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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 17, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> and thanks for waking up with us on a tuesday and daria and i'm james. we've got a check of the weather here to start off the hour here. 07:00am as we're waking up, it seems like every morning it's get, brooke gets brighter earlier and early 5.30, today, it was almost looking like this. yeah. and boy, that sun going to be bright today. john is full-fledged sunshine from this point forward. yesterday we saw some clouds, but today the heat and the sunshine is fully on your view outside of the east bay. definitely nice and bright now and we're going continue to be that way throughout the course of the day. dry skies and warmer temperatures than yesterday. right now temperatures are mostly in the 50's, although berkeley and much of the north bay still hanging on to those 40's petaluma sitting at 43 degrees nevado at 46 unlike yesterday where a bit warmer. but we're still holding on to the winds. 25 mile per hour wind gusts, especially near the coast on our bridges and mountain passes. so be mindful
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of that. as you plan out the day of more details on how warm it will get this afternoon in your forecast. let's go over to though. look at the roads. how's it going? well, john, you talked about the winds. we've got a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. so we're seeing an uptick in drive times. 26 minutes making it from the maze. >> to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge about 15 minutes. no major issues along one. 0, one to slow you down on the peninsula side, a crocodile towards the maze. pretty busy about 30 minutes. you can see really delayed backup in the richmond area to get down to the maze for you as you're traveling along one o one. 85 towards been will parks. 34 minutes now to 37 to 80 82 all look nice and light at this hour. darya james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. a 7, 0, one. and happening today in southern california, the suspected gunman in the deadly mass shooting at a church is going to be arraigned. yeah, you see his picture there, david. >> cho, he was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder and is being held now on 1 million dollars
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bail. chris wolfe has the story. take a good look. >> authorities say 68 year-old david cho of las vegas carried out a methodical plan sunday afternoon to unleash a wave of deadly violence against members of the irvine. taiwanese presbyterian church which hold services at the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods. investigators believe cho traveled to southern california the day before. well, parishioners were attending a luncheon after services. detectives believe cho secure doors to the building with chains and placed superglue into the key holes. they say he then started shooting inside the building, killing one man and injuring 5 others. some critically during the chaos and terror victims were able to gain the upper hand and subdue the suspect reportedly hitting him over the head with a chair time his legs with extension cords and grabbing from him. not one but 2
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handguns. this picture obtained by a church member was posted on the website world journal dot com. and there's more we located. >> several within the facility they contained magazines with additional ammo. for molotov cocktail like incendiary devices. that he had placed around the inside of the church. authorities say the shooting suspect is a u.s. citizen who came here from china several years earlier. >> he's lived in various states, including texas. it is believed the suspect involved was upset about political tensions between china. >> and taiwan. i'm still very dumbfounded. at times. i'm just lost for words because this is just something that i just would not expect from him. >> jordan davis has been the roommate of suspect david show for the last 3 months in las vegas. the 2 men did have a conversation a couple of weeks ago about ty one. >> he feels that it's.
