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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  May 17, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> now at noon, the commander-in-chief consoles the nation after a weekend of deadly mass shootings. plus, the fda approves pfizer's covid booster for younger kids but actually getting those shots into arms could take a while. and it's official. california gas prices have shot past $6 on average. why our region is doing even worse. >> from the bay news station, you're watching kron. news at noon. >> thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm noelle bellow. we begin in buffalo, new york this
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afternoon as president biden mourned the victims of an horrific mass shooting over the weekend. investigators believe an 18 year-old white supremacist gunman targeted a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood, killing 10 people. the president and first lady jill biden arrived in buffalo this morning to show solidarity with the community laying flowers on a makeshift memorial. buffalo's mayor says he's grateful to have the support from the first family. >> we are very thankful that in the midst of this darkness, we have a president and first lady who care deeply about our community and communities all across the country. >> president biden made an emotional address to the american people saying people in all walks of life have to stand up to condemn white supremacy and domestic terrorism. >> in america, evil will not win. i promise hey, will not
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prevail. and white supremacy will not have the last word. the evil. did come to buffalo. this comes all too many places. >> he also paid tribute to the 10 people who lost their lives. nearly all of the victims in this were black. the shooter is under arrest and charged with murder. he has pleaded not guilty back here in california, prosecutors have charged the suspect in the orange county church shooting with one count of first-degree murder and 5 counts of attempted murder. 68 year-old david chiu of las vegas also faces an enhancement for lying in wait. he's accused of opening fire during a sunday luncheon for members of a taiwanese church in the city of laguna woods. 52 year-old doctor john chiang was killed while he tried to tackle chew. 5 other people were wounded in this choose
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roommate says he was upset over alleged tensions between china and taiwan. >> it feels that it's political tensions and taiwan. it's just becoming too much for him. and he was telling me that she feels that how things are rolling and taiwan are much worse than things are rolling and china under its coming. its leadership. >> investigators say chow locked the doors with chains before opening fire and brought bags containing firebombs and extra ammunition. he's expected to be arraigned later today. the fbi is also investigating the shooting for possible federal hate crimes. new at noon, an update on that double shooting near san jose state university that left a man dead. police say the woman who was also shot is now the main suspect. 41 year-old jessica garrison called police around 3 o'clock monday morning reporting she and her boyfriend had been shot. he died at the scene.
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she was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police say their investigation led to garrison as the person responsible for her boyfriend's death. she was booked into the santa clara county jail on homicide charges. also down in san jose, one person hospitalized with some burn injuries after a fire broke out inside an apartment. it happened around 10 o'clock this morning on fitch bill avenue. you can see a lot of heavy smoke coming from that building. 6 units were damaged and one firefighter also had to be hospitalized. officials say their injuries are not burn related. the fire has since been knocked down. there is no word on a cause right now. over to the east bay now where friends and family of alexis, gabe are still frantically searching for her. but investigators have been able to find a clue. and now the reward for finding her has increased as well. kron four's will tran has the very latest in the search. the oakley police department as well as
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alexis gabe's family. they're hoping to give somebody out there $60,000 to give the oakley police department a call. >> so they can get a break in the case yesterday, someone anonymously donated $50,000 to the already $10,000 reward pot. this on top of the momentum that the oakley police department as well as the family recently ran across. now, alexis, gabe has not been seen since january 26th when the oakley one in just 24 years old, went to visit her ex-boyfriend in antioch. a day later, her car was found on a street in oakley by her 2 nieces in an area. according to her family. her car never should have been in. the keys were still in the ignition over the weekend. police officers located her cell phone case near the home of her ex-boyfriend in antioch. and then they recently released surveillance footage of a man walking down the street near where her car was located. he was wearing a hoodie. that person has been called a person of interest in
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the case as far as her ex-boyfriend, police officers still keep in touch with him. he's not being called a suspect or a person of interest. but once again, last week they went to his house, searched his home with this new pot of $60,000. alexis, gabe's family. they're hoping that she is still alive and they're hoping to give that money to that particular person for any information that will finally relieve them of their anguish. >> other news this afternoon, the city of oakland could soon become a sanctuary city for women seeking abortions. city leaders and planned parenthood representatives announced a plan a rally outside city hall today. the move is in response to the u.s. supreme court leak that suggests the justices could overturn roe v wade, oakland city council member zhang tao introduced a resolution that would protect abortion rights, especially for those women coming from another state where abortion might be outlawed. this
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>> is a right to our democracy. first, they want to take away our right to abortion next. you know, they're going to want to take away our rights to vote. we are in a moment in our country. across our country. >> where it is very, very visible that racism and white supremacy exist and is on the rise. >> the oakland city council is expected to vote on the sanctuary city resolution tonight, the meeting starts at 5.30. meanwhile, starbucks is joining a growing list of companies covering travel expenses for employee use employees who might need to seek out of state abortions. workers enrolled in the company's health care plan will be reimbursed for travel expenses if the services are beyond 100 miles of their home, any employees dependents who is also enrolled in the company's health care would also be covered by this. an update now on covid vaccinations for young kids.
