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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 17, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking up with this bright and early here on the kron. 4 morning news on tuesday. may right, hopefully you had a great monday. it was so nice shot at to get outside walk like mayor yesterday had a really good time doing that. will the weather be conducive for that today or another really warm hot ones yet another warm one. i'm so jealous of all my friends like ray to talk about the sunshine because i live a little closer to the coastline and it was windy and cooler for me. >> but i know most of the bay area's been sitting under what's been some really nice
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weather yesterday was such a nice cool down for those of us that have been in the midst of some hotter weather lately. it was a very comfortable one for inland areas. today we're going to start to warm things up again, but not our hottest by any means. so we're still on the comfortable side of things. your view outside this morning showing transamerica building that full moon. not it's not full anymore. we're starting to get into the waning given. give us phase now. so there's a little that is not full, but it's still very bright and definitely looking nice this morning. as for current conditions on the map, skies are dry from the north all the way. the bay area not looking at a lot of cloud cover out there this morning either. so we're off to a pretty clear start. and we are going to see some good sunshine today, even out towards the coastline, a little less the foggy impacts awesome. the peaks of sunshine out that way yesterday. 40's and 50's for most of our current temperatures. brett, what are lone spot there at the edge of the screen hanging out in the low 60's this morning. winds are again,
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going to be a thing, but not as much as yesterday. 25 mile per hour wind gusts at the max, especially in upper elevations and along or bridges. as for our temperatures later on today, do expect a return of 80's. so a lot of our inland areas are starting to get that warmer. feel to them again. but the heat that we have later this week is about to build even further. i'll be talking about even hotter weather around the corner. and what else to know about today? all still to come back over to john, thank you for that, right. let's get a look at your traffic this morning. a 10 minute drive heading into the city. >> across the bay bridge. let's head over to get a look at the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes making your way across towards the peninsula. that of richmond heading across towards san rafale. still pretty light for you at this hour. about 9 minutes for you as you're traveling there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. you're looking at a 20 minute morning commute. well, national news president biden will travel to buffalo, new york later this
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morning in the wake of a racially motivated shooting there that killed 10 people. he and the first lady will meet with the victims of the families, their first responders as well as community leaders. washington correapondent jessi tenure reports on the latest response from d c. good morning, rather than focusing solely on gun legislation. some democratic leaders are trying a new tactic. >> gave his life trying to save president joe biden praised the former buffalo police officer as a hero after he tried to stop saturday's deadly mass shooting. he actually was able to shoot the selling twice. but yeah, on the bulletproof vest as the president and first lady traveled to buffalo today to pay tribute to all 10 of the victims. lawmakers in washington are turning their attention to the shooter who targeted black americans. what is fueling such racially motivated violent extremism? senate democratic leader chuck schumer had an answer for mississippi. congressman bennie thompson. these hard right now, republicans. argue
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that people of color in minority communities are somehow posing a threat. >> a threat. to the american way of life. schumer said this is racist replacement theory and ideology. officials say the gunman embraced according to the manifesto he posted online is dangerous. >> and a deeply anti american world. few republicans strongly rejected the claims that their party's rhetoric contributed to the mass shooting. alabama congr ssman jerry carl said the focus should be on mental health. this young man whose life is ruined too. >> is this even low as an act is as it was and we we need to focus more on people like him and get them before they get in that situation. >> officials say the gunman threatened to carry out a shooting at his high school last year but was never charged with a crime and had no further contact with police after undergoing a mental health evaluation at a hospital in washington. i'm jessi tenure.