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political tensions and taiwan. it's just becoming too much for him. and he was telling me that he feels that how things are rolling and taiwan are much worse than things are rolling and china under its coming. its leadership. >> well, as chris wolfe reporting coming up in the next half hour, we're going to hear about the doctor who sacrificed his life to save others in that church and how he's being remembered as a hero. today. >> happening today, president biden is going to travel to buffalo, new york this morning to visit the families of those who were killed. 10 people shot and killed at a grocery store. now racially motivated attack. yeah. he and the first lady are going to be meeting with the families of those victims. also with first responders and community leaders as well. we've got jessi tenure with the latest this morning. >> good morning. >> rather than focusing solely on gun legislation. some democratic leaders are trying a new tactic. >> gave his life trying to
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save president joe biden praised the former buffalo police officer as a hero after he tried to stop saturday's deadly mass shooting. he actually was able to shoot the selling twice. but yeah. and the bulletproof vest as the president and first lady traveled to buffalo today to pay tribute to all 10 of the victims. lawmakers in washington are turning their attention to the shooter who targeted black americans. what is fueling such racially motivated violent extremism? senate democratic leader chuck schumer had an answer for mississippi. congressman bennie thompson. these hard right mager republicans. argue that people of color in minority communities are somehow posing a threat. >> a threat. to the american way of life. schumer said this is racist replacement, dairy and ideology. officials say the gunman embraced according to the manifesto he posted online is dangerous. >> and a deeply anti american
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world view. republicans strongly rejected the claims that their party's rhetoric contributed to the mass shooting. alabama congressman jerry carl said the focus should be on mental health. this young man whose life is ruined too. >> as this as an act is as it was. and we we need to focus more on people like him and get them before they get in that situation. >> officials say the gunman threatened to carry out a shooting at his high school last year but was never charged with a crime and had no further contact with police after undergoing a mental health evaluation at a hospital in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> in the east bay, the reward money being offered now to find alexis, gabe has just got a lot bigger. >> yeah, this new development comes just days after her cell phone was discovered with kron four's will tran on the story for us live in contra costa county will. >> james darria because they found that cell phone case that could be new momentum. and that is why an anonymous donor stepped up and not only
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contributed slightly. it was already $10,000 then go up to 20 or 30 in jump $50,000. so this morning, $60,000 the reward for any information that will help the family and the oakley police department bring back a lexus gave. no alexis. gabe, here's a picture of her. she has not been seen by her family or anyone since january. 26th when the oakley woman, 24 years old, went to antioch to her ex-boyfriend's home. she has not been seen since and then they've been doing search warrants on her. ex-boyfriend's house is not been named a suspect. they are talking to him repeatedly in including even sometime last week they went to his house to serve another search warrant as far as alexis. gabe, why can tell you that they found the cell phone case in antioch not too far from his home. so that along with surveillance footage that the police department recently released of a man in a hoodie walking
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down the street where her car was located by her 2 nieces with the keys still in the ignition. so a lot of momentum in this case. they found the car in an area in oakley where she has no connections whatsoever. so there's a lot of mystery involved in all of this. as far as the oakland police department, they contact alexis, gabe's family frequently. and at this point, they still believe there is hope out there that she is still alive. but they want to capitalize on what's going on with the recent developments. and that is why when you're waking up this morning, if you're if you've been following this case, reward money, just exploded from 10,000 to $60,000. in the case that person that they found in the surveillance footage that person has been called a person of interest. but as far as the boyfriend, that person has not been called a person of interest in this case. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. 7, 0, 8, right now. the south bay, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car. and so
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actually, let's go to a buffalo, new york. it looks like we have some live pictures coming in here. president biden arriving. you can see here here being greeted by new york's 2 senators. they greeted him along with governor kathy hochul. >> buffalo mayor brian. byron brown is also there as well with local police and fire one of his first stops with him and first lady jill biden is going to be to stop by the crime scene. a makeshift memorial has been set up outside the supermarket. they're also going to be privately with the families and victims along with first responders and local officials as well as buffalo and the rest of the nation tries to heal in the wake of this deadly mass shooting that happened over the weekend. >> it is i mean, it's just beyond words. what what they're going through right now, this suspected gunman who planned the whole thing from you have for months even survey that grocery store months before then came back. having drove in driven 200 miles. and then to unleash