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the fda has authorized a booster dose of the pfizer vaccine for kids between 5 and 11 years old. it's intended to be given 5 months after the second shot. this comes though, 1s there are concerns, many kids haven't even gotten those first 2 shots yet, according to the cdc, only 28% of kids between the ages of 5.11 have received the first 2 doses. there is still no vaccine authorized for kids under 5. the fda may release a decision on one, though in june. every household in the united states is now eligible to order a 3rd set of free at-home covid-19 tests from the federal government. those who sign up to receive more tests will get 2 packages of for rapid antigen tests. each packages will ship for free and they'll come with tracking numbers, rapid antigen tests can be self-administered and deliver results within 15 minutes. if you want to order an x set for yourself, just head to covid tests dot gov.
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developing news this afternoon, elon musk casting a new round of doubt in his bid to take over twitter. he says the deal to buy the san francisco based company remains on pause. kron 4 sarah stinson has the latest. >> elon musk tweeting and confirming that deal to buy twitter for 44 billion dollars remains on hold and will continue to do so until the social media site can confirm how many fake accounts there truly is. take a look at what he tweeted this morning. always early morning tweet saying 20% of twitter accounts are fake slush spam 4 times what twitter claims and it could be much higher. he continued saying my offer was based on twitter's sec filings being accurate. >> yesterday, twitter's ceo publicly refused to show proof of this greater than 5% number of accounts. and this deal cannot move forward until he does. now there was a twitter spat going on between musk and
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the ceo of twitter. they went back and forth after the ceo explained how they work to get rid of by accounts, making sure 5% or less accounts are fake. but musk tweeted back with a og basically propelling his explanation. musk also spoke at a tech conference in florida over the weekend, bringing up again the 20% or more fake bought claim a number musk says he must know for the financial health of twitter for the sake of advertisers. he also said a lower price would not be out of the question as you may recall, must made the offer to buy twitter at $54.20 a share back on april 14th. but since then, twitter shares have tremendously declined. overnight, twitter stocks were down 8% in close on monday at $37. and $0.39 a share. so shares continue to decline. it looks like the fate of this deal does as well every day. this story changes will
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continue to follow right here from san francisco. i'm sarah stinson reporting. i'll send it back to you. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at noon data shows gun ownership diversifying faster than ever before. more on the shift for first time. gun buyers ahead. and congress turning their attention to aliens. what lawmakers had to say about the possibility of u f o's and gas prices and shot above $6. the approach of summer putting the heat on your wallet. dave. >> and some pleasant onshore winds going on for today. but there is a shift later this week coming those dangerous offshore winds to look
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>> welcome back. new at noon, another sign the pain at the pump is here to stay. gas prices hit a new record high in california overnight climbing $0.3 to $6.2 a gallon on average statewide. it's even worse in our region as well. this is the average cost for a gallon of regular gas and each bay area county, according to aaa, moran has the most expensive $6.27 to fill up. i even saw like a 6, 70 somewhere in her and the other day, the least expensive gas ince is in solano county matching the state average at $6.2 a gallon nationwide. there's also a new record. high prices climb. another
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$0.4 to $4.52 a gallon on average georgia, kansas and oklahoma are the only 3 states in the country where the average pump price is below $4. experts are predicting the record. high gas prices will remain both here at home and across the country through at least the memorial day holiday. congress is expected to vote on a bill this week that will address those record-high gas prices. the consumer fuel price gouging prevention act would make it illegal to increase gas prices and what house democrats call a quote, exploit, hated way. the bill would also give the federal trade commission the power to penalize oil companies. if they can prove those companies are inflating the price of gas. republican lawmakers are opposing this bill. some democrats skeptical it would actually help lower gas prices. in reality. a brewing rivalry. meanwhile, and personal jabs thrown between amazon founder jeff bezos and the biden administration and all stems from the biden administration
