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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 17, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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stuck a recession could be on the horizon. yes. state financial leaders say could happen soon and because of how governor newsom wants to spend the massive budget surplus. california could face a significant budget shortfall as soon as next year. our first ashley zavala explains. >> this warning is coming from california's nonpartisan legislative analyst in response to governor gavin newsom's proposed state budget. the says the governor spending plan could put california on a fiscal cliff and could require eventually budget cuts in the billions, the fiscal cliff that we're talking about is >> that the state revenue picture that we're we're talking about here is so strong that it's putting it of putting on course to be above the state appropriations limit. california legislative analyst gabe attacks as the governor's budget proposal would leave the state 3.4 billion dollars over that constitutional spending limit this year.
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>> and another 22 billion dollars next year. the law also known as the gan limit is calculated every year based on population and inflation. it requires every dollar over the limit to be associated with a $1.60 in required spending to get under the limit. recent years has made it tricky to stay under the limit as the state's population slightly decreased. while revenues have june 10 with more money, more problems, the notes, this issue becomes worse with continued revenue growth. but at the same time, officials say there's also a heightened risk of recession. there is the risk that revenues could go down because of the recession. in fact, we think the risk of recession has increased. >> and that would present a whole different set of budget problems, of course, because we have not enough revenue to pay for our existing commitment. and so that's why, you know, right now what we recommend is that the state and the legislature consider adding to reserves, the discretion or where it would help us in either scenario. we
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agree that there's a lot of uncertainty out there. we beeieve, however, that what we've done with with the governor's revised budget. >> places this state in a solid position knowing that there's a certain need ahead. hd palmer is the spokesman for the california department of finance. he says billions of dollars are going into reserves. plus, he says about 95% of the surplus plans to be used on one time spending. >> meaning the projects do not require ongoing money with 15 billion dollars in future projects. the administration is prepared to scale back if needed 20 years ago during the dot com boom. when revenues riding the rock and everybody thought that was going to be going on forever. >> it was the dot com boom went spectacularly bust in those revenues evaporated overnight. >> there was still that higher ongoing level of spending that created those multi billion dollar deficit call-up that probably took us about a decade to finally get off of the books. we don't want to make that same mistake again. >> the has said the governor
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and legislature have 2 options to deal with the long-term problems of the state appropriations limit. the first is to consider reducing taxes over time. the second is to ask voters to change the limit. democratic leaders in the state senate and the governor have signaled they'll try to ask voters to change the limit in 2024. at the state capitol, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> all right. another sign high gas prices are here to stay. gas prices hit a new record high in california overnight climbing $0.3 to $6 and $0.2 a gallon on average statewide. it's even worse here in the bay. this is the average cost for a gallon of regular in each local county. according to triple a marine as most expensive 6.27, the least expensive gas can be found in solano county, which matches the state average of just over 6 bucks a gallon nationwide. there's also a new record high as prices have climbed another $0.4 to for 52 on average, georgia, kansas and oklahoma are the only 3 states in the country for the
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average prices south of $4. a-gallon experts are predicting the record high prices will remain both here in the bay area and across the country, at least through memorial day. family support governor newsom's plan to get the homeless and severely mentally ill into court ordered care. they held a rally in oakland today. our catherine heenan is here now with more on why they feel so strongly about the governor's care court proposal, catherine? yeah, these are people who say they live way too closely with the problem of trying to help relatives who are severely mentally ill. >> including parents of adult children who desperately need treatment and medication but refused to accept any help. they are talking about not being able to intervene and the sometimes tragic family dramas of a loved one who won't even acknowledge a sickness. they say care court would allow them to get those relatives off the streets and into meaningful treatment
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among the speakers at today's rally, the mother of a man who began suffering from mental illness at age 19. >> in the space of 2 years, he went from being a student at uc berkeley to sleeping on the he greats outside the buildings where he once attended classes. he's 38 years old. now he spent the last 14 years living on the streets. he's been hospitalized between 40 and 50 times. just enough to traumatize him. not long enough to actually help him. what are the rights that disaaility rights and protecting? the rate to eat out of garbage cans. the rate to sleep on the streets, the right to your voice is that threaten and torture them? >> she is referring in part to critics of the care court plan, including certain homeless and disability rights groups. they argue against force treatment. the governor's plan is the subject of ongoing legislative debate. but people bottom line at
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today's rally say it is time to listen to the families who actually live with this problem firsthand grant and vicki, thank you, catherine. and on capitol hill, a bipartisan effort is underway to pass a law helping first responders and teachers afford homes. >> and those heroes in our communities, police officers, firefighters, first responders, teachers can't afford to live in the communities that they serve. and so we've come together, democrats and republicans working together this week. police week to announce this bipartisan legislation. >> so there's a lot of reasons why housing costs are high and unaffordable. and we're trying to address one of them after these changes in the law to provide a new opportunity for financing, especially specifically for men and women's world. first responders and law enforcement firefighters, police officers and also teachers who we think are so essential, not just for and the very communities that they serve.
