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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 16, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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york, where a community has ew been gutted torn apart after a young white gunman targeted and killed 10 black people at a supermarket that was civil rights attorney ben crump. and he pressed for the attack to be defined as an act of terrorism after law enforcement announced the tragedy is being investigated as a hate crime. investigators in buffalo continue to sift through evidence retrace the steps that lead up to saturday's shooting inside the crowded supermarket. kevin freeman is in buffalo tonight. he joins us with the very latest on the investigation. kevin, what can you tell us? >> well, i can tell you, president biden and the first lady doctor jill biden, they are expected to come visit the scene and speak 2 relatives tomorrow. now in the meantime, the parking lot here in that at the supermarket and the around the area remains a
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crime scene tonight. now, despite the lives that were lost were lost here at this location. investigators say the teenage gunman's plans did not end here. they say if he had if he had not been caught, he was going to shoot some more at yet another grocery store. a makeshift memorial grows outside of the tops friendly market on the east side of buffalo, new york. monday, the scene of a deadly and horrific mass shooting saturday afternoon. >> a is suing all side window. my helpless. people didn't have a gun to shoot back around 02:30pm, 18 year-old payton gendron according to police, joe for several hours across the state and opened fire first in the parking lot of the grocery store before going inside. >> police say a total of 13 people were shot. most of them african-american, 10 of them
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died. >> investigators and the city's mayor say the deadly attack was racially motivated. >> this racist killer had absolutely 0 regard for the sanctity of human life and was here for the expressed purpose of taking as many black lives as he possibly could. >> i see him this shooting at people. and in my head at that point in time, i'm thinking, ok, shooting a movie here, buffalo, nato here the to scene. a police officer in sight. and i see him going after him. this shooting. >> this is real. we're also starting to learn more about the victims. retired buffalo police officer aaron salter was working security. he shot the gunman who was wearing heavy tactical gear. >> retired officer assault are working security there engage a suspect, fired we have evidence that he struck them at least one time and that
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unfortunately had no effect. we must all work together, address to hate. >> the remains a stain on the soul of america. and a monday afternoon news conference, the buffaloes police commissioner revealed that the accused gunman had scoped out the supermarket weeks ago. the individual was here a few months ago back in early so as i said, >> there's a lot of material to go through so that we have confirmed now that it appears that individual was here back a couple of months ago in early march. >> and another thing that the buffalo police revealed was that the gunman made threatening comments that made police go to this school is high school last spring. they went they did not charge him with any crime. and they said they really had no law enforcement had no contact with him until this happened here on saturday. at that time, though, he was taken to a mental hospital for
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evaluation. but this just trying to piece together exactly what happened here on saturday. >> getting back to original idea that was brought up by the civil rights attorney about terrorism charges attached to this hate crime. does that have legs to it? is that going to move forward or is there just talk about it right now? >> well, i can tell you it's more than talk about it because the buffalo police say they have some type of manifesto. they haven't given many details that say that this was actually a targeted crime, a crime targeted towards african-americans were not predominantly african american community. there are things that he apparently said. as you also heard, he came here in early march to scope out this so that wouldn't be just talk could actually be end up being a being a charge because they
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say that he targeted african-americans than they say they have proof of that. >> kevin freeman, a live in buffalo of someone who shoots an 86 year-old grandmother. you know, many of the victims elderly women is just shocking and and it's another another tragic situation that we've been dealing with across this country. kevin freeman, thank you very much. we appreciate you. >> here it's you're welcome. thank you, captain. >> now to southern california and equally difficult story. orange county authorities say yesterday's deadly church shooting was politically motivated. hate crime. 68 year-old david child accused of killing one person, wounding 5 others inside the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods in orange county. the victims are all asian american show is a chinese immigrant who lives in las vegas. investigators believe that he was upset about political tension between china and taiwan. he was not
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affiliated with the church. cho actually drove to orange county from nevada on saturday. the shooting happened during a lunch reception to honor a former pastor of a taiwanese congregation. investigators also believe cho had planned an even deadlier attack. >> we located several within the facility they contained magazines with additional ammo. for molotov cocktail like incendiary devices. that he had placed around the inside of the church. >> authorities praised the victim who died. they say 52 year-old john chiang heroically tackled the shooter cho before chang was fatally shot. >> all right. let's get another check of our 4 zone forecast around the bay area with spectacular view overlooking the city in the bay and a little bit of treasure island out there. yeah, lawrence is here. our chief meteorologist. he says things are going to warm up. i think they get hot in parts of
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the bay area may be back in the 90's again. so here we go. almost feel like a summer-like pattern out there today. the fog along the coastline, that sea breeze kicking in the afternoon, lazy out there over the bay right nos, looking from the berkeley hills back toward the golden gate bridge. temperatures today. 59 degrees in san francisco. 65 in oakland. 71 degrees in san jose. 70 in livermore, 76 in concord in a warm 79 above the average in the santa rosa. but yeah, things are going to be changing as early as tomorrow. temperatures in the 60's and breezy along the coastline. but less fog outside for tomorrow. and that's we're going to see a weak cold front comes through tonight that is going mix out some low clouds and that fog dec and the temperatures are going to start to warm up, especially in the valleys. tomorrow you're looking almost 80 degrees in campbell. then we'll start to see a few 80's in places like livermore in the walnut creek, danville, you're looking at 80 degrees even about 85 in brentwood, 80 in benicia. 82 in the napa valley. get the idea. some nice numbers and we're going up from here. these temperatures the next few days, maybe sneak in low 90's
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on wednesday. another weak cold front comes through on thursday bringing to more clouds and cool us down a little bit. then we heat right back up over the weekend. thank you, lord, for your money. tonight, gas prices reached an all-time high again in california. the average price for a gallon of regular 5.98. a gallon. that's up nearly $0.15 just in the last week. and those numbers are even higher, of course, here in the bay area. here's a look at prices in san francisco, which has the highest prices at 6.23. a gallon next. highest prices are on the peninsula. drivers in san mateo county pain 6.20, a gallon. sonoma county about 6.18, a gallon. 2 was in napa county. san jose and oakland are right around 6.10, a gallon triple a shows that the least expensive gas in the bay area is in contra costa and solano counties. congress is expected to vote on a bill this week that will address the record high gasoline prices. the democratic bill would.
