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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> evil will not win. i promise hey, will not prevail.
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white supremacy will not have the last word. >> now has 6 emotional remarks in buffalo today from president biden marking the deadliest race to attack in the united states since he took office. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne today, president joe biden traveled to buffalo to meet with the community that still reeling after that horrific shooting that authorities say was racially motivated. our washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin joins us live now were killed. how would the president's remarks received today? well, president biden offered words of comfort to the community of buffalo, still obviously suffering. >> after this tragedy on saturday, he also expressed deep frustration over white crimes like this keep happening. he called on americans to reject the white supremacy and also the people rhetoric. he says fuel saturday massacre. >> we've come to grieve with you.
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>> tuesday, the president and first lady visited the memorial outside the buffalo neighborhood grocery store where the shooting took place and met privately with grieving families. that's not the same. but we know what it's like to lose a piece or so. then moving from grief to anger, the ideology of white supremacy has no place in america. >> the president that america must reject the racial hatred. that was apparently the motive for the murders of 10 black americans in buffalo. what happened here? >> it's simple, straightforward chairs. >> the president also renewed his call for lawmakers to pass a plan that would ban the use of assault weapons. >> but i'm not going to give up front. >> new york senators chuck schumer and kirsten gillibrand promised to push for action in the u.s. senate to oppose to poison of white supremacist. that inspired this promise you every single one of us, our
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dedicated to doing that until it's time. republican leaders in the house and senate condemn the violence. nation is heartbroken. racism of any sort. and america. >> and i want to be stood up to everybody. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said any gun control legislation. >> we'll have to come from democrats. president biden also adding that no american at this point should be standing on the sidelines. he called on commentators and politicians to stop using racism as a way to gain profit in power. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to tell if a gun control isn't getting anywhere in congress. what else are lawmakers doing to try to stop violence like this from happening again? >> well, there are many democrats who are pushing legislation that would address a domestic terrorism, something that would give law enforcement, for instance, more resources to try and prevent tragedies like this. and they're hoping that after
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the shooting, there would be a renewed push to get this across the finish line. the problem is that it didn't have republican support to start. and there are already some democrats pushing back. so we'll have to wait and see in the coming weeks if they get any further momentum. the pass both chambers. raquel martin reporting live for us from washington, d.c., tonight. thank you. >> happening now, activists and community members are gathering in danville to rally against the recent acts of racism there. we first brought you the story last night during kron 4 in prime time mass demonstrators, as you see here, held up signs among other things, saying as this one does white lives matter. this is near a busy intersection in danville over the weekend. and it comes as the nation is grappling with that mass shooting in buffalo, where the white gunman is accused of targeting and killing black people at a grocery store. the mayor of danville condemns the group that held up that white lives matter sign in and their actions. activists say today's rally is meant to highlight structural causes of racism
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and honor the victims of police brutality. >> in southern california, prosecutors have now charged the suspect in the orange county church shooting with one count of first-degree murder and 5 counts of attempted murder. 68 year-old david shell of las vegas also faces an enhancement for let for lying in. wait. he is accused of opening fire during a sunday luncheon for members of a taiwanese church in the city of laguna woods. 52 year-old doctor john chiang was killed after trying to tackle the suspect. 5 other people were wounded. new information tonight out of texas. police have arrested the man who allegedly shot and injured 3 korean women at a dallas hair salon. the suspect's girlfriend telling police that jeremy thouand smith had recently been admitted to a health facility for having delusions about asian americans. the fbi is investigating the shooting as a hate crime. investigators believe it could be connected to 2 other shootings at asian
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american businesses. there. >> here at home in the north, a sonoma state university. police are investigating 2 potential hate crimes that happened within a week of each other. most recent was on may 13th. police say university staff found a rope hanging in a classroom at salazar hall. they say it looked like a news. the first incident happened on may second in that incident. university staff say they found a barbecue grill that have been pushed into a pool and attached to the grill was another rope with a loose end of the rope fashioned into a noose and it was left hanging on the pools. accessibility lift. right now. there is no suspect information at this time for either case. nor do police say they have a motive. so the state university police are urging anyone who does have information to give them a call. they say you can remain anonymous citizen james denman middle school in san francisco held a walkout today in support of the lgbtq plus rights. >> the walkout is in response to recent legislation in the