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>> if passed, the helper act will establish a new one time use home loan program. lawmakers and advocates say this has the potential to address the housing crisis and reward deserving community servings. i whether time now is we give you a live look outside a beautiful overview shot of the golden gate bridge in the distant. we're here on a tuesday. it's been a nice weather weekend. lawrence is with us. a feel like it warm. yeah. is for you. yeah. tomorrow probably the hottest day of the week. we're going to see some temperatures moving up. the nines, at least in spots inland. not right at the coastline, of course, get a little bit of a sea breeze might even get a little patch or 2 of fog up toward the coast. but looking lovely out there right now. >> and half moon bay, you've got some nice clear skies. and that's the way it's going to stay for the evening hours. high pressure. yeah, it's going take care of us. that ridge going to build in across is that low digs to the south all the way down in the baja, california. high pressure going to build in and that's going to make for some hot weather for tomorrow. that is going to crank up the temperatures in many spots inland impact. you can keep
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those skies mostly clear. the only exception may just see an onshore flow flown. that will give it a little bit of a breeze along the coastline with a couple patches of fog. now we do have a weak cold front that's coming through on thursday. and then once that moves by star, see those strong northerly winds kicking in. that's why we're worried about the fire danger in the central valley. as you look around the bay area tomorrow, you're looking 60's along the coastline about 60's and 70's. you get your way in the burlingame. 75 in san mateo, 81 in mount view, some 90's begin to show up in the south bay hot 90's inland as well. and that's way it's going to play out the least for tomorrow. some hot temperatures in the valleys, maybe even near triple digits vacaville about 82 degrees in mill valley. now that is something to cheer for. college graduates getting the surprise of a lifetime during their commencement ceremony and the twitter deal with elon musk still on hold as musk's. >> cast more doubt on the
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>> elon musk is casting a new round of doubt in his bid to take over twitter. he says the deal to buy the san francisco based company remains on pause less. the company shows public proof. the fewer than 5% of the accounts on twitter are fake or spam must claims at least 20% of the current accounts could be fake. he also hinted that he would like to pay less for twitter than
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the 44 billion offer he made last month at this time. twitter claims it plans to complete the deal as previously agreed upon. and once it done by the end of the year. >> their gift will enable you to repay your student loans. >> music to their ears. yeah. graduates at the otis college of art and design in l a got a commencement surprise. the class of 2022. consisting of nearly 300 students received a donation from snapchat to co founder evan spiegel and his wife, miranda kerr. it was the largest gift ever in that school's history while he was in high school spiegel took summer classes at otis college in 2015 snap chat made him the world's youngest billionaire and now he's giving back. >> still ahead, countdowns on kron four's kylen mills breaks down how the 4 years planned it take down the dallas mavericks in game one of the
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>> and just over 24 hours from now, the warriors will be on the floor, getting ready for game one of the western conference finals. and today the team was locked in during their final real practice at
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chase center. yeah. kron four's says sports reporter kylen mills joins us in the studio with the keys in the matchup and how the team is getting ready. kylen. >> today is the day you the maps to the floor actually chase center for their first practice ahead of tomorrow's game. they're trying to acclimate made it to the bay area. but what a fun matchup this is going to be. this is going to be really, really exciting. like you mentioned the words just gotten another team practice for their side after enjoying some rest over the weekend after winning that big game 6 against the grizzlies 2 of the main challenges for the warriors in the series shutting down star luka doncic's and getting past the stout mavericks defense. the mouse ranked 6 during the regular season in defensive efficiency. and second in points allowed for the worse to be successful offense will need to spread the floor, moved the rock, be patient and take care of the ball. turnovers have been a problem for the dubs are averaging 17.8 turnovers per game in the playoffs. ouch. andi the worse half. got to figure out how to slow down the mouse. backcourt dogs, which is second in the
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nba in playoff scoring this postseason averaging 31 points per 31.5 rather points per game. dallas guard jalen brunson also hot averaging an impressive 22.9 points per game. however, dawn church will be the focus. >> knows that make things difficult for all. okay. you missed a look at same defensive preez smart player. he's able to know pickleball coverage is pretty fast. so switching make things hard for me try to make tough schools. this prior to the game plan right now is going feel a lot of justice on the fly as we play but right now, that's the game plan. >> a big boost for the warriors as well. they have home court advantage in the series. the dubs have not lost a playoff game yet at chase center tip-off tomorrow. 06:00pm some extra pressure for game one as well. the words are 13 in playoff series where they have won their first game. you guys. so i like their odds. if they can win tomorrow, that's really
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going to set the tone for the and if i can get that being get made for the crew here, game is going send some to me at chase center. police are something. we get back us this >> got to do it where you can write. trying to get some last-minute tickets for game one of the western conference finals. well, there are still to be had the cheapest ticket available right now on stub-hub are 200. and $38. that's including those old fees they tag on the expensive ticket. right now those are going for over one. oh, wait that $3100. i thought that was a typo. but now $3100. >> you want people to, you know, umpire baseball games, ref basketball games for kids will then don't attack them. this is video from sacramento county where an angry fan.