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>> welcome. mayor libby schaff tweeted about the shooting in buffalo saying and mark a tragic new low and our country shameful history of racism and gun violence. she went on to say, quote. we must stop making these weapons of war accessible to anyone with a credit card, an internet connection. more importantly, we must educate and love each other. in practice radical inclusivity every day until we read our society of its races stain and move toward a more beloved community. now let's head to southern california, orange county authorities say sunday's deadly church shooting was a politically motivated hate crime. well, 68 year-old david cho. he's accused of killing one person and wounding 5 others inside the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods in orange county. the victims are all asian americans. cho is a chinese immigrant who lives in las vegas. well, investigators
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believe he was upset about political tensions between china in taiwan. he was not a fully with the church. cho drove to orange county from nevada on saturday. the shooting happened during a lunch reception to honor a former pastor of a tie with these congregation. investigators also believe show had planned an even deadlier attack. >> we located several within the facility they contained magazines with additional ammo. for molotov cocktail like incendiary devices. that he had placed around the inside of the church. >> authorities say 50 to your own doctor, john chiang tackle the shooter. cho before chang was fatally shot. well, an east bay town is reacting after mass demonstrators held of white-supremacist size of the signs are displayed near a busy intersection and danville over the weekend. this all
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coming as the nation has been reeling from a mass shooting in which the white gunman is accused of targeting and killing black people at a supermarket kron four's. dan thorn has that story for us. >> this saturday demonstration in danville is stirring up outrage and disappointment. the group of masked men were standing near the intersection of camino tassajara and crow canyon road the same day as a mass shooting in buffalo, new york. my initial reaction was. >> one of discussed but not surprised. veronica benjamin is a danville resident and co-founder of conscious contra costa. >> the organization was formed after the police killing of tyrell wilson, former danville police officer andrew hall shot wilson last year and is now in jail after he was charged with killing another black man in 2018. benjamin says white-supremacist behavior is not challenged enough in this wealthy east bay community. dental is a very, very white city and it's
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kind of like this last bastion of white privilege and wealth courting for as contra. costa county has about a 9 to 10% african-american population and dental. that drops to one percent. >> danville's mayor denounced the demonstration on monday saying in part to kron 4 news. >> these people were acting out. hate speech, though, not a crime. this was clearly an abhorrent gesture towards people of color. our town stands united against racism in any form and any acts that direct harm or hatred. the contra costa county sheriff's office says they responded to the demonstration but allowed to continue because no laws were being broken. benjamin says she is thankful for those in the community who do stand up against these acts. small amount of pride i can have for my town is that there are people here who care and i hope that they continue to stand up, show up and put pressure. >> on our town council who does not seem to care as much as some of the residents reporting in danville, dan thorn. >> kron, 4 news. well, a new development in the case of a missing oakley woman. alexis
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gabe. >> a reward for information on her whereabouts is now up to about $60,000. well, the city of oakley announced on social media that an anonymous donor gave $50,000 to the reward fund to find 24 year-old. she was first reported missing on january. 26 after visiting her ex boyfriend's home in antioch. >> well, police searched the home last weekend on friday. investigators announce that they found gave cell phone case in oakley. former mma star cain velasquez has been denied bail for the second time. is it in his attempted murder case? well, the judge decided against allowing bill citing a reckless disregard for human life. alaska's has been in custody since february. he's facing attempted murder and gun charges and accused of shooting at a man who is accused of molesting velazquez's young relative. well, alaska's could face more than 20 years in prison if he's convicted. in the east
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bay. the oakland police officers association says they're concerned about the dangerous state of affairs of the city's 9-1-1. response. they say because of an advocate staff and are inadequate staffing. the police department regularly has nobody to respond to. residents calls for help golfers. amanda hari spoke to the president and the president of the association as well as a council member about the grim reality of the situation there. >> the situation in oakland is dire. it's staffing crisis when it comes to police officers being available to respond to calls for service so far this year. the oakland police officers association says the department has lost 44 officers. >> in 2021, they lost 86. 37 went to other departments in direct contrast o president barry donelan says there are 9-1-1 call volume has went up. >> go on down there to the raid. your room on saturday night as i did look at the 134