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this against these just unsuspecting shoppers. >> and all, but 2 of those people who were killed were black and was racially motivated, according to everything that they found the manifest social media. exactly right. >> so more on the president's visit there to buffalo as we continue to follow that story and the investigation as it continues to unfold. now we're going to get back to local news. go to san jose. a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car in this crash happened yesterday afternoon. >> it was south king road. a man was struck. he was airlifted to hospital, but he didn't make it. and this is san jose's 31st. traffic deaths this year and it's the 19th death of a pedestrian in san jose. 7.10 is the time new this morning. the latest with elon musk and twitter and that whole soap opera of whether he's going to buy the company are not. well, if you still tweeting, that means that he's tweeting, which is a good thing. again, he's using the platform sarah. since will he own? it is the question. hi,
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sarah. looking to tell us today. >> that's exactly right. elon musk saying that this 44 billion dollars buyout deal, twitter will remain on hold unless the social media site confirms or in his way of saying it tells the truth about how many fake accounts there truly are. take a look at this early morning tweet. you can see he said that looks like 20% of twitter accounts are fake slash spam. that's what he's claiming 4 times. what twitter claims and it could be much higher is what the law is saying. he's continued to say my offer was based on twitter's sec filings being accurate. yesterday, twitter ceo publicly refused to show proof of it being greater than 5% of accounts. this deal cannot move forward and tell he does. there was a twitter spat going on back and forth between musk and twitter ceo. he was explaining the ceos explaining how they get rid of these twitter bots saying that it is a high priority. but musk tweeted
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back with a poo emoji cooling. his explanation must also spoke at a tech conference over the weekend free up that 20% claim again, a number must says is critical to know for the financial health of twitter and for the sake of advertisers. he also said a lower price. it's not out of the question. must made the offer to buy twitter at $54.20 a share on april 14th. but since then, twitter shares have declined. in fact, last night and overnight is that down 8%. twitter stock closed yesterday $37.39 a share. and i just checked the latest. obviously, stock market just opened up, but it is actually up by a little bit. meanwhile, the saga continues. we'll send it back to you. guys in the studio will see which turned it takes next. thank you very much, sara. 7.12, is the time right now. and >> and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news police officers in oakland say they are overwhelmed with thousands of calls a day. and they say
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are going to climb a little bit further today than they did yesterday. 70's and 80's for your highs. some low 90's, sunshine. no cloud cover in the south bay. we are seeing a few clouds at the coast, but that's about it. rest of us are going to be holding out of the sunshine through the day. this high-pressure ridge builds further in. we saw a weak front push through yesterday. that's the reason we saw such cool temperatures to start the week, but things are changing really quickly now and only getting warmer into tomorrow. you can see in future cast sunshiny dry skies today. that remains into tomorrow as well. and that's also the case into thursday and friday. so the week is pretty steady at this point. just getting warm in staying nice and clear 60's for your highs in san francisco today. few 50's right along the coastline and then looking at temperatures along the bay and either the 60's or the 70's say, carlos and i-72 redwood city in palo alto at 74 south bay temperatures, upper 70's to low 80's. first time we've seen those numbers in a few days now. union city at 72
7:17 am
degrees. livermore getting close to the 80's walnut creek and concord actually getting there. oakland, san leandro, castro valley, each at 72 vacaville are for spot touching or right on the 90's. up to 89 degrees tomorrow, you'll be in good company. a few more 90's going to be on the map. we'll stay steady for the rest of the week and into the weekend at the start of next week, too. so this is a hot and dry forecast from this point forward sunshine all the way through the forecast in the very hottest of days likely to be bowl tomorrow and monday of next week rain. well, john, thank you for that. you mentioned we do have some high winds and we're seeing drive times go up along the bay bridge at about 21 minutes for your drive. there. let's check on the richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o one down to about 12 minutes for you. so. >> no major delays as you're traveling out of richmond. let's go ahead and get a look at the south bay. if you're traveling along one o what? 85 in to menlo park. 37 minutes to 18. 82. i don't see any major delays over there. 2.37.
