing thing. >> so what are the federal levers that are going to make a difference? the plan also pressures local governments to change complicated zoning regulations and reforms,
3:47 pm
existing housing programs streamline and simplify them in order to make the dollars. we're currently. appropriating go further. >> the president also wants congress to pass legislation that tackles the issue of affordable housing. there are certain things that we can only congress. and one of those things is to make some significant changes. tax to the biden administration is pushing for lawmakers to expand the low income housing tax credit and passed the neighborhood homes investment act. they have bipartisan support. >> and there's no reason why they can be taken up on their own. but he cautions there is no magic wand for housing. so these efforts will take time regardless of when it happens. >> if we make this investment now, it will absolutely make a difference. and i think that's how we have to be thinking in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> now to the war in ukraine and nato. secretary general says ukraine does have a path towards victory against russia. officials say that ukrainian forces are pushing russia from the eastern city of kharkiv. and that the
3:48 pm
offensive has been stalled in the donbas region. there are reports that russia is not achieving its strategic objectives and that ukraine can win this war. he also said that russian president vladmir putin was likely not counting on the resistance and that europe, north america and nato are united and stronger than ever. mcdonald's has now become the latest western corporation to announce that it is pulling out of russia in the wake of the ukrainian invasion since it opened in moscow about 3 decades ago. mcdonald's has opened more than 800 restaurants in russia employing 62,000 people. the restaurants were temporarily closed in march. mcdonald's says keeping its business there goes against its value so it will seek a russian by or preferably one that will keep paying its workers until the sale closes. we'll talk about our forecast here now as we take this live look to get here at san francisco international airport. may
3:49 pm
gray is here to stay for the day, but we are looking at 90's towards the end of the week just in time for the weekend on this monday. meteorologist dave spahr is here now with details. okay. just seeing a little fog showing up there check to see if there's any delays. no delays being reported out of sfo. but nice little fog bank there. >> meanwhile, down to san jose state sosa, some high cloudiness, which is what you can expect all overnight the few hours just dropping from the upper 60's. even 70 ish down about 54. so come 10 o'clock this evening. got to kind of traffic going on here from the pacific. the reds that you see, we know. well, these are the red flag warnings that they have the color is ation gray here. that's fire weather watch. basically all in the southwest from this latest front that passed next. we want to watch that one. this will cross us by midweek. and it's by thursday. it might provide some offshore winds to our local area temper port mid to upper 70's well inland. meanwhile, run the immediate bay much cooler 50's and 60's prevail. so for tonight, we've got some of that patchy fog
3:50 pm
working its magic upper 40's. then tomorrow, sunny and mild. we'll call it warming up a little bit more. so we have few more 80's going on and then rest of the week popping to about 90 or so it looks like as we get to this weekend. here's a look at the longer range forecast models. here it is right there. that system may produce some cloud cover. sure, but it's the offshore winds in its wake. we want to watch until that high builds by this weekend and then away go the we climb, then it will break down by midweek. has some of the earlier models were hinting maybe a rain shower with all of that. but let's put it in here for your seven-day forecast. 80's all week. we're getting to around 90 or so as we get into the weekend. meanwhile, bay temperatures will probably visit maybe 80 or so and cool remains along the coast. justine. dave, thanks. >> now to the peninsula, word elderly woman was targeted in a roadside jewelry, shakedown. palo alto. police say a woman in her 80's was walking by channing avenue and middlefield road. and it was just before 8 o'clock on saturday night when police say
3:51 pm
the suspects pulled up to the woman, they were in a black sedan and the passenger asked for directions which is when the suspect allegedly tried to pull the woman's wedding ring finger off excuse her wedding ring off her finger. the ring stayed on. and the drivers then bolted. the woman suffered some minor bruising on her hand, a little different try to hold her finger off. they just tried to take the rain. doesn't look like they got away with it. former mma star cain velasquez has been denied bail for the second time in his attempted murder case. this morning, the judge decided against allowing bail citing a reckless disregard for human life. blazquez has been in custody since february. he's facing attempted murder and gun charges and could face more than 20 years in jail. if he is convicted. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on banfield after
3:52 pm
half a century, congress is finally tackling u f o's. why so much secrecy of what they really found? plus, they were the most popular names 50 years ago. michael, jennifer, tammy and chris. but make way for olivia liam know and charlotte. the new favorites on banfield. you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. up next, one cruise line wants to help you say i do. while you're out at sea. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits.
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carnival cruise lines is once again offering weddings and vow renewals. the company stopped offering the services during the pandemic, but now reservations for weddings and vow. renewals are available. >> ceremonies will begin in september. passengers can also host a wedding or renew vows at select ports of call. right now, weddings and vow renewal options are available. only on carnival ships that depart from u.s. ports. after a two-year break because the pandemic, the puppy prom came back. this was the 8th puppy prom held in san diego at the helen woodward animal center puppies who used to be at the center, returned alongside some other rescue dogs pup. the owners had fun, creating core sausage and boot nears for their furry friends and taking pictures. attendees were dressed to impress vying for a chance to be named prom king and queen cat lovers were not forgotten. the center was
3:56 pm
able to allow owners to enter their pets into the online key competition for best dressed katy king and queen. goldman sachs is now offering unlimited vacation days to its senior staff. the investment company removed the on paid leave for senior bankers. the reason they want their employees to rest and recharge after facing scrutiny over its work culture. it's the latest move by wall street to retain workers in a very tight labor market. the company will also offer its junior staff minimum of 2 extra days each year and maybe they want to take one of those days this week because it looks like me warm according to our meteorologist dave by the end of the week. >> one of the worst attack situation. if you get more days paid and anyway, we this little front passing over, brought us a marine layer, cooler temps and all of that. but it's the offshore winds for the folks in the southwest there watching. this may be something to keep in mind for
3:57 pm
us later this week after we get more traffic from the pacific tomorrow. 66 san francisco, 77 san jose hinting of a warm-up. there is inland already mid 80's lower 80's up to the north. a little cooler around the immediate bay itself. some of the forecast. here's the warm-up we've been talking about by friday saturday. really start to feel it. by the way, that's going to be long after the offshore winds with a high starts to build. we won't have the contrast at that point. so expect 90 ish this weekend. >> justine day. thank you. just a quick update will be talked about the breaking news at the top of the hour. that brush fire along one. 0, one in sandra fell is now contained. thank you for joining us here. 3. i'm joining us here. 3. i'm justine waldman, humor. meet a future mom, joining us here. 3. i'm justine waldman, humor. a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there
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