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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 18, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> will back. welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news here
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on wednesday. we're looking at may 18th. so the mother is really just fly by the weather in terms of what's happening today. it's a really warm one. and john, i was looking at your seven-day forecast. maybe i don't want to do that height. day. and that's saying something because rain, that is a big fan of the heat, but it really is starting to get warmer out there and starting to get to the point where we're not enjoying it anymore. what's the start talking? those 90's, the upper 90's. >> like we will in some pockets today, especially early further inland and county. right now, you're berkeley hills camera skies are nice and clear. we're pairing these clear skies with some warm conditions already. brett, what you're at 65 right now. oakland and alameda had a pretty mild 53 to start the morning. only a couple of 40's on the map to start the day. so we are already off to a mild start. let those windows open. let that cool air. and we're seeing a modest breeze today with winds picking back up tomorrow, the pairing of
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stronger winds tomorrow as well as temperatures just as hot as today does mean we'll have some fire weather watches going into effect for your thursday into friday today. just mostly about the heat. daytime highs inland climbing well into the 90's. bayside areas into the 80's. breaking down your full forecast. what exactly to expect this afternoon. all the calm right now. john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your bridges this morning. a 10 minute drive traveling from the maze to that fremont street exit. >> san mateo bridge. if you're heading across towards the peninsula at about 13 minutes to make it there, richmond center fell pretty nice life for you. 9 minutes till you can see any cars out. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. you're looking at a 20 minute drive. on the peninsula. one person dead and 3 others were hurt during a shooting that happened in east palo alto. that shooting happened yesterday night at around 6 at jack farrell park on fought him street. now police say they found one shooting victim at the park,
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but they died on the way to the hospital. 2 others went to a firehouse in menlo park and then went to the hospital. police say a 4th person was shot but they didn't want to be treated there. they believe the victims were all targeted. in san jose. a man suffered a life-threatening injury after being shot last night. that shooting happened on south king road and pharmacy away. well, that's right. near the wrenshall del pueblo golf course in east san jose. police have not said how that shooting happened or provided any suspect information this morning. the south san francisco police officer is okay after a dramatic crash. all of it was caught on camera. look at this video shared us by viewer shows the officers on a motorcycle getting ran by a car. police say that officer was conducting traffic enforcement. a stop on the intersection of 5th avenue in bay road. >> in redwood city yesterday afternoon, they say the officer entered an intersection with its emergency lights and sirens on. but a car entered that intersection without stopping
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and hit the officer. police say the driver cooperated with the investigation. impairment is not suspected to be a factor in that crash. >> hold more drug dealers accountable. that's the demand. in a recent letter sent to san francisco's district attorney jason to gain from humble county leaders. they say fence and also on the streets of san francisco. it's killing our neighbors up north exclusively across for ella sogomonian has those details on their message to date. >> and was it feels like we pave the highway between temperance isco and yuriko with fentanyl. >> the lethal drugs sold in san francisco is making its way up north where more people are dying by accidental overdose in the last 10 years. and sheriff consul, he's served humble county. he says fentanyl has never before taken so many lives are focus from law enforcement not worried about share one of the more methamphetamine. it is because fentanyl is killing our local residents.
