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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 17, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> the bay area has become california's latest covid hot spot according to state data,
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san francisco has seen more than 200 cases in the last week contra costa county, more than 160 cases and santa clara county. the health officials are finding traces of the omicron subvariant and sewer samples. and today the fda approved pfizer's booster shots for children aged 5 to 11. joining us now is doctor george rutherford from ucsf. doctor, thanks for being with us on ground to cover to start with the big news. it. >> just came out a little while ago about the fda authorizing that booster shot for kids. your take on that. >> i think it's been a long time coming it. you know, we didn't really start to have were unable to vaccinate this. this group of children until late last fall. so it's about time for the for the booster doses to kick in and don't think booster doses taken. this is a 3 dose series where get a you know, you get a couple of doses early and then one later on so much. i think it's a better way to think about it. boosters sort of implies that that's optional. but this is not optional, especially against omicron. so
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as soon as they're available at encourage people to get them for their children. >> i'm curious how concerned you are about the increase in the numbers, particularly here in the bay area where historically since this all started, we've been pretty good at it. you know, following the rules, keeping the numbers down. and now here we are surging and highest among the highest in the state. >> well, it's because we just didn't so there are a couple of things going on here. the first is the good news is that we don't have very high hospitalizations and death t% rates are very low. and continue to be very low. so that's the effect of the vaccine. that's the effect of the avoidance we've been doing for the last. a couple of years. i tell everybody in 1918, 1919, san francisco at 350,000 people. there are 3,000 deaths from from the 1918 influenza. we've had 866 from covid. so that's, you know, less than a 3rd. i think it's you know, i think those are the things that are good. but we have a combination, the
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highly vaccinated population of the vaccines don't work as well against preventing infection with the omicron and that subvariants as they did with earlier strains and people who got infected before. their immunity has waned. i think we're hadn't gotten vaccinated. your immunity has waned. so they're now susceptible again. i think with the differences between us and los angeles is there was a lot more naturally acquired infection. more recently in los angeles. that's giving some some protection worst. we've relied predominant leon vaccination. reliance on vaccination is out in our low mortality rates and low hospitalization. it's yeah. i think san francisco's around 83% to vaccinated, which is very good. >> but it certainly not. everybody wanted to ask you about masking there's that's been coming up against some authorities are. >> asking for mask mandates. your perspective on that.
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>> i think people know what they need to do to protect if you're older, if you have a, if you have chronic underlying medical conditions, if you're in a situation in which it's crowded and it's indoors like these jim picture showing, i think it's prudent to to wear a mask and i think we can do it without mandating everything. i think if people, you know, understand what the risks are, they they could. they and their employers can take it upon themselves to to seek the additional protection that masks provide. >> the numbers of people getting that second booster running pretty low. and you know, here we are up on the some of the spring summer travel season. what are your concerns about that? >> i think it so if you're traveling and you're going to be at risk, there's some timing issues here. you want to get the vaccine a couple of weeks before you leave. if you're not leaving, we're in a n search right now and say should get it as soon as you can. i'm going to a graduation next next. this coming weekend
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in virginia. so i got my. i got my dose 2 weeks ago. i'm trying to get the timing of right needs a couple of weeks to kick in. so that's that that's a little gem. you need to know that the back your brand. >> we talked about the new a booster shot for children 5 to 12 apparently on the horizon in just a couple of months or so. we're expecting shots for infants. i'm right about that. >> yeah, i think it's great. i mean, it's it's the first 6 months of life you're passively protected by maternal antibodies through milk. that's crosses the placenta. but after 6 months, it's it's useful to i think it's good. it's going to prove useful to be the vaccines have very well for children 6 months to 4 years of age, in fact, better than for the 5 to 1r months old. and so i think it's going to become part of the routine pediatric vaccination schedule. and i would certainly encourage um people people with infants and
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young children to get it. >> doctor george rutherford, thank you again, as you've been full of so much of the last couple of years being here to help us understand what's happening right now. we appreciate your time. thank you. my pleasure. take care. all right. to have a list of virginia now to our 4 zone forecast us. >> wow. look at that. nice clear. blue skies over san francisco tonight and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at what's ahead. and he says it's going to be well on warm, even hot in some spots. i think you get inland. we start to crack 90 degrees in some spots by tomorrow afternoon. still, you have to pick and choose another. but weather is in the bay area along the coastline. you might a little jacket because take rather cool up toward the beaches. we're seeing that sea breeze right now. just a gentle one in toward the golden gate bridge. but some spots winds been kicking around pretty good, but still warm temperatures out there now. 73 degrees in livermore. 53, as you make your way to half moon bay. 59 in san francisco, 70 in berkeley. 64 in oakland, a beautiful 76. what a nice evening in napa right now on
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81 degrees. still on the warm side in fairfield, high pressure overhead. that ridge bringing that nice northerly component of the wind that swept all the fog and low clouds well away from the bay area, bringing sunshine even along the coastline. the sea breeze has been returned. now, as we're going to see that each day, you see that nice offshore when the office of the sea breeze kicks back in maybe couple patches of fog form along the coastline. not going to be much but and little blustery in spots. we have had some winds gusting over 30 miles an hour in the downtown san francisco. 26 there at sfo. high pressure going to settle in, though, for tomorrow as that low pressure center dives in the south. that means we're going to get hot spots inland as that ridge builds in overhead. and some 90's going to be common in many spots inland. but as you're headed out this evening, skies going to be mostly clear. you can see maybe couple passing high clouds. that's about it. temperatures staying rather mild a little cool out along the coastline with that sea breeze. tomorrow, we're looking about 93 degrees in the napa valley. 92 in santa rosa. 93 in concord n livermore inside the find 70's and 80's and sunshine all day
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and a lot of 60's out toward the next few days. the temperatures likely going to cool down. the winds are going to be picking up on thursday. the fire danger is going to be elevated thursday into friday. warmer weather expected over the weekend. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, details on a huge sophisticated drug tunnel discovered running between the u.s. and mexico.