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calls several people calling for help in this city that go unanswered. look at the dispatchers. make them see the way they're overburdened by these calls. he says right now they're seeing about 2000 calls for service every day. >> and he expects that number to go up in the summer months. leaders of open. you can take this seriously. >> they've allowed this the police department to a trip down to scale it nevils a staffing. >> and a lot of he's got to do with their vilification police officers. there's no support for cops. donelan says they need more city leaders and community members to support cops. >> i asked council member lauren taylor if he agrees with donald and that police need more support. absolutely agree. i think that our officers are doing >> incredible job under difficult for the most part, i'm grateful for the work that they do. taylor told me that he just did a ride along with
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officers last week. i saw firsthand how day. >> are dealing with a high volume of calls, trying to work through all of them under difficult circumstances, waiting hours to get a response is not acceptable. we are implementing many measures to address that. he says he believes part of the solution is to offload nonviolent calls. >> to an on off a service ponder. he says they need to hire more people and create a better system for those calls. i know that. >> it can never happen fast enough, but i am grateful for those efforts. we are making amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> a chance of a lifetime. bay area teenager we've got to pay drums for pearl jam during the group's concert in oakland. and one bay area city may see a step increase or state increase in red. well, one bay area council members doing to prevent this increase from happening. plus, why california manufacturers, what the state to halt the taxes on
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new equipment that's coming in. we'll be right back. after the break. all right. welcome
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back to the kron. 4 morning news at all of you. now, 04:15am. >> here on this tuesday morning. yesterday was a nice one. and i know, john, i'm going to rub it in your face. haha, the survivor coasted. it doesn't get as warm over that so jealous of all the
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sunshine. but, you know, it's okay. we got a little peek of it out at the coastline yesterday, but it was just so brisk and windy for me. i know for a lot of the bay area, though those temperatures were just right yesterday. so i'm celebrating, get for the rest of here. >> it is definitely going to be another nice one. today temperatures are on the warmer side and we're gradually going to continue to warmer over the next several days, too. looking at a little bit of low cloud cover your berkeley hills camera right here. visibility is a-ok across the bay, though, as you're venturing out this morning, you will notice a strong wind honor bridges as well mountain passes along the coastline as well. winds gusting as high as 25 miles per hour again today we saw a little dip in the jet stream yesterday bringing us that cool air field today, though, resurgence of warmer weather and the high pressure ridge is going to build back in further beyond this today. a lot more sunshine than yesterday brought us to. we also saw some passing clouds yesterday help to keep temperatures down a bit. not going to see those as much today nor into tomorrow with lots of sunshine, really going
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to help to warm things up really quickly for us for the remainder of this week. so where will we be today? well, for san francisco will be a much more solid range of 60's. our coastal areas are going to be a touch, more mild and a little less windy than yesterday, which does benefit those coastal spots that have been brisk in a little on the gray side, brisbane down to burlingame as well as further south. we can get a range of 60's to 70's. definitely more 70's on the map today than yesterday, as you can see in campbell, certain gun los gatos, some more 80's as well. now, fremont a nice 74 livermore. you're holding on to the 70's at 79. same for you in danville. well, walnut creek and concord in the low 80's, oakland, berkeley, san leandro in castro valley and even 72 and the outcome and are warmer spots. 86, while vacaville are very warmest, nearing 90 degrees today and tomorrow i'm expecting a couple of 90's on the map tomorrow into the weekend will be the start of our hottest of
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weather lasting well into the start of next week. bayside cities see a few 80's starting tomorrow as well. so today is a warmer day than yesterday, but by no means the hottest just yet. we're saving that for the middle of the week on into the weekend. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your bridges today. >> heading into the city right so that fremont street exit about 10 minutes for your drive. there. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you're at about 15 minutes. california manufacturers want the state to help taxes on new equipment. well, they say these taxes are hobbling. the industry and this comes as manufacturers aim to modernize production and make more efficient as supply chain issues continue to impact the nation and the glow. zavala has that request. >> leaders of california's manufacturing industry you're asking the state to eliminate the sales tax on new manufacturing equipment.
