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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 18, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for waking up with his right and early here on the kron. 4 morning news here on wednesday. may 18. it's already hot day of feel like i woke up and it was monday. now here we are middle of the week last couple of days have been great in terms of weather looking for to the increasing heat that john has been talking about. good morning. it's just keep it on the command as he builds and builds. and today we are looking at an even hotter day than yesterday. temperatures climbing well into the 90's for inland areas. >> looking outside this morning, you can see that it is well, at least we're we're
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off to a clear, cool, comfortable start to this morning. if you want to get outside inland, enjoy some cool, feel earlier in the day as the better chance to do so because temperatures inland are going to warm really quickly. brett, what you're at 66 right now. so already starting off really warm and some of our inland areas, pittsburgh at 62 fairly mild near the bay, oakland and alameda at 53. a lot of our temperatures are a bit warmer than they were to start yesterday. winds today are going to be a little on the calmer side, going to pick back up tomorrow. that's actually creating concern of fire risk into thursday and friday. we do have some fire weather advisories that take effect tomorrow for solano county out into the central valley because of a pairing of strong winds. some really dry conditions. some really warm conditions, too. today, as i mentioned, is a warmer one than yesterday. highs inland climbing well into the 90's. 60's at the coast will be the notable difference from the heat further inland. so if you need an escape from the heat, you know where to get to all
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be breaking down fire potential as we work our way through the remainder of the week. still to come in the rest of your forecast rain, don, thank you for that. let's get a look at your bridges this taking the bay bridge so that pretty much exit 10 minutes for your drive. there. >> let's take on the san mateo bridge. you're heading across towards the peninsula, about 30 minutes to make it from a 80 to one on one out of richmond heading across towards center fail. you're looking at a 9 minute, very light dry and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes for you on this wednesday morning. the house plans to vote today on legislation to ease the country's current baby formula shortage. it would loosen the restrictions on what type of formula families can purchase to the wic program. washington correspondent jessi tenure has those details. good morning. >> this is one of several bills lawmakers are working on to not only address the shortage, but make sure the products are safe. >> let's get that meeting like this. and that into the of
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babies in response to public outcry over the country's baby formula shortage. house democrats want to move on legislation to quickly and safely restock store shelves to feed your baby. >> and then you're scared. what you feed your baby. it's going to cause connecticut congresswoman rosa delauro introduced a bill tuesday that would give the fda 28 million dollars in emergency funding to ramp up inspections. that baby formula plants around the world. the agency is increasing imports to help ease the shortage. how we get project in and get it on the shelves. and that is what this is about. this legislation follows others that would provide funding to immediately buy supply from other countries and loosen the restrictions on what type of formula qualifies for wic program purchases. tomorrow is also working to strengthen the fda's authority to hold manufacturers accountable. fda has no power to recall. right now. the agency county recommend a recall when it finds safety issues. all these proposals would still need
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senate approval. this is not a question of money. it's not a question of the federal government buying a bunch of baby formula. texas republican senator ted cruz argues the biden administration place too many regulatory barriers on the manufacturing of formula. they've shut down one of the largest factories in the country which is not able to produce. >> and abbott facility closed due to bacterial contamination. the company and the fda have reached an agreement to reopen, but it's subject to federal court enforcement in washington. i'm jessi tenure. well, the infant formula shortage is causing a great deal of concern for parents as well as guardians here in the bay area. >> it's also raising many issues about what can be done about it. kron four's terisa stasio spoke with a pediatrician and ask what many families are currently worried about. >> and the most important thing to remember is to please not make your own homemade formula. there is very formulation, a doctor. laurie sallie mae is the chief of
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pediatrics at kaiser permanente, santa rosa medical given members to not dilute the formula. and i know it's hard to not do that when you're running out, your supply can is low but too much water for beaty can be very dangerous. the doctor explaining what not to do during this latest supply chain problem affecting the most vulnerable are all kinds of. >> situations this an event might need can you kind of expand on that? >> yes, so there's lots of different situations that could be that anything premature. you need extra calories or mean, certainly trains in from that specific formula. it may be adoption. it may be mom was being twins in and can't produce enough or i can get not due to a medical condition. >> doctor sallie mae says other best practices for those needing formula include. >> and fortunately uprising. take a lot legwork to find where that formula is. and sometimes of the small store that has it, you know