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number of u.s. states across the country restricting discussions of sexuality, gender identity and expression in schools. the laws banned from classrooms. what is deemed an appropriate conversations? they also mandate that teachers notify parents if their child is receiving any kind of support around their sexuality or gender identity. many call it the don't say bill, the students who participated in the walkout today say the rights of youth are being taken away and the future of generations of lgbtq plus community are in danger. pressing. students. >> that are openly or that are still in the closet. 4 these causes and it can be very painful for them when they don't have teachers where staff members or counselors who they can talk to about these things. >> the rights that we have we shouldn't have to. we shouldn't have to fight for the be should be things that
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are just so essential and we do have to fight. so we're coming out to lend our voices and try to make a change. >> the event took about 3 months to organize during the rally, students marched chanted they held signs in support of lgbtq plus youth. about 400 students participated in this walkout. >> meanwhile, 9 bay area school districts are set to receive a donation of thousands of lgbtq plus affirming books for elementary school libraries. the donation comes from a group called gender nation. state school superintendent tony thurmond celebrated the donations today. school districts receiving the books include alameda, albany, berkeley fairfield, to soon and oakland. we have an update on that double shooting near san jose state university that left a man dead. police say the woman who was also shot is now the main suspect. 41 year-old jessica garrison called police around 3 o'clock monday morning to report that she and her boyfriend had been shot. he died at the scene.
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she was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police say their investigation led to garrison as the person responsible for her boyfriend's death. she's been booked into the santa clara county jail on charges of homicide. >> an alleged arson is caught on camera. vallejo police say 32 year-old xavier williams started a fire at the gourmet grocery store anchor pantry about 3.30 this morning. the store's owner says her security cameras caught the man in at kron four's. rob nesbitt tells us how people quickly came together to help. a pile of burnt debris sits in front of boarded-up anchor pantry. the owner says only 20 minutes passed from the time the suspect lit the fire to the time she watched it back on her security cameras within minutes of walking up to the front door of the anchor pantry. this man has flames started. not the news that jessica brooks want to wake up to tuesday morning. >> i was just stunned and couldn't believe that it was happening. i mean, it was.
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almost fully engulfed by the time. you know, we were only here for just a few minutes late. hopefully say the suspect caught on camera is 32 year-old xavier williams who was located a short distance away from the store, arrested and charged with arson. they found the guy just within a few blocks of here. >> brooks says she does have insurance, but that almost everything inside her gourmet food store was destroyed in early morning fire that has others on the block like karen finley concerned it could have been the post office. it could have been anyone. it could have been target. it could have been anyone, you know, so wasn't just them, which which is scary. the owner of the alibi bookshop decided to help by starting a gofundme for anchor pantry as well as the joint next door that was also damaged in the fire to give them both love because that is the jewel of downtown right there. those 2 stores, the online fundraiser for anchor pantry had raised more than $22,000. at the time of this interview. oh, my gosh. i can't believe that a sign of hope during a very difficult
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day. it's just really amazing how people have come out for me and it makes me feel really special. but at the same time. >> bomb that what happened? >> if you want to help out these 2 businesses, we have the links to both gofundme is in the web article of this story on kron 4 dot com. you can click to donate in vallejo. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> a live look outside on this tuesday evening ball look at the bay bridge toll plaza. something's going on. it's pretty crowded over there. at least the weather is good for those travelers. everybody's coming over to check out bikies being excited. it is something if all right. >> well, haha. >> again, try and in the hot, windy weather this. that time of year, right? cool drink outside the qb dip. and you've got a night ahead of you. we've got some wild weather coming our way, possibly going to see increased fire danger. i think in the next couple days out there right now, boy, look at that big, huge container ship going the golden gate bridge right now, a little hazy out toward the