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suggesting a wealth tax could help stem inflation. a claim that bezos says is misleading. reporter nick smith has the details. >> and online spat between 2 unlikely opponents over the weekend. jeff bezos versus the biden administration over one of the white house's proposed solutions to rising consumer prices. bezos began the back and forth responding to a tweet from president biden saying inflation could be tamed by, quote, taxing the rich. basil took a jab at the tweet saying the newly created dis-information board should review this tweet or maybe they need to form a new non sequitur board. instead raising corporate taxes. it's fine to discuss taming inflation is critical to discuss. mushing them together is just miss direction. this prompted a return hook from the white house. that statement read. it doesn't require huge leap to figure out why one of the wealthiest individuals on earth opposes
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an economic agenda for the middle class that cuts some of the biggest costs families face. it's also on surprising that this tweet comes after the president met with labor organizers, including amazon employees. bezos then fired back with a series of tweets monday saying look a squirrel. this is the white house's statement about my recent tweets. they know inflation hurts the needy us the most. but unions aren't causing inflation and neither are wealthy people. that was nick smith reporting for us this afternoon. as we all wrestle with the effects of the pandemic and global supply chain issues. manufacturers in california are asking the state to eliminate the sales tax on new equipment purchases. >> california currently taxes, both the production equipment and the product itself while boasting some of the highest tax rates in the country. analysts say as a result, the state's only attracting one percent of new manufacturing investments in the united states. one bay area
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manufacture tells us something has to change in order for her to stay competitive with other manufacturers. >> take the sales tax of equipment off the table for small and medium size manufactures. it's it's a huge competitive when i'm competing against competitors and lower costs. states. if i can produce my products more efficiently by staying on top of the technology and using the latest equipment. it allows me to stay in california and keep my pricing to my competitor somewhat competitive. manufacturers say slashing the tax would give businesses more purchasing power to stay up to date with those new innovations. the hope is lawmakers will approve this request either through budgeting. >> or a new bill. >> all right, 12, 18 now we want to switch gears. talk a little bit about your weather forecast. taking a live look from mount tam. it's a beautiful out there. nice and sunny. it's warming up. i can
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tell kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr has the details on our forecast. hey, dave. >> i know. well, good a good day, everybody. and also beautiful. the shot from the east bay shoreline, beautiful sunshine. and we're seeing that elsewhere across the bay as we have a decent day in tap before things start to really warm up later this week, we're looking at them did getting into the 80's about 4 o'clock. we're at 79 69 by 07:00pm. but this does come in a little bit of a cost of before we really get to the really warm stuff this weekend. we do see some offshore winds developing. there's little spurred this on thursday, friday zone for right now. fire weather watch cover solano county later on. the next step is usually a red flag warning. and to give you a general idea and kind of the macro view, a lot of the southwest has a fire weather watch. that's the outlining in gray and then the reds, of course, the familiar red flag warning that is perhaps the next step that we will see along the journey 80 for antioch right now as we see a lot of 70's off to the east east bay shoreline is in the
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60's. 72 going on for free month. 67 for the late whole kind of underscoring the fact that we still have an onshore wind like san francisco at 58. 53. meanwhile, 4 half moon bay. let's go to those winds to watch things into motion. the familiar on shore winds continue today a little bit tonight and into early tomorrow. but there's the switch. you can see the arrows now pointing from the north or at least the northwest. so that will be those kind of dangerous offshore winds, not just in solano county, but that's the zone they were watching at least for right now. forecast for this afternoon. 68 san francisco, 78 for san jose. 72, meanwhile for open, we're going to check out your 4 zone forecast and the hot extended as we get into the weekend. well, thank you, dave. >> governor gavin newsom getting a look at how the state is combating severe drought here in california is expected to visit a water recycling facility in los angeles county to see their hands on approach to saving water with the visit. newsom wants to emphasize the importance of local water district partnerships within
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our state. now despite severe drought conditions, one reservoir in california is actually doing better than average folsom lake. just northeast of sacramento is 85% full right now. that's 10% above normal for the middle of may. it's largely the result of gradual snow melt from the cold. april storms and the above average person sip it haitian for spring. officials do warn though the lake will have to help make up for what other reservoirs in the central valley project cannot supply. >> although it looks good right now, it's part of a bigger project that's not doing so well and that we're not going to see water elevations this high throughout the summer. they're going to drop pretty quick when we have to support our project needs. >> officials say this highlights the importance of water conservation as we head into those drier months. remember, they're asking us all to conserve about 15% of our water usage. all right. up ahead, doctor oz is a front