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decided to follow to the parking lot after the baseball game. i was upset about a call that during a high school playoff baseball game and then e attacks the up happened yesterday after the del campo varsity baseball team. it was a walk-off win. and yeah, that the 2 teams are set to meet again tomorrow in merced said in game 2 of the series, the san juan unified school district which oversees del campo high, put out a statement saying this unfortunate incident is a reminder. >> for us all to uphold a level of sportsmanship and respect for everyone involved in athletic competitions. this unfortunate incident. yeah, it to caught unfortunate is goes without saying people need to act like adults and if your kid is there playing, just remember, these are kids and
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now it's getting paid a lot of money for this. >> governor gavin newsom getting a look at how the state is combating severe drought here in california. he's expected to visit a water recycling facility in la county to you see their hands on approach to saving water. and with this visit, newsom wants to emphasize the importance of local water district partnerships within our state. if you've got the urge to hit the slopes, the ski season is actually being extended yet again at mammoth mountain, a series of spring storms brought more than 3 feet of late season snow to the region. mammoth recently announced that it would remain open through memorial day and now they say ski and snowboard operations are going continue in to june. all right. well, that's good news so taking a look at the summit of mount mammoth mountain. looks like a looks like they still got the snow up there. i don't think i bring your best skis up there. a lot get a little bit rough up there. there's going to be
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some exposed rocks. it's just that time of year. >> but if you've got to get in one last around the city and they wear shorts, yeah, there you go up wearing shorts and going out enjoying the slopes out there. but yeah, we're going to see some beautiful weather around the bay area not only here but around the state. how about this? a nice look at half dome and yosemite. how about that beautiful shot this evening. see not much snow in the mountains. there's a lot of that has already begun to melt and go away now. and yeah, around the state this what we're looking for temperatures right now starting at hop in spots. 92 right now in the sacramento valley. 91 in reading 87 degrees in fresno. 84 degrees in bakersfield and 66 degrees cooler in los angeles to look at this warm temperatures around the bay area right now. 71 a beautiful evening in san jose. cooler 50's coast side with the sea breeze. still 81 and warm in the cocker 79 degrees in the napa valley, 70 in petaluma 81 degrees in santa rosa. high pressure building in overhead. we have that more northerly wind that offshore wind kicking in today. that clear out the clouds moving those well away from the coastline
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live. lots of sunshine behind. even out toward the beaches that sea breeze started kick back in, though. and so, yeah, that overnight tonight as the breeze begins to blow, we might see a patch or 2 of fog. it's not going to be much. i don't think along the coastline, but yeah, the winds kind of kicking up just a bit. you've got some winds gusting over 20, even 30 mile an hour gusts in the san francisco sfo. 21 mile an hour gusts in the fairfield. so little breezy in spots out there, not as windy as it was yesterday, but still a bit of a breeze this evening. the high pressure is going to build in for tomorrow as that ridge settles in. but we're going to be for a hot day tomorrow, especially inland. i think some of the interior valleys up in the 90's by tomorrow afternoon will back along the coastline. much more comfortable overnight. skies stay mostly clear. futurecast showing you just a couple of passing high clouds. and again, we might see a patrick to fog up toward the immediate coastline. not going to be much. we have much at all. then it looks like now we're going to nice day on the way for tomorrow. enjoy that sunshine. what a beautiful day. it's going to be on wednesday. 87 and warm and san jose hot 91 in morgan hill. 93 in lemore in concord about 93
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degrees in the napa valley out over the next few days. we're going watch the temperatures cooling down. the winds are going to be kicking up on thursday. some blustery conditions expected, especially inland. but around the bay area, the winds really start to rip again. offshore flow moving in fire. danger is going to be elevated on thursday and friday, especially inland saturday and sunday. high pressure takes over again. the temperatures warming up some places again, getting close to 90 degrees by saturday, lawrence. up next, wondering when your favorite artists are performing at outside lands this year. we've got details and >> how much you can expect to pay for a one-day ticket. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you.
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outside lands released their daily lineup schedule. >> as they are in vr is and indie singer-songwriter phoebe bridgers headline friday. rockers green day and rapper jack harlow will take center stage saturday night. can you read all those little names? rapper post malone and rock group weezer. we'll finish off the festival sunday. the music festival will take place august 5th through the 7th at golden gate park in san francisco and one-day tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00am with general admission prices starting at 100? >> 75 bucks such a deal? want to clarify because they did make a bit of a typo. we're doing the the warrior story, the most expensive ticket for game one of the western conference finals. there were
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that pair just got sold. so what's left car? i bought them. yeah, probably. and $21,000. courtside per ticket as a pair. i mean to stupid money. it's crazy. but that should be a good show should working on the bean dip. watch it here. that wraps kron. 4 news at 5. i'm less to miss the being. that joke. is that just start somehow? i don't know. you were going know, i don't to get you you know what you want i get it's going to fun with everybody and being dipped down a rock and roll basketball game. thank you. grant think. thank you so much for always count on him for a little levity there. okay. coming up tonight at 6. >> president biden condemning the violence that erupted in buffalo, new york on saturday. his message about gun violence of racism in america and the warriors getting ready for
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> evil will not win. i promise hey, will not prevail.


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