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bridge at this time as the seabreeze has kicked back in. but something we're watching right now is we're going to see a increased fire danger. this is huge fire concern. but something going to want to watch out for and take some extra we are expecting the winds start as we get into thursday. there's another cold front that's going to drop by and behind that the winds are really going to get going. somegnortherly winds 15 to 30 mile an hour sustained, probably gusting 40, maybe 50 miles per hour in the humidity is going to be very, very dry bone dry down to 5%, maybe 15% in the afternoon. that will continue thursday through about friday afternoon. those winds we'll begin to subside. but i want to show this to you. there's a fire weather watch a forecast model and you can see right now things are a little bit elevated places in london that just because the sea breeze kicking in around the bay area's we take you through time overnight tonight, of course, things quiet down to the sea breeze may increase the moisture in the atmosphere. then tomorrow, the increase once again. watch what happens as we get into thursday. that's when things really start to get elevated by thursday afternoon. take care, extra care, be extra careful. things are going to be a little bit elevated as
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far as fire danger concerns in the next couple days. thank you, lawrence. well, less than 24 hours ago on state warriors will be hosting the dallas mavericks for game one of the western conference finals today. >> the team was locked in during practice while the maps took the floor at chase center for their first shoot-around on kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us live with a look at how the lawyers are getting ready. kylen. >> hey, guys. today the dallas mavericks held their first workout at chase center. will the warriors got another team practice after getting some rest over the weekend? that was much needed. >> the 2 big challenges for the warriors in this series shutting down mouse star luka doncic's in getting past the stout mavericks defense. the mouse ranks 6 during the regular season in defensive efficiency and second in points allowed for the worse to be successful offense. they'll need to spread the floor, move the rock, be patient and take care of the ball. turnovers have been a big problem for the dubs. they're averaging 17.8 turnovers per game in the
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playoffs on d the words have have to figure out how to slow down the mouse. backcourt doncic's is second in the nba playoffs scoring this postseason averaging 31.5 points per game. dallas guard jalen brunson is averaging an impressive. 22.9 points per game. however, dawn will be the focus. >> no, yeah. make things difficult for all. okay. you missed a look at same defensive preez smart player. he's able to know pickleball coverage is pretty fast. so switching up, make things hard for me try to make tough tools. this prior to the campaign right now is going to feel a lot of justice that's on the fly as we play. but as our nice the game plan. >> a big boost for the warriors. they have home court advantage in the series. the dubs have not lost a playoff game yet at chase center tip-off tomorrow. 6 o'clock also some extra pressure for game one. the warriors are 13 in playoff series where they won the first game. you guys not that anyone ask my
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prediction is warriors in 6. we'll send it back highlight thank you. kylen. >> coming up, pfizer's covid booster shot for children between the ages of 5.12 has been approved by the fda. but when will those shots be available in texas? disease expert here in the bay area will join us live to explain. plus, new legislation introduced that would make one east bay city a sanctuary for abortions with the proposal says and we could get a vote on whethe oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order.
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>> in the east bay political leaders gathered outside oakland city hall in support of a resolution declaring oakland a pro choice. sanctuary city force has the and has that story. >> oakland city leaders take action, creating a safe space for women seeking abortions. a resolution declaring oakland a pro-choice sanctuary city. we won't go back because we know that abortion. >> as health care >> this announcement codes as cities and states across america prepare for the possibility of the supreme court overturning the federal abortion rights law. roe versus wade under no circumstances should anyone make a decision about what i do or anybody with the uterus does with their body recently, lawmakers in santa clara county passed a funding allocation to expand access to
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reproductive healthcare. of oakland's pro-choice sanctuary city resolution, vice mayor and council member rebecca kaplan is calling alameda county and the state of california to do the same. >> we recognize the reproductive freedom means both. it has to be legal and that it has to be funded and available so that people have access both in law and in reality because i have been able and have the privilege of using the resources at planned parenthood while speaking at this press conference on the steps of city hall, the co author of the resolution, oakland city council, president pro tem shape. house remarks were briefly interrupted by a pro like that bucket who walked in front of her holding a sign as she was speaking. >> and we can see that there still so many people. as you can see, the man just walked in front of you. don't believe that we get the right >> the next step for the coauthors of oakland's pro