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runner in the pennsylvania primary. what the celebrity factor means for politics across the country and several congress members gather over foreign policy. a look ahead at the hearing on u f o's. st
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>> big day on capitol hill today as congress is asking the question of whether or not we're alone in the universe. today's public hearing on u f
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o's is the first to be held in more than 50 years. our washington correspondent trevor shirley has the story. >> that hearing wrapped up earlier this morning. we heard from top intelligence officials talk about some of these instances where pilots and seen things in the skies but really can't explain what they saw. the term you is what we've all come to know. these incidents has been officially they're known as peas or unidentified aerial phenomena last year, the dod published a report covering 143 separate you. ap sightings. that report found no explanation for what most of these occurrences were cited between 2004 in 2021, however, the report had no evidence. the incidents were extraterrestrial or from a foreign adversary. today, some lawmakers said their top concern with all this isn't that aliens are visiting earth, but rather that countries like china or russia are developing new technology the u.s. might not know about
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one house member also said the stigma around u f o's gets in the way of good intelligence analysis and that pilots should be encouraged to report strange occurrences they see without fear of being ridiculed. but given the highly sensitive nature of all this military intelligence officials were cautious in what they said given the nature of our business national defense. we've had to sometimes be less forthcoming with information and open forums than many would hope. >> if you ap do indeed represent a potential threat to our security than the capability systems processes and sources. we used to observe record study or analyze these phenomena need to be classified at appropriate levels. and following today's public hearing, those lawmakers also received a private classified briefing. >> from those same intelligence officials reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. hopefully they're coming in peace. all right. next all 30 and east bay city bracing for a major
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spike in already high rent prices. the latest on the eftort to keep housing affordable. >> plus, hundreds of infant deaths prompts a new ban on baby sleepers. the that what parents need to know and more americans are turning to guns for protection than ever before. who experts say is fueling the su
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>> welcome back. our top story this half-hour, gun sales soared during the pandemic with more americans than ever
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buying weapons for protection. but black americans and women continue to drive those record-breaking numbers, especially among first-time gun-owners. kareen wynter shows us what's fueling the surge. as more people react to fears of violence. >> it's training today at bridgestone firearms range in so practice for these first-time gun owners. looking for more protection, what they call uncertain times crime has gone up increase crime violence in la has kind of been a little crazy lately. it's that fear of violence and crime during some of the country's most volatile periods that's field surprising. new national trend among millions of americans, the surge in first-time firearms purchases between 2019 2021. so what's driving this increase in new gun ownership among minorities among women on the civil unrest, the uncertainty, the
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pandemic. >> not knowing what's happening. what could happen if the last in the black community. we've been so anti gun that now the tide has changed tremendously. and those who are in historically anti gun are now asking the question. how do i get? >> a firearm. jonathan solomon owner fred stone firearm says while a majority of gun owners are still primarily white and male, the gun culture has diversified and no longer caters to just recreational shooters or hunters. new research shows minorities continue to buy guns at record pace in 2021. chris chen with the asian pacific american gun owners association said recent hate crimes against asian americans ignited the gun ownership search within his population. that comes down to this question. >> of who's responsible for our own personal safety and for a lot of people. the answer is i am that depends on who you ask. >> you can see this is where the would those who lost loved