7:18 am
also moving pretty quickly. well, doubling down to fremont at about 21 minutes of traffic is picking up there and 8.80, southbound. you're starting to see a few delays traveling through. hey, we're darya. james, back to you. for your money this morning. a new study says tens of millions of properties phase wildfire risk and as the housing market is booming, rental scammers. >> are on the prowl. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi, jane historia. this always happens, right? the scammers preying. >> on whatever is kind of popular hot at the moment right now. that's housing. so a real estate agent, some the situation seems to be getting worse off and scammers take real listings of properties for sale or rent and then we post them with under market rent. then they try to get people to send the money for the property, maybe as a down payment or to secure the property. realtors say one way to avoid scams is to search for the address online to verify whether it is for rent or sale. elsewhere, about
7:19 am
80 million us residential and commercial properties risk of wildfire damage in the next 30 years. this comes from a study done by first street foundation and it found the western u.s. contains the highest count of properties with major wildfire risk with california, texas and arizona. the most risk now providing more information about this risk to home buyers can help them make good investments and affect the value of the properties in the area as well. and a poll found more than half of american ones come for tv and movies effect. he was head of other methods relaxation like meditation or a bubble bath. now the research company onepoll did this on behalf of streamer fila and they concluded the 55% of american adults use come for television and movies to south sudan and distract themselves from stress. finally, pirates of the caribbean producer jerry bruckheimer reminded fans in a recent interview with the sunday times that the future of the disney major franchise does not currently include johnny depp. bruckheimer said 2 pirates scripts are in development. neither include
7:20 am
death. margo, robbie said to be a main actor for the franchise going forward live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to you, daryn, right, thank you, jane. >> 7.19, is the time california manufacturers are asking the state now to eliminate sales tax on new manufacturing equipment that they buy. california, not only taxes that but they also tax the products that come out of that equipment as well. we also have some of the highest tax rates in the country. and as a result, the state really only attracts about one percent of new manufacturing investment in the u.s. bay area manufacturer says that something has to change in order for her to stay competitive with other manufacturers. >> take the sales tax of the equipment off the table for small and medium size manufactures. it's it's a huge competitive when i'm competing against competitors and lower costs. states. if i can produce my products more efficiently by staying on top of the technology and using the latest equipment. it allows me to stay in
7:21 am
california and keep my pricing to my competitor somewhat competitive. >> and manufacturers say by slashing this tax, it will give businesses more purchasing power so they can stay up to date with new innovations. the request comes as the nation and the world continues to deal with the effects of the pandemic and global supply chain issues. industry leaders are hoping that lawmakers will approve this request either with budgeting or through a new bill. happening today, oakland city leaders are expected to announce that the city will be an abortion sanctuary for women. this makes the city a safe haven for abortion rights. it's been a goal for oakland leaders since the supreme court's draft opinion leaked city leaders and planned parenthood are going to be making the official announcement at a press conference at 10 o'clock this morning. it will be held in front of the steps of city hall. >> it's 7.21. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, antioch is trying to stop sideshows from happening. we're going to tell you about the new punishment they're considering. if you even watch one.
7:22 am
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for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio.
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finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. [ drums playing ] ♪ my love for you, baby ♪ ♪ it goes up down ♪ ♪ anyway you want it baby ♪ ♪ up ♪ ♪ down ♪ ♪ up ♪ >> we're back at 7.24. former mma star cain velasquez is denied bail. now for the second time as he awaits trial for attempted murder, alaska's has been in custody since february. he's facing attempted murder and gun charges for shooting a man who's accused of molesting a young relative of alaska's if
7:25 am
convicted, alaska's could face more than 20 years in prison. >> 7.24 and city leaders in antioch are getting tougher on sideshows. the city already has a 0 tolerance policy, but now the city council is considering punishing people who go to watch them. spectators could face 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. this plan is coming after back-to-back sideshows happened over the weekend in antioch. the first one was around 10 o'clock saturday night at the intersection of lone tree way and blue rock drive. and then there was a second sideshow at the intersection and 18th street. at one point, the crowd turn violent towards officers assaulting an officer and then vandalizing a police car. >> we're investigating with great effort, but then a fight. those who there. and the specific role in activity. all individuals identified will be met with the extent of the law. >> according to antioch mayor lamar thorpe is facebook page. there were 2 arrests and several citations issued
7:26 am
during the sideshow enforcement over the weekend. it's 7.25. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news as we showed you live in buffalo, new york. the president has arrived just show support for the families of the loved ones who were killed in that attack at the supermarket and talk about the very latest in the investigation into this racially motivated attack.