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>> several new effort turned away to try to alleviate the current shortage of baby formula in the u.s. nestle. one of the largest food companies in the world is flying gerber baby food formula in from the netherlands and switzerland. house democrats unveiled a 28 million dollar emergency spending bill aimed at helping the fda safely restore the supply of baby formula. the nationwide shortage stems from a single abbott plant in michigan. the baby formula maker close that plan for more than 3 months. student contamination problems. the department of homeland security has uncovered a massive drug smuggling tunnel which runs from san diego to tijuana. >> the cross border tunnel is about the length of 6 football fields. it includes electricity, ventilation railway cars, and reinforced walls. more than 1700 pounds of cocaine recover from this tunnel, along with hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine and heroin. 6 people from southern
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california have been charged with conspiracy to distribute those trucks. >> coming next, in sports, we're less than 24 hours away from game one of the western conference finals between the warriors in the mavericks. we're structure. jason dumas has reaction from steve kerr has reaction from steve kerr coming up. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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every sailing. every room. every guest. effortless from the start. celebrity cruises. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> things you love to see gp 2 back at practice without will
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grace. we did look at that, albeit at a limited capacity. but >> he is certainly trending in the right direction. nonetheless. >> about quarter. he was a full participant in practice today. he's no longer even listed on the injury report, meaning he will be full go on wednesday. of course, stepping company. they were out there, too, as they look to figure out the puzzle. that is the dallas mavericks. but if anyone can do it, it's the core of staff klay and draymond. dallas has a unique roster and present some problems. steve kerr and them are up for the challenge. >> we're feeling confident our guys they've been in this position many times. our core i think word shows is. down the stretch like against memphis in game our guys have got, you know, they've they're not afraid of anything. and that's that's where our experience helps it's it's
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good to be able to. lean on that. but it's it's also not a solution for anything. you know, we've got to do this with this particular team. this is a different version of the warriors. then. but he made the finals 5 years in a row. it's kind of new territory for some of our guys. exciting for for us to be here as a group. >> an impressive that they're doing it with a new group a couple years later. let's go to colorado. the giants up 61 right now in the 3rd inning. remember, they won late last night in colorado looking for their second straight win in this series. how about over in oakland? that one just getting started. minnesota oakland, no score, of course, both. when the a's and giants game those final will have full highlights for you. one quick note before i'm done. remember everyone that game tomorrow, the golden state warriors game
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starts at 6 o'clock. not 7. all the games so far had started at 7 tomorrow at 6 o'clock tipoff. so don't show up at half-time. get there early at the chase center. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. all right, jason, thank you. >> a grueling day on the stand for actress amber heard she continued to testify under cross examination in the defamation trial against her attorneys for her former husband, actor johnny depp, trying to discredit her claims of abuse. jennifer mcgraw has the story. >> another day of tough testimony. amber heard taking the stand for days at of a 5 week trial. johnny depp and heard's business aired and streaming across the world. amber heard back in court and back at odds with depp's attorney who is trying to refute heard's claims she was abused, attacked and sexually assaulted. >> my ex-husband, johnny depp, true. you just additive these photographs? >> no, i never edited a photograph and you just enhanced the saturation from one of these photos to make
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your face look more red. no, that's incorrect. i didn't touch it. cross examination starting out rather graphic heard alleging that debt sexually assaulted her back in 2015 in australia. >> there was an incident with a liquor bottle. mister depp lost the tip of his finger after he threw a bottle at him is not right. that is incorrect. you're the one who assaulted someone with a bottle in australia. isn't that right? mr. i didn't assault johnny and australia in johnny ever. depp's defense still trying to poke holes in her testimony. take a look. one incident amber heard has continuously argue that johnny depp was often jealous, particularly of actor james franco. new surveillance video shows her getting into an elevator and then taking frankel up to the penn house where she was living knew. mister depp was out of town week of 5/21/2016, didn't you? i don't know what i knew of his scheduled the time and depp's attorneys continue to question her motives about wanting to separate herself from death. but then publishing an op-ed article
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about being a domestic violence victim. and then this clip was aired from a deposition, a former uk case. i would like to know information coming from me so that he finds out about the divorce filing. >> my intention to do so from some other source other than tnc was alerted. >> look up there. didn't you misheard? we let it slip out that tmz had been alerted to your filing of the domestic violence restraining order, didn't you? just a great that's not what i'm talking about during the 5 or so years that the couple was together and never reported any of the abuse. however, she says that she nearly suffered a broken nose and has been putting off surgery. >> that was jennifer mcgraw reporting for us tonight. now our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside at san francisco on a tuesday evening. alright, lawrence, a nice night out yeah, beautiful evening. a little breezy in spots skies. nice and clear for the most part. but hey, it's going to get hot some spots tomorrow. i think