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>> last year the sheriff said 35 people were killed and 21 have taken their final fatal hit so far this year in the town of less than 135,000. >> arrests are going up too in 2022. people were taken into jail for fentanyl possession. now, 76 people were caught just 4 months into the year, overwhelmed by the troubling trend. his task force tracked a local dealers down to their source. san francisco's tenderloin district. we see this trend, you know, compounding as time goes on because it's so easy to get set. all temperatures go. >> worry echoed by san francisco mayor london breed who recently declared a state of emergency and back the former city attorney's attempt to prevent drug dealers from doing business on the tenderloin street corners and less tolerant. >> that is destroyed. our city. >> but this month, the california judge ruled against the twenty-twenty effort to ban for suspected drug dealers from entering the
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neighborhood. tired of feeling helpless. public county's board of supervisors penned a letter to the person they believe can make a difference. san francisco district attorney jason burdine, it reads in part, quote, you have the ability to continue this effort but prosecuting all cases that are brought to your office and make sure the dealers around the state understand that they are not welcome in to your county any longer. it is imperative that your office focus on this emergency and work with neighboring counties in order to establish both a short-term and long-term solution to this fentanyl crisis. the county of humboldt refuses to sit idle. well, the drug pours into our county from the tenderloin. if we cannot reach a mutually acceptable solution shortly, we will have no options. but to seek a legal remedy. >> just become a very frustrating thing feels like there's no way, no way out. you know, i think that's one of the reasons we decided to send a letter and support mayor breed with their state of emergency kit. i think it
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really reflects our own state of emergency that we're experiencing. that's connected, according to the sft is office report narcotics, prosecution rates have steadily declined since he took office. >> and while dean recognized in an interview this month with kron 4, that fatal overdoses across the country are he said he prefers a treatment and law enforcement has limited tools. >> what i can do primarily as i can drug dealers. have police arrest. but in san francisco right now, police are making arrests citywide day. 2 drug sales cases a >> sheriff consul said he's been in touch with local law enforcement or deflated by bourdain's low prosecution rate. meantime, humboldt county law enforcement will be reaching for lifesaving nasal spray. narc can to try and keep people alive while they await a response. >> in the east bay, oakland leaders are working on a plan to use cannabis tax money to fund new community service is now the effort is called the in rural new deal. city
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leaders say the proposal would move about 7 million dollars. an annual cannabis tax revenue from the city's general fund to pay for services. those would include mental health services, housing support, community development. city leaders say the proposal is also an effort to repair some of the lasting effects on the war on drugs. city councilmember loren taylor is one of the sponsors of the proposal and is calling on the city to take more action to ensure that money can help the community. >> emerald new deal fight is not populated unless the cannabis industry rose and survive in his state right now. the cannabis industry is hurting. they are asking for support from the city and there's no direct direct linkage to how the dollars from the cannabis industry are helping support the industry's growth. >> well, the plan would also reinvest the money into oakland, cannabis equity
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program. the program was created in 2017 to reserve permits for people who were convicted of marijuana-related offenses in the city. taylor also said the proposal will come to council committee on may. 24. and that's going to include a financial analysis from the city's finance department. in the north bay and alleged arson is caught on camera in valais held. the store's owner says her security cameras caught the man in the act. four's rob nesbitt reports on how the downtown area came together within hours to help the 2 businesses that were damaged by the flames. there. >> a pile of burnt debris sits in front of boarded-up anchor pantry. the owner says only 20 minutes passed from the time the suspect lit the fire to the time she watched it back on her security cameras within minutes of walking up to the front door of the anchor pantry. this man has flames started. not the news that jessica brooks want to wake up to tuesday morning. >> i was just stunned and couldn't believe it was happening. i mean, it was.
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almost fully engulfed by the time. you know, we were only here for just a few minutes late. hopefully say the suspect caught on camera is 32 year-old xavier williams who was located a short distance away from the store, arrested and charged with arson. they found the guy just within a few blocks of here. >> brooks says she does have insurance, but that almost everything inside her gourmet food store was destroyed in early morning fire that has others on the block like karen finley concerned it could have been the post office. it could have been anyone. it could have been target. it could have been anyone, you know, so wasn't just them, which which is scary. the owner of the alibi bookshop decided to help by starting a gofundme for anchor pantry as well as the joint next door that was also damaged in the fire to give them both love because that is the jewel of downtown right there. those 2 stores, the online fundraiser for anchor pantry had raised more than $22,000. at the time of this interview. oh, my gosh. i can't believe that a sign of hope during a very difficult
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day. it's just really amazing how people have come out for me and it makes me feel really special. but at the same time. >> bomb that what happened? >> if you want to help out these 2 businesses, we have the links to both gofundme is in the web article of this story on kron 4 dot com. you can click to donate in vallejo. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> well, more trouble for ecology. a report by san francisco's controller finds that recycling company took in more than 23 million dollars in profits over 4 years. now, the report says that's higher than the 9% margin agree with the city last year. ecology had to pay more than 100 million dollars in restitution interest and penalties to rate payers as part of a settlement with the city. the 2021 sentiment came after then city attorney dennis herrera investigated public corruption connected to former department of what public works. director mohammed nuru now room who is charged with wire fraud. meanwhile, there are 9 bay
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area school districts that are set to receive donations of thousands of lgbtq plus. >> affirming books. state school superintendent tony thurmond celebrate the donations from a group called gender nation. school districts receive in the books include alameda al bundy, berkeley fairfield to soon and oakland. coming up next to the kron. morning news. today's game one of the western conference finals. >> between the warriors and the mavericks sports director jason dumas says reaction from coach steve kerr ahead of their matchup will be right back after the break.