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>> 7.28 is the time right now. looking at the airport, no clouds there. no, no clouds no, yeah, but sunshine. and that's going to be the theme, i guess all week john. yeah, sunshine and ivor warming temperatures too. so we had that cool weather to start the week. it was short-lived. now it's back to some summer like conditions viewing outside for near east bay hills camera. conditions are nothing but blue we're still nice and cool for the time being. but this afternoon we start to get pretty warm. noticeably warmer than yesterday was 50's for most of our current temperatures. napa petaluma pacifica still hanging on in the 40's. we are going to be in for another breezy day as 25 miles per hour. i'll let you know all the changes we can expect for the rest of the week as well. all still ahead over the john, thank you that. what we are starting to pick
7:30 am
up along 8 80's. so if you're traveling from san leandro down to milpitas. >> around 36 minutes for your drive. there. let's go ahead and get a look at the bay bridge this morning. meter lights are on and we have high wind about 25 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. well, the san mateo bridge, while we have high winds, you seen the impact of that on the drive times going up. 19 minute drive for you. making their way across towards the peninsula. crockett down towards the maze now at around 30 minutes. so again, you could take san pablo avenue to get around that darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 7.30, right now. and today, right now president biden is in buffalo, new york. we showed you live. >> as the president arrives, the he pay respects to the 10 people who were killed by a gunman who opened fire at a supermarket over the weekend. yes, authorities say that attack was racially motivated. they have overwhelming evidence of that. jaime de lyon is standing by live in buffalo this morning with the latest on the president's >> visit jamie.
7:31 am
>> on with the first lady just made a brief stop to pay their respects here outside of the top supermarket in buffalo. >> we must all work together, address to hate. there remains a on the soul of america. the president will be greeted by governor kathy hochul, who is expected to unveil new legislation to close loopholes in new york state's gun safety laws. actually, that does in all side window meme >> helpless people didn't have a gun to shoot back around 02:30pm, in the afternoon on saturday, 18 year-old payton gendron according to police, drove several hours across the state and opened fire first in the parking lot of the grocery store before going inside. police say a total of 13 people were shot. most of them african-american, 10 of them died. investigators in the city's mayor say the deadly attack was racially motivated. >> this racist killer had
7:32 am
absolutely 0 regard for the sanctity of human life and was here for the express purpose of taking as many black lives as he possibly could. >> we are also starting to learn more about the victims. retired buffalo police officer aaron salter was working security. he shot the gunman who was wearing heavy tactical gear, but it had no effect. >> retired officer assault are working security there engage a suspect, fired we have evidence that he struck them at least one time and that unfortunately had no effect. in a monday afternoon press conference, buffalo's police commissioner revealed that the accused gunman had scoped out the supermarket weeks ago. the individual was here a few months ago back in early march. >> so as i said, >> there's a lot of material to go through so that we have confirmed now that it appears that individual was here back a couple of months ago in early march.