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>> set gas price limits and prevent exploitive cost hikes. that's what the bill says is called the consumer fuel price gouging prevention act. and it would give the federal trade commission the power to penalize oil companies. if they can prove those companies are inflating the price of gas. >> the 7 largest oil companies announcing that backs that could total 41 billion dollars this year alone. >> but republicans say the bill is a waste of time. they say it will not lower gasoline prices because the price at the pump is determined by the supply and demand for oil, not by individual companies. >> coming up, we have some breaking news on the nationwide infant baby formula shortage. relief could soon be on the way for families coming up shelves might be restocked.
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>> the food and drug administration is expected to announce shortly that it is allowing the import of foreign made baby formula in order to address the shortage in the u.s. officials say the imported formula could boost domestic supply back to normal within a few weeks. a decision from regulators could come as soon as tonight and just in the last few hours, abbott, one of the nation's largest formula maker says that it has entered into a consent decree with regulators to restart making baby formula at its plant in michigan. you might
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remember that plant was shut down because of concerns over contamination. the fda is also investigate investigating why it took the agency 3 months to send inspectors to that abbott plant after a whistleblower reported detailed safety lapses. >> earning a trip to the nba western conference finals is not the only goal. steph curry has this season. the golden state warriors point guard is as just received his college diploma from davidson college in north carolina. this was yesterday. curry earned a bachelor of arts degree in sociology. he shared the achievement on his instagram page with a few pictures. his capture caption, rather read in part, we got it done. thanks to my whole village. should help me get across the finish line. made the promise right left and had to see it through unquote. the 34 year-old attended davidson college from 2006 to 2009 before leaving for the nba were. of course, he's already won 3 championships. his
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teammate, gary payton news out with injuries, is also working on getting his degree and coming up next in sports, more on the warriors are back on the practice court today as they get ready for that big game. one of the western conference final. >> sports director jason dumas has the team's reaction for the preparations coming up.
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other cancers, immune system problems, and major cardiovascular events have occured. the most common side effect is pain and swelling in the nose or throat. it's a one-of-a-kind cream. so, what could that mean for your skin? ask your dermatologist about opzelura. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the dubs found out last
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night who they be playing in the western conference finals in today. they were back in the lab prepping for the dallas mavericks ac staff at practice today, the warriors lost 3 out of 4 games to the maps during the regular season. but you can throw that record out. the playoff. they are a different beast. the math, they were not expected to get here. but now that they've arrived, steve kerr knows his game plans will have to be airtight. >> i think this series more than the first 2 series for us. we're going to have to do to adapt and adjust as we go. so will, you know, will go into game one with a game plan. but i think we need a lot of contingencies depending on how how things are are unfolding. we're hungry enough. know we have been on the radar for the last 2 years in terms of >> being realistic. chaupionship contenders an hour. knocking on the door, said again back to the finals. so maybe that's just me in
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terms of not trying to be claim. no got to is just, you know, where as hungry as they are. >> so the giants got embarrassed yesterday to the st. louis cardinals. they're down 11, nothing at one point trying to bounce back today against the colorado rockies out there in the colorado right now we're in the 4th inning and we have a tie score at one a piece. of course, once that game goes final, we'll have those full highlights. now let's head out to the coliseum. this game just started. the twins in the bay taking on the oakland a's. we don't have a score yet. just like the giants soon as that game. those final. we'll have those full highlights. the a's lost yesterday to so both of those teams looking to bounce back today and get some wins. all right. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. all right, jason, thank you. now to a trial that is taking center stage in washington, d.c., attorney michael sussman charged with
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lying to the fbi weeks ahead of the 2016 election. >> his law firm represented hillary clinton's campaign that year. special counsel john durham's team now begins its first criminal trial since his appointment 3 years ago. >> our washington, d.c., correspondent tom dempsey has the details. >> inside dc federal court on monday, jury selection got underway in the trial involving a three-year probe led by special counsel john durham to examine any misconduct during the fbi's investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. the defendant, cybersecurity lawyer, michael sussman, durham's team alleges sussman lied to the fbi when he brought forward suspicions about seeker communications between the trump campaign and alpha bank, the largest private bank in russia sussman telling his fbi contact that he was not working for any client when he shared his information. but suspend had done work for the clinton campaign. durham's team alleges sussman came forward on behalf of the campaign and