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choice. sanctuary city resolution will be calling on the alameda county and the state to expand funding for abortions. has it made you cry for new? >> help could soon be on the way for california couples who are struggling with infertility. a bill making its way through the appropriations committee this week, wood for some health insurers to cover infertility related costs. east bay assemblywoman buffy wicks is behind a b 2029. this is her 3rd time trying to get the measure through. she says it would focus on large health insurance plans. >> and this year we've narrowed the bill. we've taken some amendments to reduce the amount of cycles. one could get under bill as well cap of the benefits to $75,000 per couple. so our hope there is by reducing the cost and the scope, we will be able to get the bill passed. hope that if we get this bill passed this year, we can come back again next year and add more plans at medical and others so that we can have tracked across the board. one in 8 people
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experience infertility issues and weeks as her second child was born through ivf. >> the bill is set to be heard by the appropriations committee tomorrow and families who support governor newsom's plan to get people who are homeless and severely mentally ill into court ordered care held a rally in oakland today. kron four's catherine heenan is here to tell us more about why they feel so strongly about newsom's. cara korte proposal. catherine? yeah, well, these are people who say it is time to listen to the families of the severely mentally ill, the people who live with this. >> they include parents of adult children who desperately need treatment and medication but refuse to accept any help. they are talking about not being able to intervene in the sometimes tragic family dramas of a loved one who won't even acknowledge a sickness. they say care court would allow them to get those relatives off the streets into meaningful treatment. among the speakers at today's rally, the mother of a man who began
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suffering from mental illness at the age of 19. >> in the space of 2 years, he went from being a student at uc berkeley to sleeping on the grates outside the buildings where he once attended classes. he's 38 years old. now he spent the last 14 years living on the streets. he's been hospitalized between 40 and 50 times. just enough traumatize him. not long enough to actually help him. it would add an avenue by which family members like me and others, not just police officers and clinicians. >> what have some authority to really do something to help our sick loved ones. cannot advocate for themselves. >> the governor's plan applies only to the severely mentally ill critics, including certain homeless and disability rights groups argue against forced treatment. the plan is the subject of ongoing legislative debate. people at today's
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rally. bottom line, they say they want people to know that their fight to say family members is often a matter of life and death. ken and pam. catherine, thank you. oakland leaders are working on a plan to use cannabis tax money to fund new community services. >> the effort is called the emerald new deal. city leaders say the proposal would move about 7 million dollars in annual cannabis tax revenue from the city's general fund to pay for services such as mental health services, housing support and community development. city leaders say the proposal is also an effort repairs. some of the lasting effect of the war on drugs. city councilmember loren taylor, who's one of the sponsors of the proposal. calling on the city to take more action to ensure that money can help the community. >> this emerald new deal fight is not populated unless the cannabis industry rose and survive in his state right now. the cannabis industry is hurting. they are asking for support from the city and
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there's no direct direct linkage to how the dollars from the cannabis industry are helping support the industry's growth. >> the plan would also reinvestment oakland's cannabis equity program that was created in 2017 to reserve permits for people who were convicted of a marijuana related offense in the city. taylor said the proposal will come to a council meeting on may 24th l will include a financial analysis from the city's finance department. coming up, elon musk. >> what a pause on his bid to try to take over twitter. why the billionaire says at least 20% of the current accounts could be fake.
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>> elon musk is casting a new round of doubt in his bid to take over twitter. he now says the deal to buy the san francisco company remains on pause unless the company shows public prove that less than 5% of the accounts on the platform are fake or spam. musk claims at least 20% of current accounts could be fake. he also hinted that he would like to pay less for twitter that the 44 billion dollars he offered last month. this time twitter claims it plans to complete the deal as previously agreed and wants it done by the end of the year. coming up, cross examination continues in the johnny depp's defamation trial as >> amber heard is grilled by
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depp's legal team. the new pictures and videos so are presented in court. >> plus, the bay area has become california's covid hot spot. we're joined live by an infectious disease expert to talk about cases rising vaccines for children at the potential of another mask mandate. that's after the
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>> the bay area has become california's latest covid hot spot according


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