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>> despite the severe drought conditions and one reservoir, california is actually doing better than average folsom lake northeast of sacramento is 85% full, which is 10% above normal for the middle of may. this is largely the result of gradual snow melt. look cold. april storms and above average precipitation for spring. but officials warn the lake will have to help make up for what other reservoirs and the central valley project cannot supply well back here at home. really doesn't help that we're talking about where the hot temperatures over the next few days, john. and just hoping that everybody stays hydrated out there. yeah. fulsome lakes
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going to have to pull a lot of weight because a lot of those other reservoirs are really low. so it is. >> really nice to see that. we've got one reservoir in the state that is at fairly healthy levels. hopefully that will help us get through what is bound to be another dry summer ahead of us and starting to warm up really quickly already, there's an almost full moon right there. we saw full just a couple of days ago. still plenty bright, though. lightning up the bay area on this wednesday morning. as you're venturing outside today, you're doing so to a relatively mild morning. so far later on today, temperatures will rise well into the 80's and 90's. so hotter one than yesterday. this high-pressure ridge city right to our west is get ensure that we continue to remain this way throughout the course of the rest of the week. today. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. lot more sunshine tomorrow. the difference, though, is winds will start to pick back up. today's winds gusting around 15 miles per hour. tomorrow, winds picking up to around 30 miles per hour
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that paired with that hot, very dry weather and is really get up. fire danger. fire weather watches for solano county and then out into the central valley. take effect tomorrow morning through friday evening, humidity dropping as low as 5% during the afternoon hours. and as i mentioned, winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour possible. so it's that time of year to start really thinking about that. of course, daytime highs today in the city as well as along the coastline in a range of 60's to 70's great spots to get to if the 80's and 90's. we're about to see this 4 zone forecast just said a little too warm for you. palo alto, 84 today, san jose already nearing the 90's. 87 with livermore and then on up into walnut creek in danville, getting right to 90 degrees. oakland in san leandro right along the bay. 81. well, antioch, it 94 in vacaville, a very hot one, nearing triple digits at 97 degrees today. tomorrow's temperatures still
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hot inland 90's beside upper 70's to low 80's friday, saturday and sunday won't be quite as hot with highs settling back down into the upper 80's inland. but we'll warm right back up into those low 90's by monday and tuesday. so the heat is not going anywhere. nor is all that sunshine. >> rain hey, well, if you're hitting the roads this morning at 10 minute drive to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit traveling into the city, step out of the san mateo bridge, traveling 8 across towards one o one about 13 minutes this morning. in sports, the dubs will go toe to toe against the dallas mavericks, the start of the western conference finals and a great day for the giants and a's sports director jason dumas has those highlights. >> things you love to see gp 2 back at practice without that big bulky elbow. bracy love to see it up. be it. >> at a limited capacity, but he certainly trending in the right direction. nonetheless. i know porter, he was a full
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participant in practice and is no longer even listed on the injury report, meaning. >> he will be a full go on wednesday. >> and of course, stephan company. >> they were there today as they look to figure out the puzzle. that is the dallas mavericks. but if anyone can do it is the core of steph curry, klay thompson draymond green. >> we're feeling confident our guys they've been in this position many times. our core i think word shows is kind of down the stretch like against memphis in game our guys have got, you know, they've they're not afraid of anything. and that's that's where our experience helps it's it's good to be able to. lean on that. but it's it's also not a solution for anything. you know, we've got to do this with this particular team. this is a different version of