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ones to gun violence like jessica, valid. eva are outraged. this increase in firearms ownership means more weapons on the streets. it's that's already paying for all her. 27 year-old brother ernesto jimenez was shot nearly 2 dozen times in 2020 in pasadena. his case still unsolved. >> we should have more control and on guns to check their records was the best person to have a gun. is that a valid concerns? but that gun ends up in the wrong hands? absolutely. it's a valid concern is the same thing as what if someone steals my car and use it as a weapon and kill someone. new gun owners like only powell have our own background checks and detailed firearm training both inside and outside the classroom. >> she's a policing isn't what it used to be, especially with some department scaling back personnel on the we have to be diligent and we have to know that our safety is first and foremost, but up whose brother was shot right outside their family home said his memorial along the sidewalk, which passes every day is a constant
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reminder of how one bullet in his case, 21 can destroy lives. >> many cars. it's, you know. it's broken. powell reminded critics those who choose to arm themselves aren't responsible. gun toting individuals walking arouno as if they're in the wild. wild west. >> but in communities and >> that was kareen wynter reporting here at home. the oakland police union is sounding the alarm over the city's 9-1-1. response. the president of the police officers association says officers are seeing about 2000 calls for service every day. a number that could rise during the summer months. the concern is there just aren't enough officers to respond to all of those calls. so far the department's lost. 44 officers this year last year they lost 86 37 of whom went to other departments. >> the situation in oakland is dire. it's staffing crisis when it comes to police officers being available to
12:34 pm
respond to calls for on down there to the raid. your room on saturday night as i did look at the 134 calls several people calling for help in this city that go unanswered. look at the dispatchers. make them see the way they're overburdened by these calls. >> to help address the problem. city councilmember loren taylor says he believes part of the solution is to offload nonviolent calls to non officer responders like the oakland mac pro team. he says they need to hire more people and create a better system for those calls. city of oakland could be seeing its largest one-year increase in rent this coming july. but one city council member is trying to use a new proposed city measure to stop that from happening. kron 4 taylor bisacky explains. >> that and now is going to have catastrophic effect. some tense. james van is the co-founder of oakland tenants union. if the city were to move forward with its plan to
12:35 pm
allow landlords of rent-controlled properties. >> to increase rent by 6.7% in july. he says many tenants would no longer be able to make rent with inflation, driving up the costs of nearly everything 10 and i know. >> has received anything like a. a increase of 6.7% over last year. in fact, many tenants loss to he says the tenants union is working with city council member carol fife. >> who is now leading an effort to change the criteria that allows rent increases within the city of oakland starting july, the city will allow landlords to increase rents by 100% of the percentage increase in the consumer price index. however, council member five's proposed measure would instead allow landlords to only impose an increase of 60% of the percentage increase in the cpi or limit rent increases to a max of 3% annually. whichever is lower in a statement to
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kron 4 news 5 said, quote, we cannot see this happening and continue to think that tenants can under this record high allowable rent increase emily wheeler with the oakland tenants union says measure would help prevent future increases as well. i'd only would it happen. so this year's increase would be less than half of what it would be originally. >> it would change the formula to calculate the cpi to be more in line with cities like berkeley and san francisco, for example, in berkeley. >> landlords can raise rents by 65% of the cpi, 5 measure will go to council for a vote at the end of the month. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> all 9 bay area school districts are set to receive a donation of thousands of lgbtq plus affirming books for elementary school libraries. the donation comes from a group called gender nation. state superintendent tony thurmond celebrated the donations today school districts receiving those books include alameda al bunny berkeley, fairfield sassoon
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and oakland. manufacturer at the center of a nationwide baby formula recall has reached an agreement with the u.s. food and drug administration to restart production. the fda shuttered abbott's michigan plant after 4 infants who consumed the formula suffered bacterial infections. 2 of those infants died. the company has said there's no evidence to link its formulas to the illnesses and the fda and cdc have not disclosed any information connecting the illnesses and the plant which makes similac formula an agreement. with the fda, though, now mandate specific measures the company needs to take to increase safety if the court approves it, it could still take about 2 months before more baby formula is back on store shelves. this all comes as the president has banned certain sleeping equipment for babies, inclined sleepers and crib bumpers have been blamed for the deaths of more than 200 infants over nearly a decade.