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tomorrow likely going to be the hottest day of the week. these temperatures likely to soar in the 90's in some spots inland. clear, as you can be we've got a nice the look out toward the golden gate bridge right now. no fog to speak of there and looks like for the most part keep us fog free. but there are 2 likely to see more of a northerly the next day or so. and then he's going to change as we get into thursday as we've got a weak system coming down, you can start to see a weak frontal system coming through on thursday. that will bring with another round of some gusty winds and elevated fire danger and spots inland around the bay area you know, we've got a lot of 60's and 70's even in san francisco, it will still have a sea breeze in the afternoon along the coastline. so watch out for that 60's mild out toward the media beaches. 65 in half. moon bay. 63 overnight about 64 degrees in pacifica inside. they plan on sunshine all day long. and the numbers going to be very comfortable. 60 millbrae tomorrow about 70 degrees in burlingame working their way down the peninsula, turning in the 80's in place like redwood city in palo alto out near the south bay, a move. well, the
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80's, maybe some low 90's by tomorrow, maybe little hot. the camel in saratoga about 90 in sunnyvale, east bay. also look at some temperatures stretching into the 90's as well. hot spots well inland tomorrow, beautiful warm inside the bay. i'll out along the coastline. some those temperatures pretty toasty well inland by tomorrow. and so, yeah, it looks like tomorrow, probably the peak of the heat that we watch these numbers back off. but not going to see a cold spell on the horizon. just temperatures backing off a bit. those winds kicking up with the fire danger going to be elevated, least inland on thursday into friday, saturday, return to some warmer temperatures. high pressure builds back in. i think some temperatures getting close to 90 degrees by saturday afternoon. thank you, lawrence welk show you some newly. >> declassified video from today's pentagon hearing on u f o's after the break. why these sightings of unidentified being treated as a national security threat?
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>> congress held its first hearing in 50 years on rising concerns over unidentified flying objects in the u.s. pentagon. officials testified before the house today saying the aerial phenomena are a potential national security threat. the hearing comes after report released last year looked at almost 150 reports of mysterious objects flying through restricted military airspace. lawmakers in military command are concerns that foreign adversaries such as russia or china, maybe sending
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technology into restricted american airspace. reports of sightings are frequent and continuing any given observation may be fleeting. >> or longer, it may be recorded or not. it may be observable by one or multiple asset. we do not want potential adversaries to know exactly what we're able to see or understand or how we come to the conclusions we make. therefore public. this book disclosures must be carefully considered on a case by case basis. lawmakers got their own classified briefing after the public hearing. apple is pressing pause on a return to the office. apple is supposed to start requiring all its employees to return at least 3 days a week. >> that was supposed to start next week. the tech giant is now delaying the deadline because of a recent uptick in covid cases, apple had been gradually getting workers back into the office since april. and it still says it expects employees to be on site at least 2 days a week. apple has
6:56 pm
not set a new date for when the new three-day week in the office schedule will go into effect. the company also told employees they must wear masks in common areas in their silicon valley offices. separately, retail employees will again be required to wear masks. >> uber is now offering even more travel options. customers will be able to use the app to book limousines and party buses. the app will also allow customers to store trip itineraries including flight train and car reservations by linking their g mail accounts to the app. travelers who use the feature will also receive 10% back in uber cash when they reserve the right for each leg of their trip. the company is also expanding. uber eats delivery options by adding the ability to order concessions, snacks in stadiums in advance, including a dodger and angel stadium. just. >> triple a says almost 40 million americans will be traveling this memorial day weekend. that's about an 8% increase over 2021, the auto
6:57 pm
club says of mass majority about 35 million will travel on the roads. about 5 million will fly to their destinations next thursday and friday will be peak travel times for getting out of town. some of those popular destinations include las vegas, orlando, new york, honolulu and anaheim to check out all the disney fun down there. >> be going one of our co-workers for sure. >> that's it for kron. 4 news tonight at 6. see you tonight at 8 o'clock. have a good evening. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: the covid defense. >speak with the sue bird marker defense saying that covered isolation drove him to commit the massacre? >> sitting in school and a hazmat suit. and a steady increase. then amber heard. the fierce cross-examination as she heads with johnny depp's lawyers. >> who was the real monster in this relationship? >> and cheers for depp. years for amber. >> deborah: the chilly impact the case could have on domestic violence cases across america. >> announcer: and the teen who vanished on


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