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anything, if not in turn off brand name. and that's ok, if a store brand, tony, ok to buy as long as many united states. and we know that they're all processed in same way. so when can contain the same ingredients in them. >> this shortage started to unravel in the fall due to supply chain issues but got worse in february when several babies fell, ill and 2 died. the fda shutdown, abbott industries plant connected to the suspect formula for an investigation. abbott is the lead manufacture of several brands of formula supplying it to many families using federal and state assistance programs. a spokesperson for both marine county public health in san francisco county, public health say that they are closely monitoring the situation and corn, aiding supplies for those most in need. theresa kron. 4 news. >> and the east bay oakland city leaders are taking action to create a safe space for women who are seeking abortions. there. the oakland city council unanimously
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approved yesterday a resolution to make the city a pro choice. sanctuary city. now this announcement comes as cities across the state and the united states prepare for the possibility of the supreme court overturning the federal abortion rights law. roe versus wade. recently, lawmakers in santa clara county passed a funding allocation to expand access to reproductive health care. >> it reproductive freedom means both. it has to be legal and that it has to be funded and available so that people have access both in law and in reality. >> well, the next step for the co-authors of the pro-choice sanctuary city resolution will be calling on alameda county and the state to expand funding for abortions. families who support governor newsom's plan to get people who are homeless and severely mentally ill into court held a rally in oakland on tuesday. these are people who say they have lived all too closely with the problem of trying to
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help people who are severely mentally ill. that includes parents of adult children who desperately need treatment and medication but refuse to accept any help. they say the governor's care court plan would allow them to get those relatives off the street and into meaningful treatment. >> in the space of 2 years, he went from being a student at uc berkeley to sleeping on the he greats outside the buildings where he once attended classes. he's 38 years old out. he spent the last 14 years living on the streets. he's been hospitalized between 40 and 50 times. just enough traumatizes him. not long enough to actually help him. what are the rights that disability rights and protecting? the rate to eat out of garbage cans. the rate to sleep on the streets, the right to your voices that threaten and torture them. >> well, that parent is
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referring to the critics of the care court plan, including certain homeless and disability rights groups who argue against force treatment. the governor's plan is the subject of an ongoing legislative debate. on the peninsula. san mateo county is reaffirming its support for women's health care by supporting planned parenthood and protecting its patients. supervisors approved a resolution tuesday to create a buffer zone around one of the planned parenthood locations in the county four's justine waltman has those details. >> likely coming soon, a buffer zone around the planned parenthood location on el camino in the north fair oaks community of san mateo county, the buffer zone prevent protesters from approaching people as they enter or exit the clinic or be within 100 feet of the entrance. it can be a very traumatic. it's. >> syrians for someone seeking >> abortion services to have to run a gauntlet of protesters.
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>> so that buffer zone makes services since essentially more accessible to people. county supervisor dave pine tells kron 4 news staff has been instructed to figure out how to create better access to reproductive health services. >> at the 3 planned parenthood locations in the county. some ideas. new ultrasound equipment and updating patient rooms. we anticipate hundreds of thousands of people come to the state. for abortion services we'll see >> our fair share in san mateo county. these efforts coming after the leaked draft of the supreme court opinion that would overturn roe versus wade. he wants county to me a safe place when we do reconnected and we're going to make the investments ensure that not the case. >> buffer zone locations already exist around the planned parenthood locations in san francisco, oakland and walnut creek. the efforts to support planned parenthood in
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san mateo county will be considered at the next supervisors meeting on june 14th in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. well help could soon be on the way for california couples who are struggling with infertility. >> a bill making its way through the appropriations committee this week with for some health insurers to cover infertility related costs. east bay assemblywoman buffy wicks is behind bill ab 2029. this is our 3rd time trying to get through is is the bill. it focused a large health insurance plans. >> and this year we've narrowed the bill. we've taken some amendments to reduce the amount of cycles. one could get under bill as well cap of the benefits to $75,000 per couple. so our hope there is by reducing the cost and the scope, we will be able to get the bill passed. hope that if we get this bill passed this year, we can come back again next year and add more plans at medical and others so that we can have tracked across the board. >> one in 8 people experience
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infertility issues in which says her second child was born through ivf. the bill is set to be heard by the appropriations committee. that's today. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. local leaders are pushing the city to reallocate. >> the cannabis tax money to help victims of the war on drugs. how the new plan will serve the community better. and a beloved north. a grocery store set on fire with the owners are now saying about the state of their business. plus, president biden condemning the violence that erupted in buffalo, new york on saturday. his message about gun violence and racism in america. we'll be right back.