12:38 pm
those products can be sold or manufactured anymore. but we do want to warn you the deadline to get those sleepers off the shelves as 180 days from now. so you might still see them at local stores until then. just avoid buying them. inflation hasn't stopped americans from spending money. the commerce department says retail sales rose 9 tenths of a percent last month. the increase was driven by greater sales of cars, electronics and spending at restaurants, even with the u.s. economy shrinking in the first 3 months of the year. consumer and business spending during that period, still increased at a healthy pace. economists say the strength of consumer spending makes a recession much less likely at least any time soon. all right. time. your forecast taking a live look outside looking at the bay right now. got shipping containers out there. meteorologist dave spahr standing by with more on the warm up. that is on the ok on? oh, well, we also have clear
12:39 pm
skies happening in half moon bay, not too bad kuz of yesterday. that fog was pretty aggressive. now it's let up. >> and we have that. still the onshore winds providing some cooling effect that you'll feel near water, of course. and also the bay, too. and this on shore effect will be around for another day, maybe or so before we start to see at least a regional flip coming off shore. and that's a kind of posing a little bit of a danger. so for now, solano county, you're looking at a fire weather watch that's in place thursday morning. evening as the time period that we're looking at and watching the winds and some other model, someone go all the way up to about saturday. what is this transition from pwhat we always saw, the troug and everything to the high pressure. that's going to give us the nice warm weekend, usually with high pressure and have a lot of winds going on which doesn't provide nice cool relief that we're getting for today. little of those onshore winds hang around for tomorrow. before we start to see the flip start to happen with those offshore winds in place. then by that 80 good looks like antioch at this hour. but a cool 69 for 71 for santa rosa. see even some of the valleys up in the north
12:40 pm
bay are trailing to the far east bay by comparison as we watch what happens in the week ahead. this is right here at the transition zone. then the high pressure takes over into next week. we still have some variable clouds look out for but way that looks kind of inviting if we get something from that success of system are 2, 4, zone forecast covering you this tuesday. 68 for san francisco. still those 50's of the coast. don't forget, it's still on shore. winds today 60's down the peninsula. bayside 70 for foster city. 74 for palo alto inching upwards temperature wise. 78 for san jose east bay shoreline to the south, lower to middle 70's but tri valley getting into the upper 70's popping 80 at walnut creek. 82 for concord, 72 for oakland again, vallejo, about 70 to 84 for napa. and 84 also santa rosa, but remaining cool along the coast and what that cool relief by this weekend as temperatures climb again watching the winds thursday friday after that upper 80's, we may top off and even 90 as it looks like we'll do on
12:41 pm
monday at the coast. you're looking at those upper 60's. noel. >> thank you, dave. still to come here on kron, 4 news at noon, the warriors back on the practice court today as they prepare for game one of the western conference finals. we've got details on how they plan to take on the dallas mavericks. plus, details on a massive sophisticated drug tunnel discovered that's running from the u.s. to
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>> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. we are just 3 weeks away from the june primaries here in the bay area. but in 5 other states, the polls already opened. kellie meyer has a look. in pennsylvania. it's a rush to the finish for 3 of the state's leading republican candidates. doctor mehmet oz, david mccormick and kathy barnette. >> all fighting for that last-minute vote. i was on the fence. >> i like kathy barnette. i liked her throughout the whole. process. but now i'm feeling like may be the stronger candidate was fighting to hold on to that top spot on primary day as the press fights forward with the current was did take questions during a town hall-style election eve event. the crowd also hearing a surprise message from former president donald trump who endorsed the
12:45 pm