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the warriors. then the team that made the finals 5 years in a row. it's kind of new territory for some of our guys. exciting for for us to be here as a group. >> let's head out to miami. the heat hosting the celtics game. one of the eastern conference finals. 3rd quarter. butler has been the mvp of the postseason thus far. 41 points for butler. later he up 8. it's a gave ensign knocks down the tray. he had 17 so he take game 1. one, 18, one. 0, 7 game 2 on thursday. the giants have won 11 straight games in denver. turns out they must really like coors field. they're looking to go for 12 in a row out in the great state of colorado. giants fans chowing down. also food that's just seeing top of the first tommy lastella leading often. >> this is just his second game back and he said how about a moon shot? second deck
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home run 464 feet to be exact giant taken early one. nothing lead top of the 3rd. now giants up a run to or from mike yastrzemski. he lives one fair down. the first base line. one run comes on in to score the second run. also scores all part of a four-run 3rd inning giants pad that lead to 3 very next inning. it's 61 giants to offer darren ruffin. he slaps one into the right-field gap. that's warning track power. giants extend their lead to place home. a pair bottom of the 9th now giants up 3, but the rockies threatening with 2 one against camillo devolved. but he gets himself out of that jam. nice play by austin slater. and that's the ballgame folks. giants win 10 to 7, 12 straight win at coors field. they'll look for the sweep on wednesday. let's go
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across the bridge. the a's hosting the twins looking to bounce back from their loss on monday. bottom of the 7th tied at 2, 2 on for seth brown and he lines one over the head of the right fielder. run will come into score a's. take the lead. very next batter. sean murphy for the twins with the little jam shot. nobody will get to it. that's a blooper of i see one myself. 2 runs come in to score a pad that lead to 3. they go on to win 5 to 2, though. look to take this series on wednesday. >> reminder for donacion tipoff for the lawyer starts tonight at 6 o'clock. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> aaa says almost 40 million americans will be traveling this memorial day weekend. that's about an 8% increase over 2021, the auto club says the vast majority, some 35 million take to the rolls. and a 5 out 5 million are fly to their destination next thursday and friday will be the peak travel times for getting town. some of the most popular destinations you might have guessed include las vegas, orlando, new york, honolulu. and of course, anaheim for the local disney attractions. outside lands has released its daily lineup schedule. we have and phoebe
4:56 am
bridgers it's going to headline on friday bay area rockers green day and rapper jack harlow will take center stage saturday night rapper post malone and our rob weezer will finish off the festival on sunday. the music festivals going to take place august 5th to the 7th at the golden gate park in san francisco. a one-day tickets go on sale today at in might want to get that. >> with general admission prices starting at $175. coming up in the next hour of kron. 4 morning and motivated by hate could face the death penalty for shooting 6 people inside orange county church. we have latest on the church shooting and laguna woods, california. plus netflix announcing massive layoffs after reports that it lost a hefty chunk of its user base. we have a live report breaking that down for you after the break. today's game one of the western conference finals, a team lawyers and the mavericks. what you can expect to pay for a ticket will be
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right back in just a few minutes. make sure you stay around.
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news far.
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>> and thanks for being an early riser at 5 o'clock with us. i'm darya and james. it is wednesday. it is warriors wednesday. that will be visiting with a sarah stinson. she's going to give a little preview of the action will expect tonight. so that's coming up. and today, maybe a preview of the heat as well as we talk successive days of let's get right to it. hi, john. hay has typically too hot today. i think at this point even are the lovers are like, wait a second because we're talking some 90's forest nearing triple digits for a couple cities out towards solano county. this is your morning, though. what a beautiful way to start things up. a moon that was once full just a couple of days ago. still plenty bright moving its way right across the transamerica. building there looking really nice. as far as temperatures go to we're mild. we're clear, easy goes as far as your morning commute. temperatures right now in the 40's and 50's hayward double in livermore each at 50 degrees. concord at 55 while pittsburgh and brett would are kicking us


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