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all right. well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a time for you now. 04:14am. >> here on this wednesday morning and thinking about all the great things that can do today, get outside. go for a you know, just work in the garden. go for a hike, but making sure that we're hydrated. so with that being said, john, you got a forecast for today. should we do all those things are? no, i'm saying no, because i meant but that just personally for the rest of you, go ahead, get out and enjoy it. i will be envious of you and that. look at how nice you out there enjoying all this nice weather. >> you can see outside this morning that we do have conditions that are nice and clear. another fog free morning. you've got the bright skies up above from a moon that is just recently been full, but still plenty bright
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skies will remain clear throughout the course of the day today. and coastal areas returning to some sunshine much as you saw yesterday, too. high pressure ridge now in place going to continue to warm things up for us over the next several days today, going to be warmer than yesterday was with the time highs inland climbing well into the 90's. in some 80 sneaking upper right up along the bay. so temperatures are definitely noticeably warmer than yesterday. winds are a factor gusts as high as 15 miles per hour today. tomorrow is when they really kick back into gear, though, and because of stronger winds kicking off on thursday in a pairing of that hot and dry weather. we are going to be under fire. weather watches starting tomorrow morning, intel friday evening for solano county and then out into the central valley wins in these areas, gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. some really bone-dry humidity as we move into this drier, hotter time of year, fire danger is going to be something we talked about more and more and something that we have to think about. as we do
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venture outside to enjoy sunshiny days. 60's for your highs at the coastline today. that's a bump up in temperatures from where our coastal spots had been. and obviously quite the difference right alongside the shore of the bay as well as inland as well. high temperatures in the south bay nearing 90 today. that is a whole lot warmer than we were on monday and even yesterday livermore up to 90 yesterday, were in the upper 70's. so it's a 10 degree warm-up danville, walnut creek and concord, similar warmups with oakland and san leandro right along the bay. also back into the low 80's vacaville. 97 degrees for your high nearing triple digits for some of our for this inland spots. tomorrow's temperatures similar to today's. we will see temperatures dipping back down into the 80's friday saturday and sunday before another climb into the 90's inland by monday and tuesday of next week. bayside cities sharing a range of upper 70's to low 80's and holding tight to the 60's right along the coast.
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rain. john, thank you for that. a warm week, certainly. all right. let's get a look at the bridges this morning. 10 minute drive. >> traveling from the maze, 2 that fremont street exit. now the san mateo bridge as you're heading from a 80 to one o one. you're looking at 13 minutes for you out of richmond heading across or sandra fell. 9 minutes for you this morning. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls 20 minute drive. in buffalo, new york. funerals will start this weekend for the 10 people who were killed inside of a grocery store. there. investigators say 18 year-old payton gendron scouted out a predominantly black neighborhood with an intent to kill black people. president biden and the first lady were in buffalo today meeting with the family members of the people who were killed. kevin freeman has more on that visit. >> president biden spent several hours here in buffalo. his first stop was this tops grocery store that as you can see, remains a crime scene. it
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is also become a gathering place for this community as people continue to bring flowers, creating a memorial all around the building as the president brings his personal condolences to the families, we've come to grieve with you. >> president joe biden brings a message of comfort to buffalo, new york on tuesday. he spoke publicly after privately meeting with the families of 10 people who were shot and killed at a tops friendly markets saturday afternoon. the day's going to come. it will come. >> when your loved one brings a smile as you remember him or her. as you remember, can bring a smile lips before present to the right. >> the president first lady jill biden, along with federal, state and local leaders. >> again the morning with a visit to the store where the gunman killed 10 people. the bidens lay flowers at the scene of a growing makeshift memorial to honor the victims. >> the president then went to a local community center where