candidate over mccormick and barnett. and thank you very much for. >> let's bring in. on monday. mccormick trump's opposition telling news nation it's about who can get the job done. the in pennsylvania voters are zeroed in on 3 questions who shares my conservative values who can win the general election. >> and who can actually get there on day one and make a big difference. a wild card in the race. kathy barnette seeing a surge in the polls for past controversial comments worrying some republicans fearing if she wins the primary, it could deliver a win to democrats in november. it's to as you can see, we had a little bump on the campaign trail for democrats. john fetterman is still in the lead after suffering a stroke over the weekend. sidelining him for tonight's election night party. and in north carolina, early voter turnout expected to surpass 2018 totals with all eyes on 2 races and to trump endorsed candidates. ted budd in the senate.
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>> and madison concord, who will face the voters after a series of controversies from bringing a loaded gun to an airport to claiming colleagues in washington invited him to cocaine-fueled trump saying caught the word deserves a second chance but he'll need to pull off 30% of the vote to avoid a runoff in his seat. that was kellie meyer reporting for us. a reminder our california primary is set for june 7th. >> well, department of homeland security has uncovered a massive drug smuggling tunnel running from san diego to tijuana. the cross border tunnel is about the length of 6 football fields. it includes electricity, ventilation railway cars and reinforced walls more than 1700 pounds of cocaine were recovered from that tunnel along with hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine and heroin. 6 people from southern california were charged with conspiracy to distribute those drugs. >> their gift will enable you to repay your student loans.
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thank you for joining us here. >> an emotional commencement for graduates at the otis college of art and design in los angeles. all 285 graduates of the class of 2022, we're surprised when they learned their debt was a race. thanks to a donation from snapchat co-founder evan spiegel and his wife miranda kerr. it was the largest gift ever in school history while he was in high school spiegel took summer classes at otis college in 2015, snapchat made him the world's youngest billionaire. and now he's giving back. all right to some sports news now. the dubs found out on sunday night will be facing off with the dallas mavericks in the western conference finals. and on monday they were in the lab preparing the warriors lost 3 out of 4 games to the maps during the regular season. but playoffs, of course, are different. beast mabs were not expected to get this far, but now that they've arrived,
12:48 pm
steve kerr knows the game plans will have to be airtight. >> i think this series more than the first 2 series for us. we're going to have to do to adapt and adjust as we go. so will, you know, will go into game one with a game plan. but i think we need a lot of contingencies depending on how how things are are unfolding. we're hungry enough know. and we have been on the radar for the last 2 years in terms >> being realistic. championship contenders an hour. knocking on the door, said to get back to the finals. so maybe that's just me in terms of not trying to be claim. no got to. but it is just, you know, as hungry as they are to get into. >> well, to baseball now where the giants were looking to rebound from one of the most embarrassing losses in recent memory. a saint st. louis beat the giants on sunday, 15 to 6. but hey, it's a new day, a new
12:49 pm
series they were in colorado taking on the rockies. giants having a decent year. but still trying to find some consistency in some areas. top of the 5th tied out 1, 2, on for curt casali and he blasts one to deep to left his second home run of the game giants and that taking the 4 to one lead. bottom of the 6, the rockies cut it to one. ryan mack mahoney takes this the other way to left back. it goes and a solo shot ties the game at 4. a piece that top of the 9th tied at 6. mike is trump's key gets all of this one high and deep to right. see it. go. larry goes into the second deck. his 3rd homer of the season. giants take the lead. and then bottom of the 9th comey load of all in to close it out. he got nick mahoney to ground out to wilmer flores this would be
12:50 pm