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purchases is simple. we didn't make up a complicated formula. we just said if you want to buy something, go please, you'll be exempt from the sales tax. buy more hire more great. some some more jobs. ceo of the california manufacturers and technology association. lance hastings says california taxes both the production equipment and the product at some of the highest rates in the country. in some cases reaching up to 10.7 5% experts note as innovative as california is the state only attracts one percent of new manufacturing investment in the united states as a result of the financial burdens, we help machines and processes and robots move that. khan is the owner of bishop wise carver, a small manufacturer in the bay area. she notes most manufacturers in california are small and medium sized. take the sales tax of the equipment off the table for small and medium sized manufacturers. it's it's a huge competitive when i'm competing against competitors and lower costs. states. >> if i can produce my products more efficiently by
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staying on top of the technology and using the latest equipment. it allows me to stay in california and keep my pricing to my competitor somewhat competitive manufacturers say by slashing the tax, it could give businesses more purchasing power to modernize their equipment, to be more efficient and up to date, they also say the industry in california could grow even more expanding the workforce and bringing in potentially billions more into the state's economy. we're the number one producing state in the country. >> we have the most employees. 1.3 million in our proposal based economic study would increase to manufacture employment base in california by over 10%. so an ad potentially 163,000 new jobs and every job in manufacturing supports to have other jobs. the request comes as the nation and world continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic and global supply chain issues. i think we've seen the impact of that with covid. >> when we don't have the ability to make what this state needs, it really puts
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the state at risk for future growth. industry leaders are hoping lawmakers approved a request either through state budget negotiations this spring or through a bill ab 1951. the bill has no registered a position in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. the u.s. food and drug administration has approved the first non-prescription covid test. >> but also detects the flu. now, the test allows users to swab the inside of their nose and send the sample out to the test manufacturer labcorp for analysis. the test can also detect rsv. now the fda says those who test positive for any other viruses will be contacted by a health care expert. and now you can also order the 3rd round of free covid test from the federal government. that program initially open in january allowing each household to request one order of 4 free covid test to be delivered to the u.s. postal service. this time each or will include 8 rapid antigen covid test coming into separate packages of for each. and a los angeles
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judge has ruled it. california's landmark law required women on corporate boards is unconstitutional. the law requires boards to have up to 3 female directors 5 this year. the judge says that violates the right to equal treatment. it was a victory for the conservative legal group. judicial watch. they had challenge that law claiming it was illegal to use taxpayer money to enforce a law that violates the equal protection clause of the california constitution by mandating gender biased quota. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, one east bay city is getting tougher on sideshows after the activities over the weekend, put a patrol officer in danger. we'll be right back.
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>> and the east bay city leaders in antioch are getting tougher on sideshows. the city already has a 0 tolerance policy for the illegal and dangerous sideshows. well, now the city council will consider punishing spectators with 6 months in jail at a $1000 fine. this proposal comes after back-to-back side shows over the weekend. the first sideshow happened around 10 saturday night at the intersection of lone tree way in blue rock dry. that was
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followed by a second sideshow at the intersection of a street and 18th. at one point, the crowds are violent towards officers assaulting one of them, then vandalizing a police vehicle. >> we're investigating with great effort, but then a fight. those who there. and the specific role in activity. all individuals identified will be met with the extent of the law. >> according to antioch mayor lamar towards facebook page, they were to arrest several citations issued during saturday night's sideshow enforcement. well, police in san francisco also responded to a side show over the weekend. this one was reported in the area of harrison of fremont street sunday night. as you can see from the video, a white car and a blue one or donuts right in the middle of the intersection there. officers responded and stopped the sideshow, but no arrests were made. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the homeless reporters in we have those numbers. we're going take a closer look at them. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at all for you. now for 29, am going on for monday was a nice day. definitely got a chance to get
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outside and get you know, fresh air and all those things. also the allergens they come in as well. not just it's not the only air you're breathing in, but today i'm wondering if we can still get outside and do some things or gianforte's. i'm going to be way too warm, lay low a little >> the pollen will keep good side more than anything else. i agree with you right there because the weather hasn't been stopping it too much lately. we're going to be looking at a little bit of a warmer day, but nothing extremely hot for sure. just some 70's and 80's, definitely some tolerable terrain this afternoon. your view outside of the golden gate bridge looks nice. it is clear out there. we're off to a fog free start this morning. okay. all across the bay area. that's the way we should remain through the morning. now it is breezy, though, winds moving in from the north and west on into the bay, breezy us at the coast on our bridges as well mountain passes gust as high as 25 miles per hour. see, you may notice that when the time or 2 out there that is also contributing to a cool feel


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