7:33 am
>> the investigation is ongoing and president biden is expected to make remarks and a community center and just a little bit reporting live in buffalo and jamie line. >> thank you very much, jamie. >> and we're also learning details about the man who died in the southern california church shooting. police say he's a hero for what he did to save the lives of others. >> kimberly chang has the story. >> he sacrificed himself. so that others could live. that irony in that church is not lost on me. >> 52 year-old doctor john chiang of laguna niguel died a hero according to witnesses after others had been shot. he took it upon himself. to charge across the room and to do everything he could to disable the assailant. >> without the actions of doctor chang. it is no doubt
7:34 am
that there be numerous additional victims in this crime. oc sheriff donald barnes said many of those who attended the church luncheon sunday were elderly. the gather to honor a former pastor of the irvine taiwanese presbyterian church in a space shared with the geneva presbyterian church. other parishioners got involved, pastor threw a chair at the subject and they were able to render him >> subdued and tied him 4 others before law enforcement able to arrive on scene. officials say doctor chang was shot during the struggle and died at the scene. there was an attempt to shoot him again. but that guy and jammed. and he succumbed to his injuries. he leaves behind a wife and 2 children. according to the south coast medical group website, doctor chang was a family in sports medicine, doctor in orange county, the oc fire authorities said 5 others were wounded. 2 were taken to providence mission hospital. and as of monday, officials said they were in
7:35 am
good condition. 2 iictims were rushed, oc global and they were listed as stable. there was no update available on the 5th victim's condition. >> all right. that was kimberly chang. david show was identified as the gunman is going to be arraigned today and that we're just going to tell you about the charges. just briefly is charged with murder and attempted murder and is being held right now on a 1 million dollar bond. >> 7.35 is the time in the east bay. the oakland police officers association says they're concerned about the dangerous state of affairs right now in the city's 9-1-1. response, they say because of inadequate staffing. the police department regularly has nobody to respond to calls for help. crawford's amanda hari takes a closer look at speaks with the oakland leadership about this grim reality. >> the situation in oakland dire. it's staffing crisis when it comes to police officers being available to respond to calls for service so far this year, the oakland police officers association says the department has lost
7:36 am
44 officers. >> in 2021, they lost 86. 37 went to other departments in direct contrast o president barry donelan says there are 9-1-1 call volume has went up. >> go on down there to the raid. your room on saturday night decided look at the 134 calls several people calling for help in this city that go unanswered. look at the dispatchers. make them see the way they're overburdened by these calls. he says right now they're seeing about 2000 calls for service every day. >> and he expects that number to go up in the summer months. leaders of open. you can take this seriously. >> they've allowed this the police department to a trip down to scale it nevils a staffing and a lot of he's got to do with their beloved occasion. police officers. there's no support for cops. donelan says they need more city leaders and community members to support cops. >> i asked council member lauren taylor if he agrees with donald and that police
7:37 am
need more support. absolutely agree. i think that our officers are doing >> a incredible job under difficult for the most part, i'm grateful for the work that they do. taylor told me that he just did a ride along with officers last week. i saw firsthand how day. >> are dealing with a high volume of calls, trying to work through all of them under difficult circumstances, waiting hours to get a response is not acceptable. we are implementing many measures to address that. he says he believes part of the solution is to offload nonviolent calls. >> to an on off a service ponder. he says they need to hire more people and create a better system for those calls. i know that. >> it can never happen fast enough, but i am grateful for those efforts. we are making amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> 7.37 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the warriors are back on the court practicing for game one of the western conference finals. we're going to hear from the team, but how they're
7:38 am
feeling as they're getting ready to face the mask. >> and we are looking at a day that's going bring plenty of sunshine, warmer temperatures that we saw yesterday back into the 80's. we go in london, 70's near the bay. your forecast is ahead. and we've got those high wind gusts slowing us down across a few of our bridges. >> t
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> 7.40, and a bay area teenager had the time of his
7:41 am
life taking the stage with the rock band pearl jam mentioned with every kid's fantasy who wants to be a musician. >> their drummer was out with covid at the last minute before oakland performance. and so. in a curious sequence of events, he was tapped on the shoulder to fill a teenager. yeah, and it's not a movie. it's real life covers. theresa has the story. >> and in the middle of class, i got a text from olivia. telling me to center the recording of me playing approach him song and she said it's worth a shot. >> worth a shot. that was a vice mill valley resident kyle new commenced on after hearing the news. the iconic rock band pearl jam was in a gym after its drama was out with covid and look where the advice leaving. this past friday after impressing the band with his skills, kai filled in for a performing to a packed house. the oakland arena with
7:42 am
pearl jam. i was really >> scared to. and there's to walk up on stage like a couple songs. but for my heart restarted racing and then he called that he called me up. and once i saw the crowd lit up it. i kind of freaked out. i think internally. >> yet in action he was in the moment nailing it. >> i tried to not focus on the crowd. because they would just kind of elevated the stress and focus on the drumming. >> the 18 year-old marine county resident says that he started playing drums when he was 8. like when i play, i don't really. >> think about anything else. i'm just. i think they call it like flow state where you just. one with that roams, the instrument. >> by the way, the person who gave him the advice to send a video was olivia vetter lead
7:43 am
vocalist. eddie vetter is daughter. they met at a music fest. kai is in a local band. the alive. they play thought a rock. next is earning plans to play with project began. >> not that i know of. but you never know. i could you have any advice someone who is just starting to play drums? yeah. and don't give up if you have even if you're doing it alone. don't lose, don't lose hope. don't lose, don't lose hope. theresa kron, 4 news. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks.