the ball game. giants won this one. 76 game 2 of the series is set for today. some breaking news this afternoon out of the north bay. crews in fairfield are responding to what they call a mass casualty accident involving multiple vehicles is happening on eastbound highway 12 and chad, born road just off of i-80, officials say at least 6 people were involved in this crash. one person trapped inside a car. one lane on highway 12 is currently open. but there's a lot of heavy traffic backup as crews are working to clear this scene. so if you're headed through that area, just a pack, your patience said there's going to be a little bit of a wait on those roads. coming up here we are sneaking up on summer, but the ski season just got extended here in california. we've got details on where you can still hit the
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
>> welcome back. take a look at this. a tourist has been cited by italian police for driving a suv down rome's famed spanish steps. the 37 year-old man ran off, but police arrested him at the milan airport when he tried to return the rental. he claims he was confused and took a wrong turn. yikes. images show damage to at least 2 of these fame steps. the tourists has been charged with damaging a cultural asset. not clear if he'll be forced to pay for those damages. an update now to story we brought you yesterday here on kron. 4 news
12:54 pm
at noon, a bay area team that had the time of his life taking the stage with the iconic rock band pearl jam. the drummer was without covid just as they were sick or was out with covid just as they were set to perform here in oakland kron four's terisa stasio showed us what happened next. >> and in the middle of class, i got a text from olivia. telling me to center a recording of me playing approach him song and she said it's worth a shot. >> worth a shot. that was a vice mill valley resident kyle new commenced on after hearing the news. the iconic rock band pearl jam was in a gym after its drama was out with covid and look where the advice leaving. this past friday after impressing the band with his skills, kai filled in for a performing to a packed house. the oakland arena with pearl jam. i was really >> scared to. and there's to
12:55 pm
walk up on stage like a couple songs. but for my heart restarted gray saying and then he called that he called me up. and once i saw the crowd lit up it. i kind of freaked out. i think internally. >> yet in action he was in the moment nailing it. >> i tried to not focus on the crowd. because they just kind of elevated the stress and focus on the drumming. >> the 18 year-old marine county resident says that he started playing drums when he was 8. like when i play, i don't really. >> think about anything else. i'm just. i think they call it like flow state where you just. one with that roams, the instrument. >> by the way, the person who gave him the advice to send a video was olivia vetter lead vocalist. eddie vetter is daughter. they met at a music fest. kai is in a local band.
12:56 pm
the alive. they play thought a rock. next is earning plans to play with project began. >> not that i know of. >> but you never know. i could you have any advice for our someone who is just starting to play drums? yeah. and don't give up if you have a even if you're doing it alone. don't lose, don't lose hope. theresa kron, 4 news. >> what a night for that teenager. all right. if you think your parents are bugging you about giving them grand kids, be glad they're not suing you over the matter. a couple in india is suing their son and daughter-in-law for more than half a million dollars in damages. if a grandchild is inborn within the next year. according to the lawsuit, the couple claims they spent more than a quarter-million dollars raising their son. they provided him with a wonderful education. he also states also states they bought the newlyweds a car and paid for their honeymoon. but 6 years later, still no grand kids.
12:57 pm
the couple's attorney says they're worried that without grandkids, there's not going to be anyone to care for them when they get yanks. and in case you've got urge to hit the slopes ski season has been extended yet again at mammoth mountain. a series of spring storms brought more than 3 feet of late season snow to the region. so they're going to be extending the ski season through june, so enjoy and hit the slopes to cool off. if it gets too hot here in the bay later this week. all right. that's it for the kron. 4 news at 3. thank you so much for joining us. we'll excuse me at noon. we'll see you right back here at 3 o'clock. have a good one.
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