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a tech executive who supported clinton's candidacy. durham is expected to argue that the allegations influence the fbi in their approach to the trump campaign. but because in the end, the fbi did not launch an investigation based on sussmann's claims. the defense will argue that there was no such influence. many supporters of the former president believe this was all part of the clinton campaign conspiracy that tried to frame trump with colluding with russia with jury members now being selected, the trial will put those theories to a legal test. again, that was tom dempsey reporting for us tonight. >> let's take a look outside checking in on our weather on this monday, starting the new workweek looking at sfo. yeah. then our meteorologist chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with what's going on out there. you're going to heat things up around the bay area. of course you get the winds out there today, 30 to 40 mile an hour gusts. i mean, it's pretty blustery in some parts of the bay area. now, some of those winds whipping around as a weak cold front sliding on by clear. not just skies, though. now it's helping the really kind of scour the skies
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of any low clouds and the fog and yeah, that will continue to mix out. you've got a couple clouds still lingering along the coastlines that san mateo county coast see some of that lingering there. but just a little finger fog there. begin to break up a bit. but that wind that on shore flow continue to kick in behind that front. and that's causing the winds really kind of whip around. so we've seen some of those winds 30 and some 40 mile an hour gusts even as san francisco but elsewhere around the bay area, still blustery in spots all the way through the delta. 25 miles an hour in the fairfield. so we've got some winds going on this afternoon. i think the winds going starts which direction, though, by tomorrow afternoon, high pressure begins to sneak in the air and all of a sudden look at that. the arrow starting point almost due south. that means you get more of a northerly component. the winds that's kind of when you like, if you'd like to warm up the temperatures around the bay area. so tonight we're going to start to clear out some of that patchy fog may be just a lingering patchy too early in the morning. then that northerly wind really kind of kicks in and there goes fog dissipates. you're looking at a very nice day all around the bay area along the coastline. temperatures,
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they're going to be the 50's and 60's co-signed a fine. a lot of 70's and 80's around the bay and then some mid 80's, the warmest valleys by tomorrow afternoon. and we're going up from there on wednesday. you're going to the temperatures may be sticking low 90's in the places like the tri valley over the east bay. but along the coastline, keep you cooler in the 60's and then temperatures going to cool down slightly on thursday by friday. start to go. the other direction again. looks like a nice weekend. in fact, getting a little hot by sunday and some parts of the bay area. thank you, lawrence. coming up, amber heard takes the stand again. more details on the courthouse battle she's having with johnny depp.
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>> amber heard return to the witness stand and the johnny depp libel case today. the actress claimed depp was violent and hallucinated during their relationship. >> her told the jurors that she was physically and sexually abused on a number of occasions before and during her brief marriage to depp. >> he was talking to people who aren't there, meaning people who are not in the room. he was communicating with people and sounds and voices that weren't there. i know because i was sometimes in the room phone with him. >> the high-profile trial is resuming after a one-week hiatus to accommodate a judicial conference. jurors have already heard for weeks of testimony. death is already testified and denied that he ever hit heard.
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>> starbucks says it will start covering eligible travel expenses for employees who are seeking abortions or gender affirming procedures. the coffee chain joins companies such as amazon, apple and microsoft in doing so. this follows the recent leak of the u.s. supreme court memo and draft on the roe v wade opinion showing the landmark abortion case could be over turned starbucks has had a reputation for championing liberal causes. the company's health insurance has covered gender reassignment surgery since 2012, along with other gender procedures. hawaiian airlines is investing in a new form of aircraft for passengers to island hop around hawaii. >> airline invested in a company. it's called reagent to help develop this. it's an electric sigue lighter. the aircraft's produces 0 emissions and travels just over the water surface. the company says the current batteries can travel give the
6:57 pm
aircraft the ability to travel up to 180 miles with the goal of newer models, having a range of up to 500 miles. the new planes are set to be available for a commercial service by the year 2028. yes, let's all go to hawaii and just try out that make those skim across the absolutely. that's it for kron. 4 news tonight at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock. have a good evening.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: epidemic of violence and hate. >> under attack by its bigger over 300 shootings and 127 dead and just one weekend. >> announcer: and supermarket fears. >> what to do if you find yourself under fire at the grocery store. >> shooting is coming from over there, i will take a low profile. >> announcer: then amber heard returns to the stand. >> her startling depiction of what she says johnny depp did to her. >> he rips the shirt off and wraps it around my neck. >> announcer: as he is cheered by his fans. >> those are relatives, al


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