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that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. >> 7.45 right now and we're talking about the heat. i just talked up on sunscreen. i hope you have enough. like he's going to need it all long and maybe even beyond that. we've got john with our warm forecast ahead. a job yet sunscreens. i know you've got your fan to daria. oh, yeah. about the fan. yeah. yeah. they're going to start running out. this would happen. it depends how long the and the heat wave continues. yeah. at this point now it might be too late because we've been talking about it so much. everyone is going to the stores getting their trying to stay cool, especially towards tomorrow. that's when we're really going to start to see those 90's for inland areas. yesterday was such a nice and cool. and though. >> golden gate bridge under some clear skies skies that are going to remain clear throughout the course of the day today, something that is
7:47 am
going to be the trend all the way through this forecast. now, we yesterday had this low pressure area dip in across the region. really weak cold front, but enough to keep us on the cooler side. high pressure from this point forward really builds in really prevails. and that obviously keeps us dry, keeps us pretty warm. and as we dry out and warm up like we will be fire danger is going to be something. we also talk about more and more already had some fires in southern california, new mexico. so reminder that fire season really kicks off earlier in earlier politics of some dry days. some winds in some heat and we've got all that in this forecast. now, as far as temperatures go, we will be in the 60's for your highs in san francisco 50's right along the coast. we've been foggy at the coast today. you'll get your window of sunshine, though, 60's to 70's right along the bay shore with ample sunshine, palo alto in redwood city at 74 mountain view, 77 san jose at 78. well, campbell saratoga, los gatos evenly right at 80 degrees.
7:48 am
still will go to the 70's for another day in the tri valley. you'll be in the 80's tomorrow. much like walnut creek and concord are today. oakland, san leandro, castro valley at 72 close to the 90's in vacaville. but we're saving that tomorrow for you. we're at 89 today. a lot of our inland areas are going to rise well into the upper 80's to low 90's for your wednesday. so we do get hotter tomorrow beside areas from the 70's today to the low 80's tomorrow. and we're going to stay steady from that point forward all the way through the rest of the week and into the weekend. >> one good thing about all this. sunshine is hey. >> we're going to have some easy departing flights today. shouldn't see any delays out there, at least as far as weather is concerned. i've been checking those sfo and oakland and san jose delays not seeing anything. so if you have a flight schedule today, that is good news for you. rain. good news on the skies and that the best news on the ground. we have an accident. this is in richmond.