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he spoke with some of the victims loved ones before speaking to the media in america, evil will not win. i promise >> hey, will not prevail. >> and white supremacy not have the last word. >> president biden emotional at times called each victim by told a story about their lives contributions to the community and what brought them to the grocery store on saturday, the president called the actions of the 18 year-old suspect who investigators believe plan the horrific shooting for months. terrorism. these actions. >> we've seen. in these hate filled tax. representive using the hateful minority. we can't allow them to distort america. real america. >> before leaving buffalo biden stopped briefly to speak to reporters saying he would not take executive action on guns but instead urged congress to pass stricter gun laws. >> with the care. it actually
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view same to the north, a team for a long time. we have this. >> the president was joined by both u.s. senators from new york as well as the governor who is actually from the buffalo area that you may actually hear behind me, that community members have been playing music here at the scene. gospel, an inspirational music as this whole community continues to mourn the 10 lives that were lost. reporting from buffalo, new york. i'm kevin freeman. >> well, to the latest developments now in sunday's deadly shooting that happened in orange county. prosecutors are describing the man accused of opening fire at a church, a monster. 68 year-old david chao, a las vegas was charged yesterday with first-degree murder. 5 counts of attempted murder. the shooting on sunday killed one person wounded 5 others. the county's district attorney says ciao wanted to, quote, execute in cold blood
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as many people in that room as possible. prosecutors say chow was motivated by hatred for taiwan. he apparently didn't know anyone at that church. well, despite a record budget surplus of 97.5 billion dollars. there are some rising concerns that california could soon face a, quote, fiscal cliff. that's all according to the non-partisan legislative analyst's office analysis office. it reviewed governor newsom's recentll revised 300 billion dollar budget proposal. it found the state face a 25 billion dollar budget shortfall in the next fiscal year. if the country falls into a recession. said while revenue growth in the state could continue planning now for a downturn is important. >> we think the risk of recession has increased. and that would present a whole different set of budget problems, of course, because we have not enough revenue to pay for existing commitment. >> well, the is recommending the state in legislature
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consider adding to degrade discretionary reserves to help california right out hits to the economy. coming up next on bay area city has seen a rise in the canadian. he's population what local animal activists are doing to halt the local government's proposal. >> to kill the birds will be right back. after the break.
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in the east bay, animal advocates take their fight to
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foster city is. >> the local government there considers killing off some of the city's keys. well, city leaders say the bird population has exploded over the last few years and their droppings of parks and waterways have become a health concern. kron four's dan thorn has that story. >> save the geese. that's the message for this group of protesters in foster city. they say the birds deserve to live despite any concerns over perceived health hazards, there's humane ways to do this. right. i think they're making a big mistake. the the backup and change their whole he's locked their local leaders have become worried over the growing canada geese population in the city. they say the number of birds has jumped more than 300 over the last year and they expect those numbers to go even higher. the city council is considering population control through lethal removal. a statement to kron 4 from foster city government reads
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in part, quote. >> this excessive concentration poses potential health risks to both foster city residents and visitors users of our parks and waterways, lagoon, water, quality testing regularly shows high e-coli levels partly attributed to goose droppings. among other factors, activists say movil is cruel and instead of spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on this plan, the city should try some other solutions just to see that or even think about them being heard. it's just really hard canada. geese are federally protected under the migratory bird treaty act. >> meaning the city cannot kill or capture the animals without federal authorization. nonlethal methods such as fogging dog hazing and strobe lights. the city says have not worked as long as they do that as >> city officials say so far they have not received the necessary federal permits to move forward with killing these birds. they are, however, encouraging people to continue to give their input
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in the coming weeks and months reporting in foster city, dan thorn kron. 4 news >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. a message from hundreds of miles away. why some leaders and humble county are holding san francisco's district attorney responsible for a rise in fentanyl drug. so we'll be right back after the break.
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>> will back. welcome back to the kron.


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