7:49 am
>> so 80 westbound east of cutting boulevard there. so you are seeing delays as you're traveling because one lane is blocked some people avenue. you might want to take that to get around that. what you do finally reached the maze about a 25 minute drive because you get high winds along the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. so again, factor that 19 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. 8.80 to one o one. and then let's go to the south bay. if you're traveling up and heading towards apart from 85. 58 minutes along one o one c are starting to see traffic building this morning. we for pretty slow as well. almost 40 minutes traveling from antioch into conquered darya. james, back to you. thank you. 7.49. let's talk sports. the word is getting ready face. the man out is in the western conference finals tomorrow. that clock is ticking. we have sports director jason dumas swith the highlights. >> well, the dubs found out on sunday night who they be playing in the western conference finals. and on monday they were back in the lab beginning their preparations for the dallas mavericks, the warriors. they
7:50 am
lost 3 of 4 games to the maps during the regular season. but you can throw that record right out the window. the playoff era, different beast. we're not even expected to get h here. but now that they've arrived, steve kerr, he is ready and he knows the game plans will have to be air tight. >> i think this series more than the first 2 series for us. we're going to have to do to adapt and adjust as we go. so will, you know, will go into game one with a game plan. but i think we need a lot of contingencies depending on how how things are are unfolding. we're hungry enough. know we have been on the radar for the last 2 years in terms >> being realistic. championship contenders an hour. knocking on the door, said again back to the finals. so maybe that's just me in terms of not trying to be claim. no got to is just, you
7:51 am
know, as hungry as they are. >> the giants were looking to rebound from one of their most embarrassing losses in recent memory. the st. louis cardinals beat the giants on sunday 15 to 6. yeah, the but hey, it's a new day in a brand new series they were in colorado taking on the rockies. giants having a decent years. always a weird game up denver. you know. >> the air, the mile high. you know, crazy stuff happens at the top of the 5th. kirk asali the air like that one three-run blast one deep to left his second home run of the game. giants take a 4, one lead casale of 3 homers on the bottom of the 6th, the rockies to cut it to one one swing of the bat. that's ryan mcmahon is gone. solo shot ties it at 4. top of the 9th now still tied at 6. mike yastrzemski.
7:52 am
nice smashed in. bash. that one day land in any time soon. second deck home run. his 3rd home run of the season. just like this. ali guys take the lead. bottom of the 9th, camilla of all, take us home rather. lines out to first. he gets the giant when 76 game 2 of the series on tuesday, the ball, the a's. they hosted the twins for a 3 game series. >> top of the 6, minnesota up by a run. gary sanchez drives one to center. no doubt about that. was but a tough year at the coliseum on the field off the field. we know all the storylines surrounding to a none of are that great. hopefully things get better before they get worse. a fall 3 to one.
7:53 am
>> that was jason dumas reporting. the giants play the rockies tonight at 5.30, the a's are going play the twins and the warriors tomorrow with a that will be right back. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me?
7:54 am
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7.55 and meets the second of
7:56 am
those whose newest residents. it's a slow named mei lin. >> cute 2 years old. hello just hanging out with stefano i'm originally from texas. but now she's in sacramento and her favorite. food is fruit, flowers and mulberry. i'll try sometime. haha. >> you can stop by to see or if you want. the zoo says you need to be there between 10:00am and 2.30. that's when she's usually out and about otherwise, you could hardly hear because she apparently of us. let's take lots of maps. that horrible. alright, we'll take a break. it is 7.56. coming up next hour on the kron. 4 morning news. >> what is it this time? we've got ceo twitter, twitter ceo soon to be elon musk or maybe not. that's the big question. another tweet this morning throwing the deal into further doubt will 4 sarah stinson senate by live with the update there. plus, oakley police now increasing the reward for information leading to the
7:57 am
location of a missing woman. will tell you how high that reward is and what police have discovered so far. plus the gunman in the deadly church shooting is going to appear in court today. we'll tell you what police say he did before what police say he did before opening fire. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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out-of-state corporations wrote so yoan online sportssuccess betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at
8:00 am
>> and thanks for waking up with us on a tuesday. i'm darya and i'm james. this is may 17th. we're working our way through the month of may. just like that. every slime now and the weather is gorgeous. yeah. getting warmer feelings summer like this week. in fact, john, good morning. he had definitely finally feels like full-fledged summer and staying that way. this time around, at least over the next are heating up and only getting sunnier. >> looking at radar, definitely not a lot to no doubt. they're just staying nice and clear. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's. brett, what your warm spot at 58 degrees. still some cool spots like timber anuncio lena hanging on to the 40's reyna. john, thank you that. we do have an accident along southbound 8.80, at marina boulevard. >> that's in leandro. so you might want to go ahead and take 5.80. if you're trying to get around those delays. one lane is blocked


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